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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 5, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> i'm barbara harris. with what we have learned since an amber alert was issued for the boy and his father. >> a major announcement in the past few minutes that will have lasting effects on the e-cigarette industry. >> and another dreary day out there today. plenty of rain but when can we see that sunshine? changes for the weekend forecast straight ahead.
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missing 3-year-old boy. this is for zion williams. police say his father abducted him. megan has the latest on the search. >> barbara, this all began with a very violent attack on the child's mother. she was beaten so badly that she later had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, and she was beaten in front of her 3-year-old son. now sheriff's deputies say that joshua williams, seen here in this video, was in a car with his ex-girl friend last night. their 3-year-old son, zion clinton amir williams was in the back seat. there was an argument and deputies say williams began punching his girl friend. fearing for her life, she jumped out
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when she did that, he drove off. now zion is considered to be in extreme danger because williams has threatened to kill the little boy in the past. >> this gentleman has made threats not only to physically harm the child in the past but to kill the child. and we feel like this is a critical incident, it's a critical time and we need to locate him and, more importantly, locate that child and bring him home safely, as quickly as possible. >> reporter: zion was last seen wearing only a diaper. it's believe that he has friends in the neighborhood and he may have gotten assistance from someone getting out of the area. if you do see joshua willians, police say do not approach him, he is considered to be very dangerous.
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or spofford police. >> right now prince georges county police are working to solve a murder. police believe this was not a random shooting. >> classes started on time this morning at godwin middle school after a deadly shooting nearby. this happened near the school. police say when they arrived, they found a man who had been shot. he was rushed to the hospital but didn't make it. no suspects have been named at this time. >> it was a messy morning commute on route 50 in prince georges county today. this was the scene in hyattsville just before route 410 when an armored car overturned. the two people inside the truck were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. traffic was back under control around 7:30 this morning. and the weather, whoa. >> it's just gross outside. it is rainy, it's con
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think we predicted rain. tomorrow will be the 11th. so we've got rain in the forecast for the next 48 hours at least. but we do have changes for the weekend. but look how dreary it is outside. just a mess out there, it makes you want to crawl back to bed. it is chilly. our average temperature should be in the 70s but we're notice 50s. we have spotty rain showers continuing all the way through the afternoon. but again, changes for the weekend. that forecast is worth waiting for. >> former nfl quarterback johnny manziel just left court and a judge told johnny football he could no longer have any contact with his ex-girl friend. she claims he hit her and threatened to kill her earlier this year. he's also not allowed to carry
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manziel is facing assault charges. and he tweeted this "just thankful i had a shirt this t e time." >> a jury found steven braille guilty of killing 20-year-old grace mann last year. he stringangled her at their off-campus home. the defense tried to say he was insane at the time. prosecutors hope a guilty verdict can provide the family with some avenue to be able to move on. >> i certainly hope that they find some closure from the verdict and the community can begin to heal as well. >> the jury recommended he be
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a judge will formally sentence him in july. >> a press conference is set for a 11:00 tomorrow morning. they say the work plan is huge, including rebuilding tracks from the ground up. metro says every single line will see work. plans call for continuous single tracking for as long as a month. complete shutdowns between two and three stations at a time will be likely. >> well, in the past hour a major health announcement, hundreds of electronic cigarette brands will have to seek federal permission to stay in the market under these new rules. the secretary of health and human services says they are protecting young people. >> between 2011 and 2015 the percentage of high school students who smoked e-cigarettes has
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>> the changes will limit e-cigarette sales to minors and require new health warnings. this has the potential to up-end a multi-billion dollar industry. >> d.c. teachers too k to the streets to demand more money. teachers have been without a new contract for four years and have been offered a 1% raise. one teacher we spoke with said a new contract has a lot to do with respecting the job educators do every day. >> four years of zero percent and a 1%. they can say they respect teachers all they want to but that really doesn't get the job done. >> the union said the chancellor has suspended negotiations until after union elections. >> love him or hate him. after the break look at who is suppng
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distracted driving. what hpened to the driver apof
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just as hatred with the jews di
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holocaust, hatred of the jews did not end with the end of the holocaust. >> they are holding a ceremony to mark 71 years since nazi death camps were liberated. >> fast moving developments in decision 2016. donald trump is now the presumptive republican nominee for president. ohio governor john kasich conceded his campaign and last tuesday ted cruz also dropped out. >> reporter: these are republicans burning their membership cards after john kasich called it quits. >> the lord has a purpose for me. >> reporter: leaving donald trump the last man standing for the republican party. >> we need strength in this country. >> reporter: trump has a big challenge uniting a party where key players aren't backing him. both b
