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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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using surveyor lance c using surveillance cameras to help keep students safe. 75% use cameras. the national center for education statistics says that is a huge increase from a decade ago. the report says an overwhelming majority of public schools also run school lockdown safety drills. there have been 30 lockdowns in the d.c. area in rest months. the largest recall in u.s. history is targeting tens of millions of vehicles and one might be yours. federal regulators are forcing takata to more than double its recall. it all has to do with the propellant that inflates those air bags. it can inflate them with too much force and spray metal shards. the expanded recall covers front passenger air bags. take a look at this. 50 here eastbound after 410, east-west highway, we just
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the left side of the road getting by a crash, it involves an overturned armor trick. molette green is on the scene. tell me what you're saying. police say we have the two left lanes getting by. what are you seeing out there now? >> reporter: yes, the traffic is flowing, but let me show you what is going on. the truck off the road, off 50 on its side right off the road into the guardrails here. there were two people in the armored truck, they are on the way to the hospital. not seriously hurt. out here for some time walking away. hazmat is on the scene to clean up because there was some liquids leaking, some transmission fluid p and of course that has to be cleaned up. no word yet on what happened that led up to this crash. it only involves the armored truck itself. so we're still working to find out more about what caused this accident. but as of now, the traffic is
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morning in the rush hour, so this is not bad. the ramp leading to 410 closed because the cleanup effort. we'll keep you posted. back to you. good morning. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with more breaking news this morning. an amber alert. we ask you to look at the screen. this child zion williams three years old has been missing since yesterday. police tell us that they found the suspect's vehicle, the suspect there on the right-hand side driving a tan nissan altima. the car was found, the individuals inside were not. zion was last seen just wearing a diaper. we believe that he is in extreme danger. if you've seen him, you're asked to call spotsylvania county police. back to you. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check our weather. is it going to be
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bell? >> it will be a repeat performance of the last couple of days. especially yesterday. all clouds all day long. not much in the way accumulating rain. yesterday we only had .003 of an inch and rainfall amounts today generally around a tenth of an inch for the metro area. closer to a quarter of an inch out toward the shenandoah valley. the real issue outside of the wetness is the chill. it's back in to the upper 40s to they're 50 now and with a persistent east to northeasterly fetch off the ocean, temperatures will not budge at all for most of the next 48 hours. so 50 cold and wet this morning, 56 at 7:00 tonight. 52 with moderate rain by early friday morning. but there are improvements in time for the weekend, that forecast comes up at 5:21. good morning. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we're learning that overnight there was a shooting in temple hills, maryland. police calling this a homicide. they
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road, one person shot dead. right now there doesn't appear to be a suspect or even a motive, so police are offering a reward if you know about anything that happened in that area, you're asked to call police. back to you. developing this morning, prince william county police are investigating a deadly shooting in dale city. officers say someone shot a man on darby dale avenue last night. the unidentified victim died at the hospital. no suspects have been named. life plus 11 years, that is the sentence for a jury recommendation for a map convicted of the brutal murder of housemate. a jury found steven briel guilty of killing grace mann.housemate. a jury found steven briel guilty of killing grace mann. defense attorneys tried to convince the jury that briel was insane. right before dlb brapeliberatio prosecutors played a jailhouse phone call re
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laughing. >> they are saying that he suffers from schizophrenia and then of course he's having a perfectly normal phone call with his family. it did affect the men quite a bit. >> after the conviction, mann's parents delivered impact statements explaining their loss. the judge will formally sentence briel in july. i'm megan mcgrath live in northwest washington where a teacher's protest is expected to take place later on this morning. the d.c. teachers union in the process of negotiating a new contract. not happy with the way those negotiations are going with the offer that has been made. and so a protest march is scheduled for later on this morning with three upper northwest schools participating. this is going to happen from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00. teachers from wilson high, murch middle and deal elementary will be marching along nebraska
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this will be during the start of rush hour, so you might see a lot of activity this morning. but however we're told that the teachers will wrap things up in time to be in class when the students arrive this morning. back to you in the studio. as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> and with that donald trump becomes the presumptive gop nominee for president. in the weeks ahead, we'll find out whether the party will stand behind him. we're learning virginia gubernatorial candidate ed gillespie will back trump for president. however neither yesterday nor george w. bush say they will support him. trump spoke with lester holt will his hopes for the tone of the general election. >> i'd like to see a very high level, policy
