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tv   Today  NBC  May 19, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. passenger plane with 66 people on board lost over the mediterranean sea. egypt air flight ms 804 has disappeare the question everyone asking, has terror struck again "today," thursday, may 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," the disappearance of flight ms-804 with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. it's thursday mornin
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disturbing news, plane crash and fears, of course, this could be another terrorist attack. >> this was a relatively new plane, an airbus 320 built in 2003. the pilot and co-pilot had a lot of experience. thousands of hours in the cockpit. the plane disappeared 30 minute before it was scheduled to land in cairo. most of the 66 people on board were egyptian. passengers from many other countries were on the manifest. no americans. >> we've got this all covered this morning. let's start with nbc keir simmons outside paris where that flight originated late last night. keir simmons, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. french president in the past half hour, confirming that the plane crashed. devastating news for the families of those on board, who have been waiting here at this hotel. and now the mystery over what happened to it over the mediterranean, mui-
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answers. a plane that left the paris airport last night on a routine flight. family members of passengers have been gathering at charles de gaulle airport and at the crisis center in cairo. praying for the best, fearing the worst. egypt ms-804 took off from paris at 5:09 last night headed to cairo when it went missing, suddenly lost from radar at 8:45 near the border of greek and egyptian air space. it was to have arrived in cairo at 9:15 pm. airbus 320, flying 15,000 feet when it went missing. on board, 66 passengers, including one child and two infants. personnel and cabin crew. airbus confirms the loss of the flight and
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goes to all of those affected. with egyptian and french, as well as ten other nationalities. no americans were on board. the french minister spoke overnight saying they were ready to help egyptian authorities with the search and share the anguish of the families. egyptian air has been under scrutiny since metro jet planes crashed after taking off in october. while isis claimed responsibility for downing that plane, the official investigation has not yet confirmed there was a bomb on board. today, six months and seven days since the paris terrorist attacks, what happened to a plane that took off from the french capital this morning is a mystery. there's been confusion here all morning, savannah. reports suggest that the plane issued a distress signal two hours after it disappeared. the egyptian military saying it did not receive a signal like that from the plane. another caution, savannah. one
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to me it is possible for a plane to disappear like this without a distress signal and for it not to be caused by some kind of explosion. savannah? >> keir simmons, thank you. let's bring in tom costello, who covers aviation for us. he has been up all night this is an airbus a-320, relatively new, 2003. what do we know about this make and model and its safety record? >> well, listen, airbus a-320 is a workhorse. it is extremely safe. there is -- one of these planes takes off every 2 1/2 seconds somewhere in the world. more than 6,000 are in circulation. safety record has been compared to the boeing 777. it is a very safe aircraft. it is a very advanced aircraft using fly by wire technology. it has multiple computers on board with multiple
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built into the system. it would be more difficult to see some sort of crack in the fuselage -- in other words a catastrophic failure in flight that would cause this breakup. that certainly is possible and clearly will be among the issues they look at but also have to believe right now that terrorism is also at the top of the list. >> and another thing they'll look at right away, of course, is the weather in the area. anything to speak of at the time? >> weather was clear at that time. no indications whatsoever that anything was wrong. this plane was at 37,000 feet, traveling at 519 miles an hour. that's cruise altitude. this is supposed to be the portion of the flight where it is the least drama -- there is the least drama i should say. nothing is happening. the cockpit crew is monitoring what's happening. for this to have happened at this altitude and no suggestion whatsoever that the plane decelerated or tried to move to a lower altitude is very disturbing. that is why at this hour talk is
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breakup in flight, the plane coming apart for some reason. >> right. >> or that may have been caused by an explosive. >> the time of the flight also, wasn't this the time of the flight where this plane was being handed over from greek air traffic controllers to the egyptian air traffic control system? does that have any significance? >> you know, i think they will look at whether there was any handoff between those two controllers, whether there was any problem. you're right. it was entering egyptian air space. it had another 45 minutes or so of flight into cairo. but it hadn't even yet started the descent. it was still very much at cruise altitude. >> tom costello, thank you very much. let's turn to the former investigator with the ntsb. greg, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we got word this minute that the greek minister is saying this plane made some abrupt turns right before it vanished. kind of piece together what we know, the oddity of this happening at 37,000 feet, right before landing, about half an hour,
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the greek minister. >> planes don't make abrupt turns unless they're taking some sort of evasive action, like a collision with another aircraft. given no evidence of another aircraft in the area, we have to know what those abrupt turns mean and how they're defining that. it may be they have multiple targets two different places because the aircraft broke up and it looked like the airplane is going in two different directions. the other thing is, radar, it's interesting it stops at 37,000 feet. the military must have been able to track this aircraft along with the civilian radar coverage. all of that will have to be ferreted out by the investigators. >> something else savannah and i were talking about that caught our attention as far as something possibly happening on that plane -- we've seen so many incidents of that on the past. we look at the people on this plane. 56 passengers, two
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cockpit crew, five in the flight crew and then three security personnel. would those people be what we would consider air marshals in this country? >> yes, matt. they are equivalent of an air marshal. here in the united states, depending on the size of the aircraft, we put multiple air marshals on airplanes. on a large 777 you may have as many as ten air marshals on that airplane. small airplane like a 737 or a-320 airbus, we may have two or three. i believe that the egyptians do the same thing. given the fact that they are under scrutiny for their security, they may have only flown with one in the past. now they have three for other reas reason. >> we talked briefly about this with tom costello. is there any significance in your mind that this apparently happened nearly at the moment this plane crashes into egyptian air space? >> you know, savannah, there has been this discussion. n'
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anything to do with crossing into air space. one of the things that tom brought up is, of course, they'll be looking at who handled this airplane coming out of charles de gaulle on the flight to cairo. this airplane, this was the fifth flight of the day, the final flight of the day. you have to really go back and look at all the other flights to see who had access to that aircraft. it may not have been at charles de gaulle that some nefarious act was performed on this plane. it could have been the second or third flight of the day and it's just been flying the circuit for the last 12 to 14 hours. >> greg, stick with us as we cover this story. thank you. jeremy bash served as chief of staff at the cia and pentagon. good morning to you. clearly, we don't know what happened here. you're sitting here right now because you should be looking at the security and possible security side of this. is there anything that you have heard so far that raises a red flag in your mind? >> well, two
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first, if this is terrorism -- we should really underscore capital i capital s. we don't know anything about terrorism.. we don't know anything about terrorisf. we don't know anything about terroris terroris terrorism. intelligence officials have been saying that isis wants to attack targets. and also egypt, quote, sinai province, deserving of support. egypt has been in the crosshairs of isis for a long time. so, it obviously raises that major concern. >> not long ago, october 2015, the metro jet that crashed and reports, although denied by
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bomb on board. isis took responsibility for that. they have an interest in aviation. >> that was over the sinai peninsula. there's been an insurgency now backed by isis. it couldn't get a lot of attention in the west. that's something that terrorist officials will be analyzing this morning as well as the flight manifest, who had access to the aircraft and whether or not there were any claims of responsibility by isis or other terrorist organizations. >> and just remind us, jeremy, how quickly did isis claim responsibility for that metro jet explosion? >> within about a day or so, they were saying it was their job. it's still under some discussion and under some debate. after some time even egypt authorities acknowledged, yes, it was terrorism that brought down that plane. >> we're putting up video on our screen to refer our viewers, a soda can widely reported that
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bomb could be hidden as something as small as a soda can. i don't want our viewers to be confused it has nothing to do with this. >> commercial vessels out there may have seen something. obviously, if you see an explosion, wreckage or video that will emerge. that actually happened in the metro jet incident. there's video of the plane falling from the sky. it first surfaced essentially on twitter, social media. that's how u.s. intelligence officials gained some insight into how that crash occurred. so, we'll learn more in the coming hours and days about whether anybody saw anything and whether there's any video to analyze. >> another major advantage. people think back to the malaysian air flight that just vanished. that was flying in a part of a world that had very little radar coverage.
