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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 2, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 midday a mess on the tracks and big impact on travel. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> investigation into a csx train derailment as crews make progress. a wrong-way crash turns deadly on the beltway. what investigators are now revealing about the driver. storms in tennessee tracking northeast and coming close to us this evening. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. i've got new timing. history in havana. it has not happened in decades, now it's a new way -- or part of a new way of life. i'm angie goff at the news
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developing right now a mess in northeast washington. some of the cars from that csx train that derailed are still lying under the rhode island avenue metro. the crash spilled chemicals all over the track. the metro station is back open, but mark trains are restricted. >> crews have a lot of work to do today to get the rails back to normal again. >> news 4 is live in northeast washington now with how they're making progress on the repairs. derek joins us now live with the latest. derrick. >> reporter: good morning. well, they are doing a pretty good job and doing a fast job. you see that area over there where that yellow piece of equipment is? there was a tanker there just a few minutes ago, one of the last ones to be removed from the scene. but if you look in the foreground, this parking lot where we are, most of these cars that you see in fact all of those cars belong to the responders now. all of this heavy response was out of an abundance of caution because if the problem, if the threat had been as bad as t
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been ground zero. they're making progress clearing the tracks at the scene of yesterday's derailment near rhode island avenue. but in the immediate hours afterwards this entire rhode island shopping center was shut down. as for early bird employees at some of the businesses, those here around 7:00 a.m. were told to either stay inside or leave. the hazardous materials threat was yet to be assessed. today things are starting to return to normal. but they're not there yet. >> for us logistically it's just been about ensuring the environment is safe, obviously. >> reporter: clinical director of wholistic services they provide support and services to persons with disabilities in the office building at the far end of the shopping center. she says busy today as the contractors doing clean up. >> making sure folks get in and out and can do the things they normally do. >> reporter: with a third of this parking lot being taken up by contractors, investigators, first responders and csx employees, it's still tight. >> so we're going to have to deal with that all
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>> reporter: similar story for other businesses here, but thomas is circumspect about it all. as bad as it was or is it could have been worse. imagine having to evacuate dozens of people with disabilities amid what was then an unknown threat assumed to be extremely hazardous with a dangerous mix of chemicals yards away and a gas line rupture to boot? that would have been a nightmare. >> thank god it happened on a sunday. if any other day of the week it would have been extremely problematic. >> reporter: back with you live, what they're going to have to do now is once they get the cars out of the way, all of the soil contaminated by the chemicals spilled they'll have to dig it up, haul it away and dispose it and then they can put new soil down and start to lay tracks. we are told they will probably hold this operation center here for a better part of this week at least until thursday. live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. thank you, derrick. this derailment is also affecting the metropolitan
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branch trail. the trail is closed from franklin to nice. you can take edgewood to fourth street. fourth street has bike lanes the entire way edgewood back to the trail that isn't obstructed by the derailment. the news 4 iteam has reported on the dangerous material csx moves through d.c. within hours of yesterday's derailment a concerned viewer sent us these pictures of at least three chlorine tanker cars moving. large placards say the cars contain the deadly gas. csx told news 4 that it stopped transporting through the city after this photo caught a tanker within sight of the capital last year. we asked about what our viewer captured, csx says it, quote, does move empty rail cars that previously contained high hazard materials through the district. and that is what the viewer captured. if you take mark you should expect major service disruptions on the brunswick line. the line is blocked
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because of the derailment. all three trains would originate in silver spring and make all stops. you can find out the trains and their operating times on the nbc washington app. just search csx derailment. and monday morning started a little rough for folks who use the beltway to get to work. deadly wrong-way crash on the inner loop at eisenhower avenue in alexandria halted traffic for hours. it started just before 2:00 this morning when police say a wrong-way driver crashed into another vehicle. a man driving a cr-v was killed. three people were injured in the crash. they all are expected to be okay though. the crash was cleared just before 6:00 a.m. the exact cause remains under investigation. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> all my co-workers coming in, everybody's grumpy and frowning at me. we haven't had any sun around since last week. it's been six days since we've seen the sun. well, they're seeing some sun
