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tv   Today  NBC  May 17, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to boozeday tuesday may 17. still feels like february. we're listening to "georgia clay" by country star josh kelley. he's getting ready to play one of his new tunes and talk about a power couple, his wife katherine heigl directed the video. she's a great cook. >> she is! and star of the new
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tear pop star "never stop, never stopping." andy samberg is here. there are tons of cameos from all kinds of the "snl" crowd and we'll have found with him when he comes to visit us. >> and our guy actor -- what is that supposed to mean? rye -- ryan eggold. >> our guy, ryan eggold. >> and if you're a "blacklist" fan, you're going to love this. >> you know about karaoke with james corden. last night he had nick jonas and demi lovato and they decided to sing harmony just right there on the spot. ♪ i turn my music up and i'm puffing my chest ♪ i'm getting ready to face it, can call me upset ♪ it's not your
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disrespect, it's my right ♪ to be hellish i still get jealous ♪ >> what? oh, my gosh! can we do car pool karaoke? >> no, because i don't know songs. >> we'll learn one and do it! >> it's very a-list group. >> and it's on another network. but who cares? >> i could sing harmony if i knew a song but i don't know these songs who was that? >> maybe he'll learn one of your songs and then we can all -- >> then we can talk about it. such a huge fan. >> we love him. you can be a front seat and i'll be a mouther in the back. >> hoda, you do great. you don't give yourself enough credit. >> they sang on the street for fans like you know how you sing for coins. so can you imagine if you walked by and saw demi lovato, nick jonas and james corden singing. >> if people like my mother's generation walked by she wouldn't knohe
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>> they're huge. >> but certain people wouldn't know. >> exactly. most would, don't you think? justin timberlake has reached a major milestone in his career. we didn't realize this never happened to him before in his legendary -- he's young but has a legendary career. >> this is for the first time ever, one of his singles landed in the top spot on the billboard hot 100. the top spot. right away. it's called "can't stop the feeling." we played the song last week. >> and everybody is saying it's going to be the feel good summer song. >> he's had other number once, but they've never debuted at number one. can we watch a little? >> there's a certain amount weapon ear allowed to see and then -- >> you're hiding it? >> then it's ka-ching. ♪ dance, dance, dance, can't stop the feeling ♪ can't stop the feeling, so just dance, dance, dance ♪ can't stop
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>> cute. cute, cute. >> looks fun. so it's getting interesting on "the voice." >> it's going to really narrow down tonight. >> this is the biggest elimination. the artists will be cut in half. that's so hard when they're so talented. eight semifinalists down to four. >> there are a lot of great performances. this is 15-year-old shallia. take a listen. ♪ you're the best man i'll ever known, there's no way ♪ i could ever, ever go, i won't go ♪ no, no, on living without you ♪ >>. ♪ you'll never know, simply be mine ♪ i dare you to let me
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>>. ♪ desperado, why don't you come to your senses ♪ come down from your fences and open the gate ♪ >> that was "curly sue." >> i love that song. my money is on her. that's quite pronounced for me. >> i cannot believe they're going to cut them down to four. we haven't seen all eight but -- >> those were the standout performances. and the four coaches still have singers competing. >> blake has three because he always has the most because he's blake. >> he's the man. >> and they're also -- didn't we announce the other two judges now, alicia keys and miley cyrus are joining so that's in the fall. so that means adam and blake will stay. and they seem to -- now there's going to be two women and two men for the first time. >> well, you know these kinds of rights takes years to -- >> we finally earned our place on
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hoda woman? >> gwen stefani, we like her a lot and we've seen her always glammed up but she posted this pic of her without makeup. wow, i've never seen that picture. she looks great. >> she really does. she's one of those natural bird flu thys, doesn't need it all. i like her with less when she doesn't have the big red mouth so much, you know? >> yeah. >> it's a style thing for her. but when she does soft makeup, she's -- >> she does, really beautiful. >> so this is one of those social cues question. >> we should have the wine bot out. >> have you ever done this? have you ever given someone a gift that happens to be a pricey gift and have you ever sort of hinted that it was expensive? >> only the painting i gave you. [ laughter ] get that thing -- go get it assessed, appraised. >> that is in -- >> it's in
