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tv   News4 Today at 430  WRC  May 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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twitter @juliecareynbc for updates on jury selection. right now spotsylvania sheriff deputies need your help finding a missing man. is this ronald eugene jackson. he was last seen sunday morning, wearing a yellow t-shirt, dark blue pants and dark blue baseball cap. he's driving a silver 2009 ford escape with virginia plate kv 1666. if you have any information, you're asked to contact spotsylvania sheriff's office. good morning. i'm angie goff here at the live desk. and this just in out of the far east. we're hearing south korea, the u.s. as well as japan will hold their first joint military training next month. this is to increase the ability to detect signs of north korean missile launches. the exercise is quite significant because this is going to be the first time that tokyo and seoul work together following decades of resentiment from japan's past
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of korean peninsula from 1910 to 1945. that's the latest from the live desk. it is now 4:31. community leaders are demanding action after the recent csx derailment in northeast washington. the advisory neighborhood commission wants to meet today with d.c. council members, ddot and d.c.'s department of energy and environment. the group is expected to bring up the response and how to make neighborhoods near tracks safer. 16 tracks derailed. csx removed the soil affected from a leaking tank car. verizon workers are opening up talks to resolve their strike. nearly 40,000 workers here and across the country have been picketing for more than a month thousand. two unions say they went on strike because verizon wants to freeze pensions, cut benefits and rely more on contract workers. both sides met with u.s. labor secretary yesterday and
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no word what is next to this building that partially collapsed. it's an old tomato pack plant that was under vrenovation. the strong winds on sunday is likely to blame. be nobody was hurt. i will take the rain me and cold forecast to have chuck bell and his quick responses any day. >> melissa wasn't ready. >> you made my day, chuck. >> i guess. outside yeah a chilly start here. scattered areas of frost across the shenandoah valley a real possibility. second dry day in a row. who could have imagine that had we 00 could have strung so many dry days together. but don't you wroer rain lovers, rain chances are back tomorrow. and temperatures will stay well below average all the way through the week. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s now, and here's the way the next 24 hours are shaping up. a chilly start this morning with temperatures near 40
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staying dry. about 62. about shower chances are back on us by about this time tomorrow morning. we'll take a look at that "7-day forecast" coming up at 4:51. >> i'm afraid of you now. subpoenas it left my lips i thought no, no, and there he was with a quick response. outer loop after pennsylvania avenue, two lanes getting by. inner loop after georgia, two lanes getting by that work zone. still have the problem 395 northbound they're duke, right lane getting by. 66 at fairfax county parkway, you can see eastbound and westbound no issues. top of the beltway, all of those routes in and out of town are rolling along just fine. and then taking a look at 270 from 70 down to the spur, going to take you 27 minutes. it is nice and green. nothing there in your way. a woman killed in the
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maryland shopping center shootings will be remembered today as a beloved chemistry teacher who pushed her students do their best. tonight there will be a vigil for gladys tordil. two weeks ago her estranged husband eulalio tordil shot her outside the high school. a funeral is also planned today for claudina molina in rockville. police say she was shot and killed outside of a giant store in aspen hill by tordil, as well. >> just out here playing. it's crazy. this violence stuff need to stop. neighbors are fed up with the violence on their streets after a 7-year-old boy is shot. this happened saturday evening in southeast. the boy was playing when gunfire rang out. he was shot in the shoulder but is sgektded to be okay. what may saved him was a they're by emt off duty attending a baby shower at a church in the area,
