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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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come together. we're all waiting for some better weather and it's in the forecast. we also have to talk about the weekend too. we start with this breaking news and what is now the third dai deadly daytime shooting. >> let's get to pat collins. he's at the scene. >> reporter: chris, i'm on mountview place in anacostia. you can see why they call it that. take a look at the view of the capitol from here. but the focus today wasn't on capitol hill. the focus today was on what happened up that hill. a man was shot and killed early this afternoon. you can see the evidence markers up there. this is the third broad daylight murder in our city this week. the police chiefas
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number of police officials were here, as homicide detectives and evidence techs looked for clues and some sort of information that might lead them to a motive or a suspect in this case. come on over here now. i want to show you this. this gray car down the street is believed to be the victim's car. somehow it came down that hill and then crashed over the curb here. it's unclear as to how that played out in this shooting scenario, but police are investigating and they're trying to figure out why. again, this happened around 1:00 this afternoon. police are still on the scene. over here is natalie williams. she's the anc commissioner in this area. what is all this daylight violence doing to our city? >> it's really causing people to be afraid to simply live. we've gotten to the point where we've got to be doing a better job. it's not enough for us
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community meeting. it's not enough to keep arresting folks and don't hold them truly accountable to their crimes. it's a shame that we've got kids that are getting out of school right now. when they come up, all they're familiar with are these yellow tapes. we have to do better here. >> thank you. coming up at 5:00, we have more details about the shooting and we have more information from officials about what happened here and what may happen next. i'll see you at 5:00. now back to you. a guilty plea today from the driver who hit and killed a montgomery county police officer. noah leotta was working on a drunk driving patrol when he has lost his life. >> pat, there were about a dozen police officers in the montgomery county courtroom today when the driver
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manslaughter. he was driving drunk and slammed into officer leotta who died a week later. roscoe had several beers and shots at a bar before he got into lhis car that night. officer leotta's father shared his thoughts. >> from our standpoint, not having to go to trial alleviates some of that pain and suffering of going through all the details that we had a version of today, so that's what it does. but the pain and suffering of losing our son doesn't change no matter what happens today or any other day. we've still lost our son, and he's not coming back to us no matter what we do. >> he faces up to ten years in
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pat? i'll pick it up, barbara, with a developing story on the campaign trail with the presumptive nominee surprised a lot of people this afternoon. donald trump released a list of judges he could fill with the vacancy on the supreme court. back in march, trump said he planned to do this to ease some concerns about his conservative credentials among the republican base. the fbi and homeland security are tighting with the trump campaigns to tighten security. experts to see more cyber threats against them. neither have a network that is secure as it needs to be. time to turn to storm team 4. there's been a little bit of
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afternoon. things are starting to change. for the first time in quite awhile, doug's forecast looks a little bit different. >> we have a couple days of sun. we have a lot of 70s in the forecast and even some 80s out there too. right now, we still have a couple of showers up towards howard county and fauquier county. these will move right along 66 close to the beltway in the next half hour to an hour, but not much. something else. we're up to 66 today. that's a lot better than yesterday. still well below average, but at least we're in the mid to upper 60s. hagerstown, a little more shower active and only 57 there. a nice few days. we're talking tomorrow and friday looking good, but a washout on saturday. coming up in a
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going to happen for the rest of the weekend and that weekend. will both days be a washout? i've got that forecast. 75 years after the attack on pearl harbor, a navy officer from maryland is finally laid to rest. news4 mark segraves takes a look at the decade's long journey. >> reporter: this is the final resting place of emma hayden. she died in 1955. her husband albert hayden died 15 years before that. he was on the u.s.s. oklahoma. emma's last wish on her death bed was that her son's body be returned here to maryland and be buried by her side. his was among the hundreds of bodies that were never identified after the oklahoma was salvaged. but two years ago, the department of defense started a new effort to identify those fallen men and women who had served in so many of
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and last year, albert hayden's remains were identified, and today his body returned here to leonardtown, maryland, where he grew up, went to school, and where his family is buried. her son will be laid to rest right beside her. mark segraves, news4. we are just getting started here on news4 at 4:00. in the next few minutes, earning more for working more. clearing up confusion about a plan to pay you past quitting time. the new efforts to prevent some serious travel delays this summer. firefighters in a fight of their own after losing a colleague. going where it's never gone before. >> the plan that could uproot some busy roads in favo
