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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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notice what's happening. not much around our region, but just down to our south and west in parts of prince william county just south of manassas and west of woodbridge. we have one little cell with some moderate to heavy rain. more back towards warrenton. if you're thinking about getting out this evening, you have about one or two hours before we really start to see this move in. a lot of moisture and a lot of thunderstorm activity. a severe thunderstorm watch to our south and west as well. could we see one in our area? it's possible. however, we're thinking strong as far as the storms are concerned. maybe not severe. storms tonight. heavy rain and some wind. maybe some hail as well. it is cool and rather wet. in
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at that csx train derailment in washington as it happened. check it out as one car stumbles, then the rest of that train, all the cars start to pile up one after another. about 16 in total next to the rhode island metro station there. here is another look at the crash. look under the overpass as the cars just bounce off each other like they're toys. the derailment resulted in a hazmat situation. cleanup right now is still under way. mark segraves is live with just how long this could all last. >> reporter: good evening. i just got word from a csx official. they're able to tell us how much hazmat material spilled here. 607 gallons of sodium hydroxide. they've been going around
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they're tearing up the old track, putting in new track, and cleaning out the dirt that was conn contaminated with hazardous material. lawmakers say they want to ensure the public safety. the 175-car train was on its way to north carolina when it derailed near the rhode island metro station in northeast sunday morning. surveillance video from the metro station platform shows the freight cars leaving the track and then piling up one after another. video from another angle below the metro platform shows sparks nighing from beneath one of the rail cars just before the derailment. and another camera captured the derailment as the rail cars began to pile up. >> again, csx works hazard every day to make sure things like this don't happen. we inspect our infrastructure rigorously and actu
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>> reporter: today a delegate said it's time for the district to play a bigger role in regulating not only trains that pass through d.c., but also their cargo. currently, d.c. has no state rail safety office. >> every state has one and we should have one. obviously, it works with the federal railroad administration. we ought to have confidence that these tracks are inspected. >> reporter: the derailment resulted in sodium hydroxide used to make drain cleaner and ethanol being spilled around the area. there were also cars marked as containing chlorine. >> the cars that were seen in the district recently are empty cars. they are still marked for the contents that they carried last in the event a first responder has to respond to the scene of an incident so they have information about what was in the car last.
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placard does not mean they are full at the time. >> reporter: the cleanup will continue around the clock until this is cleaned up and repaired, but that could take several days. that means commuter rail service will be impacted for several more days. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what officials tell us about the last time these tracks were inspected and the newly released video of the actual derailment. marc-brunswick line is on limited service tonight. only two trains will run this evening. both will leave from silver spring. one at 5:00. the other at 7:30. capital limited will not move past pittsburgh tonight. download our nbc washington app to get the latest on the service and the cleanup. police tell u
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investigating a homicide on general lafayette boulevard in brandywine. police say they got a call about a shooting just before 2:00 this afternoon. when they arrived, they found a man dead. police are still trying to identify suspects. shomari stone is on the way. these are live chopper 4 video pictures from the scene. we'll check in with shomari as soon as he arrives on the scene there in brandywine, maryland. we're working out what caused a man to drive the wrong way on the belt way causing a deadly crash. the crash cost the man his life. it also backed up traffic for hours. state police tell us the man was from new york and was the only one in his car. he hit another vehicle around 2:00 this morning. the people in the other vehicle are expected to survive. we have learned the name of the person killed in a crash in prince george's county. he's levi campos iii. the
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stephensville, maryland. he slammed into a guardrail. investigators are working to learn what caused him to lose control. the man accused of stabbing a pregnant maryland woman to death was the father of the unborn child. that's according to new court documents. the charges against the man have gone up from second to first-degree murder. he's accused of killing his girlfriend in their apartment last week. the two were engaged. at least two people told police he did not want to care for his child. maria was a bus driver for montgomery county schools. now to the race for the white house tonight. we are now on the eve on what could be a make or break moment for ted cruz's campaign as he makes a big push for votes in indiana. chris lawrence is here now with
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>> reporter: let's start with the republicans. ted cruz did have a handful of events across indiana today, including some appearances with the governor who endorsed him last week. but if a new poll holds true, tomorrow is looking like a very good night for donald trump. it shows him with a 15-point lead over cruz in the hoosier state with john kasich in a distant third. cruz made several stops across the state, pushing for those last-minute votes. during one of them, he had an impromptu debate with a trump supporter. over on the democratic side, the same poll shows hillary clinton with a slight lead over bernie sanders. but clinton already seems to be looking beyond tomorrow. she has events today in kentucky and west virginia. sanders has been campaigning in evansville where he called the nominatin
