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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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hardest part is getting up in the morning, but i know it's something i have to do. >> steve told wtop that he is part of the fire chief bullying task force. her family wants to honor her life by raisinge ag waing aware suicide prevention. you saw pw molette on her w to this scene that happened just about an hour ago. police responding to the scene of a person shot. is this on the 6,000 block of richmond highway. at this point this is all we know. not sure if this happened just in the last couple of hours, if this is something that happened overnight, but again, molette green on the way to the scene thousand. and as soon as we get a live picture from her, we will bring that to you with the latest. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. it's 5:00 a.m. now. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. and i'
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meteorologist chuck bell. your friday is finally here and the weather headlines for the day, it will be a nice one. enjoy the sunshine, because it will be a rainy weekend. there are warmer days in sight, but it will be the middle of next week before they get here. right now 43 in martinsburg, 45 this winchester, 46 in manassas. next 24 hours, dry for all of your friday plans. friday morning, friday afternoon, friday night, nothing to worry about. near 50 this morning. tonight 72. but tomorrow morning, rain moving back in once again. we'll talk rainfall amounts and how much of your sunday may be lost to the drops, too, that is coming up in a few minutes. but now construction i believe it is from melissa mollett. 3 southbound at 50, left lane get buying the paving operation. just a little bit of a slowdown here this morning. taking a look at prince george's county, overall looking quite
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county. 270 southbound from frederick down to the spur, going to take you 27 minutes. that's exactly what it should take you. so you don't have any problems southbound. and no problems northbound of course 270 was quite the mess here yesterday morning. top of the beltway at colesville, moving alone nicely. a look at 66 coming up. still no signs of the 66 passengers and crew aboard flight ms-804 that went missing in the mediterranean. we began covering this yesterday morning. now, this is the area that search planes are circling in the mediterranean. right now let's show you a live picture of what we understand to be the area where a c-130 plane is ready to take off to continue the search efforts in that area. and let's mention quickly what some of the experts are saying about -- yesterday there was believed to be debris in that area. turned out to be unrelated, but that is also something that experts say could possibly
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water where the plane went down is simply not as deep as other areas. greenk defense minister says the plane swerved wildly before plummeting into the sea and one senior u.s. intelligence if i recall saez says infrared suggests an gooexplosion insidee plane, but still no official word as to the cause. especially when you're flying overseas, it's really scary. >> that is the feeling a lot of people say they have after hearing about the plane crash in c cairo. l.a.x. announced it is increasing security because of it. the tsa as been under scrutiny for long lines and wait times, but some law maker are calling for more inspections of cargo specifically. and not just passengers but employees should be double
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former virginia tech students accused of kidnapping and killing a 13-year-old girl are headed to court. david az hoeisenhower and natal keepers are charged. police say the two got the teen to climb out of a window it meet them after midnight last january. a judge will decide after today's hearing where there is probable cause to send this case to a grand jury. right now the fbi wants your help finding two missing fairfax county teens. the 13-year-old and 14-year-old have been missing since may 10. they both may be in need of medical attention. if you know anything that can help find these teens, call police. there is outrage after accusations that two people ripped off a local college for more than $34,000. grand jury indicted ernest taylor junior and his ain't tracie mixon yesterday. both are from louisi
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stole the identities of four people and registered them as students at northern virginia community college. prosecutors say the pair then cashed in on excess student loan money in a loan fraud scheme. >> it's unfortunate there are many people out there that do need financial help and for people to be taking advantage of this kind a of university, of any university, but particularly a community college where people who don't have the financial backing to support themselves, it's really disappointing. >> an indictment shows taylor and mixon used their own addresses for the student identities they created and that's where the college sent any money money that was in excess of acquired student expenses. an employee noticed the discrepancy and contacted police. the debate over gun control takes center stageoff the next two days in decision 2016. and the presidential frontrunners are on opposite sides here. donald trump is the headline
