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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the man accused of confronting police with a bee bee gun at the u.s. capitol visitors center is if court today. larry dawson was formally charged last week. he fays more than 50 years in prison if convicted. police sea he pointed what looked like a hand gun. he was shot and has been in the hospital since the incident. good morning.. i'm angie goff at the live desk. a big brush fire right how is burning right outside of phoenix. check out this video. no signs of containment at this point. firefighters battling the blaze which is up to five acres already. we do know that it's not threatening any buildings at this point, but you can see the flames are huge. they can be seen shooting into the sky. we'll continue to follow developments. that's the latest. aaron, back to you. if just a few hours, the washington monument will reopen. it's set to open at 9:00 a.m. after elevator
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to close on sunday. a faulty computer chip in the control board had to be replaced and reprogrammed. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. and we are sounding like a broken record, chuck bell. >> we just can't seem to string any real amount of nice weather into several days in a row. and our stretch of two whole dry days has come to an end. rain on the way. staying on the cool side. we'll be in the 50s all day with the rain coming in and out. we are looking still to some late week sunshine. thursday, friday are looking fine, fine, fine indeed. but i have concerns already about your saturday outdoor plans. sunday is still iffy, but saturday is in trouble. outside for now, here comes the rain, everybody. no real heavy rain out there just yet, but a steady shot of raindrops that stretch all the way from the blue ridge mountains to memphis, tennessee and it's all coming our way. so
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mid-50s now with rain, mid fifth at 7:00 tonight with the showers. and mid-50s tomorrow morning with the rain. gradually coming to an end, that's coming up in just a bit. right now have road work to talk about. 395 northbound after duke street, the very typical work zone still hanging around here this morning. should be out of the way in a little bit. left lane is the thing that is getting by here this morning. you can see just a little bit of yellow there. of course all of the green is radar showing the rain through the area. 66 and 95, right now covered in rain. they were not so bad just a short time ago. inner loop at rockville pike, we have an overturned tractor trailer on the right shoulder. all lanes are open. you might see it off to the right side of the roadway with cones behind it. 270 at shady grove road looking quite good. we do have an update to a story that we
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following closely out of washington state. we've just learned that the man suspected of helping his brother kill a couple last month turned himself in. the guy on the right tony clyde reed, he along with his brother john on the left who by the way is still on the run were previously charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of patrick shun and monique. the couple reportedly told friends before that reed had threatened to shoot them over and ongoing property dispute. investigators still have not found the couple. a d.c. community activist is suing the justice department over crime in the capitol hill neighborhood. denise krepp was told the doj does not keep data on crimes prosecuted in d.c. >> if anymore of my residents become victims because of your incompetenc incompetence, and i use the word incompetence because about you don't know how man p
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don't know how to measure success. >> krepp believes increase in violence can be traced back to what she call as revolving door system. d.c. council chairman phil mendelson set to propose legislation that dramatically changes mayor muriel bowser's homeless plan. the bill proposes shelters on public land to save tens of millions of dollars. bowser wants to build accept she will seven shelters on private land. today on capitol hill, lawmakers will move closer to approving funding in the fight against the zika virus. both the senate and the house have proposed bills that would fund research, treatment and prevention. both bills fall short of what the president says is necessary to fight the disease. right now more than $500 million of unspent ebola funds are being used to fight zika. if negotiations go well today, theri
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nearly 40,000 workers have been picketing for more than a month. the union believes verizon wants to cut benefits and rely more on contract workers. both sides have agreed to meet again at the bargaining table. two states holding presidential primaries today. kentucky and oregon. kentucky already held its republican caucus, so voters there will only weigh in on the democratic race. donald trump is looking to take all 28 of oregon's republican delegates. hillary clinton has new support this morning from political leaders across washington. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, muriel bowser and ten d.c. council members are endorsing her. norton cited her willing into fight for d.c. statehood as a reason for her endorsement. d.c.'s democratic trial area is june 14. bernie sanders has no sbepinten of handing clinton the
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tracie potts will join us at 4:45 with more on the challenges ahead for all the candidates. you'll see a surprise familiar face if you dvr "the tonight show." check it out. >> put it around like trophies and stuff so they don't break. >> bubble wrap. boom. >> of course that is nationals outfielder bryce harper, harper and jimmy won the game, but of course they poked fun of him because when you're talking about bubble wrap, only bryce harper would say you're the only one would say wrap your foe i i trophies. >> that's how i support my emmys. >> all the jewels and goods that he has. >> just reality that's all that is. >> wonder if he was nervous. >> d
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coming up on 4:37. handling being inside a store when this comes crashing through the wall. the incredible video of a truck that nearly hit a woman and what she was doing that so many of us to every month. hope you enjoyed the dry weather while it lasted. as you can see, the rain is back. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will let us know whether it will still be hanging around by the time your kids leave for school. and the trial for the police officer charged in freddie gray's death continues.
