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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and 14-year-old rudy torzano is on the right, they're from the fairfax county area and were last seen tuesday night. police say the teens may have run off and it is possible they took a cab to jessup, maryland. and d.c. police say belachew was last seen at the ymca. he is 86. and here is the photo of him. he has gray hair, wears glasses. if you see him, call d.c. police. decision 2016 now. and donald trump's ability on unite the republicans could rest on meetings this morning on capitol hill. the presumptive presidential nominee will sit down with paul ryan and republican national committee chair reince priebus. ryan and priebus are on opposing sides whether to support trump right now. trump meets with congressional republicans later today. edward lawrence reports live on what to expect ahead at 4:45.
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across the u.s. today. senator bernie sanders has three events in south dakota. voters there weigh in on june 7. hillary clinton is in brooklyn. bill clinton will campaign on her behalf in kentucky. voter tls there cast polballots tuesday. we need to focus on the positive. the sun has to come back out, right? >> yes, it does. >> tomorrow? >> no, not tomorrow. we'll get peeks, peeks of sunshine possible early to midafternoon today. and then just at the tail end of your friday height get a little sunshine behind some thunderstorm chances early tomorrow. yesterday day 15 in a row with measured rainfall. today day 16, this one will be close, everybody. not raining out there now, hasn't raped since midnight at national airport. we'll get peeks of sunshine today before more rain chances come pack in on us. thick fog this a few spots this morning. keep your low beams on and speeow
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future weather carries the first chances of rain out, but timing it out, there could be more opportunities for rain coming on this here after about 4:00, 5:00 today. we'll talk about that and of course start focusing on your weekend, that is coming up. have big delays 95 north, we were looking at the maps just a country can can he wiple minute. northbound at 17 as you're headed out of fredericksburg, you can see how slow it is here this morning. we have only the right lane getting by. so again, here is a look at the map going about 17, 16 miles per hour. on so only the right lane getting by that work zone there. hoping that will get out of the way soon and stop annoying people perhaps this morning. eastbound central avenue after largo road, eastbound lanes blocked because of that crash this morning. and remember 395 north after duke street and south bond after seminary road, some lanes blocked th
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few minutes. 4:33 now. today the trial begins for the second police officer accused in the death of freddie grey. edward nero has requested a bench trial. he's one of those involved in the initial arrest. nero pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor second degree assault, reckless endangerment and high schomisconduct. the trial is expected to last five days. it is 4:33. today marks one year since the derailment of an amtrak train this philadelphia that killed eight people. more than 200 people were injured when the new york-bound train entered a sharp curve at 106 miles per hour. that is more than twice the speed limit. the "new york times" reports that congress mandated the installation of new technology called positive train control throughout the nation's railroad system
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technology that could have slowed down the train and possibly prevented the accident. congress is now considering extending the deadline to 2020. d.c. police are investigating a triple shooting in southeast. around 4:00 pchl, someone started shooting on 9th street southeast. officers found two men shot at the scene. another man walked himself to the hospital. all three are expected to survive. this shooting was less than half a mile from the deadly shooting we told you about yesterday. we're working to learn whether the shootings are connected. emotional moments for loved ones as they learned of a double murder in district heights. prince george's county police say samuel page and kevin muse were killed in a robbery. a third man in the car is expected to survive. the $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to a suspect. it is 4:35. today d.c.'s mayor will break
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center. the site housed the "washington post" before this. once completed, the site will be the new home for fannie mae. looking live right now at reagan national airport, we expect a protest today over an airline that could soon land flights here. the pobama administration recently gave norwegian a green light, but some say it undermines competition by skirting tax and labor laws and hiring temporary workers from asia. protests are set to begin shortly after noon right in front of the white house. one woman dead and her four children fighting to stay alive after being shot. we are getting this news from birmingham, alabama. apparently this happened late last night. and now the hunt is on, k-9s even searching the area for the woman's boy friend believed to be the suspected shooter in this case. we'll bryo
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4:36 and the grading school in montgomery county could change your child's report card for the better. the school system says quarterly grades will now be averaged and rounded up to determine a final course grade. for example a student can can get an a in the first quarter and a b in the second quarter and still get a final grade of "a." this comes after the school system did it away with final x x exams in favor of quarterly tests. find more on the nbc washington app, search "grades." another one. >> one of the most amazing individual feats in major league baseball. more unlikely than a four home run game or perfect game even. matt scherzer struck out 20 batters last night. 20! this is an mlb record.
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time this is hs in history. before he came to d.c., he played for the tigers. >> the guys are unbelievable and they gave me a heck of a time tonight, but to be able to do it, it's a feather in the cap. >> last time a pitcher had 20 strikeouts in a single game was back in 2001. incredible. it really is. >> impressive. >> 20 strikeouts. you don't look that impressed before it's hard to impress aaron. nats play again tomorrow. p. >> i'm impressed. >> that's all right. 4:37. we could see a break in the rain today, maybe. a closer look at that and whether the fog will burn off by the time the kids head to the bus stop at 4:41. a bizarre story in the search for a driver behind a deadly hit and run. what police say the victidid just m mo
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coming up on 4:41. weather and traffic on the 1s on this thursday. and a little bit of drizzle coming in this morning. splitzin xwchlt. >> is that a technical turn? in like when you water your orchids. >> orchids? >> it's a flower, you buy it at costco?
