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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that's on international drive, in the leisure world shopping center, and there is goes, the car that ran into the store. it is being towed away. paramedics are evaluating some who are injured and have called in a building inspector because the car hit and took out part of a cinderblock wall and the windows along the front of the store, pushing the deb brees inside. we'll work to find out the condition of the driver and find out if anyone else is injured and get back to the with the information. >> thanks, with endy. it has been a busy hour for chopper 4, we're following more breaking news. chopper 4 over the scene of a serious accidents at the intersection of veers mill and randolph road. it looks very serious. some traffic is gets by but we're told a few people are hea hurt. we have some major news
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will likely impact you for more than two weeks. metro is planning to shut down at least one section of track for emergency repairs. >> transportation reporter first reported it on twitter, an entire section of the orange, blue and silver line is shutting down. first at 4, joining us now. adam. >> reporter: how about a 16-day complete closure on those lines. it would happen between eastern marquette and eastern marquette and minnesota avenue. all of this, still deals with the problems we've been having this past week on that section of the rail line. of course, the aerial structure that was causing so many problems. the stadium armory and potomac avenue stations will be closed completely. metro stresses it is still being finalized, but the impact will start to really be felt in just a couple of weeks, most likely starting in june. metro's gm talking about the ed
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>> apart of the way i manage, i make decisions in which the downside is sometimes i'm impatient. when i sat there at the ntsb hearing the other day and heard through the litany of the decades here, it just reenforced to me, i just have to go. >> reporter: and now we are told that this plan is being finalized right now and it is the effort to go forward. now, guys, incidentally, this would happen while d.c. public schools were still in session, and also cut off a lot of of the train service from that side of the city into the downtown for the district. this will be pretty significant once it starts. >> adam, this is a job that the new safety officer is going to be involved in, helping to address. did you get a chance to talk to him today? >> reporter: we did. we got a chance to talk to patri patrick lavin from brooklyn. also talked a lot about the culture at metro and what heas
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seen in the past week. he has been here for about four days. metro's problems are not so great that they can't be fixed. he talked about his time in the new york city transit arena. we'll much more coming up next hour at 5:00. >> thank you, adam. look, it is no secret that donald trump and i have had differences. we've talked about the differences today. that's common knowledge. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified to bridge the gaps and differences. >> house speaker paul ryan says he is very encouraged after his highly anticipated meeting today with donald trump. as you just heard there, ryan admits he still has differences with the presumptive nominee and stopped short of endorsing trump. the political world has been closely watching today's sit down at rnc headquarters here in dc, and promising this is just the first of several talks to come. rnc chair reince priebus says the meeting was great and went a lon
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utah senator, orrin hatch is the longest serve in the senate and he said he'll back trump, although trump needs to soften his rhetoric. gop leaders weren't the only people looking forward to today's meeting. protesters were out in force demonstrating against trump. outside r in. c headquarters activists and others shouted and held signs, some of the signs called trump a racist and others urged him to quote stop the hate. on the democratic side, it's been a busy day for both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in our next half our, one candidate's trip to a national landmark, while another weighs in on the big debate about d.c. state hood. we want to get to our forecast now. i think we're all hoping it's not like the day before. or the day befo
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or last week. or on and on and on, doug. >> it is, guys. it's like my favorite movie, "groundhog day". it really has been. the clouds, showers, drizzle across the region. we have not seen the rain at the airport and if we don't, we might get out of it, we will break the streak of 15 straight days with rain. you could see, we do have rain back to the west. this rain coming in through the winchester area at about the next hour or so. it is not moving really fast. into blue ridge, as it is moving to the east, they're dying out just a bit so may not be able to get over the mountains. take a look at this. you know we've been cool, but this is kind of ridiculous. we're 65 in d.c., it's 78 in pennsylvania, 82 in charleston. it's only here, east of the blue ridge. we'll talk about when the pattern breaks and what to expect the next couple of days coming up
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details of the trial of a police officer charged in freddie gray's death. officer edward nero is one of the bike officers who loadsed gray into the police van where he suffered a fatal neck injury. today in court, prosecutors showed a police reenactment video of the arrest. chris gordon is covering it all, live in baltimore. >> reporter: this trial is moving quickly. it's nonjury trial so they didn't spend two days selecting a jury, like they did in the first trial here. it began with opening statements, and then moved quickly into the witness phase of the trial. the prosecution calling near a dozen witnesses on the first day of the trial. officer edward nero's defense lawyer says he joined the police force to save lives. he waived his right to a jury trial, letting the judge decide the case without the emotion
