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tv   Today  WRC  May 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪his one's for the girls who had a broken heart ♪ who wish upon a shooting star you're beautiful the way you are ♪ >> are we in the dark? [ laughter ] >> sing it, ladies. look at martina, she's horrified. [ laughter ]
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martina, do you even recognize this? >> it's all good. >> that's clearly a martina mcbride song. >> yes, but don't take our word for it. >> these are our back up dancers, y'all were awesome, call your mothers. >> thank you, call your moms. it's winesday wednesday, may 18. and if we're playing this song it can only mean one thing, martina mcbride is in the house, specifically in the kitchen. she's without her first album of original songs. we've been waiting patiently. >> me, too. >> she's getting cuter. and she's getting smaller. like teeny. >> that happens. >> i get shorter. >> no, you look awesome. you look like a little girl. >> she's celebrating a major milestone very soon, we want to talk to her about that. >> and speaking about big names in country music. one of america's favorite radio hosts, bobby bones, is with us. he's written a tell-all book with a big bombshell inside.
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and he's maked out all the music for today's show. >> grab a pen and paper because we have award winning beauty products for yo you are hair, skin, and lips. you'll write them down and remember. >> and we'll tell you how to increase your chances of living to 100 years old. >> yes, they've done a study of different places in the world where this seems to be happening all the time. >> would you like words of wisdom. >> if ever there's a day we needed it. >> okay, "the best thing in the world is to know your parents are smiling because of you." >> what if they're gone? >> they're still smiling. you can picture them smiling. >> okay. by the way, my mom is still just fine, everybody. >> we have a dust up, don't we? >> we hear. weer that mariah carey a
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with andy cohen last night. >> if you know the history of mariah carey and j. lo, there's always been a little bit of tension. j. lo says "i've met her many times" and mariah has said she doesn't know j. lo. so andy asked her about her supposed feuds with other singers and they talked about j. lo and he asked her all about that. >> i can't believe people still make such a big deal out of it. >> go you know each other? >> no! >> she says you know her. >> okay, i'm very forgetful. [ laughter ] apparently i'm forgetful because i don't remember the fact that it was just like, "hi, i'm so and so" and then move on. >> does she seem cool? >> i don't know her. like, what am i supposed to say? like, i'm not going to put on a thing like oh, we're all hollywood and let's all pretend we're best friends because we're on -- in that la
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it's no offense to anybody. >> so do they know each other? >> yes, they do. j. lo was on wendy williams a couple times and she said "we've met a bunch of times. >> you have to in this industry. >> how do you not remember j. lo? well, she also has a feud with nicki minaj, alleged feud. who knows? andy asked her about that feud. >> they were on americ"american together. >> can you say three nice things about nicki minaj? [ laughter ] >> can you? >> sure. >> you know, i always felt it was more important with that situation to not plead the fifth but to just stay above the fray because you don't want to be declasse, you just want to move it along. >> well, there you have that. there you go.
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[ laughter ] >> you look familiar to me. >> we just said hi in the halls. oh, my gosh. >> i can see why people make a big deal out of it because it's so -- you can't describe what you're seeing and it doesn't make any sense because they've done a million things -- >> she can't think of three nice things to say. >> i was talking about the j. lo thing more. have we met nicki minaj? she's been here but i don't know that i met her. >> i think you did meet her. >> see? maybe we're just getting old and i can't remember things. >> it's been a big week on "the voice." so this was the big narrow-down session. there were eight singers and it got narrowed down to four. pink was one of the people who -- she mentored all the contestants in the semifinal round, she was a big fan favorite. so last night's elimination was a nail biter. three singers had to sing for their lives to get the last spot. so there were three people who were chosen and there was one that america voted on so it came downo
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blake, brian from team christina and link from team adam. >> he's the guy with the long beard, right? >> let's take a look at their performances. >> see what america said. ♪ i can't believe that i am changed and i'm stronger ♪ ♪ you got to know, baby, you got to know, that i can tell you ♪ loving never looked so good, put it on, baby ♪ ♪ i'm trying to write a war protest ♪ and the wind began to howl >> all right. >> wow.