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region of the world that has intense radar coverage. we'll hear a lot. there will be a lot of information coming out. >> hopefully they'll be able to piece it together quickly. no americans were on this flight. clearly the obama administration is keeping a close eye on this incident this morning. ron allen is at the white house. the president has been briefed? >> reporter: we assume so. nothing official here yet. there would obviously be condolences and concerns about those lost and their families. these are can close american allies, france, egypt and other nations that lost individuals there. a lot of u.s. military presence in the mediterranean, as you point out. we assume they'll be involved in the search and rescue operations and offering any assistance possible. the president, we assume, will be briefed by the security team and international terrorism team. whether isis was involved will be a huge concern here. the united st h
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sharing, intelligence operations with european airlines and airports, like in france and in egypt. we know that isis has stepped up attacks in egypt and its effort s to the egyptian government. and also stepped up efforts to degrade isis. this is all speculation that it was a terrorist attack. united states navy ship involved in the investigation. so, yes, we expect it will offer any assistance it can. >> ron allen, thank you. a string of incidents that have egyptian air and aviation security, as a whole, under scrutiny. kelly cobiella joins us now with that part of the story. kelly, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. yeah, you'll recall there was this hijacking just a couple of months ago. then we had the metro jet
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last fall. killing 224. and now this mystery over the mediterranean. this morning, as the search for egypt air flight 804 intensifies, the disappearance of the aircraft with 66 people on board marks the latest in fatal and nonfatal incidents involving egyptian aviation. a flight a month ago was hijacked. the hijacker, thought to be armed with an explosive belt. that belt turned out to be and while everyone on board escaped unharmed, egyptian officials were left scrambling to explain their security policies. and brought down by a bomb, metro jet lost
7:16 am
minutes after departing sharm el sheikh. isis claimed responsibility, releasing video showing crude explosives made from a soda can. they have not yet confirmed there was a bomb on board. aviation oicials insist there was no evidence of terrorist involvement. >> the hint we're getting from officials is that they're certainly considering it. >> reporter: russia and britain suspended sites to sharm el sheikh, hurting the already ailing tourist industry, critical source of income. now the disappearance of egypt air flight 804, sure to impact the country yet again. and paris the first to open an investigation
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there is no theory at this point. it is wide open about the hypothesis as to why this plane went down. guys? >> still so much we don't know. let's recap quickly. the plane went down, 66 people on board, 30 minutes from landing at the airport in cairo. it had taken off from paris hours before. the greek defense minister saying the plane made several abrupt turns before dropping some 22,000 feet and then leaving radar. we'll have more on this story throughout the morning. >> for the moment, let's turn to al and get our first check of the weather this morning. >> that's right. more violent weather stretching from texas all the way to florida. let's show you what we're talking about. west palm beach, you can see torrential rain, strong, damaging winds and there is more on tap for today from texas to florida. let's show you the latest radar right now. we've got pretty heavy thunderstorms rolling from oklahoma all the way down to del rio, approaching austin as well. this area continues to get
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from dallas, aust
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. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a lot of clouds in our skies. fought much rain. a little rain from the d.c. metro area out to the bay current temperatures are in the mid-50s. it's not terribly cold outside. the forecast then for the day, just a couple of showers around here in the front part of the day. dry by lunchtime, peaks of sunshine later this >> and that's your weather. matt? more coming up on the crash of egypt air 804, making abrupt turns just before the crash. we'llav
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>> and hillary clinton blasting donald trump overnight for a highly charged word he used while talking
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nivea in-shower body lotion. in the body lotion aisle. . 7:26 is your time on this thursday, may 19th, 2016. good morning to you, i'm lynn yang. >> d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting on 7th avenue southeast. these are the details, the victim was found just before 3:00 a.m. so far no word on a motive or suspect. today, maryland governor larry hogan will sign noah's law, it will force convicted car drivers to take an incar breathalyzer test before their car will start. he was killed in december, the driver pled guilty yesterday. he
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prison. let's check the morning commute. >> inland, a broken down vehicle, two different slow spots there. a big look at the beltway, overall, volume actually pretty light this time of day, looking typical, 56 and 95, not bad.
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>> very cloudy outside this morning, on storm team radar, not much in the way of rain to deal with. could rule out a passing sprinkle or a shower, on the whom, it will be a mostly dry day, right now, temperatures are in the mid-50s in the metro area, low 50s in the schenn doia valley. 69 today with clearing skies this afternoon.
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tomorrow the weekend, saturday if particular, looks very, very rainy, especially if you are headed up to the puerto rico ne
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we're back now, 7:30 on this thursday morning. we're learning a little bit more this morning about the crash of egypt air flight 804. that plane taking off from paris, on its way to cairo. >> the flight, with 66 people on board, suddenly disappeared from radar over the mediterranean sea. greek defense minister saying that plane was in egyptian air space, flying at 37,000 feet when it made sudden, unexplained turns. >> again, there's so much we don't know. let's recap what we do and go to keir simmons at charles de gaulle airport. good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, that greek ns
7:31 am
air. this plane was leaving here in paris. it was flying to egypt. it was flying through greek air space for a substantial time. that dramatic statement that the plane made sudden swerves, according to the greeks -- they say there is no sign of the plane so far. a multi-national search in the mediterranean is under way. relatives here at this hotel at the airport, waiting for news from that search. the president of france at a news conference confirming that the french do now believe that the plane has crashed. the details are simply this. the plane was carrying 56 passengers, 10 crew members and security. it took off from this airport, charles de gaulle at 11:09 paris time. it was set to land in cairo four hours later but disappeared around half an hour before it was due to touch down. already the paris prosecutors have issued -- opened an
7:32 am
for the egyptians to begin a news conference where, perhaps, we will begin to get more answers to what right now this morning is a mystery. >> and, again, no weather issues in the area. very experienced flight crew and cabin crew. so, again, a lot of questions. keir, thank you very much. let's turn to tom costello, working his sources as well. a lot of people are focused on the notion that this happened while the plane was at 37,000 feet, half hour before land iin which should be a relatively safe time for a flight. >> yeah, 518 miles per hour, 37,000 feet, on cruising altitude and suddenly it just goes away. there are reports out of the greek military suggesting it made this dramatic turn, that it also may have plunged 22,000 feet. we'll have to see how that radar data shakes out. it does not conform, at least right now, with the commercial radar data available to us. all that data shows it literally went away at 37,000 feet. we have some imagery to show
7:33 am
of the marine activity right there on the mediterranean sea. ships moving into the general area where they believe this plane may have gone down. and these are radar images from the mediterranean sea. it's not just naval assets. it's also various cargo ships and the like. merchant ships looking for any signs of this particular plane. so far, nothing. but given the incredible assets that have been brought to bear already in the mediterranean sea just because of all the naval interests in that area. it's, i would think, a high likelihood, if the plane is there, they would find something relatively soon. >>
7:34 am
good morning, everybody. it's a cloudy start outside. here's the view from our tower camera looking westbound, there's tyson's corner in the distance, a cloudy start. not much rain showing up on storm team radar. have your rain coat with a little hood on it, just in case. current temperatures, 55 if leesburg, 57 in anal nap
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as you plan out your day, cloudy skies, maybe a few random drops early this morning, we will break out with sunshine, >> we talked about it not warming up until the end of next week. you should have seen the look on your face. >> if we had had tomatoes, we would have thrown them at you. >> nice to know. >> there are people in other parts of the country that are dealing with much worse than these chilly temperatures. >> yes. >> thank
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when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. we're back now. 7:39 with new developments in the presidential
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trump for a word he used during an interview and his refusal to release his taxes. our 2016 team has it cover this had morning. let's start with nbc's andrea mitchell. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. hillary clinton still trying to put away bernie sanders, on the attack, so that she can focus all of her attention on donald trump. but sanders is defiant, refusing to back down. last night, trump fired a shot squarely at clinton's husband, former president bill clinton. >> in one case it's about exposure and another case it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> donald trump, using that word unprompted during an interview last night with fox news' sean hanity, bringing up a discredited and long-denied accusation against former president bill clinton, dating back to 1978 when he was arkansas attorney general. late last night, the clinton campaign responded in a statement that read, trump is doing what he does best. attacking when he feels wounde
7:41 am
and dragging the american people through the mud for his own gain. if that's the kind of campaign he wants to run, that's his choice. also accusing him of trying to change the subject from his refusal to release his taxes. meanwhile, six months until election day and the democratic party is a house divided. bernie sanders in california, rallying his supporters against the democratic party establishment. >> and our job is to go to the democratic convention and, together, win the democratic nomination for president. >> sanders, not giving up, even though hillary clinton now needs fewer than 100 delegates to lock up the nomination. >> so you won't accept the idea that she's the presumptive nominee on june 7th based on that math? >> i think the senator has been very clear. we're going to go through the process. he's going to the convention. >> reporter: vice president bidesen downplaying talk of a splintered party. >> i'm confident that bernie will be supportive, if hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen. and
7:42 am
worried. >> reporter: with bad blood between sanders' staffers and party leaders and chaos caused by sanders' supporters saturday at nevada's state convention, clinton allies are trying to lower the temperature. the goal? a replay of 2008, when clinton delivered a full-throated endorsement of barack obama after their bruising primary. >> whether you voted for me or you voted for barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. >> nbc news has reached out to the trump campaign this morning to ask why he brought up that long-denied bill clinton allegation. so far, no response. >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. while donald trump is still not releasing his tax returns, we are getting a look at the personal financial documents he just filed with the federal election commission. nbc's hallie jackson is at trump tower, just a few blocks from us
7:43 am
that story. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning. in that new filing, donald trump claims he made more than $500 million in income last year with a couple dozen assets worth more than $50 million, including trump tower here. a different set of documents investigated by usa today revealing new details about trump's taxes. not his personal ones, but his company's property taxes, and the business tax battles over the years. at least 100 of them. donald trump likes to brag he's made of money. >> i'm really rich. >> i'm much richer. >> i'm much richer than people think. >> reporter: now we're getting a glimpse at just how rich. new filings claimed he raked in more than half a billion dollars last year. without tax returns, which trump refuses to release until after an audit, it's hard to confirm any of it. >> the tax return you learn very, very little. >> reporter: now we're
7:44 am
companies pay in property taxes. >> i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> reporter: a new "usa today" networks' exclusive report revealing details about trump's business dealings. >> it's part of his record that he hasn't always taken his tax bills at face value. >> reporter: even as trump boasts about how much he's worth, pointing publicly to his luxury properties, privately his lawyers are working to keep their values low. so trump's tax bill stays low, too. >> i use every single thing in the book. and i have great people. >> reporter: take trump tower. a decades worth of court battles knocked 10% off its tax assessment, savings worth about $3 million. and for his extravagant mar largo florida hotel and manicured golf course, trump says on campaign forms they're each worth more than $50 million. when it comes to the property tax value, mar largo is assessed at $20 million. and that golf course?
