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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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suspension looming for the penguins. the hail, thunder, all the big rain, that has passed, but the damage is still causing problems. the rain left standing water and debris in a lot of places around here. we've had several reports of water rescues in montgomery county. last night this video from rockville where a car was towed after the water receded. >> thousands are waking up without power. dominion reports close to 1300 customers without electricity in tho northern virginia. 1600 in the district are in the dark. pepco also reports 3300 outages in prince george's county. chuck, a lot of cleanup to be done today. what is the weather going to do for us? >> we will still be looking at a huge chance for rain today, but into threat for severe weather. that is now a thing of the past. your weather headlines then, rain chances of it coming in and out several times today, it's already raining this morning. we'll get a break at lunchtime
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later on. temperatures on the cool side today, that 80 degree day yesterday is gone and the sunshine gone, as well. several more cloudy days coming. right now just light rain north and west of the city toward leesburg and warrington. they're pressing east into the city. so as a result keep your umbrella handy. here is future weather. showers around here through the remain kerr of the morning hours. by about lunchtime, might get a little break in the action. 11:00 a.m., up to about 2:00, 3:00 before another wave of rain showers comes in, but they will just be rain showers. no threat for severe weather today. temperatures are going nowhere, we'll stay in the low to mid-60s with the clouds all day long. breaking news on beach drive in maryland, a section closed here. beach drive shut down near knowles and then between 410 and the d.c. line. in the district beach drive closed between the d.c. line and then west beach drive here this morning. so a couple of different parts shut down. 66 inbound after the rosslyn it up
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delays inside the tunnel. you can see with the radar here, the rain moving through the region right now. overall, generally speaking roadways don't look so bad, but again, we do have the high standing water hanging around here and there. south 295 near nannie helen bureau, left lane only one passable. 15 at sudley, still have that shut down both ways. the storm brought a lot of hail, wind and rain. darcy spencer is live now with the cleanup effort in northwest washington. >> reporter:. in the 5:00 hour, with showed you all the tree
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here chipping up the big tree that fell. those guys are gone, but this is the damage left behind. we're told three different are cars were damaged by that large rethat fell here on longfellow street last night. two of them the tree expert tells me probably have been totaled. another one probably has some sun roof damage. let's show you some video of what it looked like here in the 5:00 hour. they were out here for three hours getting rid of this large tree. it fell during the significance storm that came through. it took some time for them to get this tree out of here. longfellow street has reopened, but there is still a lot of debris out here. the tree expert tells me what may have cause this hd this tru fall. >> just a big tree that fell over, just because the base of it was all rotten. >> anybody hurt? >> no, not
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>> reporter: so the good news is that no one was hurt. some cars were damaged, so they will have to deal with some insurance. but that's great news that everybody is okay. >> unbelievable damage will. which you c chuck is updating his forecast right now. and you can always get the latest storm team 4 forecast anytime on the nbc washington app. we continue to follow breaking news where a man was found shot to death. police are investigating it right now. officers were called to the 3100 block of chesapeake drive after report of a shooting. they say that the man was shot and pronounced dead at the creep. the victim at this point has not been identified and now arrests have been made.
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more to come in a live report. it's 5 after the hour. nearly a year after a deadly metro shooting, today a d.c. man will learn his sentence. montgomery county police say douglas chase was 19 when he shot another man inside the wheaton metro station garage. officers say the victim fought with chase and another man before take shooting. and take a look at this, d.c. police looking for three men who jumped through a drive through window, this is the mcdonald's on i street. the men forced an employee to unlock the cash registers and safe at gun point saturday morning. police want you to keep an eye out for a suspicious map n o approached a 9-year-old girl outside of her apartment on main street. the man in his 20s spoke to the girl for a bit and then left in a van. the 9-year-old was not hurt. police say it is not cr
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the man's intentions were, but they do want to speak with him. it will be another rough morning for marc commuters this in and out of district. the brunswick line running limited service after the train derailment in northeast. all marc trains will stop at silver spring and passengers will have to transfer to metro. some of the mangled railcars are still on the tracks this morning and crews hope to clear them today. csx says yesterday they removed the chemicals that leaked as a result of the derailment. kaid mondtoday council wille on a development planned for in bethesda. residents have been protesting the plan. they say the growth is too big and fear that it will change the community's character. one developer insists it has worked with neighbors and says the plan adds affordable housing. the council votes this afternoon. a few virginia elections you should know about today.
