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tv   Today  NBC  May 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, it's boozeday tuesday. it's tuesday, may 10. it's also spanky tuesday. >> oh, i forgot. >> and this is "love stick" by jacob whiteside. we have a great show today don't we, hoda woman? >> we have a fun mother/daughter duo in the house. we're talking about first lady laura bush and her daughter jenna bush hager. >> the badly naughty behaved one. >> they've written a children's book together and it's all about something that they l v
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about that in a little bit. >> and then we'll get a view of -- and i love to do these things, i'm a looky-lou at homes and things like that. celine dion's florida house is up for sale and cnbc was given exclusive access. i don't want to read because i want to look at this. >> we'll take you inside. apparently there's a water park attached. >> oh, wow. >> what? oh! yeah! >> what? >> the price has been lowered from -- >> don't give it away! >> well, a lot of money. >> it's a lot of coin. >> i think if we all put our money together we might spend one night there. >> is that a movie theater? >> we can watch "titanic" and listen to her own voice. plus, on the heels of prince's death, we're talking abouts will. if you're sitting at home without one, sharon
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should get one today. >> sometimes you think oh, i'm too young to worry about that but it's something you should concerned about. last night on "the voice" it happened. we've been waiting for this moment to happen. gwen stefani and blake shelton performed together. their new single -- >> first time? >> they co-wrote it and it's called "go ahead, break my heart." you tell us if they have chemistry or not. take a look ♪ i'll never ever give in to you, you know ♪ i'm using you just to get me through, you know ♪ i'm broken and i don't trust anyone ♪ but i think what i needed was to fallen love ♪ why don't you go ahead and break my heart ♪ why are you waiting for two hearts, it's what you want to ♪ do, why don't you do it, why don't you do
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>> it's like there's no one else in the room. there was no one else in the room but those two. >> but the lyrics are not matching the emotion on their -- >> why don't you go ahead and break my heart. >> yeah, their eyes were saying something different. >> but what's funny, they did that song twice because i guess there was a taped -- they had one they did before and that one he kissed her on the head and it was -- there was more pda. but the other one they aired didn't have the that extra pda. >> how do you know about the first one? >> because i have sources close to the investigation. >> because you are nbc news personified, aren't you? >> well, it's funny because it's fun to see them together like that. >> a lot of people didn't think it would get to this kind of depth. who knows? you wish the best for everybody but these things -- >> how about when he was mouthing the words while she was singing? >> so? it's a new song, maybe he was helping her. >> you know sometimes you're
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mouth -- like you want it to be perfect. >> my mother was the worst at that. i performed for 40 years, right? didn't matter if it was carnegie hall, anything, my mother -- not sitting back and doing it, edge of her seat. >> yes! >> big, big wide mouth. but you could tell mama, you could tell who was my mama. >> exactly. and blake said it's like people are getting a look at something personal for the first time. we saw it. we've seen the personal. we get it. don't you think? >> i don't know. i'm not -- i stay out of other people's bedrooms, hoda, apparently you don't. >> i'm interested in that bedroom. not everybody's, just that particular one. >> okay! let's move on to the next topic, shall we? this is a big one. >> oh, this sounds too good to be true. >> but i think it might be true. >> you did the report earlier this morning. >> it's called facelift in a bottle. so m.i.t. has developed this cream and it's two creams that
