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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this with chu in with chuck bell. >> no sunshine again for today. everything wet covered with a mist and drizzle. so your weather headlines, still no sunshine today or tomorrow. and heavier rain likely late tonight into the first part of the day on friday. weather does show signs of improving just in the nick of time for your weekend. weather impact for today, though, relatively low. not looking for a lot of rain, just our tenth day in a row dealing with it. most of the rain now is out along i-81 in the shenandoah valley, not showing up on radar are all the drizzle drops and the mist. so the will next 24 hours staying in the 50s all day, all night and into tomorrow, as well. we'll talk about how much rain we may get on friday coming up. we're following breaking news in prince george's county this morning. crews still trying to clear dan overturned armored truck on route 50. that's where we find molette green this morning. she's baby there taking a look at what traffic has been like
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lanes getting by, but we have multiple emergency vehicles working this scene. focusing on righting this dunbar armored truck. it's on its side. it crashed into the guardrails p out the fuel. we're hearing that a car in front of the armored truck traveling on 50 had slammed on its brakes and that set off this accident for the armored truck startling the driver we understand. this is actually the second incident here at this scene. two people in the armored truck not seriously hurt. checked out here at the scene. but of course this has been the situation throughout the morning rush.
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>> 50 at 410, the left side of the road getting by the crash. the ramp as she mentioned is still shut down. you can see we're a little slow in the main lanes. we have a crash in the express lanes approaching the beltway. old ox road north of the dudid t dulles, a crash there. and slow inbound 4 at suitland parkway. we'll take another look at this problem on 50 and also travel times coming up. we continue to update you on this amber alert. we're trying to put this picture up as often as possible for you to take a look at. zion will yiams 3 years old, believed to be with the man on the right. he was an ducted yesterday. police located the vehicle that they were traveling in, but they have not found these two individuals.
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zion was last seen wearing only a diaper. he's 3 years old. if you see him, call spotsylvania county police. 6:03. developing this morning, a homicide investigation after a man was killed in temple hills. prince george's county police say he was shot along temple hills road close to crossland high school. they ha they believe it's not a random incident. and a deadly shooting happened 00 darby dale avenue last night this dale city. police say when they arrived, they found a man who had been shot. he was taken to the hospital but did not make it. no suspects have been named. a university of mary washington student will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for killing his housemate. a jury found steven briel guilty of killing grace mann last year. he strangled her at their off campus home in fredericksburg.
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was insane at the time of the murder. the jury deliberated for only three hours before returning a conviction. prosecutors hope a guilty verdict can provide the mann family with some closure. >> i search hope that they find some closure from the verdict and the community can begin to heal, as well. >> the jury recommended briel be sentenced to life plus 11 years. a judge will formally sentence him in july. today the national capital planning commission will hear from the secret service on why it wants to raise the white house fence by five feet. the pipe would go from 6 feet to 11 feet and get a new concrete foundation. the planning commission has to approve the changes to the white house fencing. metro's general manager could make an announcement about major fixes to the rail system as soon as tomorrow. that is what sources are telling news 4. paul wiedefeld has previously said that fixing maintenance issues could change service.
