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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 2, 2016 5:00am-5:42am EDT

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club. swimmers from allroour own kati. fr year, and ol wo orad thenl compete in the olympics. and then going to head to stanford for college. so she is very, very prepared. she already won an olympic gold medal. she holds multiple swimming records. she works so hard. not only that but she's such a good person. that's i didn't love her so much. and you can check out all of our olympic coverage including a photo gallery of the best moments. and "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m.
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you this morning. this is all happening on the innerhe beltway at eisenhower in alexandria. that's where we find molette green with the latest on the crash. >> reporter: yeah, let me step out of the way and tell you this is obviously what is going on here at the scene, the cleanup after what has been a horrific accident that started with a driver going the wrong way on the beltway on the inner loop. a man in his 30s driving in this direction and he died after hitting a white tahoe. and that accident also involved a third car, a dodge caravan. three people we know taken to the hospital. their injuries are described as nonlife threatening at this point. we are hoping to get this accident scene cleared out just a short bit, but i alsoal
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here on the scene 2:00 a.m. >> driverfhe crv was traveling east in the westbound lanes of 495 just west of eisenhower. he came in contact with a chevy tahoe that was occupied. he died as a result of his injuries. >> reporter: so again, this accident investigation clearing up, they're clearing the scene. they're loading one car on to a tow truck. look at the lanes that are getting by. you've got two lanes getting by. but four other lanes taken up by this investigation. let's go to melissa mollett with the workaround for this. >> good morning. so again as molette has been saying, we have this one mile backup inner loop at eisenhower and molette thinks this will be cleared out of the way shortly. the tow truck on the scene. so the two left lanes only thing getting by right now. still seeing the backups until this gets out of the
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it will hang around and shows pe up here this morning. a you can see the delays at the bottom of the beltway inner loop again at eisenhower avenue connector. 109 old hundred road at barnesville, the road is blocked with wires down. and then remember, on marc, it is different on the brunswick line this morning. only three trains running. 892, 878 and 880 because of the derailment near rhode island avenue yesterday morning. chuck bell, good morning. lots of cloud cover, lots of thick fog first thing this morning. so be ready for a very slow go here early this morning. flights in and out of the local airports. just know fog may be delaying your flights. some spots late her today even though we weren't even they're 60 over the whole weekend, some locations today might be near 80 for a time. and that does bring in at the
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to leesburg to manassas to culpeper. temperatures in the mid-50s. not a lot of rain out there yet, but there are showers in the forecast, so have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures on your way out the door, only in the mid-50s this morning, but again once the sunshine breaks out, some spots today up near 80 degrees. a look at the rest of the week ahead coming up. 5:04. federal transit investigators trying to figure out what caused a train to derail in northeast d.c. 14 railcars went off the tracks yesterday morning and that caused a hazmat situation. derrick ward has been following this for us the last 24 hours and he's on the scene with how this might affect you this morning. >> reporter: here is what we know at this point. the derailed cars have been moved to a central staging area where they can be investigated, they can take a look and see if there is any indication as to what caused this. it was determined yesterday that there was no threat to the neighborhood from themi
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before 7:00 yesterday when a cu maryland bound for north carolina derailed here near the brookland metro station. chemicals were spilled from three of those tappinger c ee e cars. ethanol, cal s calcium chloride gas line was ruptured. right now those are lights work to go repair the track and track bed damaged by the derailment. again the investigation still continues trying to find out why it happened and how they can prevent it from happening again. derrick ward, news 4. if you take marc trains, should expect major
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derailment. only threensi run today all trains will stop service at silver springs and passengers will have to transfer to metro. news 4 iteam has reported on the dangerous material csx moves through d.c. within hours of yet's derailment, a concerned viewer sent us these pictures oftanker cars. large placards read that it contains the deadly gas. csx says it tstopped transportig chlorine through the city after this photo was taken last year. cxs says it does move empty railcars that previously contained high hazard materials through the district and that's what the viewer captured. today attorneys will try to convince jurors that
