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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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turning on the ac does use up extra full, but they say it's better than rolling down the win it doughs. because when the windows are open, the wind drags on your car and makes the engine work harder. did you know this? >> i did. >> of course you did. he's a car guy that's why he knows that sort of information. >> sure. just little bits and pieces. i don't know a whole lot. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we have a forecast you'll finally want to hear. >> chuck bell here with your weather headlines. >> that's right, i'm about to go from the least popular person to the, well, second least popular person across the area. weather headlines then for today, look up in the sky, sunshine coming back into the forecast. likely to be our him with aest d warmest day since last summer. and hurricane season starts june 1st.
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we'll keep a close eye on any tropical trouble possibilities towards sunday/monday time frame. but in the meantime, finally nice. a low impact weather day coming your way this morning. a couple of raindrops out here early, but otherwise just a cloudy and mild start then. temperature its mid to upper 50s. and check this out, melissa mollett, sunshine coming our way, temperatures today into the upper 70s and low 80s. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in a few. breaking news in stafford county, we're talking about a problem on 17 southbound there just after 95. all southbound lanes are shut down right now. this is a crash investigation. police say it will be will they think for at least another hour or so. so we're trying to keep an eye on this one for you. as far as an alternate, truslow or fall hill road, both of those work. but allow extra time. river road also shut down at
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seneca, both directions. lanes blocked because of a crash with a poll down there. so that will be another slowdown for folks this morning. 66 and 95, fno hammajor problem. a developing investigation in prince william county. police are trying to find out how two people died, they were found in an apartment on jurgensen drive. a family member first alerted police when he couldn't get in touch with one of the victims. investigators say there is no danger to the public and the deaths do not appear to be random. good news for metro this morning. federal lawmakers plan to give the agency the funding it's been asking for. today the house appropriations committee will formally propose giving the agency $150 million. last year this same committee recommended slashing the funding in half. metro's general manager paul wiedefeld will also be on the hill this morning. he'll have to explain to a house
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agency will use its federal funding. the federal transit administration has ordered metro to make heed fixes to the rail system. metro's safe track safety plan is set to start next weekend. >> now to your personal safety on metro. it took the transit agency a month to report that the a woman had been sexually assaulted on a train. the suspect is now in jail. his name is 39-year-old john prentice hicks. court documents reveal he forced the victim at knife point into the partitioned area of the car and tried to rape her. coming up, molette green will have more on the suspect's criminal history on let's trmet. and new developments about egyptair flight 804. we're now getting conflicting reports about what happened when it crashed. egyptian officials are saying the plane did not swerve back and forth before it went down. investigators from greece say it did. and that it could be an indicator of something as serious as an explosion on
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computer messages from that plane included smoke and overheated warning. if they find the black boxes, we'll learn what really happened. and we continue to follow president obama's trip to vietnam. take a look at video taken earlier as he boarded the plane. he is now headed to owe which i minute city, formerly known as saigon.which i minute city, formerly known as saigon. there president obama is expected to speak more about the message of improving human rights in this country. the president is on a week long trip through asia. this morning there are some big changes at the tsa. the head of security operations is being reassigned. this is an effort to address the long lines at our nation's airports over the last several week. chris tip wright is live now at reagan national. so what does
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travelers? >> reporter: good morning. we expect to wait when we go to the airport, but not the three hours. and that's what is happening in some cases. so the hope is that this change at the top is going to eliminate those delays and people missing their flights. kelly hoggan has been removed from his position as head of security for the tsa and reassigned. now, this after a congressional hearing about the agency's mismanagement. he had been in that position since 2013. now, this change comes as travelers at major airport hubs across the country experience unreasonably long wait times at security check points and it's really bad in chicago and dallas and atlanta and other places. travelers are missing flights and they are of course upset about it. back here live at reagan, the security line is not bad so far, but it is early.