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streetcars. pretty complex there. plus, the
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the trial of a baltimore police officer is coming to an end and the defense rested today without having edward nero
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charged in freddie gray's death. prosecutors say nero illegally arrested gray without probable cause and didn't secure him in the back of the police van. nero's attorneys argued the van's driver was responsible for buckling gray. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. get ready for more construction and more express lanes in northern virginia. work is set to begin to extend the express lanes further south on i-95. the state has given the green light to extending them into stafford county. the project includes just over two miles of reversible lanes along with new exits and entrances. construction should be finished in august of 2018. first at 4, consider yourselves warned. police are putting up a new speed camera in northeast d.c. they made the announcement today as part of the street safe
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now the camera goes live on sunday at queens chapel road and new york avenue. speed limit there is 25 miles per hour, but there is going to be a 30-day grace period before police actually start issuing those tickets. it's the tv show that gets d.c. talking. first at 4, what one of its stars just shared about behind the scenes negotiations that could really spark conversation about equal pay for women. streetcars coming here to
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breaking news from the live desk. police say a man injured when a driver repeatedly rammed his hummer into the tyson's silver diner has died. officers say 74-year-old andrew sharon died yesterday from injuries that he sustained in that crash that occurred two weeks ago. investigators say sharon was hit when samuel rammed his hummer into the diner. the restaurant says he was a cook there, but had been on bereavement leave. he is still in the hospital, but faces charges of malicious wounding and destruction of property. with this death, additional charges are possible. first at 4, the next major transportation battle in our
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again. a new plan would have d.c. streetcars extending out from the h street corridor. >> adam tuss has been tracking this story and joins us live from georgetown where, adam, i understand that's where they could all end up? >> reporter: that's right, chris. think about this. you would have to take the streetcar from its current condition in the corridor on h street across the hopscotch bridge down massachusetts avenue and across k street, over by george washington university, then it would end here at the whitehurst freeway in georgetown. if you think about how it could connect the east side and west side of the city and produce a viable transit option, that could be something worthwhile. >> does the business community in georgetown think this is a good idea? are they interested in
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>> reporter: they actually have started getting more on board with this plan over a couple of years. now it's being proposed as possibly running in its own dedicated lane on the east side of the street through k street to georgetown. 30% more would actually get on a streetcar because it is just more appealing to people, so georgetown thinks it could improve some of the businesses here in this part of the city. >> adam, you watched it and tracked it all as it happened. that little stretch of h street took years to get up and running. this is many times bigger. realistically, when do you think this could happen? >> reporter: well, i think the important thing, chris, is that it is up and running now in the city, and that really was the first hurdle. getting through the safety parts and everything that
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are running in d.c. if the studies went the way they were supposed to and you got it funded, it would be another ten years before it came over to this side of georgetown, but the construction would start much sooner than that. a final presentation is expected come fall. this could be a big one to watch. >> all right. we will be watching. adam tuss, thanks so much. a food festival just wrapped up in downtown washington and 5,000 people enjoyed a free lunch. the chefs prepared the meals using so-called ugly produce. that's the not so perfect looking fruits and veggies that restaurants and consumers usually throw away. this is video yesterday of the chefs preparing the food. about 1/3 of the food that's produced around the world unnecessarily ends up in the trash. actress robin wright is weighing in on the equal
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the "house of cards" actress says she demanded the same pay kevin spacey gets and she got it. according to huffington post, wright asked for a race after seeing statistics that her character is more popular than spacey's character. well, this constant streak of dreary days has a lot of folks down in the dumps. doug, tell me we have some light at the end of the tunnel. >> light meaning sunshine. >> oh, thank you. we've got some sunshine. now it's back to clouds for most of us, but we did see a little bit of sun today. we are seeing a little bit of sun. here's