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now in the shenandoah valley. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain anywhere near us. it's way down here in the tennessee valley where there are some severe warnings out right now. that is tracking our way. going to be getting closer to us looks like the leading edge of that coming in late this afternoon. little sunshine though breaking out about 30, 40 miles north and west of the metro area. look at winchester up to 70 degrees. stanton, virginia, shenandoah valley up to 75. all sunny there, near 60 in the metro area. we ought to see the sun breaking out shortly mpkts tom, thank you. we're working to find out whether capital murder charges will be brought against the accused killer of prince william county officer ashley gundon. accused of killing her on the first day of the job, two other officers were injured when they responded to a domestic call. hamilton is also charged with killing his wife crystal. if the grand jury returns indictments, a trial date will then be set. and we're waiting to
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out -- >> find out if capital murder charges will be brought against the accused killer in prince william county officer ashley gundon. today a grand jury will meet to consider six charges against hamilton. he's accused of killing her on the first day of the job. two officer were injured when they responded to a domestic call. hamilton is also charged with killing his wife crystal as we've just heard. reports on the grand jury indictments that will be handed down. new numbers are giving us a better idea of how indiana could vote in tomorrow's primary. donald trump leads by 15 points among likely republican voters. in our nbc news/marist/"the wall street journal" poll senator ted cruz is hoping to shrink that lead with four stops planned across the state today. it's a much closer race among the democrats. the poll puts hillary clinton only four percentage points ahead of senator bernie sanders. sunday's poll has a margin of error of about 2 points. a rally right now in detroit. teachers are protesting a
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public school district says it cannot pay them through the summer. teachers organized a mass protest in response. 87 out of 100 schools are closed. the michigan legislature is working to pass a bill to fix the problem. new video in of the first u.s. cruise ship to arrive in havana, cuba, in 50 years. take a look at some of the people on board here decades after chilly relations between the u.s. and cuba the historic trip is finally made. this is seen as the official restart of commercial travel to the island. more than 700 people were on that boat. keep in mind though the embargo is still in effect so there are so many restrictions now that they are finally on cuban soil. i'm angie goff at the live desk, back to you. thank you, angie. concerning development for some american investors. puerto rico is expected to default on its largest debt payment yet today. $422 million that could
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accounts filled with puerto rico bonds. and all the island a staggering $70 billion in debt. a bill to better oversee its repayment plan has stalled in congress. [ gunfire ] protests get violent in seattle. crowds throwing bricks and flares at police. the new charges as
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an historic new york city ka thee dral is gutted by fire and now investigators want to know how it started. flames erupted just after 7:00 on sunday night at the serbian orthodox cathedral. the historic building dates back to the 1850s. just hours before the fire began on sunday worshippers were inside celebrating orthodox easter. no one was inside the building though when the fire began. right now jurors are being picked in fredericksburg for a murder trial where lawyers plan to use an insanity defense. 31-year-old steven breel is accused of killing his house mate 20-year-old grace man back in april of 2015. both were university of mary washington students. the trial is expected to last three days. nine people potentially facing charges after violent protests in seattle. crowds threw bricks, flares and molotov cocktails last night all after peaceful immigration and workers rights protests during the day yesterd
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they were anti-capitalists. police say they injured five officers, none seriously though. may day protests were organized around the world but didn't get violent anywhere else but here. right now we're tracking some major thunderstorms heading our way. and that includes strong winds, heavy rain and the potential for damage. tom kierein is updating his frft
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so when was the last time you took some time to commune with nature, climb a mountain, take a hike through the woods or paddle a canoe through a lake or river? well, a growing number of doctors are telling us nature is good for us. in fact, they're saying it's a great antidote to a variety of ailments including obesity, heart disease and depression. and this is led to public health officials telling americans go take a hike. the director of our national park service jonathan jarvis joins me now to talk about this new plan to get us outside moving. welcome. >> thank you, great to be here. >> so where did this idea start? it's called park rx, right? a prescription for feeling better. >> park prescriptions. really it goes way back. sort of i think the originator of the idea was sort of the father of landscape architecture that created central park in new york city and emerald necklace around boston. he said people need nature. but we sort of lost some connection in the last maybe 50, 75 years. so now this is a new partnership
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between doctors, the center for disease control, public health officials and the parks community to bring these together for the benefit of the people. >> forefathers obviously thought we needed to have parks, they made plenty of them around as part of our national conservancy, right? >> they did. really with teddy roosevelt, fdr, many of our great presidents established the national park system for the benefit of the people. but i think at the time they weren't necessarily thinking about the health of the people. and certainly in our nation today we have a lot of health issues, obesity, depression, heart disease, cancer. and we're looking for ways to make our public healthier. and our parks are part of that. >> and you recently had an rx day, right? a park prescription day? tell us about it. >> we did. across the nation about 40 locations, i was in seattle and here in the district there was a gathering with the surgeon general up at meridian hill.
