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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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everyd evidence markers around the scene. daytime gunfire, families mourning, and yet another murder in our city. in this ambulance yet another victim of daylight gun violence in our city. on the corner nearby the shooting scene, friends and relatives of the victim console each other. jim hope, he heard the shots. >> i just heard a lot of rapid firing shots. it was so much. i thought it might have been a car backfiring or something like that. >> reporter: the murder victim is 24 years old. they say he was shot a number of times. he was found lying on mountview street in the anacostia section of our city. by our count, 22 evidence markers placed there at the scene. at the te
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and morris street, a gray car crashed in the curb. it's believed to be the victim's car, but it's unclear as to exactly how this car figures into this shooting scenario. >> can you tell us what police are doing to track down the suspects? >> we have officers going door to door canvassing. >> reporter: the police chief was here as well as a number of high-ranking officials as detectives and csi techs look for clues and evidence. also here today, the council woman from ward eight. >> what's going on in our city? >> if i knew the answer to what's going on, we'd stop it and we'd solve it. we're trying to figure out how to address the issue, how do we involve the community more to make sure senseless crime like this stops. >> reporter: yet another strange development. police arrest the son of
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monday's daytime murder victims. he's charged with threatening to kill a man he believed killed his mother monday afternoon. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> pat collins. this afternoon, we have learned a 74-year-old man injuried in this fiery crash at that silver diner in mclean has died. 59-year-old samuel intentionally rammed his hummer into the diner earliier this month and then tried to light himself on fire. samuel is still in the hospital. additional charges are possible. it was an emotional day in court today. the driver who hit and killed a montgomery county police officer pleaded guilty. there is new reaction tonight from the officer's father who has lobbied for stronger punishment of drunk drivers since t
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meagan fitzgerald has our story. >> the pain and suffering of losing our son doesn't change. >> reporter: it was a tough day for the family of officer noah leotta who died after being hit by a car in rockville five months ago, but today his father rick says that pain was slightly alleviated for his family after the drunk driver pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter. >> he didn't have much of a choice because the outcome would have been the same. >> reporter: court documents say on the night of december 3rd, the man spent hours in the bar drinking beer and taking shots. he slammed into leotta, sideswiped his police officer before coming to a stop, never realizing he hit the 24-year-old cop. the attorney says his client has struggled with the consequences of his actions. >> he spends the bulk of his time
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trying to seek amends in way he can. >> reporter: but remorse and regret won't bring back their son. >> my opinion on remorsefulness hasn't changed from what it was here before. no, i don't believe it. now to a troubling discovery in a prince william county neighborhood. bullet holes inside one home, outside another. a person in manassas called police after finding a hole in an interior wall. investigators say they found a number of shell casings. this happened along westmoreland avenue. witnesses say they saw a black sports car driving without lights on before those shots rang out. it won't ease the pain, but it will ease some of the burden to help the family of a dale city boy who was beaten to death last week. 14-ea
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found dead in his home. the suspect's family was renting the lower level of a townhouse. now there's a go fund me page created by the victim's friends seeking financial help for his family. nearly 100 contributions have been made so far. that includes a donation from his eighth grade teachers. one of the officers charged in the freddie gray case could learn his fate as early as monday. closing arguments are set for tomorrow in the trial of edward nero. gray dying after breaking his neck while he was in police custody. the defense says nero wasn't involved in the actual arrest and argues the police van driver should have been responsible for securing gray in that vehicle. in the race for the white house, the directo
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evidence of hackers who may be working for foreign governments targeting the websites of presidential candidates. james clapper says government officials working with the campaigns to tighten that security. chinese cyber attackers hit both president obama and mitt romney's sites back in 2012. well, we're asking what you think bernie sanders should do next. it's our flash survey question today. so far nearly half of you think he should drop out. that appears to be a sentiment sanders is not heeding. he plans to stay in the race all the way to the end. chris lawrence is in our newsroom now with more on what's next in the bid for the democratic nomination. we thought the republicans were going to be fractured around the convention time. it looks like it is the democrats now. >> my how things have changed. sanders lost in oregon, but he lost kentucky by only a few thousand votes.