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and look at the sun on this building and on these boats. not on these buildings. it is out there a little bit, and it will be off and on during the day today. 66 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 6 miles an hour. temperatures still six degrees below average. only in the 50s back to the west. this will be the area that has the showers. we are seeing some rain back here. just some light showers. 64 down towards clinton, maryland. still cool. some clouds. maybe a shower early tomorrow, but most areas dry. you may still want to take the umbrella with you. 52 at that time. 69. much nicer between 3:00 and 4:00. we'll see some sunshine by that 3:00 and 4:00 hour. no rain right now around the metro, but if you take a look at leesburg, warrenton, some very light showers here. these will all make their way towards our
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you may see a sprinkle, but you probably won't even need the umbrella tonight. satellite radar showing a little bit of clearing every once in a while, but take a look at the wider picture here. we're still socked in with the clouds for the most part, and this system is going to pass by. tomorrow we should be seeing a much better day. again, we'll start off with some clouds tomorrow, but we'll see some sun. the hour-by-hour forecast not too bad. 52 degrees at 7:00. 57 by 10:00 mostly cloudy. then we'll start to see some sun. i still think we'll see clouds. we can't rule out a shower, but most of us will stay dry. that impact forecast tomorrow will be on the low side. all in all, a pretty nice day compared to what we have seen. then it gets even better on friday. sunshine early to clouds. saturday is a washout, yes. less
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yesterday. much better on sunday. if you have sunday plans, right now they're looking okay. the rest of the forecast this afternoon. long lines, missed flights, and it's not even summer yet. the ominous outlook and what it's going to do to take to get those lines moving. a woman from virginia, well, let's just say she didn't want to vote for either of the frontrunners in this
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a developing story right now. the head of the transportation safety administration says it is a top priority to get those long lines moving. we've been telling you about recent delays of three hours or more. passengers missing flights and people sleeping in airports. jay gray looks at the tsa's strategy to get this fixed. >> reporter: security lines and travelers' frustration. >> i think it's ridiculous and it's unnecessary. >> reporter: are being stretched to their limits right now at airports across the country. >> this is just -- somebody needs to get their act together. >> reporter: a balancing act that is increasingly difficult according to the administrator of the transportation security administration. >> we are still in a tough environment, but at the same
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to manage the system in a way that doesn't have large crowds of people gathering outside the secure areas. >> reporter: some of the biggest issues have been at chicago o'hare where the tsa has deployed a rapid response team of 58 officers and five canine units to get things moving there. analysts warn in chicago and in other airports the crowds will only grow this summer. many predict record numbers with more than 2.5 million travelers every day, many with carry-ons. >> we have asked airlines to consider eliminating the checked baggage fee to encourage people to check their luggage. >> reporter: the airlines say they're not cutting their fees and tsa needs to secure adequate staffing and equipment while passengers continue waiting. >> it is very frustrating. >> reporter: for a
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well, if you believe her obituary, a woman from virginia chose death over voting for hillary clinton or donald trump. mary ann nolan died in richmond. she was 68 years old and technically it was lung cancer that killed her, but nolan's family says she always had a sense of humor. one of her sons opened the obituary with the line faced with the prospect of voting for donald trump or hillary clinton, mary ann nolan chose to pass into the eternal love of god. it is nice to see the family sort of kept her spirit alive. she obviously had a very wicked sense of humor. >> obviously. here's a question of a lot of us can relate to. how many of you work long hours? >> most people in this town, but millions of people just qualified to make a little extra money out of it, so who gets a piece of that
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we are looking at a rapidly changing weather situation. skies are clearing, but we're not out of the woods yet. unemployment twice as high for blacks as it is for whites and making less money too. the new and strong reaction to an ominous
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what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother?
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first at 4, more breaking news at the live desk. the man who drove his truck into the national mall today is going home with a ticket? park police say kevin osbourne of spotsylvania was cited for driving a vehicle onto public land without authorization. it carries a $250 fine. police say osbourne was not arrested, was released from the hospital this morning. officers say osborn told them he saw anthrax being spread on a farm field in virginia. he said he collected some and drove to the national mall and called police for help. officers say he never threatened anyone. back to you. well, this is an unusual topic. donald trump just released a list of 11 possible supreme court picks. they're all conservative and it might help unite the republican party.
