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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 6, 2016 4:00pm-4:56pm EDT

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individuals had been shot. two male three individuals had been shot, two male victims, one female victim. one of the male victims is deceased. the other male victim is in grave condition. the female victim is being treated at a local hospital. while we were at that scene, we got the report -- a 911 call of a report of another shooting at the giant food parking lot on connecticut avenue in aspen hill. a woman was sitting in her car and had been shot. she is deceased. while plain clothes officers had responded to the scene of the shooting in aspen hill, they were circulating in the area looking for any information or witnesses or any lookouts. one of the plain clothes officers observed a vehicle, a silver vehicle, that matched the description of a homicide that occurred in prince
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county last night. matched to that vehicle lookout. we had a description of the suspect from the homicide last night that was in that vehicle and the plain clothes officer spotted that individual at the duncan donuts in the northgate shopping center in aspen hill. they had this individual under surveillance, and when the individual walked back to his car, the plain clothes officers were able to take him into custody without incident. this suspect's name is eulalio tordil. he is in custody now with the montgomery county police department. with me is the chief from the prince george's county police department. we have been working in close
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george's since last night regarding the homicide that occurred in prince george's. they had passed along information last night, passed along further information that we got this morning regarding their homicide. that's one of the reasons that our officers were aware of the lookout and aware of the vehicle description from their case last night. and we have remained in contact and been working with prince george's since that time. >> good afternoon. i'm very sorry to come before the community as additional violence has occurred, but as the chief said -- and i would just like to reach out and thank the special agent and the superintendent and the chief and law enforcement throughout the metropolitan area. since last night, our investigators and our undercover a
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working to get apprehension on this vehicle. it is tragic we were not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed, but i am pleased with the fact that this individual has been apprehended. i'll be available to answer questions about the prince george's county incident and about the overnight. i'm going to turn it back to chief manger. >> afternoon. i'm the county executive here in montgomery county. it is always sad to come before the media when we have deaths that have occurred in our community. i want to thank and acknowledge overall the community. apologize for the inconvenience to our school kids, but more importantly to thank our law enforcement officers, especially those here in montgomery county who in cooperation with prince george's county and the fbi has
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can be proud of, but a job that that we have to come before and explain what happened. it pays for all of us to pay attention to the concern and the challenges that we face, but also recognize the great work our law enforcement officers do each and every day. i believe we are going to go forward with this investigation now. i would like to turn it over to your state's attorney. >> i want to echo comments about the extraordinary work of the montgomery county police department. we would not be here today if it had not been the coordination between prince george's county and montgomery county. because of the events that preceded the apprehension of the suspect in this case, to do this without incident, without additional loss of life, is an extraordinary effort.
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should be very proud of their police department. the suspect in this matter -- the events today unfolded very, very rapidly. he is in custody at police headquarters in montgomery county. the formal charges against the subject will be lodged within several hours. they'll be related to the homicides that have been spoken about here today and other possible challenges. by maryland law, the suspect will have to be brought before a maryland commissioner today on these charges once those charges are lodged. he will not be released from custody. he will be arraigned in open court monday at 1:00 in the afternoon in the rockville district court. i'm going to turn this back over to the chief. i know you have a question, but i'm going to let tom open it
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for questioning. a litt >> a little over an hour. [ inaudible ]. >> the victims today, the relationship between the suspect and the victims today we don't know. i mean, at this point we don't know of any connection, but that's still very early on in the investigation. that's certainly something we're looking at. [ inaudible ]. >> yes. the suspect was actually in several of the businesses here. knowing that the suspect was armed, knowing that the suspect had made statements about what he intended to do, we needed to make sure the public was safe when we took him into custody. our fear was that he was armed. since he had already shot four people today, we certainly did not want to have any other bloodshed here, so the plain clothes officers waited until it
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custody and that's what they did. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm sorry? [ inaudible ]. >> we had him under surveillance. he again was walking from store to store. at no point was it safe to take him into custody until we did. >> what kind of weapons did he have? >> the vehicle -- the weapon was in the vehicle when we took him into custody at his vehicle. i don't know the type of weapon it is. [ inaudible ]. >> i'm sorry. i don't understand your question. [ inaudible ]. >> my only reaction is that my officers had the well-being of the public in mind and kept him under surveillance and were
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and knowing of statements that he had made in the past, we did not want to endanger anyone and have a shootout when we took him into custody and that's why he was taken into custody the way he was. i can tell you there was some thought that he -- that may have been what he wanted. [ inaudible ]. >> say again. no. >> did he have a weapon on his person or just in his vehicle? >> at the time we took him into custody it was in his vehicle. i don't know if it was on his person. >> after the shooting last night, did he have specific other targets in mind?