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if they free throw me properly, i will treat them properly. it would be a beautiful thing to see. >> now, democratic party leaders are rush to go link trump to gop senate candidates especially in swing states. they're trying to win over independents and moderate voters and take back control of the senate. they would needed to flip five seats. hillary clinton is focusing on california and the 546 democratic delegates its voters control. she will be in los angeles tonight. senator bernie sanders is planning to make multiple stops today this west virginia. voters there go to the poll this is coming tuesday. so back to the gop, do you think republicans will rally around donald trump? results from our poll and a live report from tracie potts in just a little bit. >> he thinks he has it out of danger but he doesn't. and there is another piece of
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>> capitals are giving me high blood pressure. this is must win thousanow. one more loss and they are out of the layoffs. karl malo carol maloney tells us what went down in pittsburgh. >> reporter: a sensational season. now one loss away from coming to an end. caps on the brink after a 3-2 overtime loss here in pittsburgh. caps trailed 2-1 in the second period when john carlton goes top shelf, ties the game at two. we head to overtime. just over 2 1/2 minutes in to the extra session, caps defense man mike weber can't get a hold of the clear, splits it right in front of patric hornqvist for the game winner. caps lose 3-2, they trail the series 3-1. >> always tough. that's why it's sudden death. that's what it feels like. see if we can dig ourselves out. >> we just have to reach back and grab more and grab more.
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i think we're capable of it. >> looking forward, you know, our back's against the wall and most important game of our lives coming up. >> reporter: after winning the first game of the series, the caps have now lost three in a row tying their longest losing streak of the season. game five back in d.c. at verizon center on saturday night right here on nbc 4. in pittsburgh, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> her face says it all. >> he was literally running for his life. straight ahead, the incredible video of a man fleeing a wildfire in canada as well as an update on that fire. take a live look outside where we're off to another wet start. you might need the wipers on your way to work, too. chuck bell is back with when the rain will he said aepnd and you forecast. and an amber alert out of virginia. this is
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believed to have been taken p by joshua williams in spotsvania coylu
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here's the exit. might have been the last time i ever saw my house right there. >> entire neighborhoods just destroyed. look at this video. it's one of many stories of people running away from their hopes with wildfires raging in canada. >> he said that's the last time he will ever see his home. erika gonzalez is following the latest developments for us from the live desk. >> images are absolutely incredible. frightening at that. this morning a state of emergencying a cross alberta canada. those wildfires already torched more than 1,000 homes and other buildings.
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and it's forced some 80,000 people to flee. unseasonably hot it temperatures combined with dry conditions have transformed what is the heart of the oil sands into a virtual tinderbox. we're following firefighters' progress and we'll have much more right here from the live desk. 5:14 our time right now. chuck bell helping us out with that commuter forecast. >> and they have been incredibly dry and hot. temperatures in alberta have been near 90 degrees the last couple of days and that is a place that goes below zero for most of the wintertime. compared to us, we haven't been plo below zero since the 1990s. today for us, light rain and showers. nothing all that heavy. for tomorrow, steadier rain possibly up to as much of an inch of rain possible late tonight into early tomorrow. but your day today, it will be drizzly and cold outside. temperatures hovering in the fifth
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normally we will be in the low to mid-70s. a look at the weekend forecast coming up. here is melissa mollett. eastbound outbound 50 at 410, east-west highway, an overturned armored vehicle. we're blocking the exit for the ramp there to get on to 410 to the ramp to 410. it is shut down. left side of the road only thing getting by the crash right now because it's so early, we're still nice and green here this morning. overall 66 and 59, you c95, you no issues there. i'm adam tuss in the newsroom with news about metro's general manager getting ready to make a major announcement about a maintenance plan that could shut down sections of the rail line for extended periods of time. now, sources tell news 4 the announcement could come a