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but when she heard the shots, she sprang into action. >> i ran to my car and i got the my bag and i went to work. >> neighbors say they are fed up with the reckless shootings and now they want a crime camera in their neighborhood. the university of maryland is urging students to be cautious of a area a student was robbed off campus. prince george's county police say three men, one armed with a knife, assaulted a male student and stole items from his house after he answered his door saturday night. police believe the student was targeted. to politics now where the democrats are fighting over delegates. hillary clinton is adding campaign stops this kentucky hoping to win the primary there tomorrow after a loss last week to senator bernie sanders. kentucky voters control 61 democratic delegates. voters in oregon also go to the polls tomorrow. 73 democratic, 28 republican delegates are up for grabs there. clinton will make two appearances today ie
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she and senator sanders both campaigned in kentucky yesterday. at a rally, clinton announced her husband former president bill clinton will handle issues of the economy if she's elected. senator sanders is in puerto rico today. on the republican side, donald trump is tweeting attacks against a prominent media outlet. edward lawrence will have the story ahead. happening today, the washington monument will remain closed this morning for repairs to the elevator power supply. officials closed it yesterday due to power issues. the monument has been closed several times in recent months because of elevator problems. officials say they will reopen it as soon as the repairs are done. starting today you can try your hand at being a casino dealer. the mgm casino at national harbor still needs to hire 1,000 dealers. classes begin today at the county's employment center in
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tuition for the classes starts just under $400. >> i know this is a tough job. i once was a deal forea celebrity -- i don't know anything about gambling. nothing. i kept winning. i'm thinking the house always wins. i'm telling you. and i kept winning. >> yeah, but enough alcohol, nobody knows. >> nobody cares. you have a point there. 4:37. it could be a pivotal day in the trial of a baltimore police officer on trial for freddie gray's desk. who could take the stand. and for the first time in weeks, you won't need to pack an umbrella for the kids, but they will want a warm jacket. a look at just how cold their walk to school will be, that is at 4:41. and a trip to the beach means a trip to the hospital for one woman. how a shark gotstuck on
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this is not the trip to the beach one florida woman was expecting. >> a nurse shark went too close to her when she was swimming on sunday in boca raton. the two foot nurse shark then latched on to the woman's arm. it was killed before help arrived, but it still would not let go. the woman had to be taken to the hospital with the shark still attached to her person. she was treated and expected to be released. how would you stay calm
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tease somethiing in sharks. >> lessons in life that you don't have to say out loud. don't tease sharks. >> maybe they were paying mlayio polo. teasing sharks not what i would be doing. outside this morning, hey, it is cold at the bus stops this morning. put the extra layer back on the kiddos this morning. it will stay cool pretty much all day long. a-plus recess weather though. at least there is plenty of sunshine. we'll be in the mid-60s this afternoon. so got rid of the frowny face kid with that happy little girl. we'll take a look at the "7-day forecast" coming up in ten. right now inner loop just after georgia, still have the two right lanes getting by the work zone. you can see we're nice and green
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95 in virginia at 12 abo3, no problems there. 66 coming into the beltway, going to take you 9 minutes so that is on time. remember on listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. outer loop at pennsylvania avenue, two right lanes getting by that work zone. and remember on 395 northbound at duke, not slowing things too much. a little slower than it was earlier. right lane getting by the work zone there. it is 4:42. forget hillary clinton and bernie sanders. donald trump attacks the "new york times." why the presumptive gop nominee is going after the newspaper. there will not be a dry high in your house once you hear this next story. how a little girl is honoring a cal police officer andlo t
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it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or telling it like it is. not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> that was president obama taking aim at the gop presumptive nominee during commencement ceremonies at rutgers university yesterday. edward lawrence expands our coverage now of decision 2016. let's start with touchdown. he is not happy with certain media outlets and making it very clear on twitter. >> reporter: making it very clear. his latest tweet actually is against the "washington ."
