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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fredericks county. that's where we are seeing the strongest storms. here it is right here. we have noticed a little rotation. not like a tornado. what this is is actually strong winds pushing through the storm. you can see this bow echo. a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for stafford and king george's county until 5:45 tonight moving off to the east at 25-35 miles per hour. the rest of the area seeing the rain. give yourself some extra time tonight. give those loved ones some extra time to get home. it is going to be coming down out there once again and more heavy rain around the charles town area right along that road making its way in and around the charles town region. we are going to continue to watch these storms moving on through here, around sandy hook and here is charlestown right here. this is 3:40 as it makes its way through harpers ferry. we will continue to monitor these storms as they
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frightening moments in the district with a man hit and killed by a metro bus that had been hijacked. we are learning more about that victim. police say it started when a man got on to a bus along "j" street and northeast before attack the driver and taking control of the bus. pat collins is at the scene where things came to a halt. >> reporter: he say he was a good man, an honest man that would often hang out at that gas station across the street looking for extra work to make some extra money. they say he was taking out the trash when he was run down and killed by a stolen metro bus. the victim described as a man about 40 years old. they say he would hang out around the gas station looking for odd jobs to make monty. isis heli works here and knew the victim. how would you describe him? >> honest.
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he is very good guy e is good customer. p. >> reporter: for him to die this way? >> i am not feeling good. >> reporter: it happened around 10:30. a man using needle knows pliers attacked a metro bus and attacked the bus driver and side swiped a senior van, a short time later, ran over the man at the gas station. the orange marks tell the story. the stolen metro bus came over the curb into the gas station between the pumps and then over here near the dumpster. this is where the man was hit. this is where he was pinned to the ground. this is where he was killed. >> darius johnson that worked at the wendy's next door, he saw the takedown. >> people were screaming, somebody hit, somebody hit. when we
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chaos. >> a lot of cops. did they have the guns drawn? >> reporter: y . >> yes. he was still on the bus trying to move the bus. >> reporter: chief cathy lanier was on the scene. she says the suspect appeared to be agitate. >> he was violently resisting the officers when they took him off the bus. >> reporter: now sources say the suspect in this deadly bus jacking is known to police all around this area. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, pat. we have team kofrm on what could help protect bus drivers trying to get you where you need to go safely. >> coming up on news 4, today's carjacking of a metro bus has raised concerns about the safety of metro bus passengers and the drivers. i'm mark segraves. we'll show you a simple upgrade to
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today's fatal incident. a d.c. man will spend the next two decades in prison for a murder inside the wheaton metro parking garage. a judge sentenced douglas chase for the shooting death of erik melker. it happened last july after melker had some kind of confrontation with chase and another man. chase pleaded guilty to second-degree murder earlier this year. >> police have identified a man shot and killed in prince george's county. whoever pulled the trigger is not known at this point. we brought it to you yesterday as breaking knew when someone shot rasheed hargrove multiple times along general lafayette boulevard in brandywine. investigators do not believe this is random. a remembrance of officers killed in the line of duty takes on special meaning in our area. there were 123 officer fatalities nationwide in 2015.
