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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. i hope you had a lovely, lovel weekend. you had some time with your mother. >> yes. >> or if you can't, i hope your mother was looking down on you. it's may 9, starting a new week, funday monday, that's "wasted time" by mr. keith urban. >> i like that. >> he's one of the ones we agree on. >> we love keith urban. >> and we have a great show today, don't we? >> what do we have? >> kate hudson's tribute to her mom at a special event that she sings at
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singing and how some of the stars celebrated mother's day. they love their mothers. >> and tommy hilfiger's daughter ali is here. she's opening up about her medical diagnosis and how she fought lyme disease. it's something she had as a little girl, and was not diagnosed for a long time. >> and misdiagnosed. you can get a lot of false positives and positive negatives, however you want to say it. >> we'll values dr. natalie azar to help us out because it seems like so many people are misdiagnosed that people would say "maybe it's lyme." >> right off the bat. any way, the country cutie thomas brett is here. >> love him. >> we're talking about video of the year. he'll announce those with us. >> the weather finally changed, hody. finally yesterday. >> i knew what it felt like to live in seattle. >> or london or any of those places, yeah. we had almost 1
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that raw, cold snap. >> and then the sun came out for mother's day. >> and so i went out side with bambino. >> you did? little bam. >> put him under a blanket and thanked everybody for their lovely mother's day wishes. >> oh, how sweet. >> oh, gosh. you had your actual mom with you. >> my mom was here. we went and saw "waitress" on broadway. which is a terrific show. we went to dinner at frankie and johnny's. we had our shrimp scampi. >> with a little gift? oh, i'm not allowed to say that. i did make a mistake there. >> no, you did not. but we know what a gift is. >> g-i-f-t with one "f." >> i like their new location. i thought i'd miss the funky other one. it's chic there. >> ellen degeneres are at it again. she and matt have been known to have this prank war that they
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this one i think ellen hit a home run. so matt was at the met gala and people didn't see him because he snuck by photographers and they didn't get a good look. well, ellen's cameras got a good look at him. so this is it. >> here's a little bit of what was on the red carpet. >> beyonce making a big splash as the last to arrive wore givenchy. kim kardashian and hubby kanye west wore coordinating glitzy outfits. the "today" show's matt lauer wore a white dinner jacket. he says the party is a nice diversion from covering the news. >> just when matt things it's not over, it's not over. sorry, matt. >> what is matt going to do? >> well, matt is a good prankster, he'll come up with something up for ellen. that will air today on ellen. >> well, it already aired on us! >> there you have it. >> so did you see this coming?
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ozzy osbourne and sharon reportedly splitting up after 33 years of marriage. >> e news reporting the couple mutually agreed ozzy will move out of their home temporarily. "people" magazine is also reporting the split but they cite sources say they may reconcile down the road. i think it was surprising because number one they've weather sod many storms. you picture them over a long, long, long marriage and i think you just pictured them going the distance, going all the way. >> well you almost say if that wasn't going to do it for them, what possibly could. according to e, the split doesn't have to do with ozzy's drug and alcohol addiction issues because he's been sober for over three years. >> they've been married since 1982, they have three kids together and they've had -- i guess there have been rumors circulating they were possibly going to divorce in the past but they got everything on track, ozzy got clean, all that kind of stuff. you always wondering, you don't kn
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anyone's marriage. >> we sure don't. >> but you do wonder if there's a point where you just say we're already in it this long. a lot of people just stay and continue. what do you think? >> well, obviously we've reached out and -- surprise -- they haven't gotten back to us but i'm sure they will soon. you know what? i in my time have had so many lies written about me and my marriage or my this or that. you don't fwheep to belieknow w and nobody but those two people know what's going on so we wish everybody the best. i hate to see marriages break up. i really, really do. sometimes they just do. that's the way it works. >> if you guys were home, the kentucky derby was on this weekend at churchill downs. check this out. this was so exciting. nyquist was in third for part of the race. >> the one in purple. >> the one in purple, then he just turned it on, it was so exciting. it was like one of those that you didn't know if he was going to pull it