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rifle association. security is tight inside of course. both the secret service and local police are working the convention. there is also a designated protest zone outside in anticipation of demonstrators. hillary clinton will appear tomorrow in florida with the mother of trayvon martin and other parents who lost children to gun violence. today clinton is set to attend a fundraiser in austin, texas. the appearance is just setting up what could be a major conflict in the race for the white house. tracie potts will join you go a little later on with what to expect. beginning today,you go a little later on with what to expect. beginning today, scientists and teachers and students will take part in the event to discover and document all of the species take live in our national parks. megan mcgrath is live at constitution gardens in northwest with more on what people can expect over the next two days. sounds like a big job, megan. >> reporter: yeah, it is a big job and volunteers are needed. we're down here at constituti
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gardens. you can see some of the tents behind me here. in just a couple hours, the festival gets under way. we'll see all kinds of hands-on exhibit, people will learn about nature and animals that live in our parks. and later this morning at 9:00, the bio blitz will get under way thargs's where volunteers will go to national parks across the country as well as here locally and they will explore, identify and document all of the wildlife found in those parks. if you want to be a part of it, volunteers are still needed. >> swallows are everywhere. they're having a great morning. >> reporter: calling all citizen scientists. national park service needs your help documenting critters. >> lots of different small fish. >> reporter: it's called bio blitz. friday and saturday, volunteers will fan out in national parks around the country. 13 in our area. and document what th
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birds to fish to everything in between. >> you'll be hands-on out there, netting butterfly, identifying spiders, catching dragonflies. >> reporter: who know, you may make an exotic discovery. >> you never know what you're going to find. in one bio blitz, we even discovered an organism previously unknown for science. >> reporter: in o >> reporter: if you want to be a volunteer, you can sign up online, go to and the key word is "bio blitz." back to you. take a live look now outside this morning. we're just about 40 minutes or so from sunrise and enjoy the sun while you can. a closer look at when the rain moves back in as well as your commuter forecast. florida a flori its it's one of the es
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officials are seriously concerned. and a teen escapes her alleged captor after being held hostage for a year. the latest developments just coming in this morning.
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it is now just after 5:11 on a friday morning. finally made it through another week. just one more day at the office to go. 46 now at dulles airport, 46 in manassas, 46 in college park. and 46 at ft. belvoir. it is bike to work today. if you're riding on in early this morning, nice and cool, temperatures in the low 50s by 8:00. a noontime bike ride, sunshine and near 70. and run bag home later back today, temperatures low to mid-70s. so a great day to be outside for today. but your outdoor plans will be badly impacted by rain over the weekend. we'll be talking rainfall amounts in ten minutes. overall right now taking a big look at the beltway, we look nice and clear. earlier construction has cleared out of the way. so no beg worries
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beltway. 95 north quantitity company to the beltway, 17 minutes is on time. southbound you can see as you're approaching quantico, have a little slowdown. not sure what that is, but i'll let you know if it is anything to be worried about. 270 at old hundred road, you're looking quite good. the community is remembering the first victim in the maryland shopping center shootings. restoration house international is hosting a community prayer with churches and religious readers in beltsville for high point high school, that is where gladys tordil was shot allegedly by her estranged husband eulalio tordil. police say she was killed while she waited for her daughters. the community prayer takes place tomorrow morning near the school at 4600 powder mill road. stepfather and stepbrother are accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and shackling her to a basement beam. police say that girl
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miraculously escaped on wednesday with a hidden key. the girl told police she was held hostage for more than a year. neighbors are outraged. >> i would have kicked the door down and did something. he deserves whatever he gets. >> two other boys who were also living in that home were taken by child protective services. takoma park police are asking people to throw out flyers being handed out which make derogatory statements about jewish people. the flyers have made the rounds in the area before, but police say it is not a crime because speech is protected by the first amendment. a small plane came dangerously close to route 50 in mitchellville mitchellville, look at that right near the highway. a student pilot was flying yesterday afternoon with a trainer in the passenger seat. while landing, the pilot went past the runway and hit the fence that separates freeway airport from the road. federal investigators are looking into the crash. no