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for a recount. all of this is coming in as hillary clinton edges ever closer to wrapping up the race. she needs less than a hundred delegates to wrap up the democratic nomination which she could pull off just in california alone. we're learning more about the candidate's personal bank accounts. some of the financial disclosure statements show donald trump claimed an income last year of more than $500 million. a lot of it came from real estate, golf, and resort properties and some of his book royalties. clinton also released her fcc filing. it shows she made 6.5 million last year, most of which came from book royalties and the rest from some paid speeches. one another note, clinton is opening two offices right here in the district ahead of washington, d.c.'s primary next month. one on pennsylvania avenue southwest, the other on
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northwest. those offices scheduled to open tomorrow. back to you. well, we do have a little bit of sun out there if you look pretty hard, but at least it isn't pouring rain, doug. >> no, that's right, wendy. yesterday pouring rain. today we did see a couple of breaks of sunshine. boy, did that make things feel a little bit nicer. still on the cool side. yeah, we're still dealing with some showers. we're tracking the showers. a few coming on through i-95 right across the beltway. this is just very light showers. you may turn the windshield wipers on for ten minutes or so. more substantial rain back to the west. this is where the temperatures are still only in the 50s. a very cool day here. current temperatures only in the 50s. a few evening showers, yes. a nice few days coming thursday and friday. then look at saturday. i've got that forecast
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minute. the next frontier for d.c. streetcars not here on h street, but what about georgetown? i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you how real that possibility is coming up. i'm tom sherwood in northeast washington near north capitol street. the indigo, a very popular restaurant here. a would-be burglar ran into some trouble when he tried to break in this morning. coming up on news4, i'll tell you what happened. so you don't get enough sleep, right? >> but how can you really tell if you have sleep apnea? >> doreen has a demonstration for you right after this.
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[ snoring noises ] >> familiar? that's the sound of many sleepless nights. the warning signs of sleep apnea in the next ten minutes. remember the hashtag bring back our girls? now one of those nigerian schoolgirls that was kidnapped has been found. she explains what happenedo
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the next major transportation battle in our area may not have to do with metro or the roads, but with streetcars. the district is studying how to get d.c. streetcars crossing the district over to georgetown. transportation reporter adam tuss shows us what must happen to get this plan on track. >> reporter: you know streetcars are running here along h street in northeast d.c., but now there's a move to get them all the way across the city and it would end here in georgetown underneath the whitehurst freeway. it would provide an east to west connection directly across the city, but you have to get the streetcar to georgetown from its current home which starts on oklahoma avenue goes down h street to union station and then it would extend to the other side of the district. and in order for it to be fast and efficient, it means likely taking the streetcar across k street in
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lane. you know what k street can be like. >> i think there are a lot of obstacles, but there's also a lot of opportunity. >> reporter: he says the streetcar would be a big draw to get people here from the east side of the city. >> we know how many people are coming by bus now and it's a big number. we think 30% more people in national studies take streetcars and buses. >> reporter: on the streetcar in georgetown, some didn't even know d.c. had a streetcar. >> you know the streetcar system they opened in d.c.? the one on the other side of the city? >> no. >> reporter: others in the know on board. >> i think it would alleviate some of the traffic on m street having that transportation. >> reporter: the streetcars here to georgetown would likely have to lose the wires. the city is looking at battery powered cars that could do the trick. you have to study it and of course you have to fund it. if all went according to plan, the streetcar could make its way
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years. in georgetown, adam tuss, news4. d.c. taxi drivers could soon double as delivery drivers. a new program will partner with drivers from the d.c. taxicab commission says there will be a soft launch with focus on lunchtime food delivery. uber and other apps offer similar food delivery service. yet another speed camera is coming to the district. today d.c. police announced a camera is going to be going up in the 2100 block of queens chapel road northeast. >> this camera is up on us surprisingly today. that is just off bladensburg road. it will be a ticket. with construction on i-66
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metro, transportation leeaders are looking at other ways to get you to and from work. virginia wants $10 million for alternative routes. the transportation board will allocate money to those projects in june. the new tolls will help pay for those projects. well, sleep disorders affect millions of people each year in our country, and sleep apnea is one that is relatively common, but you might have trouble knowing if you have it. doreen genzler is here with more on this story. >> sleep apnea is common. it can be hard to know if you have it because it happens while you're asleep. [ snoring noises ] >> reporter: that is what me
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like trying to get air. he gave us a demonstration. >> these apnea episodes can last anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes. >> reporter: you might not even know yo h you had one. ifyo u're exhausted the next day, it is worth finding out. it can be a major risk factor for some serious medical problems. >> heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, even cancers. >> reporter: the first step in treating it is diagnosis. >> do you snore? >> sometimes i snore. >> do you feel like you stop breathing?