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we didn't see it. we don't know who was chosen. >> i don't know. >> of those three who would you think? >> i liked the last guy. >> that's what i was going to choose, too. >> the last guy or the second guy? >> i didn't like what i heard from him yesterday, i didn't like it that much. this was much better. >> i'm going to go with the girl, with mary sara. >> my first reaction was to go with the middle guy but we'll see. >> who did america choose? >> your fourth finalist instantly saved by america is lake! >> you were right. adam wanted to put him through so what's cool is there are people from every single team. >> that's what we hear. one from each coach has a finalist. >> so allison from from team christina. adam team blake, hannah from team
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>> has that ever happened before? >> season one and season two. long time ago. all right, maybe you might want to answer this question for us, martina. apparently one out of every ten people admits to checking their phone when they're on a trip to poughkeepsie. >> which means when they are -- >> doing the nasty. checking their phones. they say people get distracted or bored so they check their phones. that's what it says. >> well maybe you should check because it could be your husband calling. >> oh! this is about multitasking while you're doing something. >> that's something else, hoda. >> so george on "seinfeld" tried to multitask while getting intimate. take a look. >> oh! [ laughter ] oh! you are
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>> now for trifecta. >> george? >> hmm? >> george? what are you doing? >> he said he loved pastrami and sex. >> he wanted to have it all at the same time 12. % admitted they would rather watch their favorite tv show on their phone than go to poughkeepsie. that's sad. >> that is -- well, yeah. kind of sad. >> 3% admitted to watching -- i won't say it. >> and the average person spent -- if you wonder how long you spend on your phone, that i say the average person spends two hours using their phone. think about the times you check e-mails. >> in addition to the two hours on the phone. do you guard your kids' access to social media a not have they're older now. >> yeah, 18 and 21. i don't really but my 10-year-old, she doesn't have a ph
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>> but you said no? >> no, not yet. >> no, way all right. >> my kind of mother. >> the country superstar who's feeling a little bit reckless. >> yes, she is, martina mcbride on her new music and how she feels about this big milestone coming up. wonder what that could be. she'll tell us right after this. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels better. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. cscrub away even the toughest, withdried-on messes.... ♪
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let 'em fall. let 'em go. new capri sun organic, made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. a more organic way to push play. that is the beautiful song of martina mcbride singing one of my favorite songs called "anyway." >> she's sold more than 18 million albums, charted six number one hits and has earned 15 major music award. >> now martina is out with new music that has the mix of classic country with the contemporary edge. they're part of her 13th studio album, it's called "reckless." >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> this time you went after the songs, didn't
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this on how fabulous the song is. >> i think it's a strong collection of songs and i had a lot of time to wait for the right songs to come in and just go on a song search, basically, and i wasn't rushed and so we just -- we're very patient and waited for the right songs. >> it was important they were written by women. why was that something that mattered to you? >> honestly, that wasn't a conscious decision. >> just ended up being like that. >> i feel like women have a particular point of view that of course i'm going to relate to as a woman so it makes sense to me that all of the songs have women writers. >> and when did that dawn on you? >> halfway through i was like, oh, yeah, this is cool. >> these days the demos that you get are like ready to be on the radio quality. when i was doing cds you'd get some guy with his guitar and it was kind of hard to tell what something was going to sound like. do you know instantly when you hear? >> i do. i know instantly. it's an instinct. >> y
