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tv   Today  NBC  May 2, 2016 10:00am-10:20am EDT

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you're in the market to buy or receiving end of unsolid you'll heom aice from this mother/daughter due woi. so this saturday we went down to a beautiful part of our country. they call it the emerald coast. it's the panhandle basically of florida. so first i went to whole foods, who doesn't love a picture of dpum old me standing there
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stuff. it's a beautiful t everybody f coming around. you went to
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[ laughter ] i look much better that way. i look like the flying nun in this dress. >> no, you don't. can i say there were some fun fans and people decked out in like '80s gear and whatever and this whole big group wore lionel richie t-shirts with his face on it so i took a couple pictures with them and i want to say thank you to that family because they were a blast. >> did you get up on the stage with him? >> well, i was on there but that was before. >> oh, good, we'll look forward to that. he's a sweet guy. what's the quote you told me today that he said. he said "i'm not the
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singer". >> "i'm not the gretshow. this time celebrating country mu the big winner of the he won foryear. carrie de for best female artist of the year. >> we love her. >> and everyone was talking about her cool outfit, she had such a trendy look. she performed a song called "church bells." take a look. ♪ they could hear those church bells, ringing, ring iing ♪ they spent the whole time singing, singing ♪ hold your hands and close your eyes
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they're there. >> love their energy. >> they are jamming. >> think it was them. that's beautiful. >> you know what's beautiful? >> what? >> princess charlotte. happy birthday. we can't get enough of these
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look at her! >> she resur picture you know the photographer is someone they right? >> ralph lauren -- how is it it's ralph laur-en. >> i think it ee's definitely lauren. >> we should do a wine
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that. how the annual fund-raiser for the past. these were wornt last year's gala. >> that's beyonce. we remember that. >> that is -- >> gaga? >> oh, my gosh! >> you guys have to give me pictures up close because i'm old. >> kim
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[ bell ringing ]y. >> i have no ide i literally cannotpend on a diet? depending on how long she lives, obviously. >> during the course of a lifetime? >> this surprised me. they say six years of their lives. i think it's more than that. >> i definitely do. because you know you start worrying about it at, like -- >> puberty. >> 13, 14. then plus if you watch your mom dieting you start then and then from then on it's -- i've been on all of them. i was onhat' no fun. >> that's when literally just drank the liquid p
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nd bacon. >> wha 30. >>'t don't hese things. >> i definitelyicks out his bes friend. let's see this cute video. >> this is a puppy named benji who loved his best friend, a stuff doll moose but there's nothing she loves more than that stuffed moose. so take a look. >> who's your best friend? who's your best
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paw on the ♪
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one seller of the week. over a million sales for the album. it's her sixth studio album to go to number one, the first time any artist has had all six of their studio albums go to number o one. >> so it would be a success by any measure but -- >> it's a little less than taylor swift and a third of what adele sold. but i haven't seen anyone dominate social
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soght? >> and if they were, it's with everyone's position. they're a brilliant couple a lo and rachel mcadams from "spotlight" who played a journalist so she got a shoutout. >> but helen mirren always reigns supreme. >> not only did she get a shoutout from president obama but she wore a terrifi
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lace dress and look at her neck. she put on y amazing. i love her. >> and everybody was talking about presideobou andping t inp >> now he's in trouble for using the "n" word. >> and larry wilmore, the comedy central host, he overall got mix red views but as i say it's tough to follow president obama. >> it's a tough job. >> all righty. >> what else do we have? is that it? >> no, madonna. >> madonna put a great
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motorcycle? wait a minute! and she had the whole wifremake. >> so this is not a date we ear.ou >> she's married. >> she's engaged? >> and he's in a very serious
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>> who's he with? >>sh yth.
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ready? >> ready. >> margaret watches us everyday while she
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here we go. everyrs vacation. you and a guest -- hopefully peter -- are g t peninsula spa. >> what? >> yes, hoda. round trip airfare is included. are you ready for a little romance in the big city? >> we're so excited. can't wait. >> great. >> good and see us, too, while you're here, okay? >> definitely. >> we'll be here. it's where we always are. >> thank you so much, sweetie. one opinionated mom and her daughter have been making the rounds in the city. >> they've been in times square and they want to dole out motherly advice just in time for mother's day. i'm a little afraid. >> what washer gave you?
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>> tell them how old they are? >> they're not that old.