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stations may have to be shut down and riders would have to take shuttles around closures. another option may be to open metro later on weekends or close earlier. this morning a state of emergency across alberta canada. take a look at these wildfires that have already torched more than 1,000 homes and other buildings. this in the area of ft. mcmurray and it's forced some 80,000 people to flee. we've been seeing people posting on social media, images of them in their cars leaving scenes like this. conditions have transformed the area into a virtual tinderbox. hot temperatures and dry winds making for a dangerous situation there. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. want to show you video here, this is one of many videos that people in alberta posted. the man here says this is probably the
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ever see his house again. he pretty much runs into his car and just took off here. you can actually hear the sounds of everything around him on fire. 6:06. caps are on the brink of elimination. they lost to the penguins again this time in overtime. caps now coming back home. hope that helps. game five is saturday night. the team has to win three games in a row now to advance to the playoffs. even one loss and they will be eliminated. the caps arguably the best team in the nhl, but it's been a long time since we beat the penguins in the playoffs. >> fingers crossed. >> we can do it. 6:06. labor of love for some local students. the project for some prince george's county teens that is now up for sale. and it seems like we're never going to put the umbrellas away. as you look live
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harbor, the impact the rain will have on your commute. >> don't cry out loud. keep it inside. plus we're waking up to wellness. this morning we're looking at fasting and if it really
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good morning. we're coming up on 6:11 on your thursday morning. it's chilly and it is wet outside. the commute in this morning, probably back to see the heater weather early on with temperatures near 50. rain likely again later on this afternoon. temperatures staying in the 50s today. most of the steady rain right now is out in the shenandoah valley, mostly mist and drizzle around the metro area. our average high now is 73. so 50s today, but a warm-up on the way. we'll detail exactly how warm and when coming up. breaking news continuing on the roads this morning. so eastbound 50
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410 is shut down. we have an overturned armored truck on its side. the left side of the rote wadwa getting by. inbound 4 at suitland parkway, two mile backup approaching the beltway. taking a look at travel times, 270 looks good. top of the beltway looking good. 66 inbound and 95 northbound again fairly on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you get in your car. i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we crust got new live pictures in from nairobi, kenya. i want to show you the disaster. this big pile of rubble was once a seven story building that came down last week. this morning there is a woman inside the rubble alive after spending six days trapped, we understand that she is speaking to rescue workers
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the rubble. 33 people died and another 80 are missing. earlier this week there were new signs of hope, a six month old also rescued from that rubble. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. improvements to a dangerous stretch of road may need more work. changes were made to the intersection near the display court along the 600 block of east gude rioad this rockville and now a deadly crash has people calling for more changes. a man in a wheelchair was struck and killed by a car as he tried to cross the road using the walkway. police have not released his name, but susie sinclair smith from the coalition for the homeless says he was headed to their shelter. >> one client who has been with us coming in and out of the shelter since 2009, a double amputee, had throat cancer, was in a wheelchair. he was the bravest person i've ever met in my life. >> the new signal is pa
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improvement. it seems many driver travel above the 40-mile-per-hour speed limit, as well. a friend of the victim says he used a manual wheelchair and often struggled to cross the road in the time given bay ty t signal. today the man convicted of killing a metropolitan police detective faces sentencing. antoine james was found guilty of shooting his stepfather 18 times. police say james was angry that his mother sided with the stepfather during an argument over yard work. james now faces up to ten years in prison. two virginia preschool employees face charges of assault and battery after a child was found with bruises. lisa campbell, the teacher, and her teacher's assistant sherry diggs are accused of be abusing a 4-year-old girl. both turned himself into police and have been fired from the preschool. 6:13. new this morning, sources say the painkiller percoet
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he died. it's not clear whether the powerful drug con tributed to hs death. the dea is getting involved in the investigation and will provide expertise on prescription drug crimes. the iconic musician was found dead in his minneapolis home two weeks ago. in just a few hours, churches will open their doors for national prayer day. it is an annual event urging people of every faith to pray for the nation. interfaith committee says this is an opportunity to help solve problems facing our country. >> so that we tend to push prayer aside and only go there in typimes of crisis, but we ne to lift prayer up. >> congress established national day of prayer as an annual event in 1952. mcleanas
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the first at 6:30 a.m., the other services at 11:30 and 7:30. new research out of brazil is raising hope for a way to stop mosquitos from transmitting the zika virus. brazilian researchers have found that in-effecting mosquitos with a certain bacteria reduces their ability to pass on the zika virus.with a certain bacteria reduces their ability to pass on the zika virus. moer mosquitos infected with that bacteria have been released. and we're continuing our waking up to wellness series talking about fasting and whether it really works. >> there are all kinds of diets out there. and there is one where you have to fast for about 16 hours and then you can eat whatever you want. another one is the 5-2 diet, when you eat anything for five days and then only 500 calories for two days. so we asked a nutritionist do these crash diets really help you lose weight. >> to conserve energy, your body lowers itsmetabolism. so when
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diet, your metabolism remains low, so you end up gaining weight quicker. >> and they say that about so many diets. because even if you help lose weight in the short term, in the long term you tend to gain back. >> so no point in dieting? >> well, you have to have a healthy lifestyle. everything this moderation. if you want that dessert, don't have the sugary soda and many only once a dmonth. you could end up losing hustle mass along with the fast. >> so what is a better way to eat? join us at 6:50, we'll tell you more about that. happy cinco de mayo. it is may 5. and today you can celebrate mexican heritage. president obama will mark it with a reception. a commemorates the mexican victory over french force respect back dltss back this 18.