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an oklahoma woman says she's lucky to be alive after she just missed getting hit by a truck that plowed into the store. april drake was paying her bill in this u.s. cellular store in oklahoma when out of nowhere the truck crashed right through the mall. >> police say the driver was not intoxicated and did not have any medical issues. the driver will get a ticket for inattention to driving. luckily no one was hurt. let's get you up to speed on the forecast this morning. if you'reing to leave for work, not quite as chilly as yesterday. >> but we'll need the umbrella. >> we traded near record low temperatures for the return of rain drops. i'm not sure which one people would rather have at this point in time. that was cold yesterday. b wch
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temperature at 37 yesterday. this morning we're in the 40s and 50s. but yes indeed, clouds came in as soon as you went to bed last night and rain drops could be a big part of your plan today. so he bus sops, grab the umbrel umbrella. i won't give recess the total "f," but it will be a "d" quality with showers around. temperatures in the 50s all day. he's back, every. our frowny faced kid with the umbrella is back. raincoats, jeeps ajeans and umb required today. here is someone who never frowns. >> i can talk about traffic with a smile at this point in the morning. when i'm watching the weather forecast, not so happy. inner room here at rockville pike,off turned tractor trailer. again it is on the right shoulder. nothing you really need to worry about. all lanes are open, but people could to the rookie lu thing.
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bridge. 70 east at east patrick, right lane getting by that paving separation. voters in two states heading to the polls today. but will the contest still mean anything or are they just symbolic. and new speed restrictions for certain metro lines. we'll let you know whether the changes will impact your commute.
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me a night out with friends has turned into a sexual assault investigation in arlington county. police say they could be looking for a repeat offender. officers say the latest attack happened ear
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north edgewood street. a 25-year-old woman says she woke up to a man in her bedroom who then sexually assaulted her. e arpolic calling the case unusual since it happened in the victim's own home. they say the young woman may have been the man's second target of the night. >> another female advised that she was walking home when apunknown male subject followed her and came up to her door and knocked on the residence. >> police say in both cases the man was reported as wearing a dark jacket with the hood pulled up and may have been driving a tan four door sedan. today jury selection will continue in the trial of andrew schmuhl. he and his wife are accused of blue shally attacki brew shally brutally attack her boss. schmuhl's defense is involuntary intoxication. his lawyers argue his mental state was result the ped
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medication he was taking. police are trying to determine the identity of a woman whose body was found in a pond on ridge pond road in centreville. police say a resident who was walk nearby spotted that body. a dive team pulled it from the water just after 3:00 p.m. they don't know how long the body had been there. it is 4:46. turning now to the officers on trial in the death of freddie gray. the defense team for baltimore officer edward nero will continue making its case today. prosecutors rested on monday. the defense says nero was not involved in gray's arrest and that it is the wagon driver's responsibility to buckle in prisoners. nero faces assault, misconduct in officer and reckless endangerment charges. to our coverage of decision 2016 now. voters in kentucky and oregon weighing this today on the race for the white house. tracy spots is live for us on capitol hill this morning. what does today's vti
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for donald trump? >> reporter: not a lot. they're only competing the republican republican in oregon and competing is probably an inappropriate word because he's sort of the last man standing. what is really important for donald trump at this point is mending fences within his party and focusing forward which we've seen him doing a lot now talking about how he will take on hillary clinton in the fall assuming that she wins this nomination. insiders telling nbc that he plans to go after her on her e-mailss her character and her response to her husband's inpa dellity. >> so let's talk more about hillary clinton. what happens if she loses today? >> reporter: we have oregon where she's expected to lose, kentucky where she's fighting in coal country where she did very well eight years ago, but now a lot of people are leaning toward bernie sanders. and even donald trump in west virginia which is very similar to today's kentucky race, a third of those democrats said that in the fall they might look at trump. so she's fighting things on two fronts here. she's trying to convince coalminers that she't
