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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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breaking news comes from massachusetts where a man armed with a knife has been shot and killed after going on a deadly stabbing
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lawrence getting details. >> reporter: this went down at someone's home and then a shopping mall. the latest news we are getting isn't good. two of the victims have died. the happened in the town of taunton. police say a man stabbed two people in a home and dropped in his car and drove to the silver city galleria. he crashed his honda in to the store and ran in to the mall. an office-duty officer confronted him and ordered him to drop the knife and shot and killed him. they haven't found ties to terrorism and the sister station in boston is saying it may have started as a domestic incident. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. this is a storm team 4 weather update. >> tracking rain and a couple of thunderstorms on storm team 4 radar. you can see what is happening as we rainin
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heavier thunderstorms south of fredericksburg. you may see lightning in that area. moderate to heavy rain in loudoun, clark county, look at what is happening in the district. seeing showers popping up along the line here. this one came over the airport, which if it gave us a hundredth of an inch that would keep our days of consecutive rain going and we have a couple more here, too. look at the west. a lot of rein and big-time storms. i don't expect much in the way of storms but the rain will continue. something we will be watching tomorrow morning is the fog. getting up tomorrow morning 58 degrees. rather foggy with rain showers. give yourself extra time on the are roadways. complete forecast shows when we may see a break in this rain coming up in a minute. to politics now, and the west virginia primary. it is the first contest since donald trump became the presumptive republican nominee. >> trump hauled in 75% of the vote moving him closer to
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1237 delegates needed to win the nomination. on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton taking 50% of the shoet vote. it does little to help him though. scott mcfarland saw long lines a the polls. a lot 0 people trying to make their voices heard tonight. >> they are tabulating votes in brkly county, west virginia. it will be a long night until we know all of the results in all of the races including the margins of victory for donald trump and bernie sanders. with a police escort, poll workers carried boxes in to secure rooms here. across town already a big night for 19-year-old sara blare. >> i can't believe that was two years ago. >> goes by fast. >> she voted on her second election, was on a radio
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her primary for re-election kpab for a seat in the state house. >> west virginia has one of the youngest legislatures in the country. we had as of 2014 eight members under the age of 30. it wasn't as much as a minority as a lot of people thought i would be. >> blair is one of the few who said she is uncommitted in the presidential race. >> you were in office two years ago. >> reporter: jason barrett voted for hillary clinton today but said he is not surprised bernie sanders won the primary here. >> someone of his age 74, that energized young voters is remarkable. >> reporter: the presidential campaigns rented vacant office space in downtown martinsburg. >> encourage you to get out and vote. >> reporter: so volunteers could call voters for a last-minute get out the vote effort. a different race for
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former rand paul voter. >> i want to make sure the process is fair. it is clear that trump looks like the nominee. >> donald trump wasn't the only wealthy businessman atop the ballot here. the owner of tv green briar resort won the democratic nomination to run for governor of west virginia. live in martinsburg, scott mcfarland, news 4. new details and searches connected to the death of prince. police were back at his home tonight in minnesota. they are looking for more medical records. a search warrant revealed a minnesota doctor saw prince twice in this month before his death. the warrant says the doctor prescribed prince medications. prince died on april 21st. autopsy results are pending. the pressure is on at all levels for metro tonight.
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get everyone on the same page. all 650 of the agency's top managers met in one location. those managers say the message was about unity, safety and accountability. one told us those messages had gotten lost under previous general managers and the current gm said he is willing to make organizational changes. >> the reality is they know where i'm coming from. i've laid out the things i'm expecting. if they can manage that level, fine. if not it is probably not a good fit. >> reporter: u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox said he could shut down the entire metro system if metro leaders don't comply with federal safety directives. the family of a beloved teacher and mother of two wants her body returned to the philippines for a proper burial. gladys tordil was a victim in the shooting
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other than her daughters she had no family in the u.s. eulalio tordil shot her outside of high point high school in prince georges county her children are now in foster care. tomorrow, people will pay their respects to one of the other victims in the shooting spree. visitation hours for malcolm mike winnfel will be held. he tried to stop eulalio tordil from carjacking a woman in montgomery mall when tordil shot and killed him. funeral services listen held on thursday. police believe they found one of the two guys who terrorized an older couple in rockville in february. they charged him with home invasion and armed rbery. investigators say he and another man forced their way this to the home, beat the 77-year-old homeowner and threatened his 86-year-old wife. he was connected to similar crimes in anne arundel and