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officers in our region following the deaths of police officer jaka coleson and ashley windone and firefighter john olmsneider. today, the procession was held to honor those that gave their lives. the risks that american forces are facing. isis fighters killed a navy seal in iraq. the victim was two or three miles hyped the front plin advising kurdish forces. any say that isis fighters broke through with a large-scale attack with truck bombs and small arms. this is the third u.s. service member killed in iraq in the last 7 months. >> i'm bruce lawrence with a race for the white house. the focus is on ipd yndiana. we are gettin a
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would fair in a hypothetical general election. the poll shows clinton six points ahead of trump. he is gaining some ground. his support, now at 56% from republican voters. the highest of any time during this weekly poll. meanwhile, clinton versus crew, cruz appears to be waning. clinton holding a 14-point lead in a hypothetical head to head matchup. at stake tonight, 92 delegates for the democrats, 57 for the republicans. for the republicans, it is a combination of winner take all statewide and by congressional district. ted cruz has been hitting trump hard as he has campaigned across the state. most polls show trump with a double-digit lead. cruz is hoping for an upset win. cruz called trump utterly a moral zn
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liar. if you hooked him up to a lie detector test, woe say one thing in the morning, one in the noon and one in the evening, all contradictory and he would pass the lie detector test at each time. whatever lie he is telling, he believing it. >> there has been a hugest to try and stop trump in indiana. they have spent more than $6 million on ads. compare that to what trump has spent, less than $6 million. >> hillary clinton is also going after trump and giving a clear indication she is looking beyond the primary season. she was campaigning this afternoon in ohio p well over a month ago. she was giving a speech about jobs and the economy. earlier, she sat down for an exclusive interview with nbc's andrea mitchell. here is what she had to say about trump and the primary. >> he has given no indication thhe
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of the responsibility nago with being commander and chief. >> chances in indiana? >> i think we a good campaign. we ran hard. i'm really focused on moving into the general election and i think that's where we have to be because we're going to have a tough campaign against a candidate who will literally say or do anything. >> bernie sanders started his day with breakfast in indianapolis with a local labor leader. it shows a pretty tight race there. the nbc survey monkey poll found more than half of the democrats want sanders to stay in the race all the way until the convention. we're tracking news, showers and storms for you. this all comes as many areas are still dealing with the mess left behind from yesterday's storm. this video from montgomery county fire department shows the mess left behind here on beach drive and chevy chase. floodwaters left behind debris that blocked the roads and trails between route 355
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420. in addition to flooding, hail, big hail, pounded cars and trucks and wind blew trees down into homes. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is in prince george's county with some properties that took the harrest hit. >> reporter: the homeowner said it was a lightning strike and strong wind that forced this tree to come crashing down. debris everywhere. a significant hole in the roof of their home. the homeowners tell us this is bad but this isn't the worst of what we have seen in the county. if you were anywhere in the dmv, this is likely a familiar sight. heavy rain pouring down. this bowie resident got the worst of it. >> this would have been my bedroom. there is my bed. >> reporter: a tree came crashing down, landing on top of his home. not far away on payne and
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drive, a similar story. >> the leaves from the tree and they have a big hole over here. >> my aunt jumped up. she was so frighten. >> alejandra was home when the storm roared through. >> reporter: i heard a big boom sound. i came upstairs to see. >> this what is she saw when she looked outside until she realized the tree's branches tore through the kitchen ceiling. >> it is a really big hole and has all the drywall in the floor. the tree branches were there and the leaves. we cleaned up. >> reporter: jose rios and his restoration crew are cleaning up and watching things up outside, while neighbors try to find some good in an undesirable ituation. coming up at 6:00, some advice from firefighters on what residents can do to try and decrease their chances of experiencing storm danl.
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county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk with breaking news. our jackie bensen is headed to the scene of a reported shooting in northwest. police say a man is unconscious and appears not to be breathing on illinois avenue between sherman an grant circles. we don't have a lot of details at this point. we will bring you more updates here at the live desk and in the nbc washington app. jacque will have a live report as soon as she learns more about this reported shooting on illinois, northwest. back to you. >> federal inspectors give metro an earful after the deadly lafont plaza episode and a bombshell announcement about your safety on metro. all coming up next. another emotional day in court in the trial of the man accused in the murder of a mary washington student. the victim's best friend takes the stan as new text messages are
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have you ever had strep throat? one mother says her son got sick and he changed after that. >>
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live in the next 15 minutes, watching the radar for storms. if you are trying to recover from yesterday's storm damage. >> the chairman of the ntsb says our metro system has not made meaningful safety improvements since that fatal accident in 2009. >> we've got more on the metro bus hijacking we told you about at the top of the hour. now, we're working to find out how to keep bus drivers safe. >> we are checking in with the mark train service to see if things are back to norm many after the csx train derailment. tracking the rain making its way out across the area.
