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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  May 13, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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news 4 midday begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news, a 14-year-old killed and another teenager in custody. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson. let's get right to erika gonzalez at the live desk with new information just in. >> pat, we just learned the name of that 14-year-old killed. the name is lewis eric cocacrespo. this is a death investigation we brought to you as breaking news out of prince william county. as you mentioned this is a 14-year-old that has been killed, blunt force trauma as the police are calling it. we also know a 17-year-old
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we understand our northern virginia bureau chief julie carrie is already on the scene and working to bring us some details and update we should have her in the next few minutes. standby for that. thanks, erika. right now one of freddie gray's friends is testifying in the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. he was there when gray was taken into police custody and put in transport wagon where he later died. officer nero a facing assault charges in this case. we're live in baltimore with the latest. chris. >> reporter: brandon ross says he grew up with freddie gray and was with him that sunday morning april 12th of 2015. he is on the stand in the courthouse behind me right now testifying as a prosecution witness in the trial of officer edward nero. ross identifies nero as one of the yellow-shirted baltimore bike police officers who put freddie gray on the ground after they chase
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running. and they handcuffed him, putting him into a van. he was later taken out of the van. he was put in plastic restraints and leg shackles. and, again, ross identifies officer nero as one of those who threw freddie gray head-first on to the floor of the van. ross says he ran to nearby gillmore homes to find a phone to call in and report what he called an assault. officer nero is charged with assault, reckless endangerment as well as misconduct in office. one of the things we are expecting in this case is testimony from a fellow police officer who is on the scene, officer garrett miller, who actually caught freddie gray and putting handcuffs on. he is being forced to testify under court order with limited immunity. we're cong
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thank you, chris. right now we are waiting to hear from maryland governor larry hogan speaking at the state police fallen heroes ceremony in pikesville. many will gather to honor the nation's fallen officers at the national mall. the 28th annual candle light vigil honoring police officers killed in the line of duty takes place there tonight at 8:00. news 4's megan mcgrath will have more on the ceremony and expected street closures coming up in a few minutes. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar showers impacting the area. you can see this activity in most of the metro area back into loudon, frederick counties, parts of prince william. not expecting any thunderstorms today, but you can see this is a line of rain that will impact us mainly through the mid afternoon hours still tracking rain at noon. 1, 2:00 p.m. still tracking rain, notice potential for heavier rain down around parts of southern maryland and the eastern shore. not going to be the case though here in the metro area. i think my 2:00, 3:00 o
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by 5:00 p.m. we're noticing increasing sunshine. temperatures today will warm into the 70s. now tomorrow some thunderstorms, potentially some severe storms in the forecast. i'll have more on that coming up at 11:20. thanks, amelia. right now fairfax county police are looking for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run. the 33-year-old man was hit near cappella road and shiplett boulevard around 7:00 last night near white oak elementary in burke. fairfax county police are looking for dark colored sedan. they will not release the victim's name until his family has been notified. we've got an update to the story we first brought you last night about a wreck in brandywine. we now know this accident has turned deadly. there are an additional six, seven people that are recovering from injuries from this accident that happened on crane highway southwest and timothy branch drive. this happened about 8:00 last
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night. and, again, the new piece of information we have for you is that one person has died from the injuries sustained in that accident in brandywine. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. today, a man charged with a deadly stabbing of a metro rider heads back to court. 19-year-old jasper spires will be arraigned in the murder of 24-year-old kevin southerland. investigators say he tried to rob southerland was stabbed 30 times. turning now to the presidential race. donald trump at the top of the republican ticket seems to be splitting some virginia republicans. former virginia attorney general suggested that unconvinced conservatives might stay home in november. trump supporters dismiss that talk saying elected republican leaders should support the nominee, but some are vowing outright not to support trump. >> any elected republican who does not come
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people -- the person that the people have chosen for the republican nominee, those people do not belong in our party anymore. >> with heavy heart i suspended my membership of the republican party. and i will not participate in anything republican for as long as donald trump is on the helm. >> virginia, like ohio and florida, is considered a battleground state. donald trump is taking the day off from the campaign trail. just 24 hours after his meetings with gop leaders on capitol hill, the question now is are republicans any closer to party unity? edward lawrence has details. >> reporter: donald trump was all smiles as he tried to mend fences and unify the republican party by all accounts the meeting with the house speaker and the house and senate republican leaders went well despite no endorsement from paul ryan. here's trump's response on "today." >> i think that will come. and if it doesn't come, i'll go my separate
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clinton is a disaster. >> from here we're going to go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is and how we can make sure that we are operating off these same core principles. >> reporter: outside the meeting protests erupted. but it did not stop the momentum of the presumptive republican nominee. >> i got a strong sense that everyone who attended really felt good about the meeting. >> reporter: hillary clinton wouldn't comment on trump's meetings with republican leaders. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders however said the republicans are still very divided. >> they've got a serious problem, an extreme right wing party dealing with a guy who changes his views every day. >> reporter: he made the comments after rallying a large crowd in south dakota. senator bernie sanders surprised many of his colleagues in the senate with his staying power in the presidential race. he's made it so
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on the republicans. in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. and we're on our way to breaking news in woodbridge right now. a 17-year-old is in custody in the death of another teenage boy just 14 years old. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will have an upda coming up next. the names that you see on the wall behind me, they are the names of fallen police officers. and sadly several more names, people from our area, are being added to the memorial this year. a live report coming up.
