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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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crews battle intense wildfires that have already torched more than 1,000 homes and other buildings. this is in the area of ft. mcmurray and it's forced some 80,000 people to flee. unseasonably hot temperatures combined with the dry conditions there have transformed what is the heart of canada's oil sand into a virtual tinderbox. we'll update the situation here from the live desk. i'm megan mcgrath in northwest washington where a teachers protest is expected to take place later on this morning. d.c. teachers have been working without a contract and this morning they are expected to stage a protest walk with three different schools participating. take a look at the map. this is the route they're expected to take. at 7:00 this morning, teachers fromil
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middle and deal elementary, they will be gathering in the tenley area and they end up at the lawn at the corner of deal middle school. is this all taking place during a one hour time period. so from 7:00 to 8:00 this morning, they're ending at 8:00 so they can get the teachers back into the schools and not disrupt the classroom time, not disrupt the school day. however, is this a very busy time, busy roads, nebraska avenue a big commuter route, there could be a lot of people walking perhaps with signs later on this morning. so it could be a bit of a distraction. so keep that in mind as you head out this morning. back to you. score! >> i can't even watch it.
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that's what the caps have to do thousand. three games in a row to advance in the stanley cup playoffs. this after they lost to the penguins again, this time overtime. we've been outplaying them. carol maloney is in pittsburgh. >> reporter: a sensational season. now one loss away from coming to an end. caps on the brink after a 3 did-2 overtime loss here in pittsburgh. p caps trailed 2-1 in the second period when john carlton goes top shelf, ties the game at two. we head to overtime. just over 2 1/2 minutes about in to the extra session, caps defense man mike webber can't get a hold of the clear, splits it right this front of patric hornqvist for the game winner. caps lose 3-2, they trail the series 3-1. >> always tough. that's why it's sudden death. that's what it feels
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>> we just have to reach back and grab more and grab more. i think we're capable of it. >> looking forward, you know, our back's against the wall and most important game of our lives coming up. >> reporter: after winning the first game of the series, the caps have now lost three in a row tying their longest losing streak of the season. game five back in d.c. at verizon center on saturday night right here on nbc 4. in pittsburgh, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> doesn't carol look sad? >> is she going to cry? >> she might. that's how i feel. take a look at that video, that is garrett cole getting some kind of warning. it appearing he was heck link the caps. that's him. do you see bryce harper wearing
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we're just all fans together. i'm not saying he should be shouting through the glass. >> hey batter batter! wrong sport. 4 things you need to know about your forecast today, number one, it is wet and chilly outside this morning. no real change in the pattern we've been suffering through the last couple days. temperatures more typical of march than may. and more rain chances coming our way for tomorrow. but there will be sunshine for mother's day. so there is some good news for you. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. a little light rain out here toward winchester and warrington. future weather carries most of this early wave of rainfall back out to the west into the shenandoah valley and mountains of west virginia, but a cool east to northeasterly fetch around here means drizzle and sprinkle and shower chances will continue all the way through the rest of your morning. temperatures only inching their way into the mid and upper 50s by later on this afternoon. speaking of 50, here is melissa mollett with a trouble on 50. >> oh, i
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to say melissa mollett looks like 50. >> never. >> 50 after 410, east-west highway, left lane getting by and backups are starting to build. probably causing a little bit of a delay right now. 270 at clarksburg road, no issue there. inner loop at colesville, top of the beltway, two left lanes still the only thing getting bhi that work zone. rest of the beltway looks quite good. so no worries there. 95 southbound at falmouth, the left lane getting by take work zone. not slowing anything down. see you in ten minutes. i'm adam tuss in the newsroom with news about metro's general manager getting ready to make a major announcement about a maintenance plan that could shut down sections of the rail line for extended periods of time. now, sources tell news 4 the announcement could come as early as friday and the metro board will be briefed on the plan in
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the coming days. the general manager has said he doesn't think large sections of the rail line are will have to be closed, but parts of track in between stations may be closed and buses could carry riders around those closures. another possibility is that metro may open later or close earlier on the weekends so that maintenance crews have more time and work to get into the system. no time table about when that plan will actually take effect, but we'll stay on top of any details as they become available. back to you. today a charles county mother charged in the death of her 3-year-old son heads back to a court for review hearing. remeisha simms pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter back in february. her son died of dehydration and hypothermia after being sleleft a swing for two days. a report says simms suffers there schizophrenschizophrenia. >> and the map convicted of
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faces sentencing, he killed his stepfather joseph newell. police say james was angry that his mother sided with his stepfather during an argument over yard work. newell was shot 18 times. and james faces up for ten years in prison. as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> and with that, donald trump becomes the presumptive republican nominee for president. in the weeks ahead, we'll find out whether the party will stand behind him. we're learning former rival and virginia politician ed today le gillespie will back trump, but neither yesterday nor george w
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he spoke with lester holt. >> i'd like to see a very high level, policy are oriented campaign, if they treat me properly, i'm going to treat them properly. it would be a beautiful thing to see. >> now, democratic party leaders are rushing to link trump to gop senate candidates especially in swing states, trying to win over independents and moderate voters and take bag control of the senate. to do that, democrats need to flip as many as five seats depending on who wins the presidency in november. while we're talking about democrats, senator bernie sanders is planning to make multiple stops today in west virginia. voters there go to the polls tuesday. hillary clinton is focusing onle california now and the 546 democratic delegates its voters control. the question now, what do you think? will republicans rally around donald trump? the results from our poll and the live report from nbc's tracie potts ahead at 4:45. a live look outside for u