7:45 am
knocked down even more, which could cut his tax bill by more than 90%, according to "usa today." >> just about every sophisticated, knowledgeable owner of real estate does challenge their taxes on an absolutely regular basis. and it probably is very foolish not to do so. >> reporter: it's a common practice. most companies and most individuals want to keep their tax bills to a minimum. the new report also finds local and state governments have taken trump to court repeatedly to collect tax debts. something trump's team also says is fairly common. >> i pay as little as possible. >> reporter: taking on the tax man, the billionaire businessman fighting for the white house. this morning, of course, the focus not on taxes, but on the possibility of terror overseas as we've been talking about. and donald trump is already weighing in now, tweeting just a little bit ago, quote, looks like yet another terrorist attack. airplane departed from paris. when will we get tough, smart
7:46 am
matt, savannah? >> and we should mention, hallie, we do not yet know whether this was a terrorist attack. thank you very much. up next, did he explain the controversy away? what happened during mark zuckerbe zuckerberg's face-to-face meeting with conservative leaders. and blake live ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable.
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7:51 am
wednesday. glenn beck, dana perino and arthur brooks, among them. it was closed to the media. attendees took to face book afterward to comment about what happened inside. arthur brooks posted we discussed potential solution and strategies to avoid intentional and sub conscious censorship. s.e. cupp posted it went from my perspective, very well. and mark zuckerberg said, in part in his post it doesn't make sense for our mission or business to suppress political content or prevent anyone from seeing what matters most to them. he went on to say i wanted to hear their concerns personally and have an open conversation about how we can build trust. so, obviously, opened the door to that conversation. we'll see if it warrants any changes. facebook has said that they did not deliberately suppress content but they wanted to discuss the
7:52 am
productive conversation to have. >> tamron, thank you very much. just ahead, new process for a drug that's being used to create a common form of cancer. is it the closest thing yet to a cure? and two big names in music stopping by. we've got john legend and blake shelton as i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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7:56 am
. 7:56 is your time now. good morning to you, i'm lynn yang, let's check on your morning commute. >> good morning, right now northbound d.c. 295 before the 11th street bridge, we have a slow down there. 66 slow as you hit fairfax, 270 overall has recovered pretty nicely northbound and folks looking at those problems headed intouvenltd right now your slow spot is as you ps as
7:57 am
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7:59 am
cloudy skies out there. most of the rain is over. there could be light sprinkles, temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s, 57 in washington, 55 if fredericks burg. high temperatures may be well up into the 66, with clearing skies by later on this afternoon. you will see little sunshine after lunchtime today, a fair amount coming your way for tomorrow also, tomorrow's high up near 75 rain is looking quite likely over the weekend, especially saturday morning into early saturday afternoon. >> all ri
8:00 am
it's 8:00 now. we have breaking news this morning. a passenger plane with 66 people on board, traveling from paris to cairo, has been lost over the mediterranean sea. we now know it crashed.'s after it apparently made several abrupt turns and then plummeted thousands of feet and vanished from radar. egyptian officials just wrapped up a news conference. >> nbc's keir simmons is following the investigation from paris and has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. more questions than answers in the frantic search for the missing egypt air flight 804. the plane, carrying 56 passengers and 10 crew members and security, took off from paris, charles de gaulle airport at 119
8:01 am
set to land in cairo four hours later. 30 minutes before its arrival, the jet suddenly vanished from the radar. its last contact made nearly 37,000 feet above the mediterranean sea. conflicting reports have emerged about the cause of the plane's disappearance and whether or not the pilots made a distress call. egypt's prime minister says terrorism has not been ruled out. on the ground, families of the passengers have gathered, both in paris and in cairo, distraught and desperate for news. as france offers its sympathy and support with the investigation, egypt now looking into another tragedy taking place in their air space. >> nbc's keir simmons reporting there. natalie is here now with a check of the other top stories of the morning. >> good morning, guys. following another breaking story this morning. another plane crash. all seven american crew members escaped uninjured after their b-52 bomber came down at a u.s. air force base in guam. the plane was taking part in a routine training mission but the pilot
8:02 am
plane then slammed on to the runway with thick smoke rising from its fuselage. the cause of that crash under investigation. but, again, all seven crew members escaped. gay rights groups are applauding the swearing in wednesday of eric fanning as secretary of the army. the first openly gay leader of any u.s. military service. fanning had previously served as both undersecretary and acting secretary of the air force. a first of its kind study shows that the cancer immunotherapy drug credited for shrinking president jimmy carter's tumors could be the closest thing we have to a cure for melanoma. dr. natalie azar is here with the details. good morning, doc natalie. it's credited for shrinking melanoma and also preventing the melanoma from coming back. is this a sign of possibly approximaa cure for melanoma? >> we're careful not to use the word cure in this st
8:03 am
study, it is prolonging survival, which is huge. that has vastly changed the outlook for patients diagnosed with advanced melanoma, a very challenging disease to treat f we think about the stats from this study, prior to 2011, the median survival for advanced melanoma was 11 months. what they found in this study was the median survival increased to 24 months and 40% of patients were still alive after three years, which are really astonishing numbers. the take-home here for people is that rather than thinking about cancer or advanced melanoma as that dreaded death sentence -- we hate to use that word -- but rather researchers are thinking can we switch our thinking about this, that perhaps it's more a chronic disease where treatments have to be changed and modified but people can have a good quality of life and extend their survival, which is what the study showed. >> and this uses immunotherapy, using the body's own immune system rather than what's used with radiation and chemotherapy. >> exactly. >> so hows
8:04 am
considered to be much better tolerated than traditional chemotherapy. you're basically exploiting your body's natural immune system which has cells in it that are able to kill cancer cells. basically what certain cancer cells can do is hijack the body's immune system and not allow it to do what it's intended to do, which is to kill these cancer drugs. takes the brakes off the immune system and allows them to kill the cancer. >> dr. nat, thank you very much. skateboarder cody davis came within inches of being seriously injured during this strunt. watch this. oh, hard to look at that, right? he landed, though. nearly got hit, though, by that passing car. definitely not something to be trying out near a skate park. >> somebody should be in charge of watching for traffic as opposed to shooting the video with your cell phone. >> no helmet or pads. thank goodness he managed that turn so fast. minor league pitcher made a
8:05 am
drive came sizzling down toward the mound. take a look here. toliver sticks out his hand, snags that ball. his team was down by six runs. it did go on to win the game. that's a tough grab. >> talk about good reflexes. >> you count your fingers afterwards. >> that hurt, right? >> nat, thank you. coming up, those little lies our parents told us. and one of the big ones that was just debunked. plus on pop start, the label that jennifer lopez says she never deserved to have thrust on her. and blake shelton stops by studio 1a for a chat
8:06 am
8:07 am
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8:09 am
8:09. let's do some trending items. >> all right. there comes a point in our lives when we realize we're not young anymore. can we agree on that? >> yeah. >> there's a blog that pinpoints the exact age where we start to feel old. before i tell you what it found shall what would you say? what's the age of feeling old? >> physically or mentally? >> just like i'm old now. >> 55. >> oh, wow! >> what would you say? >> 60. >> really? >> i'm saying 43. >> 45. >> 45. >> like 27. >> what? >> which is stupid. it was the dumbest thing ever. >> wow! >> especially at 30. it was like, life's over. over the hill. flowing data, that blog, found
8:10 am
moment when people start feeling that they're older than those around them. they start saying turn down the moos music. can we not go to the loud music? there's a difference between feeling old and being old and physical and mental age. let's do your mental age. 13. >> 31. maybe 30. >> 40 years old. >> yeah. >> i would say 20s. >> yeah. >> i wonder if it's different for women and men because we obviously physically have a different clock ticking sometimes. >> you actually let me get away with calling you 13. >> he's very mature. >> it all brushes by me now. speaking of being young, how about this? when you were a kid did your parents ever tell you those little white lies? >> oh, sure. >> to make you feel better or keep you from doing something? >> sure. >> like do not go swimming until at least 30 minutes after you eat? >> right. >> yeah. >> do not urinate in the pool. it will turn bright red.
