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tv   Today  NBC  May 6, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news this is tod "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> al roker is in for his fourth consecutive hour of television. >> live tv. >> that's you. >> i can't stop the feeling. >> that's justin timberlake. this is the new song of the summer. >> that video -- who does it have in it? >> gwen
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who of entertainment. >> there's a movie called troll that's out. >> a dreamworks movie. >> a lot going on bobby thomas is back and she'll tell us what it was like to surprise a mom outside of chicago and take care of her four kids all under the age of 3. we'll see how she did in that department. speaking about moms we're honoring natasha hart. she was crowned military spouse of the year yesterday. such a beautiful story and we're so excited. check out our kitchen. we have my mom here. >> i have my daughter courtney. >> who is gorge. hello. >> and we did a surprise where all our moms came in. my mom has passed but my sister -- my mother was gorgeous and my sister is now channelling my mom. she looks so much like her. >> it was so funny you guy
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told we had to be at the studio and we were going to give moms on the plaza a surprise. well one by one our own moms walked out so we were freaking out. >> your mom was already here. you knew your mom was here. >> i knew she was coming for our show but i said you tonight have to get up so early. i'll see you. she was like okay bye. she was in the elevator making her way up. natalie's mom flew in. >> it was great and more importantly your mom came in and made it. >> when she comes it goes fast but she is getting to cook something else in the kitchen. it will be fun. >> it will be a good time. >> i got my sister to do the weather with me. >> what? i want to see? >> she is such a great geographer. >> your hometown of
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heights, ohio. >> shakerheights, ohio, here we are. >> point to it. >> there. >> right near cleveland. >> that's the west side of cleveland. >> no, this is eastern. >> this is eastern -- >> we're right here. >> you're looking at the map backwards. shaker is over there. >> oh. shaker's over there. he's right. >> do you know what i say when it's time to go to commercial? >> that's what happening in your neck of the woods. >> she watches a lot. >> hello. you were meant to do that. kentucky derby this saturday. >> yes. thank you. remember last year they were always talking about the horses. >> american pharoah. it hasn't had that kind of buzz but we d
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here. how does this work? >> ready to go? >> go. >> no, no, no. >> hold on. >> go! >> okay. this is obviously the deck is stacked. >> got it right here. >> look at that. this is unbelievable. >> do you know what the jock i can is listening to? >> oh, yeah. so you know, jimmy fallon thinks he knows who can predict the winner and he thinks it's puppies. he did the kentucky derby puppy off and here it was. let's see who won. it was -- m
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winning. >> how do you make it stop? don't even begin. we have to have a mint julep. because it is derby time. what makes this special. >> this thing costs $1,000. it's a pewter cup with gold plated straw. bourbon, syrup, mint and pecan and topped with edible copper flakes. the folks at woodford reserve said there are 100 available. you can buy them on derby day but it's not just a frivolous thing. the net proceeds are going to benefit the tepermanantly disabd jockey fund. >> that's sugar and gasoline. >> whoa. >> my head is going to explode. >> we have something weird we
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you guys know about snapchat, right? so the deal with snapchat you hold the phone up to anybody's face. >> right. >> this is making me log up. you hold the phone up to anybody's face -- anybody have a phone with snapchat on it right now? can i see it? >> this is a scam. so you hold the phone up and kathie lee and i did this yesterday. we got to see what our faces looked like. so hold on. can we show this video? hold on. so -- oh you can't see that. but that's me and kath. here's al roker. i'm supposed to tap it and it's supposed to pick up your face. al roker's face is indetechable on snapchat. hold on. i want to hold this up to your face. look, look. with jerry's face
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anything. but look when you go to al. oh my god. >> it did it! i needed jerry to jump start it. >> can i tell you something? we have tried to snapchat al a million times. it never works. courtney you even tried to do it. >> it didn't work. >> nothing works. >> we called snapchat and we said al's face is the only face that's not recognizable. congratulations. things are changing. they did say if you have a glare on glasses sometimes it doesn't work and they also say sometimes they check your hairline. >> such as it is. >> so we're going to play a game called the bald and the beautiful. we think you have the most recognizable head in television. >> okay. >> let's play it. here we go. that's our music for bald and