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you put it on your face and it supposedly changes the elasticity. look when she lets go the pinching. see the one on the right is holding that wrinkle? look at the left. it's been licensed by a couple companies. you can see it on the skin. it lasts about 16 hours, some say as long as a day or more and so it's like spanx, you have to put it on, take it off, put it on, take it off. but it's worth it, it looks like. it's still the testing phases. they don't know the price but a bunch of doctors from m.i.t., harvard, et cetera, et cetera, all say wow that's the secret sauce. so imagine you're going out at night and you're like, oh, let me just put some of that on. and all of a sudden it looks like your face is all -- >> it sounds wonderful but the truth is it's like cinderella with the pumpkin. it's going to be gone. does that reinforce how dissatisfy your with yourself if you get a glimpse of what it was like to be 20 years -- and then the next d
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>> i think it's like spanx. like when you're dating someone you have spanx on you look good and the next day he cease sees without them and he sees the real you. >> that's what i'm saying. isn't that what i said? >> well, never go to prison. if you have keratin or you're using that, when it's over it will look like you did it. look who's in our kitchen. look who came to play. >> sorry, we didn't realize we were speaking like that. >> in front of my mother! >> we spent all morn with your mother in the makeup and hair room. >> we've already discussed spanx, among other things. >> do you wear them, laura? spanx? >> i borrowed them from jenna. [ laughter ] >> she's wearing my spanx and i'm wearing her bra. >> that's love, baby! we can't wait to talk to you. >> only on this show would we say things like she's wearing her spanx. i'm always like "mom, don't wash today, i said something you will not
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>> well we'll see you in a few minutes. >> speaking of bodies, megan trainor is making a bold move. she said "someone took my waist and cut inches off of it." and she was shocked and said she likes her waist so she called the people and said she didn't approve of it, she was embarrassed. she posted that on instagram. she also spoke to andy cohen last night. let's take a look. me . >> you had it pulled from the internet because you realized they had photoshopped you. >> yeah, look at that waist. hold up, hold up. bring the cameras back to this beautiful waist. >> yes! >> i love this video so much so i was so upset because i thought the fans were doing online when they were screen shooting it and then i saw my video and i was like oh, my god. i called the gods of vevo
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>> i wonder who felt like they had the right to do that. maybe it was -- i mean -- >> i don't know. first of all, who knew you could photo shop video. >> there's so much stuff i don't know about technology. >> but live that she -- it's that feeling when you feel like you look pretty and you walk out and someone goes "are you going to wear those shoes?" >> i know. you have to be careful with that. i get in the my contract. "take 20 years off and 20 pounds or i'm not doing it." i'm the opposite, but good for her. >> the meghan-approved video should be out soon. all righty, now -- okay, how do you want to start this one? >> if you are feeling like your marriage is on the rocks a little bit, these are supposed predictors of breakups. >> these are signs. >> this is a professor at the university of washington claims these are the signs you should look for. you're headed for trouble if you're always eye rolling yo you are partner. you have sarcasm all the time just dripping out of your mouth. >> ooh. >> andam
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obvi. >> throwing objects at each other. no. stonewalling, emotionally withdrawing from your partner. that's never good. >> so here's what you should remember. if that's what you are doing, you should remember these things. they say it's all about delivery and tone. so instead of -- you know, his junk is on the floor and you want to pick it up, how would you say it, kath, how would you say "pick up your mess?" >> well, i can't talk about that. i have a muzzle. >> okay, let's pretend i was at your house and left something on your floor. >> really, hoda? you're going to leave that right there? the floor is a good place far where nobody will trip over it. nobody will pea on it. it's good. that's a perfect place for that." [ laughter ] >> where is tone? why didn't you just go "hoda, oh, my gosh, i don't know if you noticed something must have fallen out of your bag, here it is, sweetie, why don't you get that?" see, then i'm happy and you're happy. it got picked up -- >> i would have said it and you would have laughed. >> i would have laughed. >> that's the point.