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difficult for insurgent candidates because the way everything is divvied up between delegates and superdelegates. those comments are coming after a press conference over the weekend where sanders said the convention is going to be in his words a contested contest. new fundraising numbers show clinton outpacing sanders for the first time in april. sanders campaign saw a big dropoff for march. the pair have a contest in guam on saturday. both parties will have a primary in west virginia next tuesday. back in our area, republican lawmakers are challenging virginia governor terry mcauliffe's decision to restore voting rights to convicted felons. they said the governor overstepped his constitutional authority with the executive order restoring the right to vote. it also includes the ability to run for office and sit on a jury. the decision will allow more than
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who have served their time to vote this november. critics believe the move was a employ to help deliver virginia for hillary clinton. we are hearing right now from the owner of an assisted living group home that caught fire in prince george's county, and we're hearing from investigators who tell us the business may not have been up to code. the blaze started around noon today on snowden pond in laurel. several patients had to be helped out of the building. meagan fitzgerald joins us live now. >> reporter: pat, the owner of this assisted care facility just behind us says the four disabled and elderly patients will go into a hotel with their care provider, but it could be several weeks before they're able to get back into this home here because the business was operating on an expired license. prince george's county firefighters rushed to this
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before 12:30. fire investigators says the homeowner was cooking when somehow a fire started and got quickly out of control. >> the fire grew in intensity enough to the point that residential sprinkler system activated and extinguished that fire. >> reporter: a couple operate an assisted living facility here. >> we'll take care of it. we've been taking care of people for the past ten years. >> reporter: but according to fire investigators, his business is in violation with the state and the county. >> we checked the permit status of this particular home. they do have a permit on display. however, it expired last month. even after the repairs are done inside the kitchen, it could be several more weeks until the business can legally operate. >> there are a couple of things that are obvious to us that we're going to ve
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patients like milton morgan won't be able to return home for a while, but he says he's just grateful the situation wasn't worse. >> i'm lucky to be alive. >> reporter: now, we're told the exact cause of this fire is still under investigation. coming up at 6:00, the message that firefighters want the r residents and the public to take away from this house fire and how they say it could save many lives. our report on the allegations of questionable spending at an historic cemetery here. the new reaction today from residents who own plots there. getting to the bottom of what really caused a deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza rail station. it's a $13,000 bathtub on sale last week for 6700. what a steal, but some guy, he got it for
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happened. and storm team 4 watching the radar for you tonight and the potential for severe weather. we are under a weather alert right now. when it could hit your neighborhood coming up in just a few. keep it right here on newsat 5:00.4
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starting to see a few showers moving in across the area and just issued a severe thunderstorm watch now in effect for most of the area here. it includes d.c., prince george's kouncounty, loudoun co, and everybody to the south. the chance for some strong and severe storms moving in over the next few hours. a couple of storms forming near fairfax county and around manassas. i'll be back in three to four minutes with the updated forecast. tomorrow could be another telling day for metro. the national transportation safety board is expected to release the probable cause of that deadly smoke episode at l'enfant plaza. adam tuss has been following the story since the smoke incident last year. what can we expect to hear in this report tomorrow? >> reporter: for a lot of people, this hearing
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bring some closure. but for the family of the woman who died, their legal battle with metro is just getting started. >> carol was the heart of that whole entire family. she was a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, and a sibling. >> reporter: attorney patrick reagan represents the family of carol glover. glover, an alexandria resident, died when her yellow line train was consumed with smoke on that day. her sister talked to news4 after she heard someone died on that train. >> i said, wow, someone's family member will not be coming home to them tonight. >> reporter: in fact, it was her sister. in everything the attorney studied about the accident, metro wasn't taking care of its system. >> that's absolutely at the top of the list to see just what preventive maintenance they were doing. they were apparently, from what we have been told by our experts, they were just ignoring it. they weren't doing any preventive maintenance. >> reporter: he's anxious to get his lawsuit going, but ca