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tests. then you can make a recording of your sleep if you live alone and then take it to your doctor. people who are overweight, overage 50, people who have high blood pressure are at higher risk, and sleep apnea is more common among men than women. >> so far so good. >> okay. >> i do like the machine. i do like the fact that i can calibrate it when i need to. i really like the fact that i'm sleeping so much better. from the very first day with that machine. >> reporter: a doctor specializes in sleep apnea caused by obesity. the machine gregory is referring to is a c-pap known as the continuous positive airway
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in addition to the c-pap machine there are other forms of treatment. surgery can help sleep apnea and diet and exercise have been known to help people with milder symptoms since weight can be a risk factor for developing sleep apnea. it is a lot more common than people think. >> oh, my goodness. yeah. >> thanks, doreen. their abduction triggered an international outcry. now after more than two years in captivity, one of the 276 schoolgirls taken by nigerian militants has been found. she is shedding more light now on what may have happened to the other girls who were taken with her. the associated press is reporting she told her mother some of the girls died in captivity, others are still being held. they are being used as sex slaves, but there's no word on where they are. the young woman had a baby. she emerged with her baby
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border of cameroon. her uncle says she is quite traumatized. it was a traveling nightmare stranded in those security lines for hours. thousands missing their flight. a virginia woman chooses death over choosing between president clinton or president trump. and a shutdown the national mall for hours yesterday with claims of being exposed to anthrax. why he is walking away with just
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oh, that forecast, let me see if you can guess it. yeah, clouds. some rain. you guys are good at this. take a look outside right now. i'll show you what's happening. we've got the clouds. we've got the cool temperatures. yes, we still have some showers. this is out towards reston. you can see socked with the clouds one more time. right now temperature-wise, we've been on the cool side for sure. we're sitting at 64 degrees right now. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. we are looking at a few showers here. notice back to the west only in the 50s today. this is the area that's seen the most rain. not a lot, but the most rain. rain around martinsburg and
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winchester. tomorrow morning the bus stop starting off cool. can't rule out an isolated shower. 52 degrees there. much nicer tomorrow afternoon. we do expect to see some sun. high temperatures respond to that sunshine. right now, take a look at the rain. this is the last four hours. a few showers coming in through the d.c. metro area, but most of the rain has been back to the west. that's where it continues to be. let's zoom on into this area and show you the area that i'm talking about here. winchester right up i-81 back towards clark county, warren county, rain along 66. those showers will move up toward the north and east. leesburg and gaithersburg. once they get over the mountains, they're having a hard time staying together. it is part of a system that's moving through right now. you can see a lot of cloud cover right here. still going to be a pretty nice
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with that cloud cover. here is that hour-by-hour forecast. if you're thinking about taking a hike, we haven't been able to do it lately. tomorrow not a bad day. i would do it from noon on because we will be cool. 57 by 10:00. by 1:00, upper 60s to around 70. some sunshine. we cannot rule out a shower tomorrow. we will see maybe an isolated shower, but for the most part a very low impact weather day across our region. friday looking great, especially early. more clouds late ahead of our next system. saturday is the day we expect rain. some of that rain will be on the steady side with a high in the mid to upper 50s. a little bit of sun, isolated showers, high temperatures around 73 on sunday. amelia is talking 80s.