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pilot areas. we have dr. robert czar, pediatrician at unity health, is prescribing his patients, all of his doctors out of that center for over 380 different green spaces in the d.c., maryland, virginia area. >> so are you planning activities people can go to? we see people there exercising across the country in public parks? >> absolutely. but what's a little different about this than anything in the past is literally doctors are writing on a prescription pad to go to this park and do this exercise, walk this trail, take this -- ride your bike around this loop. keep track and come back and report in. and the doctors are tracking the improvement of their health as a result of that. >> wow. how did you get doctors involved? >> well, there are a few pioneers, as with any type of sort of paradigm shift you find a few people that actually do it themselves, that they're outdoors people. and they suddenly realize this is a great thing i can incorporate into my practice and begin to
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we've been talking to medical schools, we've been talking to universities that train the next doctor to say incorporate this into your practice. >> so quickly tell me how can we find where we can go around here in the washington area? >> so dr. robert czars created a searchable database. you can find it if you just type in or park prescriptions. you'll find the website. it's a searchable database about all the great spaces in the d.c. area. >> 12 months a year. >> 12 months a year. >> thank you so much for coming to tell us about this. i'm ready to go to the park. how about you? >> go for it. >> absolutely. he's the one. >> ask your doctor if parks are good for you. >> good idea. well, the capitals and penguins battling for an advantage here. they will likely both be without top defensemen tonight, that is because of one big hit. if you missed it take a look
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boom. caps defenseman knocked penguins defenseman down off of the ice. he hit his head. the league suspended orpik three games. still recovering and might not be available for this evening's game. if you are planning to watch or dvr the game it begins at 8:00 p.m. caps are on the road in pittsburgh. they haven't won a playoff series against the penguins in more than 20 years. i'm hoping that's changing. >> it's got to change. >> they won't be back home until saturday. it would be nice to be able to win a couple on the road though and have that home advantage again. go caps. >> we'll be watching tonight. you've got some interesting stuff coming up later in the program. tom, i know you use the parks. >> love the national parks. we've got of course shenandoah national park nearby us. the canal there it's a wonderful place to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. and if you're going to be away from your tv, check out storms that may be getting close to you. if you hear thunder, turn us on nbc 4 this afternoon or this evening as we are going to be
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right now all is calm. all is quiet. there's union station. >> so pretty. >> not even wind blowing. >> yeah, the flag is just hanging limply there. hardly any wind now, but we could get strong winds tonight. nothing on storm team 4 radar here, but there are clusters of thunderstorms now coming into tennessee. they're going to be tracking our way later. sunshine temperatures in the 70s shenandoah valley, still some low clouds hovering around 60 in the metro area and around the bay it's in the mid and upper 50s. going to get some exercise in, do it now between around 3:00 and 4:00, you'll stay dry and temperatures will climb into the upper 70s, near 80 by 5:00 but storms move in after 5:00 p.m. hour by hour tonight some of those storms off and on all the way until around midnight. temperatures dropping back down to near 70 by midnight. new hour by hour timing of storms developing, some showers around 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., after that it gets stormy between 8:00 and midnight some strong storms, shenandoah valley, northern virginia into the district and maryland after 10:00. then at 11:00 it will b
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move off to our east. and then by later in the evening hours things will settle down, but still some showers may be lingering after midnight tonight and during the morning rush hour tomorrow might have a few sprinkles lingering around the severe weather risk is pretty low for tornadoes. moderate risk though for high winds and hail. they'll be moving pretty fast so probably no flooding. and then maybe a few sprinkles around on tuesday and cooler as well as wednesday and thursday. each one of those days maybe some sprinkles, not heavy downpours but nice on the weekend to get out and visit one of our national parks. it will be in the 70s on saturday and sunday. how do you like that? >> definitely looking forward to that, tom. thank you. right now parts of southwest louisiana are under water because of heavy rainfall. in lake charles several roadways were shut down because of the flooding, but that didn't stop some people from driving or walking through the high waters. forecasters say more than six inches of rain fell throughout the area. and more rain is expected there today. today we should learn more about who could end up in