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>> ridden by mario gutierrez. >> nyquist is still unbeaten! he has won the kentucky derby. >> i like how excited the guy got. >> and you don't even care about house racing. >> who cares? >> forgive me but you know how you -- last year we were so -- n -- >> about american pharoah. well, we loved him because he was egyptian. >> yeah. that was the main reason. but it's so interesting because -- i guess this guy lab undefeated for the last eight starts. >> i had a couple friends who went to it this past weekend and they say it's one of those things like the super bowl or like olympics or something that you want to say you went once in your life you know? but if you done drink and you don't look particularly good in hats -- >> what's the point? but they said in case you were wondering, this horse, nyquist, beat american pharoah's time last year by almost two seconds. so think about how much faster this horse was. >> so
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the belmont? no, the preakness then the belmont. >> so here's some celebs who were there in case you were wondering. kate upton in her hat. lindsey vonn in her hat and tara lipinski. johnny weir -- >> oh, lord! got to love johnny. >> he's on eight shows a week now in "aladdin." >> he is? >> no! [ laughter ] >> can we see that again? he should be. look at this. [ laughter ] yeah, he's a rave on broadway right now. >> so there's a makeup artist in croatia. >> of course there! >> and she decided she was going to transform her 80-year-old grandmother with a makeover. there's her grandmother's before and she went to -- what? wait. >> wow. >> that looks like maria callas. >> what? wow. >> oh, my gosh. that's crazy. >> i wonder if san
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>> that's crazy! >> i could use you. mary's great but taking off 40 years, that's -- that woman could make a fortune in l.a., right? >> the plastic surgeons would hate her. have you ever watched your favorite shows and stuff and wondered what would that apartment cost if i wanted to rent it? >> yes. >> now, with the way real estate prices are. >> the "new york post" went into that and they checked out famous tv apartments. so these are the ones you might be wondering about. okay, remember the apartment in the west village on "friends"? so if you were wondering, how much would they pay right now for that apartment and you've seen it -- >> is this one bedroom? >> i think it was two. that one now would cost $4,500 per month if you were renting that apartment, the "friends" apartment. now if you live in new york you're like "oh, a two bedroom,
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$4,500." when i first moved here to new york from new orleans. the lady goes "here's the apartment i want to show you. over here is the bedroom. now look right over here, turn, here's the living room." i was standing in one room and i couldn't believe that that's what they were renting and they said "but look at the views." and the views were spectacular and they wanted i think it was $4,000 or something. >> tell them about the outdoor living. >> oh, yeah, they go "we have beautiful outdoor space" and they opened up the doors and there was a window box area. they're like "see, you can grow things." but people snapped that apartment up in five seconds after i left and i remembered not getting it. like i said i do not get new york prices or new york -- >> you get it soon enough, don't you? rude awakening. so now "seinfeld's" upper west side one bedroom. >> remember this one? that would be a good one to rent. $3,400 per month. >> see i thought it would be more thaha
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years in the same building with you and it cost more than that. >> yeah. uh-huh. don't have it anymore because it cost so much. everybody, don't go anywhere or you'll miss our favorite things. >> plus, there's soon to be another kardashian to keep up with, he has the scoop in when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. cheesy chipotle pork quesadillas? mmmm... ravioli lasagna bake? yeah i don't know... grilled white chicken... grab something rich, sharp and creamy. triple cheddar stuffed sliders! sold! we aim to cheese! kraft natural cheese: we make cheese for how you love cheese.