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and it cost me a fricking fortune. >> when did you give it to me? when you moved into the new apartment building! >> so what's four years every week -- >> it's cost you about $5,000 to put a painting -- that's the only thing in her storage unit, just the painting. >> you know why? it didn't fit in my apartment. >> it did. >> no, it didn't! >> it did, too, i got it for over your sofa, hoda woman. >> but it's so beautiful and/or nate, my parent is. >> that was why i gave it to you. so this question came up at social cues. a couple threw a dinner party and one of the couples invited brought a bottle of champagne as a hostess gift. first the wife hinted she spent a lot of money on the bottle. >> you know "i hope you enjoy that, that's some good --" >> then her husband added a sticky note to the bottle saying he was sure his wife spent a lot on the bottle. >> they here in cahoots. >> he posted the price on the bottle. >> the price has since come up in polite conversation. so what would you do? yb
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of wine to everybody, they know mine is retail so it's no big deal. >> let's have a sip. >> so phillip, our friend phillip -- >> wait, forget about phillip, what do you think. if someone was hinting "i hope you enjoy this, kath, it's very --" and just laid it on thick about what you knew would prove it was an expensive gift. >> i think i'd make a joke and say "it's a regift, isn't it?" i would try to make light or else i would say "why are you making me feel guilty about you spending -- i did not ask for this bottle, very pricey bottle of wine." >> that's good. my sister when she gives me something nice when she does she always says -- this is when i know it's a good gift she always said "here are these earrings, please don't lose them." because i lose most things, that's when i know i should not lose those. i still do, but i try not to. phillip says next time -- this is what he thinks you should do. next time he mentions it he says
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"this bottle seems to be affecting your financial outlook, would you like know pass the hat for you?" oh, that's not nice. >> well it should be funny. or else you could say "if it's so great and so expensive let's open it up and everybody enjoy it." thank you, solomon. >> oh, that's a good one! >> let's all enjoy it, then, i'd feel guilty enjoying it by myself. >> you have good ones. >> i try. >> you should have an advice book, it would be good. >> you know who -- >> everybody thinks you should. >> i don't think so. how about the -- we give this bottle of wine to the oldest living person in the world? >> congratulations emma morano. she is 116 years old. she's known to be the oldest american the world. of course we know where she lives. >> italy. >> they live forever there. she was born november 29, 1899. she's the last person built -- i mean born in the 1800s. >> and lived through two turn of the centuries. th's
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school, worked at a factory that made burlap sacks then as a cook, left an abusive husband in the 1930s when it wasn't done, extremely rare. and her doctor says it's probably genetics. but she says it's because she was single. [ laughter ] she never got married again. she had lots of suitors. >> but she said no, no, no. >> and she eats two raw eggs a day. >> like "rocky". >> for anemia. >> so she basically said no to these kinds of guys in our kitchen. >> what guys? >> suitors. [ laughter ] if these guys came knocking would you -- >> don't answer the door. >> would you marry any of them? >> i don't know. >> i like the jack-in-the-box. >> we'll be with you in a moment thank you, and seamus, we'll be with you, too, because seamus in our kitchen is going to cook something for us that includes anchovies and rosemary. [ laughter ] >> so weird! >> because that's one of the secrets to
10:11 am
age. why am i talking? >> i don't know. but you know what? real quick if you're thinking about having raw eggs because you think that lady lived to be 116, doctors say don't do it. >> that's right. >> don't eat them. so we don't want to get in trouble. >> but she also eats 100 grams of raw steak a day. >> tartar. >> i want to hang with her. >> steak tartar. >> and homemade apple sauce. all right, real quick, last picture, this is a baby with his pet bunny. >> oh! >> and it's -- they're not staged. this is -- they are madly in love with each other. the bunny sleeps with him. >> oh, my gosh! >> now that would mean there would be little bunny -- >> oh, look! >> little bunny droppings in with your baby? >> what is going on in that room? what are they even doing? i can't take my eyes off of them. >> they're entertaining themselves. all right, today is the day we -- >> guys, it's spanky tuesday. >>
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>> it's spanky tuesday. who's going to the spanker and the spanky? >> well, i think we know. >> come on, yes, yes, yes! [ laughter ] >> i knew it would be yes. and the guys behind your favorite "snl" digital shorts are here to talk about their latest movie andy samberg and lonely island after this. >> you know you like it, come on. ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously.