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"washington post" talking about lists of names that he's considering for vice president. donald trump in a tweet says that the names are flat out wrong and he's not going to consider those folks. he goes on to say in some earlier tweets that the "new york times" did a, quote, hit piece on him. the article was about women who work for donald trump, donald trump saying that he gave the "new york times" names of women that he's actually helped out and those folks didn't make the article. >> and what about the democrats, voters in kentucky and oregon vote tomorrow, but bernie sanders is in puerto rico today. what is the reasoning behind that? >> reporter: june 5 is the puerto rico democratic caucus. bernie sanders has done this a couple of times where he goes out ahead of a couple of events or a couple weeks in order to make ground work and get the grass roots effort going in that area. now, both kentucky and oregon are vital for bhs in order to catch hillary clinton. he needs 65%
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degates in order to catch hillary clinton. now, sanders believes that if he wins kentucky and oregon, he can make the case to the superdelegates and get them to change sides. >> all right. edward lawrence arrive for us on capitol hill, thank you. 4:47 right now. the trial for the second baltimore police officer accused in freddie gray's death continues this morning. edward nero is accused of assault, reckless endangerment and high school conduct in office. he was one of the officers who helped put freddie gray inside the police van where he allegedly suffered a fatal spinal injury. there are six officers charged in gray's death. today at least one of those officers garrett miller is expected to testify against nero. chris gordon will have the latest for you on air and onl e online. sexual assault case against a d.c. man is getting closer to trial. police say he cut off his ankle monitor while on proceed pace and sexually assaulted a woman in her southeast d.
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october. a judge is expected to rule on motions today. jury selection could start as early as tomorrow. 4:48. the supreme court could hand down decisions dwaid on a number of cases, one a challenge to the president's request to shield about 4 million people from deportation. another a test for new requirements on clinics and theres who perform abortions. we'll send breaking news alerts out on our nbc washington app if a decision is made. the court could deadlock. only eight justices sit on the court since the antonin scalia back in february. prince george's county schools are struggling to get students vaccinated. this week they're offering free clinics. the first is happening today from 4:00 to 7:00 for all students entering kindergarten and 7th grade students. a second clinic will happen at northwestern high school on thursday from #:00 to 7:00, as well. parents need to bring their child vaccination
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you height want to hear this. giant foods has recalled dr. listeria contamination. best buy dates are in early 2018. giant says no one has been infected so far. the same goes for a similar recall testers found listeria in cape cod cranberry trail mix. it's sold under several brand names, but that by hms host. a familiar song marks the start of a somber ceremony at the u.s. capitol. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ >> for the 35th year in a row, lines of uniformed officers gathered on the capitol's west lawn yesterday and paid tribute to officers who died in the line of duty. a wreath laying ceremony immediately followed the national peace officers memorial
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little girl may forever change ap-alexandr an alexandria family. she spent months putting together a book of bedtime stories for a baby she never met. those stories were for the daughter an officer who died in the line of duty this time last year and never had the chance to spend much time for her daughter. her mother was waiting to take her maternity leave when she was killed. the 7-year-old scheyenne was so moved by the story she spent a year putting together an audio book of stories to olivia. everyone from police officers to school principals to read their favorite stories. >> i thought that olivia might be one of the kids who would like their parents reading to them at nighttime or someone reading to them before they go to bed. >> how sweet is she.
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olivia's relatives gave cheyenne the officer's old girl scout sash as a memento and shy and says she wants to be pep pan pa with olivia when she gets older. >> the baby was born early, spent three months in the hospital, so the mom figured she'd work until the baby could come home and then she was responding to a call and was killed in a shoot-out the day before she was supposed to start leave. >> what an incredible gift. and the fact that she's only 7 and has the heart of -- and the thought fsness to do something like this. >> we could learn so much. >> certainly could. love her. >> good girl. chuck bell joining us this morning. and what is it, march? >> it may have been the whackiest month. >> let's put it will way. fairbanks, alaska, 82 degrees for a record high temperature the day before yesterday and 80 again yesterday. >> something ain't right. >> it was 80 in
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yesterday. >> yeah. and i looked it up, the sun comes up an hour and a half earlier and sets three hours later in alaska. it comes up at 4:25 in the morning and goes down at 11:30 at night. >> people aren't getting much sleep though, right? >> well, it's alaska. they sleep all winter when there is no sunshine. >> when there is no sun at all. exactly. >> for us what to expect on our nice back to work monday, whoa, that's chilly. it's in the 30s and 40s here this morning. on the up side, there will be plenty of sunshine just like we had yesterday. and better still, way less wind, the wind gusted to 42 miles per hour at national airport yesterday. but there is a frost advisory along the blue ridge and shenandoah valley, that goes until 10:00 this morning. probably should have put the protective layer on last night, about no b but up in the less a chill this morning. rain chances back tomorrow and wednesday.