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he is held on $300,000 bond. ♪ if you couldn't get tickets to see it on broadway without taking out a loan or something, but there maybe a way to see "hamilton when it comes to d.c. >> it has 16 tony award nomination and coming to the kennedy center. you have to wait two years to see it. >> that's a long time. darcy spencer is at the kennedy center with more on the excitement over "hamilton." hi, dorothy. >> we are across the street from the kennedy center. so beautiful when it is lit up at night. we don't know when the production will be here, how much it will cost but we know "hamilton" is coming. >> sh i
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are they already sold out. >> reporter: the tickets are not even on sale yet and it's a ways off. the show is coming to the kennedy center in the 2017/2018 season. >> don't shame his memory with pettiness. >> reporter: these actors are rehearsing for a local production of robin hood. news the tony nominated music is coming to washington generating a lot 0 of buzz in the theater community and beyond. >> from what i have seen in clips, listening to the soundtrack and everything it is a big deal to come to the d.c. area. >> reporter: the kennedy center says the best way to score seats is to buy a season subscription for the 2016/2017 and then renew it the next year. the 2017/2018 subscription includes tickets to "hamilton." >> which is a lot of money but it is brilliant, a smart way to
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get people back in the theater. >> reporter: the production centers an the life of founding father alexander hamilton. while the writing and performances are highly played, the music is also a hit. blending different generes like hip hop, jazz, blues and r&b. >> story of characters over the course of the years and the way he's using rhythm and meter, verse, it is almost shakespearean in scope. >> the theater subscriptions go on sale next wednesday at 10:00 a.m. that's the key to scoring those "hamilton" tickets. back to you. >> nearly 50 puppies rescued from a northern virginia pet store have new homes tonight. the fairfax county animal shelter says people began to line up at 6:00 this morning to adopt the puppies and tonight all 46 have forever homes. the dogs were rescued from the dreamy puppy stor
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in november and treated by vets so they could be adopted. the store is now closed. she's been writing checks for years with no problem, until there was a problem. hundreds of dollars missing. what happened when this woman turned to nbc4 responds for help. a state of emergency in the west as oklahoma cleans up from a relentless, deadly tornado outbreak. we are tracking rain, some of it on the heavy side. i will show you when the rain moves through your region and what to expect tomorrow morning when you step out the front door.
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counterfeit checks. one local woman fell victim. someone got ahold of her account number and started to write checks against her account. >> that's when she turned to nbc4 responds for help. susan hogan has her story. >> reporter: imagine her surprise. she gets a copy of the checks back from her bank. the problem is she didn't write them and we are talking about hundreds of dollars in fraudulent purchases. jean flippen says shez been writing checks for a long time. >> i'm 80 ena probably been writing checks for 60 years at least. >> let's get this out in the mail. >> reporter: these days her daughter helps her write checks to pay the bills. >> water, gas, electric, telephone bill. >> reporter: she writes checks at the grocery store. >> never have had a problem before. >> reporter: until one day -- >> i got my statement from the bank and noticed there were extra checks
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account for they said i had not purchased. >> reporter: here's copies of the extra checks. they have her routing number, her checking account number, but her name and address removed. replaced with a stranger's information. >> i have never heard of that name before. the first check was $187 written to giant food. >> reporter: jean says that's not the grocery store she regularly shops. >> i have not been to giant for maybe two years or so, you know? i very seldom write a check for $187 for groceries any way. >> reporter: she says the counterfeit checks cost her $800. >> we immediately went to the bank, cancelled the account. >> reporter: then her daughter called nbc4 responds for help. since neither mom or daughter knew how to get their money back. we explained federal law requires banks or credit unions to refund
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the full disputed amount, less a maximum of $50 if the investigation goes longer than ten days. that's where jean stands now. >> all the money has been returned to my checking account. we have had to open a new account. very upsetting. $800 to me is $800. could have wiped me out completely. >> reporter: jean says she no longer writes checks for groceries. the bank issued her a debit card. >> i've never used a debit card so that is a different world for me. >> reporter: jean filed a police report with the new car rollton police department and investigates are investigating. if you have a consumer problem, contact our nbc4 responds team. i'm susan hogan, news 4. new reports of tornados tonight injuring at least ten people in kentucky and damaging several buildings in the ohio river valley. check i
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outbreak in the plains yesterday. two dozen tornados across six states. at least nine of them in oklahoma where two people have died. one twister almost a mile wide cut a three-mile path through wynnewood. >> tornado pictures are oklahoma are incredible. we have some sketchy weather here. >> we have some heavy rain that formed in the last hour or so. we continue to watch it on storm team 4 radar. if you are at home going what is that? that is rain in partsle of the area and little thunder. you will notice some areas of red through montgomery county. here's what we have. ryne to the south and rappahanock, fauquier county, if you live in fredericksburg you maybe hearing u