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bleel was insane at the time he rder of grace mann back in april of 2015. briel was mann's house mate. the trial is expected to last three days. new information on those violence protests in seattle. we know that five officers are recovering right now. one of them struck in the head with a rock by a protester, another bitten. the clashes where the anti-capitalist demonstrators follow a day of peaceful mayday protests in the city which happen every year. last check, nine were arrested. that's the latest from the live desk. it's 5:07. and right now following a massive fire at a historic orthodox cathedral, take a look at this video. this is just look at. new york fire crews work to go prevent the building from collapsing. fire broke out just hours after easter services and luncheon ended at the serbian orthod
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n danger of collapsing.strs arg voters in indiana weigh in on the race for president tomorrow. a new nbc maris "wall street journal" pole is giving bernie sanders more hope. numbers out yesterday show the vermont senator only slightly behind frontrunner hillary clinton 46% to 50% with a margin of error of nearly two points. voters in indiana control 92 democratic delegates. on the republican side, a very different story, sunday's poll puts donald trump ahead by 15 points among likely republican voters. he has 49% compared to ted cruz's 34% and ohio governor john kasich's 13%. the poll has a margin of error depend of about two points. indiana
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state for mo on that plus what to watch for in the week ahead when she joins us a little later on this hour. both the caps and penquins missing top defense men tonight because of this hit. right there. that was caps defense man bruce orpik knocking olli maatta down. orpik was suspended for three games and maatta may not be available for tonight's game either. the game is at 8:00 tonight. caps won game one at home but lost game two. they will not be back home until the weekend. and orpik, a physical and important player to have in this very tough battle. >> a lot of folks paying close attention. see how it all plays out.
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today which happens to be
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breaking news bottom of the beltway inner loop at eisenhower avenue. take a look at molette green's camera. you can see just have the two left lanes still getting by. sounds like it could rear out the way soon as we have the vehicle involved out of the roadway. they're cleaning things up. outer loop at connecticut, still have a crash on the right side that is hanging around for us here this morning. 109, old hundredo
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at fogth all the fog.w, look that's what you can expect for the commute this morning. not a lot of rain, but the roads are wet from yesterday's showers and now the thick fog out there. temperatures in the mid-50s. we should break out into some sunshine this afternoon and that will inspire quite the warm-up. mid to upper 70s. might be near 80 today with a risk of a couple thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening. we'll show you those on future weather coming up. it is 5:14 right now. and today the maryland man accused of fatally stabbing his 95-year-old neighbor will go on trial. montgomery county police say 60r-
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he's also accused ofg to figure found in tripps run died. someone had reported a body in the creek near dashville road sunday morning. the man has not been identified yet. the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. a historic voyage cuba is under way. for the first time in more than 50 years, an american cruise company is sailing from the u.s. cuba. nbc's julia bagg joins us from miami with more on this unique vacation. >> reporter: good morning. and certainly an emotional morning on both sides of the fl
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well as in tm were d even u.s. citizens porn in could yogo the eastern part of the island. this trip isnt educational, as well. there are cuban entrepreneurs selling their wares, their music, as well as a
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regime, not something that will bestwell? >> i'm good. >> that's good news. everything from will fasting diets really work to exercises that you can do at your desk. i'm exercising right now, you don't see it. no, i'm kidding. >> okay. today, though, is melanoma monday. actually a pretty serious topic here. we're starting things off with stipulate safety. one of the best ways to protect yourself from getting skin cancer is tt
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sunscreen.e s and especially becauseletyrtant fa >> reporter: so get out the sunblock even on a cloudy day. >>nd advce there. tom, thank you. >> and important to reapply and remember that no matter your skin tone you need sunscreen, right? make sure the spf is 30 or above, it needs to have the uva and uvb protection broad spectrum. >> and you want to apply it
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best to try to stay out of the check list of what to look for. >> i don't know if >> i don't know. no idea. i think that is -- one of tat p. outside this morning, what to t this morning. this is the view down towards national airport. all fogged in first thing this ni
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pockets, so be careful for early this morning. right now worstening. right now just a little light rain south of
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because that's all you care about on a monday o those tougy morning commutes. shear melissa mollett witl breaking news bottom ofgett thorn. the as you can see getting this fatal crash out of the way. a wrong way driver there on the beltway here this morning. one
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in and out of town are nice and. the special audience is thererc initiative. and you caeetheoice" pick some emotl songs. well, just the tip of the iceberg, that is what experts are saying about the zika virus. the new warning straight ahead. a major development and what
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what is eteat was destroyed.