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sometimes you can say something and make someone laugh and 15 years later they're not laughing anymore, you know what i mean? >> well, i'm not letting you stay for 15 years. >> they also say watch your body language. >> you shouldn't be having to monitor everything. be honest with one another. >> but sometimes it hurts somebody. >> say this in the spirit of love, hoda woman. >> spirit of love. muy importante. >> and don't say "whatever" or "you're overreacting." >> then you and i can't have a relationship. >> but also don't say "calm down." >> frank used to put his hand behind my back like he was turning down the dial. >> ooh! did that rev you up? >> it was the opposite reaction. that bothered me more than anything. >> all righty, then. things are just getting cooking because we still have to give it away. >> it's spanky tuesday. >> oh, no. >> plus jenna and h
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listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. we always have wonderful guests on our show but today is extra special because look who dropped by into our corner of the world. >> former first lady laura bush and her daughter and our dear friend jenna bush hager. >> celebrating the 100th anniversary of the national park service because, in jenna's own words, they are nerds for the national parks. >> i love that. and they've written a new book together called "our great big backyard." it's adorable. read it this morning. welcome, so nice to see you. >> so good to see you! >> so fun to see you with your daughter side by side. >> it has to be fun for you. when you come up and you're doing the tour and you're selling something it can be
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>> jenna is the fun one, right? >> she's the fun one. >> well, we're all fun. barbara is fun in her own way, just quietly fun. she keeps it under wraps. she's smart. >> she is smart. >> we love that you guys are national park nerds. >> well, i am the real national park nerd. i'm the one in the sand storm on the colorado river in the grand canyon. i had to wear goggles the whole time. >> she was a fun nerd because i'll never forget it. the sand storm came and she couldn't see and it was -- she was like "jenna, where are we?" and i'm like "mom --" "can you get me goggles?" so we put her goggles on but then she still can drink from a tequila bottle. >> no, i didn't! >> yes, she did. >> still got the shots down. >> the women i hike with every year. >> as a young girl did you enjoy them? >> i knew about themnd went to the closest ones to
10:16 am
>> those are amazing. >> that's where matt and al are today. >> and your mom. my favorite childhood memories, we lived in midland a couple blocks from my grandma jenna who i'm named after and we would go over there once a week and we would just lay in her front yard in midland and stare at the sky and she would teach us the constellations and i think that's what this book is about, is simplicity of how beautiful our world is. >> you don't to go to the actual place to learn about them and enjoy them. >> so many kids have their face buried in iphones, ipads and what not. >> so do so many adult, sadly. >> grown-ups. and your daughter, is she the muse for this book? >> well, jane is precocious like mila is and sassy like mila is but when we drive around i noticed when we would drive even in just in new york she would want to look at my iphone. she'd rather look down than out and i think first of all we're the examples. i'll look at work e-mails when i'm with her instead of looking
10:17 am
going to do that anymore and i think we should just talk to our kids about looking around. >> what do you do when jenna is on her phone all the time? i know she has assignments and work stuff. do you ever say to her "put it down"? >> i think she's careful when she's with mila every minute to not have it because mila wants it. she'd rather have jenna's phone. >> and nobody is going to say on their deathbed "gee, i wish i spent more time on social media." >> looking at the screen, exactly. plus, there's research that shows being outside in nature makes you feel better. >> of course it does. >> so it's so important. and this generation is inside more than any generation in the history of man. >> it's such a bore. >> that's why we have such obesity, too. and when i think back to my favorite childhood memories, they were simple. they weren't grand things but we went to this little fishing camp -- i don't know what you'd call it. a little knohole in the wall, shack. my dad loved it but what we would do every night after dinner would be go on family night
10:18 am
the conversation and the uninterrupted time is something that really shaped my life, these conversations i had with my dad. and so i want to have those same memories with my girls and i don't want technology ever to interrupt that time. >> good for you for starting early with it. >> you raised such great kids. >> i acknowledge they are great kids. i'll take full credit. >> she deserves full credit. >> no, no. >> well, you and dad both. >> it's an adorable book and this is going to be your second best-seller you've had together. >> we hope so. "your great big backyard." >> it's not everyday you find a house like this on zillow. >> celine dion's florida estate is up for sale and we're giving you a tour right after this. which one's yours? the one in white. wow! introducing new all powercore pacs oxi.