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looks like another the chance for rain saturday and sunday. for now though nothing to worry about on radar. drops that are coming our way are in st. louis and wichita and a lot of rain down along the gulf coast just where they do not need it at all. so here's how the shower chances will go from st. louis to us. today nothing to worry about. all sunshine all the time. after 8:00, skies will start to increase in cloudiness a bit. here is 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. skies are mostly cloudy. probably going to be dry first thing tomorrow, but after 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning, rain chances coming back in. nothing andcrazy heavy. could get moderate rain. and then occasional showers tomorrow evening. another little wave of rain chances comes in here 5:00 a.m. wednesday morning. so wednesday morning another wet start. but we should start to die out a little bit later on in the day on wednesday. that will set us up for a dry day thursday and friday. so your "7-day forecast," today sunny but .
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ten degrees cooler than average. in the 50s with rain tomorrow. back in to the 60s with rain ending on wednesday. thursday and friday, clearly the two nice he st days of the week then more rain chances saturday and sunday. let's go over to melissa mollett now and see how the monday morning commute is coming along. p. good morning. right now 395 north near duke street, still have the construction, we were amounts yes loyellow, then red and southbound lanes now on the only delay. inner loop after georgia, two right lanes getting by work zone. not slowing anything here. overall you can see we're looking quite good there on the beltway. on 95, quantico to the beltway, going to take you 17 minutes and that's what it should take you here at this time of day. 95 northbound from quantico to the beltway, or southbound there from springfield interchange down to quantico. outer loop after pennsylvania avenue, still have the two right lanes getting by.
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now. and 270 at shady grove road, looking good. developing news in the fight against isis morning. why officials say the terror group is losing ground but not support. we're also monitoring the latest after a woman goes overboard on a cruise to mexico. what we're learn building seainh and rescue efforts. and how hard will it be for new grads to get a job.
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take a look at the current temperatures. you might think it was march, not may, by the numbers you're seeing here. a lot of you waking up in the 30s and 40s. chuck bell will let us know if we can see a warm-up -- or when we'll see a warm-up. it is 4:58. isis is losing ground in key territories and its forces may be shrinking. the obama administration says military has stepped up its online efforts against isis to focus on the ideological battle, that includes preventing isis there using social media to communicate and recruit. u.s. intelligence leaders say isis has suffered military setbacks and lost territory in iraq syria and jordan. >> sher's shutting down access to internet cafes and it shows that they're increasingly nervous and they should be. >> while isis is losing influence in iraq and syria, its
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appear to be growing in countries including libya. happening today, federal investigators will head to jacksonville hopes to learn more about what led to the el faro to sink. they will look at the weather, the ship's stability and the last people to inspect the ship. all 33 on board are believed dead after the ship encountered hurricane joaquin. in developing news this morning, the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search in the gulf of mexico for a cruise ship passenger who fell overboard on friday. carnival cruise officials say the footage shows the woman climbing a deck railing and falling backwards. the people she was traveling with did not report her missing for 15 hours. the ship is scheduled to return to texas today after a four day mexican cruise. america's major airlines are bng
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the u.s. department of transportation is set to release the monthly consumer report card. that report will contain flight delays, tarmac times, mishandled baggage reports and other complaints. students from george washington and catholic universities are enjoying their first week as college grauts. experts are saying that it's a great time to be getting out of school because the job market is getting stronger. >> there is a really robust market out there, so it's a good time to be coming out of school with a lot of job opportunities for the new grads. >> staffing firms found fwrad grads with degrees in business and computer science have the best prospects. it is 5:00 a.m. g good morning. >> we're talking about the whacky weather for may. all this rain and now really cold. >> 48 outside our studios. let's check your weather ea


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