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the guys from "saturday night live's" lonely island are responsible for many hits, some that we can't say on tv. >> and now andy samberg, avika shaffer and jorma taccone are in a movie called "pop star, never stop, never stopping." it's about a group that beaks up when a man makes it so big they're being uploaded to household appliances. >> you can do that? >> yes, nerd. it's just wi-fi jibber jabber, not a big deal. >> this is that next, next, next, man, i told y
10:17 am
debra's a genius. >> it's true, and it's pronounced deb-or-ah. >> that's cool. what's the other gin of that? >> i believe deborah. [ laughter ] >> this was a labor of love, wasn't it? >> yeah. any movie is but this was a very long time. it's about two, two and a half years? >> and you wrote the movie, the script; but you did all the music, that's a lot of music. >> full sound track, tons of musical numbers in the movie. it's a hoot. >> so your character gets kind of too big for his breeches, right? >> yeah. >> it happens. >> so you're over the rest of the boy band. >> this is not based on reality or ow dynamics in real life at all. >> everyone knows i'm the most famous one, so -- >> there you are. >> schaffer. >> so your name is connor -- >> 4 real. >> what's your real name in this movie? >>
10:18 am
is freel so he took -- >> and made it 4 real. >> and then put a four -- you got it. >> to make it cool. >> and who has the biggest go of the three of you. >> definitely me. >> oh. >> come on. >> hard to live with? >> i'm gunning for it, though. i'm right behind them. >> jorma is trying to have a bigger ego. >> i'm very humble, thank you for asking. >> schaffer. >> we say it enough, we'll make him a star. >> he's the new newman. >> your character becomes like the dj character. >> i become the tour dj and i'm forced to wear like a gigantic helmet that's very heavy. >> why is that? >> because he's popular and he's going for what's hot. >> and you're so pathetic you move to a farm. >> you nailed it. >> i love farms,
10:19 am
>> talk about it, schaffer. >> my mom is going to love this. >> is it an idyllic farm or a run down farm? >> it's run down. he's a grape farmer doing it for show and out of spite. >> it's revealed that he hates farming. >> the cameos in this are crazy. you've got a lot of your "snl" buddies. >> we saw my yaramaya, bill hai in it. he plays a rhody. >> well, they get all the chick us. >> yeah, no. >> the ones you turn down. >> the rejects. >> sure. >> that's something we didn't shoot, but, yeah. tim meadows you can see, he's an "snl" alum, he plays our manager. >> what's he like, his character? >> he's very timid but he's been with them from the start. he's kind of sweet. >> in real life is it true that you guys grew up in the same area? >> yeah, berkeley. >> junior high,bergly , california, went to willard junior high and berkeley high school together. >> andry
10:20 am
from new york because all our parents are from new york. >> and we have kind of like a "i'm walking here" vibe. >> yeah, we do. >> you do a lot of songs in this and dances. what's this -- what's donky -- >> the donkey roll. >> the donkey roll? >> i'm glad you brought this up. >> it's already problematic. >> the rap crew -- in the story the rap crew, the still to boys we started in had a hit song called the donkey roll like the hump di dance or -- >> the macarena. >> can you show us? >> yeah. here we go. it's right after this part. >> well, we're live, so just start doing it. [ laughter ] it's like this and then the next one, we'll do it like this. we're going to hit it hard. >> let's see it, go. [ laughter ] down, nailing it, you're
10:21 am