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time. so did a hitman target a lawyer? >> could a federal judge be next? the answer could come from surveillance video after a deadly fire. coming up on news4, he gave his life defending his country at pearl harbor. now more than 75 years later he's returned home. i'm mark segraves. i'll tell you the historic journey of chief petty officer albert hayden. a neighborhood is on edge after it was sprayed with gunfire last night. just look at that bullet hole left in the truck. coming up, i'll
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i've been thinking about it all night and today, like what if i didn't go bowling, what if i stayed home. >> if he had stayed home and been in his bed, he could be dead tonight. neighbors in manassas are on edge this evening after bullets were sprayed at homes. >> one family showed julie carey what a close call it could have been. >> reporter: this is the bedroom of 21-year-old christopher lopez. these e the holes left in his wall after two bullets came flying in last night a little before midnight. he was out with friends bowling. his sister was downstairs with her baby. >> i just
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of shots, and then i ran upstairs to my mom's room. everybody heard it. >> reporter: it wasn't until her brother got home and went to his bedroom and turned on the light that the family realized the full scope of the danger. >> i go up to my room and then i see the debris from the dry wall. i'm like what's this. i move my pillow and i see the bullet hole and the bullet right through the pillow. >> this pillow is where christopher usually lays his head. if you had been asleep, what would have happened? >> i don't know. that's the same side i sleep on. >> reporter: you could have been dead if you had been home? >> yes. >> reporter: police think the first shot was fired into the next door neighbor's antique pickup truck, blasting through both the front and back wi windshield and then coming to rest in a backyard shed. what explains it?
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i don't know why someone would do it. >> reporter: police report witnesses see a black sports vehicle driving by just before the gunfire. a firefighter is facing reckless driving charges in connection with a deadly crash in virginia. police in virginia beach say he rear ended a vehicle monday evening killing a man and injuring a female passenger. he is assigned to engine 27 in northeast d.c. we're told he's been placed on administrative leave. some female firefighters who work for fairfax county say their disheartened by a negative spotlight that's been cast on their department. that spotlight comes after the suicide of firefighter paramedic nicole mittendorff last month. there are allegations of disparaging comments posted by colleagues in an anonymous blog. last week, a fire department administrator was placed on administrative leave aft
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complaints about lewd pictures and posts on his facebook page. today, a group of female firefighters and paramedics talked about their positive experiences with this department. >> this fire department and these men and women have worked hard to earn your respect. we're a family and like any family we have some black sheep, but these black sheep do not represent who we are as a whole. >> fairfax county plans to hire a third-party consultant to work with the department on morale and communication issues. one would-be burglar near capitol hill got quite a surprise this morning. >> reporter: at third and k, the indigo restaurant has been drawing happy customers for o y almost three years. >> chick peas and rice and
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>> reporter: that sounds good. today the restaurant had one visitor who tried to come in the middle of the night. >> it was around 12:00 a.m. when i heard this loud bang on the backside. >> reporter: despite several security signs and security cameras, a burglar was trying to get in. >> in fact he broke the door, the back door. i went down. he was not expecting me inside obviously. >> reporter: it turns out he and his wife of 23 years live above their restaurant. >> as he was trying to enter, he saw me standing in front and he just ran out. >> reporter: a security camera caught the would-be burglar. he recommends security cameras. >> i believe they are pretty important. it saved us last night. >> reporter: now they're back to running the restaurant. what do you do? >> i'm the taster. >> reporter: the ta
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right now, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is in a room with conservatives facing accusations that the sites trending stories are biassed. facebook came under fire after a former employee said it deliberately ignores conservative news stories in its trending topic feature, something the company denies. a virginia family is making national headlines tonight for a tongue in cheek commentary on the race for the white house. that commentary came in the form of their mother's obituary. her name is mary ann nolan and it begins like this. faced with the prospect of voting for donald trump or hillary clinton, mary ann nolan decided to pass into the eternal love of god. they hoped it would capture the