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a woodbridge family mourning the terrible loss of a child today. now, police say a 14-year-old boy who lived in that end unit townhouse there was the victim of a homicide last night. and just a short while ago they've identified that teenager at coka crespo. police were called to this neighborhood about 8:45 last night. they found the 14-year-old boy dead on the scene from blunt force trauma wounds. a 17-year-old is now in custody in connection with that homicide. now, police tell us that the 14-year-old in his family lived in the upper floors of that townhouse. the 17-year-old and his family were renting a room out in the basement. but we still don't have any
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details about what caused this conflict between the two teenagers. and we don't know exactly how that homicide happened, but we do know 14-year-old died of blunt force trauma wounds. expecting to learn more about that 17-year-old, his identity and the charges he will face later on today. back to you now in the studio. thank you, julie. well, these are names that we won't forget, but names that we wish we didn't have to add to this d.c. landmark. >> today colleagues, families and friends will gather to honor the 252 fallen heroes now commemorated at the national law enforcement memorial. they'll also be a vigil to honor them on the national mall tonight. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at the memorial in downtown washington where three of those honored today are from our immediate area. megan. >> reporter: well, there are events that are continuing through the weekend for national police week, the vigil that you mentioned taking place tonight on the mall at 8:00. thousands are expected to att
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have been coming here to the law enforcement officers memorial. you can see all the names on the wall and the wreaths that have been left behind to honor those killed in the line of duty. well, hundreds of new names have been added to the wall this year including several from our area. name after name carved in marble, a sobering reminder of the dangers of police work and the men and women, thousands of them, who have given their lives to protect others. >> yes, ma'am, we were classmates. >> reporter: officers from around the country have come to washington to honor the fallen this week. austin bass came all the way from nashville to remember his friend, michael patrina. >> he went to work one day expecting a normal day and he just didn't come home that night. and seeing the gravity of all the names on the wall and everything that that entails, it's a very real reminder of the dangers we face. >> reporter: 252 names have been added to the national law enforcement officers memorial this year.