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jojor jurors can bring to deliberations. monitoring the trial. >> right now, the judge knows the law and i'm praying that he makes the right decision. >> reporter: prosecutors are calling witnesses, proving officer nero is guilty of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. they said nero was one of a bike police officers that krased him, shackled his leg, and helped load him into the police van. his neck was broken during transport. he later died, resulting in widespread rioting in parts of baltimore. prosecutors say nero neglected to secure him in his seat belt in the police wagon, in violation of general orders making it mandatory to restrain detainees with a seat
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ahead on news 4 at 5:00, legal analysts explain why officer nero chose to is a nonjury trial, and tell us if they think it was a good or bad idea. that's the latest live in baltimore. pat, back to you. >> thank you, chris. a solemn goodbye to a good samaritan. the tribute to a man who tried to help a woman during last week's mall shooting. plus parking is going to get more expensive across much of the nation's capitol. how mu more you can expect tcho
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police are hoping you can help them find two teenagers missing from fair fox. they've been missing since tuesday night. the set is 13 years old. rudy is 14. they're telling us they may have taken a taxi to maryland. although police believe they left voluntarily, lema didn't take a medicine she needed. she was wearing a black and red "star wars" jacket. if you have any information, please call the police. friends and family are saying goodbye, coming to the aide of a stranger. >> he defended a carjacking
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mourners gathered today for a funeral mass at st. rose catholic church. police say tordil tried him while trying to carjack a woman on friday. he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> he always lit up the room, whenever he stepped inside. always joked with everyone. always had a smile on his face. everyday coming to work, living his life, loving his kids, his life. just all around great guy. >> winfelled is being laid to rest in the cemetery next to the church. they're supposed to keep us safe in the skies, but the tsa is getting slammed for everything, from safety to long wait times. how they're trying to defend themselves, here in washington. >> a lot more to
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right now, the end of the week could be a stormy one. first at 4:00, tracking the chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. about to get more expensive to park in d.c. changes you can expect in just minutes. head of the tsa getting slapped today. the tsa chief taking a hit for what the em battled
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and is not doing, poor training, mismanagement and those long lines, all drawing harsh criticism. as nbc's brian moore reports, lawmakers demanding to know what's going wrong and who is to blame. >> as security lines and frustration build at airports across the united states, the tsa has become the government agency americans love to hate. on capitol hill, it's getting no breaks from lawmakers. >> you cannot recruit, you cannot train, you cannot retain. and you cannot administer. it is a huge failing government program. >> the agency hit with 18,000 traveler complaints a year isn't doing better with its own employees. 30% quit in the first year. tsa administrator peter neffenger is asking for more money. some like
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threatening to fire the tsa and hire a private security. >> we cannot staff effectively across the system to the peak volume periods. >> passengers say flyer volume is increasing at the same time the left level is. >> it is the carry-on baggage that's one of the major slow down points. >> congressional over sight is at the top of the t is. a, which dold out bonuses, even as security was failing their tests. back here at home, starting next month, you're going to have to pay more to park in the district. all of the meters are going to go up to $2.30 an hour. for most of the meters, that means an increase of about $0.30, but 1,700 meters will see an
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the $2.30 mark. most is along georgia avenue north of columbia heights. our crews went there today and found they had already been increased. what we need is an increase in sunshine. doug, we've had cloud cover all day, but we haven't seen any rain. are we going to see some? >> parts of the year might see a little bit. but i really think that we may break the streak. again, the streak is at the airport, we're seeing 15 days of rain, at least 0.10%, and we haven't seen any in the city. the clouds still around. we've seen a couple of breaks of sign here and there, finally, a little bit. it a has helped temperatures, 65 degrees, winds out of the south. 71 in hagger town, 72 in la
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stanton, virginia, east, again, west of the mountains or near the mountains, more sunshine, near 70. that's why we're only in the 60s to the east. clouds coming in. we have the rain back to the west, around winchester, nothing around d.c. as these move over the mountains, they should fall apart. now they ma i not fall apart until they get into martinsburg, but i don't think they'll move to the d.c. area. something i'll watch, keep the umbrella handy. the wider picture, showing this rotation here. that's the next storm system moving our way tonight and into the day tomorrow. that will bring back the chance for rain. so watch what happens this evening. here is future weather, the two areas of storms. watch what happens, they get out of here. we've good clouds again overnight tonight. clouds to start off the day, but dry for the morning commute. but here comes the rain and it moves in fairly quickly tomorrow. here is 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, the
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brings through a line of storms. now, not expecting anything to be too strong tomorrow, but we could see brief heavy downpours. the coolest thing, the best part, this goes around, 1:45, about 1:00 to 2:00, behind this, beautiful conditions. i mean, tomorrow night is going to be spectacular. hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow, 7:00 a.m., clouds, but rain around 11:00 inside the metro. stormy around the 1:00 to 3:00, and then after that time, a great evening. temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow night will be spectacular, and it's a friday night. you can actually eat outdoors for a change. more rain on saturday, but timing, veronica has more on that. if you have plans on saturday, she'll have the forecast coming up. 62 on sunday, 63 on monday. ol