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mother was. forget about the wizards, the capitals, the redskins, and the nationals for a moment. today, the warriors, well, they're on the verge of making a little history. it may be hard to believe, but ashley barber still gets butterflies before softball games. >> i think it is a good nervous. i think they all feel it too. >> reporter: 99 consecutive wins, four state championships, yet the warriors are taking nothing for granted. >> there is a lot of pressure. we have to keep ourselves up and into the game. we have to go into every game thinking there is a possibility we could lose if we don't try harder. >> there is a spirit of
5:36 pm
going here and this work ethic that we have. every class that comes in knows you don't want to be the class to lose. >> it's not something we talk about. it is something that everybody knows. it is proof of high hard they work and how far they're willing to go to get to where they want to be. >> reporter: 112 games, a number the warriors have their eye on. >> i want to get there. i want to win more than a hundred. i want the season to go on forever, but it i can't. i want next year the girls to still work hard and keep it going so they can be the ones to break the national record. >> sherwood is in action right now. they're facing howard high school in the second round of the playoffs. we'll have a score update later on news4 at 6:00. there are predictions out that there will be record air travel this summer. m
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information on a fast response tsa team arriving to help ease the pain of those long security lines. he's got to pay up a couple hundred bucks. it's the only punishment for a man who
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well, the tsa working to fix those long lines at security checkpoints as airlines are gearing up f
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travel. at bwi-marshall already a record number of passengers in february. the longest lines are typically found in the morning. so if you think there have been long lines in our area, try standing in one for three hours or longer. >> it's a whole lot worse out chicago way where they actually had to bring out cots for stranded passengers last weekend. tom costello is at busy o'hare now where a rapid response team has been deployed. tom, the head of the tsa said today it is a high threat environment, but large crowds outside secure areas posed a big problem. >> reporter: well, it's always the problem. that's exactly what we saw at brussels. we know that the tsa doesn't want people to be standing out here, but look at termi
5:41 pm
look way down this line. a few minutes ago, i walked all the way to the end of the line. i was told it is about an hour line to get through tsa. i talked to these folks up here. i said how long did it take you to get to this point. they said 20 minutes. there's a tsa dog working this line. if the tsa dog can clear a line, in other words it is pretty confident there's no explosives, they can allow these people to go through expedited screening and they can move them a lot faster. that's their immediate answer to this huge bottleneck here in chicago. more tsa officers brought in here from washington and other cities. more dog teams coming in here. by the way, security directors from other major airports now here trying to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. they don't have enough tsa screeners and we're dealing with record numbers of travelers.
5:42 pm
traveling this summer. 2.5 million people a day. 2.5 million people a day. that's 100,000 more a day than last year. they have to fix this problem asa asap. but if they can't fix it that fast, it's going to be a very, very long summer. i'm going to be headed back to reagan airport where the lines aren't as long. >> everyone is doing carry-on. it is just too much to check a bag. jay johnson is asking the airlines cut the baggage fees so we don't have to be searching through this luggage. isn hasn't that slowed things down? >> reporter: exactly. homeland security would like to free up these lanes. can the airlines drop their fees? their short answer within minutes was no. the airlines are not going to stop charging for your
5:43 pm
fees. it is a huge moneymaker for them. the airlines say this is not their problem. this is the tsa's problem. they say they're going to pressure the tsa to fix it. the trouble is you can only fix it if you've got the staff and they don't have staff right now. >> good luck getting back. what a nightmare out there right now, tom. >> the car trip is looking really good right now. >> yeah. more on nightly news. a historic journey for a war hero finally laid to rest 75 years later next to his mom. today in annapolis, prince george's county medics and emts are honored for the work they did to save numerous lives after a tragic and deadly
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the pictures were dramatic. a van engulfed in flames, a dozen people inside. today the prince george's county firefighters and paramedics who responded to this crash received a special honor.