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portions of the beltway moving off toward the east. as we look out there, you can see the clouds that have moved in. as far as the temperatures go, we are in the 60s. we were in the 70s earlier. most of us are not going to see severe weather. we have rain moving through the region. to the south, we are watching this one storm entering king george's county. if you. >> narrator: king georare enter george's county or the northern neck, this is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:25. a little lightning. not much in the way of lightning. not much in the way of hail. we have seen reports of winds upwards of 50 miles per hour. a report of a tree in fredericksburg. that's the storm move noing in george's. southern maryland, the northern neck, you folks will have the best chance of seeing some
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as far as areas to the north, we are going to continue to watch for the rain to develop. that's not the only area of rain. look back towards the west. more rain coming through as an upper level system tries to move across our region. that same system is going to move and sit over our area for tomorrow, thursday, and friday. more showers likely. look at what happens at 11:00 tonight. another line possibly forming. we are not expecting this to be strong. we could see fairly heavy rain. still dealing with the shower activity. that shower activity will be off and on all day tomorrow. expect more shower activity. most of it light to moderate. more showers tomorrow. here we are at 5:00 in the afternoon. more showers across our region as we move on through the day. same deal with thursday and same deal with friday. tomorrow at the bus stop, 58 degrees with a chance of showers. chance of showers continuing through the afternoon. we may see a little break or two of sunshine. any break of sun, though,
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only help to aid in the formation of showers and cloud cover. we'll continue to watch that too. 67 tomorrow, 64 on your thursday. about a 50% chance of rain both thursday and friday. most of it again, light to moderate. we will see that up through 62 on friday. friday, the coolest day with more cloud cover. that storm moves out. by saturday, we are looking good. change in the weather pattern finally coming in. we had beautiful weather for 16 days. we have seen almost 8-9 straight days of rain. that looks like we are going the other way again. much more on this. r ron has the latest in a few minutes. >> doug, thank you. some small hail fell in fredericksburg last night. nothing like last night. today, pictures from this morpg. storm team 4 says the size and scope of the hail was a rare event z b event. >> but if you are not properly insured, you could be facing big repair bils.
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your options are. >> check this out. reports of hail the size of golf balls, even baseballs plummeting to the ground at speeds between 50-70 miles an hour. if your car was in the path of one of the hail stones, you could be facing a lot of damage. here is what you need to know. if you only have liability insurance, which is required by law, chances are you are finding out today you are not covered for hail or flood damage tower car. comprehensive coverage is optional. it would cover damage from hail, water and floods in some cases. you may avoid a big repair bill by checking out companies that focus shoel focus solely on repair dents. many are mobile repair shops and will come to you. if your windows were damaged by hail, ask your insurance company to wave the deductible. some will if the windshield need to be repaired and actually not replaced. bottom line, if you don't have comprehensive insurance, now
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the danl thmage that may have o. going forward, it could be worth it in the long run. so san hogan, knew 4. a blistering stay of revelations an accusations as investigators get to the bottom of what caused the death of a woman at the lafont station last year. adam tuss with new details for us. >> reporter: that's right, jim. the ntsb said the probable kau was a prolonged short circuit that burned up a bunch of power cables and equipment. there were other details that were disturbing, including the fact that the ntsb revealed that metro routinely used passenger trains full of people to go find smoke and fire. over and over again, metro crushed for a lack of
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safety culture. >> this just seems reprehensible. >> something is fundamentally flawed. >> some board members said metro has a learning disable. >> today's report will be the 12th report issued on the ntsb on lafont. >> reporter: it reveal a huge short circuit in the tunnel that burned up the equipment. a problem that wasn't addressed because of lax inspection and maintenance. they couldn't pinpoint the problem leading to confusion. in the course of the investigation, this bombshell. in the past, metro has routinely used trains full of passengers to root out these kind of smoke and fire issues. >> the investigation found it was common practice to use trains with passengers to investigate reports of fire or smoke instead of stopping all trains and using a qualified person to follow up on a report. >> reporter: metro general