8:11 am
>> don't cross your eyes because -- >> it will stick. >> i told my son that the other day. don't tell him it's not true. >> the whole losing your eyesight. how about don't swallow gum. if you do it stays lodged in your stomach for seven years. is it true? >> please say it's not true. because i swallow every single piece. i swallow my gum all the time. >> oh, okay. well the american chemical society is now weighing in on this. >> oh, no. >> it says, no, that's false. >> oh, good. >> gum does not stay with you for seven years. the scientists admit -- >> the scientists do admit gum is harder for your body to digest but your body gets rid of it like any other food. >> how did that happen? >> gum tree. >> process of elimination. >> plant a gum tree, right? if your parents had told you those lies andhe
8:12 am
they could be suffering from something called unethical amnesia, a term coined by researchers at harvard. we tend to forget the bad things we do. we do this in our brains because we want to think of ourselves as moral people. those little indiscretions will just get in the way of that. >> i think that's absolutely true. >> you remember if you did something really kind of crappy, you would remember that but little -- >> ever be telling someone a story about how great childhood was and then they go, what about when you did that? oh, wow, i forgot all about that. >> like that time i killed a guy? >> that little thing? >> that small bump in a road for you? >> thanks for taking us there. now backlash to something that blake lively said on social media. and jennifer lopez calls out hollywood's double standard. tamron, pop start. >> okay, blake lively has been a standout onhe
8:13 am
cannes. it has been stand out. she's getting attention not for something she wore but something she said on social media. she posted this split screen photo of herself from the front and behind. l.a. face with a oakland booty. that's a lyric from "baby got back" but now some are saying oakland booty refers to a woman of color. so far, no response from blake. this is so strange. you're like saying only white girls can say baby got back but then after that, you can't say the rest of the lyrics. that seems so strange to me. some people get offended by all thing. i wasn't offended by it. jennifer lopez, star of "shades of blue" is among the seven tv actresses featured in the latest issue of "hollywood reporter." they participated in a round table interview. during the discussion, jennifer talked about the one word she refuses to be called. >> i
8:14 am
called a diva. i didn't feel i deserved it, never did deserve, because i've always been a hard worker and being on time and professional. to get that label -- >> you care about something enough -- >> i felt crippled sometimes to voice my opinions. >> jennifer taking a stand against that word, diva, saying she feels the need to be better behaved than male colleagues because of hollywood's double standard. i think people would say even outside of hollywood, there's a double standard as well. and, finally, kate beckinsale have a 17-year-old daughter. her name is lily. check out this split screen of kate that she posted on instagram on the left, picture from 1999, when lily was just born on the right, kate and michael and a teenage lily re-creating that photo. her caption, always a baby to
8:15 am
#lily. matt and al, you guys have growing kids as well. do a split skroen and make yourselves cry. >> i have to
8:16 am
>> good morning, eb, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's 57 in arlington, 54 degrees in gaithersburg. a lot of clouds outside right now. there could be a spotty shower or two between now and lunchtime, later today, sunshine will be making a comeback. tomorrow's high near 75 degrees, but rain is back if here before the sun comes up on saturday morning. heavy rain possible up through at least the middle part of saturday, drying out later on >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. to a "today" exclusive, ron goldman's father, fred, speaking out about new
8:17 am
from simpson's dream team members. >> reporter: fred goldman is no longer surprised by the ongoing interest in the case. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: including the popular fx miniseries, "the people versus o.j. simpson," which he actually watched. >> i think they took a great eal of creative license. >> reporter: goldman also caught megyn kelly's interview on fox with dream team attorney robert shapiro who shared a bombshell theory. >> i think it's pretty clear that it was within reasonable, medical probability that more than one knife was used. there is a strong possibility that more than one person was involved. >> reporter: shapiro didn't elaborate on who that might be, saying there's a strong possibility the killer has never faced trial. goldman doesn't buy it. >> he knows full well there wasn't one single shred of evidence that
8:18 am
else. not a second person. not a different person. >> reporter: shapiro also opening up about his idea to have simpson try on the infamous glove on court after trying it on himself. that defining moment led to this memorable moment. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: to this day, goldman believes the glove did not tell the full story. >> he was holding the glove and yanking and pulling his hand and pushing his hand all at the same time with no real effort to pull the glove on. >> reporter: shapiro is also generating headlines with his somewhat mysterious statement about legal justice versus moral justice. >> i felt legal justice was done. as far as moral justice, i haven't discussed it with anyone, including my wife. >> in terms of morality, i don't think there was one single defense attorney in that group that had a moral bone in their body. >> reporter: with two documentaries about the
8:19 am
goldman says to some degree he has just learned to accept this renewed attention. >> there's not much else we can do. at times it's laughable and sad at the very same time. >> that was nbc's joe friar reporting. goldman also says he does not believe prosecutors blew that case. his biggest frustration with all the recent attention, he wishes more time would be spent on the victims and not just o.j. simpson and the attorneys. >> understandable. we move on now and turn to a new series we're calling "family business." it's all about well-known people from all walks of life and their kids, who are following in their footsteps. jenna bush hager has our first installment. >> i must admit i grew up in dallas, following the home team, even naming my cat cowboy. he was a cute cat. but i recently caught up with the man behind america's team, jerry jones, and his daughter, charlotte, who has helped him build the most lucrative team in the nfl. jerry jones is
8:20 am
america's team, the dallas cowboys. the most lucrative sports franchise in the world. his daughter, shar locharlotte anderson works alongside him, the most powerful female in the nfl. what is it like to be the highest ranking woman in football? >> it's inspiring to hear that, but all i really want to do is make my parents proud, so that's great. >> well, charlotte, now don't get this one going emotional here. >> she made you proud? >> she's a great face for our game in the nfl and, yes, i'm proud of her. >> it makes you a little teary. >> i knew i was going to have some problems this morning. >> when jerry jones bought the cowboys in 1989, the team was in dire financial straits. charlotte was a recent graduate of stanford and work iing on capitol hill. >> he called me while i was in d.c. and said, you know, by any chance do you know what biker
8:21 am
i said, why do you need to know about biker shorts? he said there's a line of women lined up outside my office that think i'm going to change their iconic uniform of hot pants. can you come help me out? so i came down to dallas for that weekend. while i was there, he asked me to stay. and i looked at him and said why do you want me to stay? i don't know anything about running a football business and he said that's okay. neither do i. he said all i need is someone around me that i can trust. >> today, charlotte is a married mother of three children and she is still by her dad's side. together, they have managed to turn the once faltering franchise into a business worth an estimated $4 billion. they call it the house that jerry built but it's really the house that the joneses built? >> yes. yes. and it's not an exaggeration. it's not a convenient thing to say. early on, i took a lot of criticism when i bought the cowboys. we made a lot of changes. but i had some people that
8:22 am
let me give you some advice. when you go out, when you talk, you need to have your wife or daughter standing nearby. they'll ease it up for you a little bit and do a little goodwill for you. >> 27 years later, he is still considered one of the most controversial nfl owners. firsthands-on approach. your dad is one of the most infamous men in all of sports. he will have this great legacy. and that comes with criticism. i wonder how you feel when you hear your dad portrayed in a way that's not positive. >> you know, i mean, i hate it. and what is so amazing to me is his optimism. usually, when something is really challenging and difficult and critical then, you know, i'll reach out to maybe comfort. and he's right there back going, why are you worried about me? i'm the luckiest man in the world. i get to run the dallas cowboys. >> before i left this father/daughter dynamic duo, i had some burning q
8:23 am
them. >> what will you never understand about your daughter's generation? >> that's easy. >> well -- >> technology. i noticed. i was going to say. >> that says it right there. >> what's one thing you can never agree on? >> that's easy, too. i've been fired twice over budget issues and it's because i didn't spend enough. it didn't last long. >> let me clear this up. >> how did that firing go? >> here is the way you do it when it's charlotte and your daughter. charlotte, am i going to have to get somebody else to do this for me? >> what's the most important lesson you've ever learned from your family? >> as it would always go, loyalty. and it's not something that's talked about every day. it's just that you know it's there. troy aikman one time threw a ball in the super bowl and didn't even look. and they said how could you have done that? you didn't even look. and he said, i knew he was there. he's always there. so, that's a
8:24 am
>> and that's how you feel about this girl? >> yes. yes. >> it was so good to see a side of jerry jones that most people don't. i think he is a softy at heart. and big news, cowboy fans, shar loet jon charlotte jones anderson is working on a new building, $1 billion development set to open in august. >> they don't do things small around there. >> not at all. >> you've seen cowboys stadium. weren't you there when it opened up? >> yes. >> just the jumbo tron. >> that was actually my first day on the show. >> was it really? >> yes. i have a picture of it in my home, hanging on my parents wall ♪ so glad we had this time country music dynasty, hank williams jr. and holly about carrying on their family tradition. >> did you get
8:25 am
we'll send it over to tamron. >> as you know, we are kicking off our city concert series tomorrow on the plaza with a big show from puff daddy & the family. we're especially excited to say this year the fan experience will be bigger, better. because we're working with apple music, shazaam and entertainment weekly. we have a special "today" show page where you'll find the albums from all of our concert series. it's free to try out. you can start listening to our lineup today. and while listening to our concerts all summer long, you can actually open the shazaam app and open content from each and every performer. with all these great shows coming to our plaza, we're working with entertainment weekly to bring you backstage digital extras each week. head to to find out how you can follow along this summer. and get rea
8:26 am
we kick things off tomorrow. puff daddy & the family tomorrow on "today," guys. 8:26 is your time right now, good morning to you. i'm lynn yang, let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell for your forecast. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, it's a traffic map. >> eastbound track, west freeway at m street, we do have an accident with various lanes block. southbound gw parkway, left plane lane blocked by a crash, one more thing, if we can advance that, right lane blocked by the
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
mostly dry day, we will see more and more sunshine, ties high in the upper 60s.