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announced they won't weigh in on this election at all and this from massachusetts governor. >> some of the things he said about women and about muslims and about religious freedom i just can't support. >> reporter: trump says it's unfair, he's drawn record millions and he's already getting calls of support from people who criticized him. >> one call are who said such bad things, i said how can you pivot back to me? he said don't worry about it, they're politicians. don't worry about it. >> i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: and don't count out bernie sanders. he still out in kentucky campaigning hard. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. >> a bombshell claim this morning from the same man who first exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail address. the romanian hacker said he also gained access the
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secretary of state's server. he said the server was completely unsecured. when pressed, he could not provide any documentations to support those claims. you can see the man behind the claims tonight on "nightly news" at 6:00. >> take a moment to double-check your voter registration. some voters who thought they were good to go for next month's primary aren't. until a few months agos registration process for new residents was all set but often people forget to sign. >> police say a man crashed a car and ran from the scene. his partner in crime was a furry friend that was perched right on his
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police tweeted saying we can't make this stuff up. they eventually caught up with the man that the monkey business started when the man sped by a state trooper driving at 112 miles per hour. >> happy cinco de mayo. president obama mark the celebration with a ceremony at the white house. grammy award winning mexican rock band manya is set to perform during the recession. and some of hollywood's biggest stars are getting behind the new african-american history museum opens in washington, d.c. half of the $545 mii
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the federal government lieaving the smithsonian and others to make up the difference. >> it was wonderful for people who you don't know say i want to give a million dollars towards this museum. >> tonight at 6:00, i'll take you on an exclusive tour led by the director, lonnie bunch. >> one in five young adults in this country will experience mental illness. today is natural children's mental health awareness day. as part of our changing minds campaign, we are working to help parents and teachers know when you should look for help for a child in your life. >> whether that's a change in sleep, behavior, school, anger, socialization with friends, if you're seeing something, you got to take that seriously. trust your gut and go seek help. >> and you can be part of a national conversation on child
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mental health tonight. aaron gilchrist will moderate several discussions with mental health experts and young people on a webcast at 7:00 p.m. on nbc >> there are lots of disappointed caps fans throughout this morning. what the team must now do to get past the pittsburgh penguins. >> and student built. a look inside the house high school students built and hope to sell for nearly hala millionf d
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the quest for the cup could be close to an end. the next game is back here in d.c. carol maloney talked to the players who said they can do it. >> a sensational season. caps on the brink after a 3-2 overtime loss here in pittsburgh. caps trailed 2-1 when karlsson goes top shelf and ties the game at two. we head the game in overtime. mike weber can't get ahold of the clear, put it right in
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game winner. the caps trail the series 3-1. >> those are always tough. that's why it's sudden death. that's what it feels like. dig ourselves a hole and see if we can dig ourselves out a little bit. >> we just got to reach back and grab more and grab more. you know, i think we're capable of it. >> looking forward, you know, our backs are against the wall and most important game of our lives coming up. >> after winning the first game of this series, the caps have now lost three in a row, tying their longest losing streak of the season. game five back in d.c. at verizon center. >> even all-stars get to be fans sometimes. take a look at this. that's pittsburgh pirates pitcher garrett cole. he was at the hockey game last night, appareny
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then he received some kind of warning for rapping on the glass. >> it is the house that students built. kids in prince georges county foundation for applied construction technology for students facts, as it is known. a dedication ceremony is happening today. the school will showcase the 4,400 square foot home before it goes on the market. >> they get the opportunity to work with different contractors, they get to see the actual pace in the field compared to what it like in the classroom. >> this is incredible. i was not thinking on that wave length to be able to build an entire home. it took them about eight months to build the home from the ground up. the money from the sale of the house goes backo
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group facts. >> you likely missed out on that powerball in january but after no one won the prize, the total is up to $415 million. >> alberto is causing a buzz on social media after he created a giant bubble. look at that. he also managed to hold on to this long enough for it to get caught on camera. he got his own pedestal for a short time but it's 15 minutes of fame. that's a long time to keep a bubble going. alberto eventually built his own bubble literally. >> of course. what else is social media good for. >> 15 minutes, though. >> that's so funny. he must have been really bored.