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will elect a new mayor. incumbent mayor facing a challenge. krif top, vienna, haymarket, quantico holding elections, too. to the presidential race now, indiana voters go to the polls today. today's gop primary is winner take all. wins for donald trump and hillary clinton would make both candidates almost unbeatable in their respective races for the party's presidential nominations. another game, another controversial check. the nhl department of player safety is reviewing a hit that knocked marcus johansson to the ground. kris letang could be suspended. caps lost and will play a crucial game four in pittsburgh
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coming back to d.c. lose, and it's almost over. but i have a good feeling about this. we're not going to panic. >> they know what they're doing. >> and they actually outshot them in the game. they got lucky that's what i'm going to say. go caps. getting to the bottom at metro. safety issues will take center stage today as we get answers. the thunderstorms have cleared out, but you can still encounter some problems left behind by that severe weather. take a live look at the capital wheel. the problems we're seeing plus conditions for today's commute. and also ahead, waking up to wellness. today we're focusing on the nutrients you've probably heard of but may not be etting enough g
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kiereyrgios tom kierein out the weather deck. check the radar where you are with the nbc washington app. right now radar showing very light rain across northern virginia, the difficult, nearby suburbs and maryland all tracking off to the east. so your ride to work this morning, have the wipers on. you'll need the umbrella and light jacket. mid and upper 60s for the afternoon hour as ts as the sho will be coming on through off and on. breaking news right now on the beltway, take a look at this, a brand new crash, this this just happened outer loop at georgia avenue. so we do have the left side of the roadway blocked. it's starting to get very slow top of the beltway there. two problems on beach drive in maryland, shuts down near knowles and then between 410 and the d.c. line. d.c. shut down between the d.c. line and west beach
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as far as travel typimes go, to of the beltway will be getting slow. 66 inbound looks good. 95 north is okay from quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and we'll take a look again at the top of the beltway coming up. 6:13. developing story we're tolling today, we could arn what caused last year's deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza met rotation. the incident left one woman dead and a lot of questions about whether metro is safe. adam tuss has a preview of the issues the ntsb will focus on today. >> reporter: today for the first time we will hear definitively what caused the deadly smoke episode here at l'enfant plaza in january of 2015. of course 61-year-old carol glover died in that incident. smoke overwhelmed her train. today the
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whole host of issues including faulty power cables, poor communication and lack of following the proper procedures. we'll follow all of it for you all day long and bring you any update as they're veil. adam tuss, news 4. police in prince george's county are working to find a suspect and motive in a deadly shooting. officers say someone shot a man multiple times yesterday afternoon. chopper 4 flew over the scene on general la fayette boulevard in brandywine. officers are asking community members to come forward if they have any information that can help close the investigation. > former stafford county school board member could be going on to jail for emilital lon was indicted on embezzlement. the freelance star reports fallon is accused of embezzling money while pto president. she resigned from the school
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6:15. it's not your typical heist. usually thieves are interested in cash or jewels or electronics. but police in nonry counmontgom are now looking for a bathtub. >> i didn't like how it felt. and sure enough by the time i got upstairs, he was gone. >> police say this is the suspect they're looking for right now. they say he used a fake credit card and i.d. to buy a designer bathtub at union hardware, it retails for about 13 thod. if you have any information, contact police. today on capitol hill, dr. fauci from the national institutes of health will be speaking at a briefing on the zika virus. fauci will be joined by members from the world health organization. last month from the white house, fauci said his agency does not have the funds it needs to fully fight the zika virus spread. today's briefing will likely address funding issues. w