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this morning now, too, where you can see the fog and rain are still hanging around. 10th day in a row we've seen wet weather. chuck bell says there is a dry day in sight. a look at that and your school day forecast next. and we continue to follow breaking news right now, an amber alert out of virginia. take a look at your screen. this is 3-year-old zion williams. he's believed to have been taken by joshua williams in spotsylvania county. if you have any are informati, call polonic
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all cloudy, chilly and wet outside again today. school day forecast, cold and wet near 50 here early this morning. indoor recess, we'll give recess an "f" because it will be nasty to be outside. temperatures staying in the 50s all day. that's more typical of march than may. this poor kid hasn't had a smile on his face for ten days, but he and you will be smiling soon as temperatures will soar into the 80s next week. "7-day forecast" coming up in ten minutes. it is traffic time. >> shouldn't be worried about his smile, you should be worried about eun's smile. she's very unanticipate with you. 50 after east-west highway, the left lane getting by the crash. but it looks like things
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eased up a bit. used to be yellow and now it is green. had an initial report of an overturned vehicle. 270 southbound from 70 to the spur, you're on time at 27 minutes. see you back here in about ten. at one point we were in the teens when it came to gop presidential candidates. and now only one stands. >> will he gain his party's support? the l
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americans, i won with hispanics, i won at every single level. >> a confident approach to the general election from donald trump, but could he face another challenge from within his own party? tracie potts joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so the biggest challenge from donald trump right now is uniting that party that has been beaten up over this rough and tumble primary season. now his job as the official presumptive republican nominee to start to pull things together. in that one-on-one with lester holt, he told us that he doesn't need some endorsements, but that he does think that he can pull people together, that he already has, that he has millions of people who voted for him over this primary season. we saw some republicans burning their membership cards to the party. we also saw half a dozen key republicans here on capitol hill, including senator mitch mcconnell endorsing donald
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massachusetts governor and even former president bush saying they're going to stay out of this, apparently not big fans of donald trump or not willing to come out and endorse him publicly. trump has his sights set on the fall and hillary clinton and so does she. she's already saying he's aggressive and negative and bullying and describes him as a loose cannon ready to misfire. it will be an interesting one this fall. >> who is packing trump? an overwhelming majority of our viewers do not think the republican party will rally behind him. >> reporter: well, we have john mccain, mitch mcconnell, the stop senate leader here, a number of other senators, some former governors. some for him, some against him. and so at this point, it looks like a mixed bag. and it's his job to bring that together. p. >> and what about the democrats, hillary clinton all but did it is missed senator bernie sanders
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>> reporter: bernie sanders hasn't completely given up yet unlike kasich and cruz, on his side he's opening an office in kentucky, just opened that office. they're voting later this month. so he's still hanging in there if nothing else hoping to have some influence over the party. >> i am really proud to be asking for your help because this campaign ahead of us will really present a very clear choice. >> reporter: and that clear choice she hopes is going to be herself and donald trump, clearly though they have a little bit more -- she doesn't have the delegates yet and neither does he. they're pretty close. and they're pretty much there. but she's hoping that choice will be between her and trump and, boy, it will be a really interesting within to watch over the next few months. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. coming up on 4:49 right now. and improvements to a dangerous stretch of road in montgomery u
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changes were made to the intersection near did it is play court along the 600 block of east gude drive in rockville, but a deadly crash over the weekend has some calling for more. a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed by a car saturday night as he tried to cross the road using the walkway. police have not released his name, but susie sinclair smith of the montgomery county coalition for the homeless says he was headed for their shelter. >> one client who has been with us coming in and out of the shelter since 2009, a double amputee, had throat cancer, was in a wheelchair, he was the bravest person i've ever pet me my life. >> a new signal is part of the improvement to that section of road. it seems many drivers travel well above the speed limit. police in montgomery county need your help finding out about a collision that killed a man on
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yesterday an amtrak train hit the map behind the target near nevile street and randolph road. police are nwill not relieease e until his family is identified. >> charges of assault and battery after a child was found with bruises in alexandria. she and her teacher's assistant are accused of abusing a 4-year-old girl. both turned themselves into police and have been fired from the preschool. some people looking for love online were scammed out of more than $600,000. silver spring man was convicted yesterday of running and online romance scam. the u.s. attorney's office says that evan and his co-someone conspira con conspiraspirators will be s in august. today
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county will get new greener rides. the transit services will cut the ribbon on five fully electronic buses. the refurbished buses replaced its diesel engine for the electric system. the switch is expected to save the county nearly half a million dollars over 12 years. some of hollywood's biggest stars are getting behind the new african american history museum here in d.c. denzel washington hosted a fundraiser at his los angeles home this weekend. the museum's director says the crowd raised more than $17 million toward the $540 million needed for that project. federal government contributed half of that leaving the smithsonian and others to make up the difference. >> and it was wonderful to sort of have people who are highly visible, but people who you don't know when you who suddenly say i want to give a million to support this museum. >> the museum is not set to open until september 24, but tonight at 6:00,
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us on an exclusive tour and for some exclusive photos, you can check out the nbc washington instragram account right now. i don't even know what for say to chuck bell. >> how about hello, good morning, happy to see you? >> the rest will stay off mike. >> all those things are true. you're our favorite weather person. >> however comma -- >> it's chilly and raining. >> i knew it was coming. but where did the sunshine go? >> good question, chuck. are you hiding it from us is this. >> i am, yes. but it's coming in time for the weekend and since we're talking about the lack of sunshine, i wanted to point out this fact. the longest days of the year are the next three months. starts today, we have 14 hours of daylight. sun is up at 6:05 and down at 8:05. so 14 hours of daylight today. by june 20, we get 14 hours and 54 minutes. >> but we can't see the sun. >> this is a happy graphic, eun. >> sorry.