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weather. when are we going to get some sunshine? >> we've got about 48 hours of this and then this weather will finally break. we've got rain for the next 48 hours. this is exactly how it's going to be, today and tomorrow. it's also going to be chilly. temperatures are going to be in the 50s. we should be in the lower 70s right now. could we get sunshine for the reason? i'm not going to make you wait for that. we are going to have sunshine for the weekend. thank goodness. temperatures are now stuck in the lower 50s. i think maybe mid, possibly upper 50s as we head into the afternoon. 57 might be a high today. we're going to have drizzle, we're going to have showers. it's going to be cool out there. just know to grab that umbrella has you head outside. what's happening is we've got an area of loow pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere. there's another area of
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this is why we're going to be stuck in this pattern for tomorrow as well because rain is going to start moving in this way. eventually, it will move up the coast and out of here while we still can have a rain chance on saturday morning and certainly some rain chances tonight if you are celebrating cinco de mayo, temperatures will be in the 50s -- >> what is that graphic? tacos? >> it's tacos. i thought you'd appreciatethat. we had a history, erika and eye, about cinco de mayo. i couldn't find the battle of pueblo. i thought that was a little dreary to put on the map. >> the low transfers its energy and then we'll have more moderate rain tomorrow morning, tomorrow night as you head home unfortunately, we will have that rain, possible early saturday. but we're going to break out the sunshine, if you're
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susan g. komen race for a cure. mother's day is on sunday. if you're going to take mom out for brunch, i've got a forecast for that. >> meanwhile, improvements to a very dangerous stretch of road in montgomery county, along the 600 block of east gude drive in rockville. a deadly accident has people calling for more change. a man in a wheelchair was killed as he was crossing the road using the walkway. >> he didn't quite make it crossing the street with the timing of the go and everything. plus the cars don't always make it stop. >> this new signal is actually part of an improvement to the dangerous section of road. it seems that many
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travel well above the 40 mile-an-hour speed limit in that area. so please be careful as you're traveling through there. >> an incredible story of survival. a woman rescued after six days trapped inside rubble of a collapsed building. more on her story and the pictures from the joyous story coming up. >> and in canada, more forced to eva
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mplete breakfast we've got breaking news at this hour. i want to show you this picture of a giant fire. this is burning down a warehouse in houston, texas right now. the fire started about an hour and a half ago. it's not clear how it started and it's going to take some work to get this under control. several businesses have already been evacuated. dozens of firefighters on the scene, not clear if anybody's been injured. we're going to keep on top of this story and bring you more as we get it. >> incense and frightening. a little boy is missing. and the spotsylvania police department says he could be in severe danger. >> we brought this picture to you all throughout the morning. we want to make sure you see his face and know it wel
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there's a frantic search going on right now. if you see the little boy or his father, please call police. >> and we're tracking reaction to an announcement made. new oversight for the makers of electronic cigarettes. they'll have to undergo federal review to stay on the market. the e-cigarette industry is strongly opposed to these changes which public health investigates are applauding. >> developing right now, a state of emergency in canada. we told you tens of thousands of people were evacuated for those major wildfires. this video. today the spreading fires meant some of them had to move a second time. some 1,600 houses and buildings have been torched, absolutely destroyed by those flames. >> and dramatic video out of kenya where rescuers freed a collapsed woman. you can see them pulling her out alive. after six
11:31 am
for six days. the multiple story building that collapsed on friday after heavy storms in nairobi also had a 6-month-old trapped there. that baby was also retrieved from the hubbell, more than 35 others have died, though, and at least 70 are still missing. >> this new video that reportedly shows a firefight during an isis-led siege in iraq where a navy s.e.a.l. was killed. >> this video obtained by the british newspaper "the guardian" reportedly shows the pitch battle north of mosul this week in which american navy s.e.a.l. charlie keating was killed. dozens of firefighters broke through a kurdish front line in a well-planned and executed attack. american forces were
11:32 am
the kurds. under fire, more americans were called in for backup. while their faces are blurred, american sounding voices can clearly be heard. what is described as a u.s.-made helicopter flies overhead. nbc news has not authenticated the video. >> this is a large fight. no question about it. we think there are at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this fair li fairly complicated, complex attacks. >> nearly 60 attackers were killed. the 30-year-old navy adviser was shot and killed. he's the third american to die in iraq since the u.s. troops sent troops back to fight isis. >> that was richard engel reporting.