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>> last night in the overnight george's county incident, our undercover apprehension team was working all the addresses we could associate with this individual and using phone technology and lpr technology to track the movements. we were not able to apprehend him prior to montgomery county this morning. i want to thank chief manger and his team. we had deputy chiefs up here. as sad as the events of this morning are, safety is restored. [ inaudible ]. >> when i came here this morning and many of you were probably here years ago when the snipers came here.
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morning. it was virtually in the same location. when the sniper committed those murders here in aspen hill, they went and did not leave the area and they ate in the same restaurant where we were having the surveillance here today which was an irony that was not lost on me. same boston market. we were in the same parking lot during the sniper shootings. [ inaudible ]. >> i think it is a coincidence. there's some information that the suspect that is in custody did live in this neighborhood at some point in time, so he came back to a neighborhood, i believe, he was familiar with. >> you didn't really answer jared's question when he was saying were there other people you were concerned he was going after. >> we associated him with several addresses. we went to those addresses not only out of concern that he would harm other
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prince george's county police officers and myself, we have not slept since last night in an effort to apprehend this vehicle. >> is there a belief the people today could have been related to some of those addresses or is it too early to tell? >> it is too early to tell. there is no immediate connection. we were able to talk to two of the individuals that have been shot. there's no immediate connection in relationship to the shooter, but that is still under investigation. >> thank you very much. we'll have more information in a release as that information can be confirmed and then put out to the media and the public. thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. you're watching "news4 at 4:00." we just heard from the montgomery county police department as well as the prince george's county police chief. we're getting new information that we have not heard
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now. he saidplain clothes montgomery county officer saw the silver car and the tags. he recognized it because of the information that prince george's county had put out and that's when he saw eulalio tordil walking in a duncan donuts at nor northgate shopping center. he then observed him, watching him go from store to store. we're getting insight into the decisions the police officers were making on the spot, minute by minute. they said we did not want to have a shootout. some of us thought that's what he wanted, so they kept him under surveillance. they made the decision to watch him, but not to engage him as he was out of the car walking from store to store, coming out of that duncan donuts. it was only when he got back to his car in the parking lot that they then surrounded the car. from the information that a witness told our own darcy spencer, police
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put his hands in the air and surrender surrendered. >> he has just been taken into custody in the past hour and has arrived in the past few minutes at montgomery county police headquarters. formal charges will now be filed g against him. he will go before a maryland commission. he will be held. he will not be given bail. there will be an arraignment. his first court appearance will be on monday at 1:00 in the rockville district court. ironically too, the location where he's been arrested is a neighborhood where he used to live. we just learned that. a neighborhood where he apparently was familiar with the territory. he was around there. as chris just indicated, police had been watching him. the shopping center northgate is just across the street from the aspen hill shopping center
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took place earlier today at westville montgomery mall in bethesda. two people dead this afternoon. >> i understand our pat collins is there on the scene. pat, what are you seeing, hearing from your vantage point? >> reporter: well, this is where the takedown occurred. it came peacefully. as they moved in, they cornered his car with a number of trucks, pickup trucks. they yelled for him to get out. the cops had their guns drawn. they had a sniper rifle on him. he put his hands up. he came out, put his hands on top of the car, and they took him down and handcuffed him without incident. he had been under observation here at the northgate shopping center maybe over an hour. they saw his car here first,
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then they spotted he went to the rite aid over there. then he went to the duncan donuts. he went to the boston market down there. he actually stopped in and got something to eat. he got a salad and a bottle of water, but the police didn't want to make a move because he had made threats. he made threats that he was armed. he made threats he was going to hurt someone, so the police waited until they could get him alone, until they could corner him. so when he came out of that boston market, when he got into the car, that's when the cops made their move. that's when they made the arrest. here now from chief manger has he described the strategy as they hunted this killing suspect down. >> the suspect was actually in several of the businesses here. knowing that the suspect was armed, knowing that the suspect had made statements