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new this morning, one of the largest food recalls in recent memory could be over 400 frozen fruit and vegetable products affected and the brands are so wide ranging, there are fears of growing listeria-linked illness after eight people reported being sick and two people died. the items are from crf frozen foods, too many to name. literally hundreds. so we've put the link to the affected products online on my twitter and on my facebook pages, search "recall" on the nbc washington a.m. and of course this morning deck your freezers. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. watch out for more bikers on your commute this morning. it is bike to workday. the event has grown since 2001 as a healthier way for commuters to get to work. in the last 16 years, the number of people who bike to work has grown to 3% of all commuters. >> the roads will
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with by s bicyclists. and same on sunday, too, about 7,000 people riding around d.c. on closed streets. so more people are choosing bikes because we have better infrastructure now and as more people do it, there is power in numbers. >> 83 pit stops have been set up across d.c., maryland and virginia with refresh chments a prizes. use the #bike to workday 2016. be safe out there. >> yeah, don't send us a selfie. unless you have one of thoese hookups on the helmet. chuck, i know you run around with your selfie stick. >> no, i do run with my phone, but i have it strapped on my wrist so i can keep track of high pace and the other hand occupied with the crazy hound dog. >> do you run with your dog is this. >> that's the whole reason i got the knucklehead. i traded in a great little
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s traded? ? >> that's a poor way of saying nicholas made to 17 and now i have a nut case on the road. she's worth about 30 seconds to a mile of improvement on your running pace. she'll keep you moving. outside, you need to keep moving over he the weekend, because rain is on the way, everybody. this little curly q is the low pressure headed to the carolina coastline tonight and sitting off the delaware coastline as we head toward saturday afternoon. that means tomorrow near washout conditions. and inch to maybe in some some spots 2 inches. heavier rain likely in southern maryland, more neck and fredericksburg into central virginia. v slightly lower rainfall amounts across northern maryland. sunday, showers still likely, though i think we may get a look at sunshine mid to late morning. so dwatoday, here is future weather. sunshine in and out of work today. that
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friday night dry but increasing clouds. here is midnight tonight. most of the rain still south and west of the metro area. here is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. yellow and orange, that means pockets of moderate to briefly heavy rain around here from 7:00 a.m. up through 11:00. noontime tomorrow, that's when the heaviest of the rain is likely. could get half an inch to an inch during that period. here is 6:00 tomorrow. running of the preakness will be probably dealing with drops across parts of the baltimore area. so for today, get out and enjoy it. a beautiful day. sunshine will bring high temperatures up in to the mid-70s. and here is the next seven days. 75 today, 59 with pockets of heavy rain tomorrow. 69 on sunday with passing showers quite likely in the afternoon. and then sunshine and 80s come our way finally next week. right now taking a look top of the beltway and all of those routes in and out of town, everything looking quite good and moving along well this morning. earlier problems on bw parkway are now out of
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66 as you're coming in, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you nine minutes. so on time there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car this morning. taking a look at prince george's county, overall here again rolling along just fine. green there this morning. 270, no big worries there. and taking a look at 66 again, live picture here at germantown road, you can see folks heading inbound, just a little bit of volume, but no major issues. tonight at 6:00, i'll continue my worth the trip series for you with a jaupt through the district. sure you can get lost in museums or the major monuments, but what about the less traveled location? we'll start in anacostia, a space so calm it almost feels like you're in the country. what is worth the trip, tonight ons 4 at 6:00. we're following breaking news on
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right now. fairfax county police looking for evidence near part of richmond highway in alexandria. molette green just arrived on the creep. molette, what's the latest? >> reporter: we are here at the city side apartments here. we're in the back of the apartments in this parking lot. you can see that bhank of lights there. that's where a lot of the concentration has been. we came here after fairfax county police tweeted out a report of a person shot. we're still waiting and working to get more information on exactly what is going on here. there is a trail, as well, on the other side here. we're not sure if what happened happened in this parking lot. no confirmation yet. or if it happened in that wooded area behind. police will move us further away from this scene here. is th this is going to be part of the crime scene where i'm standing, as well. so we don't have very long here. but we can tell you that we're
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highway, this is the city side apartments, a lot of apartments in the area. we're in the back parking lot here where fairfax county police, a lot of thm here investigating report of a person shot. we're working to get you much more information throughout the morning. back to you. and it's something a lot of us do every summer. send the kids to camp. >> but how do you know if they will be safe? the answer when our summer saty series feco