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>> bruce willis. >> oh it is. next. photo two. >> the rock. >> we're showing the eyes. it's giving it away. >> okay. next one. >> oh vin diesel. >> is it? >> who is that. >> l.l. cool j. >> pit bull. >> yeah pretty good. >> patrick stewart. >> oh, yes. >> all right. >> nice. >> so i like this. so being that it's mother's day, you're trying to figure out what to get your wife or mom for mother's day. do you think most men find women a mystery? >> i don't know why but i think they do. i think they do. >> well, here's how -- the app called whisper asks men to confess what confuses them most about women. here are some of the answers. why do
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phone numbers? i don't think that really is a surprise? >> but he's saying why doesn't the woman just say i'm not going to give you my number. >> they don't want to hurt anybody's number. >> i do 212-664-2214. >> there you go. also why do women get breast implants? men like natural breasts better. >> is that true? >> i believe so. >> well you should tell people. women don't know that. >> you should know that. >> how abthis one. why do women's say oh my gosh it feels so good the moment they take off their bra at the end of the day. >> the moment a guy takes a jock strap off it's the very same feeling. i really do. hey boys! >> all righty then. it's almost time to cook. we're going to cook with your
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daughter, my mom. >> and my sister. >> this again. she got to spend the day with hunky sailors on the hudson river. >> three generations in one kitchen. hoda's mom my daughter and my sister. after this. ♪s something earned not given. dedication means pursuing your passion. every day. healing is something we do. together. and together, we put veterans first. search va careers to find out how. fatigue can add years to tso sleep with this!n. garnier skinactive miracle sleeping cream.
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finally, i discovered the new tide and downy odor defense collection. tide gets out the yoga-aroma, while downy keeps them fresh all day. now, i don't smell like wet dog... i smell good. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide and downy odor defense collection. this is a first on our show. my mom sammy and al's daughter courtney are cooking together. it's exciting. >> they have come up with a couple of delicious recipes perfect for a weekend brunch for mom, dad and everybody. >> it's so nice to see courtney not working. usually she is behind the scenes making sure that everything works and now she gets to be out in front. >> working again. >> my mom loved making
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eggs and i said could we do something and you came up with a great idea. >> yeah. yesterday was cinco de mayo so why not use the left over avocado to make devilled eggs. >> like green eggs and ham. excuse me. >> so first, most important ingredient avocados to everybody knows how to boil an egg. >> mostly. >> you cut it and scoop out the yolk and you're just going to blend all the ingredients together. avocado. >> do you like cooking or did your dad -- did it come from al. >> i always loved cooking. >> when she was 6 years old she would go in our garden and pick out edible frau flowers and put them on the plate. >> how did you know? >> i don't know. >> one time we ate the poison ivy but that's
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>> it was fantastic. >> and then put it on and grind it up. and then you can scoop it with a spoon or piping bag. we have some here. do you want to try it? >> here, dad you try since you're good at this stuff. i don't want to wreck your world. >> try one. >> let's see. >> oh. nice. here's a little joke but i'm not going to do that. >> oh, god. >> those look great. >> then you just garnish with chives. i like cayan and they look awesome. >> simple and three minutes to do. >> okay. >> wow. >> excellent. >> chip off the old
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recipe. come on back. so my mom is making this pesto chicken. these are the ingredients, right mom? >> tomatoes. don't mind me. >> pesto. cheese, mozzarella cheese. >> what do you do? >> chicken you can use breast chickens or maybe dark meat if you want to. >> you put oil in the bottom of the pan? >> no. >> somebody did. >> so you just scoop the pesto on top and tomatoes and -- >> cheese in the pesto mom? >> no. >> don't push that. >> who is making this. >> my mom knows i know nothing about what's happening right now. >> yes you do. >> no i don't. >> put tomatoes on top and sprinkle a little bit of olive oil. >> olive oil
10:17 am
okay and then mozzarella cheese. >> put that on top of that. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> you know what, what i love about both of these -- >> give me that recipe marlene. >> hi marlene. >> they're both simple. >> and then put this into the oven for. >> 40 degrees for 40 minutes. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> should we cut that up and see how it is? >> try a little bit of that. >> thank you. >> very easy. >> that's a big piece. >> oh my gosh. delicious. >> great job today. >> okay.
