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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 7, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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a sight we have not seen in nearly two weeks. you see it behind us. the sun is out. good morning. i'm david culculver. >> and i'm angie goff. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking when we'll be in the clear. hey, tom. >> yeah. the clouds are braiseaking up. sun in and out. clouds closing in producing more rain. not out of the woods yet. storm team 4 radar showing showers to the north tracking southeast and moving into our western suburbs shortly. north of baltimore, may be moving into our northern and eastern suburbs over the next few minutes. a look at rain chances the rest of the weekend and next week coming up this half hour. >> thanks, tom. check in with you then. new developments overnight in the shooting rampage that left many in our area frozen in terror. this morning 62-year-old eulalio
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the main suspect in three murders within 24 hours. now, all of this allegedly started with tordil killing his wife thursday. and outside high point high school. then wounding another person there. friday morning, police say tordil opened fire outside westfield mont gumly mall, killing one man, injuring two others and the final killing outside a giant store in a parking lot. >> team coverage. derrick ward learning more about the lives lost and the loved ones left behind. but we want to begin with nbc's pete williams live outside the montgomery mall. >> reporter: good morning to you. learning more about eulalio tordil and his background and what may have led to the shooting. he served in army reserves, a long career in federal law enforcement, recently with the federal protective service from the department of homeland security that provides security for government buildings. his job,
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security employees, but within the past two months, the department put him on administrative leave, in late march, and ordered him to turn in his government-issued badge and weapons. he was accused of trying to defraud a federal program aimed at helping law enforcement officers and had to pay hud nearly $16,000. now, this wife gladys got the restraining order against him in march claiming that he was abusive to her, she said in court documents he once slapped her so hard he broke her glasses and she also claimed he was sexually abusing her two stepchildren. that's when he was placed on administrative leave, and then everything began to unfold on thursday with the shooting. her fatal shooting at the school and thursday -- on thursday. in beltsville. then the two shootings here at the mall. police say they kept him under surveillance after they saw his car just across the street from the scene of the second shooting, watched him go into three
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donu donuts, a craft store and watched him casually eat a salad. when he came out, got into his car, that's when they swarmed him. several of their patrol cars ramming into his car blocking him and he was arrested without incident. so he'll be appearing in court on monday, they say, to formally face these charges. >> nbc's pete williams, live outside west hill montgomery natural. pe mall. families gathering at the site of one of those deadly shootings, actually where pete was rice there. >> and news 4 derrick ward is outside the growing memorial in bethesd bethesda. a sard morning indeed. >> reporter: all memorials are like that, this one particular. this is a mall seen as gathering place for a lot of folks. certainly nothing like this was expected. you can see the memorial is indeed
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yesterday, reports of a shooting. three people shot, what police found. one woman, two men. both men came to the aid of the woman and one died. he was identified at malcolm winffel, a father of two. another woman killed in a giant grocery store 40 minutes later. no identification of her yet, but the family of mr. winffel has actually showed up here at the memorial and we spoke with one of his cousins. >> senseless killing. you know? it's wrong. >> reporter: and she says, she had no idea until calmed from other family members. starting this, the death of gladys tordil. estranged wife of the gunman. shot at a
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went to pick up her daughter. it remains under investigation. the grieving cannot wait. now the community will rest easier, still mourning the loss of two people. live in montgomery county, derrick ward, back to you. >> thanks, derek. gladys tordil's two daughter was planning to go to college in the fall. a link to a fund-raiser started by friends. search childrens fund-raiser in the nbc washington app and on a link, help the family of the man who died at the mall there in bethesda trying to help that woman. they've set up a fund, too, to help with funeral costs. >> angie, as this was unfolding yesterday we were in touch on social media. those who live here during the beltway shootings are couldn't help but see the similarities. how close yesterday the chaos was to the spot where the sniper shooping began 14 years
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lee boyd malvo and john allen muhammad fired their shots at the same shopping center where tordil was arrested, just across the street from the giant parking lot where the woman was killed in her car. in that shooting in 2002, over the next 20 days the snipers would go on to kill ten people including two in aspen hills. we want to remind you to stay with news 4 and the nbc washington app. a lot will come up on this case. we'll continue to follow the new developments throughouted weekend and on monday the suss spektr is expected to appear in court. the time is 8:36. a disturbing story we're following. a search for a playground attacker. the dangerous situation that the 7-year-old is now fighting for her life. and right now massive wildfires are threatening thousands of folks. a rapidly growing fire that could double in
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a very disturbing story developing this is morning. a little girl fighting for her life after a strange man ran up and stabbed her while she was at recess. it happened in dayton, ohio. the second grader is now in critical condition. police don't know why she was attacked. the school was briefly put on lockdown. eventually dismissed for the day. still no sign, though, of that suspect. another milestone for the people of london as they elected their first muslim mayor. labor party politician sadiq khan. he was called divisive and accused of sharing
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that didn't seem to stick. ready for this. travel the world? >> yeah. i want to seat. >> you can do that, too. you don't even need to leave d.c. the beauty of it, commented around the world embassy tour, kicking off. you don't even need a ticket. that's the beautiful part of it. by the way, dance, music, and art. a lot of things to see. more than 40 entities participating. starts in about an hour and 20 minutes from now. 10:00 this morning, ends at 4:00. be sure, though to stop by the brazilian embassy to get a 25i69 of rio as we count down to the olympic games in august, and you can watch them right here on nbc. >> the dancing will be good. near the brazilian embassy as well. hang in there. the rain is almost done. tom is tracking the best times for you to get outside. maybe you need to catch up on that yard work or take the dog out for a walk. your forecast, coming up. ain
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the caps are put to the test as the team brings in its biggest challenge of the year to home ice. why their record so far may ind kate a sign of hope.
