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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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somebody fall and then i was afraid to come over because i thought somebody was still shooting. >> tordil was taken down at a shopping center just miles away from the last shooting scene. as his car was being towed, he told police there is no one in the trunk, just a golf bag. tonight there will be a prayer vigil for all shooting victims. it is happening at the goshen united methodist church at 7:00 p.m. ♪ this week police officers will honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. national police week begins today. at 9:00 a.m., u.s. capitol police will hold a memorial service to honor four who died on the job. the 37th annual law enforcement officers memorial service happens at 11:00 a.m. it will be at the national law enforcement memorial in northwest d.c. and tonight at 7:00, there will be a memorial service for fallen prince william county police officers in
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starting today students at forestville high school can apply to transfer. it will closing because of dekrining enrollment. students who don't transfer will go to suit land in the fall. a meeting tonight will introduce staff from suit land and to talk with parents about any concerns they might have. it is 4:31. as we head into summer, we are always conscious about the risks mosquitos pose. and there year there is renewed concern because of the zika virus. by now you've heard the virus can cause deadly birth defects. we spoke with people at the mosquito squad about ways to prevent mosquitos from breeding in your yard. they say remember the five ts. tip, toss, turn, tarp and treat. >> they collect water. you want to actually take a cap worth of water and mosquitos can actual breed hundreds if not thousands
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>> they say that after a rainstorm is the best time to tarp and treat your yard. they say the mosquitos only lay eggs in standing water, so it's really the front line of defense. off to a chilly start. let's check in with chuck bell with 4 things to know. >> we were hoping last week that it looked like was going to be a nice warm-up coming our way, but that has not materialized and doesn't look like a big warm-up is coming our way. new week, same old pattern. the search for sunshine continues. i hope you got a view of it yesterday because more clouds are coming our way today and again the warm-up, thought we'd get back into the 80s, but that won't happen. the big question now, will we have any real chance to dry out. warm front just down to our south will be lifting in our general direction. that will increase rain chances with time. so grab the umbrella, even though it's not raining here early this morning, we're likely to have hit and miss
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around potentially as early as lunchtime, but then light rain moving into your evening plans. temperatures today foir50s and o mid to upper 60s. still on the chilly side. and we have a couple problems here and there that we'll talk about. here you can see inner loop and outer loop no major problems. have a little bit of road work happening top of the beltway there. we'll talk about that in a second. road work 395 north after duke street and southbound of a sister seminary, we have the left lanes getting by the work zone there in both directions here this morning. southbound after 100 on 95 here, we do have report of a crash. not seeing any slowdowns, so not too worried about that. out are loop after new hampshire avenue, and top of the beltway, road work there. two left lanes getting by that work zone as well. coming up, we'll take a live look at 270. >> it's one of the most exciting jobs, most challenging jobs i've ever had. so i'm enjoying it and
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have been fantastic. >> have you thought about walking away? >> and by wife has asked me that question several times, as well. >> exclusive news 4 interview, paul we'd at the time addresses the major safety issues facing the agency. he admits last thursday's fireball may not have been properly addressed by his staff. metro's culture problem with safety was part of a wide ranging interview you saw first on news 4. for the first time in metro's history, later this week wiedefeld plans to gather all 650 of metro's managers for a meeting. >> are you going to have to fire people? >> no. i may have, to but what you have to do is you have to get the organization again to perform the way it it should be performing. so that means bringing people along, it means training them, it means giving them the right procedures. >> the federal transit administration is calling on metro to take action on safety, including retraining all of its
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we posted adam's entire interview on the nbc washington app including an explanation from wiedefeld about why he won't reduce fares during the extended track work coming our way. just search metro interview. it is now 4:35. two drivers aretenced for a dea speed crash. salvadore and his 4-year-old daughter were killed in the crash in 2013. investigators say two driver were speeding down georgia avenue at more than 100 miles per hour when both crashed into the victim's car. the two drivers face vehicular manslaughter charges. just in, evacuations stopped, this is in alberta canada. this is a developing story we've been follow following all week. the wildfire finally slowing thanks to cooler air and also rain. this after 80,000 left their homes and mer
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burned. those who fled can't still return because there is no gas in the area or drinkable water. and voters in nep nbraska a west virginia there v. one more day before they make up their minds. wins tomorrow would bring donald trump closer to the republican nomination. over the weekend, he kret sized former rivals who are now going back on their pledges they took to support whomever becomes the gop nominee. >> he pledged that he would support the nominee. and so did this lightweight lindsey graham. >> other party members are supporting trump. among them, senator john mccain who said it was important for the gop to listen to the people who voted for him. on the other side, bernie sanders, senator bernie sanders, is still in the race, but hillary clinton has her focus on the general election. her latest criticism for donald trump and a look at who is ahead going this to tomorrow's primaries when tracie potts us j
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and that is just one of six walks the chicago cubs gave national slugger bryce harper on mother's day leading harper to set a major league record reaching base seven times without an official at bat. the cubs walked harper 134 ti t in the four game series. so their strategy might be working a bit because the cubs won. just into the live desk, dramatic new video of a twist he that touched down in oklahoma. a look at that and some of the damage straight adhead. and will weather stay dry? chuck bell is back w