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he make sure the public was safe when we took him into custody. our fear was that he was armed. since he had already shot four people today, we certainly did not want to have any other bloodshed here, so the plain clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody and that's what they did. >> reporter: so again, as he moved into that car, that's when the cops made their move. they cornered him with their trucks, with their undercover vehicles. the police with guns drawn ordered him to get out of the car. they got him. they cuffed him. they got him out of the way. they don't know why he shot the people he did today. they don't know if he knew the people. why did he choose this particular shopping center? police say there was evidence he lived around here sometime ago and maybe familiar with this. they're trying to sort
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all of this, but again there'sn that this murder suspect is in custody. chris and pat, back to you. >> incredible. i just want to follow up on something you just described because this was an incredibly tough call. they are watching a man who they believe has already murdered several people is a trained law enforcement officer and is armed and they're making the conscious decision to hang back. that is a very, very tough call to make on the spot. >> reporter: indeed, chris, but it is a call they figured they had to make because this man had threatened to do more harm. he had threatened to take more lives. and they knew he had a gun. they knew he had a weapon. they were scared if they approached him in the drugstore or the duncan donuts
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that boston market where peopled have opened fire. there may have been more victims. they were patient. their patience paid off, and they got him without incident. >> pat collins reporting live there in aspen hill where police have taken the suspect in the shootings into custody. let's go to montgomery mall where those three shootings that started this all this morning took place. chris? >> reporter: well, pat, i want to set the scene for you. behind me, you see a tow truck. this is the second. there will probably be a third towing the vehicles of the victims from the shooting here. to recap the day for those just joining us, it started at 11:15. there was a woman getting out of her car and going into the macy's here in the parking lot. a man came up. he said is that your car? before she could answer, he shot her.
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they were shot. both at close range with shell casings surrounding them. and a third one. they were all transported to the hospital. one of those men died. let's hear now from a witness to the shooting. >> i heard about eight gunshots, four at a time, four quick ones, boom, boom, boom. i said that sounds like gunshots. i heard boom, boom, boom again. i said those are definitely gunshots, so it's got to be coming from around here somewhere. >> reporter: now what we just learned is there was a montgomery county police officer patrolling up here in plain clothes, in civilian clothes. he immediately got out. he discovered the shooting. he called it in. there were also some people here. one was jose gomez. and he came to the aid of the woman. the offi
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compress, holdes and f three people here atmeti westfield montgomery that started all of this this afternoon. gunman left and that's when he went up to aspen hill, shot a woman in the giant parking lot, and was hours later captured right across the street. that's the latest in montgomery county. back to you. >> chris, this answers one of the questions we've been wondering most of the afternoon about that mall, about that location with three people shot there and one of them dead why they didn't shut down the mall, why they allowed customers to come and go, why it was just business as usual when they were searching for a suspect. >> reporter: well, that's a good question, but as a police officer said this afternoon, that is not our jurisdiction. th
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mal westfield montgomery's call to make. the gunman left. then a half an hour to 30 minutes later, there was another shooting so it appeared the danger passed to another part of montgomery county. there was a decision not to close the mall. i was inside the mall after the shooting, and people were going about their daily affairs. it didn't look -- there were women who were having lunch with their children in the food court. there were people in the shops, including macy's. out here there was a crime scene, but in there it was business as usual. >> chris gordon live in montgomery county. >> we want to take you back to the aspen hill shopping center. darcy spencer and her photographer ron, they're on the scene. they hustled over on foot as police were takie ining
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custody. >> reporter: well, chris, that's right. when you think about this guy was really under our noses the whole time for three hours, the shooting took place in this parking lot just before noon. the takedown was just before 3:00. this is the shopping center where the shooting happened. look at this kohl's. it is in the backside of the parking lot where the arrest happened right outside the boston market restaurant, so very, very close by. this guy apparently drove out of this parking lot into the parking lot of the next shopping center where pat described how he spent his afternoon, but it's incredible to think he was so close by that entire time. also interesting when we think back that meagan mcgrath reported earlier that reporters