8:30 am
♪ we're back now, 8:30 on this thursday morning. it's the 19th day of may, 2016. we have a big, big crowd out on the plaza. wow! >> we got a screamer. we got a screamer. >> we have an issue. >> wow! happy birthday. happy birthday. >> oh, my goodness! >> nice to have you here. >> somebody set off a car alarm. >> oh, my goodness! >> she's so cute. >> anyway,
8:31 am
here now, 24 hours from now, it will be even wilder when puff dad ddy and the family kick off our concert series. >> we have big superstars here, the man, the myth, the legend, blake shelton. we'll sit down for a chat and he will perform his newest hit. >> love him. plus we have a lot to talk about with john legend, his music, his marriage to model chrissy tiegen. life as a new dad. what else? >> driving force behind a new off-broadway show. >> that's right. and david schwimmer is opening up on his new dramatic role and we'll get his take on the o.j.
8:32 am
cloudy skies, still at risk of a few light raindrops between now and lunchtime today, gradually skies will clear. for tomorrow, nice and dry, off to a school start, temperatures upper 40s and low 50s tomorrow morning, clouds will increase tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, rain is likely to be in place by the time you wake up on saturday, nice and school, tomorrow nice indeed, lots of rain on saturday, showery
8:33 am
>> any time you need it go to weather channel on cable, online. oh, tamron? >> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by walgreens. get your red nose today only at walgreens, to help kids in need. >> we're just one week away from red nose day, a day to have fun while raising money to help lift kids out of poverty all over the world. last year, matt led us on the tour de red nose cycling, 126 miles to raise awareness for the cause. our goal is to cycle 10,000 miles with our friends at soul cycle and hopefully all of you. next thursday live on our plaza, you can ride with us, or at any number of local soul cycles around the country. head to to sign up. and, starting today, you can also donate $10 to the cause. pull out your phone and text key word "today" to 80077.
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red nose at walgreens. you'll be all set if you get one to watch the red nose day prime time special airing thursday here on nbc. i paused because i had to put on my nose. you need your nose. >> yeah. >> get your nose before they run out. matt? >> my rash is just clearing up from last year. >> don't say that. >> don't remind me of that. thank you. david schwimmer and the cast of tv's hit show "friends" ruled the airwaves before they said good-bye to those famous roles in 2004. he recently starred as robert kardashian in the popular fx series "the people versus o.j. simpson." now he has a brand new series called "feed the beast." he plays a single father, trying to get his life in order just as his best friend is getting out of jail. >> how are you doing, man? are you okay? >>
8:35 am
>> look at you, huh? what's up, t-bone? >> all right. come on. >> a little baggage there that we'll try to explain. david, good to see you. how have you been? >> good. how are you? >> i'm doing great. nice to see you. >> nice to see you again. >> this is -- dark is maybe -- is that too strong of a word? >> it's a drama with, i guess, dark humor. and a lot of food and wine as well. >> yeah. your character is going through a really tough time. he has lost his wife in a tragic accident. he has this young son. >> yeah. my son hasn't spoken since he saw his mother killed in a hit and run. so it's been a year since he has spoken and i'm trying to manage as a single father and i'm also --
8:36 am
sturgis gets out of prison, and we decide to follow that dream of opening a restaurant in the bronx together. >> you think no, no, no, this is not a good partnership. these two have so many issues they're dealing with. except in a strange way they both need each other to get their lives back on track. >> that's exactly right. they're both broken people and struggling and they really are the only family they have left to each other. they've been childhood friends. they have to borrow a lot of money from some very bad people. >> i was going to say, i haven't even gotten to the mob part yet. >> right. >> it's complicated. one thing that struck me as i was watching this, it is dark t does deal with serious issues, but there's also humor in it. i've always found that kind of dark humor is harder to pull off than sitcom humor. >> yeah. the tone of the show is tricky. because you've got to create characters that people feel are
8:37 am
and so because these characters are coming from a place of tragedy, the humor -- you know, some of the greatest jokes come from the darkest times we're in. i think it's a defense mechanism mainly that survival -- we have to make fun of our situation because it's so, so ridiculously tragic. >> last few times you've been here, you have been talking about dramas. i'm curious, is this something you're consciously deciding to do or are these just the roles that seem to be presenting themselves to you? >> yeah. it's not any kind of conscious decision. i was offered the car dakardash role on the o.j. thing. i always wanted to work with ryan murphy. that just seemed like, yeah, let's do that. this came up right after that. i was like, wow, this is another great character. and i thought the show, which is created by clyde phillips, of "dexter" and "nurse jackie," i thought this is a great show. >> when you decided to play rob
8:38 am
kardashian on the o.j. series, did you think it would reopen so many intense conversations, or did you just see it as a role? >> no. that was my hope, actually, that it would somehow contribute to the conversations we're having in the country, over the last two years at least and, hopefully, frame the conversation in a way to look at these events 20 years later and for us to ask ourselves, has anything changed in 20 years in terms of the prejudice in this country and how tough it is for -- in terms of the legal system if you're of a certain class. it's much harder to get the verdict you deserve, perhaps. >> so nice for me to see about you, you told me you took some time off, got married, had a child, who is now 5. when you decided to get back to work, work found you in a big hurr
8:39 am
>> not a coincidence. well deserved. >> thank you. >> david, good to see you. >> thanks. good to see you, matt. >> "feed the beast" premieres sunday june 5th. john legend, navigating parenting with his wife, chrissy
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:41. john legend has 10 grammys, golden globe and is a new dad. >> "turn me loose" based off 1960's comic genius. good morning. >> good morning. good to see you. >> gregory is legendary not just for his comedic skills but activism. >> yes. >> and social side. i assume you wanted to capture all of that. >> it captures all of it, s
8:42 am
and has done all these wonderful things in theater, television and film. he is doing everything in the show and really showing how funny he was, but also what an interesting life he has lived. >> and just in case people are watching this who are too young to have ever had a chance to see him, richard pryor, one of the funniest comedians ever, said he was the first and the best. >> yes. they all look at dick gregory as someone whose footsteps they're walking in now. great comedian. he said some things that were so bold at the time, in settings that weren't always so friendly. >> made white america laugh almost uncomfortably. >> uncomfortable laugh, yeah. it made people think about the issues that were going on in that day. and if you look at the humor that -- and the things he talked about back then, it's funny how relevant it all is now still. >> he is
8:43 am
>> yes. >> is he giving you his stamp of approval? >> he will be at the show tonight. we're excited to have him there. >> extra butterfly. >> looking at you, why do you look so well rested? >> your great makeup team downstairs. >> brand new dad, prowing this show. how is luna doing? >> she is doing well. we're just adjusting. we're not the first to do it. your body just figures it out and we're having a great time. >> no shock here, she's an absolute beauty. she's so cute. we followed a little bit recently, little controversy on social media. >> yes. >> because you guys went out a couple of weeks after she was born and some people were saying why aren't you home with the baby. >> yes. >> you really stuck up for your wife. >> sure. >> and made a point at same time. why are women getting bashed? if you're going to bash anyone, bash me, too. >> i was saying we're going out together and if you're saying she's a terrible parent for leaving the child at home, which she's not, obviously -- but if you're going to say it to
8:44 am
say it to me, too. but, you know, every once in a while while, you have to take care of yourselves as a couple. we have chrissy's mom at home, great baby nurse and luna is in good hands when we do get a chance to leave the house. >> sticking up for your wife always makes the trip home better. >> you never lose doing that. >> congratulations on everything. >> congrats and our love to chrissy and luna. up next, country star blake shelton is here but firs.t
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. blake shelton is on fire these days. he was recently nominated for two cmts for his hit song "sangria." his duet on "the voice" with gwen stefani drew a lot of attention and his
8:47 am
being released tomorrow. how are you doing? >> how are you doing, buddy? >> i'm good. you don't call. you don't write. >> i do but you gave me a fake number, i think. >> "if i'm honest" which sounds like the beginning of a sentence. if i'm honest -- >> i've always been known for incomplete sentences. i wanted to be a representative of like the last year of my life. i was even talking about stupid stuff like how many moons are there in a year? he was like, man, just say you're being honest about what happened in the last year. that's how we came up with that album title. it's been fun. i mean, i feel like i'm doing what i'm supposed to do as a country artist, which is sing about my experiences. and so that's basically what the entire album is. >> you're supposed to pour your heart out. and you do. you really do. >>
8:48 am
life, i might as well, too. so, that's what the record is. >> i guess it's not too obvious what we're talking about, gwen stefani and you will be singing at the billboard music awards coming up. you did that duet on "the voice" which was a little hot, h-o-t. >> the reaction to it has been crazy. we wrote that song -- i started it just to impress her, to be honest with you. i sent it to her half done. and she wrote the next verse and sent it back to me. so it was like, hey, we got a song together. that's kind of cool. i played it for my sister and my mom and a few people and they were like, my god, i love that song. so i decided to put it on the record. now this crazy stuff just started happening. the billboard is coming up. it's nuts. >> there's just all kind of chemis
8:49 am
musical chemistry, chemistry chemistry. it's exciting. is it weird, though, that everybody feels like they're in on it and rooting for your romance and all that? >> it's a little weird. but i get it. it's such a -- look, i mean, we could not be on paper any more different. i mean, i'm a country singer and she's a skull, rock, pop, whatever it is. you know, it's just an odd idea. but, man, it's a lot of fun. i've got to be honest about that. >> you have a lot going on. you have a song on the new "angry bird" sound track and have a part. >> yeah. >> would you become an actor? this is so exciting. >> you would be good at that. have you ever done -- >> no. go ahead, tell me more. >> you would be good, because your personality comes out. i got this offer to write the song for the "angry birds" movie and sing it. and in the meeting, the original meeting we had with john cohen had drawn this character, a pig that i would be playing and they had drawn my
8:50 am
arm. and they said, man, we'll give you some lines, too. so i was so excited about it. and now i finally got to go to the premiere and see the movie. i'm not just saying this. it's one of my favorite -- it's one of my favorite movies i've ever seen. they did an incredible job with the writing of it. i still don't understand how they do this animation, by the way. i'm so old fashioned. i'm like, man, it looks real. look at that. how do they do that? >> it's pretty exciting. >> come a long way since gumby. >> it has, indeed. you're going to sing for us now, right? >> yes. i can't wait. we're ready. >> you go get set and i'll remind everybody -- >> i'll just be over here singing. >> i'll be over here, promoting "the voice." catch it monday nights 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc. his new al album "if i'm honest" comes out tomorrow. first new single "came here to forget." blake, over to you.