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but that is not happening in other airports across the country and that's the rope for this change. coming up later in the hour, we'll talk about another change the tsa is making and talk about whether that will make things better as you travel will this summer when it will be really, really busy. >> chris tip wright live at reagan national for us. thanks. developing this morning, the fbi is looking in to weather governor mcauliffe's 2013 campaign accepted illegal campaign contributions. mcauliffe is a one time board member of the clinton global initiative. records show more than 100 donors contributed to both the foundation and his campaign. federal officials say investigators are looking at those overlaps. a lawyer for mcauliffe's campaign says neither he nor the governor has been contacted by the fbi. right now another major recall over those faulty take c takata air bags. toyota is recalling over 1
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about.5 million cars. more than a half dozen models, you'll want to double check to see if your car is included. they say the air bags could explode instead of inflating. the problem has been blamed for several deaths. voters in washington state have their say today in the race for the republican nomination. 44 gop delegates are up for grabs. unlike primaries in most other states, washington voters have to mail in their vote. lack of experience is becoming an issue in an election season where so far voters have pushed political outsiders to the top. six out of ten americans now say they have reservations about donald trump's lack of governmental or military experience. 42% of voters say they're very uncomfortable with trump's level of experience. this is according to our new poll. and more analysis of the poll when tracy tie potts
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later. california voters go to the polls in into weetwo weeks and e offers the most dem glegates ofy state. a closer look at the radar and why you may still need the wipers on your drive into work. and maybe your kids have had it, whooping cough. and they could soon get it again. why doctors are seeing a major increase in the i willness a being illness across the country. and we're shut down southbound 17 near 95. s ll detail
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s and i'm in a good mood. >> talking about sunshine, 80 degree temperatures. chuck bell is all smiles this morning. >> you'll be doing the happy
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raindrops out there this morning. these are all drifting southbound at a pretty good clip, so they should be out of here by 7:00 a.m. at the latest. still plenty of clouds around for the ride into work, but the ride home will be, i know you just said this, air conditioning is more fergt on the car theffie windows. if you're doing any traveling, locally no problems today. showers today new york city to boston if you're flying dwaid. dallas, ft. worth, kansas city and chicago could have a few delays. and i'll change this to say all sunshine all the time. a look at the weekend coming up. but for now, breaking news maybe? >> it is breaking news. breaking news right now. take a look southbound 17 near i-95, all lanes blocked for that crash investigation.
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fall hill road. river road at seneca, lanes blocked both directions because of a crash with a pole down. take 28 instead. no problems here 270 from frederick down to the spur. i'll see in you ten minutes. there is concern this morning that it took metro a month to publicly report a violent attack on the train. this comes to light as paul wiedefeld is set to appear on capitol hill today to discuss your safety on metro. let's check in with know let group live outside of the glenmont station where the attack happened. >> reporter: yeah, as you head out to metro this morning, no need to worry about this particular suspect. but it does bring up the issue of personal safety. your personal safety as you ride the rails. want you to take a look at his mug shot. this is john hicks eergs locked up this morning without bond. the b
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why people are just finding out about this attack that happened about a month ago. and it's the second one that this suspect is accused of on a metro train. happening one day after metro had a deadly stabbing at the deanwood station. now, in this attempted rape, the victim says he used a knife to assault her in a partitioned area of a mostly empty train car at 10:00 in the morning on april 12th. she fought him and cut her hand in the process. he then left the train and reportedly according to documents just ten days before hicks was accused of exposing himself to it a woman on a metro train. now, in the hours ahead, we will reach out to metro's general manager about the agency's response to what is going on on metro in terms of making sure personal safety is of utmost importance. that is the latest live from outside
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back to you. happening today, a 17-year-old will appear in a d.c. courtroom charged with murdering an off duty secret service officer. arthur baldwin junior was shot and killed during a robbery in southwest d.c. in december. maurice bellamy and another man are charged with his death. bellamy was already in custody for allegedly killing davonte washington the day before easter. a skydiving trip turns deadly, but not during the dive. fire officials on the hawaiian isla e island say it exploded on its way to the skydiving trip. four people died in the crash, another died at the hospital. witnesses say the plane made a sut tu sudden turn before crashing. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. new crash test ratings just into the live desk. if you drive a muscle car, liste