5:47 pm
tracee wilkins was there. >> reporter: today, 19 names were called. firefighters and emts from the prince george's county fire department who went above and beyond on a november 9th last year. >> oh, my god. there's little babies. >> reporter: it was near the end of the shift change when the call came in. >> the call came out. this is bad. we've got to go. >> we put the fire out. we had to start taking care of the people who were out there. >> there was so many people involved. >> reporter: it was a church van of more than a dozen parishenn r
5:48 pm
that exploded to flames. >> it's always tough when you respond and there are little ones. nobody ever wants to see that. >> your mind, you go into another state. >> reporter: 11 people survived that crash. today these first responders were awarded the maryland star of life award in annapolis presented by the maryland institute for ems systems. it's a high honor. >> i normally don't expect stuff like this because we do it all day, every day. >> reporter: the driver died in it. so did a lot of the answers for exactly what happened that night. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. you probably saw the pictures of that major disruption on the national mall yesterday after a man drove his pickup right onto the grass. kevin osborn is going home with just a ticket. u.s. park police cited osborn for driving onto public land without authorization. the price he'll pay,
5:49 pm
osborn called them after he thought he had been exposed to anthrax. he was released from the hospital this morning. more security upgrades are coming to capitol hill. the news4 i-team has learned the capital police are adding security screenings for vehicles on people who go in garages on the capitol grounds. the agency is taking some added steps to prevent terrorism. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll tell you why congress is considering a huge budget increase for its police force. all right. amelia joins us now. we saw a glimmer of sun. maybe one or two rays coming down for a split second today. >> trying so hard. we'll have another split second of sun tomorrow afternoon. temps tomorrow, they'll be a bit warmer. high today was
5:50 pm
highs tomorrow around 70. friday highs in the low 70s. it is going to be a mainly dry finish to the workweek. probably want to still keep that small umbrella handy form. it is looking completely dry on friday. not the case on saturday. a soggy day. rain pretty much from start to finish. not only that. it's going to be chilly. temperatures on saturday stay in the 50s throughout the day. next week warming up. 80 degrees on the seven-day. as far as the weather is concerned tomorrow, weather having a pretty low impact on your day. clouds still around, maybe an isolated shower. best chance of sun will be later in the day. best chance of rain looks to be really at any point unfortunately. currently, temperatures for the most part in the low to mid 60s. 59 in frederick. 53 in manassas. our high today at reagan national was 66. tomorrow a high temperature of 69 at about 4:00 in the afternoon. i
5:51 pm
increasing sun as we head on into the midday and afternoon hours, but still tomorrow afternoon partly to mostly cloudy skies. 7:00 a.m., a temperature around 52. you might want to grab the jacket. 8:00 tomorrow evening temps in the mid 60s. friday, a good day to have the lunch outdoors. a high temp of 73. we'll start out 55 degrees. clouds increase throughout the day on friday. 7:00 in the evening, still around 70. pretty nice. if you're dining outdoors on friday, a bit cool, dry, temps mainly in the 60s. now your weather outlook this evening doing some yard work, you know the lawn is going to be soggy. better on sunday with rain in the forecast on saturday. headed up to freaknes nepreakne with rain. saturday a high of only
5:52 pm
degrees. sunday a high of 73. this is when we start to warm up. monday we'll keep it dry, a high of 74. tuesday a high of 78. wednesday a high of 84. finally, we're tracking some temperatures above average, but those hold off until next tuesday and wednesday, guys. >> thank you. a maryland man is finally brought home 75 years after being killed at pearl harbor. chief petty officer albert hayden's remains were in a grave with hundreds of other sailors who died that day and canouldn' be identified. >> reporter: this is no ordinary military funeral. this funeral took nearly 75 years. >> this is historic. >> reporter: historic for several reasons. chief petty officer albert hayden was