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the top, from her wedding to her shows to her homes. >> like her very private five and a half acre ocean-front state which is up for sale -- good ns -- on super exclusive jupiter island, not such good news. >> cnbc got unprecedented access inside the mansion for the series "secret lye lives of the super rich" and here to give us the tour, host robert frank. >> this is such a fun show. you know how you're flying on american airlines and it comes up -- >> or your private jet. >> it's so much fun, hoda. we don't have access to things like that. >> how did you get access to this home? >> a lot of people have been trying to get into this home for years. she gave us access to this and it is an incredible property. i mean, it's five and a half acres, truly a compound. like a five star resort for a single family. just amazing. >> tell us about the property. it's on five and a half acres. >> jupiter island in florida, very exiv
10:23 am
it's an island within an island. so you have the ocean in the front, that's the infinity pool, then in the back you've basically got another man made beach, a half million gallons of water. and it's basically five buildings, you have the main house, a pool house, a tennis house, a beach house with a massage room and sleeping loft. >> unbelievable. >> it's a resort. >> she likes white, obviously. everything is in white. >> it's like heaven. i felt like i was in heaven there. >> she had two little children so they make messes. >> they make messes but they have a staff for that. >> obviously! so give us the headline. how much would this cost? >> well, the good news, to your point, it was 72 -- >> $72 million? >> now it's only $45.5 million. so you're saving $27 million. >> it's affordable now. >> down right affordable. >> who could afford that? >> tiger woods is in the neighborhood, john malone is a billionair
10:24 am
it's a very specific property because of how much water is in the back. a half million gallons. they built a desalination plant just to provide enough water. >> is that a water park back there? >> a private water park. i've never seen anything like that. you have two water slides, a lazy river, water cannons. it's amazing and that makes it tricky to sell because it's very specific but at $40 million compared to palm beach and other places, it's really good value. >> here's the thing -- >> what? >> if you have the money to buy it, you don't have the money to sustain it? >> it's expensive. >> it's such an expensive home to run. >> can you tell us about the closets? she did something crazy with the closets? >> they have an automated shoe rack where you punch in if you want the blue shoes, they dispense those shoes, then a gown area has a big dry cleaning rack where you press the dress you want and it pops out. >> i can't
10:25 am
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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it's boozeday tuesday. with the weather warmering up finally and summer breaks just around the corner we'll be spending tons more time out on road trips, we hope. >> but you need to pack up meals and snacks that travel well, too, so our "today" food team enlisted the help of urban wood owner brian milarky. >> herb and wood? >> no, it's a very feminine restaurant. blues and greens. so herb is a girl. i was challenged to make great food to take on the road, if you want to go to a national park, on the beach, something fun
10:31 am
so the first skewer we'll do is a halumi cheese, nice hard cheese. >> these are the ingredients we need for? >> so we can make a skewer. >> i've never heard of it. what is it? it looks like mozzarella. >> it's very salty and briny like that. we soaked our skewers overnight. >> why is that important to do? why is that important to soak them? >> if we put them on the grill and they're not they'll burn up. so we have a little bit of chorizo from spain. >> and you have to be careful with this spain. >> olives from silly. the ha lieumy is greek and we're going to make a beautiful vinaigrette. we're going on the road. we don't want to use butter, if i were to chill it, the butter would set up so we want to make this healthy and fun. we have nice sweet peppers here, another spanish ingredient, extra virgin olive oil from california or italy, wherever you can get it. >> what are we making? a dressing? >> it's a marinade vinaigrette, we'l
10:32 am
spain and right here we're going to add nice substance. we'll use hemp seed. >> hemp seed. >> hemp seed which is very hot and it's a super food, pure protepr prote protein, omega-3s, you can top it on a salad, just add in more nutrients. >> garlic and parsley? >> garlic and parsley. touch of pepper, salt. get this on the stick there you go, chef, there you go. >> so you can use any meat you want, right? >> you can use any meat. we have some over here that we did with shrimp, you can do chicken, meat. i find this one, the haloumi and chor ree s-- chorizo is a great to travel. we're going there, we're going to take a baguette and salad -- >> you eat it cold once you get there? >> you eat it cold once you get there. so sometimes meat sets up if it has too much fat in it, i don't like that. but these sausages work out nice. >> after you cook it, you add the s
10:33 am
little bit here. and we can marinade it for a couple hours before we grill it. but also you want to top with it also. >> smells really good. >> you top it here. packed up the ice chest. grab bottles of wine. >> and what about these? what do you have here? >> oh, my gosh, this i love right here. this is shrimp, all it is is tarrag tarragon, parsley, garlic and grilled lemon juice right here. we grilled the lemon that has smokiness and flavor to it. and i love -- poached shrimp would haven't the flavor. i wanted to grill it before i got so i have the natural caramelization. >> did you use the same -- that's different? >> this one is different. this is just a lemon garlic tarragon and the recipes are available. and if you get to the end of the road trip you can get your baguette, slide it on here. >> nice! make a sandwich. >> thank you so much, brian. for these recipes go to well where there's a will there's a way, they say. >> the important documents you need to ve
10:34 am
to protect your assets. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, honey. ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ were you surprised when your daughter enlisted? not at all. she's a born leader. i know i've been taking orders from her since she was five years old. so you don't worry about her? of course i worry about her. i fought in the war of 96. i know what those things are capable of. but i know what my daughter is capable of. and i know this planet is safer because she's defending it.