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rain in jefferson county. brunswick, leesburg, bluemo in, t loudoun county and then look at what is going on in gaithersburg, down to bethesda, through d.c. and prince georges county. i'm going to zoom in on this area. this is where the heaviest rain is right now. i will do it. right there. looking at the heavy rain through gaithersburg and the rockville area. you are about so to get heavy rain, too. it is expanding in coverage and intensity. you may see a little lightning and thunder out of this, too. temperatures in the 50s. we have big storms somewhere and it is to the west. looking at tornado watches, severe thunderstorm warn watches and warnings to the west. this will die out. i'm not expecting a ton of rain tomorrow but i this i we have showers. future weather, timing it out for us. 1 clinton 30 in the morning, more rain in the d.c. metro
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showers in this area. we will be dealing with showers. take the umbrella. something you may need to do, leave early tomorrow. look at the fog. 5:00 a.m., a mile visibility but a third of a mile in winchester, half mile culpeper, half mile around the d.c. area around 7:00, could be foggy and wet. give yourself extra time. at the bus stop, scattered showers, area of fog, 58 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, just clouds and 66 degrees. we will be dealing with thursday dry,er isolated showers are possible but going with dry and 70. 75 on friday. friday an interesting day. we could see a couple of thunderstorms, one or two on the strocker side. on saturday, most of saturday looks dry with a high of 71. i think we will see a chance of afternoon showers and storms on saturday. saturday, sunday, monday
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tuesday. right now all look dry. today would be 14 days in a row of measurable rain. we have not had any at the airport. i have been waiting for the official observation because we had a storm move through. >> still time. >> thank you, doug. coming up, it's over. we're live in pittsburgh next. shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for
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this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. quite a comeback, but in the
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end not enough. >> painful. >> a valiant effort. down 3-0. they tied the game and then in overtime anything can happen. >> i hate hockey overtime. there's a whole game and over in a split second. >> the energy went out, you should have seen it. we have been sitting here like this temperature unfortunately the pens scored in overtime. the game, the series and season ends in defeat. the boys tried their best to stay alive. orpik was back in the lineup but a costly four-minute power play and them prk wents make them pay. pens score two on the power play. and take a 3-0 lead. down 3-1. keeping up the pressure, justin williams behind the net. mr. game, seven turning in to mr. game six. score. the caps down 3-2.
11:25 pm
three on power play. gap tooth grin coming out. don carlson puts it in the net an the capitals even things at three and send it to overtime. in overtime, 6 1/2 minutes in the penguins attacking. they just kept coming. nick had been killing them the whole series. he puts it in to end it. penguins win 4-3 and close out the series 4-2 and crushing the capitals to end their season. meantime, toefd the extension became official, a huge payday for strasburg signing an extension for seven years, $175 million. he's been great this season. 5-0. currently with a 2.76 era and set to be a free agent this off season but the deal keeps him in d.c. the place where he is home and he's confident of the future. >>
11:26 pm
center. mccann comes an to score. tigers take the lead. bottom of the seventh, nats looking for a comeback. struggling lately but gets all of this one. see ya later. his second homer of the night, 15th career multihomer game and that's as close as the nats would get. they fall 5-4 the final. >> no good news. >> doug has to shave tomorrow. >> that's the only positive of the whole thing.
11:27 pm
different to say than the last playoff exits but it is ove's fifth trip to the second round and did not make it to the conference final. >> 11 seasons. >> quite a letdown. >> quite a letdown. we will tab about this for a while. jason is in this locker room. i'm so glad it is not m shopping for an suv? well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash. hurry, this offer is for a limited time only.
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pretty strong storm out there and some lightning going on, too. >> somebody tweeted it started to lightning as soon as the caps
11:31 pm
lightning. around around the bethesda area to the north, kensington region, gaithersburg, aspen hill. seeing heavy rain and lightning in eastern montgomery county. more rain to the west, as well. this is something we will watch as we have more showers coming through. also toward southern maryland, northern neck a little thunder and lightning too. heads up with that, too. >> maybe a little rain at national airport for the record. >> to keep the record going. let's do it. >> thank you, doug. great news for a college student from virginia who's $10,000 in tuition money was stolen. in february, maria es ste vez was on her way to drop off her daughter lily and left her purse at a dunkin' donuts in falls church. after hearing what happened the company call kd course hero
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>> next time we see doug on camera, he probably will be beardless. clean shaven. >> my wife will be happy about it. my kids tonight finally said, we like your beard. tonight. >> that's what kids do.
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well, this is the time. and your ford dealer is the place to get into a new ford escape. escape leads the way with the convenience of a foot-activated rear liftgate. plus, the power and efficiency of ecoboost technology. you'll find a full lineup of ford suvs designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash. hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. see your ford dealer today. guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another.
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