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insight that they had some clue that he was not far from the shooting scene. what you're seeing here is what's left over from that deadly shooting scene outside the giant shopping center. we are at connecticut avenue at aspen hill road. after shooting three victims allegedly at the montgomeryville mall, he drove here and shot and killed a woman. that woman has not yet been identified. chief manger doing his press conference did not indicate the victim, who she was, where she's from. that's one thing we're hoping to find out. we did see that the victim was shot apparently right outside of her car, and that car was towed from this area a short time ago. police are still here collecting evidence, doing some
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it's a much s scene than we've seen today. you're going to hear from the man i interviewed while this was still happening. he had a little sister who was in school on lockdown. >> well, i'm kind of quite shocked. i have a little 12-year-old sister still in school. they just called my mom saying everything is locked down. i'm kind of in shock that this happened right close to my house and everything. this is dangerous. people should be careful out there. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see this police presence is still here, but if you look over here to my right, you can see a police officer is now taking down some of the yellow caution tape. that's an indication that things are settling down. they're beginning to wrap up their investigation here at the giant. the suspect is in custody and everybody breathing a little bit easier at this hour.
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>> you can see right thereris, with their umbrellas out. the rain coming down. we heard it pouring when the chief was giving his press conference at the top of the hour. >> in fact, it is a weather alert day. let's get the latest on all of this rain and when it is going to stop, doug. >> that rain coming down moderate to heavy at times. we'll continue to see the rain through the rest of the evening hours. that rain coming through montgomery county very heavy right along 270. all the roadways are going to be messy tonight. i-95 also seeing some rain. the area of low pressure, take a look right here. watch this little spin right around cambridge. that's where the area of low pressure is. that's why we continue to see this rain moving in towards the east. damascus, around clarksburg, heavy rain,
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fredericksburg and warrenton. coastal flood warning in effect for d.c. it means areas like haynes point. that's about it. this is not river flooding. this is tidal flooding. same thing down towards st. mary's county. advisories along the chesapeake. maybe around alexandria, you may see some of that. right now you can see the rain coming down. 54 degrees. temperatures held down once again by all this rain. here's future weather. notice what happens tonight by about 8:00. we start to see a little bit less going on. still raining. if you're heading out on your friday night, take the umbrella. at 11:00 becoming more spotty, but still need the umbrellas tonight. it's going to be rather wet. early tomorrow
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7:00 a.m. o area at all the ra for the most part is all but done. still dealing with the cloud cover. i think by late tomorrow afternoon, 3:00 or 4:00, we'll see some sunshine. next couple of days, 67 on your saturday, 73 on your sunday. 70 on monday, 72 on tuesday. we were thinking 80s on tuesday. doesn't loo
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breaking newstoday. right now the suspect is in police custody following the killings of two people today and the woundings of two others and a shooting yesterday in beltsville. this is pictures of -- these are pictures of police taking into custody 62-year-old eulalio tordil, a protective services agent wanted in connection with those shootings after a day of fear, of lockdowns, and finally surveillance that leads to his arrest just a short while ago. >> when you look at the iconic names that are associated with this story, a high school, a giant, a macy's, a duncan donuts, a lo
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lot of us go to every 4: tordil, is in custody scheduled to be arraigned on monday. this after the two people were shot and killed earlier today. >> two others were wounded at two separate crime scenes there in montgomery county. one of those men died at the hospital. and about 30 minutes later, a woman was shot and killed just outside the giant grocery store at the aspen hill shopping center. >> police believe the shootings at these two locations were indeed and are connected. the suspect is the same man wanted in the shooting yesterday at high point high school in beltsville, the shooting of ad