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set in your voice. i bet you can hear yourself singing it. >> yup. >> there's so many great things about you. someone that you're a mom of three beautiful, wonderful girls. and you seem to set such a strong female example for them. like you were just saying basically number one your ten-year-old isn't getting a phone. but more than that -- >> when will she get that, by the way? >> maybe 12. i feel like once she starts going to friends' houses and staying overnight and doing more things like that. safety is important. >> it seems like you have a very normal life. >> we do. >> when you're not recording, what's a typical day in your life like? >> well, usually i -- john and i take turns but i like to do the morning shift and he picks ava up from school. so i take ava to school in the morning and then come back and have my coffee and just relax and then if i -- i don't know. it's so -- maybe go grocery shopping. it's so boring. >> but when you don't get to do it all the time there's something delicious about it, right? you -- you know, y
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>> let me listen to one of your songs. this one, reckless, you said it feels like coming home to you. let's just listen for a second. ♪ i thought i wasn't worth it, keeping me when ♪ i didn't deserve it, looking it my eyes and seeing the soul ♪ inside and crying, crying, crying, ♪ i'm ready, i've got all my senses ♪ >> when you hear this, is it fun? >> yeah, i'll be honest, it is fun because, you know -- >> you worked so hard at it, it's your reward at the end. >> it's weird. after you make a record, you know this, there's a period of time where you listen to it and all you can hear is kind of what you wish you had more time to fix or whatever then a period of time goes by and now i listen to it and i'm like i like that. >> you get perspective. >> can we talk about your milestone? >> what's the big
10:17 am
>> duh! >> tell us, young lady. >> well, we're talking about the fact that i'm going to be turning 50 on my birthday. >> i didn't know what it was. i survived it, you can, too. i survived much more than that, baby. >> how does it feel knocking on the door of 50? >> it feels okay. i think people put so much importance on a number, an age, you know what i mean? i still feel -- in many ways i feel more comfortable, i feel more secure and i feel, you know, like i still have tons of sufficient to accomplish and i don't know, i don't feel any different. >> because there's a tendency -- but you have a happy marriage, you have great kids, you've got so much success behind you. some people would not enjoy that right now because they'd be afraid of not equaling the same success going forward. how do you battle that? >> that's something i think about because how do you stay relevant? how do you keep making art that matters and that people still relate to? >> you know -- >> find the right songs and record them.
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time. >> we love you to pieces. >> thank you so much, i love you guys. and this one is for the girls and the guys who love junk food. >> we have a decadent dinner and dessert for just under 600 calories. >> plus award-winning beauty products chosen by the experts. >> i like. >> right after this. when your laundry blooms, your day blooms. with my new exhilarating scent collection. snuggle scent boosters, fabric softener and sheets. stimulate the senses and exhilarate your day with long lasting scents. let your laundry bloom with new snuggle cherry blossom. or the scent that's right for you. (sniffing) let's snuggle.
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of continuous hydration. to fight signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin in just one week. miracle sleeping cream. and now fight fatigue non-stop with new wake-up moisturizer. only from garnier skinactive. with so many beauty products making so many beauty promises, it's hard to know which ones to trust and which are the best. >> so we've turned to the experts for help at the cew beauty insider awards. over 6,000 cosmetic industry professionals tried and tested more than 800 products and here with some of the winners is style and beauty expert jen. >> that's a big job. >> each is going to want to get their pen and taper or their phone and start typing.
10:22 am
best. we'll start with something i love. i didn't believe it could work and it does. >> what is it? >> this is from st. tropez, an inshower gradual tanner. so allison tried it out. >> what? >> hello! >> that was weird! >> you just made so many prisoners happy. [ laughter ] >> you're welcome. >> look at her gorgeous skin. >> it looks good. >> she did it on half her body. it's gradual so you want to use it for three consecutive days in the shower, you wash, put it on, wait three minutes, so deep condition while you're waiting for this to work, rinse it off and you're done. >> you don't get smear and all that stuff. >> no, because your skin is wet it doesn't get streaky because you don't have dry patches. >> thank you, allison. >> you can go back in. [ laughter ] >> this is one of our favorite products of all time. >> this is amazing. >> yes, this is for the roots, right? >> this won for best hair color product. this is from oribe, an air brush root touchup spray. we have to use it on her roots