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. all right. do you think of sun any days, warm breezes and cool mists? does that come to mind? >> it usually does but i guess not. especially when you take a trip with sailers on the hudson river. >> guys it was fast and i have to say furiously wet. just take a look.
10:22 am
formula one racing on water. these are not your typical boats. hitting seas at up to 69. that's almost 60 miles per hour. it's sailing gone extreme. >> it's the most exciting thing they can do on water. >> and a sport with this much adrenaline comes with some risk. >> you really need great guys that are able to think ahead and think while they're at exhaustion. >> the americans won back to back competitions. >> america's cup will stay in america. >> with the skipper at the helm. now the stage is set for a threepeat with the american team defending their cup in various races all leading up to the show down in bermuda. one stop along the way is hudson river. >> this manhattan skyline. statue of
10:23 am
to do on the water is foiling. do i want to do that or do i not? >> foiling is when the boat lifts up and literally flies above the water. it's an incredible feeling. little did he know i was about to join team oracle as their 6th man. >> i got my helmet and my sea lesson and i am ready to sail. >> after a bumpy boat ride i'm on board. >> i think we're foiling. are we foiling. foiling. check. >> but i quickly got promoted to a more hands on role. >> you guys they let me up. >> pack in. >> what is that? oh. what did i sign up for? oh my gosh. >> i don't know how these guys do this. wow. that's all i can say. this is
10:24 am
awesome! >> i just got off the boat. i'm hoping that they'll ask for a 6th man and they'll take me on the road. >> can i get a high five thank you. yes. you my man are the best. you promised a good time. so much better. thank you so much. that was really fun. thank you. >> i have to say these sailers are not only world class athletes they are true gentlemen and made me feel so comfortable on the boat and i had the ride of my life. >> you western terrified that you would flip into the hudson. >> yes i definitely was and i probably swallowed three gallons of hudson river water. >> but i'm impressed. i'm very impressed and shooting with your own gopro. catch the action this saturday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. sunday at
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we want them to grow up stronger.
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it's a good try day friday. al roker is in for kathie lee. welcome to week number four of the slim down. >> a lot of folks realizing they haven't dropped the five or ten pounds they put on. and hacks that could save your life. >> plus the two viewers trying to drop a few pounds. >> we're going
10:31 am
weight. this is from the time you started until now. let's look at her weight in the monitor and run it. >> way to go. >> one of the things she has to work on is what kind of foods. >> right. >> one of her favorite meals she works hard and doesn't have a lot of time to cook and she'll grab a take away. she wanted to lighten this up when she is cooking at home on the weekends or during the week. so we took this giant burger and fries with more than 1300 calories. >> is that right? >> that's almost her whole days calories. >> not to mention the sodium and all. >> exactly. so what we did to lighten this up. you want the same taste we slimmed down the bun and we used a flame grilled, a soy burger which has that meaty taste and alreadyze
10:32 am
fries and these happened to be sweet potato fries. so this is really quick and done in minutes but if she wants to cook at home and do something more she can get fresh white meat ground turkey. you use that a lot and form and burger and take a simple baked potato and use this olive oil spray. it's real olive oil you pray on and you'll bake it. >> what's the calorie difference? >> for about 400 calories you're have the taste of this. so this is for you. >> so her wedding date is october 8th in five months and she wants to warm up the core. >> we're going to work on our core so we want to do resistance training so we can shape our body. if you look like that we change the shape of that body. so we start on all fours. this is great for your lower back
10:33 am
pick your left hand up and kick it out and extend that leg and pull back in and extend out so you do about 10 or 15 on one side and then switch sides. after that we're going to hop up and do a marching prank. so switch and strong with the shoulders. alternate and keep your abs engaged. >> if you wanted to make this harder you come right to the ground up and down. so nice progression. >> that sounds good. cool. all right. it's your turn girl. all right. let's take a look at your before weight and see how we have done. >> good girl. >> should we head down. >> yeah. lasagna? >>
10:34 am
and she wanted a pretend lasagna. it's a small portion. portion counts here. instead of having all noodles we swapped half of the noodles for alternating layers of zuchini and eggplant. reduced fat cheeses and a little less of that and something that's going to give it a good pop is taking some high quality imported parmesean cheese over the top. >> you want to work on your arms, right? >> we'll start by working on the triaccepts so when we wave, nothing is moving here. hands right by your hips. feet flat. you're going to bend through the elbow and keep your chest up. come up and lock it out. feel the back of those arms. feels good. >> no special equipment. >> no, just a chair.
