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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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reservation change fees accounted for nearly $7 billion in extra money. the used of taking a gap year may be coming to the kitchen table. the first family announced thmaa will take a gap year before enrolling in harvard. here is how you know if you or your child is considering the choice, many colleges are encouraging them right now, some university officials believe a gap year will give students time to recharge after the stress of high school or time to build on life and work experiences. the not all colleges allow them and that's important to know. very few american students take that gap year despite the growing amount of attention surrounding them. >> colleges like it, they like having older kids in the classroom. it brings a wider variety of world experience and perspective. >> the first family has not answered questions about how malia obama plans to spend her year after
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graduation. get ready for another dose of dreary weather. just looking at storm team 4 radar this morning, you can see rain still coming down in most parts of our area. good morning, every. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check in with chuck bell to find out if we'll get more rain today. >> a element lot of folks will cleaning up today during raindrops. that is the national cathedral right there, this time this morning all wrapped up in clouds. you can only see the very top of the bell tower there. what should you expect then in your weather headlines? rain several opportunities of it for today. it's already raining now. we may get a little break around lunch and then another chance for showers on the way home from work and school. staying on the cool side and the sunshine has disappeared once again. and it's not coming back anytime soon.
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morning. have your umbrella ready to go. not terribly cold, we're in the low to mid-60s now. and in the 60s we will stay all the way through the course of the day. 63 now, 65 at 7:00 tonight. into the cooler 50s by tomorrow morning. had a lot of trouble on the roads overnight and now a new crash from melissa mollett. brand new crash northbound bw parkway near 450. not seeing a slowdown. right now eastbound 7 at belmont ridge road, high water blocking the left lane there. and then we have two problems now on beach drive. first in kensington at knowles avenue, the intersection is shut down. and then northwest between the d.c. line and military road the road closed there because of flooding. just those low lying areas for sure. southbound 295 at nannie helen burroughs, a problem there, as well. the storm brought down trees and left debris scattered on the roads and sidewalks. one of those problem
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longfellow street. that's where we find darcy spencer with more on the efforts of cleaning up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. yeah, there is a lot of work to do this morning. i don't know about you, but i was one of the people that who got the hail last night. it was pretty incredible. the kids were pretty excited about it. out here on longfellow street, you can see they are busy at work with a chipping machine. there was a very large tree that fell down and over here you see the little gray car literally smashed by the falling tree. we'll show video that we shot just this morning of the damage. you can hear the chipping machine going right now. the storm was very strong last night, a lot of heavy rain coming through here and across the region as well as that hail. large tree fell down right here on longfellow street at 13th street northwest washington. it smashed at least two cars it if not three cars right here on this street. the good news t
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hurt, and again, they have been out here all morning long trying to get rid of the debris, very large tree fell down, you can see them walking with it various branches to be chipped up this morning. if you're heading out to work this morning, you want to be on the lookout. there could be debris out there, so allow yourself extra time this morning. back to you. >> thank you, darcy. a lot of folks had to duck inside as fast as they could to dodge the tennis ball sized chunks of hail that were out there, giant claps of thunder and a whole lot of rain. the rain drenched prince george's county county and led to water rescues. hail forced a lot of folks inside until the storm passed. >> it was coming down mixed with the heavy rain, could you hear it bouncing offer the inoff the cars. >> there was also a super cell
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lapla laplata, but no reports of a touchdown. we'll check this again with chuck this just a few minutes. and of course you can always stay ahead of the forecast on the nbc washington app. developing story we're following today, we could get answers as to what exactly caused the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza metro station. carol glover died in that incident. during today's hear going, the ntsb will address faulty he is lags around power cables. coming up, kristin wright will explain what metro is doing right now to make their communications work in case of another smoke emergency. if you take marc's brunswick line, you're in for another tough morning. service is still impacted by sunday's csx train derailment in northeast. only three trains are operating on the line this morning. all trains will stop at silver spring and passengers will have to transport to metro. today crews will work to totally clear the
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mangled railcars. voters in indiana go to the polls today. they control 57 republican can delegates and 92 democratic delegates. this is an open primary, so independents can go to the polls, too. today's gop primary is winner takes all. senator bernie sanders has a shot at winning today's democratic premie area. he's nearly tied with hillary clinton this our nbc maris "wall street journal" poll from sunday. a win from sanders today would did little to stall the clinton campaign. clinton is nearly $1,000 delegates ahead of sanders and just about 200 shy of what she needs to earn the democratic nomination. on the other side, about donald trump sweeps indiana today, he will only needed about 200 of the remaining republican delegates to clinch the gop presidential nomination. senator tg is behind significantly in recent polling. p so is ohio governor john kasich. edward lawrence joins us a little later on with what cruz says voters should expect after
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the caps have tomorrow circled in red. that goal put about the game out of reach. the caps almost came back at the end. now they have a crucial game four against the penguins. carol maloney talked to players in pittsburgh. >> reporter: ricochets ruled. the caps 3-2 loss to the penguins here in pittsburgh monday night. a pair of bouncing pucks snuck by braden holtby. the second goal off the shoulder. 2-0 in the second. ovechkin's wicked wrist narrowed the lead, but the hole was too deep. despite 49 shots on goal, caps fall one short. a 3-2 loss, but encouraged for game four. >> excuses are for losers. we're not losers and we'll try to be even better in game four and improve our game.