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ >> announcer: and now here's storm team 4 forecast. good morning. it is mostly cloudy now. rather chilly. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. storm team 4 radar showing light showers panhandle
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pennsylvania border and maryland. all tracking south-southeast. they may make they're way closer to the metro area later this morning into early afternoon. sun breaks out mid to late afternoon. most of the region highs, upper 60s. big changes on the way for mother's day and into next week in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. okay. so still speaking about the weather, but in other places. right now our neighbors to the north are praying for rain as this massive wildfire, or wildfires, i should say, in alberta, canada continues to grow. officials saying they could actually double in size this weekend. firefighters and emergency crews are working tirelessly to battle the flames amid some 80,000 people moved to more secure locations. the fire already wiped out neighborhoods. investigators aren't sure what sparked the wildfires. it is a win or go home weekend. it all comes down to tonight back on home ice for the caps as the team is
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stanky cup dreams alive. penguins made is a tough series. game five not expected to be easier. all of their last three straight losses by a single goal. this time the caps are facing elimination. >> this group is not afraid of where we're at. this -- we know where we're at. we're realists, but at the same time we know that we won a lot of games in is year. it didn't happen by accident. >> this entire season the caps have not lost four games in a row. face-off is tonight at 7:15 right here on nbc 4, and it is a big day sportswise. also a big day for hats. >> fascinating. talking about kentucky derby, as well as the virginia gold cup happening today. >> right. >> speaking of the derby, the 142nd run for the roses gets under way toda
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their jockeys getting in last-minute training on that mile and a quarter track. the favorites, nyquist, 3-1 odds and exaggerator with 8-1 odds. >> reporter: nyquist is the favorite in the kentucky derby this year based solely on being undefeated. also versatile, won over several tracks. a lot of good things to like about nyquist. >> of course, you can see who takes the big win right here on nbc. >> you have memories, changing the channel all day? no. keep it here. derby coverage with the run for the roses starts at 4:00, post time 6:34. then face justify tim-off time, mentioned, the penguins at capitals 7:15. a local college student's passion and determined worth ethic helped him create a new app that's taken off. >> sure is. earlier in the week i got a chance to meet this young entrepreneur a cool kid,
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>> reporter: for someone obsessed with planes, it doesn't get much better than this. >> very, very tight-knit community. everybody knows everybody. >> reporter: so determined to break into that community, at 17, he was looking for a job. for executive airport. high school wasn't fooled by the title. >> they calmed me the facility coordinator but i was really the janitor. cleaning the toilets, sweep hangar floors. scrub hangar floors. >> reporter: john eventually got promoted to be part of the ground crew, meeting pilots at the runway, working to keep the planes fueled, but that -- that's when he noticed -- >> there's got to be a better way to do this. >> reporter: instead of pilots calling in their fuel request this 21-year-old george mason university student thought -- >> pilots could order fuel on their phone, at the front desk. automatically goes to the fuel trunk. >> reporter: john created one called easy fbo.