8:51 am
♪ ♪ you're getting over him i'm getting over her the ayes have it babe ain't got to say a word misery loves company that's why it's you and me buying each other drinks back in the bar thick as thieves ♪ ♪ stealing these little sips doing our best to make the best of the worst of it ♪ ♪ keep playing them songs keep singing along keep leaning it on in closer keep salting the rim getting even with her and with him before the night is over ♪ ♪ the first kiss was like a colorado hit we better keep on
8:52 am
till we can't remember can't remember what we came here to forget ♪ ♪ go ahead and check your phone like i've been checking mine nobody's ex texting for a rewind looks like it's just me and you fall in love just enough to get us through what we're getting through ♪ ♪ keep playing them songs keep singing along keep leaning it on in closer keep salting the rim getting even with her and with him before the night is over ♪ ♪ that first kiss was like a colorado hit we better keep on keeping it lit till we can't remember can't remember what we came here to forget ♪
8:53 am
♪ looks like it's just me and you fall in love just enough to get us through what we're getting through ♪ ♪ keep playing them songs keep singing along keep leaning it on in closer keep salting the rim getting even with her and with him before the night is over that first kiss was like a colorado hit we better keep on keeping it lit till we can't remember can't remember what we came here to forget ♪ ♪ what we came here to forget what we came here t
8:54 am
♪ baby baby that's what we came here to forget ♪ ♪ >> blake shelton, thank you so much. the new album is "if i'm honest." >> will you be all right? >> i don't know. i don't know. i'm going to need some time. >> he has potential, this guy. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. i need a commercial brk.ea ♪ stand by me
8:55 am
includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
8:56 am
>> what do you guys have coming up? >> one of our favorites. >> and john legend is sticking around as well. >> and all the summer festivals that are about to happen. >> i'll show you where you can stay if you >> 8:56 is your time on this thursday, may 19th, 2016. i'm eun yang. good morning to you, mellissa. >> right now, top of thebeltway, inbound 295 southbound there across the 14th street bridge here, this morning,
8:57 am
parkway, before the key bridge. we have that left lane blocked by a crash the problem out in. have a, 28 sout right lane h,
8:58 am
8:59 am
still plenty of clouds out there, no rain just yet. couldn't rule out a random shower, on the whole, it will be an improving pick. we are in the mid- to upper-50s. highs this afternoon, with more and more sunshine as the day goes along. tomorrow looks like a great day to be outside, sunny, dry, rain
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," grammy-award winning opens up about his new baby. and our buddy, josh gad, more animated than ever in the new movie "angry birds." that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's thursday, may 19th, 2016. i'm willie, alongside tamron, natalie and al. all morning we've been following the developing story of an egyptian passenger p
9:01 am
lost over the mediterranean sea. it disappeared suddenly from radar while cruising at 37,000 feet. let's get the very latest right no now. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. the tragedy of all this and the mystery is that this flight was traveling from here in paris to cairo through greek air space. it had made most of its journey. it was 30 minutes away from cairo, over the mediterranean, when it simply disappeared. this is some of the details that we know so far. there were 57 passengers on board. 10 were crew members on board. there were three children, by the way, guys. it lost contact at 2:45 am cairo time. it disappeared 10 miles inside egyptian air space. its altitude last measured
9:02 am
37,000 feet. the president of france, president hollande confirming this morning that the plane has, indeed, crashed. but the details of how it happened are still confused. they've been confused through many of the hours since it disappeared. there were reports that it had put out a distress signal. then that was said to be not true by the egyptian military. meanwhile, the greek defense minister is saying that, according to greek radar, the aircraft made a 90-degree turn left, a 360-degree turn right and that they lost the picture of it at around 10,000 feet. here at the hotel, where relatives have been gathering to try to get news -- we have been seeing french officials arrive. they will be very keen to update the family members of those who disappeared with any n
9:03 am
but, really, right now they have no clear idea of what caused this. was it terrorism? was it some kind of a plane malfunction? they need to find this plane in the mediterranean in order to find the answers to many of those questions. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. there will be an investigation that goes on and on into this. right now, 66 people have lost their lives. and their families are experiencing the worst moment of their lives. so, we're thinking about them right now. >> heartbreaking. >> absolutely. something that might bring a smile -- i think it will bring a smile to your face. very sweet moment at junior high school in northbrook, illinois. a student was recovering from a kidney transplant and her friends -- specifically, her band mates decided to bring the party to the family's home. they set up the entire concert right in front of the family's lawn. >> amazing. >> eighth grader emily erickson. she'
9:04 am
northbrook wind ensemble. she was recovering for six weeks after getting a kidney from her mom. she was feeling so well, she was able to join in. >> oh, that's her. >> that's great. >> how sweet is that? that's how you know band kids rule. >> they do. they do. i was a floutist myself. >> were you really? >> i was clarinet. >> you were? >> not very good, though, because i was in a military school here in manhattan. i couldn't march and play at the same time. >> that's a hard thing to do. >> i had a hard time with that, too. >> i whistled basically. >> you two have the flute. i have the clarinet. what do you have? >> drum. >> trumpet. up until like third grade. >> we need to rehearse a little number. >> no. >> no. >> nobody wants to hear that. >> i didn't say it was going to be good. >> it would be a disaster. >> but a little number. >> can you still play the clarinet? >> i doubt -- i'm sure i can't. >> i can probably still eek out rocco
9:05 am
meanwhile they can do it for real. >> very cool. >> so sweet. folks at google announced a whole bunch of different thins,s including this one which i'm not so -- duo. it's called duo. new video calling app that allows you to see who is calling you before you answer. it's a feature called knock knock. it shows you a live video feed of the person calling before you pick up. >> so you can't ignore their call? >> theoretically. >> you can, because they don't know you can see them. >> right. >> it's like video caller i.d. >> it's like face time except they -- you got a live feed of them so that that will entice you more to pick up the phone. >> or not entice you. >> live feed of yourself. >> live feed of the person calling. >> trying to entice that person to pick up their phone. >> willie is calling me. there's a live feed of willie on my phone. >> what's willie doing on the other side? >> whatever he wants. >> that's helps his
9:06 am
does he pick up or not pick up? maybe have a little fun with it. maybe they don't usually answer your call. >> if you're calling your husband and your husband is busy doing something and all of a sudden you start taking off clothing? >> she went there. i wasn't even thinking that. >> dark natalie. >> dark natalie. >> we were talking about this before the program. and i gave natalie that example. she said oh, nice. and then she goes and uses it. >> i knew you would bring it up. >> i wasn't going to bring it up. >> so i brought it up. i did your dirty work for you, al. dark natalie. >> what if you have accidentally dialed the wrong number? >> oh. >> and then you go into your -- >> butt dial somebody. >> entice someone -- >> that you're not -- >> -- intending to call. >> they'll certainly pick up. >> you do that to work. >> you have to turn the feature on, right? it has to be activated. >> both people have to be on the feature? >> would it actually entice you to pick -- >> no. >> if i'm going to send you to voice mail, whether i see you or not i'm sending you to voice mail. >> i love it because
9:07 am
keeps calling me and they keep trying to face time me but i won't answer because i don't know who it is. >> i like face timing only with my kids. anyone else face timing me i'm like, don't even. that's weird. >> who tries to face time -- >> adam tries to face time all the time. it's creepy. >> that's what this was about, adam? >> every time al calls i normally send him straight to voice mail. if i saw what he was doing on the other end, eh -- >> really? >> no, i would still send him to voice mail. >> it's not available to download yet. it's designed to work for android and apple. should be ready for the summer just in time for you to show off your beach bod. >> ooh! >> something on your mind. >> something dangerous about it. >> something less dangerous is what you've got. >> who doesn't love a good chicken parm. right? a bit of a healthier version. we'll see if you like it just the same, willie. but this is courtesy -- >> bring us food. >> i love shopping in my neighborhood.