10:23 am
you can see the gray roots. what's so cool about this product is it has conditioning agents in it so with grays how they can be wiry -- >> we'll let hoda do this. >> perfect. >> look, look, right away. look at that. >> it looks so great, right? >> just make sure you get the right color. and they have tons of colors. >> they have tons of shades. >> and you can do that for a week? >> yeah. it has dry shampoo qualities so it cleanses the hair. it's amust have. >> thank you. thank you. >> we agree with you on everything. >> who is next? who do we have? nancy? >> we have the winners in the eye category. the best eye treatment is from -- this is from it cosmetics. what i love about this is it's a cc eye treatment so it's color correcting, it's got color correcting pigments. you can put it under your eye, it has cold spoon technology so the applicator stays cool so it depuffs yours
10:24 am
50. >> oh, wait, the applicator stays cool so you can put that on there. all right. >> just keep in the the fridge. >> what is this? >> this is an interesting one. this won for best eye makeup. it's the dior show mascara that has been around but they tweaked it so this has a new and with technology so less product comes out and goes on to the and with, better application. >> and doesn't clump? >> doesn't clump and they added more fibers. >> who is here? >> we have andrea ann and brittany. >> the best lip product is called made revolution from sharylly tilbury. matte lips can be tricky. buff this has 3d technology so you can get glowiness to you are yo lips. andrea did a bright pink. on anne, she's wearing red carpet ultimate glam and bratny has a knew federal lo
10:25 am
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let's do this. it's winesday wednesday and we hope you like country music who does it because it's time to test you on popular tunes with our weekly trivia game called "who knew"? hoda is at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock ready to handout $100 to anyone who answers the questions correctly and one of the signed books to people who don't get the answer right. here to help me is mr. bobby bones himself and he's the author of the new book "bare bones, i'm not lonely if you're reading book." i love this title. everyone who plays today will get a copy, great. all righty, ready to play the game? i want to talk to you later about your
10:31 am
>> what's your name, sweet any. >> ashton. >> from? >> colorado. all right, let's play. what was blake shelton's childhood nickname? was it toad, frog or paisley? >> oh, wow, i'm going to go with toad. >> toad? [ bell ringing ] you're right! >> that is correct. you know why it's sno eeit's to? >> why? >> he used to collect toads as a kid and his mom called him toad. fun fact one. >> oh, look at that, he hasn't changed a bit. >> fun fact two, tonight we're doing with a special with blake shelton, his director comes out on friday and i saw him and gwen together, shore in love. like, it's all for real. all of that is real. >> it's almost like you're embarrassed, you want them to get a room and leave you alone. >> yeah, it's like good to see you guys. such good people. >> hoda? >> what's your name? >> david. >>
10:32 am
>> waco, texas. >> let's play. finish the lyric to this hit, name the number one greatest country song of all time by rolling stone. ♪ i keep the ends up for the ties that binds ♪ because you're mine -- >> ♪ i walk the line >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> $100 and a copy of the book. >> that's awesome. >> "rolling stone" magazine picked that one. >> that's fair. johnny ska johnny cash is a legend. he's from arkansas like me. greatest song of all time. that one or maybe "friends in low places." >> garth brooks. >> what would you pick? >> oh, gosh, i don't know. too many. >> martina mcbride. >> you can never go wrong. dolly parton, come on. >> 9 to 5. >> okay, hoda. >> we have anxious people over here. look at these ladies called the
10:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] they've been out here all day long. are you ready? what do some of carrie underwood's fans call themselves? care bears? carry ones or cash and carries. >> a? >> care bears? [ bell ringing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> hoda is having a tough day. >> she just said a, so appreciate it, but care bear is the answer. i got to see her, she's so good. >> effortless. effortless. you barely see her take a breath. >> her mouth opens and you want to stare into it like. >> this i bet you do, i bet you do. last one, hoda. >> what's your name? >> angie? >> where are you from? >> i came from mississippi to meet you! >> did you? >> bucket list!
