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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with breaking news. an egypt airplane flight ms 804 is missing. it reached egyptian air space at 2:45 local time and flying 36,000. it includes 56 passengers and ten crew members. greek and egyptian search and rescue crews have been called into action. joining me from london is nbc's kelly ko ke
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search? >> the search is happening about 170 miles north of the mediterranean coastline, the egyptian mediterranean coastline, about 120 miles southeast of the island of kreet. it has been daylight there for the past five hours. this is a joint operation at this point between greek and search and rescue officials and the egyptian, the egyptian with the coast guard, the air force, and other agencies out looking for any sign of this flight 804, as well as a greek c-130 hercules plane and two helicopters on standby and you can imagine an all-out search for any sign of this plane. here is what we know so far in terms of the time line. as you mentioned, it took off, this flight, at about 11:09 paris time last night. about three hours into the flight, greek civil
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authorities reporting contacting the pilot. they said it was a routine normal contact about his location. everything proceeding as normally. he was at 37,000 feet, normal speed. about 19 minutes later, another routine check with the pilot. the greek civil aviation authorities were not able to reach him. and then 24 minutes later, the greeks report that the plane drops off the radar. they lose all sight of this plane. this now about 40 minutes from the time when the flight is scheduled to arrive in cairo. the greeks then contacted the egyptians but, again, no sign of this plane. there have been various reports throughout the morning hours about the possibility that this actually had crashed, the plane had crashed. egyptian authorities are now backing off those reports, as well as a report, yet unconfirmed, that there was some sort of signal two hours after the
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distress signal or possibly an emergency beacon was picked up. both of those reports are now denied by egyptian authorities and they are saying they would hold a press conference and give official information in another three hours's time. so we are waiting for that. >> kelly, thank you so much for that. for more on this, i'd like to bring in msnbc calipery. thank you for joining us this morning. let's talk about the plane disappearing from radar and the area in which it disappeared. that is a heavily monitored area, correct? >> it is. there is lots of radar systems over the mediterranean. there is a lot of interested countries in that area. this is, of course, a place where we have seen maigration t syria and turkey and into europe so it's a heavily monitored area by the navies in the country and the air force and why we are able to see this joint operation almost immediately between the greek and egyptian
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surprised we haven't heard any indication of some kind of debris or spotting of this plane? >> one of the things happening here and you heard kelly talk about it there, the egyptian government is trying to get facts out in a sensible manner. the egyptian air authority and it's run by civilians where the military is military-run obviously. they said the search area is 50 kilometers from the coast and now 250. >> a big difference. >> yes. that is why we haven't seen any debris or any sign of the plane yet. >> you're familiar with the flight path. is there any chance it flew over a volatile area that might have put this plane in jeopardy? >> no. it flew to the north of libya and libya is concerned. a lot of violence happening in libya. it does not go near the sinai peninsula. the situation there is deteriorating so nothing to indicate from this flight plan there could have been something like a surface-to-air type of situation. again, the authorities are really going to be focusing on who had access to
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was able to access this. we nownd from egyptian authorities, were three security people on that airplane. that is key to this. >> and know who the passengers were on the plane may be clues as to what happened as well. late last night, as donald trump refuted "the new york times" coverage of his past with women, the presumptive nominee made a bombshell accusation against bill clinton. >> what about what clinton has done? how big of an issue that shoo that be in the campaign? i looked at the "the new york times." are they going to interview paula jones and kathleen will ey? >> and touching against a woman's will? >> and rape. >> >> and rape. >> 8506,000 to paula jones? >> and lots of other things. >> that instance of rape cited by trump was originally made by one of the women he named
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yesterday she said the times should devote its energy to claiming of sexual assaults from bill clinton. clinton campaign spokesperson issued in response this statement saying, quote, trump is doing what he does best, attacking when he feels wounded and dragging the american people through the mud for his own gain. it's not surprising that after a week of still refusing to release his taxing and likening oakland and ferguson to the dangers in iraq he wants to change the subject. nbc's katy tur has more. >> reporter: another headline grabber from donald trump. not yet the official nominee but already unveiling his potential supreme court picks. a conservative dream team and a plan to win over trump's skep c skeptics