10:35 am
extend the seat out here. she is going for it. >> yeah. >> nice. how about that? >> excellent. way to go. >> thanks you guys. thanks so much. to get the lasagna recipe go to klg and >> the newly crowned military spouse of the year. >> beautiful coming up right after this. ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> it is no question life as a military spouse doesn't come easy. natasha hart knows that all too well. >> she and her husband have two daughters and patrick has been deployed four times for the marine corps. >> also a fierce advocate for military families making it her mission to give back to her local community earning her the honor of the 2016 armed forces insurance military spouse of t
10:40 am
year. it's an annual award created by military spouse magazine. >> we'll meet her and her husband patrick in a moment. but first more on her story. >> natasha is a 34-year-old mom that's been a military spouse for nine years. >> some of the most amazing people i ever met in my life are military spouses. we're strong. we're resilient. we have to uproot our lives every couple of years or so and replant ourselves somewhere else. >> natasha's husband is a chef in the marine corps which had the family move from city to city six times over the last ten years. >> being somewhere new without much support was a little overwhelming but i'm grateful for that experience because it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. >> natasha made it her mission to be an advocate for military families by giving back to her community in washington d.c. >> there's bigger needs and one was the homeless. especially with so
10:41 am
veterans here in the nation's capital. >> and she found a small way to help. >> it's a charity that i started about a year ago. it started out as just feeding the homeless and it evolved as still leading the homeless and it's evolved into service members that need help from time to time. >> she started packing bags with nonperishable foods and supplies for the homeless and handing them out to those in need. >> do you want to help me pack up bags? >> the support was amazing. it warmed my heart. i realized i was going to be able to make this more than a one time thing. >> thanks to the donations insh helps more than 100 homeless people each month. >> anything you can give someone. a little act of kindness or whatever it is it has the potential to be a blessing and change someone's day for the better. >> how awesome is natasha and patrick. they're both with us today. >> hi. >> how did it
10:42 am
called you? >> my heart was racing. there were six of us nominated and any one of us six could have been named but when they made the announcement i hit the floor. >> this isn't something you do alone. this is a team effort. >> absolutely. everyone has to find their village and i am so grateful and lucky that i have the spouses to do that for me. >> you pack up things and you give them away but i bet the bigger part of you do is listening because i can only imagine what a lot of families are going through and no one knows better than you but they need a listening ear sometimes. >> that's how it got started was just talking to the homeless people outside of washington waiting on him to get off work and hearing their stories and what they needed and i figured your needs aren't something that i can't manage. especially when it comes to
10:43 am
>> how much does in a tash wra inspire you? >> it's a great honor. i couldn't do the things i do without her support and inspiration and the things she does are just breathtaking. she gives up so much more of her time than i do honestly. and all i can do is sit back and reflect on the great things she does. >> we want to congratulate you and your lovely children happen to be here. we're so lucky and i think they have a little something for you. >> we put them to work. >> oh, they're coming with -- oh. come on out guys. sweet. how old are these little ones. >> she is nine and alex is four. >> hi guys. >> thank you for coming. you guys have a very cool mom and dad. >> god bless you and thank you for your service to both of you. >> thank you. >> from one hard working mom to another. >> find out why bobby took a baby sitting job for four little ones
10:44 am
>> hello. >> after these messages. >> ♪ you brought your own ketchup? yah! i promised my mom i'd stay off high fructose corn syrup. moms know best french's has no high fructose corn syrup. tastes great! french's... only real ingredients. s something earned not given. dedication means pursuing your passion.