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will be briefed on the plan in the coming days. the general manager has said that he doesn't think large sections of the rail line will have to be closed, but parts of track in between stations may be closed and then buses could carry riders around those closures. another possibility is that metro may open later or close earlier on the weekend so that maintenance crews have more time and work to get into the system. no time table about when that plan will actually take effect, but we'll stay on top of any details as they become available. back to you. and today charles county mother charged in the death of her 3-year-old son heads back to court for a review hearing. remeisha simms pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter back in february. her son died of dehydration and hypothermia after being left in a swing for two days last may. a report released earlier this year says simms suffers from schizophrenia. and in prince george's county, the man convicted of killing a metropon
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detective faces sentencing. antoine james was found guilty last september of involuntary manslaughter for killing his stepfather skroe receive newell in 2013. place say james w police say james was angry that his mother sided with his stepfather during an argument over yard work. james now faces up to ten years. the dea is joining the investigation into what may have led to prince's death. the iconic musician was found dead in his minneapolis area home two weeks ago. the u.s. attorney's office in that city is also getting involved. the agencies will provide their expertise on prescription drug crimes. we're also learning a representative of the pop star reached out to an addiction specialist this california just days before his death. the doctor says he set into motion what he felt was a life saving mission for prince. today churches will celebrate national prayer day
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after a new study digs deeper. one pastor we spoke to says people still want the feeling that christ can provide. >> i think people still want rest for their souls, so they may not come to a church to find it, but the message of jesus is still so rear and so relevant. >> now, pastor kelsey will hold three prayer services today at mclean bible church p first is at 6:30 a.m. with other services at 11:30 and 7:30. and today is cinco de mayo. president obama be will mark the celebration with a reception at the white house. may 5th remembers the mexican army's victory over french forces in the battle lgts ttle . rafael minah is set to perform at the white house. and of course today is an excuse to eat good mexican food. not that i need any excuses. coming up
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a chef telling us more about cinco de mayo traditions. and we've been waking up to wellness all week long and thorn we tackle the question of fasting. it's a phenomenon, a bunch of fasting diets out there on the market, but do they really work. >> we talk to a nutritionist about that and he said fasting actually has the opposite effect dieters are hoping for. listen. >> when you put your body into starvation mode, your body suppresses your appetite so then again when you come off of that fasting diet, your body ramps up your appetite so you end up eating more than what you normally would. and that is why most people who do fasting diets end up gaining more weight in the long run. >> so coming up at 6::00, we'll tell you tips for a healthy well rounded diet. be sure to share your
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social media using the #wellnessweek. it is coming up on 20 after the hour. let's turn to chuck webell for e forecast. it's a cloudy and chilly day and, no, this is not a broken repeat of yesterday's forecast, but it will feel that way. as you head out early this morning, no sunshine again today. cold and wet. afternoon temperatures today will be 15 to nearly 20 degrees colder than average for cinco de mayo. mainly just light rain. nothing all that heavy. we do need the rain. since march 1, we're still carrying a 2 inch rainfall deficit. however just here in the month of may, we're about an inch and a half up. and we're making good progress on eating up that deficit here with each passing raindrop. outside this morning, not really a lot of heavy rain in the metro, but there is a thick mist outside early this morning. lighter raindrops out towards winchester and charlottesville. all part of an area of low pressure, it's essentially cut off from the jet stream, so it's not moving anywhere any to
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actually headed down in to the parts of the western carolinas and as it makes that travel southward, all this moisture here will be pushing in our direction. so no heavy rain today, but these heavier rain showers and even rumbles of thunder will be coming our way late tonight into early tomorrow. but again, out the door you go, everything chilly and wet this morning. temperatures 48 gaithersburg, 52 in manassas. we'll hover here in the low 50s for the remainder of the morning. afternoon highs today mid to upper 50s at best. here is future weather. you can see inside the heart of the metro here, not a whole whole lot of rain through lunchtime. later on today, maybe a perchance of raindrops coming our way. next four days exincludincludes weekend, today and tomorrow raindrops, but saturday a mix of clouds and sunshine and sunday afternoon looks great. p there could be an overnight shower saturday night, but we won't put raindropsn
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i'm sick of hearing it, melissa mollett. >> i don't blame you. breaking newses on the roads. eastbound 50 at 410, take a look, this is an overturned armored rubbing rig eed truck r. no major injury, but right now 410, the ramp to 410 is shut down. two left lanes getting by. not slow right now because of course that is an outbound situation for us this morning. southbound 4 at suit land parkway, a brand new crash there. also getting report of slows on the red line because an earlier switch problem. a group is offering a reward after someone dumped a drink on an area woman's head. and the drama around the bathroom bill continues. why the justice department is now getting involved.