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i think the last four periods have gotten better and better each period. so figuring some things out, starting to come. >> keep going, keep working on the game and keep improving a little bit every day and we'll come out on top. >> reporter: one thing to look for today, possible punishment for penguins star kris letang, the head shot on marcus yohansen in the first period, kind of hit the league is trying to eliminate. game four here wednesday night as the caps trail the best of seven series two games to one. in pittsburgh, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> so if you want to make a trip up to pittsburgh, tickets still available. game five here, 180 bucks for the cheap ones. >> i really, really want us to win one game away. >> keep it going. p. hive look olive like outsid.
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for most of us. it was a tough commute home for a lot of you, but what can you expect this morning? chuck bell is back with the answer to that at 5:11. another push to make d.c. a state. what mayor bowser is expected to do. and you know a lot of the key nutrients you need to stay healthy, but how do you know if you're missing
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good morning. i'm chuck bell. just aer 5:11 on your tuesday morning. clouds remain about in place and raindrops are a big part of your forecast this morning. if you're doing any traveling today from boston down to north carolina, rain showers up and down. so traveling conditions, rain likely at anytime today if you're traveling locally. yellow light
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york down to north carolina. nationally, outside of the northeast corridor, no really big storms to interfere with travel. in the mid-60s here morning. mid-60s again this afternoon. grab your umbrella. a look at the weekend this ten minutes. so taking a look at this problem here on beach drive, we have a couple of different sections of beach drive shut down. beach drive at knowles, just got off the phone with police, they are saying beach drive from knowles down to the d.c. line. and then we also know that we have a report of a closure between the d.c. line and military road, this is very well traveled road in the morning and it's low lying. so no big surprise that we do have closures here. southbound 295 near nannie helen burrows. again into lanes are blocked.he burrows. again into lanes are blocked. today a d.c. man should learn his sentence for a deadly shooting inside a metro
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garage. douglas chase was convicted of shooting another man last july. officers say the victim fought with chase and another map before the shooting. to prince george's county now where police are asking for the community's help to solve a homicide. officers say someone shot a man to death yesterday afternoon. chopper 4 flew over the scene why brandywine. police did not have any information on a suspect or motive. surveillance video of a brazen robbery captured here. you take a look closer here. three men jumping through a drive-thru window at a mcdonald's early saturday morning. they ordered an employee at gun point to unlock the cash register and safe. this video is from the mcdonald's on i street in southeast. officers want to hear from you if you recognize any of the men or their white suv. today there will be a vote on controversial developments plan this had bethesda. residents have
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to bring new residential and retail space. they say the growth is too big and will change the character of the community. one developer insists it has worked with neighbors to make sure the plan fits. the council votes this afternoon. today a new battle in the fight for d.c. statehood. d.c. leaders are making some kind of proclamation at union market tonight. it could be a draft of a state constitution. last month d.c. mayor muriel bowser said she was planning to put d.c. statehood on the ballot later this year. to politics and a few virginia elections should you though about today. voters in the city of fair fairfax county will elect a new mayor. the incumbent faces a challenge. clifton, vienna, haymarket and quantico is also holding elections. and in maryland, voters in university park have a choice
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be. richard scorza is challenging the incumbent. cal pain focuses on proposed budget cuts to the mosquito prevention efforts at a time when zika virus could threaten up to recentsidents. today we're talking about the nutrients you need but may not be getting enough of. i don't think those foods have the nutrients we're talking about here. >> don't hate. >> it does start with breakfast. a typical breakfast might include eggs, milk, meat. covers a lot of bases, but not necessarily all of them. >> one nutrients that we found that pretty much all of americans immediate to get more of is ccholine. >> if you've never heard of it, you are not alone. bu