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the iconic superstar apparently left no will behind after his sudden death last month. a hearing is under way right now to determine how his multimillion dollar estate, worth up to $350 million we understand, how that should be divided. we may learn just how that will happen later today. well, after what the ring master for ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus called a very emotional performance, the circus elephants are headed to florida and final retirement. the final show took place last night in rhode island. the show has faced growing criticism from animal rights groups about the elephant show. the elephants will live at ringling's 200-acre center for elephant conservation in florida. this is a story that has had us talking all morning. firefighters chasing a bear out of a second floor apartment in colorado. the person who lived in the apartment locked themselves in his bedroom after he discovered a small bear rummaging through
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of the night. the firefighters think the bear got in through an open door or window and posted this video -- they posted this video on facebook. police stayed very calm through the whole ordeal basically just talking the bear out the door and down the hall. well, a new york city man discovered that construction crews would move his car if he didn't do it himself. that man says a forklift moved his parked suv onto the sidewalk. he says his vehicle was parked legally and was never asked to move. the construction company blames a sub contractor but says car owners will be paid for damages. neighbors say this is not the first time this has happened. there's a push today to raise awareness about skin cancer. it's melanoma monday. dermatologists say men over 50 are the highest risk, but it can impact anyone young or old, white or black. the sun can even damage your skin on a cloudy day. the biggest thing
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recommend check out dangerous moles. >> about once a month either getting in or out of the shower they want to do a full skin exam on themselves head to toe to get familiar with their skin. i start with my hands. make sure you're looking at your hands, nothing going on, no dark streaks in the nails, arms, look down the entire front. it's best to have a full length mirror, but at the very least you need to have a small handheld. look down the entire front, check your toes, toenails too, make sure there are no dark stripes there as well because that's could indicate melanoma as well. check the bottom of your feet and in between the toes. >> there are five types of moles to look out for. you can check out the a, b, c, d, e list online. the best thing you can do is wear broad spectrum sunscreen and make sure to do those monthly checks. an alarming announcement from health officials about the zika virus. the number of birth defect cases caused by the virus may be more than originally thought. at a meeting in baltimore,
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looked normal. babies born with microcephaly usually have significantly smaller heads than other newborns. doctors say they are hidden birth defects caused by zika that haven't even been diagnosed. too much ice, that is the complaint prompting a $5 million lawsuit. an illinois woman filed the class action lawsuit because of the amount of ice starbucks uses in their ice beverages. the suit alleges that starbucks is purposefully tricking customers into paying for more product than what they're provided with. starbucks tells nbc news the suit is without merit and that ice is an essential component of any iced beverage. the clouds are getting darker out there, and we're in for some stormy weather this afternoon. tom is tracking when thunderstorms will be in your neighborhood and when we can finally look forward to some sunshine out there. we have the cards. don't forget, we're like the piggy bank that's being robbed. we can't coue
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to rape our country. and that's what they're doing. it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. a routine trade talk takes a turn at a donald trump rally. the new controversy ahead of a key pr
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right now mark service is