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the ntsb is expected to deliver numerous safety recommendations. the biggest issue is fans that were supposed to push the smoke away weren't used properly. here on the system today, a lot of riders still on edge. >> do you ever worry about your safety on metro? >> sure. i mean, i've come in here some mornings and there's been a bit of a haze in here. >> we have had people who have died on this metro. it is unfair and it is unfortunate. >> reporter: you sound upset? >> i am upset. >> reporter: tomorrow, more light shed on some of metro's major problems and fixes will be recommended. metro has taken an important safety step today that it says is going to keep riders safety into the future. i'll tell you what that is coming up at 6:00 and why that could make a difference. michigan's governor hopes to meet with president obama over the flint water crisis this week. the presides
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the city on wednesday. that comes amid news that medicaid will be expanded to cover 15,000 children and pregnant women. governor rick snyder says flint's tap water is safe when filtered, but residents still need to run their faucets for five minutes a day. he also says he's pushing the city to replace lead pipes. well, it's in the name, but now starbucks is facing a lawsuit over how much ice is in its cold beverages. a federal lawsuit claims the popular chain overfills cold drinks with ice instead of the advertised amount of liquid coffee. the suit accuses starbucks of misleading ku ining customers. it alleges 24 ounce beverages only contain 14 ounces of coffee. now to a bizarre crime involving a pretty pricey bathtu
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jacuzzi tub, but how he managed to pull it off has a lot of people scratching their heads tonight. >> reporter: unusually to say the least. now, i have done scores and scores of stories about stealing, stealing fancy cars, stealing designer purses, stealing rolex watches, but stealing high-end bathtubs? that's a first on 4. this is union hardware. it's been doing business in our city since 1914. union hardware is to plumbing what you might say tiffany's is to jewelry. a toilet that plays music, $7900. a 24 carat gold plated faucet, $27,000. it's an ultra
5:20 pm
around it. they say it is like bathing in heaven. retail $13,000. last week on sale for $6,700. some guy came in though and got it for nothing. >> i feel hurt. i'm 63. it's just something that i still will live with for the rest of my life. >> reporter: ross has been selling high-end plumbing supplies for more than 20 years, but he'll never forget this sale. last week, police say this guy comes in and buys that special bathtub. he gives ross a credit card. ross swipes the card and it comes back denied. so the customer, or should i call him a suspect, pulls out his cell phone, dials a number, gets a woman on the line, hands the phone to ross. she has him punch in some numbers. the sale goes through. and that guy makes off with a designer bathtub with the
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>> i didn't like how it felt. sure enough by time i got upstairs and we figured it out he was gone. >> reporter: where did the guy get the credit card and one of those magic little numbers you jump in to make a denied deal good? the police, they weigh in at 6:00. pat, back to you. >> 80 jet sprays? anything less than 90, i do not get into the tub. this is a serious piece of machinery. >> bathing in heaven. i want the toilet that plays music. >> there you go. what's that go for? >> $7900. it's a steal. >> thanks. >> thank you, pat. there is a simple trick that can help you improve your secret ca -- credit score and it only takes a couple of minutes. the start of the trial for a man accused of murdering a university of washington student. what the
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tracking the start of the storms as they make their way on through. starting to develop in our southwest. i say our southwest. this is d.c.'s southwest. we're talking about areas like prince william
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you can see the area of the severe thunderstorm watch which has now been expanded. it includes culpeper county and the district and back towards loudoun county and charles county and fairfax county. let's take a look another the latest storms. we just started to see some lightning with these. most of the area dry. now we're starting to see these develop in through fairfax county, in through prince william county. here's the strongest storm right here around warrenton. it is going to expand in both coverage and intensity as we move on through the night tonight. this one around warrenton going through manassas. i'll zoom over to fairfax county. right around burke and little river turnpike and right south of the
5:26 pm
expect some storms tonight. if you are taking an afternoon jog or an evening jog, just make sure you keep a watchful eye on the sky. if you hear thunder or see lightning, make sure you get inside right away. severe thunderstorm watches all the way down toward it is carolinas. we're watching this big complex of storms here. all these big yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings. would not be surprised to see our next thunderstorm warning in the next half hour to hour. it is going to be a very rainy night tonight after around 7:00. that's what we'll see around 7:00, 8:00. the potential is there for a lot of rain. some locations maybe a half inch to an inch, maybe upwards of 2 inches. tomorrow morning dealing with some shower activity too. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a lot more cloud cover. we'll see temperatures down about 15 degrees from where they
5:27 pm
for some more shower activity during the day tomorrow. low tornado threat. it's medium on the high winds and hail. those are the two real big factors. flooding i have down on the low side here. if we get some area that is see 2 inches, we could see some flooding. it is something that we're going to be watching overnight tonight. tomorrow and the next couple of days, look at the rain chances. they are there just like the last few days. temperatures on the cool side. 67 on your wednesday. highs only in the upper 50s to around 60 on thursday. dreary day on thursday and friday too. you have to wait for veronica. it's her birthday. she'll have more on this coming up. i know you're not happy with me now. >> i took credit for it, but you actually did the work. >> we do it all together here. >> team work. thank you, doug. it's a big loss for the caps. >> they lose a key