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apparently for brain development and health, right? >> something to think about. we'll have more on that and how to get that into your diet along with other important nutrients coming up in our 6:00 hour. >> i love bacon like the rest of everyone else, but i'm pretty sure bacon doesn't include any nutrients that we need. >> there has to be something decent in there. >> i don't know. >> but they talk about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. let's it turn to chuck bell now, weather and traffic i was going to say on the 1st, but it's 17 after. so we'll get it in there. >> we'll be ending weather and traffic at 5:21. >> there you go. >> and there is a one in the number 17, as well. so we have it coming and going. outside this morning, we have in-dweed a very cloudy sky. pockets of thick fog across parts of the area. here is a view of the national cathedral. could only seat to which te thee
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but the patch of low clouds is moving away. 70% for rain today, 50% chance tomorrow, 70% chance on thursday. and 50% chance for rain on friday. so yikes. not much in the way of sunshine as we can get closer to the weekend, though, saturday, sunday i'm looking a little bit more optimistic for the weekend. right now, though, thickest fog is in northern montgomery county coming down 270, watch out for that. also some had toed roadways around. melissa will keen you ahead of here in first 4 traffic in just a second. for now radar shows just light to moderate rain across the area. raining from boston to new york all the way down it raleigh and the carolina beaches. so if you're traveling along i-95 today, it will be a bet of a washout no matter how far north or south you drive. temperature-wise, we're in the low 60s around washington now. upper 50s right alongside the chesapeake bay, 59 now in annapolis. so as you're headed out for your jog or walk here early this morning, more wet wh
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is raining. so have your slicker ready to go. afternoon highs only in the mid to upper 60s. so not a big rise in temperatures for today. tomorrow doesn't look much better. we'll start in the 50s tomorrow. rainy weather temperatures in the mid to upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. i alluded to the weekend, here is your weekend planner. saturday a mix of clouds and sunshine and mild. only the sheetest little chance for a shower on your sunday, but by the time we get to the weekend, highs back in the 70s where we like them. breaking news in foirst 4 traffic. just got off the phone with police in montgomery county and d.c. beach drive shut down in montgomery county from knowles to the d.c. line and in the district from the d.c. line down to military road. the officer in the district said that the road is buckling and just not safe at this point. not sure when they will reopen. outer loop between georgia and connecticut, do have that crash there. doesn't seem to be slowing anything there at the top of the beltway. still have the problem
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burroughs. again, high water blocks into lanes, the left lane is the thing that is passable. 66 and 95 overall no problems on 66 or on 95. 7 at belmont ridge also blocked eastbound, one lane blocked because of the high water, as well. it is the video you cannot leave the house without seeing this morning. the incredible rescue caught on a firefighter's body camera. we could learn more on a topic that has a lot of people on edge right now. the zika viru thes,
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of prince william county. we have just heard from police that they have investigating a homicide. this is in the 3100 block of chesapeake drive in dumfries. they tell us that when they arrived to the scene, that they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound and that victim was pronounced dead on the scene. they say that they are going to give us more information here shl
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just to put this area in place for you, this is about half a mile from the river oaks shopping center and there is a walmart close by. looks like is this a group of apartments. so stay with news 4 as we continue more on this breaking story. it's 5:24. 2k5 today on capitol hill, anthony fauci will speak on the zika virus. he will be joined by members from the world health organization. last month fauci says his agency does not have the funds it needs to fully filed the zika spread. and today a connecticut history teacher will receive a huge honor at the white house. johana hayes will be named national teacher of the year. president obama will award hayes the honor and recognize the 2016 timists.