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their jobs with her clean energy initiatives. bottom line, if she loses kentucky and oregon today, she's still the front runner for the nomination. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. metro continues its reduced train speeds along four lines. metro wants to reduce the risk of fire and smoke problems. the changes affect the red line between grosvenor and dupont sir vel, the orange between rosslyn and minnesota avenue, and silver and blue lines between rosslyn and benning road. bus access to national harbor is limited, but now they want to create a new bus route. the goal is to provide access before the new mgm casino is open for business. metro tells the "washington post" there are no formal plans yet. decades old farm tradition in fredericksburg is coming to an end this week. the fredericksburg livestock exchange is closing because of declining sales and attendance. the exchange served as a
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cattle and other livestock. they say it's a loss for the community. >> i almost started crying because it was that emotional. someplace that we have been coming so long. >> freelance star reports that the exchange will hold its final auction on thursday. forecast about 20 seconds away. first in less than two hours, there is a horse race champion that may take the track in baltimore. we're talking about nyquist. he won the kentucky derby a few weeks ago and now he's hoping to win the preakness this weekend. you see him right there. nyquist and his trainer worked to getting out the gate at pimlico yesterday. today they plan to do some sprint work. guy quist's trainer says she may have to wait on that if the drizzle in baltimore picks up to a steadier rain. don't want him -- want to take him easy before the
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so today we're back to talking about the radar because items all lit up like a christmas tree. all the blues and greens. and you know what, i'm pretty tired of all this rain. >> kind of over it, right? >> i opened the trunk of my car and you know how the sides there is little plants growing in there. >> what is this. >> looks like little leaves are sprouting out. >> seriously? >> might want to check that out. >> the little oak flowers that have all the petals. those are oak flowers. >> i knew he would know. >> but he said it was growing out of your car. >> it be looks like it's growing out of my car. >> it's falling into the cracks and the rain washing them down in. >> thank you, chuck. you know what i'm talking about. >> you're both wrong. it's not growing in there, but it sure looks like it. just everything has turned into a moldy green around here for the last couple of weeks. i wish i had better news in the sunshine department, but
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boirks w boy, was it nice yesterday. let's talk about yesterday. >> so nice. the sunshine. >> dog and i were out running in the sunshine yesterday. people were smiling and laughing. today that won't be the case. rain on the way. temperatures unlike yesterday, we made 67 with the sunshine yesterday. we'll be stuck in the 50s today. rain chances are high today and relatively high tomorrow, but i'm getting more and more optimistic that most of the rain tomorrow will be in the front part of the day. heig might get a sliver of sunshine tomorrow. all this rain from western maryland all the way out i-70 to st. louis, that is all coming in our direction. so we have zip chance for sunshine around here for today. nothing all that heavy out there just yet. here is the high resolution computer model and the latest thinking is that the steadier rain rollsn
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the second half of the rush hour this morning. right between about 7:00 and 8:00, rain goes from just sprinkles and showers over to a steadier rain. pretty steady rain now through the late morning and lunchtime hours before things start to ease up just a little bit. after about 3:00, 4:00, steady rain goes back to hit and miss showers so won't be dry. rust because you see the rain lifting out here on the model, don't be thinking that it will be dry because it won't be. it will be all clouds all day long. and as we get into the rest of the day, rain and showers, heaviest of the rain today likely between about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning until wi4:00. rain will eventually come to an end tomorrow afternoon. here is your "7-day forecast." 58 and rain today. 67 tomorrow. i've lowered tomorrow's rain chance just to about 40% and most of that being early in the day. thursday and friday look great. saturday looks like it may be a
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we may be able to tweak that out of there. but so far saturday is in trouble. sunday looks like we may be able to squeak some dry hours out of there, but again, no warm air in sight. not a single high temperature on there is above average. here is melissa mollett now with what is hopefully an above average traffic report. >> i'd say about average at this point. seeing construction this morning. not a lot, but a couple of items hanging away. 70 east at east patrick street, right lane getting by that paving operation. and you can see some of the slowdowns there here this morning. not too bad, just some slowdowns. again outer loop at ritchie-marlboro road, left lane getting by that bridge work. inner loop at rockville pike, that overturned tractor trailer is on the right shoulder. again, all lanes are open there. don't have to worry about it, but you might see it as you are on the inner room this morning near 355. outer loop at connecticut avenue, that has cleared out of the way. top of the beltway, construction there inner loop, as well.