it. now egyptian. >> hoda's cue! >> is that it? >> yeah, that's it. >> that's the whole dance? >> and it's a weird technotrack. [ laughter ] >> you guys are awesome. >> it's a comedy. >> good luck with the movie. thank you schaffer. you're my favorite. >> thank you. >> good to see you. all right, we're going to do prying with ryan to get dirt on the handsome star of "the blacklist" ryan
10:22 am
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boozeday tuesday and spanky tuesday just got even better because now it's ryan with us and he brought -- do you think we live together? >> yes. [ laughter ] i actually know we do but i didn't know we were going to admit that on air. >> we love you. let's go back to that puzzle before the break. >> this was on the screen and we asked you if you could figure it out. this was a record for kathie lee gifford, she got it right away in three seconds. the answer is "for instance" because "4" is in "stance." >> it was lucky. that was a lucky one. >> i want to know the set up for that puzzle later. >> just figure
10:31 am
picture. >> we don't do anything like that. >> you know ryan, he's practically a staple around here. he plays tom keen on nbc's big hit "the blacklist" a role and show so wildly successful that it now officially has a spinoff called -- >> "the blacklist redemption." >> but before we talk to ryan eggold about that, this is the season three finale where we can expect a bunch of twist and turn take a look. >> i saw the news conference, what's the word on kirk, is he coming? >> it's under control. >> that's not how this works. we have an understanding. i let you into agnes' life and you let me bring down kirk. >> if you had the spare time i think you'd spend it trying to learn about your parents. i understand scottie haar grave offered you a job. >> she'll have to wait. >> you must have many questions. >> yeah. but right now the only question that matters is where you are in finding kirk. >> yeah tarks is the only question. >>
10:32 am
kirk. >> where are you? >> why don't you answer that? >> she thinks she should be found. >> all right, got it, good. agreed. >> first of all, thank you for the flowers. >> my pleasure, i grew them in my own garden. >> so we'll keep them in our pad that kathie lee and i have secretly. >> we'll hang up our painting finally. [ laughter ] >> our yonkers -- yeah, get it right. >> you're a connecticut boy. >> i wish. >> well, your family is up there. >> i have a lot of family, yes. >> and sometimes he stops at my exit. >> he makes a pit stop? >> yeah, not enough. >> wave. >> you've got to come back. >> are you excited about that? >> i'm very excited. the finale is going to be a lot of fun. we'll meet a new character that i think we've wanted to meet from the very beginning of the series. >> yeah what? >> yeah. >> is it who we think? >> who are you thinkin inging? >> who are you thinking? >> it's somebody. i'll say it's somebody. >> it's a human
10:33 am
to know about from day one so that will be fun and then the spinoff thing is crazy. have you guys met famke jansen? >> i met her years ago. >> she's wonderful. >> did they say "hey, ry, good news, we're going to do a spinoff"? >> well, they floated the idea once or twice but now we'll give it a shot but we have a great direction, it will be kind of spies manipulating, making empires rise and fall behind the scenes influencing politics and all that kind of -- >> how does that work logistically for you still a part of "blacklist"? you can't do two major series at a time. >> they're figuring it out. i think we'll try to go back and forth and focus on the spinoff while staying involved with the show and try to build a bigger mythology between the two shows which could open up the world and make it kind of fun. if you're a "blacklist" fan. >> so you won't be going to romania any time soon. >> we'll shoot in new york.