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look and see these adorable kittens who were rescued. a body camera captured firefighters in california rescuing four kittens from a house fire. firefighters pulled each of them out from the ashes, crews then rinsed them off, dried them and then after the rescue, the mother kitten returned for her babies. very sweet. 6:16 now. and we are doing a special waking up to wellness series this week. we kicked it off with melanoma monday yesterday. and today we're focusing on the nutrients that you need. >> we have the four things to know about vit rin amins and mis which we may not be getting enough of. for example, a healthy adult needs about 47 milligrams of potassium per day. it is good to your blood pressure, helping muscle cramps. you can get it in bananas and beets. and the second thing that we need, vitamin d. it is in
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you against cancer and heart disease. and third, iron. it builds up your muscles. and here is one thing we mentioned at 5:00, it's choline. it's found in eggs, meat and nuts and it's good to your brain. >> you can tell the infants whose mothers were supplemented with choline, they perform better academically in school. if you're an adult, it might help offset neuro gee generative diseases like alzheimer's and dandd todaydy dimentia. >> tomorrow we'll be talking about exercising on the job. we'll talk you through that. and we had a wild night of weather. chuck bell, today the cleanup is beginning. >> absolutely. a lot of folks had hailstones gr
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yesterday particularly northern montgomery county and also down into northern virginia. outside this morning, still a lot of cloud cover and pockets of light rain to be dealt with here early this morning. here is a picture of one of those hailstones. this one almost 3 inches in diameter from bob leffler up in rockville. it takes about a 100-mile-per-hour updraft in the storm to grow a hail stone that big, so those storms yesterday packed a real punch. and we're not done with rain chances. we're all done with severe weather for now. but the rain chances will linger for today, tomorrow, thursday on into friday. the rainiest day probably going to be thursday. wednesday night through the day on thursday. today we already have the showers out there early this morning. nothing all that heavy. small umbrella or rain jacket is probably all you will need for today. heavier rain across parts of the eastern shore. just left with light rain and drizzle across much of the metro area for now. and there will be
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for rain coming back in later on this afternoon. severe weather threat has been shoved well down to our south. virginia beach down to the outer banks of north carolina, that's where they could have bad weather today. for us future weather carries it out of here during early morning. here is 10:15, most of the rain will be along and to the east of i-95. by lunchtime here, we might see a little brightening of the sky. and then easing up in the rain chances, but that won't last long. any amount of daytime heating at all will bubble up another round of showers to come in here after 4:00, 5:00 today. so it could be another rainy night especially on the way home. so keep your umbrella handy as are you planning out your day. temperatures right now are only in the low to mid-60s. and we won't see much of a change over the next couple of hours with the clouds and light rain around. light rain tapering to showers to mainly just cloudy skies. temperatures low to mid-60s here for the remainder of the morning.
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starting out with cloudy skies and chance for a few showers in the morning. steadier rain likely by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. where is the sunshine in this forecast you ask? saturday a mix of clouds and sunshine, 75. looks like saturday will be dry. most of sunday will be dry, too, but i couldn't rule out a stray shower or two. breaking news on a tough morning commute. here is melissa mollett. we're talking about inner loop at georgia avenue, we are right now shut down as they are trying to get this rescue effort in place because of that crash. take a look top of the beltway, volume really starting to build and we're seeing big delay on the outer loop, as well. beach drive right noud in maryland, closed between knowles avenue and 410 in the d.c. line. and then also in d.c., closed between the d.c. line and west beach drive here this morning. 15 and sudley road, all lanes blocked because of the multicar crash. taking a big look at things
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we zoom out, otherwise no major issues on the roads. you can see 295 and 50 are slow inbound this morning. and 270 typically slow, but actually no rain falling up there. i'll see you in ten minutes with more on this problem on the inner room. no longer living the. >> referee: of an ex-con. the action that is finally clearing a virginia man's name decades after he was released from prison for a crime he didn't commit. but first struggling to put our phones down. it's become a family problem. a look at who has a tougher time staying off their phones, you or your kids.