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and some hollywood a-listers are getting behind the new african-american history museum here in d.c. denzel washington hosted a fund raiser at his l.a. home this weekend. the museum's director says the crowd raised more than $17 million toward that $540 million project. the federal government contributed half that money leaving the smithsonian and others to make up the difference. >> and it was wonderful for sort of have people who are highly visible, but people who you don't know but who suddenly say i want to give a million dollars to support this museum. >> the museum on the national mall is not set to open until september 24, but tonight at 6:00, barbara harrison takes us on an exclusive tour and for interest exclusive photos, you can head to the nbc instragram page right now. police in washington state say a man crashed from the car and ran from his scene. >> and his partner in crime was
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shoulder. police tweeted the story saying we can't make this stuff up. they eventually caught up with the man, the monkey business started yesterday morning when police say the driver sped by a state trooper going at 112 miles per hour. >> that will do it it, that monkey on your back every day makes you do things you don't want to be doing. >> truth is stranger than fiction. 6:18. chuck. >> we need to work on these stories before weather. yikes. we have a gorilla on our back from a weather perspective around here. clouds and rain and just a repeated series of days in a row. today will make ten in a row with measured rainfall in washington. outside this morning, sun came up 13 minutes ago. not that you could guess by that picture from the city cam, all cloud cover, it's cold and wet. afternoon temperatures today will be nearly 20 glees colder than average. no real heavy rain coming our way, justli
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pocket umbrella, no more than just really passing showers. rainfall amounts today about a tenth of an inch. late tonight into tomorrow, steadier rain. so tomorrow may be getting closer to washout conditions. shenandoah valley is where the most rain is likely to be tomorrow. we're making up for a little bit of lost ground. since march 1, we're nearly two inches behind in rainfall. but here only on the 5th of may, we're already an inch and a half up for the month of may. so we are eating away at our rainfall deficit for the year. most of the rain now out in the shenandoah valley and again that's where the heaviest and steadiest of the rain is likely to be today. and even though it doesn't show up on radar, it's he misty and w outside this morning. a couple thunderstorms in south side virginia, that is the plume of moisture trying to ride in our direction. but take area of low pressure is a slow mover. so we will get no sunshine today. steadier rain tonight into tomorrow before s gets back on saturday. so for today, most of the rain staying west of the
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of lights rain and drizzle likely to move back in, so have your umbrellas ready. highs today san diego in t hig highs today staying this in the 50s. friday night, the rain should tape he are off and we should be dry saturday morning. a slight chance for shower late saturday into early mother's day. but mother's day will be a good day. >> sounds why. taking a look at eastbound 50 there at 410, still have this issue here this morning with that problem and only the left lanes getting by. so again, just have the left lanes getting by. right side is blocked eastbound 50 at 410. outer loop annapolis road, crash and debris in the left lane. rest of the beltway looking good. inbound 4 at suitland parkway, a 3 1/2 heil backup because
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that crash. so quite slow headed inbound. 66 and 95 overall looking pretty normal. no major problems on 66 or 95. we do still have that issue around 95 north as you're hitting the beltway with the crash in the expressi lanes. following breaking you intoes, an amber alert issued for 3-year-old zion williams. police say he's in grave danger. >> he went missing last night in spotsylvania county. we have the share reriff's offi the phone. cap pin, what can you tell us about where the search is right now? >> right now we have active arrest warrants for joshua for malicious wounding and abduction. he severely beat the ex-girlfriend which is the mother of his child causing her to be hospitalized for a short time. he's made threats