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the sunshine. not the cloud cover. we don't want any more of that. >> no, we don't. we've got a lot to laugh about here at news 4 today. a lot of laughs behind the scenes, because today, marks 30 years since pat collins started working here at news 4. so there has been celebration all day, lots of cake, a lot of sugar, before we headed out to start covering the day's news. we have a list of 12 priceless pat collins moments in the washington app. search pat collins. >> we want you to weigh in. what's your favorite pat collins moment from the past 30 years? was it his interview with the banana man in a grape suit, 15 inches of fun with the snow stick. or my personal favorite, live from a topless beach, our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. you can call or text the number on our
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paj. a local woman makes her dreams come true. >> a loving family, beautiful home, but this one thing this grandma has been missing for near nearly 50 years, until now. >> d.c. music
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it's going to be an historic weekend for music fans. original recordings to mark four years since chuck brown, the godfather of go go dd. he left behind a musical legacy still growing. the song you're hearing now is the new song released by his band in more than two years. frank syria says it honors brown and the city he loved so much. >>. ♪ born in the city ♪ chuck brown raised me ♪ some people said we couldn't make it ♪ >> it's so much of a struggle for a lot of the inner city youth. it made me want to sing it more, you know what i mean. hopefully the rest of the city will get on board with it. >> the band will release more music tomorrow, as will rare essence and the junkyard band,
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all part of the inaugural gogo music day. a big concert at the howard theater. coming up at the next hour, hear more of the song and find out why the weekend will be so emotional and so important for the d.c. music scene. of course, we have links and tickets to the show and new music. dc is changing so quickly, you hope that legacy survives. >> i think it will. she has done a lot in her life, except graduate college. this weekend, that all changes for her. she is a woman in maryland. >> she'll receive her diploma 50 years after she set foot on campus. if you need something to inspire you today. check out this story. >> i'm very emotional. because i've waited so long for this. >> it's a moment john motsa has waited 50 years for. >> it
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all my life. >> this 71-year-old grandmother, yes, i said 71, graduates from university of maryland with a bachelor of arts degree in humanities this weekend. >> you're finally here. that's pretty incredible. >> i know, i know. i'm very happy. i'm proud of myself. i really did it. >> now, you may ask yourself, what took so long. well, 53 years ago, joan left georgetown after one year to start her family with carlos matos, the couple had a baby and then came four more kids. >> i thought, oh, i can do this. i can raise a family and work. and go to school. but financially, we couldn't, and just one thing after another, just snow-balled. >> her husband died ten years ago, and that's when she decided to continue her journey. >> it's been really hard, because it is math. it is a four-letter word that i really dislike. >> mom, we are so proud of
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absolutely wild. >> thank you. >> college graduate. yay. >> five college educated kids are excited. >> i could not be more happy, more proud of my mother. >> she hopes to inspire her 13 grand kids and others to pursue their dream. >> you're never, never too old. if you set your mind to something, you can do it. >> such a wonderful story. joan ma tos will have her graduation on saturday. she'll put the cap and gown on and she is so excited, i must say congratulations. in bethesda maryland. news 4. >> i cannot wait to see her in that cap and gown. what a picture. >> you're sure she can't wait to wear it. yeah. up first at 4:00, another story that really has people talking on social media. >> that's right. the gun involved in the controversial death of treyvon martin. it went on the action block and then got
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>> doug is tracking a little stronger, and it could arrive in time for the weekend. what you
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we have some more breaking news from the live desk. we've learned the mayor of district heights in maryland was found dead in his home today. james walls, jr. was serving his third term. he is the youngest person to ever be elected to that ci a
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mayor. he also previously served as vice-mayor, and deputy commissioner. it is not considered a homicide. james walls, jr., was just 38 years old. back to you. all right, thank you, wendy. also first at 4:00, a victory for republicans on capitol hill who oppose president obama's health care law. a judge ruled the obama administration is unconstitutionally spending federal money to spend it. specifically, the $175 billion being paid to insurance companies to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for lower income americans. the federal judge says congress never specifically appropriated those funds, and ordered the reimbursements stop. they wouldn't implement it until the case has been appealed and settl settled. a waive and thumbs up on his way to a meeting with the top
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both men agreed they made progress toward uniting a party that has been badly divided. >> that meeting took place at the rnc committee offices on capitol hill. steve handlesman has been there through it all. what are you hearing? >> reporter: look, everybody agrees now that donald trump's trip to washington today was a positive step forward. the senior republican in the u.s. senate today, orrin hatch of utah, endorsed trump. that only highlights that speaker paul ryan did not, after his meeting with trump here at the party office. republican headquarters was a mob scene. donald trump came to the washington he campaigned against to sit down with house speaker paul ryan. who afterwards was still not ready to endorse, but was encouraged. >> look, it is no secret we've had our differences. we talked about those differences today.