5:28 pm
games. up next, the impact on their playoff run and what that player has to say about it. plus, what doctors now say might be better than medicine for the millions of people who can't get a good night's sleep. i'm in fredericksburg where for the first time we're hearing why a university of mary washington student killed his housemate last year. grace mann was a
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dramatic testimony today at the trial of a former university of mary washington student accused of killing his housemate. the victim grace mann was a well-known student activist on the campus from virginia. >> reporter: there were many tears in the courtroom this afternoon. first as her mother took the stand and her housemate who found her dead last spring. the attorneys admit he killed his roommate, but they say he was insane at the time. also today for the first time in their opening statements the attorneys
5:32 pm
he might have killed his housemate. that's my girl, testified grace mann's mother melissa showing a photo of her smiling daughter snapped just hours before she was killed. moments later, melissa mann and others in tears testifying about the call that she got that her daughter was murdered. it was grace mann's two other housemates who discovered her body this afternoon when they found their other housemate drenched with sweat speaking quickly. he said grace and i got into an altercati altercation, so i had to defend myself. i pulled the comforter off, testified alex. grace was there with a plastic bag over her head. i pulled it off and screamed and
5:33 pm
prosecutors played the 911 call from alex that day. so distraught the dispatcher has trouble getting information until alex finally shouts my roommate strangled her. in opening statements, we heard from the first time from stephen's attorneys about why he killed mann. he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. he became convinced grace mann was a threat to him. the prosecutor told jurors she'll counter that theory saying, what they're trying to convince you is he was sane, insane for 30 minutes,hen sane. i suggest to you that's ludicrous. ahead at 6:00, i'll tell you who got the first text message from stephen right after the murder. back to you in the st
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visible patrols after a couple of reports about suspicious people watching children at parks and playgrounds. one of the incidents happened last friday at the national presbyterian school. they had a report of a man in maroon colored nissan sentra taking photos of children on the playground. there is some controversy brewing about tomorrow's elections in dunfrey's. the mayor is accused of stealing the vice mayor's sign. vice mayor had run against foreman four years ago and lost. if convicted, foreman faces up to a year in jail and a $2500 fine. it's been two years since the combination of a mudslide, water main break, and
5:35 pm
dozen homes cut off from the rest of the world. today, prince george's county executives proclaimed today a special day. it reopened last december thanks to county, state, and federal funds. as baker said today, the people who lived there. >> willing to not only advocate that we step up, but also to negotiate, to compromise. it's not easy when it's personal, and nothing is more personal than your home. >> a number of elected officials joined baker there to plant a tree, a symbol that baker says shows the county's commitment that the community remain open. well, in the caps quest for the cup the caps hoping for a big game three win, but they'll have to do it without a key player. the reason is a
5:36 pm
has his teammates not too happy about this. carol maloney has the story live from pittsburgh. carol? >> reporter: a lot of frustration here in pittsburgh, guys. brooks orpik, a four-time penguins players' player award winner for being the best teammate will not face his former team unless the series continues into next week. a three-game suspension on orpik for a game hit on a teammate. orpik today acknowledges the mistake, accepts the punishment, but does not agree with being called a predator. >> it's tough here. people try to say i was intentionally trying to hit him in the head. i've dealt with enough head and neck issues. that was tough to watch. >> try not to paint him that way. come on. that's a joke. he's an honest hard-nosed player. i think a lot of players around the league will tell
5:37 pm
absolutely. he hits hard, but that's not a predator. >> reporter: orpik is known for being a tough honest player. his teammates say the speed of this game contributes to split second decisions that can be regretted for a long time. >> they break down that video and they're going half a second too late, stuff like that. when you're out there, you're flying around. stuff happens quick. he wants to be out there with us. we're going to do our best to make sure he comes back and has some meaningful games left this year. >> i don't think a lot of us agree with it. there's a lot of things that go unnoticed that don't get suspend suspended. there's got to be standards set. >> whatever they gave me i was just going to have to ce
5:38 pm
hopefully they start punishing everything else the same way. >> reporter: orpik mentioned being sensitive to this issue. he was on the receiving end from a head shot two weeks ago from the red wings. orpik missed three games with the injury. ryan white was not punished. well, you've probably noticed since the playoffs started news4's doug kammerer and adam tuss have been growing beards. don't they look good? it's part of a push with the caps to raise money for charity. donate via the nbc washington facebook page. while you're there, vote on whether doug or adam's beard is best. which do you think? >> or orpik who has extra time on his hands to groom his. it is an almost effortless tactic to raise your credit score. susan hogan will join us to explain this one
5:39 pm
prince's family is in court for a hearing to determine who gets control of his estate. what advisers are now saying about a possible will. a wet, windy, and stormy night. it's a weather alert day for us as we track what looks like more storms coming our way through the evening hours. the severe storm watch has included loudoun and prince george's county.