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outside this morning, a little bit of light rain down here towards fredericksburg and staff ford. mostly just mist and drizzle. school day forecast for today, lots of clouds and fog early this morning. may want to give the kids the umbrella just in case. most of the day will be dry, but there could be some showers moving in after 3:00, 4:00. so precautionary umbrellas for later. otherwise jeans and long sleeves. "7-day forecast" in ten minutes. made police melissa, you know what a mister is, right? >> i know what a mister it and i have a dead orchid. >> here you go. look at this poor thing. >> i'm keeping it in here. we do have a little bit 6 green. well, you can't see group on the green thing. >> it needs a spritzer. >> it needs a defibrillator. >> 95 north at 17, still slow there. right lane only getting by t
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largo road, that crash has finally gotten out of the way and inner loop after new hampshire, two lanes blocked. i'll go take care of my orchid and i'll be right back. >> good luck. >> i like how these optimistic. it looked brown to me. but i can't grow plants either. you will soon grab lunch at food trucks. the city council voted on tuesday to give the trucks a six month tryout. currently they can only park on certain off street locations but within the month you will see them at four different locations throughout the city. they will operate between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. not so fast. what the fta says metro must do and how it could impact your commute. donald trump heads to capitol hill to meet with gop officials. what the lawmakers hope to
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this is a big party. there is plenty of room no different policy disputes. >> we expect some of those policy disputes to play out today on capitol hill. >> paul ryan is sitting down with donald trump. trump is hoping to convince party leadership he can unify republicans ahead of the general election. edward lawrence is live for us now on capitol hill with more on what to watch. edward, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is feeling bolstered going into this meeting because of his large support among voters. he has he has enormous respect for the speaker of t
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paul ryan will heat with touchdo meet with donald trump and other leaders. trump may be winning over traditional support. he now has endorsements from seven house members who chair very important committees up here on capitol hill. not to be outdone, hillary clinton also criticized donald trump for not releasing his tax returns. donald trump saying he wants to do that before the election, but after an irs and you had either takes place. senator bernie sanders saying that he is the only person who can actually beat nip on the republican side. sanders criticized both donald trump and hillary clinton at an event in billings,nip on the republican side. sanders criticized both donald trump and hillary clinton at an event in billings,. donald trump has won now more votes in a primary election than any republican in history. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence. back to you. there are only a few days left to register to vote in d.c.'s democratic primary. the primary happens on june 14th and it is a clo
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that means he must be a registered as a democrat this order to cast a ballot. you have until monday if you need to change your party affiliation. and kathleen matthews says she's not done running for political office. you remember the former news anchor lost the democratic primary last month. in her first interview since then, matthews told the "washington post," quote, all options are on the table for upcoming races in 2018. when it comes to a number of recent issues on metro, the federal transit agency wants metro to act now. the fta ordered metro to make immediate repairs to areas including those from medical center to van ness and parts of orange and silver line, too. the many focus dealt with this explosion at federal center southwest caught on video. the fta says urgent track work must come before metro begins its widespread maintenance plan se
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they want metro to make decisions based on safety rather than convenience. moth metrorail and buss are showing a significant dip in ridership. folks make about 5% less trips. metro says one of the beg causes, the january blizzard that forced them to shut down for two day. that cost the system nearly $7 million in fares and parking fees. the man accused of terrorizing metro riders during a deadly metro stabbing last year will be arraigned tomorrow. a grand jury indicted skrjasper spirs on murder and other charges. prosecutors say entires killed kevin sutherland as the train approached the university station and then robbed and assaulted other riders. entire he faces life in prison. two charge this had connection to a murder at the
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month. they are accused of killing a transgender promise. police say they stabbed her to death. it they believe blakeney was there to engaging in prostitution. job cuts are coming to howard university hospital according to the washington business journal. the hospital plans to lay off 110 employees or about 10% of its workforce. officials say the cuts are part of the effort to fix the hospital's finances. new legislation will allow female world war ii pilots for be buried at arlington national cemetery. the house unanimously approved the measure back in march, but made final changes this week. arlington national cemetery is managed by the army and the law needed to be changed to let the female pilots be buried there. acting army secretary says he wants to see the women buried at the cemetery, but that it is filling up fast. >> 10 million vet p raerans eli to
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than 100,000 spac. >> there are about 100 still alive. the bill now heads to the white house where president obama is expected to sign it into law. today we'll learn what steps the government is taking to keep you and your family safe on summer vacation. this afternoon secretary homeland security jeh johnson will hold a news conference at reagan national airport. he along with officials from the tsa will discuss how security is adapting to increased number of passengers moving through airports. airport security has been a big issue since the airport bombings in belgium in march. time for chuck bell to enter our life and give us some more soggy news. >> i've been in your life for years. >> this is true. we have worked together for years. >> for better or worse. >> we've been friends about 13 years all right. crazy. >> grade school and whatnot. >> exactly. and then aaron came along. >> let me break up this