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my school coulreio a bst. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at
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be dividedattoday. an alarming announcement about the zika virus. the number of birth defect cases caused by the virus may be more than originally thought. pediatricians say many cases were missed because the baby looked
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birthde elephants in the rights activists. the morhunethan a dozen circuses in the united states that use elephants. we're following breaking news this morning on the beltway. police are investigating a deadly accident, this is on the inner loop near eisenhower virginia. a look at the backups next. and take a look at what you are up against this morning. can you see anything out there? this is fog soc
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so you may want to
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a school alert into the live desk. t.c. williams mini howard campus will be closed today because of a power outage.howard campus will be closed today because of a power outage. ms
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were unsuccessfl. >> three lanestt tt eisenher. ust the river there on the woodrow wilson bridge. molette green has been out on t. do you think this might clear up soon? >> repanes thousand getting by. e g on after this head-on collision triggered by a driver going the wrong way on the inner loop. it happened about 2:00 a.m. this morning. virginia state police telling me the driver is a man who being loose to be in his 30s. he was the only one in the crv that crashed head-on into a tahoe, a white tahoe. and
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police believe alcohol may have want to show you two of the they hope to have things totally open again very soon. we're staying on top of these developments and of course melissa mollett in first 4 traffic with the traffic impact of all of this. that's the latest live from the scene here on the inner loop in alexandria. back to you. and good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it's 5:32. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 "weather center." >> hope you had a good weekend, everybody. welcome back to work and school. very thick fog to deal with here first thing this in
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contend with as well. thuerstor afternoon and this evening. tedy rain now the is across the mountains of west virginia and there will be a chance for you to get rained on today so grab the umbrellas. by later this afternoon, mid to upper 70s. some spots out near culpeper might touch 80 today. rain continues in to tomorrow, too. we'll let you know how long the rainy stretch will continue in a few minutes. a bad situation could get even worse today in puerto rico. the government there is expected to default on its largest debt payment yet. $422 million . this could impact american investors. the government raised the sale
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raise money,elow the poverty line. >> very bad for a young person like me who really wants to go back home and live here. >> in all that territory has a staggering $70 billion in debt. a bill to better oversea its repayment plan has stalled in congress. it is 5:34. happening today, we could find out whether capital murder charges will be brought against the accused killer of prince william county officer ashley guindon. today the grand jury will meet. ronald hamilton is accused of killing guindon on per firher fy on the job. he's also charged with killing his wife crystal. if the grand jury returns indictment, a trial date will be set. an ambulance crew was assaulted by a patient in langley park. the fy
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patient said he had, qu yet worg were filed against that after the deadly shooting of a prince george's county firefighter who was doing a welfare check. we could learn today what a man will be charged with after leading police on a chase. it started yesterday when a park police officer supported some sort of a drug transaction near calvert street and connecticut avenue northwest. at some point while the park police officer pursued him, he allegedly ram fld to the officer's crewer and took offer again. the driver was eventually spotted in bethesda. he was taken into custody. 5:35 now. all sections of the scenic skyline drive are back open this morning at shenandoah national park following a massive fire that was sparked more than two weeks ago. the "washington post" reports the fire has been fully conted
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a portion of the appalachian traanthese areas aresast fires the park's 80 yeare he will begin training on the same course that was used by the whole family. these are milestones for the baby panda. they will ask him to stand up, open husband mouth, stick out his arms. the zoo says they're still in the very early stages, so today's training session will probably be very short. >> it's a bear. do what bears do. inner loop at eisenhower avenue, we now have three left lanes getting by, this is a fatal crash involving a wrong way driver. also a brand new rob
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st a looknd yur