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you drop your kids off at summer camp, you expect them to be safe. we reached out to the american camp association which gives accreditationo camps based on best practices. we found state requirements vary. let's start with maryland in virginia. both day camps and resident or overnight k5678s are required to be licensed. maryland requires both kids
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background checks. maryland also allows fbi checks. but in virginia only day camps are required to perform background checks. now, in the district it's a much different story. day camps and recent camps are not required to be licensed. some camps however may need a general business license. and d.c. children's camps to not have to perform criminal background checks on employee. so always remember to ask questions such as what is the camp's director's background, what training to counselors receive, what is the counselor to chasm are ratio. aca standards require an annual criminal background check for seasonal staff based on camp property and criminal background check at least every five years. we have a link to all states and their camp regulations on our nbc washington app, just search
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"camps." >> breaking news, we have just getting word that debris from flight ms-804 missing in the mediterranean has been found. i'm erika gonzalez. when news 4 today returns,
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that breaking news this morning, certainly an rescue efforts by egyptian armed forces have located some
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belongings and part of the missing ms-804 plane's fuselage. this coming in just a matter of ten minutes ago. yesterday we mentioned to that you it looked like some debris had been spotted in the water. this turned out to be unrelated. so this morning this is the first sightings that we are seeing of debris. this as experts said that this was likely going to happen very quickly given the body of water where the plane went down. it's simply not as deep as other waters. again, this morning the breaking news, search and rescue effort by egyptian armed forces have located debris from missing flight ms-804. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm an aaron gilchrist. let's see what 4 things we need to know about the forecast. here is chuck bell. >> good friday morning, everybody. off to a beautiful start today.
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can because it will be a super soaker of a saturday for sure. rainfall amounts could be well over an inch in many spots for tomorrow. this will be our fifth weekend with rain drops on it in a row. but there will be 80s back in before the "7-day forecast" comes to an end. outside this morning, skies are mostly clear. s's a if looking morning out there. a little chilly, though. 46 now at dulles airport. upper 50s by 9:00 with sunshine and mid-60s by lunchtime. afternoon highs today, it will be a great day to be outside. low to mid-70s across the area. we will start picking up more clouds in your friday evening, but friday night plans, date night, make your husband take to you dinner tonight, no rain on date night tonight. that is not the case over the weekend. >> sounds like the plan. we'll call him later. taking a look at prince george's county, we're nice and green here this morning. don't have any worries there. same thing 66 and 95, overall
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270 from 70 down to the spur going to take you 29 minutes here. seeing a little bhit of a slowdown headed south into germantown. this for a couple of miles. i don't have anything listed as a problem. 95 at 198, rolling along just fine. travel times in ten minutes. we expect a judge's verdict on monday in the case of one of the officers charged in the death of freddie gray. in closing arguments, prosecutors argued that officer edward nero should be found guilty of assault for his actions while detaining gray. nero was also blamed for risking gray's life by putting him on the floor of the police van instead of on a bench in a seat belt. nero's defense lawyer says nero acted responsibly and argues that seat belting gray into the van was the responsibility of the van driver. medications left the suspect so impaired he didn't know what he was doing. that is the defense for the man accused of terrorizing a
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andrew schmuhl's defense lawyers don't dispute he's responsible, but they say his we've wife was calling the shots. she had just been fired from the victim's law firm. a robbery in southeast washington, take a look at this video. police say last friday the suspect pretended he wanted to sell a phone on kricraigslist. instead he took out a knife, took the buyer's money and fled. police chief says caution is always advised. >> you're dealing with complete strangers and putting yourself at risk. do it during the daylight hours in a public place where there are others around. >> there are three safe exchange zones set up for online buyers and sellers to meet, they are located at d.c. police stations. a fire captain on administrative leave facing gun and drug charges today. captain brian grace was arrested wednesday bir
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count of possession of a drug and two weapons charges. grace has been with the d.c. fire department for more than 16 years. a veteran law enforcement officer and his wife are arrested and charged with harboring a fugitive and obstructing justice. darrel banks works for capitol police. authorities say they arrested sami reyes at their home in fred rec county. reyes is wanted on drug charges in tennessee and authorities say he's part of a honduran criminal enterprise. when they came to the home, the couple refused to investigation gate with the investigation. investigators believe reyes is trends with the banks' stepdaughter. a female security guard says she's not guilty of assaulting a transgender woman this week. francine jones made the plea in court yesterday. the transgender woman claims skroe jones confron