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new video we just got into the live desk of a tornado it thissing o inhitting oklahoma. we have storm chasers here. a huge funnel cloud was reported and it touched ground for several minutes. heavy rain, flooding, golf ball sized hail. they got it all out here. the same storm system killed two in arizona this weekend and continues to move
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that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. it's 4:41. and chuck bell talking about another spell of wet weather, is that right? >> yeah, i wish that i had better news for you. we've started to grow moss on our backs. we will get some breaks of sunshine here this morning before rain chances sneak back in around lunchtime. outside early this morning, all dry as you look over downtown. current temperature now 45 at dulles international airport and temperatures in the suburbs will stay in the 40s the next couple of hours before rising into the 50s by 9:00 and increasing clouds, temperatures up into the 60s today, so your school forecast, kids probably need insulated jacket for the 40s outside at the bus stop this morning. should be able to have an outdoor recess as long as it's before lunch. after lunch you may have to deal with raindrops. h
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taking a look at a new problem in northeast, this is inbound benning road at 34th street, fire department activity there and now we know that we have to stay left to get by the fire department activity. outbound it looks like is now open. 395 north after duke and south after seminary, you have again the left lanes getting by the work zone there will. taking a look at 66, no problems from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. going to take you nine minutes and that is exactly on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and 270 at clarksburg road looking good. a major warning when it comes to your kids and e cigarettes. >> startling information about poisonings just in this morng. in
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good morning. i'm molette green along benning road live on the scene where there was report of a fire near the tracks here at this metro train area. there you can see up high toes workers using their flashlights. they have been going over this train and this area since we got here about 4:15 this morning. earlier there was a much larger emergency scene with fire trucks, everyone an ambulance here on the scene. we did not see anything in the way of fire or ambulan here on the scene. we did not see anything in the way of fire or smoke. but benning road 3300 block blocked off, but now the road open and the metro workers are checking things out.
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we're waiting to hear back from metro on exactly what happened, what this report of fire was all about. but right now, of course these workers are investigating and we're staying on top of this developing story and as soon as we get more information about exactly what happened here, we'll bring it right to you. of course metro not set to open for another 15 minutes or so. we'll keep you posted on the developments. molette green along benning road northeast, back to you. i'm angie goff here at the live desk where we just got a new report in that says those ecigarettes are making more and more of your children sick. now the study of u.s. poison center found that the number of kids getting sick involved swallowing the liquid nicotine and that the numbers are rising. one child has died. most children were not harmed terribly. but most of the children
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they were under two and most of the cases happened inside the home this is the latest from the live desk. eun, back to you. paback to our coverage of decision 2016. hillary clinton will be in northern virginia looking ahead to the general election as center bernie sanders vows to stay in the race. tracie potts is live now with what to expect today. >> reporter: good morning. she's in loudoun county today, she will be talking more about families and the impact, continuing the breaking the barriers tour that she's already been doing in appa la pp pp pl . and bernie sanders is still talking about issues that he thinks could get him closer possibly to the nomination. it will certainly have impacts on what democrats are their key issues. >> and what about donald trump? he's looking for some support.
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for? >> reporter: he has the meeting with paul ryan coming up this week to see if he can get support from the top republican on the hill. if you saw him on nbc over the weekend, he's talking more like a candidate general election candidate versus a primary. now, talking about things like taxes, breaking with the republican party saying that the rich will end up paying more taxes likely and should pay more taxes. something democrats have been talking about for years and republicans have been pushing against. they said repeatedly don't tax the job creators. but trump seems to be walking the line here saying that he will try to support businesses, but when comes to the wealthyist americans, they will probably end up paying more. >> stras pots live on capitol hill for us. thank you. thousands of newly registered voters could swing the election in virginia. that's at least what some advocacy groups are hoping. more than 2,000 people have registered to vote since governor mcauliffe restored the voting rights of hundred of thousands of felons. some
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democrat governor of trying to man it late a win for his party as many of the new vote respect hey identify with a democratic agenda. party leaders dispute that claim. d.c. police hoping a $25,000 reward will lead them to the suspect in a sunday homicide. 34-year-old don williams jr. was shot and killed early sunday morning on nelson place in southeast. p if you have any information, contact police. metro transit place are looking for a person of interest in a stabbing outside the minnesota avenue metro station. police tell us a man was stabbed just after 12:30 sunday morning near the station's bus bay. he is expected to be okay. police have released a surveillance photo of a person of interest here. if you have any information, contact metro transit place. this mother's day was a day of mourning for some d.c. mothers. a group of mothers who have lost their children to city violence took to the streets in southeast washington. they were joined by police detectives