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the custody order in place. he had been ordered to return to his weapons and had been known to want to commit suicide by, quote, cop. >> yeah, we want to go now to meagan fitzgerald. she is live outside the macy's at westfield montgomery mall. she's going to give us a little more context in terms of what it was like for the people who were there, who were watching this happen. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, chris. certainly some frighting moments this morning around 11:13 when montgomery county police got the initial call of shots fired in this parking lot. this investigation is starting to conclude. we have montgomery county police out here. for the last hour they've been picking up evidence from the crime scene here, and just within the last five minutes
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so, they've begun the process o this crime scene tape here that you see that blocks out of a decent size perimeter around this parking lot so that police could conduct that investigation that they've been doing in the rain for the last several hours. we want to show you some video that we shot earlier this morning when we were out here. you can see exactly where this horrific shooting took place right in the middle of the parking lot. you'll see evidence on the street here of what looks like articles of clothing and bags marked with crime scene markers. the chief, the assistant chief, told us that this morning at around 11:13 the suspect approached a woman, opened fire, and it was two men, good samaritans, who reached out to try and help her. that's when the gunman opened fire on those two individuals. the assistant chief saying sadly,
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those men another, the woman is with non-life-threatening injuries. the other man is in critical condition. police were very diligent and very -- worked very hard to try and piece together all of the pieces of this investigation as it unfolded throughout the day, but we were getting updates. in fact, we heard from the assistant chief who gave us a little bit of information about this suspect being connected to other crimes. take a listen to what he had to say. >> thankfully it was without incident. he has since been taken to our headquarters for further questioning. we do have reason to believe that this incident and the one in aspen hill, potentially the one also in prince george's county at high point was in fact related. that will obviously be further
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unanswered questions here t bto. one of the questions that was asked is why were these individuals targeted, was there any connection with the victims and the suspect. at this hour, investigators tell us they don't know. it's what they're working to determine. while things are wrapping up out here, we know that this investigation is far from over. back to you. >> or even for that matter, why the mall? why the grocery store in particular? i know a lot of people were trying to connect these dots. this happened in prince george's county. now you have something out here at montgomery county at the mall. they said it was possible he lived in that area at one time and came back to a neighborhood he was familiar with. it can be hard to figure out with the video, but you being there on the scene, how close was all of this to, say,
4:36 pm
entrance w walk in and out of m? >> reporter: it's a good question. we're literally just talking yards yards away from the entrance of the macy's. this happened right in the middle of the parking lot here. as you mentioned these unknowns about an incident that happened in prince george's county and then an incident happening in the middle of the parking lot of a mall, that all added to the fear that a lot of people had today not knowing where this potential suspect would strike next. certainly a sense of relief now knowing that this suspect is in custody, and police believe that he is connected to three different horrific crime scenes. >> all right, meagan fitzgerald. great work out there, meagan. live at montgomery mall in be
4:37 pm
bethesda. >> e t since 11:00 about this protective order against the gunman. apparently we're learning now from pete williams and our tracee wilkins in prince george's county that protective order included allegations of sexual abuse of two minors. that protective order issued back in march. it had to do with his wife who was murdered last night outside that prince george's county high school yesterday afternoon. well, now we have a completely additional picture painted. not just gun violence, but a picture of perhaps sexual abuse involving two young children. that's what we're reporting now. we're getting that news from pete williams and our own tracee wilki wilkins. we'll have much more on this coming up at "news4 at 5:00." >> gladys tordil has two
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any other day we would have been talking about the weather right from the top of the show because it is a weather alert day out there. >> give us the next step her
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hey, that was adam tuss ght temperatures at 54 degrees. that's about where we've been all day. this rain is going to continue, but it is going to lighten up at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. moves up towards the coast of new jersey. you can see this overall counterclockwise pattern of some of that rain. it is more moderate in some spots. eventually it is going to move on up and it is going to take the rain with it. we are going to keep some rain throughout the overnight and some scattered showers and drizzles. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll be right around 50 degrees. there could be a few showers early. we have some graduations through the day tomorrow. we do have the sunshine. we have the susan g.