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manager, paul weedfeld says passengers are never send to look for smoke and fire. empty trains are sent. >> reporter: we will offload a train and the next will go by. >> reporter: they delivered safety lapse after safety lapse statement after statement showing that metro and the region were not prepared for a smoke and fire event in a tunnel. the new g.m. with his assessment. >> my first reaction is for the family and victims. that's bwhat i feel. it reinforces the challenges i'm up against. >> reporter: it is now recommended that incredibly strong oversight of motor tetroy be wrapped up. we have some amazing new video to show you. we have an electrical incident a couple of weeks back at mcpherson square. that was the incident that forced metro to shut down the system for an entire day, jim. >>
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>> prince and a mysterious call to 911 reveal some events before his sudden death in paisley park. >> the plan to make you take a driver's training class on hold. we check back to see what this means for anyone trying to get a license. safety concerns for bus drivers on metro. today is not the first time a driver has been attacked. coming up next, a live report on what it is going to ta
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today's hijacking of a metro bus is raising new concerns about your safety and the safety of drivers. >> this particular bus did not have a protective shield that separates the driver from passengers. mark segraves is live with a look at how many buses have these shields right now and when more could be installed. mark? >> reporter: good evening, jim. we are in the parking lot of that gas station where this all came to an end. you can see the markings of where the bus came to a halt. the bus in today's incident did not have a protective shield between the driver and his attacker. metro is installing those shields on every new bus. a man with a weapon attacks the bus driver and takes control
5:27 pm
the bus. on most metro buses, there is nothing between the driver and the passengers, except for the fare box. on new buses, a protective shield has been added and it can only be opened from the inside by the driver. >> this happens to be tragic but no less crayy every single day. >> reporter: there are currently 362 buses with the new shield. by the end of the year, 531 buses will have the new safety devices, about a third of the more than 1500 buses that metro operates. >> it seems like that kind of shield would have prevented something like that which happened this morning. if you can present something from happening instead of reacting to it once it did you, that sounds like a good idea to me. >> all new buses are equipped with a bus shield from the manufacturer. bus operators are required to use the bus shield when the bus is equipped with one. t
5:28 pm
vulnerable to being attacked which puts the passenger at risk. >> reporter: no way to tell if one of those protective shields could have protected today's incident. they are putting those where they have the highest assaults on drivers. the union says those incidents are on the ryise. we will tell you what they say they want them to change as a result of today's incident. now, at 5:00 tonight, remember all the snow we had this winter, the cleanup cost stacked up. now, the district is dealing with a huge credit card bill z he was picked up for acting erratically. police tasered him and he tied. the family of this virginia man wants answers about why the officers are not being charged. >> reporter: i'm julia cary in fredericksburg where a university of washington student found
5:29 pm
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i had a normal kid. >> a sickness and then something is wrong with him. the link that the doctors are making between a certa
5:32 pm
problems. a virginia man dead after being repeatedly tasered while in custody. the families reaction after prosecutors decided not to charge the police. >> i want to see them locked up for what they did to my brother. >> reporter: dramatic testimony in the trial of a former college student charged with killing his housemate. new details about text messages he sent to his mother. we begin at 5:30 with jacque vinson at the scene of a deadly shooting. she is in petworth, the petworth neighborhood of d.c. >> reporter: we are in the 4500 block of illinois avenue northwest. we have video to show you that was taken a short time ago. nearly all of the top officials at the d.c. police department are here on the scene. what we did see a short time ago was that they -- evidence technicians took away a
5:33 pm