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police officer noah liota, in the middle of a traffic stop on rockville pike last december when he was struck by a suspected drunk driver. he was just 24 years old. also added this year, brennan rabain, the prince george's county police officer was killed in a car accident while trying to pull over a speeding car. and carolyn cross, a d.c. corrections official with the department 35 years. she was found murdered in her alexandria home in 2014. and other names add to the wall this year, craig chandler of baltimore city police, nathan miej william smith, virginia state police, kevin still, bristol, virginia police. several new names from the area added to this wall. and all of the names, all 252 will be read following that candlelight vigil later tonight. back to you in the studio. >>
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happening today, the suspects in the chandra levy case. a judge granted a new trial last year after his attorney said a key witness gave false testimony. levy was killed in 2001. the case got national attention because levy was a capitol hill intern who was having an affair with congressman gary condit. the former director of the d.c. republican party will be sentenced today. 45-year-old robert turner pled guilty in february to a charge of first-degree fraud in connection to the stealing of more than $7,000 from the organization. as part of his plea agreement turner must pay back that money. more on metro's latest troubles. the transit agency is making changes to its safe track plan after that scathing letter from the fta. you can read the entire letter and what it says metro is doing wrong on the nbc washington
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morning. an arcing insulator on the red line resulted in single tracking between the van nesz and medical center locations. single tracking will be done on four lines. metro is working to fix all the problems, but news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss says the plan could mean major disruptions. >> reporter: remember how we told you that that whole metro safe track maintenance plan was going to be really disruptive? well, now it is starting to really hit home for a lot of people. because of this new fta letter sent to metro basically demanding new track repairs and urgent repairs, metro might have to move some things around in that safe track plan. and that means that to start the whole project in just a couple of weeks you might be seeing a 16-day total shut down on parts of the blue, orange and silver lines. it would be between eastern market and benning road between eastern market and minnesota avenue and all of this would be
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of people. metro putting the final pieces of the puzzle together and expected to announce its finalized safe track plan next week. but this is expected to lead that safe track plan. back to you. >> thanks so much. well, in less than a week what is called at the national zoo zoofari is going to happen. it's going to be packed with people and chefs from more than 100 of the top d.c. restaurants. the event is called, as i said, zoofari and it's popular and successful fundraiser. joining me is the fund's executive director and the chef decuisine collin -- everybody loves. you're going to show us one of the dishes you're going to be making. >> definitely lynn lydefinitely >> lynn, tell us what is zoofari. >> over 100 of the top d.c. chefs will be coming and
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preparing their dishes and have their mixologists and wine servings there. and the sa fzoofari can walk ar the zoo, have special animal encounters and experiences and of course help save species at the same time. >> i want to hear more about it, but you are going to be cooking for all those people. >> i will. can't wait. >> it's a beautiful setting, obviously, at the zoo. but not so easy to cook for that many people, right? >> not too easy. i would say the benefits are you're with all your other chefs and restaurants and it's a really good time. so a lot of work goes into it, but it's for a really good cause so we enjoy doing it every single year. we've done it since they started zoofari, i'm glad to be a part of it. >> how many chefs will be there? >> 150 lerestaurants. >> so 150 restaurants and souse chefs and everything else. what are you going to make? >> they did asian street
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we did a steamed flour scallion bun. and we're just going to make a little bit of a sal add garnish to put on it like we're going to do actually at the event. so it's kind of light. and you can really do anything you want with it. we've taken an asian theme. we have sour mango, sal ocallio house pickled ginger, some shitake mushrooms, peanuts, little bit of a radish and microsalad. >> why don't you start making it. what is this? >> these are the steamed buns, i already steamed prior to this. it's really easy recipe. very simple. we just basically make a dough with flour and water, roll it out and we score them. it's almost like making a cinnamon bun. >> lynn, explain the v.i.p. experience that's going to happen at zoofari. >> it's fantastic. happening this thursday coming up may 19th from 6:30 to 9:30. we have general admission tickets available, but also special v.i.p.
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the event early, and then they have special access in places just for them where they'll have individual restaurant chefs working there. they'll have some animal demonstrations and experiences. and even some of the v.i.p. packages come with behind the scene tours of some of the fabulous exhibits. >> anybody going to get an up close and personal visit with bebe? >> yes, there are three packages actually. >> are they still available? >> unfortunately the giant panda package sold out, but there are a wide variety of fabulous behind the scene packages you can still buy today. you can see all of the v.i.p. packages. >> so is a way to get it. how are you doing over here? >> i'm done. >> oh, my gosh, that was quick. >> very simple. so just a little salad and steamed bun is a vessel. you can do anything with it. we've kept this vegetarian, so a lot of seasonal ingredients, seasonal mushroom, seasonal scallions. but you can really do anything you want. >> i'm ready to take a taste. it smells so good.