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[000:24:57;00] big congratulation. coast guard veteran will rest at arlington thanks to the help of his neighbor andrew moore died with no living relatives and no will. the lodge time resident of theft washington, moore was headed to an anonymous paupers grave until neighbors stepped in. >> they made up a very nice run sheet of paper, nick and i put it under everybody's door and immediately the donations started coming in. >> an official with the coast guard and many of the people who lived in moore's building attended a memorial service last night inside the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle. >> you have to come see this littled ed adorable kitten. this was a body camera firefighters captured them rescues four kittens from a house fire. firefighters pulled they have each out and rinsed and dried the little guys.
5:26 am
the mother kitten who ran away returned to come get her breaking news on the roads. beach drive shut down from knowles avenue to the d.c. line and then the d.c. line down to military road. a big closure because of the weather. yeah, grab the umbrella if you're heading out the door. you're going to need it.
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but are we in for severe storms like the one we saw yesterday? thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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part of the complete breakfast breaking news on the roads. in kensington, beach drive shut down from knowles to the d.c. line and then todown to militar road. no way to get through that area this morning. also eastbound 7 at belmont r.i.mrim original, high water. and 15 at sudley road, all lanes blocked because of a multicar crash. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. coming up on 5:30 now and the rain is still coming down. chuck bell has 4 things to know. >> still raining outside, but fortunately the most important thing you need to know about the thing today, the severe weather threat from yesterday is over. the rain will continue through today and through the next several days as a cool cloudy pattern remains in place. optimism reigns for the weekend, but some hailstones yesterday
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this near rockville, this one almost 3 inches in this diameter. so big hailstones last night, glad we won't be facing that today, but grab the umbrella, temperatures will stay in the 60s today with rain likely pretty much at any time from here all the way to the end of the day. now to a developing story, it was an incident that that many people question their safety riding a metro train and today we could learn what exactly caused the deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza . metro station. kristin wright is live for us. >> reporter: a lot of riders especially those who ride down these escalators at l'enfant plaza will really want to know what federal investigator tsz, what the ntsb has to say about the smoke incident later this morning. so does the family of the woman who died. carol glover was 61 years old, her family is filing a $50
5:31 am
million lawsuit against metro the lawsuit cannot the go forward until the ntsb releases the probable cause of the smoke incident today. the agency is expected to make several safety recommendations to several agencies. they're also expected to address faulty insulation and poor communication within the system. now, metro has taken one important safety step. they announced recently that they will have a fire safety officer liaison stationed at metro's control center 24/7. the ntsb hearing is this morning at 9:30. we'll certainly let you know what they have to say. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. opening at the same times could begin today in a murder case involving a 95-year-old victim. eric dyson is accused of stabbing dan blevin at a senior
5:32 am
complex back in february. the attack was this response to dyson is also accused of charging thousands of dollars on the victim's credit cards. defense lawyers say the accused killer of a mary washington university student is insane and should not be found guilty. the victim, grace mann, was a popular student activist on the fredericksburg campus. defense attorneys for steven briel believe he strangled her during a paranoid delusion. prosecutors say briel changed his clothes and shaved his face after the murder, arguing those are not the actions of apinsane person. a sprinkler system saved the lives of half a dozen patients at a laurel assisted living facility when it went up in flames. fire broke out at the abundant love home in laurel. fire officials say one of the caregivers was cooking when the fire started. the sprinkler system activated and helped put out the flames before firefighters arrived. fire officials say without the sprinkler, the situation could
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have been much worse. it will be weeks before the facility's license expired and the home must be brought up to code. what looks like a political spec could impact elections in dumfries, virginia. residents say the mayor stop one of the vice mayor's re-election signs on saturday. mayor foremap and the vice mayor have been political opponents. if convicted on petty larceny charges, foref foreman faces up year in jail and a $2500 fine. and council member cheh says the first report she received on homeless shelters lacked information. neighbors have opposed the plan to put a shelter on wisconsin avenue. and police are searching for a bathtub bandit. they say the suspect used fake credit card and identification to steal a luxurious bathtub.