6:22 am
child to either harm or kill in the past, which is why we consider this to be a grave situation and thus the amber alert. >> we know that you found the car. you can tell us anything more about where you located the car in relation to where the child was kidnapped from? >> the car was located several miles away from the residence where the child was taken. and at this point, we believe that the suspect is still in the spotsylvania, fredericksburg area. and of course we have all of our resources tasked right now to attempt to locate him and the child. >> what is the best way that the public can be helpful? obviously you want people to keep their eyes open. >> absolutely. on the sheriff's office website, we have pictures of both the child and the suspect. if anyone sees the suspect or they believe it's the suspect or the child, just pick up the phone and
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>> all right. captain jeffrey pierce, we will of course keep putting this picture on tv. we'll keep if on all of our social media sooiites, as well. chaos at a popular northern virginia restaurant as a driver smashes his suv into the building several times. plus new questions about johnny football as he prepares for a day in court. the tweet that johnny manziel september out after
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it is the house that students built. kids in prince george's county foundation for applied construction technology for students recently finished the district's 40th student-built house. look at that. a dedication ceremony is happening today in clinton. the group will be showcasing the 4 # 00 square feet home before it goes on the market for $425,000. >> mainly benefits the students because it gives then the
6:27 am
hands-on so they get the opportunity to work with different contractors, they get to see the actual pace in the field compared to what it's like in the classroom. >> could you have built a whole home when you were in school? >> no. and not now either. >> it took eight months to build. the money from the sale goes back to the nonprofit group. what a great program. the man known as johnny it football will be in court today. johnny manziel was indicted on assault charges last week. his ex-girlfriend said he threatened to kill her heearlie this year. that was his mug shot. after he was booked, he tweeted this, quote, just thankful i had a shirt this time. that's because he was also arrested when he was a student at texas a&m and was not wearing a shirt in that mug shot back then. that tweet was deleted. catching a break after his team photo causes an uproar. what we're learning about the criminal charges one teen faced for a high school prank. plus a brand new problem,
6:28 am
still have an issue as well on 50. we'll talk about both coming up. but first, breaking news right now as police try to track down this toddler. a 3-year-old who was considered to be in extreme danger. what w
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an amber alert out of spotsylvania county. this is 3-year-old zion williams. we just heard from the sheriff's office, they're telling us that zion was taken from his home yesterday when the suspect severely beat zion's mom, took the child wearing only a diaper. and the suspect has made threats against the child's life before. that's why the sheriff's office is saying zion is believed to be in extreme danger. so if you see him, he's three years old, he weighs about 35 pound, three feet high, last seen only wearing a diaper. please contact authorities as soon as possible.
6:32 am
back to that breaking news on route 50 in maryland. a live look now from hyattsville where traffic is almost back to normal after an armored truck overturned this morning. >> this happened around 4:00 nlts morning. the two people inside the truck were injured, but should be okay. a ramp on route 4010 was closed for hours because of this accident. melissa mollett has the latest now. so again, another live picture here of this dunbar truck. they got it back up on its wheels. it was on its side earlier this morning. we have the left side of eastbound 50 at 410 getting by this crash the. the ramp is still shut down. 395 north at seminary road, a crash on the right side slowing things just a bit as you pass seminary road. just a bit to be a little annoying there. inbound 4 at suitland parkway, again these delays have started building.