that had been on the sidewalk, took it into one of the vehicles in which they collect evidence. there are also markers on the street here. generally, the type of things that mark shell casings. we are told that the person that was shot is a man. we do not know how old that person is. i had some very brief contact with a woman who indicated she was a relative and it may be very possible and i think it is going to develop that this person was shot is under 18 years old. again, we are just getting very preliminary information from d.c. police after shooting about 45 minutes ago here in the 4500 block of illinois avenue northwest. when we get more information, we will bring it to you, back to you. >> thank you, jacque. >> the defense is beginning to present its case to show a university of mary washington student was insane when he strangled his housemate. >> that victim, grace man, was a popular student, an activist on
5:34 pm
campus. julie carey joins us live. >> reporter: the heart wrenching testimony today as we heard from another one of the victim's roommates about the day she found her friend dead and confronted the accused killer, steven brio. >> reporter: katherine irwin introduced herself to jurors as grace man's best friend. she testified she began to get puzzling text messages from housemate, steven brio as she and another roommate walked home the afternoon of april 17th. brio testified, i made a mess in holly's room. he emerged from a bedroom. he had sweated through his shirt and seemed confused. brio asked, what would due if she wasn't here anymore, referring to grace? irwin agitated, demanded, what's going on. brio answered, grace came home. she was a -- to me. i slapped her. she bit me. so i strangled her. irwin ordered brio to go upstairs to her room. then, she
5:35 pm
skin already blue as prosecutors played the 911 call from irwin. m mann's parents broke out. irwin can be heard touting out her cpr compressions rising higher and higher with no response from the victim. prosecutors provided new detail about other text messages from steven brio written before and after the murder. he initially texted to say he was cleaning the house and then writes, hey, made a mess. someone's at the door knocking, what should die? run? his mother texted back. are you serious, don't answer. she said, what the hell are you on? this is not funny. brio texts, i know. i'm scared. soon after, his mother writes, back your clothes and get to a coffee place until the next train comes, stat. >> reporter: that sounds like a bizarre and suspicious text exchange between mother
5:36 pm
they called mary brio to the witness stand to explain she had no idea grace mann had been killed when she was writing those texts. the sign she saw in the days before the murder that there was something very wrong with her son. back to you in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you, jules. csx says it hopes to restore freight surfaces in the next 24 hours. it is not clear when mark and amtrak will be fully restored after sunday's derailment along rhode island avenue in northeast d.c. 11 of the trains remain at the site. the maryland transit authority is warning you should expect significantly reduced service. no word on tomorrow schedule. new developments for anyone that wants to get their d.c. driver's license. we first told you about the proposal for new driver's ed course that is could cost you $1,000 or more. today, the d.c. council passed
5:37 pm
emergency legislation blocking the d.c. dmv from requiring the courses. they said many can't afford them. unraveling the mystery at paisley park. another clue in the very private life of music icon, prince. a 911 call may explain what led up to his death. plus, a severe thunderstorm warning issued for parts of pots spotsylvania county. doug, what's the latest? >> that warning has now expired. king george county seeing some strong thunderstorms. in through southern maryland, very heavy rain. stay indoors for the next hour or so as this pushes on through. we're just getting started. more shows and thunderstormers
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the caps are back to work after dropping game 3. the nhl is punishing a penguin for a late hit last night. the caps are not too happy. carol maloney has the story from the steel city. >> reporter: the focus at caps practice today, trained not on who's there but who wasn't. marcus johansson on the receiving end, a brutal hit by
5:41 pm
>> i didn't see him coming. he hits me in the head and that is the play they want out of the league. it doesn't look good. >> reporter: letang suspended one game. caps locker room reaction mixed. >> i've been in the situation before where i am full pli committed to hit a guy and he jumps in the way and trying to get a piece of him and it doesn't go the way he expected. >> the intent is a big part. schenn comes in and cross-checks kuzy's knee. the intend is probably to blow up his knee. he is lucky it doesn't happen. no suspension. if he blows kuzy's knee out, it is probably going to be a pretty lengthy suspension. >> if you are looking for retribution like johansson's hit, don't bother. >> i would love to be able to go out there and drop the gloves and grab letangbu
5:42 pm