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>> i didn't like how it felt. and sure enough, time i got he was gone. >> this is the suspect. montgomery county police say he used the stolen information to buy the designer tub from union hardware in bethesda. it retails for $13,000. some bathtub. it if you have information, contact police. some students in virginia are hoping they gave goat a brand new outlook on life. this is lilly. she livesed a an adoption center in the roanoke area. she was born with only two legs apparently. some high school students in that area learned about lilly and they decided to build her a wheelchair. now she can get around better. >> lilly has never walked before in her life. i bet you she's excited. >> now, it took the team 70 hours of work to make this wheelchair. the shelter is hoping that lilly can meet and comfort people with disabilities p. >> imagine what these young engineers can build in the
5:35 am
future. breaking news both in the district and montgomery county, what is shut down? coming up. it was created after a child pornography scandal rocked a prince george's county elementary school. now we're learning when we could hear what a student safety task force plans to do to protect students. a live look outside this morning. you can see some of the rain clouds off in the distance. may need to pack the umbrella for the kids.
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chuck bell has your schooday forecl as look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. an update to an effort to keep prince george's county students safe from predators at school. the student safety task force says it will release its recommendations to change school policy by the end of the month. the task for the was set up after school volunteer deonte carraway was accused of vict victimizes 19 students inside a school in glenarden. and beach drive at a couple different procedures. in maryland shut down near knowledge avenue and between 410 and the d.c. line. and in d.c., beach drive shut down between the d.c. line and military road. that is an area that we typically see the low lying area the standing water and buckling of the road really adding up today.
5:39 am
today right now as far as travel times go, 11 minutes. to ha beltway to 270, nine minutes. 66 inbound you're okay. and 95 north quantico to the beltway also on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. after a round of heavy thunderstorms late last night, we're back to just clouds and rain showers here this morning. nothing all that heavy. but there are pockets of rain now from frederick, maryland to leesburg to warrington to luray and everybody is wet following the overnight rain showers. not expecting a lot of rain, but off and on chances for showers will keep temperatures in the 60s all day long today. we're about 63 now, maybe rising only a few degrees by later. so it's an indoor recess kind of a day today. they will need jeans and long sleeves and umbrellas once again. coming up in ten minutes, a look at the seven day forecast which includes sunshine.
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>> you cn want to. all right, chuck, thank you. new this morning, a plane that doesn't use fuel is on the ground in arizona. or looking at the moment the solar impulse touched down in phoenix. it's powered only by energy from the sun. take pla that plane is trying to fly around the world. they say crime doesn't pay unless you arrive in the district. how some neighbors are cashing in just by installing some new technology hoping to stop crooks. people go to therapy for a whole lot of reasons. but sleep? the new guidelines that might help some of you catch some zs. and they are two words we've heard a lot in the past few days. gap year. but did you know they might actually be good for students? the 4 things to know if your
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5:42 am
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kids are considering taking a year off from school. sfw in maryland closures along
5:44 am
beach drive he near knowles in the district, beach drive shut down between the d.c. line and military road. very slow going through this area. it will be a big issue here this morning. we have this and other problems, we'll talk about it more coming up. we have issues all right. you have problems on the roads and we're dealing with cool temperatures and raindrops. temperature its upper 50s and low 50s now. may not budge much for the rest of the day. when sg the sunshine come out? "7-day forecast" at 5:51. new breaking story, this one out of montgomery county where police are investigating an incident where a pedestrian was struck by a driver on great seneca highway in germantown. at this time they don't have any suspect information available or an update on the pedestrian's complain, but we'll keep you posted. .
5:45 am
aaron hernandez trial is in 2012. his defense team argues there isn't enough evidence for a murder indictment. he's already serving a life send denies for another murder. difficulty typedifinding in-impartial jury. justin ross harris is accused of killing hitsed forler son by leaving him inside a hot car for seven hours in 2014. defense attorneys argued three weeks of jury selection proved it would be impossible to find an impartial jury in harris' home county. it's unclear where the trial will be moved. at 81 years old, a man from virginia says his life will finally restart without the without had low of a false conviction. a judge exxon rated yesterday. he spent a decade for a murder
5:46 am
it in brooklyn. as a criminal after release. >> living a life that wasn't a life. i couldn't vote. i was one of the first person people looked at. >> attorneys say there was never any physical evidence linking him to the murder. parents will want to be vigilant at d.c. playgrounds. have there have been reports of successish issues people watching kids. one these reports happened last friday at the national presbyterian school in northwest. police say someone saw a man in a maroon colored nissan taking pictures of kids on the playground. and a few blocks away, another report of a car driving slowly towards a child. police have increased patrols. puerto rico's financial crisis is affecting the way with responds to the zika virus. just yesterday, the island defaulted on its largest debt spamt. many hospitals have been forced to layoff hundreds of employees.