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a prominent muslim activist fr group in our area is offering a reward. council on american islamic relations posted this video of the incident online. you can see a woman yelling religious slurs and as well as statements of support for donald trump. c.a.r.e. is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction of the alleged attacker. north carolina's recently enacted law dealing with transgender access to bathrooms violates federal civil rights law. the justice department notified the state's governor saying the law discriminal thats against transgender state employees and that is a violation of federal law that bars sex did discrimination. the d.o.j. now wants governor mccrory to notify the go. government by monday that it will not enforce the law. >> this has never been just a north c
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just the target of public relations and political campaign has been directed toward north carolina. >> public schools in the state could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. the federal government could also file a lawsuit to block it. an update now on the countdown to rio. we are officially three months away from the start of the olympic games and the torch is making either way through the western central part of brazil right now. 12,000 people will carry it through more than 300 brazilian towns before opening ceremonies on august 5. breaking news on the roads. a big problem on 50, we're talking about outbound an armored truck on it
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an amber alert out of spotsylvania county. a 3-year-old child believed to be in extreme tapidanger. zion williams on the left, 3 years old, 35 pounds. last seen wearing only a diaper. the man on the right is believed to be the suspect in this case. police poufound their vehicle b nobody inside. if you've seen zion, you're asked to call police as soon as possible. at the live desk, i'm
5:31 am
gonzalez. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. more breaking news now in producing. the morning commute is a little messy on route 50 after an overturned armored truck. >> know lmolette green is live scene. >> reporter: we just found out that this is a dunbar armored truck that is on its side. take a look. there was a man on top of the truck as it is on its side if to the guardrail here off 50. the goal right now is to try to pump all of the fuels out of the truck before righting it. we understand that this accident was possibly caused by a car that was in front of the truck that slammed on its breaks. and the two drivers in the truck were started of course by this and then this accident occurred. still working to get more information on ely
5:32 am
those two people inside the armored truck not seriously injured. they were actually outwalking around after the accident occurred. but of course we are dealing with this situation now here on route 50 just before the ramp at 410. melissa mollett following of course the traffic impact which is not significant yet. >> good morning. and that is the good news here this morning. just right now seeing about a laugh a mile of slowdowns as you're approaching the area where molette is. let's hope it stays that way. again, 50 east at 410. left side of the road is open and the ramp to 410 is shut down. very lucky they got out of that unscathed. 270 south near 85, a broken down vehicle there. we'll take a look at another problem in producing coming up. chuck bell, good morning. i don't see any rain on my map. i love that. >> we love that most of the roads
5:33 am
for out towards i-81 where there is a little bit more in the way of light rain to deal with. four things for know about the weather, wet and chilly this morning. feeling a lot more like march than may. and there is even more rain tonight into tomorrow. but there will be sunshine for mother's day on sunday. so we can keep our little optimism looking in to the weekend. right now, though, nothing but mist and drizzle around the metro. doesn't show up well on the radar. light rain from winchester to luray to charlottesville. planning out your day, 14 hours of daylight today, sun up at 6:05 and down at 8:05, but you won't see a single minute of sunshine. temperatures today stranded in the 50s. a look at the check of the weekend forecast coming up. 5:33. improvements to a dangerous stretch of road in montgomery county may need more work. changes were made near the 600 block of east gude drive in rockville, but a deadly crash over the weekend has some calling for more changes. a man in a
5:34 am
and killed by a car on saturday night as he tried to cross that road using the walkway. a prepared friend of the victim signal doesn't stop traffic long enough for a man using a manual wheelchair. >> doesn't quite make it across the street with the timing. plus the cars don't always make it stopped. >> this new signal is actually part of an improvement plan at that dangerous intersection. it seems many drivers travel well above the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit. and police in montgomery county also need your help to find out more about a collision that killed a than on some train tracks in rockville. an amtrak train hit the man. police will not release his name until the family is notified about. two preschool teachers takesing charges of assaults and battery after a child was found with bruises. lisa hamilton apher teacher assistane
5:35 am