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after that train derailment in northeast washington. csx says cleanup crews are laying brand new track near the rhode island avenue station. they're also still clearing away some of the 16 train cars that derailed. a man was killed in a wrong-way crash that backed up traffic on the beltway. it happened just before 2:00 this morning on the inner loop at eisenhower avenue in alexandria. police say a wrong-way driver crashed into another vehicle. the driver of a cr-v was killed. three people were injured in the crash. they're aum expected to be okay though. the cause of the crash is under investigation. right now we're tracking thunderstorms heading our way. you can see right now the rain is starting to come closer on the storm team 4 radar. >> the timing is everything as you make your afternoon plans. meteorologist tom kierein is closely watching when we can expect storms to arrive, tom. >> yeah, not until late this afternoon, maybe around 5:00 or so some of the first storms may begin to pop up. right now on the storm team 4 radar though don't have any
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anywhere in the vicinity. overcast is beginning to lift and brighten a bit. in fact, it's producing sunshine shenandoah valley. but the storms i'm concerned with are now coming into kentucky, central tennessee. this is all tracking off to the north and east. will be getting closer to the metro area again looks like 5:00 p.m. but the time for strong storms seems to be 7:00 to midnight tonight, some could produce damaging winds, hail and some brief very heavy downpours. i've got some new hour by hour timing, new model run just coming in now. i'll show you that coming up this half hour. thank you, tom. a murder trial for the maryland man accused of fatally stabbing his 95-year-old neighbor is underway today. montgomery county police say 60-year-old erik dyson staped last february. police say bell vin told him it was in response to unwanted sexual advances. dyson is also accused of charging thousands of dollars on
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the case of a body found in a creek is still under investigation in falls church. fairfax county police responded to tripps run sunday after someone reported a body in the creek. the man has not been identified yet. the medical examiner is still determining the exact cause of death. a prince george's county ambulance crew was assaulted by a patient in langley park. the family of the teenage male patient said he had, quote, too much to drink. he grabbed and hit the female emt. both emts were able to get away. no word yet whether any charges will be filed against the patient. this incident comes just weeks after the deadly shooting of a prince george's county firefighter doing a welfare check. we could learn today what a man will be charged with after leading police on a chase through the district and montgomery county. this all started yesterday when a park police officer allegedly spotted some sort of drug transaction near calvert street and connecticut avenue in northwest. police say the suspe
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at some point while the park police officer pursued him the man allegedly ran into the officer's cruiser and took off again. the driver was spotted in bethesda and taken into custody. recent federal safety reports about metro reveal more trouble spots for the rail system. the reports were obtained by "the washington post." the documents reveal that most metro employees knowingly ignored requirements for setting hand brakes at the rail yard. they also show operators have been running red lights and safety defects have tripled in number since the interim report in mid april. metro might be forced to fix some of those reported problems and other critical items after the national transportation safety board meets tomorrow. that's when the board will determine the probable cause of last year deadly smoke incident. power cables, poor commune and water issues have been discussed as factors that led to that incident. form eer
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sandusky is now in prison serving a 30 to 60-year sentence for the sexual abuse of nearly a dozen boys. his lawyers recently filed paperwork for a new trial requesting to put certain prosecutors and investigators back on the stand. to decision 2016 now, candidates are making last-minute stops in indiana today. nbc's tracie potts shares how tomorrow's primary could change the course of the entire race. >> how are you doing -- >> reporter: ted cruz has four stops in indiana today. tomorrow's primary could make or break his campaign. and without naming donald trump, cruz is making it clear just how important this vote is. >> americans are asking that indiana bring common sense and good judgment to save this country from the path that we are barrelling down. >> reporter: trump's had two events in indiana today. he's already claiming victory, whether or not republicans unite behind him.