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>> she said keep your graphic. >> i'm not coming back into this studio again. i'm going pack to the weather office and talking to melissa mollett the rest of the morning. outside today unfortunately, no sunshine. no sun at all dwaid. cold and wet. temperatures today running nearly 20 degrees below average this afternoon. no heavy rain coming, but no sunshine either. rainfall amounts today a ten itth of itenth of an inch or so. i'd stay indoors today and tomorrow. sateadilaiteady rain likely. but saturday, finally sunshine coming our way. not all day saturday, but more sun than we've seen. radar shows a little light rain out here toward the shenandoah valley early this morning. sprinkles from froint royal and winchester. they're going northwest bound, an in addition direction. this area of low pressure will drift up to to the
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eventually curve out off the coast. but as it makes that slow travel, we'll stay stuck in the chilly weather and the rain chances here for today and tomorrow. but here is your "7-day forecast." 50s today, 50s tom tomorrow. back to the 70s saturday. there could be a passing shower late, but sunday afternoon i think mostly sunny and nice. all that sunshine and temperatures back up into the 80s on tuesday. mid-80s by wednesday of next week, but that will come again with a chance for shower or thunderstorm. melissa mollett, i know you're happy to see me, right? >> always happy to see you, but not happy to see what is out side the window recently. molette green oig is on the scef the yoverturned armored truck. no major injuries. molette will have a live report from the scene. polire
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cramp. the ramp to 410 is shut down right now. will be updated in a few minutes. prince george's county overall no major problems. taking a look at 95 southbound at 17/falmouth, left lane gets by the work zone there. we'll take a live look at 66 coming up. bizarre twist in the fight against isis. the army captain suing president obama for sending troops to fooi fight the terror group. and it's the largest recall in u.s. history. how to find out if your car is one of those affected
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we have breaking news this morning. a 3-year-old missing boy likely abducted. erika gonzalez will have more from the live desk in a few minutes. this is the chaos that hurt four people and got a restaurant cook fired yesterday. witnesses say a man driving a hummer rammed the front door of the silver dinerer near tysons corner not once, not twice, there's times yesterday afternoon. a restaurant spokesperson says the driver was a cook at the diner. they say the third time he floored it into the front door, his hummer burst into flames. the segcond time he actually pinned a man. >> it was really horrible. full force on and it looks like as soon as he got hit, he kind of passed out. >> the
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had been out on bereavement leave for about a month when this happened. they fired him after yesterday's incident and charges are pending. president obama sued. an army captain says he cannot accepted them to fight isis without congressional approval. the last time the white house officially authorized to take action against terrorists, george w. bush was president. the white house did not comment on the lawsuit. happening today, the man known as johnny football will be in court. johnny manziel was indicted on assault charges. his ex-girlfriend said he threatened to kill her. manziel turned himself in last night and was released on a $1500 bond. sylvia burwell and the f can da commissioner will make an announcement at 10:30 this morning. more and more schools are
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using surveyor lance c using surveillance cameras to help keep students safe. 75% use cameras. the national center for education statistics says that is a huge increase from a decade ago. the report says an overwhelming majority of public schools also run school lockdown safety drills. there have been 30 lockdowns in the d.c. area in rest months. the largest recall in u.s. history is targeting tens of millions of vehicles and one might be yours. federal regulators are forcing takata to more than double its recall. it all has to do with the propellant that inflates those air bags. it can inflate them with too much force and spray metal shards. the expanded recall covers front passenger air bags. take a look at this. 50 here eastbound after 410, east-west highway, we just


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