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party -- >> then you probably missed the celebrity gossip. here to get you caught is up's brian balthazar. >> baby, what were you doing this weekend? >> i was kayaking and enjoying all that nature has to offer and catching up on these things for you. >> so kate hudson has some pipes. >> we know she can act, she's fit, she's beautiful but do you know she can sing. and when you can sing, you can sing. let's take a listen at her mom's event. ♪ nothing can stop me, tell me baby ♪ where did i go wrong she's obviously singing "nothing compares 2 u" but prince. >> why didn't we hear her thing? a movie? >> we probably will after this. her
10:15 am
goldie's love in for kids. >> education. >> and goldie dance. she had a professional dancer -- >> she was the original go go girl from "laugh in." >> that's a good segue into what her grand kids call her. guess what they caller? >> go go? >> yes, they call her go go. >> there's the whole family right there. >> so rob kardashian and black chyna are getting married? >> they're expecting a baby and they made the announcement via emoji, of course. that's it. you can buy those, that's her business now. >> she's selling emojis? >> yes, that's a thing. >> what would that cost? i would like to use this? >> i suggest you visit the app store because i have no idea. i don't buy a lot of things. i'm not buying emojis. the happy face is fine. >> so we were reading she trademarked her own name. >> yeah, angela renne. so blac chyna is her stage
10:16 am
then went into video vixen in rap videos, cover models and now kardashian, she's doing pretty well, i would say. by the way, kim kourtney and kanye didn't comment because they here in cuba. >> because there's bad internet connection. >> that would be upsetting when you have so many selfies to upload. this is a national crisis. [ laughter ] >> speaking of beautiful babies, how about chrissy teigen? >> so yesterday was mother's day. beautiful baby, john legend posted a photo on instagram of chrissy and baby -- well, there's the baby. >> precious. >> and then posted a picture of chrissy looking gorgeous. and if there's any concern that chrissy has lost the baby weight, put those to rest because he posted a picture of her like this. >> that's now? is that recent? >> there's no indication that it's not and knowing chrissy s
10:17 am
probably is. justin timberlake whose new song is amazing "can't stop the feeling" it's the song of summer. i'm telling you. >> great dance song. >> he posted a picture of jessica and baby. this is so cute. and called her a milf, mom i like to fondle. gisele also a picture of her and her five sisters. i believe that's her on the lower left. she actually weighs less than she does there now, she's a model. you want to get down to your baby weight. that's a joke. >> really flat one. >> they can't all hit. and then cindy crawford -- we shoot, we don't always score. cindy crawford and her mother jennifer sue. >> no jokes! >> no jokes here. but cindy crawford looks the same now and her daughter is a model now, too. >> and justin timberlake's mom is in his music video. it's adorable. >> it's a happy, happy so
10:18 am
bobby got married. >> these parties happen when justin timberlake's mom is at your house? >> that was the last party i have. >> one more event i haven't been invited to. coming up next, country singer thomas rhett has a big announcement. >> and he's going to make it right here with us. >> don't miss it, we love you, brian. >> i love you. when it's your time to shine. brian. >> i love you. you want to feel good from head to toe. including your nails. introducing the amopé electronic nail care system. the fast way to file. buff and shine. for effortless shiny wow nails! so you can step out with that amopé confidence and shine on! the electronic nail care system from amopé. find it in the footcare aisle. especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks
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lights ♪ >> love that song! >> country music heartthrob thomas rhett has been burning up the charts with his latest album and this morning he found out he was nominated for male video of the year for his song "die a happy man." >> congratulations. that song is over 50 million hits on youtube and spent 24 weeks atop the country billboard charts. >> well, now thomas is here to announce the nominees for video of the year. >> the whole one. >> yeah, for the 2016 tmt music awards. how are you? >> is that a thrill? everything's happening so fast now, right? >> it's been a crazy year with "die a happy man" and "crash and burn" and the latest single "t-shirt." it's been a roller coaster of a year. >> i saw you singing that on "the voice," it was awesome. >> thank you very much. >> are you ready to reveal? >> i'm ready. >> these are the cmt music awards. alex, can we have the envelope? >> this is for
10:23 am