a 4-year-old girl. both turned themselves into police and have been fired preschool. people looking for love were scammed out of $600,000. a silver spring man was convicted of running and online romance scam. evan and his co-conspirators initiated romantic relationships with men and women. after gaining their trust, they would ask them to accepted money. he could face 20 years in prison. today bus rides in frederick county are getting a green upgrade. the county's transit services will unveil all of its new fully electric buses, five buses with tee sell engines will be refurbished with electric systems and the buses will run 120 miles on a single charge. the county hopes to add at least four more electric buses to its fleet over the next few years. some of hollywood's biggest stars are getting behind the new african-american history hugh see up. de
5:36 am
about raiser this weekend. the new museum's director says it raised more than $5 a,000. the smithsonian and others will make up the difference. >> wonderful to sort of have people who are highly visible, but also people who nt don't know say i want to give a million to support the museum. >> the museum opens september 24. tonight, though, at 6:00 barbara harrison will take us on an exclusive tour. and for more exclusive photos, you can head to the nbc washington app right now. will this barbara's interview, she will be talking more with the museum director about what folks can expect to see. a live look outside for you this morning where you can see the fog and rain still hanging around. this is day ten it that we've seen wet weather around here. chuck bell says there is a dry day in sight. a look at that
5:37 am
day forecast next. and we continue to follow breaking news right now, an amber alert out of virginia. p take a look at your screen. this is 3-year-old zion williams. he's believed to have been taken by joshua williams this spotsylvania county. if you have any information, call police right away. and breaking news on the roads, a problem on 50.
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20 before the top of the hour. want to get a look at weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell telling us about what we can expect in the day ahead. looking gloomy out there. >> this is the view from the tower looking past nearby neighbors. national cathedral, washington monument. view from our city camera, there is capitol hill all under cloud cover this morning. an even though it's not raining all that hard here in the metro area, it's cold and wet outside. temperatures only near 50 right now with another indoor recess giving recess an "f" today. and i can pre-grade tomorrow. tomorrow will be an "f," as well. so kid ddos, umbrellas an insid latsed rain coats, but there is sunshine in time for the weekend. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. eastbound 50 at 410, ramp to 410 is shut done. town turned armored truck.
5:41 am
a broken down vehicle slowing things just a tad. inbound 4 at suitland parkway, a crash slowing inbound traffic. red line delays to gasoli s tss month oig because of a switch problem. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop if your car. a bizarre twist in the fight depends isis. an army a captain suing president obama for sending troops to fight the terror groups. it is the largest recall in u.s. history. how to find out if your car
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast breaking news on the roads. eastbound 50 at 410, we have the right side of the roadway blocked and the ramp to 410 shut down. we have an overturned armored vehicle. we'll talk about that and a lot more including a metro problem coming up. and you're waking up to the
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cool and drizzly and temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. when oh, when do we get back into the 80s? your "7-day forecast" coming up. i'm erika gonzalez new to the live desk this morning, air strikes in the gaza strip, israeli military launching the strikes on what it's calling terrorist infrastructure sites belonging to hamas. a military spokesperson says the response comes after mortar shells were launched. as last month israel discovered a tunnel from gaza into israel, first to be found since 2014. 15 before the hour. and election day surprise could catch you off guard. we're learn whog people who thought they were good to go are not actually registered to vote in the district. rob finn is one of those people. he moved to d.c. in february. got a new driver's license, filled out the registration paperwork and later
5:46 am
actually not registered for d.c.'s june primary. >> it was a little scary because at least before i moved to d.c., i never missed and election and my parents would have killed me if i did. >> news 4 went to the dmv and spoke with people at d.c.'s board of elections. they say until a few months ago, the registration process for new residents was all done on paper and that often people forgot to sign after checking the box of their preferred political party. d.c. allows day of registration, but if you want to change your party affiliation, you need to get that switched before may 15. now, as residents prepare to vote, some state leaders are staying quiet about their purchaseses. the "washington post" reporting maryland's governor is part of a group of republican leaders who has refused to say whether they will support donald trump. democratic governors association released names of so-called silent nine. now to the presumptive gop nominee. trump i