6:33 am
that' i'm knnot seeing the rain maps p. >> steadier rain out towards i-81. thing you need to know about the weather, it is wet and chilly. a lot of mist and drizzle around the metro area this morning. feeling more like march. highs in the 50s today and with more rain coming tomorrow, highs in the 50s tomorrow instead of the mid-70s where we normally find ourselves this time of the year. but all the clouds and yucky weather should be out of here in time for mother's day. radar this morning shows most of the steadier rain is out in the shenandoah valley. temperatures, though, today courtesy of the deck of clouds staying in the 50s, rain becoming a little steadier later this afternoon into this evening. we'll take a look at the weekend coming up. fast moving developments in decision 2016. donald trump is now the presumptive republican nom th e nominee for president. john kasich conceded his campaign yesterday and ted cruz dwr
6:34 am
and now the challenge is uniting the republican party after a particularly divisive primary battle. donald trump is confident support will come. politicians like ed gillespie and john mccain say they will back the business than. other republican lawmakers say they just can't. >> some of the things he's said about women and muslims and about religious freedom, i just can't support. >> with trump as her likely opponent, hillary clinton is urging independents and undecided voters to joinler on what she calls, quote, the american team. she says trump's lack of policy is, quote, insulting people. and clinton says she's not worried about the personal attacks and that he's no more than a blustering bullying guy. a new claim this morning from the same man who first exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail address. the remaining hacker says he also gained access to the former secretaryst
6:35 am
he calls himself gucifer and says the server was completely unsecur unsecured. unlike in the past hacks, he also did not post anything about it online. you can see nbc's exclusive interview tonight on "nightly news" right here after news 4. this is the chaos that hurt four people and got a cook fired. take a closer look. witnesses say a man driving a hummer rammed the front door of the silver diner not once, not twice, three times yet afternoon. a restaurant spokesperson says the driver was a cook at the diner. the third time his upper burst in on flames and he also pinned a man. >> it was really horrible. it was full force-on and it looked like as soon as he got hit, he kind of passed out. >> restaurant officials say the cook had been on bereavement leave for about a month and
6:36 am
trying to pull him from the burning hummer. he was fired yesterday after the incident. charges are pending. one in five young adults in this country will experience mental illness. as part of our changing minds campaign, we're working to help parents and teachers know when you should look for help for a child in your life. >> whether that's a change this sleep, behavior, socialization with friends. if you're seeing something, you have to take it seriously. trust your gut. >> now, you can be part of a national conversation on child mental health tonight. i'm going to be moderating several discussions with mental health experts and some wruyoun people with a live web chat. you can find more tore aboon my facebook page and watch the webcast tonight at 7:00. it's an important conversation.
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facebook page and watch the webcast tonight at 7:00. it's an important conversation. watch it with your kids, 00. so they can know there are people they want to talk to. >> especially if they don't want to talk with their parents. well, making their case for racing the fence around the white house. what we expect to hear from the secret service in the day ahead about the plans to enter protect the executive mansion from fence jumpers. and another soggy start for you. the impact the rain will have on your kids as you get them ready for school. but first, no laughing matter. what we're learning about the criminal charges facing a teen for this high school prank.
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dozens of charges stemming from a high school prank have been dropped against an arizona teen on a dare, hunter osbourne exposed himself in the team's year book photo. the photo was published and the prank led to one felony count of tur in additioning obscene material to minors
6:41 am
misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure. yesterday police in marizona announced all the charms were dropped because everyone involved no longer wanted osbourne to be prosecuted. chuck bell tellsing us about the umbrella breath weather that won't go away p. >> and we have two more days of having that thing basically attached to the end of your arm. no heavy rain in the metro, but a lot of mist and drizzle around. so it's a wet start this morning. moths of the light rain winchester to luray and charlottesville. sool d school day forecast, look at that low overcast. we'll stay in the 50s all day and recess, we'll give it an "f." you have to find the sunshine in your open head. breaking news right now inbound 4 at suitland parkway, just checked, is this a six mile backup because of thesh
6:42 am
parkway. again, still have the problem 50 east at 4:10. the ramp to 410 is closed. you can get by on the left side. as for travel times, 270 south germantown to the spur, you're on time there. to which the beltway 95 to 270, a little slow. 95 northbound, 66, no major problems. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> reporter: back up on its wheels, progress on route 50 where an armored truck crashed into a guardrail. my live report coming right up. first breaking news involving the search for this this little boy. the abduction that triggered an amber alert. why the sheriff's office