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demands he quit the race everyone thoueven though hillary clinton is ahead of him by more than 3 million votes. how quickly things change. >> just like that. hillary clinton in 2008 in her struggle against barack obama contested every single primary down to the end, the bitter end, but bernie sanders is now saying he will fight her all the way to their convention. fresh off another victory, bernie sanders sounds driven. >> we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> reporter: in the california primary, he told the crowd there. >> then we're going to take our fight into the convention. >> reporter: clinton beat him in kentucky, but barely, so they split the delegates. she lost oregon, giving sanders the most delegates last night. she keeps the overall lead, but 488 are unpledged superdelegates, party insiders, the kind of process that enraged sanders' support
4:33 pm
from the beginning of this campaign that has been hostile to bernie sanders and his supporters. >> reporter: now he sounds hostile. >> i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the doors, let the people in. >> reporter: he means the democratic convention and clinton need to showcase sanders' issues like free college and controlling wall street, says a key sanders backer. >> this is will resonate with americans and it is in complete contrast to the charlton running on the republican side. >> reporter: today, donald trump released a list of 11 possible supreme court nominees. critics charge in breaking with tradition and releasing the names of his prospects,
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the judges on that list the public will now see were passed over and not nominated. with clinton inching closer to clinching the democratic nomination, we want you to weigh in on what sanders should do. it is our flash survey this afternoon. call or text the number on your screen or vote on the nbc washington facebook page. high temps today warmed into the low to mid 60s. for most of us, it was a dry day. here's what we're looking at right now with storm team 4 radar. some isolated showers in the d.c. metro area, parts of montgomery county. more scattered rain around the i-95 corridor. here's what you can expect this evening. currently we're at 66
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we deep into the low 60s, maybe dealing with an isolated shower. 9:00, temperature around 61. 11:00 p.m., cloudy skies with a temp of 59. i'll be talking about a warmup and a soggy saturday ahead coming up in my full forecast, pat. there is strong reaction to the national urban league's state of black america report. it came out this week. troy johnson is here with today's talk around town. troy, the title of the report says a lot. locked out, education, jobs, and social justice. the urban league's survey looked back 40 years and found the unemployment rate for african-americans remains nearly twice as high for white americans. to fix these problems, correct the trends, the urban league called on the federal government
4:36 pm
[000:35:58;00] urban communities. troy, i'm sure that the findings of this report come as a surprise to practically no one, but how are your listeners reacting? of the disparities cited, which are of the most concern? >> you're right. this is something they've been working on for sometime. things are getting better for ar african-americans, but there are things that need to be addressed. sharon said she would like to see people focus in on this particular thing. >> i think it all starts with education, so we have to start with the public school system. we know the vast majority of children of color are in public school systems, so that's where they're going to get that
4:37 pm
foundation for success or not. >> and pat, she and others are with high school graduation rates, college graduation rates, but education seems to be the key for african-americans to turn these things around. >> the urban league calls for an investment of a trillion dollars in urban areas. do people believe money alone can correct these disparities? >> no. they are encouraged to see that kind of a number. when you think about the fact that we're talking about areas that have not been -- have not had a lot of investment, a lot of infrastructure problems -- sharon also says, yes, we should spend some of the money, but let's be crystal clear about how we move forward. >> i really think it all starts with education, so we have to start with the public school system. we know the vast majority of children of color are in public school systems, so that's where they're going to get that
4:38 pm
foundation -- >> mark said the disparities are real and he had a message for the next president. let's take a listen to that. >> the times demand real leadership. does our nation have the leadership and the will to confront these vexing problems, to confront these challenges, to forge a better tomorrow? >> do people believe the presidential candidates are really tuned in on these issues and do they believe the next president will be able to do what the current president hasn't been able to do? >> they don't believe they're speaking to the issues of african-americans or people of color this cycle. they heard about it in the early primaries. but they're not hearing those themes as much. they want to hear more. they want to hear more from these candidates and hold them accountable. they would like to see some of the work that president obama
4:39 pm
began that work. >> all right, troy. thank you so much. chris? bikers and parents beware. susan hogan tells us about the safety gear that just hit the recall list because it may not be going what it is supposed to do.