it is not old school hockey anymore. >> reporter: letang plays more than anyone on the pens roster. how the caps take advantage of his one-game absence could decide the series. carol maloney, knew news 4, spo. >> minnesota police releasing logs of a 911 call about prince. one call was made from his home in 2011. a woman says she is concerned about his cocaine use and a year before, prince told her he could not control his habit. the superstar was found dead in an elevator of his payly park esta -- paisley park estate. it is unknown if drugs played a role in his death. out in the rain. we have one area of storms now moving east through waldorf and fredericksburg and leonardtown. heavy rain. nothing heavy around d.c. right now. we still
5:43 pm
scattered to moderate heavy rain later this evening. we'll track it all for you on knew 4 at 5:00. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood in the district. if you ever maxed out your credit car, so much so the company cut you off, it happen to the distrt goveicrn
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> > imagine witnessing your child's behavior change drastically. >> it turns out her son's psychological problems were a result of a physical illness. as part of our changing mind series, we are taking a look at the link between physical illness and psychiatric problems. >> he wouldn't leave the house. he was washing himself until his hands would bleed. >> reporter: karen orsef is describing the behavior of her then 11-year-old son george. >> he went is to school and swim practice, came home. he just really, in a moment completely changed. >> reporter: he had been sick with strep throat twice in two months. at first, he seemed to recover. >> reporter: i thought it was physical initially. as time progressed, i thought, no, something is wrong with him. he is acting li
5:47 pm
ill. >> reporter: he developed ticks and also accuse separation anxiety. >> because strep infections are so common with about three-quarters of children having a strep every single winter. we estimate 1 in 200 will have an episode of p.a.n.d.a.s. it stands for pete yacht trick autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with strep infections. he developed several symptoms of p.a.n.d.a.s. >> the clinical symptoms are excessive compulsive disorder, severe anxiety and particular separation anxiety. >> a family friend had heard about p.a.n.d.a.s. karen found the doctor that diagnosed him as a result of strep. >> it is just one example of
5:48 pm
illness. there are many more. harriet washington has researched and written a book called infectious madness. >> that is exploding. we have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, depression, all these very common mental disorders are rooted at least partly in existence of pathogens an our body's reaction to pathogens. >> that can come from a variety of illnesses, such as strep throat, lyme disease, toxoplasmosos, some types of influenza. >> there was a very large uptick in post obsessive compulsive disorder. >> it can confuse the body's immune response sometimes causing psychiatric
5:49 pm
p.a.n.d.a.s. can be treated successfully and given the drug immu know glob u lynn intro convenientusly. while m while medical treatment is important, they believe that perceptions need to be changed as well. >> it is an idea of changing your world view and recognizing this is a consistent factor. >> i didn't realize he could have an infection that m sort of attacked his brain. >> infections can cause significant mental illness symptoms. infection, it is important to note, it is involved in a small perce percentage of all mental illnesses. psych lo psychological problems will resolve with treatment. it is known to be a cause of birth defects. the concern about zika is, are there going to be other brain issues down the r
5:50 pm
people and infants affected. >> it is fascinating. thank you, doreen. veronica joins us. a busy day in the weather center. the worst is on its way out. >> nothing like last night. more scattered, perhaps strong thunderstorms producing some heavy rain. the bulk i am seeing, east. there will be another round coming into our area around 8:00, 9:00 this evening. i think we are not going to see quite the kofcoverage as we did south of d.c. it will have a moderate to high impact on our area with pockets of heavy rain coming through. we could get another half to 3/4 of an inch or so. it would take quite a bit to get any flooding in and around d.c. down south, you can see some thunder, some lightning. severe thunderstorm warning continues through king and william
5:51 pm
county, advancing off to the east and down to the southeast. still, heavy rain. colonial beach area. you are seeing heavy rain over an inch or two and extending down through areas through the northern neck again. the strongest storms currently south and east of d.c. you have a little pocket up to the north there around frederick. here is a look at the timeline. future weather, 9:30 this evening. there is the second line i mentioned. by early tomorrow morning, there could be some light showers around the area, light, scattered as well as some early morning fog. 67 is where our temperature is now. our temperatures will continue to fall to the low and mid-60s. quite a turn-around. remember, the early part of last week, we were abnormally dry. now, for may, early may, we have a surplus. since going back to march 1st, still a deficit.