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including the death of malik thomas who was found dead inside a burning car last september. >> it's difficult to be back here, but i have to do what i have to do. >> these cases, somebody has lost a loved one, a mother has lost a son. >> the mothers say they hope the walk reminds the community to work to curb violence and get some of these cases solved. officers on trial, tomorrow the trial against baltimore police officer edward nero is expected to begin. nero on the far right was one of the officers who first arrested freddie gray last year. investigators say gray later tied from injuries he received in the pack of a police van. his death led to violent protests in the city. six baltimore police officers face charges in gray's death. happening today, the university of maryland is making safety a top priority. they're launching a safety ambassador pi
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and prevent crime on and near the campus. we'll lear more thn more at the celebration this afternoon. maryland's driver's licenses and i.d. cards are getting a make makeover. the look hasn't changed since 2003. officials want to better protect marylanders against identity theft and fraud. the new design will feature iconic maryland symbols and a colorful maryland themed background. cap hoping for redemption. last year they blew a 3-1 series lead against the rangers. my kids can't stophe caps have their own comeback now this time against the penguins. >> i think there is pressure on both teams, but i think the
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side. >> caps won game five saturday. game six is tomorrow night. now, about if the caps win, they will play game seven here at home at the verizon energy acen thursday. >> i can't stand aboit. the back and forth. >> aaron is tuckered out from the whole experience. >> what else is tuckering me out, the weather. >> mother's day was beautiful. >> i was going to say, because we always give you a hard time, thank you for delivering a spectacular mother's day forecast. >> nice day yesterday after rain early in the morning and now i wish i had dry weather to continue, but it's just all clouds and rain chances coming back on us again for most of the coming week. not even just a one day rain chance, but four or five out of 9 ne the next seven days. but we're off to a dry
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thousand. now. but we'll hold in the mid to upper 60s today. nothing heavy today, just an occasional passing shower or two primarily this afternoon. and then for tomorrow, very little sunshine, but no heavy rain tomorrow either. going to get just about a tenth of an inch today and tomorrow. clouds are increasing. there is a warm front to our south. takes in as it inches in our direction, clouds this increase. rain chances hit and miss help light chances early this morning, a better chance toward evening time. here is the way future weather handles it. current temperatures now 41 chilly degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. 43 winchester, 48 manassas, 52 in town. and here is the way future weather will change the skies from partly sunny this morning over to mostly cloudy. here is a little chance for rain
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morning down towards charlottesville and luray. by 9:00, 10:00, coffee break time, chances for showers inching into the metro. they won't last all day. in fact we have a little chance for drier weather by 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon before more rain chances come in about 7:00, 8:00 this evening. nothing heavy overnight, but occasional showers likely to be around on the first parts of your tuesday morning and there is tuesday afternoon, cloudy skies and rain chances. sorry about that, every. here is your seven day forecast, 40% chance for rain today, 50% tomorrow. keeping the chances out of wednesday for now, but just know that there will be a whole lot of clouds around and another hit or miss shower chance on thursday. best chance for rain this week i think actually comes up on friday with a run he wicouple r thunder. the coming weekend looks like it will be rain free. a brand new crash that popped up. we're talking about manassas
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manor drive. we're getting a report of all lanes blocked. inbound benning road at 34th street, stay left to get by the fire department activity. it sounds like that is mostly out of the way now. that's where molette green was live for us here a short time ago. 95 south after 100, all lanes now opened. no problems there. and 395 after duke and seminary, left lanes getting by the work zone there. it's something a lot of kids like to do. climb on top of the furniture. but it can turn deadly in an instant. how to keep your child from getting hurt or worse. north carolina's controversial bathroom bill is back in the national spotlight. the critical deadline just urs away.ho
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ted time only. see your ford dealer today. welcome back. ferguson, missouri's new police chief will be sworn in today. delrish moss will take over the department nearly two years after the death of michael brown. a showdown between the federal government and the state of north carolina face as critical deadline today. governor mccrory must declare that he will not enforce the controversial law called h
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millions of dollars in federal school funding. the justice department sent a letter to state officials last week saying the law violates civil rights protections against sex discrimination on the job and in education for lgbt people. mccrory says he asked federal officials for an extension but said it was denied. he said his office is still considering how to respond. today president obama is expected to declare the first ever national monument recognizing the struggle for gay rights. this is happening in new york's gr greenwich village at the stone wail inn. the riots are considered the beginning of the gay rights movement in the united states. takes dangit is a danger in every home. furniture that could tip over and fall on a child. this information is newly released. this government video highlighting what can happen in these situations. it uses dolls to show that it's like when furniture falls on children.
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consumer products safety commission new "anchor it" program. >> we have a child in the emergency room every in minutes on achblg and a child dies every two weeks from furniture tipping over on them. >> federal regulators say it's part of a child's normal development to want to climb and it's up to parents to make sure furniture is properly anchored. they served the nation during world war ii, but now female pilots are fighting for burial spots. current policy at arlington national cemetery does not allow these women to be buried there. there were about 1,000 women air force service pilots who trained the men who flew into combat. in march the house unanimously agreed they should be buriedarl general says there isn't much room at the cemetery. i'm molette green live on benning road. just this morning, emergency crews came to this area for report of a


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