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at the giant. the woman claims the guard called her derogatory names and dragged her out of the store. it is the latest incident in the growing debate over gender identity discrimination. in daes, it is against the law to deny someone access to a bathroom based on their gender identity. 17 states including maryland have similar laws. virginia does not. and that is something d.c. experts say can lead to confusion on a local level. >> a local law gives people a sense of -- that their it rights live and breathe in their community. >> the u.s. attorney general says title vii of the civil rights act protects transgender people from discrimination in all 50 states. north carolina's controversial bathroom bill challenges the claim saying the civil rights act does not specifically mention transgender people. i want to take a moment to tell you about a powerful event that hop ors local students last night. i had the chance to emcee prince
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staff members at a special awards ceremony in green belt. the winners included 13-year-old amare, he survived a the shooting where his other was also shot and killed last august. he won the comeback kid of the year. >> i know it would make my mother proud. >> another one of the winners was a ft. washington teacher who was killed back in february. she was given a special rookie teacher of the year award. you will hear from her sister coming up a little later in our broadcast this morning. and i have to tell you, as i was reading description of these young people and educators and business leaders, it really was a powerful event that recognized just incredible students, incredible athletes, teachers going above and beyond. >> and some say i won't let this stop me. >> it was a wonderful event. so glad i was invited to participate. breaking news in the
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just minutes ago, nbc news learned some wreckage has been found. we're monitoring the latest and we'll bring you an update the second we learn more. starting off in the 40s and 50s around here this morning. chuck bell says the 80s are on the way, though. when things will start warming up and your school day forecast. gl gloo. and buying and selling things on craigslist, one local transaction took a terrifying turn.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. we're talking about sunshine in our forecast for today. how about that? our little version here locally of the eiffel tower, the communications tower in northwest washington there on georgia avenue. already lots of early morning color in our sky. going to be a beautiful day to be outside. view from our city camera also looks good there this morning. bus stop temperature for the school kids, it will be in the chilly 40s to near 50s. a-plus weather for recess and outdoor activities today. pure sunshine, highs today mid-70s. so get your sunglasses and short sleeves back on. they are back this fashion just for today. but it won't stay warm.
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and way cooler. we'll be in the 50s tomorrow. don't you worry, there are warmer days coming wednesday, thursday next week. the whole 7 day coming up in ten minutes. how are the friday morning commutes? friday morning commute looks pretty good right now. nice light volume around the beltway. don't have any major problems to report. as we're taking a look at traffic times to all of the main prouds in and out of town, looking good there as well. 270 south there germantown to the spur on time. top of the beltway 95 over to 270, also looking quite good. taking a look agent 66 and 95 this virginia, 9 minutes. looking good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. and at one point he was one of the main suspects in shap dra levy's death. now somebody is trying to put the spotlight back on gary condit. why his name is
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some think online bullying played a role in her suicide. today, what her family has to say. pd a ind and a suspected dr driver crashes her car. and who else was also in the car.
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[000:41:16;00] breaking news at 5:44. major developments in the search for egyptian air flight 804. the military in egypt now saying it has found passenger belongings and the fuselage from that flight. more coming up at 6:00. the leading suspect in the paris attacks heads to court for the first time. the convoy thought to be
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carrying carryi carrying an slem oig, they hope that the it testimony will shed light on the isis strategies in europe and they also hope that he will identified others who may have been involved in the november 13th attacks that killed 130 people. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. and all the rain lately has made for a very high amount of mold spores away. so that may be part of the sniffling and sneezing that you're suffering through. weeds remain in the low category. trees are high. a lot of pollen coming our way, but raindrops this weekend will clear it back out again. inbound canal road at whitehurst freeway, a crash with the right lane the only thing getting by. the uber driver accused of killing six people in michigan will be back in court today. jason dalton will face a judge for a preliminary hearing. dalton is accused of going on a random shooting spree in february.