5:52 pm
deficit, the important thing. 58, your temperature early tomorrow morning for your commute. it is going to be cool. our temperatures tomorrow will stay much cooler as well throughout the day. there is a look at the scattered showers coming through during the afternoon hours tomorrow. it is going to be rather light. on thursday, 64, your high temperature. some more passing showers as well as on friday. here is a look at your weekend. 73 on saturday. 75 on sunday. the pattern, finally breaks. we have back to back days with some sunshine coming your way specially the early part of the week. can't rule out an early morning shower. at least, now, your weekend is looking dry. more on the rain currently moving through the area and, of course, your soggy week coming up. we know it can happen to individuals. you max out your credit car. the company cuts you off. that happened to the d.c. government when the city spent millions to remove the sn
5:53 pm
news 4's tom sherwood explains. >> reporter: nearly two feet of snow fell in the district in late january, snarling the city roadways, officials scrambling to respond. >> we want the roads cleared as soon as possible and we are going to do everything we can to get there. >> reporter: the city moved to hire dozens of contractors to remove snow paying $55 million, much of it by credit card to speed up the work. d.c. spent so much, jpmorgan cut off its credit z it was a bit of a is your psurprise and caused scramble to pay our bills. >> reporter: d.c. has balanced its budgets for 20 years. cumbersome contract laws slow down big ticket procurements in payments and credit card were the answer. >> we had a storm of epic proportions. we made the decision to be as quick as possible in paying our vendors. >> reporter: city administrator, rashad young, said citizens would have been outraged from the government would have moved too slowly to remove e
5:54 pm
restore. >> that was less than 24 hours. we talked to jpmorgan and got it relieved. it was a nonissue from our business operations. >> reporter: d.c. has paid all the snow vendors. they will be paid as soon as the council approves the payments next month and all the city's credit card are working. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. a virginia family not ready to give up. >> they want justice, because the
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the virginia police officers that used stun guns on a man that later died will not face charges. there is no evidence that officers deliberately caused his death. the victim's sister lives in richmond and tells reporter, chris thomas, she is heartbroken. >> reporter: he dies hours after being handcuffed, shackled and tasers 20 times by south boston police. our cameras are rolling as lambert's sister, g. gwendolyn smalls learns the officers won't face charges. >> it is very heartbreaking. it has been three years to come to this conclusion. she could have called is back then. >> since then, video has surfaced showing the moments leading up to lambert's death. police maintains there was no excessive force. the family feels the video tells a
5:58 pm
>> reporter: the three officers were taking him to the hospital after he reported using cocaine. he allegedly became paranoid and kicked out a squad car window. the cause of death, accuse cocaine intoxication. >> i don't buy it, not the level he had in his system. it was 0.001. that's like having a glass of wine. >> we have to keep protesting. we have to keep complaining. >> reporter: zach bradley, echoing the call for justice. >> someone has lacked training. someone has lacked discipline in that and someone should be punished. someone should be punished. >> reporter: they felt they didn't have enough evidence to support that my brother was tased to death. >> reporter: smalls promising to keep up the family's fight as she comes to struggle to come to terms with the decision not to prosecute. >> it is very upsetting. it is peculiar she would come out two days before the rally
5:59 pm
going to charge the officers. >> that was a report from one of our station es in richmond. an attorney for the family says he was stunned more than 20 times in 30 minutes. >> his sister filed a wrongful death suit against the police department. here we go again. rain is moving through the region. the timing couldn't be much worse. it is creating problems on the commute and complicating the cleanup efforts in other parts of the area. >> this is what it looked like 24 hours ago. hail was coming down hard. we had toppled trees, flooded homes and thousands of people with no power doug is track thg new system. who is going to get impacted and how long will it last in. >> d.c. metro starting to get out of this. still a lot of rain and wet roads. heavy rain is down around southern maryland and down around the northern neck. yo
6:00 pm
rain. more started to come in toward the west. let's zoom in on this area. waldorf, around charles and st. mary's county. heavy rain continuing. this is an area that did see heavy rain yesterday with that storm. no severe weather but there is lightning and thunder just down to the south of the northern neck. there is a tornado warning not in our area, however. just down to our south. more showers and thunderstorms around hagerstown. a couple of showers and thunderstorms here too we are not done just yet. still calling this a weather alert day. most of the severe threat is exiting the region. a fairly rainy pattern that looks to continue over the next couple of days. a dramatic scene that played


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