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it would be nice to have the republican party come together. with that being said, i think i'll win anyway. >> looks to me like we're going to win here on tuesday. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: one year after launching his campaign, bernie sanders is hoping indiana will become his 18th win. he's making three stops there today. and didn't even mention hillary clinton last night. she's telling the naacp that donald trump is a dangerous choice for america. >> we cannot let. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: she's in kentucky and west virginia today. and new this morning, fund raising numbers showing a dip for bernie sanders, 26 million raised last month compared to 46 the month before. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> meanwhile, gop hopeful ted cruz has new support in virginia. the state's republican party awarded him ten of virginia's 13 at large delegates at the state convention over the weekend in harrisburg. the at-large bids only come into play though if trump does not receive the necessary 1,237 delegates before the convention. people are praising the first daughter's decision to take a gap year before starting college at harvard university. the first family made the announcement yesterday. typically students take gap years to travel or do humanitarian work often overseas. malia obama will graduate from sidwell friends school in northwest washington in a few weeks. she will begin harvard in the fall of 2017. in news for your health now, the monkey bars and swings your kids play on at recess may be behind a recent spike in playground concussions. between 2005 and 2013, 21,000 kids 14 and under suffered a head injury from playgr
11:37 am
were between 5 and 9 years old and 58% were boys. tshe worked for the presidet never forgetting her dream. the remarkable story what passion and hard work turned into sweet success. right now storm team 4 is tracking thunderstorms. it's cloudy out now, but that will soon change to heavy rain and strong winds. tom's tracking how it will impact your travel this afternoon.
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so it didn't go exactly the way we hoped saturday night. we're moving onto game three, round two of the playoffs. it's the caps against the penguins in pittsburgh tonight. and we're ready to rock the red. >> there will be a lot of us here at home who will be watching the game and pulling for the caps to keep the movement forward onto victory for the playoffs and the stanley cup. we are not sleeping at our house. >> i know. >> we've been staying up to watch all the games. it's terrible. >> i watched it on
11:40 am
actually on saturday night. but, hey, we've got more to come. we've got with us a couple of red rockers and craig fitzpatrick of the usa warriors program. welcome to you all. >> thanks. >> tell us about the warriors. >> the warriors are a hockey program for disabled veterans. and we provide anybody with a service connected disability the opportunity to learn how to play, be equipped for and play ice hockey. >> and you play hockey yourself? >> i do, yes. >> how did you get involved in this? how did you come up with the idea to get the warriors involved as well? >> i didn't come up with the idea. i can't take credit for that. but the capitals actually decided that the warriors would be one of the beneficiaries this year of the beard-a-thon event. it's been incredible for us so far. >> so where's your beard? >> oh, you would be surprised what photo shop can do. >> we have to let you know we have our own beard-a-thon contestants. >> do you really? >> our chief meteorologist, adam tuss, look at those beards. >> i wonder if
11:41 am
bray den. >> that beard is pretty good. it's hard to beat him. >> but a lot of people haven't understood that the beard-a-thon helps with the warriors. >> it does. all of the proceeds from the beard-a-thon event go to benefit our hockey team. i wish that everybody that's donating to or participating in the beard-a-thon could see for even five minutes what it's like in the locker room, what it's like on the ice for us. all that money goes directly to equipping us, getting us ice time and helping us be part of the team and play hockey. >> it's not just bringing hope, it's who else on the team participating in the beard-a-thon. >> i think i saw alex ovechkin is on there also, couple people from the staff, but i know a lot are growing beards. >> they're off for the playoffs, but a lot of spirit going on there as well. will you be able to see the game tonight? >> i hope so. >> we'll have to find out about that
11:42 am
i know i'll be watching on television. how about you? >> you know, go caps for sure. >> any idea how it's going to go tonight? >> well, i'm predicting a caps win of course. how can you not living in this town? but it's going to be an incredible series. i know that there's no love loss between the caps and penguins. >> epic rivalry there. it would be nice if we could win two away and then bring it back home and win the whole thing, right? >> i would love that. >> about the warriors though, tell us who do they play? i know it's a league and they play against other people, fire departments -- >> we do. yeah. we play in the d.c. public service hockey league. a lot of the teams that play in that are firefighters, the police, federal government employees. and we also participate in the usa hockey disable d national festival. and we play other warrior teams from around the country as well. >> incredible. what do you see in the players and the community when you have events like this and you have programs like this for the veterans?