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once again, we had a small group of individuals who engaged in violent behavior and the police responded appropriately. >> seattle's mayor praising police response. police used flash bangs, rubber bullets, and pepper spray after a crowd became violent. police arrested nine people during the demonstrations. some of the protesters feel they were mistreated. >> i was out here just peaceful. i was a war vet. i got hit. i got pushed. i got shot with whatever that little grenade thing is. >> the protesters' charges range from assault to destruction of
5:43 pm
the financial advisers handling prince's paisley park estate say they're still searching for a possible will. that news comes after the late singer's sister says prince passed away without leaving one behind. today she and prince's half siblings appeared in court. a judge appointed brimmer financial as special administrator of the estate which could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. investigators are still looking into how prince died and whether prescription drugs may have played a part. the board at a famous local cemetery meets for the first time following a news4 i-team investigation. allegations of questionable spending. why residents who own plots there are even more upset after today's meeting. the new recommendation from do
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
so veronica, tell us about the timeline now. when will we get the worst of the storms? >> the worst of it will be when most folks are off the road. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. that's when the stormiest weather comes through our area with the heaviest
5:47 pm
watch that was just expetended include loudoun county, prince george's county, charles county. the area in orange, those are some current severe thunderstorm watches northeast of richmond as well as to our south and west. it is south and west of here. today you notice the warmth, but today we got that warmth with some higher humidity. it was the perfect fuel for the storms. there was a lot of warm areas around charlottesville today. temperatures got up into the mid 80s. the overnight, stormy until late. chance of high wind and hail. the weather is going to have a moderate to high impact on our area and area roads there could be some ponding as well. low to mid 80s. all this pivoting and moving north and northeastward. this is the line that just f
5:48 pm
you can see it there potentially producing some hail around gainesville and manassas. moving toward burke as well as the brook hill area in the next couple of minutes just prior to 6:00. more of it right there around charlottesville. advancing north and northeastward. we have several hours of this. when the rain does come in, those storms could be moderate to heavy allowing some ponding on area roads. i-66 more than an inch of rain. right in and around d.c., 2 inches possibly. there will be quite a bit of rain. with some of the wind, we could see some limbs down as well as some debris flying around. don't think we're going to see any power outages with these storms. 70 our temperature by 9:00. mid 60s by 1:00 a.m. our temperature tomorrow will be primarily
5:49 pm
across the area. 67 degrees on wednesday. 60s for the remainder of the workweek. it's this upcoming weekend where we'll get back to some warmth and sunshine. saturday is looking dry with some sunshine. angry frederick residents promising to file another criminal complaint against employees at mt. olivett cemetery. tisha thompson explains what happened today that had so many so upset. >> reporter: plot owners, people who have purchased grave sites, showed up demanding answers from the cemetery's board of directors as they gathered for the board's first public meeting since our investigation aired. >> the key is to have all records opened up to see where money has been spent for
5:50 pm
non-cemetery use. >> reporter: including carl thomas whose wife and parents are buried here and a former board member joe shelton. >> i've grown up here in frederick. if it is mismanaged and a lot of illegal things still continue to go on, we're going to bankrupt this cemetery. >> reporter: sheldon has filed a criminal complaint with the frederick city police department after watching our news4 i-team report which exposed several spending errors. both men declined to make a comment as they left today's meeting. >> do you want to make a comment? >> unfortunately, those who listen to one side of the story may have a preconceived opinion. >> acknowledging that we have reached out t
5:51 pm
side of that story from everyone involved, but we've been told that they're not going to make a comment. >> well, and i still can't make a comment -- and you appreciate this, tisha -- i can't talk about something that is a personal issue. >> reporter: board member tim did say. >> we'll restore the trust. there's no questions about that. >> reporter: several lot owners say the board did not answer any of their questions. >> i'm disgusted. i'm annoyed. i'm mad. i will be contacting the other state's attorney's office. i'm going to deal with it on my terms. >> reporter: frederick city police and the county state's attorney have confirmed they have launched a formal investigation into the cemetery's finances. the cemetery did take prompt and appropriate action when it investigated the men, but,
5:52 pm