10:34 am
>> that makes us happy. >> your character is so interesting. i get why you love playing it because it's never the same. just when you think you know your character it switches. that's got to be fun for you. >> it's so much fun. and the arc we've taken from season one to now is fantastic and just, you know, yeah, he's always trying on a different face, different persona. and it amazes me to length he will go to to get done what he believes which isn't always the right thing. >> what about his personal life? >> i was going to ask if this hair is real? sadly we're out of time. >> would you mind just braiding that real quick? >> i'll take my time doing it, too. catch season three finale of "the blacklist" this thursday. >> she's really still doing it. >> i know! i'm serious. >> she's still doing it. >> i need braids. >> he's getting very nervous. >> this is what happens in yonkers. >> pay no attention to the old lady rubbing his chest. >> we'll head to the kitchen with seamus after this. you'll live to be 100 if you eat what he says. >> it's real, hody.
10:35 am
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the perfect brow new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy, pigmented wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe. maybelline's new brow drama pomade make it happen maybelline new york wouldn't it be great if you could add key ingredients to your diet and increase your life span? we recently talked about a super small village in italy near the amalfi coast that may have the secret to living over 100 years old. >> researchers observed an abundance of two foods -- anchovies and rosemary. so our "today" food team recruited seamus, chef and pro pryer the at turtulia who practices with what he preaches. where is that, shea us?
10:40 am
>> looking good. >> i love anchovies, you were on the fence about them? >> i don't like to eat them in bulk. >> i call them the little fish with the big voice. they make friend, they make enemies but they're amazing. good for you. and the rosemary is more approachable, right? >> i don't like it on chicken. >> i love rosemary. >> most people do. >> well we'll hide both of these things. kathie lee, we're going to make a pesto. i have anchovies in there already. rosemary, it's a natural anti-viral so one of the keys to living a long life is not getting sick. >> don't get sick to begin with. >> so there's mint, a clove of garlic, immune system. >> are these sesame seeds? >> no, chili flakes. olive oil, throw that in there for me. i'll get this locked up. then we deal this with fish so you can omit the cheese if you want. so throw it in. >> dump it in? >> dump it in. we got some pine
10:41 am
little bit of vinegar. and then literally all we do is buzz it up. pulse, pulse, pulse and we get this beautiful little pesto here. so this is a nice little pesto and that is great with fish so we're going to do some fish. so we'll season this up, some sea salt on top of the fish and then i'm going to add a rosemary and, again, right on top of the fish, this will get grilled in so get good fish, a little bit of lemon zest, drizzle of olive oil, then it goes on to the grill. this is what we're looking for, something just like that. and then serve it with a little pesto here. >> just pour the pesto on top? >> i've got grill aid spare gus i marinated in olive oil. >> i want to see if i can taste either one of those. >> let me know if you can get the rosemary -- >> i love rosemary but i'm not a huge anchovy person. >> we might make friends here. let's see. survey says? >> oh, many i gosh.
10:42 am
i don't taste either one. >> the thing about anchovies is they're amazing. they're subtle. >> that's delicious! >> the first restaurant i ever worked in was called "everything but anchovies," and i've become a huge anchovy fan. >> we asked him if you were on death row and you had your last meal what would it be. you said -- >> anchovies with avocado. >> and you've dressed up eggs with -- >> devilled eggs with anchovies. that's lam kebobs which go really well. >> and rosemary skewer. >> rosemary going through that. so this is a little bit of rosemary tea. you take rosemary, a little hot water and make a beautiful tea. >> you want to try it, kat h? >> i'll try. thank you so much. >> i know this isn't fermented enough but cheers. >> that not so much. >> that's really good. >> for this recipe and more ways to cook with anchovy, go to coming up, country music star geo
10:43 am
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what do you do when you have a big fight with your partner? if you're a singer/songwriter josh kelly, you turn it into a beautiful song. >> that's how he wrote his new single "it's your move." and that music video is directed by and stars his gorgeous wife catherining high. >> the single from his new album is called "new lane road." we're happy to have you here. we're used to having your wife. >> she's watching. you've g she's got the babies at home. >> so you call them the