4:34 pm
wall or the muslim ban, instead, abortion, taking supreme court justices and limiting presidential power. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences. >> trump saying while we were honest about our few differences, we recognize there are many important areas of common ground. party chair reince priebus ran the meeting. >> it was great. it was a positive step toward unification. >> reporter: but the party is still divided. >> members are having a hard time around the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: texas senator tweeting out this shot trump held private meetings, financing the fall campaign, few hours after he came, he was gone from
4:35 pm
washington. that left the spotlight on speaker paul ryan, which in the world of donald trump, could be a sign of respect. live from republican national headquarters on capitol hill, steve happenndlesman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. a vocal ally in the white house, hillary clinton says she'll fight to make the district of columbia the nation's 51est state if she wins the presidency. clinton wrote about her support in an op he had published in the "washington informer", an african-american newspaper. it is not fair they don't have voting representation in congregation. donald trump has not taken a position on the issue. senator bernie sanders enjoyed one of the iconic symbols of the country while he was on the campaign trail. sanders visited mount rush more during a swing through the dakotas. he was awe struck by the monument and commented about the beauty of it. it was sanders
4:36 pm
said it was a great day to be an american. as we forecast and storm team 4 told you, today would be the day we could get through almost rain-free. we've got some rain out there right now, but it's far west, around i-81. the question is, will it get here during the evening. we could see an isolated shower. but for the most part, i think the greater part of the area will be dry. you can see the showers down there now, south of laray, eastbound to areas like culpepper county. slow move with the rain, maybe an isolated shower, but for the most part, dry. temperatures will continue dropping to the 60s, low to mid 60s this evening. overcast sky. we're going to i think 70 to 75 degrees tomorrow. it will be mild and forecasting rain, especially the first part of the day, scattered showers. and then lunchtime to about
4:37 pm
isolated thunderstorm. here is a look on saturday, the clouds filling in, any graduations early part of the day will be dry and just fine with our temperatures rising to about 70, rain out of here about 4:00. more on the weekend coming up. the handgun that george zimmerman used to kill treyvon martin is no longer on the auction block. the bidding was supposed to start at 11:00 this morning on the website gun but by 11:18, the listing was no longer there, and no explanation. zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 shooting of the unarmed teenager. the auction listing said the smithsonian my want to buy it, but they said the institution has no interest in the gun. one year ago tonight, one man's life changed forever. his life interrupted for months after a deadly derailment. now, he is talking about it for
4:38 pm
saying i do, the local newly weds that just tied the knot on national tv, and it's throw back thursday on the nbc washington twitter page. >> all day today, our anchors and producers have been sending their best
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america's top volunteers being honored today in washington, with some help from a familiar friend here at nbc. nightly news anchor, lester holt mced the make a wish foundation, on make a difference day, each of them gets $10,000 to continue its service projects going forward. >> these stories are so important, because so much what we cover on a given day is dark, evil, kind of leaves you feeling sometimes, you know, helpless, and so if we do stories and remind people of folks who were doing extraordinary things, who are reaching out and making a difference, it's a win for all of us. >> andy cohen was also recognized at today's awards for his efforts with the american research on aids. >> big
4:42 pm
today show, and there is a romantic twist to the story, the couple got married this morning, live on "today." >> as a minister of the church, i pronounce you husband and wife. in the name of the -- >> with that, jen mendez and lane stowe became newly weds, after their chance encounter on the "today" show plaza, they gotten gauged. when kathily and hoda found out about it, they invited them back. family and friends were in the studio to witness the whole thing. >> how are you guys feeling at this point? >> over the moon. over the moon. >> i just heard you say, hello, mrs. stowe. >> and you said to him? >> hello, mr. s it. owe. >> the couple also got a lot of wedding gifts from the show, including a five day honeymoon at a spa
4:43 pm
value. congratulations to lane and jen. >> yeah, pretty generous and pretty cool. a year ago today, a train heading from washington suddenly ran off the rails. one of the men on board is beating the odds after some pretty serious injuries and talking about it for the first time. have you ever been ripped off by a contractor? the news 4 i-team tells you how much you can get get, $20,000 back with the one thing you have to do before you sign on the dotted line.