5:46 am
six people were killed, two ot dalton was found competent to stand trial. he's charged with six counts of murder, two counts of assault with intent to murder and numerous weapons violations. p. 14 before the hour. it's one of the most unusual crimes to hit loudoun county perhaps ever. mercy carrion is in jail for allegedly sacrificing animals inside her home. neighbors say they heard the chickens every morning. animal control investigators believe that the suspect would kill as many as 12 to 15 chickens every week in some sort of religious sacrificial offering. >> the fact that these animals were killed in an in-hugh main manner is what we're focusing on here. >> carrion is charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. authorities were able to save one rooster from inside that home. he's at the loudoun county animal shelter now.
5:47 am
dramatic month old baby was in the car that flipped and crashed. look at that spinning. the video is from the police dash cam that was chasing that car. it happened in ohio. you can see the car hit something and then flipped and caught fire. >> so i'm still thinking is this car going to catch back on fire, is it going to explode. >> the trooper cut the baby free. police charged the woman with driving while impaired, reckless driving and child endangerment. it you love the outdoors -- you like the outdoors? are you neutral? >> let's move on. national park service wants to you get out, explore our
5:48 am
region's nags tnational parks. >> the 2016 bio police kicks blz mccain megan mcgrath is live with more now. >> reporter: lots of interesting things going on over the next couple of days. i'm here this morning with the ducks down at constitution gardens. in just a matter of hows, the biodiversity festival will get under way. we'll see all kinds of entering a differenactive exhibits, lots happening here. and then later this morning the bio blitz gets under way. folks will go into the national parks and they will take an eventer to of all of the wild life, critters that they see there. and if you want to be a part of that, they still need volunteers. >> swallows are everywhere. they're having a great morning. >> reporter: calling all citizen scientists. national park service needs your help documenting critters. >> lots of different small fish. >> reporter: it's called bio blitz.
5:49 am
friday and saturday, volunteers will fan out in national parks 13 in our area. and document what they find. birds to fish to everything in between. >> you will be hands on out there netting butterfliebutterf identifying spiers, catching dragonflies. >> reporter: who know, you may make an exotic discovery. >> you never know what you're going to find. this one bio blitz, we even discovered an organize michl previo organism previously unknown to science. >> reporter: and another fun activity is called beers, pat and brews. and you can simple micro brews and actually help with an inventory of the bats that they find down here at the gardens. now, if you want to be a part of that bio blitz that gets under way this morning, those volunteers still needed. you can go to, we have a link, just use the
5:50 am
keyword bio blitz and you can be a part of it all. it's and saturday. she almost had me until she said spiders. we turn to decision 2016. gop leaders say they will have to replace a former delegate the for donald trump. caleb bailey was in-didicted fo make and having child pornography and explosives. bailey was trying to ship boxes of explosives in february and one split open. the next couple days could get heated, presidential hopefuls are highlighting their opposing instances on gun control. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with us now. and donald trump starting things off tonight in kentucky. >> reporter: exactly. he will speak at the nra convention again tens of thousands of people -- or thousands of people i should say who many want to see a republican president to protect the second amendment.
5:51 am
donald trump has said that he has his own conceal c 50 states. >> and let's talk about hillary clinton now. what you can tell us about new attack ads? >> reporter: she's trying to focus in on foreign policy, calling trump irresponsible when it comes to things like nuclear weapons, north korea, nato. he said possibly we should pull out of nato. she's also been weighing in on gun control. which we'll hear him talk about today. cease been standing with the victims and families including that his gun policies could lead to guns in the classroom. and we came talk about bernie sanders still in this process leading up to the democratic convention. the party 1 tis trying to talk bernie sanders about standing down? >> reporter: they're trying to get him to drop out so hillary clinton can get more support among the democrats including sanders supporters. the latest thing on the table it looks like they may pipe liz this by the end of the week is offering sanders supporters key
5:52 am
position on a cop convention committee that will decide what the issues are. will it get him to drop out when he has said repeatedly that he will stay until the end? not clear at this point. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. thank you. a challenge to virginia's voter i.d. law has failed. in richmond yesterday, a federal judge upheld the requirement that voters must show a valid i.d. at the polls. virginia democratic party sued state officials arguing that the law was unconstitutional because it suppressed some voters' rights. 5:52 our time right now. let's turn right to meteorologist chuck bell and the weekend is upon us. >> just have to make it through friday and i can see on our city camera over my shoulder, this view, 5:52 and the sun is up here. love these long summer days or early summer days anyway. great looking sky out there this morning. no real cloud cover to worry about. look at the sun, everybody.