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heavy rain. it will lighten up after about 7:00 or 8:00. go into scattered showers into the overnight. then we will start to see some drying on saturday and definitely on sunday as well. temperatures by sunday, mother's day, low 70s. there could be a chance of showers late, but also we've got showers monday, tuesday, and wednesday. temperatures are going to be right around 70 degrees. a change for wednesday. metro just made a major announcement that's going to effect all of us. even if you drive, this is going to effecyou too. >t >
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we're continuing our coverage of the shootings today and an arrest in the series of shootings in prince george's county and today montgomery county. shootings that have left two people dead and three others injured. police have taken a suspect into custody. 62-year-old eulalio tordil seen here taken into custody right around 3:00 this afternoon after a day long and night long search for him in connection with shootings today at westfield montgomery mall and aspen hills shopping center and high high school in beltsville
4:46 pm
>> you're looking tweeting out developments as they came. we brought you this video live as they closed in around him. the hour from the montgomery county police chief they had him under surveillance. an officer saw him at a duncan donuts. they made the call not to engage him as he was going store to store. they hung back. they waited until he got to his car. that's when they surrounded him and they moved in. >> took him into custody without incident. he's now in custody and will be arraigned on monday. meanwhile, we're going to shift gears because we're following this other big story that happened today, a story that will impact so many of you that are commuters across the region. >> this is an ambitious new plan for metro. it is going to call for several lines to be shutdo
4:47 pm
period of time here. ad impact of this arrangement atmetro. so what is metro going to do and what's the timeline? >> the general manager laid it on all today. we're talking about massive k be shut down completely for a week or more. pentagon city to national airport. eastern market to
4:48 pm
metro says it doesn't have enough time to get in there and work on the tracks. if you're only working late at night, half your time is spent setting up the equipment and breaking it down. you're not getting in there to do the work that you need to do. the general manager thinks if we should down sections of track for a week or month, you have a continuous set where you can get in there and work around the clock and make significant repairs. a lot of people are wondering what were they doing the last five years. they're not going to be doing the same things they were doing over the past five years. as a matter of fact, what they're going to be doing ais rebuilding the system from the ground up. they're going to wipe all that out and bring in new rails. it's going to be
4:49 pm
the maintenance while the training are still running. water gets you shouunder the tr it stays there and causes the kind of situation that we saw yesterday. >> that's the thing. do you want to continue with the way the service is now? in some ways, i don't think metro minded that video that we saw yesterday that was so shocking from federal center southwest because it shows the state of the current system if we don't do anything about it right now. a lot of riders have been saying we've been waiting and waiting for this to get fixed. a lot of riders are okay with this plan, but they wish that metro didn't charge rush hour fares when they're going to be single tracking and metro doesn't have any plans to change rush hour fares. >> you're so wired into transportation issues across our region. and
4:50 pm
tuthis >> when you have this much of a hows itng effect the hov lanes, people working from home, all of this? >> one of the things the general manager is doing right now is he presented this plan in a draft form today. all the local jurisdictions, the congressman, the local mayors are getting a chance to see it, digest it, and figure out how they can best tune their transportation plans to what happens. this doesn't all hit at one time. it's not like it is june and, boom, it is all there. it gets rolled out over the course of several months. in october, this section of the red line is going to be effected. what can we do to make sure the traffic signals are timed differently? the general manager wants local jurisdictions to come back to
4:51 pm
they think they're going to be able to pay for all of it internally. >> is there a plan to accommodate the rail riders who will be inconvenienced? for example, during the 15 straight days starting in june. will there be shuttle buses? >> one of the things they were doing in fact, pat, is they have brought in a whole host of new buses. they're bringing in new bus operators specifically for this. chicago shut down a whole line of their system. shuttle buses in some cases would take you to another rail line so you could pop over and get back to another train. that's the kind of thing that metro is working on right now. a lot of people at uber and lift are happy. metro might be fine with that. it's that serious and that severe of a problem right now. metro is an agency in crisis. if nothing happens, i