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have more to say. i don't want to be eating while i'm trying to talk but thanks for coming in. i have some over to pat as well. thank you both for coming. >> thank you. >> see you for zoofari. >> thank you. wonderful. talk about a way to celebrate national bike month. in just a few minutes we'll talk live with the people behind the fun d.c. bike ride. >> and just how well does our anchor team do when it cos tome
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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it may not feel like it right now, but in just a few weeks area swimming pools will be open. and to get ready today we're with council member kicking off her pool readiness tour conducting the tours to make sure pools are ready by the start of pool season. this year outdoor pools will open two hours earlier. >> doesn't feel too much like pool weather, does it? >> not at all. another day where we're tracking rain, temperatures right now in the 60s across the area. rain today though here's the thing, storms in the forecast tomorrow maybe even some strong storms. more on that in a moment. but currently we're at 65 degrees. showers moving through the area. we'll continue to track showers, steady rain until about 2:00 this afternoon. after that rain does start to wind down from west to east across the area. by 5:00 we're noticing sunshine breaking out. and that allows our temperatures to warm to our high today of
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notice by 8:00 p.m. with a temperature around 70 degrees, so just because it's gloomy and rainy rht now does not mean that's how we're going to finish off our friday. a nice finish on this friday. here's a look at cloud cover. where you're seeing the white this is cloudiness. you can see just about everybody socked in with clouds. back around the 81 corridor and further back to the west in west virginia starting to see breaks of sunshine. again, this trend continues to push toward the east during the later afternoon hours. so dining out tonight you might have to wipe off the seat if you want to eat outdoors, might still be a little wet, but it is going to be comfortable. a little breezy, temperatures ranging mid 60s to potentially mid 70s if you're eating earlier. here's timing on the rain tomorrow. we start off with sunshine, and that's going to allow our temperatures to warm up nicely. notice by noon we're still mainly dry, but once we start to hit 1:00 p.m. we're tracking areas of rain. notice brighter colors here on future weather around 3:30 impacting the d.c. metro area. that's po tenl shl for thunderstorms, maybe stronge thundersto
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area. we're dry again saturday evening. storm potential i'm most worried about some high winds and heavy rain. maybe some hail. high tomorrow 73. sunday a high of 62. and noticeably breezy even windy so i'll let you know how cool the winds will make it feel on sunday. pat and barbara. thanks, amelia. a social media giant on the defense. facebook explains why you see certain content more than you are used to and how you can change what's on your screen. and i'm mollet green in the newsroom. summer travel plans cod runul
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so how much sleep do you get at night? we always think we get more than we actually do. you may be surprised to know sleep experts say adults should be getting anywhere from five to nine hours of sleep a night. over the last few days news 4's aaron gill crest and eun yang actually tracked the quality of their sleep. >> here is a look at some of the results we found. i'm first. this is the data we collected -- i'm wearing a garmin device. so fitness tracker that tracks my steps and apparent ly five hours and ten minutes is about average. restless about ten minutes. i was awake five times during the night. not only that my deep sleep was only two
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not good. >> yeah. take a look at my results. it looks like i slept on average about five hours 17 minutes. this is last night. restless for about 15 minutes. i did not wake up once since i hit the pillow, according to the tracker. our results look similar, but experts say the amount of sleep you need actually depends on the person. >> well, i know even though i could get more sleep now, i don't. i don't know why. i just don't seem to need it. >> i don't think anybody gets all that they need. i get about six, maybe six and a half hours at night. >> yeah. five seems to work for me. i always wake up and then i do my walk. i've got my counter on here. >> yes, your fitbit. sounds like you're good, barbara. >> i'm trying. anyway, we have breaking news for you right now in prince william county. a teenager is facing murder charges. police say he killed a 14-year-old boy last night. they identified the victim as
11:31 am
blunt force trauma. day two of officer edward nero's trial. he's facing charges for the death of freddie gray. a friend who was with gray when he was arrested is now testifying. tsa and homeland security are talking about your travel safety today. they're making changes with summer travel season coming up. news 4's mollet green will have more on that in a moment. stay with us. a manhunt is underway in manchester, new hampshire. we brought you the breaking news right here from the live desk this morning. this after two police officers were shot and a gunman nowhere in sight. a shelter in place still active for much of the neighborhood where police are actively searching. and a number of schools remain closed at this hour. we are told the officers are at the hospital and they are expected to survive. pat, back to you. >> thank you, erika. a year ago today a series of events began to unfold leading to a horrific discovery inside a
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the savopoulos family held captive for 18 hours before they and their housekeeper were killed. the family's mansion was set on fire. dur ran went pleaded not guilty to charges earlier this year. he's due back in court may 20th. thousands expected to pay tribute in san diego today to a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in an isis attack. charles keating iv was killed last week. he's the first to die in iraq since forces returned in 2014. he was awarded a silver star, purple heart and combat action ribbon for his actions. happening today, air force general lori robinson becomes the first woman to head a top tier u.s. war fighting center. robinson will take charge of u.s. northern command and norad in colorado. it will happen in a ceremony today at peterson air force base. just one of two female four-star generals in the air force.