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at the live desk, we're bringing you this amber alert yet again. we want you to see this picture, see it as often as possible. look around you, see if you have seen 3-year-old zion williams. we understand he was taken from his mother's home yesterday after the suspect severely beat the child's mother, put him in a car wearing only a diaper. authorities found the car. they did not find zion or the suspect. just a few short minutes ago, we spoke with a spokesperson for the sheriff's office. >> he's made
6:46 am
child to either harm or kill in the past, which is docts kis wh consider this to be a grave situation. >> authorities calling this an amber alert saying this child is in extreme danger. if you've seen 3-year-old zion williams, please character authorities as soon as possible. and let's go back to the breaking news on route 50 it in prince george's county pcharact authorities as soon as possible. and let's go back to the breaking news on route 50 it in prince george's county p. molette green is live where traffic is getting back to normal after an arremored truck overturned there. >> reporter: yeah, the traffic slowing down because of course in the light of day people can see what is going on here. and let me show you, that tow truck has the armored vehicle there hooked up, it's ready to go. it was uprighted about 20 minutes ago. when we got here a couple hours a go, we found it crash and
6:47 am
hazardous hmat clues cleaned thp before they uprighted it. a vehicle in front of the are armored vehicle apparently slammed on the brakes and take triggered this turn of events leading to this crash. the two people in the armored vehicle not seriously hurt here, but again, waiting for the tow to pull that armored truck out of here off of route 50 which also shut down the 410 ramp. but traffic of course two lanes getting by, moving slowly now in the light of day. people rubber necking. that is the latest live here from the scene. back to you. 6:47. right now a man shot and killed in prince george's county, police say someone killed a man along temple hills road close to crossland high school. police don't believe it was a random incident. and developing this morning, prince william county police investigate a dely
6:48 am
dale city. officers say someone shot a man on darby dale avenue last night. this is not far from godwin middle school. unidentified victim died at the hospital. school officials say godwin middle will open on time today despite the overnight investigation. no suspects have been named. 6:48. and today, the height of the white house fence will be the top i go of conversation amongst federal plan is p the u.s. secret service says the current 6-foot fence is not adequate for the modern era. scott macfarlane on the phone with us right now. scott, what you can tell us about the plan? >> yeah, secret service and national park service present their changes to the fence this afternoon. they want to raise the white house fence from 6-feet to 11-feet, and add a new concrete foundation, higher gates at the entrances and still have what they call the anti-climb features at the top or spikes because of a series of fence jumping in recent months. the national capital planning commission would have to approve
6:49 am
these changes along with the u.s. commission on fine arts. if they both do, construction could happen by 2018. >> all right. scott macfarlane for us on the phone. thank you. a man facing life in prison for the brutal death of a university of mary washington student. a jury found steven briel guilty of first-degree murder, strangulation and abduction in grace mann's death. police say he strangled her at their off campus home last year. the defense tried to prove briel was insane. the jury deliberated for three hours. prosecutors say they hope a guilty verdict can provide the mann family with some closure. >> i certainly hope that they find some closure from the verdict and the community can begin to heal, as well.
6:50 am
>> the jury recommended bleriele sentenced to life plus 11 years. he will be sentenced in july. metro's general manager could make an announcement about major fixes as soon as tomorrow. paul wiedefeld 4has previously said that fixing maintenance issues could change service. parts of the track in between stations may have to shut down and riders would have to take shuttle buses around those closures. another option may be to open metro later on weekends or close it earlier. and we're following a developing situation across alberta canada. these wildfires that are just stretching through that area. some 1800 buildings and homes have already been torched. 80,000 people fleeing that area. unseasonably hot temperatures combined with really dry conditions have just transformed that area into a tinderbox. a number of people posting on social media leaving the area. again, a developing situation
6:51 am
alberta can maada as wildfires stretch through the area. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. >> and even more of that alarming video now. people are recording themselves as they leave their homes. many of then don't believe they're coming back. you're looking at new video of a man basically running to get into his car and away from that fire as fast as he can. three in a row. that is what the caps have to do now, win three game there is a row to advance in the stanley cup playoffs. they lost to the pittsburgh penguins again last night in pittsburgh. >> tried to get it away from danger. he thinks he has it out of danger, but he doesn't. hornqvist on holtby and there is another piece of overtime magic for the penguins. >> just crushing. the loss came in overtime as you heard. now every game is a must win or the team will be eliminated. game five is this saturday night right pack back here in the verizon center. we need the