5:47 am
since novembeh more than 700 confirmed seay came cases this puerto rico, 89 much them pregnant women. doctors say the island financial crisis is turning in to a health crisis. >> it's a humanitarian crisis, it's a health cry says. >> we will have more and more cases. it's just a very hard virus to stop. >> the cdc says a consider of the island's population could contract the virus this year. an emergency meeting tonight, the teachers union in detroit is discussing its next move. they organized a mass sickout protest yesterday that shut down about 90 out of 100 schools. the school district says you can't pay any teachers through the summer. the union says it could thousand, quote, a hamg collective action tonight. thousands of people in flint, michigan could be getting a big break. michigan governor rick snyder
5:48 am
says 15,000 eligible for medicaid. anyone under 21 who drank that water will be eligible so will pregnant women until two months after their baby is born. parents, this just into the live desk from prince george's county schools. we just got word an alert that margaret brent regional school in new carrollton, it appears that it is going to be closed due to a power outage. is this throughout the day. we're being told by officials that if you go to pgcpf do t.or they will continue to update you throughout the morning on the situation. so once again, new carrollton, margaret brent regional school is closed because of a power outage. thousa now back to you. on the roads, take a look here. again on beach drive two
5:49 am
different problems, really three different problems. knowles avenue between 410 and the d.c. line. and in the district, shut down between the d.c. line and military road because of the ward. we have road buckling and high standing water. southbound 295 near nannie helens burroughs avenue, water blocking two lanes. the left lane is the only thing that is really passable this morning. eastbound 7 at belmont ridge road, high water blocking that left lane and we still have the crash 15 at sudley road, all lanes blocked because of the multivehicle crash. 66 eastbound after the rosslyn tunnel, we do have a crash there as you come out of the tunnel, it's on the left side of the roadway so slowing things here this morning in the tunnel. northbound gw parkway after the roosevelt bridge, right side blocked there. so it will be slow through that area. and then remember, on marc, brunswick today only 892, 878 and 880 are running. good morning, chuck bell. some of that rain from yesterday
5:50 am
causing some road issues and furious. national airport picked up an inch in just one hour's time between 7:00 and 8:00 last night. that was when the hardest hit of the weather came through. hail amerimeasured between 1 to inches in diameter. fortunately we won't be dealing with that today. there is the view looking downtown. all cloud cover and everybody still wet, but check out some of these shots. large hail, lots of cars damaged. kevin lacey sent this in. hail this large, sometimes it takes an updraft as much as 100 miles an hour to hold the hail stone up will long enough to grow it that big, so those were big time storms yesterday. today no severe weather. but still quite a high chance for more occasional showers. today, tomorrow, thursday, and friday. not a complete washout, but you'll use the umbrella quite a
5:51 am
bit. lingering showers across northern fauquier county out to leesburg and warrington. heavier rain down to the south, southern parts of virginia. and if you're traveling that way today or more importantly down to the carolinas, that's where the severe weather threat is today. south of the richmond area. for us, we'll just be a lot cooler. a lot of spots yesterday touched near 80 degrees. today we will not get anywhere near 70 i don't think because of the clouds and showers. thickest fog right now is near gaithersburg. three quarters of a heil there. temperatures are in the low to mid-60s now and won't budge much during the day. cloudy at lunchtime here, another risk of showers passing through here between about 5:00 and 8:00 this evening. and rain chances linger off and on most of the week. highs only in the 60s today, tomorrow, thursday anded frid t friday. weekend, the sunshine is back
5:52 am
and temperatures in the 70s. it is now change the course of the presidential election. already donald trump says a win this today's primary means the race is over. edward lawrence is live with what ted cruz thinks about trump's statements p. >> reporter: good morning the polls open in eight minutes now. voters will have their chance to decide who they want this is an open primary so independent voters can go to the polls. historically both donald trump and bernie sanders have done very well in open primary states. ted cruz has been in indiana for several weeks to try to unseat donald trump as the favorite there in the state. however, new polls show that donald trump still has a double digit lead over cruz and twump goes after cruz continuing to call him, quote, crazy. for democrats bernie sanders says that he will not bow out of the race.