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brother of mike lee who endorsed ted cruz. and federal judge diane sykes, ex-wife of conservative never trump radio host charlie sykes. >> i don't believe anything he says, but she would certainly be an outstanding choice. >> the brass outsider trying to convince republican insiders he is serious. meeting with gop icon henry k s kissing kissinger. >> me, i'm different. i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm working for you. >> reporter: he signed a joint fund-raising agreement with the republican party. now trump is working on rehabbing his image, making peace with megyn kelly over the words used in his twitter tirades. >> bimbo? >> well, there was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> oh, okay. excuse me. >> reporter: sending out one of
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his most effective surrogates, daughter ivanka to push back on accusation in a "the new york times" article. >> he's not a groper. i've known my father obviously my whole life and he has total respect for women. >> while trump makes move to unite his parties, democrats are more fractured than ever. a new poll shows trump leading hillary clinton by three points. bernie sanders is accusing the party of unfair treatment. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: in california, bernie sanders continuing his revolution against the democratic party and its leaders. >> and state after state, the people have stood up and helped defeat the establishment. >> reporter: this after sanders big win in oregon and hillary clinton's apparent razor thin victory in kentucky. a split decision in tuesday night's primary, but it's the growing split among democrats that is raising big questions about how they will ever
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to defeat donald trump. >> a word to the leadership of the democratic party -- open the door! let the people in! >> reporter: clinton supporters want sanders to ratchet down his rhetoric. >> bernie has to focus on the issues that matter and making sure that donald trump never steps foot in the oval office. >> reporter: hoping he'll fall in line once the primaries are over, as clinton did in 2008. sander campaign manager telling chuck todd they are fighting all the way to philadelphia. >> the senator has been very clear that we are going to go through the process and he is going to the convention. >> reporter: vice president biden downplaying talk of strains on the party. >> i'm confident that bernie will be supportive if hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen. so there is no split in the democratic party or anything. time to take a look at the weather. bill karins is here. i think people are wond
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plane, if weather made a factor. >> first thing people looked at. thunderstorms or turbulence. the weather was clear over egypt was clear. no storms. the water temperatures off the coastline of egypt are very warm, about 65 to 70 degrees, so if the plane just happened to go down there and survivors in the water, people would be able to survive a long time in the water temperatures that warm. bring it back home. today, thunderstorms over south florida and once again in texas. this is where the concern is today. if we get any strong storms and damaging storms it's in south texas from houston to san antonio and corpus christi. this area has seen daily rounds of thunderstorms and the case this afternoon and evening. thankfully the tornado threat is very low. this is mostly a rainmaker the next three days and sweeping across the southeast and then up into the mid-atlantic on friday, into saturday. looks like a rainy saturdays for delmarva south wards into the north carolina.
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inches and won't see any flooding. the rest of the country, great weather shol weather is holding from minneapolis to chicago to st. louis. d.c. looks like today and tomorrow, decent day. then you get your rainy weather as we go through friday night and saturday. that is your national weather. now a closer look at your day ahead. the showers and thunderstorms are come to an end throughout the day in west texas, but south texas and east texas is where the stormy weather will be. showers and storms will continue on and off in the sunshine state. unfortunately, a rainy start to the weekend in many areas of the east. >> bill, thank you so much for that. just ahead, the latest on our breaking news. and that being the egyptian passenger jet that just vanished overnight over the mediterranean. we will have more on that. stay with us. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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we are back with bhmore on breaking news of missing egypt air 804. that plane disappeared from radar shortly after reaching egyptian air space at 2:45 a.m. local time and it was flying at 37,000 feet and greek and egyptian ship crews are scouring the area. the crew of the plane the pilot logged over 6,000 flying areas and after a cabinet meeting, the french president put out this statement saying, quote, we have agreed to cooperate closely to establish as closely the circumstances of disappearance. i share the ankguish of the families. passengers are from 12 different countries. in total, there are 56 passengers, including three children on board and ten
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members. stay with nbc news for more details as it comes into the newsroom here. in other news, after more than two years, one of the 276 nigerian schoolgirls has been found after kidnapped by boko haram. it sparked an international uproar. the 19-year-old and her 4-month-old baby were found by progovernment vigilantes. a bring back our girls called the rescue a major breakthrough. the house of representatives passed a bill late wednesday to address the zika virus. it would provide 622 million, less than a third of the funds requested by president obama. the white house described the bill inadequate and threatened to veto. two chinese military aircraft intercepted a u.s. plane that was flying a routine patrol in international air space when the chinese