5:53 pm
oklahoma the day the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he's listed as the first person from maryland to die in world war ii. >> he was the very first casualty literally hours before war was declared, but it was the impetus for the war. >> reporter: when the oklahoma went down killing 429 sailors, the majority of those who died were never identified until last year when the department of defense using a new state-of-the-art forensic lab in hawaii began testing the remains. hayden's remains were one of the first to be identified. 75 years after he died, today albert hayden returned to his hometown in st. mary's county. >> it's making his mother's wish come true. >> reporter: ronnie kissinger never met her cousin. >> i knew him in my heart because of our family history, because my mother used to talk about his mother and how
5:54 pm
heart broke when he died. >> reporter: before she died, his mother emma had one last request. >> on her death bed said, bring my son home to be with his family. >> reporter: the family knew hayden had died at pearl harbor and had no reason to think his body would ever return home, but they saved a space in the family plot just in case. today hayden was laid to rest in his hometown next to his mother and father. >> he's home with his family. >> reporter: so far the military has identified the remains of nearly 100 service members killed overseas, including 30 from the u.s.s. oklahoma. in st. mary's county, mark segraves, news4. a prominent attorney is dead and officials are worried a federal judge could be next. the story of a suspicious fire and a videotape that could be the key to solvie ining this ca. a closer look
5:55 pm
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a little 9-year-old boy hagerstown beaten to death because he took a slice of birthday cake that belonged to someone else. the uncle is also accused in this crime.
5:58 pm
handcuffing his 9-year-old nephew to a chair. police admit they didn't read him his rights because he was not a suspect at the time of the interview. a prominent lawyer found dead in a home after a fire. now investigators in dallas are trying to figure out whether or not he was murdered. >> surveillance video. >> reporter: investigators say the fire that killed a prominent dallas attorney is definitely suspicious, but what's not clear right now was this a tragic accident or something more sinister. >> the fire marshals and the police are all over that, talking to all the neighbors, looking for that stuff. >> reporter: authorities are concerned for a federal judge here in dallas about his personal safety. he was working on the same case as the attorney was killed in that fire on friday. as for the judge, they have advised him to arm himself. friends of theye
5:59 pm
he did not die accidentally in his garage. they said he had so much to look forward to. one of his sons was getting married later this month and they do think this was a targeted hit stemming from a case that was very high profile here in the dallas area. i spoke to officials. they say until there is a determination that this was an arson fire in his home, that they're not going to be able to speculate on any suspects or name anyone from that case. nbc news, dallas. now at 6:00, a confrontation involving a security guard and a transgender woman trying to use a restroom inside a local grocery store. more violence in broad daylight on the streets of d.c. what we're learning about the murder victim as city leaders work to stop a troubling trend. we turn to politics first. a party in revolt. it is not the republicans. >> bernie s
6:00 pm
down on the democratic party even as hillary clinton comes within 100 delegates of clinching the nomination. clinton has a lead of 274 pledged delegates when you add in superdelegates she only needs to win 10% of the remaining delegates to become the presumptive nominee. still bernie sanders is vowing to fight on and dismissing democratic calls to dial down his rhetoric. >> reporter: he's not dialing down. he is doubling down. he wants those so-called superdelegates that say they'll vote for her -- they're called super because they can switch. he wants them to switch to him. he vows to take his campaign to the convention in july. fresh off another victory, bernie sanders sounds driven. >> we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> reporter: in the california primary, he told the


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