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>> i want to show you, this is the chaos that hurt four people and got a restaurant cook fired. you look at this. witnesses say a man driving a hummer rammed into the front door of the silver diner near tyson's corner, not once, not twice, three times yesterday afternoon. a restaurant spokesperson says the driver was a cook at the diner. they say the third time he floored it into the front door and the hummer burst into flames, but not before pinning somebody first. >> it was really horrible. it was full force on, and it looked like as soon as he got hit, he kind of passed out. >> restaurant officials say the cook had been on bereavement leave for about a month. charges are pending. >> tomorrow you get
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world without leaving the city. steve schulman along with his excellency david newman, botswana's ambassador to the united states join us this morning. tell us about this celebration, steve. it comes every year, this time of year. >> it does, passport is international cultural awareness in the district of columbia. our celebration starts tomorrow with flower mart at the national cathedral starting things off and saturday the big doings are along massachusetts heave where we'll have 40 embassies participating, opening their doors, letting people come in to learn about the arts, the culture, the dance, the cuisine. people have a chance if they're curious to take advantage of it from 10 to
11:35 am
this year. >> that's right. >> we have beautiful video of your country temperature te. tell us about that. >> it's a nice time to be here. we're celebrating 50 years of relations with the u.s. that is the delta, and you're probably aware of our conservation efforts as well. there's no hunting allowed in botswana. since 2014, we've had a hunting ban. so we really focus on eco tourism and conservation issues. >> i guess you can't bring the giraffes and some of the other wild animals over. what will we get to see? >> we would like to bring our diamonds as well. we're very well known of our diamonds. the second largest diamond ever discovered
11:36 am
botswana. it's about to be auctioned at sothebys. it started at 111 carats, but it lost two carats as a result of being polished. >> and these baskets? >> yes, they're made by the women in the region. and our food as well. >> i'm going to try to get there. sounds wonderful. >> it's going to be a very exciting day. >> you have a map that we'd like to show that shows all the e embassies participating. >> there are two major concentrations. one is at vanness d.c., district of columbia. and the other major
11:37 am
concentration is dupont circle area, where people can go along massachusetts avenue, new hampshire avenue we have a note of about seven embassy represented and then we have perimeter embassies like the african union mission, qatar and mexico and those might be easier to get into because there's not so much concentration. >> quickly tell me how people can get tickets to participate. >> everything's free. come to dupont circle or at national cathedral where we have an information booth, pick up a program, take a walk and enjoy. >> thank you very much. thank you for being here. sounds like it's going to be a great weekend because it doesn't look like it's going to rain. >> that's the big thing. >> thanks a lot. i'm really ready to make the trip. >> thank you, barbara. coming up after the break, a picture that you will want to see to believe. d
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we'll say is a very uncomfortable predicament. and as barbara mentioned, hoping the weekend looks a lot brighter than these past couple of days have been. we'll check in with lauren after the break.