11:43 am
doctors with do for us whenever we have an individual disability, but the biggest thing i see for a couple hours each week we're not the guy with ptsd and the guy that may have lost a limb and the guy maybe with a couple shattered hips or the blind guy. we get to be teammates and competitors. and no doctor can give us that. our support network can't give us that, but we can give that to each other when we're on the ice. it's something we all look forward to every week when we play the games. >> wow. >> well, we're excited. are you guys excited? ready to go? we'll be cheering them on tonight. in pittsburgh. >> that's right. craig, thanks so much for joining us. >> and thanks to the red rockers for coming in. >> thank you. hikers will need to stay off some parts of the appalachian trail and nearby trails in the shenandoah park. workers need to make sure those areas are cl
11:44 am
crews have contained a massive fire there, flames sparked more than two weeks ago and spread to more than 10,000 acres at the height of the fire. all sections of starline drive are back open to traffic. today families living in prince george's county neighborhoods hit by a landslide will be honored. county executive baker will proclaim today may 2nd piscataway hills day. the honor is to thank residents for patience and commitment to keeping their community together. 18 months ago a ridge collapsed there and the neighborhood was damaged, the roads were damaged cutting off utilities to more than 20 homes. right now the county is in the process of demolishing six homes and securing the land to save other homes from future problems. she started her career as a lawyer in the obama administration, but her love for making ice cream led her to a new path. nbc's mor began ratford has the scoop on her latest business
11:45 am
venture. >> reporter: scoop by scoop victoria is enjoying the sweet taste of success. >> this is very good. >> reporter: she graduated from wellesley, moved to washington, became a top lawyer. but still there was one thing she always wanted to achieve, becoming an ice cream shop owner. you've worked for secretary kerry, president obama, why ice cream? >> i would make ice cream before i went to work and i would go to work, come back, sit in the ice cream, take photos, blog about it. >> reporter: she'd grown up with the love of ice cream. few years ago she entered an ice cream competition and won. >> i went back to work the next monday, type, type, type, just as usual. >> reporter: but her victory caught the attention of a land developer who showed her the perfect store front space. so she quit her job, cashed in her savings and built this. where do you come up with these ideas? >> musicians think in whatever instrument they
11:46 am
you know, painters think visually. and i see everything around me in flavors. >> reporter: he mind's creation turned inspiration. >> in a town like washington where you have a lot of lobbyists, paper pushers, people who sit at our desks, the career change is a really popular dream. >> it's uncomparable. this is the best stuff ever. >> reporter: proof that a healthy serving of risk can lead to a lifetime of reward. >> it doesn't matter how different your past life was, everything is transferable. every experience, every moment. >> reporter: moment that turn to memories. morgan radford, nbc news, washington. >> oh, victoria is amazing. i know her and her ice cream is delicious. they're unique flavors, lavender mixed with lemon perhaps. and it's all fresh and delicious. and she did, it was a huge leap of faith. but she's doing something she has so much passion for so she's happy too. i'm so happy for her. >> let's go get some ice cream. >> i was going
11:47 am
where's the sunshine, tom kierein. >> you don't need that. you can eat ice cream any time. ice cream in a blizzard. do they have vanilla too? >> yes. >> here's the capitol camera right now. we've got just a few clouds around. and the temperatures they are just beginning to climb into the 60s around much of the region. we look at -- is my computer hung up? are we on max one? oh, no, my computer is hung up. it does not want to advance. well, i'll tell you the story. once upon a time there was a cloudy sky. and we had clouds around. now maybe if we switch max two maybe i can show you things on that. there we go. that will help. you never know. computers, you know, we live and die by them. and you see now here on the storm team 4 radar we are getting these clusters of thundershowers here in kentucky
11:48 am