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as detailed emerged in the days following the death of prince, many were shocked to find out the music legend did not have a will and left no instruction about how his estate should be handled. >> so we brought in cnbc's senior person finance correspondent sharon epperson to explain the importance of having a will no matter how much must be you have or don't have and which documentocument you need y stage of life. >> so important. >> still surprising to think he didn't have a will. >> it's such an important legacy to leave, a legacy of financial strength and letting your loved ones know where you want your assets to go. >> a lot of times when you're a kid you think i don't need to worry about this, what difference does it make? so when you're young -- >> well, everyone needs a will but the thing someone needs when they're 18, as soon as they turn 18, you think your parents will be there to take care of everything for you and legally they may not be able to
10:39 am
unless you have a couple of very important documents that they they can. one is a financial power of attorney that lets someone handle your financial affairs if you're incapacitated, unable to do so. another is a medical power of attorney, for medical decisions that need to be made for you if you're incapacitated someone can do that for you and a living will allows everyone to know what you want in terms of any life-sustaining treatments. >> people cringe when they think of a will because they think you're thinking about the end and when you're 18 you think why should i bother? >> but you're thinking about the legacy you're going to leave for your loved ones and one that allows them to be comforted knowing that you've taken care of everything for them. that you've laid out where you want things to go and they don't have to figure it out. >> it's a mess if you don't. look what's happening with prince's family now. >> exactly. >> what if you're married and don't have children? >> well, everyone should have a will. some couples want too perhaps think about some trust planning. a will lays out where your assets will go, what happens to debts
10:40 am
a trust more complicated and expensive but allows you to avoid probate and allows you to be more private with your assets and where they're going. also it can be something -- it has to be funded while you're living so you have to make sure you have your assets put into this trust. >> even if you don't have much, a lot of people rent, they don't have much. >> you still need to update financial and medical power of attorney and the other thing you want to think about when you're mare'd have make sure the beneficiaries you have on certain statement, bank, brokerage, retirement accounts, those reflect your spouse if you want it to be your new spouse or are they still your parents? make sure to update that. >> now something like legal zoom. they have a lot of people that use that. >> there's a lot of services where you can download forms like on legal zoom. there are other services where you can get in contact with an twhoern will help you devise a whole estate plan for a couple hundred dollars. it doesn't have to be super expensive. >> if you're married with kids, what shoulou
10:41 am
you need to have life insurance. if you have anyone who depends on you financially you need to have life insurance say you have a home, life insurance plays a big role there. make sure you update your will to include beneficiaries. make sure those are the same as those beneficiary forms and also consider, we were speaking about before, trust, a revokable trust, parents want that so their kids don't automatically get the money at 18 and they can decide and put into writing when they want the kid to receive money. >> when their brain is finished. amend lastly, when you're retired what should you do then? >> again, hopefully you're reviewing the documents, your will, power of attorneys for medical and financial decisions then review your retirement accounts again because say you're retired but you've been married before and you've remarried. did you change those forms? those forms hold precedent for your i.r.a. over
10:42 am
those beneficiaries properly outlined. and something no one ever wants to think about but it's so comforting for your loved ones, make some plans and fund your funeral expenses. it sounds terrible but as someone who is the daughter of a father who did that for her it's the greatest gift. you don't have to worry about that when you're so emotionally distraught. >> sharon, thank you so much. >> are you looking for a way to help others? >> the organization that makes dreams come true and changes lives forever. >> plus we'll spin that wheel until we give it away, donna
10:43 am
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yesterday what did we do? >> we introduced you to wonderful young women who got to pick out a gorgeous new gown and get dolled up for a special prom. >> well, their prom takes place tonight hosted by an organization called the garden of dreams foundation which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. >> the nonprofit has made dreams come tru f
10:48 am
children who face health and financial obstacles and once you are in the garden of dreams family, it's a relationship for life. ♪ and time stands still before me ♪ >> the garden of dreams has been changing lives for ten years through hundreds of programs and events, including their annual school prom held for kids who couldn't make it to their own and their annual talent show starring children from ages four to 18. ♪ best thing about it is me >> the organization got its start in 2006 when the madison square garden company and its partners worked together to change the lives of countless children. and using their relationships with athletes and celebrities they are doing just that. most recently, singer sean mendez surprised two lucky kids while they practiced for the 2016 talent show. ♪ i think there's nothing i can't do ♪ >> adam graves i