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dozens of schools are closed right now in detroit. teachers are effectively on trying. they have organized mass sickout protests and that is because
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detroit public school system says it has no hone toeg schoo are close getting by this fatal wrong way crash. have a two mile backup right now. 270 south before 85, buckeystown pike, a crash in the center of the roadway. outer loop at connecticut and outer loop at rockville pike, still have those crashes. 270 at montrose road, no major problems. travel times on time on 66 and 95, 270 not looking so bad right now. top of the beltway okay. good morning, mr. chuck bell. outside on a very cloudy monday morning, lots of mist and drizzle to contend with once again. heavier showers well outrnan
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this af near 80 degrees. don't forgetou loorad the person who lived in that apartment locked himself in a bedroom after he found the small bear in the middle of the night. they think the bear got in through an open door or window. and they posted video as a warning to other residents in eagle county, colorado. >> i'd lock myself in and call the firefighters. well, starbucks sd
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favorite and on her way forum
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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breaking news bottom of the beltway, inner loop at eisenhower avenue, only have some lanes getting by after a fatal wrong way crash here this morning. also 270 southbound before 85, buckeystown pike, we are jammed there because of an earlier crash that is still in the center of the roadway. chuck. outside this morning, this just in, hot off the presses. new dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. visibility well below a mile in many spots. keep your low beep
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speeds down. crews are still trying to ar t k derrick ward live at the ne>> r are. look at the scene behind pea. this is remarkable when you consider the size of those railcars. and this is a close look at what the scene was yesterday. those lights that we showed you from the brink eadge earlier, ts what it's all about. they're trying to upright the car and move it out of the way. and this work is indeed continuing. some of the things you need to know, rhode island avenue station is open. it was closed yesterday during most of this event because of the concern of some of the chemicals that were spilling from the overturned railcars. these cars are being uprighted and theaz
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al or not handled prop.ortutely in is. has gas line that was ruptured and we had the potential for a real serious disaster. luckily that was avoided and now it's all about cleaning it up and finding out how it all happened. live if northeast, derrick ward, news 4. if you takemarc, you should expect major service disruptions on the brunswick line. it's blocked between union station and silver spring because of this derailment. three trains will run on that line this morning. all trains will stop service at silver spring and passengers will will have to transfer to metro either at rockville or silver spring stations. and this raging fire at a historic new york city cathedral has finally calmed down. just hours before the fire star
5:48 am
the hydrant still going because hot spots are still a concern at this church after that spectacular fire that brought parishioners to tears yesterday. flames broke out here just before 7:00 last night, but what is amazing is that hours earlier, more than 700 people were inside for easter mass. and even after that, there was a huge luncheon as people celebrated the orthodox easter ceremony. again, there wereries to report, they were minor and that includes a xwlounds keeper would tried to rush back inside
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were just is fiouaycture that has beeninvest ha thank you. 5:49. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be back in court asking for a new trial. you'll remember sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse back in 2012. his attorneys recently filed paperwork saying leaks from the grand jury tainted the trial. they also say sandusky's original council was incompetent. jury selection begins today in the corruption trial for a pennsylvania
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primary. for the first time since the deadly march terror attacks, airline passengers can use the departure hall at the brussels airport. it reopened on sunday. the hall also whiches rib brutes to those killed. extra security checks are now in place be passengers enter the term 24inal 32 were killed the bombings. we have the cards. don't forget. we're like the piggybank that is being robbed. we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing. it's the greatest theft in the history of the
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is indiana with15 point advanta have no chance. cruz hoping that is not the case as he makes four stops across the state today. this could be make or break, it could determine whether he has a realistic chance ofll iortant d the count. ted cruz telling folks that they could not give into evil and that the vote in indiana could save our country. meantime the democrats bernie sanders also hoping to catch up as he campaigns a few stops in in
