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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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coming up on "early today," bernie takes oregon and could call for a recount in kentucky as hillary clinton is now less than 100 delegates from the magic number. donald trump and megyn kelly bury the hatchet as the gop front-runner says had been called worse than a bimbo. a pay raise for american workers. a massive explosion and fire hits a busy commuter train. the tsa gets serious about the line in airports, but is it about to change? good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today. i'm
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politics as donald trump easily won the oregon republican primary and bernie sanders took a majority of the delegates out of oregon winning the state with 53% of the vote. >> i've been told that cnn calls oregon for bernie sanders. >> as for hillary clinton, she squeaked out a win in kentucky and topped sander by just one point. both candidates will likely split the state's delegates. clinton is now within 100 delegates of securing the nomination. sanders, however, is considering a recount in kentucky. the bluegrass state gives candidates ten days to request one and the sanders camp is expected to make a decision regarding that recount today. however the senator vows to fight on and even offers a rally of over 11,000 strong this prediction. >> i think we have a real shot to win primaries in a number of the states that will
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up. and don't tell secretary clinton she might get nervous. i think we are going to win here in california. >> nbc's chris jansing is reporting the sanders camp could refocus the way they approach the california primary. the candidate is open to airing ads in the expensive media market and looking to barnstorm the state with massi iviv ivive. a tense day for democrats as sanders came under pressure for party leader to denounce ugly tactics used by his supporters during saturday's convention out of nevada and that included throwing chairs and shouting down speakers and with death threats. sanders, instead, struck back with a defiant statement and dismissed party complaints as nonsense and saying his supporters were not being treated with fairness and respect. sanders had a
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california rally late last night. >> let me also say a word to the leadership of the democratic parties. i say to the leadership of the democratic parties, open the door! let the people in! >> meanwhile, on the republican side, donald trump may have finally buried the hatchet with fox news anchor megyn kelly and the two last night went head-to-head on some of the nastier things trump has said, including calling megyn kelly a bimbo. >> bimbo? >> well, there was a retweet, yeah. . i did say that. >> many times. >> oh, okay. excuse me. >> are you going to stop that as president? >> i'm going to stop it about you now because i think i like our relationship right now so i'm certainly not going to do it -- >> now, you have my phone number. that is actually more efficient. >> you gave me your cell phone nu.
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you'll never see that. >> after the special, trump tweeted well, that is it. well done, megyn. and they all lived happily ever after. a more serious note, trump sewed reuters as president he would make a dramatic shift in u.s. policy and willing to talk to north korea leader kim jong-un and after he filed a report that his income in excess of 557 million and net worth in excess of $10 billion. the busy trump reached a joint fund-raising agreement with the rnc to build a war chest for the national election. hillary clinton and the dnc have been building their joint fund-raising since they reached an august of last year. campaigning in puerto rico, former bill clinton talked about the role he would take in his wife's administration. >> i would be the hired help. this is what i do,
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work. >> the tsa is sounding the alarm saying a much-needed staff and resources in chicago's o'hare airport and comes after 450 passengers missed their flights and were stranded at the airport due to massive security lines overnight sunday and monday. now the head of the tsa is apologizing to travelers. >> we had a significant challenge in chicago yesterday. i don't know what that was. we are fixing that. that's a great concern to me. i always tell people i want to apologize for doing our job well but i apologize to the people who found themselves stranded in chicago. >> chicago has consistently seen the worst lines in the country. passengers are warmed to arrive three hours before their flight. homeland securit
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johnson promises officers will be assigned to tsa in august in o'hare and nationwide the tsa plans to hire more than 750 new screening officers. the tsa says travel numbers are up this year and has promised more overtime and bomb sniffing dogs. a major headache for new york city commuters. a massive fire brought the trains to a halt during last nice's rush hour. they say the fire started in a garden nursery and caused an explosion when the flames reached propane and fertilizer. the fire was so tense it bent the steel girders that support the overpasses. they had to find alternate ways to get home for commuters. middle class working americans, you are getting a raise. all courtesy of new regulations from the white house. president obama even issued a memo on white