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right now a plane that doesn't use fuel is on the ground in arizona. you're looking at the moment the solar impulse touched down in phoenix. this is powered only by energy from the sun.
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the world. it started in abu dhabi last year. just having first class passengers on a flight quadruples the chances of there being a so-called air rage incident during a trip. this is according to research reliesed by the national academy of scientists. data shows the prenz of first class passengers triggered feelings of resentment so vok it mimicked if your flight was delayed for 9 1/2 hours. interracial families are standing up against haters on the internet. this old navy ad caused a bit of an outrage on daline. some people did take offense on old navy showcasing a different kind of family. dozens of families fought back against the online racism posting pictures of their own beautiful families. the families also thd
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navy for showing diversity. this morning one of the molds will appear on the "today" show. it shouldn't surprise me that in this day and aim, it wouldn't cause knee look twice, but people are finding something wrong with it. bizarre. >> nice way to put it. well, it's always either in your hand or i keep one in my pocket, too. >> how many do you have? >> you never know when you need one of these things. or maybe i have a problem. i don't know. >> but who has the bigger cellphone addiction? 50% of teens admit that they are addicted to their mobile device. compare that with 27% of parents who say they're addicted. here is what is interesting. 69% of parents felt they need to check their devices hourly. that's compared to 78% of teens. >> so receipt clopretty close, . joe fryer will break down more re
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fight this habit, that's coming up on the "today" show. >> i saw a documentary that says that one of the things parents don't even realin even realize g it and we're the model for our kids. well, helping you get a better night's sleep. the few recommendations that can help you get the rest you need without any of those sleeping medications. also ahead, adding security cameras to keep you safe at home. breaking news top of the beltway, we're talking about inner loop at georgia avenue, take a look, it is a mess. we only have a couple of lanes getting
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♪ music plays ♪ music plays ♪ music plays
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prince william county police have investigating a murder. >> kristin wright just arrived on the scene. kristin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we just talked to a neighbor and she told us police came to her door very early this morning knocking on the door, telling her that therehad been a shooting. happened right o
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me. you see the second blue awning there, that is the address. she told me that the parking lot was all taped off by police. one man was shot and that he is dead. police not really giving us too much more information than that. it was a shooting about 1:00 this morning. again, one man dead. neighbors telling us police knocking on every single door here trying to typed out information about what has happened. of course when we find out, we'll pass it along to you. back to you. breaking news on the roads. still taking a look at beltway inner loop at georgia avenue, this is a four car crash with injuries and also one vehicle is a bus that is involved here. a three mile backup here. outer loop also not looking very good. 295 headed inbound is slow, so is 50. no problems there, except of course high standing water as you're approaching
6:32 am
burroughs. great send in a kay highway, clopper road, an overturned vehicle on the sidewalk here on the ride side of the roadway. looks like you can get by okay this morning. beach drive shut down near knolls and also between d.c. line and west beach drive. chuck bell, good morning. yeah, a lot of rain late last night has left us with a cloudy sky and lots of deep pulgtss out there early this morning. four things you need to know, number one, the severe weather threat is over. rain chances remain high for the next several days and cooler pattern after the brief touch of 80 degrees yesterday, back to the cooler weather now. all eyes towards the weekend when the weather starts to improve. light pockets of rain all over the metro area. planning out your tuesday, plan on cloud cover and chances for rain this morning. tapering back to just a few light showers by noontime. then another chance for
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5:00. temperatures will stay in the 60s all day long. i'll have your full seven day coming up. opening statements could start today in the murder case of a 95-year-old man, eric dyson stands accused of stabbing dan blevin at a senior complex in the colesville area last february. police say it was in response to unwanted sexual advances. defense lawyers are now revealing why a university of mary washington student killed his houts mate. the victim grace mann was a popular student activist. defense attorneys for steven briel believe he strangled her during a paranoid today loougs. they want jurors to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. prosecutors say briel changed his clothes and shaved his face after the murder arguing those are not the actions of an insane person. an elderly man from virginia says he will wake up for the