5:53 am
hitting hillary clinton will a wall street. he told the crowd in indianapolis that she got $225,000 for 20 minutes worth of work and it must have been a, quote, unbelievably brilliant peach. clinton trying to persuade coalminers that she's on their side and will work every day to make the future a better one. indiana voter ares find themselves right in the middle of the next stop of the highly contested race. experts say that on the democratic side, senator winter storm bernie sanders's goal is to try to move clinton's platform to the the left because he's not likely to win the nomination. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. today loved ones of the ohio family that was brutally murdered will gather to say good-bye. family and friends were seen at yesterday's visitation south of columbus. funeral services for six of the people killed will be held today. more than a week ago, police say
5:54 am
eight members of the rhoden family are we were other family members were laid to rest over the weekend. d.c. residents are taking advantage of a new program that rewards you to buying and installing security cameras. more than 200 people and businesses have already applied for the rebates of up to $750. you can apply for rebates for installing video surveillance in a home or business. one condition is agreeing to allow d.c. police to have access to the footage about if needed. ward six council member charles allen came up with the camera idea after dozens of community meetings. >> the videos are incredible helpful to pd. >> i just wanted some extra protection because every ward of the city has pockets of crime. >> the city has put $500,000 into the rebate program. and council member allen says he'll ask for more if the money runs out. well, some news that kind improve your sleep. therapy not drugs can help
5:55 am
people's chronic insomnia. about 4 million least three nights a week. the american college of physicians says changing your behavior could be the answer. the they're recommending several changes, first don't nap because it interferes with your sleep cycle and regular bedtime. sometimes it's hard. second, truly eliminate the distractions including your phone when you're not in bed. they said at least a couple hours before bed, turn everything off. and don't just lie there if you're still awake after 20 minutes, just get up and do something until you're tired. >> cognitive behavioral therapy is effective, it's not invasive, you dwont face serious side effects. bad night sleep can increase the risk of hart december seize, diabetes and obese i. breaking news from ash carter. second a secretary carter confirming one
5:56 am
service members in iraq. we don't know how the service member died. stay with news 4 for more. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. p low on gas? there is an app for that. a new smart phone app in the san francisco area called filled. years give the location of the car and delivery window and fill charges per gallon rates comparable to nearby gas stations. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. the idea of taking a gap year maying coming up at the kitchen tail. malia obama will be taking a gap year before enrolling in harvard. here's what to know if you or your student is considering this choice. many colleges are encouraging them. some university officials believe a gap year will give students time to recharge after the stress of high school or time to build life and work experiences.
5:57 am
even commuty and right now very few american students take gap years. we're following breaking news out of prince william county will police are investigating a homicide in dumfries. what they found when they arrived to the scene, we have a reporter headed that way. a live report coming up. >> reporter: and i'm darcy spencer in northwest washington where they are still cleaning up after last night's significant storm. i'll have a live report here in northwest where a large tree fell damaging several cars. plus we're waking up to wellness this week. today those critical nutrients we all need. the simple steps you can take to improve your health. and addicted to our phones. a new study is putting our families under the microscope. how long we can go without checking our devices.
5:58 am
5:59 am
plus we show you who has the g big running out of time. critical day ahead for donald trump and bernie sanders as voters in indiana weigh in on the race for the white house. a set back oig for the the
6:00 am
caps. where things stand afte suspension looming for the penguins. the hail, thunder, all the big rain, that has passed, but the damage is still causing problems. the rain left standing water and debris in a lot of places around here. we've had several reports of water rescues in montgomery county. last night this video from rockville where a car was towed after the water receded. >> thousands are waking up without power. dominion reports close to 1300 customers without electricity in tho northern virginia. 1600 in the district are in the dark. pepco also reports 3300 outages in prince george's county. chuck, a lot of cleanup to be done today. what is the weather going to do for us? >> we will still be looking at a huge chance for rain today, but into threat for severe weather. that is now a thing of the past. your weather headlines then, rain chances of it coming in and out several times today, it's


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