5:53 am
you get to enjoy it for the whole day today. mid-70s. our achblg hiverage high is 76,t where where we should be. bike to work today, nice and cool. ride into work temperatures in the low 50s. noontime, bike riding in the 70s. low 70s and mid-70s by 6:00 on the right home. outdoor weather plans, if you have them today, nothing to worry about. tomorrow you need a tent or backup plan or maybe you're going swimming and you won't care about getting wet. but it will be an ugly day tomorrow. sunday will be a little better than saturday, but it's still going to be a pretty solid chance for rain. there is the area of low pressure that will bring us the rain chance tomorrow. it's down over southern alabama now. tomorrow planner then, beautiful sunshine today, tomorrow heavy rain, first thing in the morning. and that will continue up to about lunchtime. and then taper back to showers. but look at the temperature, only in the 50s all day long. rainfall amounts, we've had over
5:54 am
4 inches month of may. we could get another 1 to possibly 2 inches of rain tomorrow. so cool and cloudy an rainy over the weekend. the next big change in the weather arrives between monday and tuesday. a warm front comes on through monday, that brings us a little shower chance on monday. but tuesday's high, upper 70s. and then after that we get back in to the 80s wednesday and thursday next week. mid-80s with sunshine. so we just have to make it a few more days. inbound canal road at whitehurst freeway, a crash with just the right lane getting by. outbound there, we do have a left lane blocked just hearing that. green and yellow lines single tracking between l'enfant plaza and mount vernon square. 66, 95, no major problems. 95 north going 39 plirn as you miles per hour north through woodbridge.
5:55 am
overall prince george's county looking quite good. we just brought you the breaking news that the suspected mastermind in the paris attacks made his first court appearance. it didn't take long for questioning to begin and to he said abruptly as he invoked his right to silence. again, breaking news, suspected mastermind behind the paris attacks in court this morning. not saying anything. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. i'm landon dowdy. discover wants to give youiyou access to your credit score. they will announce a new website where any consumer not just its customers can pick up their fico score for free. learneds see your score as a if or poor and what factors affect that number including missed paech payments.
5:56 am
it's 5:56. the01 now defense attorneys for the man convicted of killing her, ingmar guandique, they're making it clear take his second trial they will offer evidence pointing to former california congressman gary condit. condit was romantically linked to levy but was eventually ruled out as a suspect. in a motion argued thursday, defense attorneys say condit had a powerful motive to kill levy and cover up her death. nicole mitten gmittendorff' stayed out of the spotlight until now. her husband and sister spoke to wtop. the 31-year-old career firefighter took her life last month. after her death, fairfax county fire chief launched an investigation into cyber bullying. her family says they may never know whether bullying played a significant role in her death. it is a loss they continue to struggle with. >> certainly a struggle trying
5:57 am
to find the new normalcy in my hardest part is probably getting up in the morning and finding the motivation to carry on throughout the day, but i know it's something i have to do. >> he told he is on the bullying task force. we're in the 6,000 block of richmond highway, the city side apartments where fairfax county police, a lot of them here investigating report of a person about shot. search and rescue efforts have located debris from missing flight ms 80 wi-804 in the mediterranean. and we're helping you keep your family safe. what you need to know about summer camps before you drop your kids off. ♪ smoe . trying to keep the music
5:58 am
5:59 am
playing. efforts to save an icon . a homicide investigation happening right now. >> police at the scene off richmond highway. molette green joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: police just confirmed here at the scene this is a homicide.
6:00 am
investigators are working several apartment community off richmond highway. three crime scenes they're looking at right now. this investigation is going to take some time for police to collect the evidence they need to put this all together. we can tell you when officers arrived just after 2:00 a.m., they found an unresponsive adult male and officers say he was pronounced dead here at the scene. when we first came to you about 40 minutes ago, we were close to a back parking lot in this apartment community that leads to a trail. but now police have moved us much further away from that you about a as i said, they're working multiple scenes here, collecting evidence. this shooting investigation will also impact residents in this community. because we have multiple


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