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workers that his administration is taking action and it will impact 2.4 million salaried workers who must now be paid overtime. the threshold for those earning 47,0 47,746 a year. while some welcome the measure, critics say it could backfire if employers decide to slash worker hours. the rule kicks in december 1st. we have dramatic video of a man trapped inside a burning suv and it happened sunday in anchorage, alaska. the driver was pinned inside and arm pinned under the door as smoke and flames rose from the vehicle. with help they were able to rock the car and free the man's arm. >> 1-2-3! go, go, go! >> the man escaped through a shattered sunroof and it was a close call. police say about a minute later,
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flames. lucky for that man. let's check out this funnel cloud in vero beach, florida 60 miles south of cape canaveral. it's unclear if the tornado touchdown down but it led to flooding. in washington observatory in new hampshire, winds 100 miles an hour. one man is almost blown away from a gust! it's fun to watch, but it's not fun to be in. i've been in winds during that high during a hurricane. deis is flying. >> if you're watching that video, you're like, why wasn't he tethered? let's talk about the storms that we are dealing with this morning. we mentioned that funnel vowed in vero beach. the rainy season in florida. thunderstorms in south florida. miami to ft. lauderdale umbrella
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mid-atlantic, more clouds today and light rain and shors out there too. areas like philadelphia have seen 13 of the last 19 days with cloudy skies. it's gloomy pacific type weather. in the next three days the rain in the southern half of the country. this is much-needed rain from slant to charlotte. we should clear it out after the weekend. we have great weather out today. the northern half of the country, this is one of the best spring weeks yet from minneapolis to chicago. nice today in northern new england and continues that trend tomorrow in the southern half of the country that has been soggy. that is your national weather. now here is a closer look at your day ahead. it's not going to rain all day long but we will see periods of rain along that cold front through areas of florida and especially texas late today and texas could be stormy not just today but even into tomorrow.
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observatory is one of the weather geek places and one of the places i wouldn't mind spending a week. >> we knew you were a geek and you just verified it. thank you bill. a first for a major military to tell you about. police are searching for these thieves that hit a gun store. we will be right back. we will be right back. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. can cause harm or death an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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welcome back, everybody. a veteran is being hailed a hero for actions here at home. patrick hewitt watched a seven-car pileup unfold before his eyes on monday in ft. myers, florida. suddenly, one of the cars burst into flames. hewitt sprung into action and helping pull people out of danger. the veteran of four tours in iraq was notably humble. >> my job is to help people. i'm not a hero. i'm just trying to save lives. is a mash and grab in central mississippi. a stolen truck crashed through a
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gun shop wall early tuesday morning. two men hopped out and were caught a surveillance video snatching guns. the cops found the wrecked truck and rifles and handguns abandoned down the gun. they say the thieves were picked up by a get-away car and remain at large. eric fan is secretary of the army now. he is the first openly gay leader of the u.s. military branch. his confirmation had been held up by kansas senator pat roberts over a plan to move guantanamo detainees to ft. leavenworth. tuesday, fanning had the number to win the nomination. live streaming on facebook is birth after a baby. mom did the hard part and dad yelled encouragement. about 40 minutes later, the little one arrived. almost 200,000 people have viewed the for the first time on facebook. i remember that
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let's get down to business. new mom syndrome here. a new study from the afl-cio finds that earned 335. consider this. in 1980 ceos earned 42 times what the average worker did. state plans to put 135 million it earned in marijuana related to tax revenue to good use. it's granting 1,000 scholarships to 25 students and the rest of the money to improving schools and drug addiction counseling and services for the homeless. ahead, a cent nairian ran the 100-yard dash in how long? wait until you hear. and sports is next. and sports is next. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this.
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are right now. >> this morning, on "today," zazac efron and zach rogen stop by to talk about their new movie. rougned odor has been suspended eight games for pun punching toronto's jose batista on sunday. he plans
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the minor league company is capitalizing on the brawl. frisco roughriders will start selling rougie's punch. it's an alcoholic punch. it costs $5.15 in honor of the day of the fight. number one pick in the 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> the philadelphia 76ers have the number one pick in the nba draft and the right to choose either lsu's ben simmons or duke's branden. the l.a. lakers got the second pick. cleveland cavaliers dominated the first game of the eastern finals. look at this. 100%-year-old ella may cul
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winning the 100-meter dash in 49 seconds. she did it at the elementary she used to teach at. it took her two tries. she scraped on the first try and nothing a little bandage could fix. >> do your best at anything you do and when you get a hundred, you'll be beating me then. but i'm going to hang around to see that you do. >> we sure hope she does hang around for that. ahead, the battle between kesha and her music producer continues. and who stole james beggandolph rolex after he died? phi's rolex after he died? that could only get worse.