year. >> alex, that is cute. you are rip snorting great. >> i wish he was everywhere. i've never gotten to open one of these things before. just read it? all right, here we go. here we go. video of the year nominees. blake shelton. >> oh, yes! >> "sangria." you like that song? >> i just like blake shelton. >> cam, "burning house." >> kathie lee, remember cam? >> we love her! >> that's a beautiful song. >> thank you for reminding me. >> carry underwood "smoke break." >> love her. >> love carrie. >> chris stapleton, "fire away." the jam, the man, the myth, the legend. unbelievable. >> you guys are having the best year. >> you need to stop dominating. really rude. >> florida georgia line "sipping on fire." >> those two. i like that song, too. >> it's great. so
10:24 am
so good. >> jason aldean, "tonight looks good with you." i'm on tour with him. >> what's he like? >> he's fun. >> keep going. >> "keith urban, john cougar, john deere, john 3:16." little big town, "girl crush." luke brian, "strip it down." sam hunt "break up in a small town" and tim mcgraw "humble and kind." >> we want to congratulate all the winners, they were all good. but wait a minute -- >> not again! are you serious? >> hold on, let's see. >> i know it's not you and it's not me. we have thomas rhett "die a happy man." congratulations. >> thank you so much. this has been a crazy morning for this so thank you very much. always a pleasure to see y'all. >> go to to see thomas announce the nominees for group duo video
10:25 am
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it's funday monday and we're celebrating a wonderful thing that makes dreams come true. >> it's called garden of dreams it's served more than 300,000 families and kids facing various articles. >> today contributor jill martin is a broadcaster for the new york nicks. >> and tonight garden of dreams hosts its third annual prom and jill is here with two of the young women who are primped and pampered. jill, i know you love this. >> the foundation really works. everyone came up to me and said "this is the best night of my life." these kids are facing obstacles so many of us can't imagine what they're going through and for one night to be able to have all il
10:31 am
carpet, it's amazing. so i'm so proud to be doing this again. >> we have two lovely ladies. the first lovely little girl, her name is caroline waters. let's look at her story. >> i'm caroline waters, i'm 16 years old. when i was two, i was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, also known as aml. i went through rigorous chemotherapy treatments and spent seven months in the hospital without coming home. i hardly got to see my sisters. the doctors said my best chance of survival was a bone marrow transplant. we found the perfect match, it was my older sister lisette. her bone marrow saved me and gave me a second chance at life. now i'm cancer free and would like to become a child life specialist one day while also becoming a successful singer. >> how exciting! we have lisette, her sister and mom susan. hi, guys. >> hello! >> please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. we are going to bring out caroline, and she's escorted
10:32 am
also be attending the garden of dreams. come on out. wow! are you ready to look at your lovely daughter and mom? take off your blindfolds. [ screams ] [ laughter ] oh, my gosh! >> how does it feel? >> really good. really good. yeah. >> wow, that's the perfect dress for you. >> thank you! thank you so much. >> first one she tried on. >> yeah. >> she's a princess. she looks so beautiful. >> stunning, stunning. i'm speechless. >> you look beautiful. you want to come over and join your mom and sis? >> yeah. >> all right, thank you. >> beautiful. >> how sweet. we'll give them a moment, shall we? who's next, kath? we have anna gomez. let's listen to her story. >> my name is anna and
10:33 am
years old. i've always loved to sing and listen to music but the summer of 2013 the music was silenced in my world by a devastating diagnosis. i was 11 years old when doctors found a tumor on my face. after surgical removal, i learned it was hodgkin's lymphoma and i needed chemotherapy. it was hard to see my friends having fun while i spent the summer in the hospital bed. patience and positivity helped me get through it and i'm two and a half years in repolice. this summer i'm making a trip to the vatican with my school choir but before i get to sing i get to dance the night away at prom. >> wow. >> jill -- >> these are awesome. >> we see why you're so excited. >> we have anna's mom janice and her dad todd. hi, you guys. >> hello. >> please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. let's bring out your daughter anna gomez escorted by 17-year-old josiah. come on out. >> wow! >> thank you, josiah! >> all right, mom a
10:34 am
>> yes. >> take off your blindfold. [ laughter ] you look beautiful! >> you do! >> how do you feel in that gorgeous dress? >> amazing! so cool. >> you're going to be singing? >> yes. >> really? what do you like to sing? >> a lot of things, i like a lot of hip-hop, r&b but i also sing a lot of classical music as well. >> you? you sing it all. >> you've come a long way, sweetie. >> how proud are you of this little girl? >> very proud. >> and we're so happy to see her happy and healthy. >> do you want to sing something for us? since we're here? >> um -- [ laughter ] no. it's okay. [ laughter ] >> come over and see your folks. >> all right, thank you so much. y'all were awesome. jill, thank you. wonderful. love that. we'll be right back after this.