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and thousands of people are flying into and out of reagan national airport, but is it going to be even more soon? that's because summer travel season is starting. mollet green is in the newsroom with the changes the tsa is making. mollet. >> barbara, the tsa is hiring agents, but not fast enough. we see frustrated fliers tweeting i hate the wait. 30 minutes or longer just to get through a checkpoint. the tsa is warning us about this summer's expected record travel. waits could get even worse and this is a real safety issue. we're talking about not enough tsa screeners on the job to move fliers through. here's why, 117 walk off the job every week quitting because of stressful encounters with passengers, low pay and the monotony of the job. 35% don't stay past the first year. that's 6,000 people we're talking about. the numbers don't add up especially since travel is way up 2.2 million
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and peak season hasn't even kicked in yet. in about an hour we're expected to hear from the head of homeland security and the transportation security administrator about what steps they plan to take to protect travelers through the summer season. back to you. losing weight can be one of the biggest challenges many of us face. and it can be even tougher of course to keep the pounds off. nbc's barbara morse sylvia explains how making a small daily change could lead to big results. >> reporter: if the scale is something you try to avoid, you might want to become reacquainted on a daily basis. this helped francisco, he was one of the first to register for a weight gain prevention study at the meriam hospital. when francisco enrolled he says he was at the higher end of normal weight. and that was one of the requirements. study participants could not be obese. 599 young people recruited in southern new england and through the university of north carolina were randomized into three
11:35 am
other two involve interventions. >> one approach is what we called small changes. the idea of small changes was the idea that you could make daily -- so every day small changes in your eating and your activity. >> reporter: francisco was randomized into the large changes group, which focused on an initial five to ten pound weight loss to buffer any weight gain. >> i lost almost 35 pounds. >> reporter: he's gained a few pounds back, but francisco still has a rather large buffer. the scale tells him what he needs to know. >> sometimes i have to up my exercise and sometimes i just decide to have a salad without dressing. >> in both of the groups we focused on what we called self-regulation, which is basically learning how to watch your weight and take action if it's starting to creep up. >> reporter: the result of this novel approach to weight gain prevention is publiced in the journal of the american medical association. those results over a three-year period impressive. >> both large and small changes,
11:36 am
and they reduced weight gain. well, you may have seen the ads for this and wondered what this is all about. somebody on a bicycle, going down the street. it's not a bike race. but a fun bike ride that is in the final crowning events of the national bike month activities here in washington. it's a 17-mile ride. it's car-free streets, passing key sites in the city. and here to talk about it is the founder of the ride and former of capital sports interests. thank you for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> it's a fun bike ride, but who sponsors it and what's it all about? >> so the ride is as you said 17 miles. it's a ride. it's not competitive. it's not timed. so really if you're a bike enthusiast who rides every weekend, that's great. come out and enjoy it. if you're a family with young children who are just starting to understand the value of biking, you're welcome as well.
11:37 am
some of the most iconic sites that our country has to offer. >> and how do you get involved in it? >> well, we have spent the past two years really building the event and coming up with the concept for it. and we are from this area, so we really wanted to do something for our community and, you know, this area is very into fitness. and we love being outside. so we thought biking would be a great activity for the community to do. >> is it a fundraiser? >> partial -- part of the proceeds go to the washington area bicyclists association, waba, to help educate the community about bike safety programs. >> how much does it cost to get involved? >> it's $60 for standard registration. we also have v.i.p. registration at $195. >> what does that give you? >> v.i.p. gets you breakfast and lunch as well as a v.i.p. jersey. and you get to start in the first corral. and you're the first to leave the ride. >> so it's 17 miles. where does it start and where does it end? >> it starts and ends
11:38 am
pennsylvania avee around third and fourth streets. >> i see. and where does it end i know there's some big festival at the end, right? >> so the loop will end right where it started on pennsylvania avenue and third street. >> the loop. >> yep. the finish festival we will have questlove performing, white ford bronco, which is the local '90s cover band, some other artists as well. we'll have food trucks and fun partner activitieactivities. >> tell me the website so people can find more. >> register now, registration closes wednesday. >> happens may 22nd, not this sunday but coming sunday. >> thank you. appreciate it. a call to arm, that's what one couple is calling their new book on the fight against alzheimer's, their fight. and my one-on-one conversation with them is just ahead. stay with us. >> sometimes what happens with sweetie is that another idea will come in and