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moms day off is sponsored by crocs. find your fun. >> so mother's day is this sunday. what better time to get. >> with the help of our sponsor crocs she gave another special mom a day off. didn't you? >> i did. it's not easy to raise one. but try four children. our mom brandy and her firefighter husband james have been married for six years. their oldest son tommy was born three years ago and 20 months later they welcomed triplets. identical. they are now 16 months old. now brandy spends her days running after four boys under the age of 3 while james is at
10:50 am
or more diapers. goes through about 63 to 70 bottles and does two to three loads of laundry a day. so her cousin nominated brandy for a mom's day off fit for a princess. so that's when i hopped on a flight to st. charles, illinois to take care of the kids while brandy and laura spent a fun day at the spa. >> my name is laura. i'm brandy's cousin. she is an amazing mom. she went from being a mom of one to a mom of four in the blink of an eye. i can't imagine how many diapers she changed and bottles she made. >> she's at home for the week with them when i'm working. she doesn't get many breaks. last time i had a vacation was 2.5 years before they even came around. >> i'm very excited for today and also very nervous. i can't wait to see brandy. she is going to freak out. >> hi
10:51 am
and hoda. are you brandy? >> yeah. >> don't be scared. >> hi. >> this is for you. >> oh, thank you. >> we hear you are one of the hardest working moms in america. we are going to spend you off to the waldorf for a day of pampering and you're going to leave your precious children with me. is that okay? >> can you handle it? >> we're going to find out what it's like to live in your shoes. >> that's the queue. >> this is all you need today. >> i've never done anything like this before. >> hi guys. >> came in at lunchtime so it's time to get started. >> here we go guys. >> hello. i nominated you for mom's day out. we're g
10:52 am
at the spa. it's going to be amazing. >> welcome ladies. >> come on in. >> i wonder what bobby is doing back at the house. >> it's okay. >> both at once. >> i'm going to get you. >> success. one, two, three. >> you helped daddy out. that's pretty cool. >> i never have a day for myself. i don't ever get to sit down and talk and have a meal. >> this is a great mother's day. thank
10:53 am
>> ready? >> tommy. this is definitely a two woman job. i don't know how she does this by herself. >> i got to get these guys out and back in. >> i'm so happy you're back. >> james was amazing. he was there all day long. i don't know how you do this. so we want to make sure that both of you get a night out. you'll have another babysitter hopefully. but we want to give you the gift certificate for a beautiful dinner just the two of you hopefully. get away. because you need it. >> thank you. >> thank you mommy for all
10:54 am
>> thank you. just p.s. that stroller without the children in it weighed 70 pounds. i bought a bottle of i
10:55 am
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what a fun friday. i want to thank my good friend al. keep coming back. i love you. next week we have jenna bush-hager and her mom coming to visit. >> and country singer thomas rhett and sugarland's christian bush. >> have i mentioned we're throwing a wedding. >> awesome mother's day to all the mothers out there and mom i miss you every day. >> i love our al.
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11:00 am
right now we are waiting to hear from metro's general manager. >> our transportation reporter adam tuss is at this news conference. we'll bring it you live live as soon as it happens. >> we have a lot of rain falling throughout the region. when can we finally see some sunshine? could it be here for mother's day weekend? we have your forecast coming up. news 4 midday starts now. metro's general manager is about to outline a new maintenance plans. >> it comes as dangerous incidents on


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