10:34 am
held eat and greets with they had dinner with their fans? was it the zach brown ban, little big town or florida, georgia line. >> b. >> that's wrong. >> good! i wanted your book! >> she was so darn sweet. people are so darn sweet. it's not that. what is. >> it it's eat and greet, zach brown band. zach could come out and cook for the people doing the meet and great. >> oh, nice. >> so he'd make s'mores and food. >> so it wasn't like a cracker barrel. >> no, it was behind the stage and my opinion the best country band of all time. >> they're amazing and you're pretty darn cute. we'll be back with you, he'll tell us more about his personal story. plus we'll reveal about the healthy habits of people who live to my age. and if you like salted caramel you'll like jill's recipe where she turns your
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the only thing better than looking good as you age is feeling good. >> and look no further than dan butter in to find out how. >> dan searched for what are called blue zones, the highest concentrations of 100-year-olds. all kinds of incredible people along the way and learning what helps them have such love jeffty. >> he's written all about in the his book called "the blue zone solution." what fascinating work. >> i spent 12 years really doing the home work to make sure we found places where people live the longest and in america here the longest lived people are seventh day adventists. but no matter where you, go it's not because people tried to live long and were on a diet, it's because
10:40 am
surroundings so the healthy choice was the easy choice. that's the big idea and what underpin what is we'll talk about. >> the healthy choice is the easy choice. >> hoda and i were talking about the little town that's getting a lot of attention in italy. you said that's been blown up. >> i don't think they did the home work to assure that people are living as long as they say they doncht we'll break it down into three specific reasons. the first is in the united states. >> seventh day adventists, they live as much as ten years longer than other americans. >> they very much follow old testament dietary rules. >> they get their diet directly out of the bible. genesis chapter 1, which is kind of the book of veganism, actual tlichlt longest-lived americans are either vegans or vegans with a little bit of fish. >> so what do we have. >> in genesis they talk about beans, nuts, whole grains and green plants. and there you go that's pretty much core of it right there. >> so moving on to our next world. >> by the way, religion adds years to your life. people who show up to church,
10:41 am
years longer than people who don't. >> so we are in sardinia? >> yes. >> i love it. >> a little island off the coast of italy. one of their practices is they really celebrate age. here we celebrate youth but there the older you get the more celebrated you are. 90-year-olds are still counseling the mayor, grandma is still working. >> they honor their elderly. >> and they put the elderly to work, they give them a sense of responsibility and that gives them the purpose and something called the grandmother effect has shown that when you have the grandmother in your child's life, that child actually has less sickness and does better in school. >> interesting. >> and families used to live together in compounds. >> we ought to go back to that. >> we have to go back to all of this. and there's wine! unbelievable. perfect. >> why don't we go right to that, kathie lee. >> we just have a minute left. >> last stop would be? >> this is okinawa, japan. longest lived women on the planet here. t
10:42 am
centenarians. >> lots of fish? >> well, actually they don't eat much fish. they eat eight times more tofu. >> didn't you know -- i thought they ate tons and tons of fish. >> the big secret, repeat after me, iki gui. >> i dated one of those. >> again, it means sense of purpose and if you know your sense of purpose and you live it, it adds about eight years to your life expectancy. but they have three superfoods i want to point out quickly. every home should have these. sweet potato, they're cheap, delicious, low glycemic index. another is turmeric, that's one of the most powerful antioxidant there are. and this right here. >> be careful with that thing. what is it? >> it's bitter melon and it has compounds that actually moderate how fast your sugar is absorbed so antidiabetic. >> no anchovies and no rosemary. >> it's a pleasure. all the best with
10:43 am
>> live large, keep looking beautiful. >> thank you so much. come see us again the next time you find another place. we found two more secrets to a long and happy live. >> cesar salad and olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist. olay. ageless. and try regenerist micro-sculpting eyeswirl. it instantly hydrates to plump and lift. introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion. i comy hair showed it.ks.
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if you order salads when you dine out and think you're being a good boy or good girl, guess what? a typical chicken cesar salad packs nearly 1,000 calories. that's bad news. >> so one of our viewers asked today nutritionist and author j joy to turn our junk food to health food and we can have a salted caramel milk shake. this is crazy, joy. >> when you order a chicken cesar salad you think it will be good for your diet but because the dressing is so creamy and indulgent it will cost you 980 calories. >> and you're getting a lot of
10:49 am