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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we have some breaking news happening right now. we're learning that several children are being taken to the hospital after possibly drinking something that made them sick at frances scott key middle school in montgomery county. this happened in silver spring right around 11:00 this morning. right now we're working to get more information about this information -- about this story. we will bring you details as we get them. let's take another look at our forecast as we are heading into the weekend. i know you don't have great news. >> it's not horrible news. so actually the best times this weekend are going to be tonight, tomorrow morning and then tomorrow evening. we're going to be dealing with some rain tomorrow afternoon. and sunday it's going to be sunny, but it's going to be blustery. so temperatures will feel like they're in the 40s and 50s throughout the day on sunday despite the sunshine being out. so a little bit deceiving. you finally think you can go to the golf course, take out the bicycle, but then you're
11:42 am
so here are your weather headlines. more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. feeling like temps are in the 40s and 50s on sunday when you factor in winds, breezy to windy throughout the day. we're still dry, not as windy on monday. still keeping plenty of sunshine around. here's the latest on storm team 4 radar tracking rain still in the metro area. you can see a lone shower back here making its way into falkier county. a lot of this will be out of here in the afternoon hours. around 2:00 p.m. we clear out and allows temperatures to warm into the mid 70s for today. really nice around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this evening. the weather's going to do a complete 180, so having dinner outdoors tonight looking nice. yard work this weekend dealing probably with a soggy lawn. i would recommend either early tomorrow or during the day on sunday. outdoor exercise sunday probably the better of the two days, but you might want to add a layer. high tomorrow is 73. best chance for showers and potentially few stronger storms during the afternoon hours. we'll start off with sun, clouds
11:43 am
moves out by saturday night. on sunday mostly sunny, but breezy. 62. 65 on monday. 63 with a chance of rain on tuesday. 72 on wednesday, ladies. thank you, amelia. you know they say lightning never strikes the same place twice. you're about to meet the man who can unfortunately prove that wrong. and we are working to stamp out hunger in our community. where to take a couple of extra cans of food this weekend and make big a
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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i am social media editor britney johnson. if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend head to arlington on sunday for the 29th annual taste of arlington festival. you'll be able to sample food and drinks from nearly 50 local restaurants including ben's chili bowl, and you'll be able to bring pets and children too, face painting, pop-up park for dogs, live music and the weather is looking like a win on sunday. so search taste of arlington for more details. back to you. happening today, president obama will toast the five leaders of the nordic nations at a lavish state dinner. the president and first lady will hosts the leaders of fenway, norway, denmark and iceland. the theme will be shadowy spaces in the arctic night. braised beef, short ribs and ahi tuna on the
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iced ferns and bees wax candles. more than 48 million people in the u.s. face hunger every day. this weekend you can help stamp out hunger in our area. the national association of letter carriers will be holding a food drive on saturday, tomorrow. postal workers will collect food to distribute to different food banks in the area. the president of the nalc in alexandria told news 4 this is its 24th year of being involved in this food drive. >> leave food at the mailboxes and carriers will be by to pick them up all day on saturday. >> about 1,500 postal branches in all 50 states and d.c. will take part in this food drive. you should leave nonperishable items like canned food at your mailbox. social media sites don't always show you the newest thing first. they're using algorithms to share what engages you, and sometimes that leads to trouble for some companies. nbc's mark barger te
11:48 am
see. >> reporter: in the early days of social media, posts simply appeared chronologically. but facebook, twitter and instagram aren't necessarily instant anymore. >> that's why you see things in news feed higher than other stories or that you routinely see things from certain friends but not other friends. >> reporter: algorithms change the game, soflt wapotlights con based on demonstrated interests, facebook human eyes are also part of the process to determine trending topics. >> right now getting in trouble because reports are claiming these humans are kind of overstepping the boundaries and actually suppressing certain types of news and promoting other types. >> reporter: facebook has denied the allegations, but you can impact what you see in your news feed. >> the easiest way to show facebook what you want to see more of is to simply engage with the stuff that you like. that means liking, sharing or commenting not just scrolling through the post. if there's content you don't want to see more of -- >> there's a carr
11:49 am
right hand corner of all the posts you can click and tell facebook i don't want to see this anymore and i don't want to see, you know, posts from this person or this publisher anymore. >> subscribing or following brands or people will also ensure you see more of what you want and less of what you don't. mark barger, nbc news. lgbt advocates at fairfax county schools are pleased with the president's directive on public bathrooms. public schools may risk losing federal funding if they don't allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their identity. the directive does not add any new legal requirements. the justice and education departments say public schools are now obligated to treat their transgender students in a way that matches their gender identity. well, we all know b. smith, but her latest role as an author is bittersweet. she and her husband are opening up about how they're taking aim at alzheimer's.