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crashed car and first responders are coming together today to make sure they can keep you safe. they're teaming up with medstar georgetown hospital and the american red cross. they simulated a car and train cash and a hazardous chemicals spill which started at the hospital and ended in southeast. officials told us why they think this exercise was so important. >> it gives people the opportunity to practice some skills we don't get to do very often in case something really bad happens. you need to train on it a lot. >> d.c. first responders have only dealt with one train derailment in recent years. they want to make sure they stay sharp the next time there's an emergency. you have just a few days left to see students' works of art on display in manassas. the works were created by five
4:43 pm
different classes of high school o the works are on display at city hall through monday. a lot of us work some pretty long hours, but millions of people now qualify for getting overtime. how the new plan is sparking some debate and will it effect you? facing the rumor mill. the firefighters who are still mourning a coworkers disappearance and death have a strong message for the community
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>> we vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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♪ stand by me and as we close out the workweek, we're looking at a mainly dry finish, but rain in the forecast on saturday. coming up, i'll let you know when it moves in and when it moves out of the area. and we're talking about a recall alert. the protective gear that may not be doing its job. millions of folks workov overtime, but they don't get paid for it. the government is changing the rules for workweeks that exceed 40 hours. >> business owners say the rules will change the way they hire and schedule their workers. brian moore reports the new details from capitol hill. >> reporter: more than 4 million american workers are expected to reap the benefits thanks to a new labor department rule on how
4:47 pm
much salaried overtime pay. >> you can work 70 hours a week and make the poverty wage of 24,000. that isn't right. >> reporter: vice president biden touted the new rule and the economy at the headquarters of an ice cream chain in ohio. >> this is not only the right thing to do. it's good business. >> reporter: the obama administration estimates raising the overtime threshold will put $12 billion in the pockets of workers over the next decade, but the national retail federation predicts many employers will cut their employees off at 40 hours. >> these employees are going to have to clock in and clock out. they're going to lose a lot of flexibility. a lot of middle management jobs are going to be eliminated. >> reporter: a new national standard for overtime that's no small change. brian moore, nbc news, washington.
4:48 pm
well, we h share of rain lately, but it's nothing like what they're getting down in florida. heavy rain completely flooded a town north of orlando. the rain opened up a sinkhole 20 feet deep. crews spent all night filling the hole. it's been somewhat of an uphill battle because more rain is still falling. >> further south in florida, this is what some folks woke up to, rvs completely flipped over. there's plenty of rain as well. the city of zero got two months worth of rain in a single day. that's a lot of water. >> it sure is. amelia draper has been looking at the weather around the country. any of those storms headed our way? >> no, but we will be tracking a rainy day here on saturday. we're looking at under an inch of rainfall. mainly dry weather for the rest
4:49 pm
of the workweek. pretty much a soggy day from start to finish. next week, we're talking about warmer temperatures. not just a tiny warmup, but there is an 80 on the seven-day. tomorrow, the weather having a pretty low impact on your day. the clouds are still around. maybe an isolated shower. have the small umbrella handy. currently temperatures are coming in the low to mid 60s from 66 in the district to 61 in frederick and back around t-- te school day forecast tomorrow at the bus stop, temps in the low 50s, so kind of cool. maybe an isolated shower around throughout the day. because of that and the cool temps, giving recess a "b." we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies at dismissal. looking mainly nice for after school activities thursday
4:50 pm
afternoon. we'll start off with more sunshine and notice clouds increasing throughout the day. 55 degrees. not a bad day to have the lunch outdoors. noon, temperatures around 70. by 7:00 p.m., your friday evening looking nice with the temperatures at 70. you can dine al fresco for your friday night and not worry about rain. the better day is going to be sunday. a rainy day on saturday. if you are headed up to baltimore for preakness, can't rule out a shower. notice our high temperature on saturday. only 58 degrees. sunday a high of 73. 80% chance that you're dealing with rain on saturday. here's what you can expect if you're headed up to baltimore. temperature around 56.