10:49 am
new york rangers player and current garden of dreams board member who touched hundreds of dreams over the years. >> we often think people you look up to have to be of a certain age or come in a different package. but some of the kids i've met along the way have taught me life greatest lessons are the kids figuring out ways to overcome obstacles. it's been a privilege to be a part of this. >> i mean, to be on the ground floor of the world's most famous arena is awesome. >> reporter: 26-year-old josh shields knows firsthand how to overcome life's obstacles. after a three and a half year battle with leukemia, he was granted a wish through the garden of dreams, a chance to meet his favorite band, the foo fighters. >> you struggle for three and a half years trying to live a normal life and you've got to go to the hospital, the treatments take a toll on your body and to have something like that happen, it boosts up your spirits and makes you feel as great as it did, it's surreal. >> that night he also got to play drums on stage with the foo fighters at madison square
10:50 am
♪ >> the experience to be a rock star for that 3:34 was incredible. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> josh went on to intern with the foundation and remains part of the family eight years after his wish. >> i'm forever grateful for what they have done for me, not only with my wish but for my opportunities in life to get me where i am today. >> lisa perez also knows what it's like to be part of the garden of dreams family. her son nicholas was granted a wish after being diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 10 years old. >> one of the things that's really important when you're going through treatment or you're going through, like, the most difficult time in your life is little things like that that kind of give you fuel for the fight. >> garden of dreams helped provide that fuel for the fight with a nicks-themed recreation room in their home that nicholas could enjoy with his
10:51 am
friends. >> really and truly this room was beyond anybody's expectations, even his. and i know that he looked at it and he was like, wow, this is mine. >> a special place that nicholas treasured until he lost his battle to cancer at the age of 13. the garden of dreams wanted to give the perez family a memory they could cherish forever and during a special ceremony nicholas was named an honorary nick. >> as a family who's grieving, to be given that gift of a special memory of nicholas that we can carry with us, it was priceless. >> now lisa and her other son, 19-year-old xavier, continue to keep nicholas' memory alive by volunteering with the garden of dreams. >> we're proud to still be involved with them and we truly hope that that relationship will never end. they've really given us such a beautiful gift. now that nicholas
10:52 am
do we have if not our memories? and they've given us countless beautiful memories of nicholas that we'll always have. >> it's 100% true that that is a real family. if you would like to find out more about the garden of dreams foundation, go to >> we'll be back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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10:55 am
we're about to make five lucky viewers very happy because it's time to give it away. >> this week's prizes, tell them, hoda. >> a next grill evolution five burner gas grill. and when you open it up -- >> with a side burner. >> a side burner over there. it's from home depot worth $379. >> evolution infrared
10:56 am
distributes heat evenly across the grill's surface and you get 676 square inches of cooking space. >> wow. >> that's right, hoda. it can fit up to 19 hamburger patties plus a powerful side burner to whip up a side dish. >> should we find out who our lucky winners are? >> let's do it. >> you go first. this is a good gift for the summer, right? >> it's great. first one is suzanne winslow from marco island, florida. >> i've gotten a that zela from dayton, ohio, good girl, anna. >> is that spanky music i'm starting to hear? >> no, it isn't. barbara, labacat from clarence, new york. >> i've got sharon pomeroy from water villem, michigan. >> and i've got anne stone from indiana. >> congrats to all of our winners. make sure you enter again next week. for the complete rules and regs go to a quick
10:57 am
peter from boca. they are partying with us. >> thank you for being here. >> tomorrow we have "veep" star -- >> don't tease me. >> what else? >> we have lilliana with beauty tips at your finger tips. >> plus a performance by country singer cole swindle. >> have an awesome boozeday, tuesday.
10:58 am
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right now, what's being described as an historic meeting. i'm barbara harrison with what's bringing 650 metro managers together at this hour. pictures seem unreal, take a look at that. eun yang with the destruction of these homes the tornadoes in florida ripped off their foundations. >> radar showing more on the way, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. i've got the new hour by hour timing. news 4 midday starts now. i'm at the live


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