now this is the line that's going to be getting closer to us. that's going to be advancing by later this afternoon. so between now and then we'll get the sunshine breaking out. you can go sleeveless this afternoon with shorts, but have an umbrella ready for late afternoon. that's when we'll likely have some showers and some thunderstorms coming through. storm team 4 four-day forecast we'll have it up into the upper 70s during the afternoon before the storms come in. then it's generally between 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. we'll get isolated storms, but 7:00 to midnight is likely when we'll get the strongest storms coming on through. some producing perhaps damaging winds and hail. again, 7:00 to midnight tonight. then cooler weather moves in for the next few days. mostly cloudy, smaller chance of maybe just some sprinkles and some lighter showers through thursday. drying out friday. next weekend looks fabulous. highs in the 70s and partly sunny. that's the way it looks. all right, tom. thank you. she's a hometown olympian and headed to rio. how she's training for the summer games and
11:49 am
11:50 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. maxx life in store and online. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast i'm scott mcfarlane, we're finishing up our news 4 i-team investigation. we found a new series of car cloning crimes in our area in virginia and maryland. the crooks that not only steal your car, they give it a new vin number, new tag and new identity
11:52 am
allowing them to re-sell it. there are huge profits for the crooks and huge problems for the victims. >> everybody we're dealing with in these vin cloning operations are for-profit. they're not just stealing a car to get from one place to another. >> what kind of vehicles are car cloners targeting and how are they stealing them? all part of our news 4 i-team investigation tonight at 11:00. for now, scott mcfarlane, news 4 i-team. well, we already have lots of stories about the upcoming olympics on our website including a look at how synchronized swimmers are getting ready. >> we're counting down to rio and the athletes are as well. last night the nation's capitol swim club honored swimmers hoping to make the u.s. olympic team and the seniors graduating. we talked to a lot of people including gold medalist katie ledecky. >> sort of be in that position where i can make an impact on younger swimmers or not even swimmers but other people in the
11:53 am
>> such a great role model. she is from bethesda and already holds multiple swimming world records including that gold medal. and she said this year because four years have passed she is going in much more prepared. she has a lot more expectations. four years ago she went in kind of unexpected to have a gold medal. >> she wins every race she goes into. >> amazing. nice person too. well, bebe is taking a big step today. the new training the
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
now to everyone's favorite panda cubs. >> certainly mine. this week bebe will begin training on the same course as his whole family at the national zoo. have them do things like stand up, open his mouth and reach his arms out. some basics. the zoo says they are still in the very early stages, so today's training session will probably be very short. don't want to tire out our little guy. >> he takes voice command? stand up, open your mouth? contestants of nbc's "the voice" may feel a little added pressure tonight. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden will both be in the audience along with active duty and retired milita members and their families. part of the joining forces initiative. you can see "the voice" tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. let's check our forecast now with storm team 4 meteogi
11:57 am
out in the metro area. the overcast beginning to thin out. here's new timing on the storms coming in. by 5:00 p.m. maybe a few isolated showers northern virginia and the metro area. it's not until after that that we start to see storminess developing. around 7:00 to midnight storms beginning to move in from the south and west tracking from the shenandoah valley right into the metro area. looks like the prime time for the immediate metro area is going to be between like 9:00 to midnight tonight. some of these storms could produce some really heavy downpours, perhaps some damaging winds or even some hail. then it's by 11:00 p.m. that the storm, the whole line of it begins to move just east of washington. then into southern maryland, crossing the baby midnight to 1:00 a.m. then things should settle down overnight. just a few passing showers. and after midnight tonight until early tuesday morning. >> all right, tom, thank you. that does it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us today. we are back on the afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get news and updates any time with the nbc washington app. we hope you'll have a great
11:58 am
we're going to get some ice cream, right? >> oh, i wish. >> see you in the mning. or
11:59 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
12:00 pm
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