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>>announcer: you're watching news 4 at 4:00. it has been a year since an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia, killing eight people. >> federal investigators will meet next week to release the probable cause of the crash. they've determined that the train was going double the speed limit, as it approached a dangerous curve. tonight, deanna duranta speaks to one survivor telling his story for the first time and hoping to find the people who saved his life. >> this was something that never had to happen. it never should have happened.
4:47 pm
it was just such neglect. >> bob hewitt's life is changed forever. >> almost my entire rib cage was shattered, it is not where it is supposed to be. i have significantly less volume from my lungs to expand. >> he and his wife are angry at amtrak and the lack of policy from both of them. >> he changed our lives, and no reason why he was going that fast. legitimately. just no reason. i almost became a widow. >> one recurring thought, he remembers his body hitting another man before the car came to a rest. >> i wonder, did he live or die. did me hitting him kill him, hurt him. was he dead when he hit me. i don't know. but it bothers me. >> the family is in philadelphia
4:48 pm
dad to find the man in this picture. they believe that's him being carried from the derailment. >> one of them shined his flashlight on my head, and yelled for help. and i remember him saying this guy has got to go now. the whole back of his head is coming off. >> he hasn't found those men and in case he doesn't, he has i message for them all. >> i want to say thank. i don't know what else to say. tornados are over, but the weather certainly isn't letting up west of here. take a look at what's happening in illinois. the southern end of the state has been getting hit with hail and then heavy rain. causing widespread flooding and some flash flood warnings. the weather has knocked down trees and power lines, but so far, no significant d
4:49 pm
veronica. >> we'll see thunderstorms tomorrow, only a few. i'll show you where the storm also set up, but for the most part, just some rain that's coming through the area. of course, we didn't have much of it today. we have a better chance tomorrow afternoon, prior to 3:00. so this time tomorrow, folks, we are going to see i think a lot of sunshine throughout the area. rainstorms, we're going to have again before 3:00, and probably just after lunchtime, after about noon. and then as we switch it to saturday, we've got a chance between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. we'll go almost 24 hours where conditions will be dry and it will be pretty nice out. right now, storm team 4 radar, showers around lorraine and cha charlottesville, northern neck, right through fredericksberg, a couple of rumbles of
4:50 pm
this will be filling in with scattered showers, by early tomorrow morning, rain, isolated thunder, 62, temperature. 75 for the afternoon. sunshine, oh, my goodness. let me tell you, we're going to have a party tomorrow it. we're going to kick off the weekend with sunshine. 76 down to the south. that really is the next change that you're going to notice, after about 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we break into the sunshine, plans to go out for friday night, temperatures will be in the 60s looking nice, very dry across the area. now, for graduations, there is the showers that whether come into the area after 1:00 p.m. on saturday. but so we're going to give you a cautionary light, exercising, yard work, fine. finally a good period of dry conditions to get out and exercise or plant some flowers and do a little gardening. that's your saturday. look at sunday, 62, the high temperature. it will be significantly cooler
4:51 pm
running at 74 degrees. of course, most of this week we've been in the 50s and 60s. i know you're like okay, are we going to warm up and stay warm. no. monday, tuesday, thursday, high temperatures will be in the 60s mainly, with showers coming back our way on tuesday, and maybe on thursday of next week. so we're more in the cool than we are the warm. so if you need cheering up in this lousy weather, nbc washington app, we have local events you can do, even when the weather isn't cooperating, and that might help your mood just a little bit. all you have to do is open the app and search rain. >> thanks, veronica. a local grandmother tells the i-team that she feels cheated by those she hired to rebuild her home after her fire. >> there is help from an unexpected source, but only if you make sure to do one thing first. >> reporter:
4:52 pm
home is filed with boxes and furniture, waiting for her home to be repaired. >> basically everything was just burnt and hanging or melted. >> patterson received $62,000 from her insurance company. soon after, a man showed up at her door. >> he said well, i know you don't want your neighbors to see your house looking like this, so as soon as i get the contract, i'll get that repaired. >> she hired him to fix the fire damage in 2010. >> he didn't begin the work. i canceled the contract. and then he in turn sued me. >> patterson says he sued her because she didn't formally decline his services within the three-day period, specified on the contract. she is now countersuing. >> i think i got ripped off, definitely. >> instead of waiting, patterson said she paid a second contractor, who only ended up doing some of the work. six years later, you can still see smoke damage on her windows.