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with all of the major routes. no big worries there. and 270 at clarksburg road, rolling along just fine. neighbors make a stink about the change in their garbage service. why they say once a week service is not enough. and new developments surrounding two lawsuits after a guy pastor says a cake he received from whole
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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if you're away from your tv, come take a look. storm team 4 radar lit up as the rain returns. chuck spebell will let us know we can expect any drying out coming up in your hour by hour forecast. a northern virginia community college teacher is behind bars accused of sexually assaulting two of his students. the attacks allegedly happened at the manassas campus. the instructor sr. is no longer employed at the college. one student who had him last semester called the allegation shocking. >> he was very professional, he was very supportive in class. so it was very shocking to find out that he was involved in this. >> a spokesperson says that he's no longer employed at the college. he says he made it up. now the pastor who was suing whole foods for anti-gay slurs on a cake has dropped his
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his partner and the lgbt community. the pastor claimed he bought the came you're looking at here which says love wins with an offensive word blows it. we've blurred the word out. whole foods dropped a $100,000 counter suit against that pastor. today alexandria police are honoring a k-9 officer that died following the terror attacks in paris. diesel was a member of the anti-terror university and was killed by a suicide bomber during a raid last year. to honor the dog, today the alexandria police foundation will give a k-9 protective vest to the french national police. we're working for you this morning in prince george's county. several residents called news 4 saying they haven't had their trash picked up and it's really starting to pile up. at the beginning of the month, the county consolidated its trash and recycle pickup days down from two days to one. and since the change, some people are complaining that they're being
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>> some of the neighbors said okay, they're not coming, and they took their things bag up and then they come like the next day and or two hours later and they're still stuck with it. >> all yard debris will be picked up on mondays county wide, but your trash and recycle day will depend on where you live. you can search trash pickup in the nbc washington app to find out that information. if your trash is not getting picked up, call 311 and let the county know. p. you can download a new app that could make your ride to work a little faster. the app is called slug lines and it's for commuters who need rides at all times of day, not just rush hour public the app's creator told us it's useful because the new express lanes in virginia will always in effect. if you town loyou download the n see if there is a driver or rider on the slug lines anytime. good morning. i'm at the live desk with this breaking news out of london. we've just learned that police have
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of funding terrorism. this follows an early morning raid, we're told that the men are in police custody as investigators continue to search their property. i'm angie goff at the live desk. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. >> chuck bell here with our weather headlines. >> where is the rain coat, the umbrella, where is may after all. we have not been to 80 degrees yet in the month of may. that's a record. normally we've been to at least 80 one time in the first 17 days of the month and there is no 80 in sight either. "7-day forecast" at 5:21. outside for now though at 5:01, we're watching the rain moving through the shenandoah valley, crossing the blue ridge and heading into the metro. if it's not raining at your house yet, don't be fooled. it will be raining there eventually. temperatures in the low to mid-50s and rain moving in at 7:00 a.m., moderate rain through the late morning and


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