6:34 am
without the shadow of a false conviction. a judge exonerated paul gatling yesterday. attorneys say there was never any physical evidence linking him to the murder. it is now 6:34. d.c. residents are taking advantage of a new program that rewards for you buying and installing security cameras. more than 200 people and businesses have already applied for the rebate of up to $750. you can an apply for the rebates for installing video surveillance in a home or business. one condition is agreeing to allow d.c. police to access the footage if needed. ward six council member charles allen came up with the idea. >> the video can be incredibly helpful to p.d. and the chief called it a force multiplier. p. >> i wanted every productiteti
6:35 am
because every ward has pockets of crime. >> the city has put $500,000 into the rebate program and council men allen says he will ask for more if the money runs out. someone saw a man taking pictures of children on a playground at the national presbyterian school northwest. he was in a maroon colored nissan. just a few blocks away, another report of a car driving slowly toward a child. both skiincidented were reporte last week. if you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact police. a sprinkler system saved the lives of half a dozen patients at a laurel assisted living facility. fire officials say one of the caregivers causes booking when the fire started. the sprinkler system activated and helped put out the flames before firefighters arrived. fire officials say without the sprinkler, the situation could have been much worse.
6:36 am
just arrived, right now in brazil, take a look. a plane carrying the olympic torch arrived in the country's capital. they haven't even opened the door yet. organizers telling us that this tormg will travel more than 12,000 miles by road once on the ground and nearly 10,000 miles by air. and obviously it's already made its first trip. looks like they're about to open up the doors. testimo it will reach hundreds of cities and up tos in an effort to involve 12,000 torchbearers. he ha we have a lot of great stories about rio on our thbs washington. the backup is glowing inner loop at georgia avenue. a major mess. we'll have details on that and other
6:37 am
the storms are long gone, but the damage remains. take a look, problems you're finding around our region after a wave of severe weather. plus sleeping through the night without having to pop a pill. new commendation fast coulred
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some 4 million people in the united states have chronic insomnia. many take sleep medications, but doctors say there is a better way to stretreat it. therapy not drugs could be the best thing to solving it. they recommend changing your behavior. first don't nap. they say it interferes with your sleep cycle and regular bedtime. hard for us. second, eliminate distractions cluding your phone when you're in bed. put it down at least an hour before you go sleep. and if you're still awake after 20 minutes, get up and do something until you're tired. that's one i struggle with. i just lie there and look at the clock. maybe get up
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>> hard for me, too. you put the phone down an all that stuff, and then something pops in your head and you're like one more thing. >> if i have ideas, i try to write them down so i don't forget. >> are we going outside? >> tom kierein is out on the weather deck. >> yes, and good sleeping weather, you had the rain falling. you need an umbrella and light jacket. it's cool. radar showing very light rain in fairfax, allow ton, montgomery, the district, prince george's county, anne arundel. all tracking off to the north and east. school day, you will need that umbrella and likely recess will be indoors with temperatures in the mid-60s and showers. and byes c dismissal, showers a upper 60s. chuck will be back with a look at your weekend. big backup on the beltway, we're talking about almost four miles now. so waking up and going through your feed and i told you it was three miles inner loop at georgia, now a four mile backup. you're only getting by on the
6:42 am
so big problem there. south bound 295 at nannie helen burroughs, high water blocking two lanes. that is a typical area where it really starts xwhatherring t e south. tomorrow of the the beltway 95 to 270, very slow because of the inner loop. 66 inbound also slow, 95 north. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm. right now the olympic torch is beginning the next leg of its journey. you are looking live this brazil where the plane just arrived. we'll check in on its journey just ahead. >> reporter: and i'm darcy spencer live in northwest washington where the cleanup is continuing this morning after last night's serious storms caused