10:49 am
bubbelehs. >> so it takes courage to express that couples fight. >> i know how to write things that i know and this was a fight that -- i remember in the middle of the fight i said -- i said "honey, whatever, baby, it's your move." and then the writer in me goes "my gosh, that's a great song." i turned it around and put it in my phone -- >> and then you forgot what you were fighting about. and now you're going to sing it. ♪ walk out the door, stop bringing me down ♪ you make all these threats you don't mean ♪ stop playing me now, yeah, yeah ♪ wake
10:50 am
this up ♪ do you want me to stop you, should i make a scene ♪ throw my beer at the wall, do you want me to scream ♪ that i don't really love you, cause i really do ♪ girl, i don't wanna fight, i've got nothing to prove ♪ if you want this as bad as i do, then it's your move ♪ ♪ it's your move note? not ♪ if our ship's going down i don't care, i just want
10:51 am
♪ it because we built something beautiful here ♪ and god i still want it, yeah, wake up, wake up ♪ don't give this up, do you want me to stop you ♪ should i make a scene, throw my beer at the wall ♪ do you want me to scream that i don't really love you ♪ cause i really do, girl, i don't wanna fight ♪ i've got nothing to prove, if you want this as bad as i do ♪ then it's your move, it's your move
10:52 am
♪ if you're gonna leave then just leave ♪ but i don't want you to, i don't want you to ♪ do you want me to stop you, should i make a scene ♪ through my beer at the wall, do you want me to scream ♪ that i don't really love you, cause i really do ♪ girl, i don't wanna fight, i've got nothing to prove ♪ if you want this as bad as i do, it's your move, your move ♪ it's your move [ applause ] >> yeah!
10:53 am
>> all right! >> really nice job. beautiful. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> you might want to stick around because we're going to be giving it away in a little bit and i'm going to be spanking hoda. >> oh, gosh. >> something to behold. but first, this is "today" on nbc. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. only at a sleep number store.
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10:56 am
we are about to make five viewers really happy because it is time to give it away. >> and look who's spinning the wheel, donna dorable. >> nobody better than donna dorable. >> awesome. >> this week's prize is a king's bottle 16 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler and champagne cork and school worth $448. >> the cooler has precise temperature control, strong and warp resistant hard wood shelves, a long lasting whisper quiet compressor with vibration free cooling. >> what else? >> and it's a good place to put my
10:57 am
plus you get this large oversized stool. >> i love that. >> that's cute. okay, get in there. >> here we go. the first winner is -- >> who is it? >> it's merle lowe from cromwell, connecticut. >> go, merle! >> hold on a second, i start, spanky music. >> they're all stuck together. >> it makes me crazy. >> i got arlene crow from greenwood, indiana. >> i love her. sharon heal from madison, ohio. dig in there, hoda woman. >> i got two. hold on, i got pat kustasis from las vegas, nevada. go pat. >> and i have jackie barabbas from cape coral, florida. >> well, let's bring in jackie, she's joanne's cousin. come on, donna dorable. >> come here, you have to get in line. do you know what's going on? >> get behind kath? >> we're running out of time. >> don't you feel lucky? >> you're allowed to spanky. >> je
10:58 am
going on. tomorrow, martina mcbride. >> love her. plus we'll continue our series on how to live to 100. this is pathetic, people. now at havertys furniture, it's our annual memorial day sale.
10:59 am
time to create the perfect home. now through may 30th, take an extra hundred dollars off every thousand dollars you spend. plus, enjoy 36-month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx:nocking. we're early! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary. havertys.
11:00 am
new information on a developing story right now, the death of a teenager in fairfax county. i'm barbara harrison with information police just released on the accident in berk. we're watching a hearing on the train derailment that left eight people dead. we're going to tell you what the engineer was doing when that train flew off the tracks. more rain on the way. new hour by hour timing in just a couple minutes. news 4 midday starts now. and developing this morning police are saying a deadly train crash in berk, virginia, was an accident. an 18-year-oas


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