10:35 am
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she is the daughter of tommy hilfiger but you also might know ali hilfiger from her 2003 mtv reality show "rich girls." >> soon after that show ended. she found herself debilitated by a disease that she said made her crazy. after years of going from doctor to doctor to doctor, ali was finally diagnosed with lyme disease. >> she's written about her struggles in a new book with aia
10:40 am
>> and she's here alongside nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> since seven years old. you you must have thought you were going crazy because you were tested how many times and they couldn't find out what it was. >> i can't even count and i had multiple misdiagnoses as well. >> and that's one of those things. so you were going through this, what kind of symptoms were you having as you were going through your life? >> i started with a lot of joint pain. >> in your legs mostly, right? >> yes, joints and muscles, sore throats and headaches. and then the symptoms sort of died down and then i had this crazy snowboarding accident in which i dislocated my hip in austria which the story is in there quite humorously and it seemed to have possibly flared up symptoms and it went cognitive issues. cognitively affected me. >> never heard of that before. just crippling at that point? >> you know, i stopped being able to read.
10:41 am
so many strange things, along with physical symptoms. >> the pain was still there? >> the pain went up so drastically and dramatically that i would cry and my parents tried to do everything. they brought me to so many doctors, at harvard, at yale, flew me across the country, put me in baths, gave me massages and they did everything they could but there were no answers. >> dr. azar, how common is this that you can go years and years and this doesn't get diagnosis? >> well, lyme is called the great masquerader because symptoms of lyme disease can mimic so many others, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, crohn's, lupus. and the sensitivity of the testing is not that great. what does sensitivity mean? it's picking up the number of true positives. all that says is there are a significant proportion of patients who are going to test negative when they do the blood test, which is currently the
10:42 am
have the disease. so if you hang your hat on that and you're going to tell people they don't have the disease. >> but it's not a case of just getting a second opinion because it could be multiple times. >> exactly. and i think the question, ally, what i find so fascinating and i can't wait to hear about what happened when you were diagnosed and how you were then treated, is that you have these repeatedly negative tests. so i can understand why health care professionals would be reluctant to treat empirically, let's say, okay, let's just give you a month of this antibiotic or what not. because if it's not it, of course you can have side effects from the treatment. >> so ally, people must have thought it was in your head, nothing was working. when did they diagnosis it? >> the interesting thing was some of the tests were quote/unquote borderline. >> equivocal? >> right. and so, you know, when i finally got diagnosed when i was 19 years old i was so relieved because -- >> it had a name. >> it had a name. the doctors knew -- i
10:43 am
i was not clinically psychologically ill. i knew that. but i knew that i had had very scary breakdowns. >> in fact, you were institutionalized. >> i was. and that was my worst nightmare. it was really scary. >> so what kind of treatment did they give you afterwards, ally? >> well, first i went on a long course of antibiotics which flared up the symptoms and that was months of excruciating pain and flu-like symptoms, being in bed. and then i would feel better and then i would go back to work and run a company or style people oar whatever and get really sick again and this merry-go-round went on for about seven years. antibiotics, intravenously, orally. then i thought, you know, this is going to be my life, i can't do this. and my dad said homeopathy. so we turned to homeopathy and clean diet and, you know, healthy life-style, a low amount of stress -- which is almost impossible -- and i moved
10:44 am
california and i'm a lot healthier. >> no stress there. >> you know, life is still life. >> what i was going to say, what's so interesting about what ally experienced is she had to battle both challenges in lyme disease, one is getting the treatment and the second is having been appropriately tweeted and then suffering from something that we call post-treatment lyme disease syndrome which is a huge other topic. >> oh, my gosh! >> and controversial because we don't necessarily recommend repeated courses of antibiotics. and you know obviously what you did helped you. >> you can read all ain't. >> it's riveting. we're glad you're doing so well. >> thank you so much. >> say hello to your dad. thanks for coming to see us. he'll perform for the queen of edge land in a few days but we got him first. get ready for a trip to neverland with atand that horrible smellstee are really good at hiding.vice, oh, boy. there it is. ♪ ohh.