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it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me four mile backup inner loop approaching georgia avenue. it is a four car crash on the left side. a little bit blocked here by this sign here this morning. again, p one bus involved, injuries. it will be here for some time. stay to the right to get by. look for storm debris that might be left. hail, thunder, rain andt
6:46 am
area. a car had to be towed after the water receded. >> we're seeing progress on efforts to restore power. dominion reporting 1200 without electricity, 1600 pepco customers in the district are in the dark. and also about 1700 outages in prince george's county. our team coverage continues now as crews work to clean the debris off the roads and sidewalks. we all heard that hail and thunder and pounding rain. we had strong winds sending trees crashing down. darcy spencer is live in northwest washington will multiple cars are damaged. they're just smushed out there. >> reporter: they certainly are. you're talking about that hail, it was actually kind of cool last night, kids really enjoyed seeing that. but if you're the owner of this toyota, you are not happy this morning. this is looking like
6:47 am
loss. we're rooif on longfellow street at 13th. a huge tree that was actually across the street, fell across longfellow street and damaged at least two cars. probably totaled two cars. there a third car that was also damaged. let's show some video of that. you can see this large frtree u rooted and smashed into this car during the significance storms. there was strong rain and wind. a tree expert told me that it looks like that tree was probably rotten at the root. so probably why it fell over. it was already vulnerable. let's hear now from a resident. >> what was it like during the storm when you were at home? >> we was all sleeping, but we wake up, we hear some noise of the trucks working on the trees. >> what do you think when you
6:48 am
>> mother nature. >> reporter: that is mother nature. we have no control over here. you can see this is another one of cars that was danned here on longfellow street. the street has been reopened. tree experts got everything out of here. but you want to watch for the leftover debris. takers ci darcy spencer, news 4. and we'rechances of rain th the day and you can always stay ahead of the forecast with the nbc washington app. 6:48. he was a teenager when officers say he shot a man to death at a metro station. douglas chase will learn his sentence today, he's-degree mur. officers say they had been arguing. police want to catch these guys. take a look. they jumped through the drive-thru window at the mcdonald's
6:49 am
southeast early saturday morning. officers say the men forced an employee to unlock cash registers and a safe at govern poi gun point and took off in a white suv. brunswick line limited service again today after the train derailment sunday. only three trains are running this morning. all of them will stop at silver spring and then passengers have to transfer to metro. marc has canceled the camden line train 844. mangled railcars are still on the tracks this morning but crews hope to clear them today. council members will vote on a plan in bethesda that has angered some neighbors. the development is proposed in south bethesda not far from the boundary line with d.c. residents in that neighborhood have been protesting the plans. they say the growth is too big and fear that it will change the community's character.
6:50 am
fabes an addffordable housing. the council votes this afternoon. new information on a developing story out of iraq after an american service member is killed near erbil. we're hearing from ash carter, he confirmed the death saying it was indeed a combat death. and that he was killed by enemy fire. at this point we don't have a name of the person killed, we don't know the nationality either. we will continue to work this story. stay with news 4 for further developments. now to decision 2016. polls open for the indiana presidential primary in less than an hour. first in virginia, the races happening today that you should know about, in fairfax, the mayor faces a challenge. cliff top, vienna, haymarket, the plains, occoquan and quantico also holding elect
6:51 am
ted cruz and bernie sanders. if neither wins today's primary in indiana, the chances that the party's nomination are pretty slim. edward lawrence live with what to watch today and results of a new nbc news poll. >> reporter: exactly. i have the results hooer released within the last 50 minutes. the survey monkey poll shows nationally among republican voters, donald trump is increasing his lead. he now has 56% of the support on the republican side. that is up 34 points on senator ted cruz who is the next closest in that poll. it also says 83% of republican voters believe that senator ted cruz only picked carly fiorina because she could revitalize his campai campaign. 16% said he picked fiorina because she was the right candidate. so some republicans may be shifting now. senator ted cruz saying that indiana is going to be his battle line. he's drawn the line in the sand there. he has been there for ser