4:53 pm
money. >> never pay them all of their money before the work is finished. >> maryland's home improvement commission agrees. >> we don't want the money to get ahead of the work. >> they get 2,000 complaints a year like patterson's. it's critical to hire a licensed contractor. they pay a fee that goes into a fund that you can access if something goes wrong with your project. >> it is a guaranteed fund that financially compensate the home enner in case a contractor has taken addtage of them. >> the state can give you $20,000 if they find wrongdoing, otherwise, you're on your own. >> you lose your protection by not hiring a licensed contractor. >> or patterson did file a come planltd. she is waiting to find out what will happen next. we have a checklist before hiring anyone to work on your home in the nbc washington
4:54 pm
tap on investigations. tisha thompson, news 4 eye team. >> what happens when a contractor won't let you out of the contract? >> our consumer reporter, susan hogan and the response team got some big results. susan. >> that's right. as you just saw, choosing a reliable contractor is key in making sure understand the terms of your contract, just as important as the cost of the job. so signed a contract with one company and paid them a $21,000 deposit but then got a better price in fr another contractor. she had three days to cancel that first contract, and as she told the nbc 4 response team, the company wouldn't take in for an answer. time was ticking and her frustrations were boiling over. she just wanted her $21,000 back. our nbc 4 response team gets to work, and gets results. her story and how we were able to help, coming up on news 4, at 5:00. a man ready to jump off a
4:55 pm
him to climb down. it took a stranger, a woman with blue hair, to help him down.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
a california woman has a new nickname. the blue angel. >> that's right. anita murphy talked to distraught man from 160 foot tv tower, something crisis negotiate ares couldn't do. >> even speakin t
4:58 pm
officers, they were frayed he was getting ready to jump. >> until he spotted anita murphy. >> luckily he recognized maybe the blue hair. >> as i 55 year-old man climbed the tower higher and higher, she prayed harder and harder. >> i'm concerned about him. >> she told us about the man she calls charles, who she fed last friday at her church down the street. >> this is the back up on sun set boulevard, charles stayed perched, three quarters of the way up, the 160 foot tower, crisis negotiate ares moved in and then anita moved in as well. >> he said he would come down from the ledge if the woman that would come over and talk to him. >> some three hours later, started climbing down on his own. >> i told him, this is not worth it, please come down and i said i promise to give you a had ugg. >> when he reached the ground. >> what were you thinking, sir? >> before he was taken away in an ambulance, the blue angel delivered on her promis.
4:59 pm
you and he said i want my hug. metro riders, get ready for a potential shut down on parts of the blue, orange and silver lines. >> this one could last for weeks. also, right now at 5:00, donald trump has left washington. he left without the endorsement of the top elected republican, house speaker paul ryan, but he said progress was made. another story you'll see only on 4 tonight. susan hogan has been showing you how the response team is working "for you." now the biggest refund yet. we helped one woman get her $21,000 deposit back from a home improvement company. metro's new maintenance plan may be get more painful. >> they're being forgsed ced to the plan all around. we're learning about a major shut down, starting in just a few weeks. >>
5:00 pm
tuss has been following this and live to tell us just how bad this could get. >> reporter: how about a 16-day total shut down, wendy, on part rs of the blue, orange and silver lines. talking about a shut down from eastern marquette to benning road and to minnesota avenue. if you go through that area, you should start thinking about it right now. >> while metro's major minute nan -- maintenance plan is being finaliz finalized, it will start with a huge project. closed for over two weeks between eastern marquette and benning and minnesota avenue. >> we're pushing, you know, i think the sooner we get out there, the sooner we get ahead of the game. >> this plan may have to move to the front, because federal inspectors have called for urgent, immediate repairs in the section of track. with a host of safety issues a


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