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the gas station of the airport. >> the problem that john recognized, from handwritten orders, something thousands of people across america or the world have been doing for year, but it took an entrepreneurial mind. >> reporter: this university doctor mentored john, and proud when he saw john's hard work reward rewarded. the senior recently winning a university competition giving him $10,000 to invest in his new company. >> we have other contracts launching in june. the plan is to have a total of ten fbos on our data program by the end of the year. >> reporter: oh, and in his spare time john managed to get his pilot's license. >> the conference room. the glass table. >> reporter: he hasn't forgotten what it takes to keep this place clean. >> lots of windex on that. >> yeah. awesome guy with a bright future, no question. >> absolutely. speaking of bright -- >> put on our
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>> what did we write? >> can you explain this? and showed a sign coming out. everybody's talking about it. so ready for this stretch to be over. what was it? 11 days of rain in the forecast? >> today, measurable rain at national airport. some after midnight. today is the 11th day in a row of measurable rain at national airport. yesterday somebody tweeted, where's sun, tom? 99 million miles away. doesn't seem like it. a little peek this morning. the clouds closed back in much of the region. overlooking union station, a little breeze. we have, though, dried out and the light showers still on storm team 4 radar. patches of green here in the panhandle of west virginia into clark county in virginia. that may make its way into loudon here shortly. a little batch of moisture, a little bit of very light rain in carroll, baltimore county, may make it into ho
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anne arundel or prince george's county. otherwise, temperatures climbing into the low to mid-50s. planning a morning run, dodging puddles maybe an on and off sprinkle until 1:00. overall gradually drying. upper 60s during the afternoon drying out. going to a caps block party, maybe dining out tonight, partly cloudy. temperatures in the low 60s through the evening, and then by dawn on mother's day, the low 50s. afternoon highs tomorrow in the low 70s. a terrific mother's day, and then on monday, partly sunny, low 50s in the morning. afternoon highs upper 60s and a slight chance of an isolated shower monday afternoon and again on tuesday. and we'll have highs near 70 on tuesday. right now on wednesday and thursday, storm team 4 seven-day outlook looking dry. a small chance of a sprinkle or light shower wednesday and thursday. overall dry. partly sunny both days, highs into the mid-70s. our next chance of any
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significant rain or any thunderstorms looks to be friday. friday we could get some strong storms around. so stay tuned. we could make it into the mid-70s before those storms come on through, but showers in the morning maybe friday. then thunderstorms, perhaps, during the afternoon and evening hours. that's this coming friday. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thanks so much. they fight for our country and took to the skies in world war ii. the new battle for a final
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sorry we're still counting down to rio here at nbc 4 but looking this morning that officials are worried about security. a top security official in rio de janeiro say big cuts to the budget could mean a risk to the olympic games in three months. funds cut at $550 million, despite the slashes, the security say they're release 60,000 police and 20,000 soldiers to guard the games. about 1,000 world war ii military pilots are fighting yet again. this time for the right to be buried at arlington national cemetery. >> do you think mitt tear veterans are buried there every dap. what's the issue? these pilots are women. we have the story. >> reporter: elaine harmon flew military planes
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ii died last year and requested to be buried at arlington national cemetery but was denied. >> i decided that instead of just taking over an answer, we would fight about it. >> reporter: harmon and lorraine rogers are among 1,000 women non-combat pilots, who answered their country's call flying fighters and bombers across the country, helping train the men who flew into combat. these women, air force service pilots, always had to fight for their place. >> they just did not want the women. >> reporter: 40 years ago rogers lobbied congress for veterans. and benefits. >> down there on the hill, arguing. we all were. >> reporter: they won. including the right to be buried in cemeteries but not arlington. it's run by the army. in march the house unanimously agreed watts should be buried at arlington along with thousands of our female troops. the acting army secretary wants to see the women buried here,
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but the cemetery is filling up. >> there's about 10 million veterans that are ultimately in arlington national cemetery. but there's 100,000 service members. >> reporter: today about 100 female pilots are still alive. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> get ready to say good-bye to a piece of d.c.'s history. according to our news partners, the "uss berry" is on its way out. you can watch it go. the museum ship has been at the navy yard since the earl 1980s. its journey out starts this morning, actually already started. i believe around 7:00. right? going on about an hour. it will pass the park and the best place to see it the west entrance to the navy yard river walk. the "uss ber
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angeles. and this afternoon, get rid of the umbrella. tracking the last of 11 straight days of rain. talking about it on our facebook live chat, and how long the sun will stick around. also the new controversy in the race for the white house. imagine that? the key gop endorsement donald trump just picked up and the former president's contender claiming that he will not vote for either leading candidate. and we are continuing to follow new developments in the shopping center shootings. what we're now finding out about the suspected gunman. this, as a community is coming together this morningor the vi fct
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it is 9:00. the very latest on the deadly shopping center shooting, the one that rocked our area over the past two days. this morning, u lollia tordil is behind bars after a horrifying 24 hours in the metro area. already charged with first-degree murder after his estranged wife was shot to death outside high point high school on thursday. >> also the suspect in two shooting deaths friday. it took 35 minutes to kill a man and wound two others outside west hillses montgomery mall. then a woman killed outside an aspen hill giant. the suspect tordil heads back to


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