5:47 am
his democratic competition. tracie potts live with more on that this just a minute. gloot connecticut woman who received a face transplant after a brutal chimpanzee attack is back in the hospital. charlotte nash oig's face was malled by a friend's chimpanzee in 2009. now five years after a face transplant, her body is rejecting it. doctors say nash is experiencing a moderate rejection. she was participating in a research study to see whether transplant patients could be weaned off anti-rejection drugs. nash is back on the medication and is doing better. a baby boy is safe and back home after the car he was in was stolen. >> what is it like to have your son back? >> that is the moment the boy's mother was reunited with her baby. she left the car running at a pawn shop this birmingham, alabama with the baby and
5:48 am
the appear stepped out father stepped out of the car and someone stole it. the baby was later left on the sidewalk. one in five younged adults this country will experience mental illness. today is national children's mental health awareness day. we're working to help parents and teachers know when you should look for help for a child in your life. >> whether that's a change in sleep, behavior, school, anger being socialization with friends, if you're seeing something, you got to take that seriously. trust your gut and go seek help. the first place to start -- >> you can be part of a national conversation on child mental health tonight, i'll be moderating several discussions with mental health experts and young people in a live webcast with the substance abuse and mental health services administration. you can find more about that on my facebook page and watch the webcast tonight at 7:00 p.m. on i think i'll do very well with women and as you know in the last seven states which i won in landslides,
5:49 am
where i a women, with african americans, hispanics. i won at every single level. >> confident approach to the general from donald trump, but could he face yet another challenge from within his own party? tracie potts is live now with more. >> reporter: good morning. so, yes, the challenge for trump is to bring people together. to some degree they're already doing that. he has half a dozen key republicans, john mccain, top senate leader mitch mcconnell endorsing help now. and then others like the former presidents bush who say they will stay out of this one, one for the first time not endorsing the republican nominee. massachusetts republican governor saying he can't take some of the things that trump has said about women and muslims. so he has key republicans on his side and he has top republicans not backing him. and now it is his job to pull these folks together. >> and who is becoming trump? we polled our viewers and an
5:50 am
overwhelming majority of them do not think the republican party will rally behind him. >> reporter: well, trump thinks differently. he sat down with lester holt and said there are some people whose endorsements that he doesn't want or feel that he needs. he says others will follow what millions of people have already done in the primaries, he says he's pulled together record billions in the primaries and he can do it now in a fall election versus hillary clinton. >> and what about the democrats, tracie? hillary clinton all but dismissed buernie sanders at an event here in washington last night. >> reporter: he's still campaigning, but she's looking forward toward that nomination and here is what she had to say at the aipac conference about what the choice is at this point for voters going into the fall. >> i am really proud to be asking for your help because this campaign ahead of us will really present a very clear choice. >> reporter: it's a clear
5:51 am
choice yet. we still have a few more delegates that both sides need to pick up and bernie sanders still out there campaigning, just opened up a kentucky office. they're voting later this honts. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell looking at the next week ahead. >> outside this morning, what you see is what you get and it's the same thing we saw yesterday and the day before. full cloud cover again today. no sunshine at all. even though our day length now is up to 14 hours of daylight a day. sun is up at 6:05 and down at 8:05. so long periods of daylight, we just won't get to see the sunshine today at all. overall weather impact on your day, not a huge impact. it won't be heavy rain. just more light rain showers and drizzle. this will make ten straight days in a row with rain, but again, nothing all that heavy rainfall amounts today generally a ten ths
5:52 am
steadier light rain out in the shenandoah valley for now. drizzle doesn't show up on the radar. it's kind of wet outside in the metro this morning. big area of low pressure is cut off from the jet stream and this low is would be would belling southward and pushing all the moisture into us.belling southward and pushing all the moisture into us. with all the clouds, temperatures will be stuck in the 50s most of the next 48 hours. 48 currently in gaithersburg, 50 in brandywine. planning out your day, cloudy skies and wet early this morning. staying chilly. rain becoming a little bit more likely later this afternoon, but again highs today staying mostly in the 50s. our average high now is 73. so we won't even make 60 today or tomorrow. but by it tuesday of next week, yes indeed, that's back into the 80s we go. here is your whole