>> greasy croutons. and the trick is all in the dressing. make a voluminous saladna's a fraction of the calories. we'll call it a chicken cesar salad pizza. we'll take a piece of chicken, pound it super, super thin, then season it up with whatever you want, salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, anything you want. but now for the winning touch, the dressing. my secret ingredient is an avocado. >> can't get enough of those. >> so this is half an avocado and i'm going add classic cesar, quarter of a cup of apartmeparm tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of lemon juice, two teaspoons of worcestershire sauce. >> good girl. >> i have to admit i have a cheat sheet on how to pronounce it. half a teaspoon of dijon mustard. then kosher salt, pepper an one minced garlic. for people that love anchovies, you can put the
10:50 am
>> but it's very good for you according to one study. now what you're going to do is mix this up and just to save some time this is what it's going to come out looking like. it has about a regular tablespoon of cesar dressing is 100 calories, this is 20 calories. >> wow. >> 20 calories. then you build your pizza. so we have our chicken we're going to put on a whole bunch of chopped confetti like romaine. a whole lot, once out of shaved parm. the only thing i forgot is what i like to do is before instead of sauce on my pizza, which is the chicken crust, right, you put this on first. a couple tablespoons -- >> and then dress it with the croutons? are these special croutons that aren't as fattening. >> we're going to have to give a quick taste. >> and i like to put on a lot of ground black pepper. but you can taste the dressing. it really does
10:51 am
>> it does take like cesar. >> 20 calories a tablespoon. >> that's fantastic, joy. oh, my gosh. >> so we went from 908 calories to 380. >> good job. >> so let's make a milk shake. this comes from cindy perez in west palm beach, florida. a regular salted caramel milk shake 500 calories. this is how we're going to make it. we'll add one cup of dairy-free unsweetened vanilla almond milk. >> hoda can have it. >> and we'll blend it with three pitted dates. blend it up until it's nice and pureed then we put in a half cup of frozen pineapple, you can taste it at the same time. this is one tablespoon of almond butter. >> almond butter. >> then we have a little bit of vanilla extract, a little bit of maple extract, a dash of salt. you're going to puree this whole thing up. we went from 500 calories to 190. >> oh, my gosh. you're totally satisfied. >> it's
10:52 am
right? and the recipes are on the web site. >> i can't believe you made that happen. >> i think these might be the two best. >> really. >> just my opinion. yes! >> wait, wait, your carrot. one of the biggest names in country music makes a stunning admission. >> bobby bones tells us all about it but firstthis is "t, od
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
you met bobby bones, the host of the syndicated radio program the bobby bones show earlier when we played who knew. >> but he's more than a radio show host, he's also written a new book called "bare bones, i'm not lonely if you're reading this." that's a good title. >> you nailed that, that's like the spice girls. crazy. >> that's the way we roll. so tell us about this. why did you want to do it? you're still a relatively young man. >> thank you. for
10:56 am
i come from a place where a lot of people come from, i didn't have a dad growing up, my mom died in her 40s from drugs and alcohol so i come from this tiny town and i feel like if i'm able to get out of that -- >> you can make it. >> find your bliss and find your dream. >> that others can, too. so that's what started this. >> who nicknamed you bobby bones? >> well, there's a story when i was a young eighth grader and i was wrestling and my shores tore -- >> oh! >> and the nickname t-bone happened. and a lot of things happened in the middle of that so -- [ laughter ] everybody at home that's the story. >> is it true? we heard this that there was some sort of negative backlash against you in nashville and then we came to find out you started it yourself for publicity? >> i was struggling. and you guys know that -- you know you're always trying to think out of the box. >> you have to get attention. >> i needed attention. my whole life
10:57 am
people, so i built my own negative pr campaign. >> and spent about $18,000, a lot of money you didn't have. >> trying to trash yourself. >> i trashed myself all over billboard. >> and with the slogan "go away bobby bones." and i never got caught and -- >> is this the first time you ever 'fessed up? >> the first time i 'fessed up was in the book. >> were people mad? 80/20, loved it, some were a little upset but it worked. we got to stay on and do good things because of that. >> and you really believed that once people started feeling bad for you because somebody was being so mean to you so you had faith in -- >> don't try to turn this into a good thing! >> human nature. people are going to start feeling sorry for you. >> or if they didn't know the me that would be like why is someone so angry with this guy? >> you trashed yourself! >> i did trash myself. i felt that confident that i needed to be trashed? >> great to see you. >> thank you, guys. tomorrow we have sethog
10:58 am
and ambush makeover. >> so have an awesome what? >> winesday wednesday? >> because
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now, female firefighters in fairfax county are coming forward. i'm barbara harrison with what they want you to know about their work environment. >> i'm pat lawson, news with a look at the steps being taken at the white house right now that could mean a bigger paycheck for you. and we've had another rainy morning out here in the washington, d.c. area. anymore rain left for today and what does that weekend look like? we've got those details coming up. news 4 midday starts now. some firefighters fighting back against claims about their department's culture. it all comes after a


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