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within 50 feet. a written statement, the defense department claimed initial reports characterized the incident as unsafe. u.s. specific command is currently investigating. baltimore officer defense rested wednesday over the death of freddie gray. they say they acted responsibly during the arrest. closing arguments are scheduled for this morning. ahead, a big jeep wrangler recall to tell you about. how you can own a piece of sports meltdown memorabilia. that is next. next.. ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and
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let's get down to business. tesla motors announced yesterday it will sell $2 billion in stock. shares fell 2% at the news. but it's all part of tesla's effort to ramp up production of its model 3 to meet growing demand. about 400,000 orders have already been placed for the electric car. interest rate hike to could be on the way next month. the fed boosted its key rate by a quarter point in december and has since signaled it xpexpectso ra
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a driver side airbag may deploy in a crash in the jeep wrangler. the gold state warriors looking to avenge their game one loss to the thunder. here, iguodala with amazing layup and foul and part to 8-0 run for the warriors to end the half. steph curry then had a monster third quarter, including a two-minute stretch he scored 15 points and golden state takes game two 118-91. do you remember the tigers manager brad ausmus melt down this week? the sweatshirt along with his hat worn during the game is up for auction on all proceeds will go to charity and bidding is at $1,380. ahead, out of the mouth of the babe. stephen
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take on the presidential election. >> what does the president do? does anybody know who this man is? >> you? >> no, not me. no, not me. but thank you. take my glasses off. do i kind of look like him? >> yes. >> yes. >> i forgive you. i forgive you all. >> i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." "early to" ♪ if you have allergy congestion,
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breaking news, a commercial jet missing over the mediterranean this morning. an egyptian air flight vanished while flying from paris to cairo. >> let's get right to erika gonzalez at the live desk with more information. >> it is the most mysterious breaking news story right now. in egypt, officials trying to find the lotion tcation of the g jet. it was going from paris to cairo when it just vanished. there were about 66 people on board. the plane was about ten miles in to
4:27 am
disappeared off the radar. no signs, no calls of it is dress that we know of and no official confirmation of what happened to the jet. the egypt aviation ministry says it will have a press conference at 7:30 this morning. we will bring you the latest trout t throughout the morning. more breaking news, this time on i-270. >> so right now 270 northbound shut down just after clarksburg road, this is a crash investigation take could stick around for much of the morning commute. southbound we're open. so right now alternate here, get off at 121 north on 355 and then pack back on 19 009 and 270. 270 south at democracy boulevard, waiting for the tow to arrive. we'll take a look at 395 and more on the breaking news coming up.
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of clouds still in our skies. but that also is about ready to begin to improve around here. rain will be coming to an end today, but only briefly. could have 24 whole dry hours in a row. tomorrow looking good, but saturday could be a super soaker coming our way. early this morning, just a lot of clouds and occasional passing sprinkle or shower here first thing this morning. a little bit more sunshinelooks 70. >> she said i'm talking to you. transgender woman says she was attacked for uses the woman's restroom. is this eboni belcher, he was at the giant on third and eighth streets in northeast washington yesterday afternoon when she says a female security officer spotted her walking into the woman's room and
4:29 am
inside. >> she opened the door and came in and started calling me derogatory names. you guys cannot keep coming in here using our woman's restroom, they did not pass the law yet. >> that law is the one in north carolina that requires people to use the bathroom that corresp d corresponds with their birth gender. some transgender activists is worried that it creates confusion. belcher called police and officers charged the guard with simple assault. giant's spokesperson says the guard was a third party employee and we should direct our questions to d.c. police. today we'll hear closing arguments in the trial of officer edward nero. he's one of six standing trial for the part of the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say nero was negligent when he failed to secure gray in the police
4:30 am
but nero's against says that was the response of the driver. chris gordon will bring us the latest on air and online. and a virginia man accused of nearly killing his we've's former boss, julie carey reporting time jury selection this morning will be followed by opening statements. andrew schmuhl and his wife are accused of toof torerrorizing t wife's former boss. andrew's defense says his mental state was impaired as a result of medication he was taking. breaking news at this hour, we have a crew headed to southern avenue in southeast where police are investigating homicide. the initial call came in just before 3:00 this morning when police got to the scene, they found a map who had been shot. he did not survive those injuries. we'll bring you a live report just


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