9:08 am
from just going to your local deli or local -- hob. c oken is known for its muzz or mozzarella. we call it muzz. >> the chicken parm is -- >> egg plant in there, too. it gives it -- sneaks the vegetables into the kid. >> best surprise we've had in years. >> i thought you would like it. mozzarella, if you go to our website they'll show you a little behind the scenes of how they make the mozzarella. they make it fresh every day. they pull the mozzarella and really work it into the balls. >> that's in the boke? hoboken? >> have you spent some time there, willie? >> i have. >> you would never leave. i'll show you how to make it on our website. check it out. it's healthy but you wouldn't know it. >> i'm going to do a little weather here. i'm not
9:09 am
>> let's show you
9:10 am
cloudy sky out there. there are bright spots out there. >> that trend will continue into the morning and the afternoon, we should get clearing by lunchtime, skies will clear out more and more with time, still scanning the skies here, fought finding anything out there just yet, couldn't rule out a quick shower or two, rain chances are 30% or less, we're in the 50s, we'll be in the mid- to upper-60s by later >> that is your latest weather. >> you know who is a big fan of the chicken parm? one of our favorites around here. >> eating ice cream. >> what are you eating, ice cream? that's not the breakfast of champion. >> dessert first. >> give me a second. i'll work my way up to that. i go backwards. >> our pal, josh gad. oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> it was up until that moment, josh. >> like the lady and the tramp. >> one of the
9:11 am
birds," mr. josh gad, is coming up. >> don't you love him? >> after these oudairy or artificial flavors., so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! (baby babble) not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange! our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. to help spread the word, we made t-shirts! reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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flonase. 6>1 changes everything. this guy over here, josh gad, one of our favorite guests. >> love him. >> if you have an 8-year-old daughter, as i do, his voice haunts your dreams from the hundred viewings of animated movie "snowman" where he played the loveable snowman, olaf. >> now in the animated adventure "angry birds," he plays chuck, a bird who talks faster than he thinks. he joins the movie's hero, red, on a jurn toy find the mighty eagle. >> if there is a mighty eagle, how come we don't ever hear his battle cry? >> i don't know. >> maybe we have. >> whoa! >> what would a mighty battle cry sound like? i think i have an idea. maybe something like -- [ screeching ] >> no. i bet it's more like ca-caw,
9:15 am
>> a little more subtle, more majestic like. [ screeching ] >> can you still do that we have breaking news relating to the search for egyptair flight 804. greek officials now confirm to nbc news what appears to be the first debris from that plane. found 130 miles south of the greek island of karpathos. >> tom, bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, a couple of developments. in addition to the debris that think they now spotted, we have the greek military saying the military radar seems to have captured the plane descending pi
9:16 am
from 37,000 feet down to 27,000 feet. and at the same time, the plane seems to have been doing some sort of a 360, spinning in the air. was that a part of the plane, were the pilots trying to maneuver the plane, or was the plane coming apart at that moment and are we seeing pieces of the plane coming down on greek military radar. the civilian radar images that we have don't show that. it simply shows the plane stopping dead at 37,000 feet. the question now is going to be was this a catastrophic failure involving a rupture of the fu fuselage and maybe a mechanical issue or an explosive. third possibility would be a mechanical issue and a crew error trying to deal with that issue. at the moment, we have seen the military responding to the scene now on the ground, the navy responding to the scene on the
9:17 am
this. they're very concerned that something catastrophic happened at 37,000 feet. the question is, was it caused by some sort of explosive device. the black boxes will hopefully tell that story. they got to find them and search for explosive residue that might appear on the fuselage itself. >> you go back to the crew, too, and the cockpit, both experienced pilots. a plane here, a320 which is a very reliable aircraft. >> reporter: this is one of the most reliable aircraft in the world. and one takes off every two and a half seconds. it has a safety record that is considered to be an par with the boeing 777. very safe aircraft. mechanical issues, while rare, really don't happen very often. we've had a couple of instances, but they don't happen at l.
9:18 am
update. >> we're going to have much more on msnbc and nbc right now. and we're going to return most the film on dvd. i'll put it in and just show you what it looks like and then -- >> chicken parm. just give us something. >> what do you want? do you want me to sing a note then? >> yes, you must sing. >> are you ready? are you ready? >> go. ♪ no one the rest you'll have to see next spring. >> love it. >> that's a tease. is that a tease? >> that's a tease. by the way, that's the teaser of the film. it's me on the "today" show singing those two notes. >> back a little bit. >> you have the best voice. >> oh, you're so sweet. >> not just this character but you bring it in song. >> not this character. >> i had this argument withn
9:19 am
>> no. i said i'm better. there's no argument. >> done and done. >> people call me a jewish john legend all the time. >> wow. yeah. >> we'll let him say -- we'll talk to him and see how he feels about that. >> people say he's the black josh gad. >> they say he's the nonjewish josh gad. >> we're having so much fun. we'll have more fun with josh and john legend coming up after this. don't go away. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30.
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9:23 am
we're back with one of the stars of "angry birds," josh gad. >> the star. >> the star. willie and i are actually in it, but -- we're going to play a game, famous songs about birds. chirp in by blowing your bird whistles. >> weird bird whistles that have water in it. >> song number one. ♪ >> free bird. free bird. >> i was born in 19 81. i don't know that song. >> oh! >> boo-yah. >> song number two. ♪ >> oh. >> oh. it's by natalie and it's called the following. >> what are you, a h
9:24 am
>> i'm like a bird. fly like a bird. >> how do you know that? >> i'm like a bird. >> by nelly fratato. >> that's what i meant. >> i think you should get that wrong. >> i give it to willie. >> stop whining. >> next. >> shazam. >> yes? ♪ >> josh? >> you know i'm bad. michael jackson. >> no. >> david bowie? >> nothing to do with birds. >> one more. ♪ >> oh! >> again? >> mockingbird. >> this is ridiculous. >> willie should be -- >> up 3-0. >> are you, yourself, an itunes app? >> i am. shazam. >> next song. >> i have three, by the way. >> yeah, you do. ♪ >> this one i know. >> willie? >> rockin' robin. >> no. >> i was going to say the same
9:25 am
thing. >> okay. ♪ bird bird bird >> bird is the word. ♪ bird bird bird bird is the word ♪ i was getting to that. >> if you watch -- i'm having the time of my life. >> our last song. >> please let it be. ♪ >> oh! >> this is rockin robin. >> rockin' robin. >> everybody gets one. willie is the winner. >> i'm bad, michael jackson. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> oh! >> give it to josh. >> oh, no. >> i couldn't. >> really, you know what? >> housewarming. >> i don't think faa will let me on the plane with this. >> your daughter would love it. >> tsa. >> faa, tsa, whatever they're called. >> thank you so much. "angry birds" in theaters tomorrow. >> thank you for the gift. >> yes, that's right. the black josh gad, john legend and "scandal's" joe [music]
9:26 am
people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. >> good morning, it's may 19th, i'm aaron gilchrist, they have a threatening tweets in burton'sville, students resumed exams today. closing arguments set for the trial of edward nero, one of six baltimore police officers standing trial in the death of freddie grey. prosecutors say he was negligent. they sayt was the i
9:27 am
stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
9:28 am
>> skies are starting to brighten just a bit here. just about our rain chances, can't give you the all clear until hundredp time, highs climb into the upper 60s with more and mo
9:29 am
day coming up for tomorrow, a couple
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines and breaking news now on egypt air flight 804 which disappeared early today on a flight from paris to cairo, greek minister says two items believed to be debris from the missing egypt air flight. the items were found 230 miles south-southeast of the island of crete. it is still within the egyptian air traffic control area. there were 66 people on board. a new drug is showing remarkable results in the fight against the deadliest form of skin cancer. the drug keytruda was used to teet former president jimmy carter after doctors found that melanoma spread to his brain. about 40% of advanced melanoma patients who have been taking the drug w
9:31 am
years later. the study's lead author calls the results incredible. a new study suggests taking aspirin within minutes of a mini stroke can dramatically reduce the risk of a subsequent major stroke by 70% to 80%. mini strokes or tias can be a warning sign of a bigger stroke later on. experts say anyone who has a stroke symptom should immediately take 300 milligrams of aspirin before help arrives. symptoms for a mini stroke include numbness, muscle weakness usually on one side of the body. difficulty speaking, dizziness or loss of balance. being busy may be good for the brain. researchers at the university of texas at dallas studied men and women at least 50 years old, asking about their daily schedules and putting them through a series of mental tests. they found busy people tend to have sharper minds and better memories of the researchers say it's not clear if there was a direct cause and effect, but they do say that busy people have more opportunities to learn. auto loans
9:32 am
hit a milestone. data from experion shows in the first three months of this year, overall amount borrowed for car loans topped $1 trillion for the first time. now that does not include money borrowed for leased vehicles. the auto borrowing binge is being driven by low interest rates, longer loans and consu r consumeconsume consumers waiting for more opgs options on new cars. the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction. that beautiful blue diamond known as the oppenheimer dime. diamond. it went for $57.5 million at christy's in switzerland. not only the most expense iive the largest vivid blue diamond ever put up for auction. christy's did not immediately identify the buyer. somebody's getting engaged in a big wa
9:33 am
>> good morning, still a mostly cloudy sky out there. i think we will see more lunchtime, 59 in arlington, high temperatures today, mid- to upper-66, increasing apples of sunshine as we go into the afternoon, fought much of a rain threat left for today, tomorrow also looks like a winner, plenty of sunshine early, rain moves in for saturday morning and much of the day on saturday some
9:34 am
>> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. talent on this set just increased about a thousand-fold with the arrival of two guests over the course of john legend's career, he has racked up ten grammy awards and an oscar. also proud new dad to baby luna with his lovely wife, chrissy tiegen. >> absolutely. and joe mort. n currently plays on the show "scandal." the two have joined forces for a riveting historical off-broadway show called turn me loose about the life of comic genius and activist dick gregory. good morning. >> good morning. >> hi! >> how are you not just shaking right now? mr. gregory will be in the audience tonight. >> yes, he will. >> at the opening. there you will be, locking eyes. >> that's my greatest fear, at some point i'll turn around and be looking right at him. i'm sure that's going to happen. >> he's going to love it. he will be so proud of it. >> for those who don't know him, tell us more about him. he is i
9:35 am
not just a comic genius but social activist. >> the man, who at the top of his career -- first of all, he broke the color line on television for political comedy, racial comedy on the jack paar show, "the tonight show." he decided he was going to become an activist and go out and become a real part of the civil rights movement. and in the course of his life, he has done things on nutrition. he used to fast all the time in protest. in the process of doing that, came up with the bohemian diet, big thing. lots and lots of books on diet. he is a completely unique individual. >> what made you come on board as a producer for this? >> i loved his story. such an interesting man. his comedy was so -- so before its time. and he was such a pioneer that so many comics look up to now. and then he also ran for president. he did all these interesting things. and what an interesting life he has d.