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but still has the corn flavor. >> you don't want it to get too mushy. you're cooking it down a bit. >> krevenlth once the salsa is hot, going to add whatever meat and vegetable you want to add to it. roasted chicken that we have. >> you can just make a different kind, depending what you have at home? >> yeah. it could be anything in the world. and
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out the lime, spices, dried chile and salsa. >> okay. what else do you put in there? >> once you mix that up -- >> doesn't even have anything to stir this. >> squeeze of lime. few pieces of cilantro. and basically you want to take it off the heat at this point and cover t if you have a larger dish, let it sit for four minutes and that's it. >> that's it? perfect. >> all the flavors are built into the salsa. everything comes together pretty much instantly. >> throw it on a plate? >> yep. >> do you have garnishes here for me? >> i do. then you can have garnishes set out, make everything ahead of time. >> very nice. >> we have some radishes from our garden, few onions, carrots, chiles all marinated, lime and chile. that's it. enjoy. >> i'm not going to let you go without me tasting this. i don't know if this is going to be very neat but i'm going to
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taste it. mmm. so good. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> happy cinco de mayo. >> appreciate it. >> where's your plate? do we have some for barbara? those are pretty tasty. for breakfast, put eggs in them. they're amazing. >> scrambled eggs with chile is really good, too. i used to have that when i was a little girl. >> mark, please, we're ready for lunch. little known structure of the towering view of d.c.'s monuments. you might jog or bike right past each day without noticing the harmony of its wonderful bells. >> as the dutch remember the fallen of world war ii, they are hoping to restore what is a symbol of gratitude to the u.s. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver has a story you'll see only on news 4. >> reporter: that middle ground between the united states marine corps
11:51 am
jima, and arlington cemetery. most we met didn't even know this existed. >> you had no idea that this was here? >> no, no. >> did you know about that? >> we found that surprise on the way. >> reporter: it's the netherlands carolin. >> by my response, it's car carolean. >> a gift from the queen of the netherlands in 1952, following world war ii. >> moved here in 1960. it tells that story of thank you, a story of gratitude. >> that certainly is how the dutch see it. >> we were liberated by the americans and canadians and this was our gift to the american people, to say thank you for liberating us. >> reporter: just look behind me. arguably, this is the most impressive view of washington, d.c. but we're at the ground level. this? this is
11:52 am
let's head up. so we made the walk. no elevator here. seven stories to the observation deck. looking down on d.c.'s monumental skyline. as we walked right underneath some of the massive bells. we're about 70 feet or so up on the corillion. it's a little loud as you can here. the hope is to eventually allow the public, many of you to come up here and enjoy this view. it's going to take, though, repairing these structural problems. >> so what we're seeing here is dete detearioration of the skin. >> our goal is to bring back the educational component. bring back the life in the park. >> reporter: the ambassador hopes eventually more visitors wi
11:53 am
destination. if anything, to remind future generations of the past. >> we have to tell, especially the younger people, that it's not a given that we live in a free world like we live today. you have to defend that freedom that we are doing that. >> in arlington, virginia, david culver, news 4. >> well said. coming up, a look at what would happen if donald trump called
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so when donald trump locked up the gop he made a quick phone call to the president for some advice. ""the tonight show" with jimmy fallon has that footage. >> she's going to be tough to beat. >> are you kidding? she can't even put away bernie sanders. >> i know, right? what is it with that guy? you can't get rid of him. he's like glitter. you know how it is? you think he's gone four days like you're like -- what the [ muted ] you still doing there? >> just when you think he's dead, boom, he comes back to life. he's like john snow. >> no, no, wait. what are you doing now? why are you saying that without saying spoiler alert first? what's wrong with you? i mean, are you serious
11:57 am
now? you just ruined -- you just ruined "game of thrones" for me now. >> who cares? it's just a fake tv show. it's not even realistic. i mean, a 700-foot wall? come on. way too small. small wall. i want tall wall. >> oh, jimmy fallon. >> yeah. >> they just keep getting better as the election cycle progresses. >> interesting. we've got a lot to come, i think. >> yes, we do. >> the next few months. let's take a look at our forecast now. >> are you sure you want to take a look at this forecast? >> i'm not sure. >> i want to talk about that glitter. that was a funny line. rain today. maybe a shower early saturday morning and sunday morning. we'll clear out both days and warm up. in fact, we're in the 80s by tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. >> all right, thank you. >> that's it for news 4 midday. thank you so much for joining us. we'll be back on the air first at 4:00 this afternoon. >> hope you'll have a great day. tune in
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museum on the mall. a very beautiful building wi a lthot
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