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y ingredient is the main ingredient. the strawberry poppyseed... romaine, mandarin, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, strawberry... strawberry... salad with chicken. at panera. food as it should be. italian officials say that a paramedic who responded to the scene of actor james gandolfini's heart attack in 2016 allegedly stole his rolex as he laid dying. kesha will not be honored. though, she was scheduled to be performed, her record label rescinded the invitation. they are in the middle of sexu
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dabbing. >> what is that? >> you just take your arm and do this. >> i don't like that. >> it's simple. you take your arm and you just dab. dab. that's all you got to do. >> it's not my thing. >> i've give you -- cell phone number. >> is that your right arm? >> that was part of actor taylor lautner's first instagram. he made that with david spade and adam sandler. official, billy bush will be joining the "today" show family and app in the third hour to replace natalie morales. bush is expected to start this august. a collection of personal essays by dunham. she put 2,000 copies of the book up for sale at noon yesterday and within hours, it was sold out. never fear, dunham fans. the book will be available in di
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jimmy fallon seems suspicious of donald trump on "the tonight show." >> donald trump's ex-girlfriend says her quotes in the "the new york times" expose were negative. she says now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go drive my porsche. >> grabbing the fruit hanging down low. >> that made big news this week. we heard about the allegations of the way he has been treating women and some of the women came out and said, wait a second. i didn't say it like that. >> the results from last night? no effect. >> i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." guyen. this is "early today." ♪
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now at 4:26, the west coast is starting to look like the best coast. why the final three presidential hopefuls are now focusing all their attention there. and the latest from zee zika. what congress is doing to keep you and your family safe. and angie goff is standing by with the latest details. >> reporter: we are live in sri lanka where a massive rescue
4:27 am
underway. several families are said to be buried by mudslides. 60 people are confirmed by the red cross on the ground there. this spans three villages in sri lanka. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. you said it, it's raining. i wish i could give you the all sunshine forecast. but unfortunately the rain is still impacting us again today, although not as much rain as yesterday. we'll have a small chance to dry out before the rain gets here once again. unfortunately, this time, just in time for the weekend. for now, we're mostly rain-free in the metro area, but we have rain north and south of us. so keep the umbrella handy for today as rain chances are not going to go away until probably later this afternoon into early this evening. current temperatures are in the low to mid-50s. what you see is what you get.
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lunchtime today. we'll talk about potentially the warm up next week. that is coming up in a little bit. for now, it is traffic time. we have a crash on 95 southbound near the shoulder. we just tweeted about this one. still, it is there. if you are headed out any time soon, taking a look at the inner loop at colesville road and outer loop at richie-marlboro road. 66 and 95, no big problems. on 95 down from 32 to the beltway, overall looking pretty good. guys? thank you, melissa. your time is 4:28. to decision 2016 and the results you first saw on the nbc washington app. not a good night for senator bernie sanders as hillary clinton and donald trump inch closer to the delegates they need to take their party's nomination. >> both of the front-runners are now wit
4:29 am
goals. as the apparent winner in kentucky, clinton picked up 28 new delegates last night. sanders won in oregon but he really needed wins in both states to blow clinton's shot at gaining momentum. angie goff is live with the results and the critical delegate math here. >> reporter: hi, aaron. oregon voted just a few hours ago with sanders winning the state by 8%. however, he is not getting a significantly higher number of delegates than hillary clinton. she's at 54% of the vote. clinton got 27 delegates while sanders got 30 delegates. when you add in superdelegates, clinton is now less than 100 delegates away from clenching the nomination. thank you, angie. we talk about clinton being the apparent winner in kentucky's democratic primary but the sanders primary is
4:30 am
of requesting a recount. with 99% of the vote in, nbc news projects clinton took 47% of the vote to sanders taking 46%. decision 2016 entering the final few weeks of primary voting with the focus on tuesday, june 7. that's when voters in six states head to the polls. california is the big prize there, a whopping 546 democratic delegates up for grabs there. 172 republican delegates are available as well. the biggest get of any state in the country. tracie potts will join us at 4:45 with the major change for the trump campaign. today a temple hills man will be sentenced for killing a kidney transplant survivor. he will spend the rest of his life in prison for beating and strangling jonathan harris in 2016. last july he made headlines after a judge released him on unsecured bonds saying the pr


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