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look, i know you're a cow and all.d yono but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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york" ryan, frederick and luis ortiz are here to answer some of your questions. fir >> first, here's a peek at the show's new season which just premiered this month. >> oh, my god. this is crazy. >> wow. what a picture. >> it's like a "mission impossible" wine cellar. >> i've never seen apartments that are this tricked out. >> the tv is on a motorized stand. >> this is a master
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universe apartment. eady to ans? >> we're ready. >> first queio25 pen tha we built in the north carolina mountains. do you agree with the tactic of listing it lower? what's the point of that? >> i think the best is the price where it's going to sell. >> as quick as possible. >> you have to look at the cons and price where it will sell. not 25% above or below, just go at it. >> but if question is 25% below what i thought it was worth. that doesn't mean it's worth
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maybe the realtor priced itllll. people are looking up to a or o it's crazy. we get tt whole new buyer base. >> it breaks a person's heart, too, when they think this thing was just -- >> because so much emotional attachment. >> maybe she should get a second opinion. >> i think we have someone at the door, judith from illinois. >> she says "our house has been for sale by owner for more than 12 months. request" >> uh-oh. >> i don't want to get involved in an agent involved in selling our house. we put our blood sweat and tears in this house, we should reap the full benefit. do you have any tips about how we can make the house more appealing?" >> it sounds like they're
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dollars right n into a market full o own e and there's something, like, weird about it. >> people negotiate a price, obviously, being and forth back and forth. do you ever negotiate your fee? >> no. >> luis does, luis does. >> not anymore. >> now that you hit the big time, luis. >> okay, let's skip that follow-up. this is pam from rhode island. our master bath needs to be remodeled. the walls weren't perfect so we painted them with suede paint but now it looks like a
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where to find install a shower suede paint. >> i thoughtarri of show. >> you sure do. >> you really do so congrats on everything. "million dollar listings" new york, it airs thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on our sister network bravo. thank you, boys. >> thanks, guys, so much. plus, famed o.j. prosecutor marcia clark is going to be with us sharing her newest murder mystery that has everybody talking. >> plus, the overbearing mom and daughter who turned her mother's advice into a social media sensation. >> ♪
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you may think the nypd. ecame so par look. he >> that's moms >> all right. >> what advice would you give me for the difference in the way i discipline the children the way my wife disciplines the children. >> that's very easy. your wife is
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that's just thehell
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>> ive ser happo
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i'm sot. but ate
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close and at littlen a melissa happening. >> we're so s does and does ver he could use a job at nbc. >> she was going to bring resumes. it disaster. >> coming up, the o.j. simpson trial prosecutor in the spotlight. >> now marcia clark takes us back inside the courtroom.
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his a predicament. homestso his a predicament. bush's has the variety you can't resist.
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murder of nicole brownch was he childhood dream. you've written a new fifth, called "blood defense." hi, marcia, so happy to have you with us. >> i'm so happy to be here. you are on my bucket list. >> we are? >> having wine with you guys. cheers, cheers. >> your fifth novel. >> yeah! >> and your hairdo. we like your hair. >> thank you. it's like their there's two characters, there's me and my hair and they're separate. >> it had to be strange to watch the min
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every moment. >> i guess i can see both sides of that. who played you nailed it? so surreal. shall we watch. >> well, we'll talk and watch. >> that's all over. we want to talk about you. did you watch it alone? >> no. >> a little sniffy pooh? >> little? this is half size of my glass. i watched it with friends because it was harrowing. it was
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end for me so i he c
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courtroom. so there was a lot of that stuff going on from allknowwh wthere none. oh, that's a beautiful thing. there were rumors about me and jonnie. i was busy. >> but you were friends and you remained so. >> friends, yes, absolutely. >> who else were you close to? >> i occasionally still hear from kim goldman. >> she breaks my heart. >>
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>> that wholemati't know how the jury isoi to take a thing like t,as i single day. they were the heart and conscience of the trial and, you know, after a certain point i said bless them, just keep doing it. remind people that two innocent people were brutally murdered. >> that's what gets lost in all of this. >> every single time. >> we loved meeting you. >> my pleasure. >> all the best with thenovel. elling author you. "blood defense." and on our favorite things -- well, this is one of them -- is up next. first, this is "today" on nbc. what a pleasure!
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snippet from this concert. wh a lady ♪ and i love you >> how much alcohol was involved in that night? >> only a few cups! >> you can't even hold a -- >> it was hard to get it to
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right now on news 4 midday a mess on the tracks and big impact on travel. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> investigation into a csx train derailment as crews make progress. a wrong-way crash turns deadly on the beltway. what investigators are now revealing about the driver. storms in tennessee tracking northeast and coming close to us this evening. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. i've got new timing. history in havana. it has not happened in decades, now it's a new way -- or part of a new way of life. i'm angie goff at the news


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