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hitat varieded them 10 of 13 at large delegates eefr t over weekend. they only come this to lplay if trump does not receive the ne necessary 1237 delegates before the convention. too much ice, that is the complaint prompting a $5 million lawsuit. an illinois woman filed the class action suit because of the amount of ice starbucks puts in its iced beverages. the suit alleges that starbucks is purposely tricking customers in to paying more for a product than what they're provided with. starbucks did not immediately respond to a request for comment made by nbc news
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breaking news on theby inn loop at eisenhow2ve south befor pike, a crash in the center of the roadway. really slowing things down. so allow extra time. it will be slow now thatin a und towll add to the pain. outer loop at connecticut, crash on the ri right side. outer loop at rockville pike, two lanes blocked there. happy monday, every. it was gloomy weekend around here. no sunshine. we haven't really seen a sunny day in almost a week now. that is not going to change anytime soon. early this morning, the fog has thickened up to the point where the national weather service
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until 10:00.m quarters of a mile in f mile or for visibility fromleeg, through the send shenandoah valley. so low beams and low speeds early this morning. as far as radar is concerned, heavy mist or drizzle on metro. a couple sprinkles about to head into southern maryland. could conceivably get a rumble or two from winchester to hagerstown and north side of frederick, maryland. most of these showers will be moving into the southern parts of pennsylvania, but there are more down here south of elkins, west virginia. a little better chance to ride in. low clouds and fog that we have overhead for now will keep us kind of stable through the morning. but once that fog burns away, we'll jump out into some sunshine and that could destabilize us for a chance of thunderstorms.
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iae upper 70s to nearw but again, a risk of some tomor. passing sh likely on wednesday. and then steadier rain back in on us for thursday and friday. with any luck, we'll be able to get the rain turned off just in for the weekend. >> reporter: i'm scott mcfar la mcfar lane. a new series of car cloning crimes in our area. in virginia and maryland. the crooks not only steal your car, they give it a new vin number, new tags to create a new identity. allowing them to resell it. there are huge profits for the crooks and huge problem follows string tims. sglefsh we're dealing with are for-profit, they're not just stealing a car to get from one pl
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>> reporter: what kind vehicles are carot news 4 c thbs. hulu wants to challenge cable companies with its own internet service. it could launch early next year. users can watch live streams and channels including fox, abc, espn, disney, fox and comcast are joint owners of hulu and it also includes a dvr like function. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. the weather is getting warmer and we are getting closer to the summer games. the olympics are this august and swimmers are getting ready. last night the nation's capital swim club held a
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eachr i set new goals for myself and i work toward those goals. and the goals that i have for 2016 i've had for a couple years. >> and this time around, she's really prepared. four years ago, she didn't have a whole lot of expectations. right now, though, she currently holds the world record in the 400 meter, 800 meter, 100 meter sfree sty free style. i'm a huge fan. >> reporter: just got word that all of the lanes are about to open on the inner loop near eisenhower avenue after a deadly three car crash. the latest coming up. also ahead, we're helping you learn the signs of skin cancer as part of our wellness week. the checklist you need to know to spot signs of melanoma on your body. that's next.
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a deadly beltway accident snarled the monday morning commute for hours in northern virginia. >> it is happening on the inner loop at eisenhower avenue in alexandria and we'll check in with melissa mollett right now this your first 4 traffic. what's the es
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>> right now still have the problem there to molette green about that one in a op at rockville at boulevard, a c one lane. molette is saying at eisenhower it should open soon, but still a two mile backup there this morning. 270 south before 85, buckeystown pike, the crash there now on the shoulder. still slow out of frederick coming down 270. definitely want to allow extra time. going back to that problem inner loop at eisenhower, molette green is live on the scene. how is it looking? >> reporter: yeah, the virginia state trooper is telling us that they are ready to reopen all of the lanes here after this deadly head-on collision triggered by a


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