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right now. >> aka oscar the grouch. i'm just teasing, aaron. >> it's okay. they will get you on twitter. >> you got that right. the legion of aaron fans. outside today, you may get a glimmer or two of sunshine. it will be a little milder. . 61 yesterday, we'll be nearer to 70 yesterday. we'll be try fdry for most of ty but not 100% try forecast. half mile visibility in winchester, 2 1/2 in washington. so watch out for the kiddos and pedestrians out there. clouds and fog this morning, most of what you need to do outside today will be dry. more rain chances coming in later today and into tonight. for tomorrow, chance for rain and thunderstorms up until about 3:00 in the afternoon. so your friday night plans should be dry. an
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thunderstorm chances right splak in the middle of your saturday. but if you have stuff to do saturday automatic sidoutside, be dry. right now rain back across the mountains of west virginia and this little ribbon of rain showers wi thunder that is our little rain chance coming back in on us for later today and into early this evening. future weather, clouds and fog early. could get some breaks of sunshine between about 1:00 and 4:00. after 4:00 or 5:00, there is a risk of a couple showers and by 10:00 tonight, shower and thundershower chances back into the picture. so there will be chances for rain today, just not in the middle of the day. and then tomorrow rain chances between about 9:00 or 10:00 up to about 3:00 in the afternoon and then dry for friday night and dry start to saturday before saturday rain chances come back. so here is your whole "7-day forecast." today we'll go mostly cloudy, we're keeping the rain chance out of today for the daylight hours, but there is a chance mainly as we g
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evening hours, and then for tomorrow, an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms. and 70% chance on saturday. all eyes toward sunday. melissa, sunny and breezy, highs mid to upper 60s sunday and monday and that will be with full sunshine. so there is good news in the forecast. >> sounds good as long as i see something round and yellow, i'm very happy woman right now. 95 northbound here at 17, that has cleared out of the way. so no more road work there. just normal volume but of course it is still clearing out here. inner loop after new hampshire avenue, two right lanes blocked. 395 southbound after seminary, same thing there. northbound at duke street, that has cheered out of the way. prince george's county looking good. the 10 miles per hour is not correct.
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270 there frederick down to the spur, going to take you 26 minutes. you are on time. i'll see you back here in ten. it's a growing concern for supports and their parents. the recent rash of fights breaking out at area schools and what is being done. p. are you addicted to the internet? the new trend taking hold and why health officials are more than concern ed
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today marks one year from the deadly derailment. ahead how the victims are remembered and the latest on safety concerns when we go liv r to philadelphia. and we're not waking up to much rain this morning, but we are seeing a lot of fog. a closer look at when it will burn off and when the rain returns today in your hour by hour forecast. fights like this one good two teenage girls are becoming part of a growing concern in and around d.c. schools. a girl recorded this fight at mckinley middle in northeast. and then put it on instragram. we talked to a student who says she was a victim in two fights near the school, including one last monday where she said she was jumped by five girls. a man came to her rescue. >> the man, he was driving by, he g
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like are you okay. >> destiny carson was suspended for ten days for fighting after she says she hit a girl who threatened her. a woman suspected in it a robbery is dead and police say she got hit by a car as she fled the scene on a bike. a man and girl assaulted a woman, grabbed her phone and took off on bikes. the female suspect was hit and killed a few miles away by a minivan that at the present tdi. they were able to arrest the accomplice, he's charged are robbery. shenandoah national park is starting to see benefits from last month's wildfire. park officials say fires can regenerate forests and they're already seeing new growth. the rocky mountain fire was the second largest in the park's history. it took two weeks to contain and scorched 10,000 acres. so where is your cellphone right now? probably -- there is hers. probably sittri
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you. might even be in your hand. a recent studsity has mental health therapists concerned that we're not developing basic communication skills because we're so focused on our phones. this study found the average american spends 90 minutes every day staring at the screen. therapists say teens and children are learning bad habits from their parents. >> if you're texting when you're talking to your child and not having that face-to-face communication, your child is going to see that and they will repeat that behavior. >> therapists say children and teenagers are most at risk for not developing social skills correctly. they say the best thing parents can do is set a good example. period. they could also set rules and expectations for cellphone use. but for, what, ever there has been do as i say, not as i do. but you can't tell that to a 5-year-old and expect to mean something. >> and this is something we're working on in my own home. it's really hard to do. you have to put it down and
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didn't think about it. kids don't know how to have a conversation, ask someone out on a date, nothing. >> if your 6-year-old is dating, that's a different story. >> no. there is a new scam saying you did not pay your parking ticket. the dmv says to watch out for an e-mail saying you have an unpaid ticket. .e hail says you have to pay more or they will impound your car. the whole thing is fake. dmv says you will not pay an e-mail, you will get a letter in your mail box. truth be told, i have a few of those. the scam also sends you to a dot dom web side but the real one ends in dot gov. 5:00 on the dot. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang p we love chuck bell, but the weather not so much. >> what did you have for us today? find a glimmer of hope there,


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