6:52 am
>> home turf. >> most wins in the regular season, thousand one more win or else. yikes. >> go caps! >> we can do it. rock the red. saturday fight in d.c., everyone get out there and cheer. the sun will be back on saturday. but not a minute before then. there is the view outside this morning. these long days of the year, that's right, the three longest months of the year for daylight perspective any way. as of today, we go to 14 hours of daylight. sun up at 6:05 and down at 8:05. by summer solstice, days are 14:54 long and we stay with 14 hours from today all the way through august 6. three months of long days. outside this morning, though, the sun may be up, but you won't see it today. cold and wet. temperatures staying nearly 20 degrees cooler than average today. not the expecting any heavy rain, but it will be cold and wet. so if you have something to do outside today, i'd plan on bringing that in. same story goes for
6:53 am
mother's day finally a little sunshine coming back in. radar shows most of the light rain for now is out in the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. west of luray, those raindrops going westbound. the area of low pressure is back here. so big counter clockwise swirl around there. see this to our southwest, that is the plumb of moisture which will eventually come our way late tonight and into early tomorrow. so the heaviest rain likely from about sun down tonight through about lunchtime tomorrow. here is the way today goes. these showers here early this morning moving back to the west, but have your umbrella ready to go. temperatures in the '50s and tomorrow. mostly dry this weekend. there could be a stray shower saturday, but no major threat. and then back into the 80s by early next week. breaking news right now, take a look, a six mile backup inbound pennsylvania avenue there 4 at suitland parkway. it is jammed. if you can take another route in this morning, you'll want do
6:54 am
look, they have the armored truck back on its wheels trying to tow it out of the way. still just the left side of the road getting by and the ranmp t 410 still shut down. >> south bound 32, blocked totally shut down under 70. traffic pushed on to westbound 70 instead. 270 at montgomery village avenue, you can see kind typical traffic headed down to the spur. no worries there. 66 looks okay. 95 no major problems there right now. taking a look at the beltway, overall no major issues right now. but we do still have that situation on the outer loop causing some slowdowns at 450 there annapolis road, crash and debris on the left side. orange, blue, silver line delays because of fire department activity at federal center southwest. just in, another member of isis killed, the australian government says u.s. air strike killed kneel christopherte
6:55 am
for the terrorist group and also linked to some of the lone wolf attacks here in the united states. also an australia citizen. back to you. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. youtube is reportedly planning its own streaming tv service which could launch next year. youtube has been in talks with kept provider including nbc universal this hopes to over so-called skinny bundles of programming for less than $35 a month. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. 6:55. continuing with the waking up to wellness series, we're checking in on nutrition, diets and fasting. >> we asked new trigsist. >> what you do if you're want to go lose weight is intake fruits, vegetables, whole grapes, nonfat dairy and try to minimize the numbering of energy dense foods.
6:56 am
sugar foods. >> i guess no doughnuts for breakfast. he also says be sure to exercise. good health really always comes black to eating right and staying active. consistently. >> coming up tomorrow, the meditation class that is helping teenagers cope with stress. here are 4 things to know. prince george's county schools will dedicate its 40th student built home in clinton. money from the sale goes back to the nonprofit that trains the student builders. tens of thousands are out of their homes now alberta canada is under a state of emergency for the widespread wildfires. traffic is getting back to normal after an armored truck overturned on route 50. the two inside with were are not serious li hurt. breaking news an amber alert for a 3-year-old boy in extreme gank danger. zion williams father abducted him last night. they told us that joshua williams had threatened to kill his son in the past. chilly and wetnd
6:57 am
mother's day weekend finally the sunshine is back and we should be back in the 80s by the early part of next week. taking a look at this backup inbound 4 at executive lasough a 6 mile delay. and 50 at 410, they have it back on its wheels, causing big problems this morning. you can get by on the left. >> thank you, that lisa. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. game on. clinton and trump gear up for their likely general election showdown. >> i think he is a loose canon and loose canons toned misfire. >> i think hillary will actually be easier to beat than many of the senators, governors, et cetera. >> two of the most up popular candidates in recent history. major obstacles facing both campaigns. flight from hell. passengers in a panic as severe turbulence hit ace plane. at least 31 people injured. new twist. the u.s. attorney joins the investigation as new details surface about prince's death and the man who called 911. >> andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he


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