5:53 am
50s today and tomorrow. a slice chance of a passing shower on saturday, but not even a 30% chance, so we're leave it off the 7 day. mother's day afternoon looks great. and then finally may weather returns in time for next week. melissa mollett now with traffic. eastbound 50 at 410, still have the right side of the roadway blocked. you can get by on the left. and thank goodness it is eastbound and not inbound here this morning. this is an armored truck on its side here this morning. so that came cause some slowdowns as we start picking up here. 70 east at 32, crash reported there. also 270 south at 85, buckeystown pike, broken down vehicle there slowing things there just a tad. big look at the beltway no major problems on the beltway there right now. inbound 4 at suitland parkway, starting to see backups there. red line now back to normal. and new information into the live desk this morning out of
5:54 am
detroit, michigan where a $500 million restructuring plan for ailing detroit public schools has been reached. p this is video of protests that were happening last week. the money would help the district pay off debt and cover district costs. but it doesn't include a commission that would have the authorities to approve which schools open and which schools will close in the district. but again, after about some 15 hours of private meetings, a deal has been reached in detroit. back to you. 5:54. and this is the cases s os on hurt four and for the a restaurant cook fired. witnesses say a man driving will a hummer rammed the front door of the silver diner knee tysons corner three times yesterday. the restaurant says the driver was a cook at the diner, they say the third time he floored it into the front door, his hummer burst into flames. the second time actually he pinned a man. we talked to a woman who rushed
5:55 am
into help. >> scary? >> yes. >> what do you make of this? >> that there is a god in heaven and he was watching out for us. >> the vaupts sarestaurant says had been out on bereavement leave for about a month and he asked people to let him stay inside the burning car. he was fired after yesterday's incident and charges are pending. a new development in the fight against isis. an army captain says congress should be approving the actions president obama is taking. he is suing the white house over it. the last time congress officially authorized military action against terrorists, george w. bush was president. the army captain wants all of that renewed. johnny manziel is in court today, the former quarterback will be facing assault charges. his exrl
5:56 am
back in january. manziel has pleaded not guilty in this case. he turned himself in last night and was then released on a $1500 bond. p. dozens of charges stemming from a high school prank have been dropped against an arizona teenager on a dare, 19-year-old hunter osbourne exposed himself in the team's year book picture. the photo was published and the prank led to one felony count of furnishing obscene material to minors and 69 misgloon demeanor counts of indecent exposure. but yesterday they were dropped because everyone involved no longer wanted osbourne to be prosecuted. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. youtube is planning its own streaming service which could last next year. it hopes to offer so-called skinny bundles of programs for less than $35
5:57 am
with your morning business report, i'm pllandon dowdy. breaking news right now, an amber alert issued overnight for this young boy police say the child is in extreme danger. what we're learning in the abduction from the live desk. >> reporter: and a truck goes off the road and crashes in to the guardrail, on its side. i'm molette green, i'll have the story. racing to safety, dramatic video out of canada as people there try forget out of the path of a massive wildfire. fwloo plus students help build a house that will sell for almost half a million do
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news involving the search for this little boy. take a look. what we're learning about the abduction that triggered an amber alert. and bringing news on the roads after an armored car flips on to its side. ahead the lane closures and how it's impacting your commute. there is another piece of overtime magic for the penguins. >> backs are up against the wall. the win or go home situation for the caps this morning in their quest for the stanley cup. and now we want
6:00 am
this with chu in with chuck bell. >> no sunshine again for today. everything wet covered with a mist and drizzle. so your weather headlines, still no sunshine today or tomorrow. and heavier rain likely late tonight into the first part of the day on friday. weather does show signs of improving just in the nick of time for your weekend. weather impact for today, though, relatively low. not looking for a lot of rain, just our tenth day in a row dealing with it. most of the rain now is out along i-81 in the shenandoah valley, not showing up on radar are all the drizzle drops and the mist. so the will next 24 hours staying in the 50s all day, all night and into tomorrow, as well. we'll talk about how much rain we may get on friday coming up. we're following breaking news in prince george's county this morning. crews still trying to clear dan overturned armored truck on route 50. that's where we find molette green this morning. she's baby there taking a look at what traffic has been like


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