4:52 pm
downward spiral. >> at least a year? >> the fixes are going to take a year, but after the year you'll see long-term benefits for decades. >> if people move away and find other options in this area, do they come back to metro when things are fixed? >> we'll see. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> metro's general manager is going to join adam this sunday on "news4 today." we invite you to tune in at our 9:00 a.m. hour. >> we'll continue our coverage in the arrest of the shootings
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live pictures of the suspect taken into custody about a couple of hours ago. 62-year-old eulalio tordil, a protective service officer taken into custody in connection with three shootings today at montgomery mall and one at the aspen hill shopping center. two people dead today. he is a suspect in the murder yesterday at high point high school in beltsville of his 44-year-old wife. >> he's going to go before a maryland commissioner today. he will be arraigned in rockville on monday. also, as you have seen our reportersa
4:56 pm
aspen hill, outside incessantly. right at the top of the hour when we brought you that live news conference from the chief of police, you could hear the torrential rain coming down behind him. any other day, we would have been intensely focused on the weather. it is a weather alert day. let's go to doug. >> what we can expect is that continuation of the rain right on through the evening hours. then we'll start to see things lighten up a little bit. you can see that rain continuing to just move on in here from the east. you can see the area of low pressure right in here. look at that little spin in the atmosphere. it's all spinning in off the atlantic and spinning right across our region. you can see areas of yellow, areas of orange, around the city of frederick. montgomery county seeing the heavy rain right along the potom potomac. you can see in and around the beltway it is going to be
4:57 pm
a lot of rain all across the region. farther down to the south, same deal. some locations already over an inch of rain today. we could see another 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. it's going to be a very rainy night. 50 degrees gaithersburg and ft. meade. temperatures average today 73 degrees. that's 20 degrees below average. we have started may on a cold and very wet note. if you're heading out this evening, obviously you want to take the umbrella with you. rain through 7:00. then it transforms over to showers around 9:00 and 11:00. temperatures into the low 50s. here's the storm itself showing that spin just sitting right over the region, and it is not moving fast.
4:58 pm
tonight. here it is on future 0, not quite as widespread. it is by 11 th we start to see the breaks in the air. we could still see showers on your saturday around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., but then very nice in the afternoon. highs around 67. mother's day looking really nice. temperatures around 73. could be some overnight showers. by sunday afternoon, we're looking good. 70 degrees on monday. 72 on tuesday. chance of showers here and a chance of rain on wednesday too dropping those temperatures down. that's the end of that. now the "news4 at 5:00." now at 5:00, it was the ending that couldn't come soon enough. he haunted us for hours, an elusive shooter in a silver car, attacking at random, a shopping mall, a grocery store. it was horribly familiar and
4:59 pm
then relief.rex nded breaking n coverage. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. you see it here live folks. two people were killed today, two others injured in separate shootings in montgomery county. the suspect 62-year-old eulalio tordil was taken into custody around 3:00 this afternoon. police believe he shot three people outside the westfield montgomery mall this morning, outside that macy's in the parking lot. one man has died. another man and woman are still hospitalized. minutes later, a woman was shot and killed at the aspen hill shopping. tordil also shot and killed his estranged wife outside of prince george's county high point high school last night. >> let's begin with that arrest. police and leaders from two counties came together as this case came to a
5:00 pm
the momentent and their patienoff. a takedown without incident. a takedown without any violence. a murder suspect handcuffed and in custody taken off the streets. this is how it all came to be. early this afternoon at the northgate shopping center, an undercover officer sees the suspect's car, that silver hyundai, withspot. they look around and later they see the suspect. he's wandering around here going from store to store. he went to the rite aid. he went to the duncan donuts. he went over there to the boston market and ordered a salad and a bottle of water. but he had threatened that h


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