6:52 am
donald trump's lead. still polls in indiana show donald trump with a double digit lead at this point and he is in fact still going after senator cruz calling him, quote, crazy. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, back to you. >> edward, thank you for that. appreciate it. top of the beltway still a mess. inner loop at georgia avenue, we still have a four mile backup here. remember if you're just looking on your phone in the morning, you want to tune in because there is an update to what i pushed out earlier. right now crashes on the right side of the roadway and the backup is three miles to four. northbound 3rd street tunnel, center still blocked again top of the beltway outer loop is also jammed as well. 295 south slow, ind
6:53 am
typical there main and local lanes. 66 and 95, you can see a lot of the earlier moisture has moved out of the way. so that helping things. no problems right now. prince george's county overall looking pretty typical where your normal slowdown inbound 210, top of the beltway moving just fine. remember beach drive some closures here in maryland and in d.c. between the d.c. line and west beach drive. 295 near nannie helens burroughs, only the left lane getting by. good morning, everyone. tuesday off to a krocloudy and start. but no severe weather today. plenty of clouds. staying cool and rainy. raindrops out here this morning from loudoun and fairfax and prince william and montgomery county eastbound to the bay. a little break in the action down towards culpepeculpeper. nothing all that heavy out there right now.
6:54 am
during the day. here is future weather to help time it out. by 11:00 this morning, most of the steadier rain is gone, but an occasional passing shower can't be ruled out. after 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon, bubbling up of showers once again likely to come into the area. so have your rain gear ready to go after 4:00 today as rain is likely once again. and 70% chance today, high rain chances all the way through the rest of the work and school week, but as we get toward the weekend, the weather does improve. 68 today clouds and rain, tomorrow 68 and clouds and rain. heaviest rain likely on thursday tapering back to just showers on friday. as we head toward the weekend, saturday and sunday, mid to upper 70s and most of your weekend will be dry. we have breaking news right now at 6:54. prince william county police are investigating a murder, and kristin wright is live there dumfries now
6:55 am
>> reporter: good morning. a school bus just came and picked up kids, so horrible to think of what just happened a little while ago. it's a homicide investigation. police spent much of the morning by these apartments, this is or cha orchard landing. one man is dead. police came to the door of a neighbor wanting to know if she heard anything, saw anything. we'll keep you posted. so far no suspect information from police. it is official, the olympic flame has arrived. we want to take you live to brasilia, capital of brazil. that is the actual flame. organizers say this thing will travel 12,000 miles by road, nearly 10,000 miles by air. we know that it will reach hundreds of cities and towns and 12,000 torchbearers is the plan leading up he
6:56 am
the ten first torchbearers include star athletes from brazil as well as esteemed math made tesch mathematician and 12-year-old refugee. more on our nbc washington app. 4 things for know before you head out, as angie just mentioned, the olympic torch is finally in brazil. it will tour the country before the summer games begin. limited service again today on the brunswick line. passengers will have to transfer to met throw at silver spring. camden line train 844 is canceled p. today we could learn what caused the smoke event at l'enfant plaza. the report will be issued today. watch out for debris left after last night's severe storms. downed tree damaged multiple cars in northwest washington. rain chances remain high. grab the umbrella, but no severe weather expected next couple of days. could have
6:57 am
wednesday night into thursday. >> top of the beltway, crash off to the right side, but inner loop at georgia avenue, we are jammed. this is not something we typically see. if the icc is something you sometimes consider, you might want to think about it today. inner loop there at georgia still really slow. >> that is it the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" shoe is next.
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i love you. >> good morning. deal sealer? donald trump and hillary clinton hoping for knockout blows in the indiana primary. >> if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. >> cruz and sanders vowing to hang on even if they lose tonight. as our new poll shows trump closing in on clinton in a general election matchup that's looking more and more likely every day. super soaker. strong storms that have ravaged the south now moving up the east coast. the new risk facing millions today. multi-million dollar verdict. for the second time this year, a jury orders johnson & johnson to pay millions over claims its talcum powder caused


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