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♪ you can take -- >> we want to listen to him. he's one of the most talented tenors and a famous of the british royals. >> we are talking about alfie boe just off his role of jean valjean and now he's playing j.m. barie in "finding neverland." >> and you heard from the queen? >> yes, she gave me a call and she said "i want you to sing for me." so i did. >> which one is it? >> one of her favorites, "a nightingale sang in barkley square." >> do you get nervous singing for the wean? >> not as nervous as you guys? >> you charmer. you're enjoying your time "finding neverland"? >> i'm going to. >> and what are you going to sing. >> the title track "finding neverland." >> here he is. alfie boe.
10:51 am
♪ wherever i was frightened, if i ever felt alone ♪ i turned to the night sky and a star i call my own ♪ somewhere i could run to, just across the milky way ♪ if you like i can take you, it's just ♪ a light-year and a day ♪ we can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight ♪ we can navigate the stars to bring
10:52 am
♪ in a place so far away, we'll be young ♪ that's how we'll stay, every wish is a command ♪ we will find ourselves in never neverland ♪ picture a land that you never have seen ♪ where life is eternal and ever green ♪ a future of happiness all in your hands ♪ all in this place of your dreams ♪ here inside neverland ♪ we can sail away tonight, a sea of pure moonlight ♪ we can navigate the stars to bring us back home
10:53 am
in in a place so far away ♪ we'll be young, that's how we'll stay ♪ every wish is a command, i am closer now ♪ to finding neverland >>. [ applause ] >> oh, hold it a little longer! >> what? >> hold it just a little longer! >> thank you so much! wow! so great, alfie. >> that was beautiful. >> thank you thank you. >> you can catch alfie on broadway through august before he joins the show on its u.s. tour then in london. and we'll be back with our favorite things in just a moment. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
things. i'm going to be meeting this lady in just a few minutes, having lunch with her today. her name is christine caine, she's written a book called "undaunted, daring to do what god calls you to do." and she is an extraordinary very, very inspirational woman. >> i'd love to hear about that book. i've got something called isnood. it's been raining for the last two weeks. you know how your ha-- you put your head. joanne, can you come here? >> why don't you do it, hody? >> because i have lunch. here, pull this down now pull it up like a hood. >> little red riding hood. >> and if you don't like how you look that day -- >> and you wouldn't if you could see. >> you can see how you look, it's not bad. but your hair won't get wet. >> and you can tuck it under. >> $35 each. comes in seven
10:58 am
>> tomorrow jenna bush stops by with her mom, first lady laura bush, to share something special. >> plus an insideour t o
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now, a man accused of three shootings in prince george and montgomery counties including friday's mall shootings is due in court. i'm barbara harrison with more on the case being built against him and the growing memorial for his victims. i'm pat lawson muse. more serious issues on metro again this morning. what stopped another train on the tracks before the rush hour even started. and here we go again, some more rain moving into the metro area. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. i've got the hour-by-hour timing on when it finally leaves coming up.


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