9:36 am
yorker article about him just kind of looking at his legacy and all the great things he has done and i was like, this needs to be on a stage. we should do a film about t he is such an interesting man. when we got the chance to be part of it, we were excited to do so, and especially with this man, playing him. it's a true honor to be part of it. >> was that a tough decision for dick gregory to give up what he was so good at, which was comedy, and go full speed into the civil rights movement? >> here is a guy dirt poor growing up, making no money. i think at some point in his life he made $17 a week to $70,000 a year. >> did he really? >> that had to do with medgar everetz, so taken by his commitment to the movement that he became part of it. when medgar got assassinated that clinched the deal and decided this is my life from now on. >> incredible role. john, talk about incredible
9:37 am
role of yore life right now. >> it's great. >> as dad. tell us about luna. we all have been gawking and ooh'ing and ahh'ing at the pictures of you and chrissy and luna. >> we love it. we're so excited to be parents and just seeing her grow, just from day-to-day. >> she's a mini you, tamron said earlier. she really is. >> adorable. is she singing already? >> no. >> has she hit ordinary people? >> she has noises. i wouldn't call it singing. >> music to your ears, though. >> she has a strong voice, i will say that. >> you're picking up the night shifts with the bottle. >> i'm helping as much as i can. chrissy has to do most of the hard work. i have to try to help with whatever i can help with. >> you talked earlier to matt about social media and some of the reaction to your date night. >> yes. >> i could not -- were you stunned that people would actually try to take a stand? >> i wasn't stunned. >> really? >> i think people will talk about anything and everything. i think particularly with -- there's kind of a section of the internet that likes to mommy shame.
9:38 am
>> and everybody wants to comment on how you're raising your kids. >> but you took a stand. >> well, i said if you're going to shame her, shame me, too. we both went out at the same time. it's not like she went out by herself. >> by herself. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> by the way, we have a little something for you. it's not a baby grand but it's a baby piano. >> for baby luna. >> love it. i love it. >> that's beautiful. >> she can work on her vocals with that. >> it works. >> even played that beautifully. >> left-handed. >> wow! tremendous night for all of you. ♪ >> there you go. play yourself to break. congratulations, joe. >> thank you. thank you. >> big role and a man who can fill the shoes. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> and we'll see you changing diapers on social media, i'm sure. >> i'm doing it. >> thank you. by the way, coming up -- thank you very much. the best festivals from across the country, good old-fashioned family fun. where to hang and where to stay, after this.
9:39 am
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9:43 am
"afar." she is here with her top picks across the country. good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> good morning. >> it starts off with the national cherry festival. where is this? >> traverse city, michigan, the cherry capital of the world. >> really? >> it's crazy. they have a festival dedicated to it. july 2nd to 9th is the timeframe. you want to go over july 4th because the blue angels fly. if your kids haveev ner seen the blue angels it's one of the most exciting things they've ever seen. >> it is. that's right. >> stay at the chateua chantal. european style inn with a wonderful breakfast. >> it has a winery? >> it absolutely does. >> beautiful. next, get your dance shoes on and get ready to boogie. >> berkshires, massachusetts. jacob's pillow lasts all summer long, classical to modern dance. your kids can actually take classes. >> isn't that beautiful? ea
9:44 am
where to stay? applegate inn? >> yes, on six acres, georgian revival mansion, $190 a night. >> next up, this -- i never heard of this festival but my life has changed now. >> you're from texas, right? >> i'm from texas. you're teaching me about ice cream fest. >> austin ice cream festival. absolutely. you try that ice cream. on august 13th it's actually the day after my birthday. i'm absolutely thinking about going down. it's all you can eat ice cream from some of the best vendors in austin. kids under 8 are free. $10 for you. you can try all of the flavors and totally go to town and cool off for the summer. >> you bring ice cream, jen, you just lose our attention. we can head down to texas. where it's 900 degrees. this will cool you off. >> great hotel for you, too, austin motel, quirky old -- only $115 a night. it's the hippest neighborhood in austin. definitely recommend you stay there. >> i love that hotel. >> such a fabulous hotel. >> our favorite
9:45 am
. >> franklin's. >> let's go to seattle. >> forget about those rainy day blues. it's magical in the summer. one of the largest urban musical festivals in the country over labor day weekend. you also have younger shoot by the seattle children's museum. family-friendly activities and family-friendly shows. all that riff raff -- your kids don't have to run into the riff raff. >> where should we stay? >> ace hotel, $129 a night. hippest stay you have in seattle. >> it is cool. and jazz aspen? >> yes, jazz aspen snowmass. you want to go over labor day weekend. there are events all summer long. labor day weekend is when the big headliners are. we're busy right now eating our ice cream. >> thank you so much. coming up next, pop culture phenomenon that's brought together stars like meryl streep, beyonce, queen
9:46 am
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pe. this, i can do. find benefiber® healthy shape in the fiber aisle. it's the mega hit broadway musical. "hamilton" is based on the life of founding father alexander hamilton, killed in a duel with adam burr. jay-z, beyonce, i could go on and on. smashing records for the total 16 tony nominations. one of those belongs to the actress who plays hamilton's sister-in-l sister-in-law. >> everything in my power not to say angelica. i guess i just did. you've been
9:51 am
before. can you put into words what the last year has been like personally? >> i will spend the rest of my life trying to put into words. i'll use some of the words given. it feels like a fphenomenon. it's exhausting and exhilarating. it's just been a dream come true. >> what is this like when you're out there and you know that on any given night there are a who's who of entertainment, politics, whatever. does it change at all what you do? or is it just -- they're just part of an audience? >> i try not to know who is there. that would, i think, affect me if i knew beyonce had been there, i would have been way too concerned about how exactly i was singing. regardless of who is there, it always feels extremely important to share the story. it always feels like whoever is there, they spent a lot of money for the tickets or they really want to be there. and it feels like hosting a party every performance. >> looks luke a party every time you go there. we've been luc
9:52 am
visit. i was looking at the diversity range as well. not just "hamilton," "eclipse," "color purple." gender diversity, people of color. this is an exciting time of inclusion for broadway, in general. >> i'm so proud of that. i'm so proud. not only about the diversity, you know, just racially, but the powerful women that are being portrayed right now. i love the women in "hamilton." i love the fact that your daughter can listen. >> yes. >> if children, which they are, are learning all the words to the songs, these are things that are empowering to the spirit. that makes me really proud. >> including your own children. >> my own children. >> a 7-year-old and you have a 3-year-old. >> she's the one that walks around telling me you don't have the votes. >> i love that. >> sassy 3-year-old. >> yes. i'm like, what have i done? >> good thing. >> you've done something right. >> some people said they should move the tonys to the richard
9:53 am
for everybody. >> not true at all. so many wonderful shows on broadway right now "waitress," "color purple," "eclipsed" is there. so many broadway -- >> now more than ever. >> all of broadway is having a resurgence. it's really terrific. >> i'm so excited. >> congratulations on the nomination and all the things happening to you and the entire cast of "hamilton." of course it's on broadway right now. renee, thanks. >> thank,
9:54 am
♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae,
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its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. what are you singing? >> from "the flintstones." >> oh, my gosh. >> guess who we have today. >> who do you have? >> seth roegen. and we have ambush makeovers, of course. and the great "everyone has a
9:56 am
your home can be, even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys.
9:57 am
>> good morning to you, i'm eun yang, today, drunk drivers in maryland will face a new restriction when maryland's governor signs noah's law, it allows them to take an incar breathalyzer, the police officer was killed by a suspected drunk driver in december. now it's time to check your
9:58 am
meteorologist chuck bell. so what kind of a day are we expecting tear hood? >> an improving day, we have clouds, they're already starting to see bright spots in the sky. 59 college park, vague? joint base aen draws, highs today in the mid to 66, increasing apples of sunshine, especially towards this evening. as you are looking towards your week, though, lots of rain possible on saturday, a passing shower or two, also possible on sun. full seven-day forecast, there you go, the best day of the next couple will be
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday, may 19th. all right. that's california lovin'. we will see a lot of beautiful people. "neighbors 2" might be right up your alley. we have seth rogen and rose byrne. >> and two ladies are celebrating their birthday. guess what they got as a gift?


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