11:50 am
candid interview. >> i walked into her restaurant and asked her out for a date. >> bee smith and dan gas by after 23 years of marriage are still very much in love. do you remember that moment? >> i remember this gentleman who was great looking and seemed to be very smart. >> seemed to be. >> they still laugh at each other's jokes. and the smiles are real, authentic, not masking but accepting the fate that they've been dealt. bee smith was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease in 2013. >> i loved what i did. >> reporter: she still recalls many things about when she met dan, a time of many grand successes in her life as one of the first african-american cover girls, as author, television chef and a lifestyle maifen
11:51 am
i didn't know you were a maven. i thought just an expert. oh, okay, another moniker. >> sitting here there was no question bee smith couldn't respond to, but sometimes it's a challenge trying to organize her thoughts. like when asked about long distance dating. when she lived in new york and dan on the west coast. >> at that time my grandparents live up the street here. and i felt during that time was a great time for me because i could go a little further away and come back and still be barbara. >> and that's what sometimes what happens with sweetie is another idea will come in and she'll take it, you know, it's like it jumps. >> reporter: their book is called "before i forget." they have written it as a call to arms against what dan describes as a raging terrorist affecting tens of mion
11:52 am
people. writing this book, you are giving people the ability to understand what it's like. >> exactly. >> reporter: and i think that for many people they don't want to ask questions because they don't know -- >> they're afraid. they don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: when we talk about this, when i ask these questions, does it bother you? >> no. it doesn't bother me bad, or any -- it just seems to be a part of me. >> she cries. that old song, i fall down but i get up, she never stops trying to get up. >> reporter: but they also accept each day as it comes with a message for their readers. >> it's about her, but it's really about you so that you understand the differences that happen and the transitions that go through the journey that the person who's living with alzheimer's and the care giver that has to be there.
11:53 am
intention of backing down from the battle. >> because i'm a fighter. i am who i am. and have been for a long time. >> we also know her diagnosis really hit home for the family when she went missing in new york, wandered off and was finally found at a restaurant after having walked over 50 miles through manhattan, taking the ferry to stanton island and back and found her way to a restaurant and somebody recognized her. but do you know that she did that entire trek in high heel shoes? >> really? >> incredible. >> it's so touching to see the dynamic between the two of them how he helps her, how he encourages her and still lets her sort of forge ahead. >> it's very difficult to him he was able to admit in a private conversation he had with jim advan vance, dan gasby wed
11:54 am
years but he says he wishes he could take on what she has and she could be saved from it. but he wants us all to do something about it and that's what their message is. we're talking about, you know, a terrorist, alzheimer's he sees as a terrorist we have to take out. >> we wish them both well. we're back in a minute with two new chances for sunshine. >> the rainy streak
11:55 am
11:56 am
a couple in illinois will
11:57 am
after their home was struck by lightning. they say it sounded like a bomb went off. early yesterday morning a lightning strike wound up sparking a fire that took firefighters about 40 minutes to contain. investigators later discovered the home had actually been struck twice. the homeowner says the fire started just above his daughter's bedroom. >> thank god she wasn't staying here. >> thank god she wasn't. because that's where most of the fire was contained in this area back here. >> back here in our area we're expecting some rain today. >> amelia is here with more about potential thunderstorms too tomorrow. >> exactly, barbara. tomorrow afternoon we could be tracking maybe some stronger storms moving through the area, but the morning and evening hours on your saturday are dry. this line pushes out during the mid afternoon hours, by the evening we're dry. we start to notice some sunshine and a high today of 75. the latest on news 4 at 4:00. that's news 4 midday. thanks for being with us.
11:58 am
your news and weather today and for the weekend on our nbc
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>> today on the meredith vieira she. controversy with girl scout cookies. and christopher malonnie is here and dishing about p his new show and busting moves you have to see to believe. and under the boxes, find out when we play touchy feely. and all- time viral videos. it all starts right now on meredith. [applause] ♪ makes you feel real good. >> meredith: hi, everyone. we have a great show today.


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