quote, does not wish to discuss its actions publicly. you can see how we pieced those receipts together by going to our nbc washington app and tapping on investigations. while you're there, send us a tip. that's how this story started. about 15 minutes from now, loudoun county will hold its first of two town halls on special service. they will address mental health and substance abuse as well as help for those in the community with developmental challenges, and they want to hear from you about county services any concerns that you might have. the public meeting tonight is from 6:00 to 8:00 at sterling community center. there'll be another town hall on tuesday at the franklin park visual and performing arts center. take a look right now, guys. our first severe thunderstorm warning of the evening. this until 6:30 for prince william county and fairfax county. this includes the city of manassas. here's burke around the clifton
5:53 pm
right now it looks like it has a little bit of lightning, but also some hail out of this storm. it is moving to the north and east right along 66 here. it is going to move right through the heart of fairfax, fairfax city in the next half hour. severe thunderstorm warning for prince william and fairfax counties. if you've been thinking of asking for a higher credit limit on that credit card, odds are you're going to get it. you'll also get something you may not have expected. susan hogan joins us in the studio with what she's learned. >> we're in that mind-set if we up our credit limit we'll spend more and our credit score is going to tank. as a result, many people don't bother asking. however, a recent survey by bank rate found that almost 8 in 10 credit card holders who do ask for a higher credit limit have been approved. the problem is j
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have actually requested it. a higher credit limit can also help your credit score. how do you do it? when you call your credit card pa company, be ready to defend your request. don't appear desperate. experts advise keeping your use of credit to no more than 30% of your total credit limit. if you are a good kcustomer, it is almost a guarantee you're going to get some type of credit line increase. developing this afternoon, new guidelines about how to fight insomnia before you reach for those medications. the american college of physicians is recommending behavioral therapy as the first line of treatment for sleep disorders. this type of treatment is based on changing the way you think. it includes things like cognitive therapy. sleep interventions should
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be used short term because of their potential for dangerous side effects. we're keeping our eye on those stormy skies, folks. it is approaching fairfax county. already arrived in many parts of northern virginia. get ready. we are under a weather alert. doug will be ri
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now millions all over the country are under a flash flood watch. six people are dead from a
5:58 pm
that ravaged texas. four of those are young children who were with their great grandmother. now we're learning more about a father of two who fell victim to the rising water himself. chris jose from our sister station in dallas talked to family who witnessed his final moments. >> reporter: the eerie silence after the storm. from the washed out bridge to the puddles of water, the calmness of nature has returned. on the front steps of the family home. >> he had a big heart. >> reporter: remembering a life taken too soon. >> he'll be missed. >> reporter: cousins, brothers, and a sister grieving. >> just trying to get home to his wife and kids. >> reporter: in their own individual ways approxima. >> he was a good father, hard working, and one of the best brothers we had. >> reporter: he is big brother. >> he had
5:59 pm
1. >> reporter: late friday night, he left his brother's home. a few minutes later -- >> his truck stalled out when he was driving into the heavy water. there was a tree that had fallen in the road. he was three or four feet away from us. waters were about waist deep. we had him in our grasp and we let him go. >> reporter: a moment at silence at a time when less words had more meaning. >> that's the last time we saw him. >> reporter: silence soothing the pain for a family coping with tragedy. dramatic new video shows the moment a train derailed in d.c. tonight, we're live with the questions about the cause as the cleanup
6:00 pm
donald trump could lock up the nomination tomorrow in indiana. first, our weather. we're tracking the threat of strong storms tonight. some of you already seeing rain and a severe thunderstorm warning is posted for parts of the region. >> doug, this could be a rough one, huh? >> it could be a rough one tonight. we've seen a lot of rain and clouds the last couple of days. today we got into the sunshine and that helped to destabilize the atmosphere. take a look at the radar right now. the area in purple, that's the severe thunderstorm watch that includes loudoun county, montgomery county, prince george's county, and places down to the south. this is around the city of fairfax and manassas. manassas right under the gun. i'm going to show you exactly where this storm is. notice the lightning associated with this storm too. there has been a lot of lightning within the past half hour and also the potential for


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