4:51 pm
by the time the big race gets under possible. a temperature around 57 degrees. here's the warmup i was talking about. monday 74. tuesday 78. wednesday, a high temperature of 84 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun. our average high now around 77. we haven't had a lot of good bike riding, but if you ride with your baby in tow, there's an important recall you need to know about. >> susan hogan is here with the scary stuff. >> this is the time we're going to go out with our bikes with our little babies. the infant helmets were sold exclusively at target stores and the helmets recalled are pacific cycle helmets and are sold under the schwinn brand name as
4:52 pm
no-pinch buckle helmets. chinstrap has small plastic covers. the magnets can actually come loose and pose a choking risk. this is one of those scary things, too, because the babies are on the back. >> you don't see them. >> you don't see them. you're just cruising along. >> great information. >> thank you, susan. we're working on stories you're not going to see anywhere else. it affects millions of americans. most of them don't even know it. d a story that can help you sleep more soundly. these local athletes haven't lost a single game in four years. meet the students who hit the field today to do something that could be for the record books. today in annapolis, prince
4:53 pm
george's county medics a are honored to save lives after a deadly crash. a church van exploded into flame after a hit-and-run driver fleeing another crash slammed into it. this happened in november of last year. he killed two adults, one child, and an unborn baby on that van before dying himself. there were 11 people who walked away thanks to the work of the prince george's fire crew and voluntee volunteers. >> this is just something extra. i don't really expect stuff like this because we did it all day every day. >> reporter: coming up on news4, we'll take you to that award ceremony. they put their lives on the line every single day, even after losing one of their colleagues. how some local firefighters from this area want to turn around some of the negative things that
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have been a developing story right now in new york city. fire broke out under a metro platform, igniting a propane tank and then exploding. take a look at this. the flames were so intense bolts from the metro tracks blew right off. delays caused by the explosion left thousands of people stranded during yesterday's evening rush and it is still causing delays today. this afternoon, female firefighters in fairfax county are fighting back against claims about their department's
4:57 pm
ul one of their firefighters was harassed before she took her own life, but as erika gonzalez reports, other female firefighters are stepping up. >> as a woman, i'm not afraid to come to work and i'm not ashamed to be a member of this fire department. >> reporter: alicia is one of a handful of female members of the fairfax county fire department that chose to speak out today. the spotlight on the department was cast about a month ago after the suicide of firefighter paramedic nicole mittendorff and allegations that disparaging comments were being written about her by coworkers. "the washington post" reports last week the fire official was put on leave after inappropriate images and comments were discovered on facebook. just yesterday, the fairfax
4:58 pm
county board of supervisors announced it would hire a third-party consultant to assess the working environment within the fire and rescue department, focusing on equal employment issues, workforce morale, and mental health issues. the actions of a few should not tarnish the reputation of the entire department. >> this fire department and these men and women have worked hard to earn your respect. we're a family and like any family we have some black sheep, but these black sheep do not represent who we are as a whole. >> reporter: it's been a difficult time for a lot of people, but says that she and the other firefighters and paramedics she was joined by want the public to know the department can be trusted. news4. right now at 5:00, another
4:59 pm
daytime shooting, another murder in the streets and we're learning about the first death connected to that fiery crash at the silver diner in tyson's. there's now more than one reason why a northern virginia man may not get a lot of sleep tonight. scared. we were all scared. my mom wanted to move already. a rise in violence. a mother kill eed coming home wh our groceries on monday. the city's leaders trying to get a handle on this violence and just 48 hours later more shots ring out. this time a young man gunned down in southeast d.c. pat collins joins us from the scene. >> reporter: wendy, take a look at the murder scene down on mountview place. you can see detectives are hovering around the place where the body was found. those white markers there, evidence markers.
5:00 pm
we counted about everyd evidence markers around the scene. daytime gunfire, families mourning, and yet another murder in our city. in this ambulance yet another victim of daylight gun violence in our city. on the corner nearby the shooting scene, friends and relatives of the victim console each other. jim hope, he heard the shots. >> i just heard a lot of rapid firing shots. it was so much. i thought it might have been a car backfiring or something like that. >> reporter: the murder victim is 24 years old. they say he was shot a number of times. he was found lying on mountview street in the anacostia section of our city. by our count, 22 evidence markers placed there at the scene.


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