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highway safety is doing a series of tests on 2016 popular models. thousa get this, none were able to garoppolo the top spot for safety. talking about the camaro, they say it falls short for not the having a front crash prevention system and they also looked at the mustang. they said that car is actually the closest one to earning the top safety pick. and the challenger voted the car that needs the most improvement. not scoring very high in incidents where the driver in the car hit something head-on like a pole or a tree. sus susan hogan will have more on this later today. cases of a preventable very contagious disease are on the rise. the cdc says whooping cough cases have gone up 15% in the last year. an alarming trend specifically in children less than a year ol. government health experts recommend pregnant women get the booster shot with each prnc
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the baby. >> the babies do not typically start their pertussis vk seen until about about three mochbts, so there a window where the baby is susceptible. >> while the trade hark symptom is a distinct cough, many babies with pertussis or whooping cough don't cough at all and stop breathing. vaccines don't offer 100% protection, but they can help protect vulnerable newborns. tired parents may be able to get extra shut eye. research out of australia shows that letting infants cry themselves to sleep may not give them emotional or behavioral problems as once believed. the study found that the method was able to get infants to fall to sleep on average 13 minutes sooner and researchers say it did not change stress levels. but what if you have a wet diaper or hungry, how do you know? >> check the diaper. >> but i want to pick them up. i never let my
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18 after the hour. all the rain this month is really putting a damper on spring sports. soccer and baseball field are all soaked. parents say money for those leagues, they pay money for the leagues and there are no refunds for weather cancellations. rockville's youth sports leagues are three weeks behind schedule. >> check the fields as early as possible and just update the weather line and gist say we'll keep going and when spring finally gets here, we can get on with it. >> maryland soccer plex had to cancel 240 games that it will not be able to make up. >> i have lost track of all the practices and games. but my kids have toughed it out and they have played in the rain. ben played in the rain all weekend p. and had a blast. >> and the mud. soccer? >> yes, soccer. five games on sunday. >> chuck, what do you have to say about all this? >> when the
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complaining, that is the threshold right there. if the brits are complaining about the clouds and rain around here, that has gotten just down right serious. outside this morning, we are finally ready to turn the corner on what has been a nasty cloudy month of may. and turn it into summertime. skies are clearing out to the west and north of the city. and look at that, a little hint of -- that's how you know when it's summertime. a little bit of fog over the potomac river early this morning. that's the river that winds north and westbound away from the city along great falls and up toward potomac. outside over the city this morning, there is our beautiful monument standing tall. clouds and dampness will be replaced by sunshine and the warmest day in nearly a month. the stretch continues for the next couple days.
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later this afternoon, big time improvements. warm and sunny weather is on the way. there is the area of low pressure if you're traveling towards new york city or boston, could have raindrops to deal with there. but for us the last of the drops moving down through southern maryland and over the lower parts of the bay. so future weather then, away go the raindrops and in comes the sunshine. we'll have clouds to deal with here early this morning, but by noontime, there will be plenty of sun out there and high temperatures today will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. right now 54 manassas, 55 in frederick, maryland. 48 in martinsburg. could be a patch or two of fog out there early this morning, but later on today, that will be nice. 78 your high in gaithersburg today. 79 winchester, about 82 here in washington. here is the "7-day forecast" then, 80s today, mid-80s with all sunshine tomorrow. and then getting a little on the warm and humid side, temperatures closing in on did he dare mention it, how about near 90 degrees to friday and saturday. still watching a chance for some
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holiday. breaking news now in first 4 traffic. bad one here in stafford county. take a look, we're talking about 17 here southbound there near 95, all lanes shut down for this crash investigation. your alternate, truslow road, fall hill, either of those work. we are purple because there is no day tata coming through as fs movement. river road at seneca road, lanes blocked because of a pole down. your alternate 28 there. inbound 4 at brick house road, only the right lane gets by a crash there. 270 at montrose, no problems. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. today nearly 300 of the nation's top spellers are in maryland to compete in the scripps national spelling bee. they will take written tes
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this morning. spelling rounds on stage get understand way tomorrow. a number of local students are among the competitors. good luck.way tomorrow. a number of local students are among the competitors. good luck. keeping from you get being the zika virus. what a leading health experts is expected do. and president obama's trip to asia continues. the video just in when we go back to the live desk. and what would you do if you needed a kidney? a lot of people turn to friend, family, even facebook, but one woma
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what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you.
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a baby girl has died after being left in a parked car with the engine turned off. investigators believe her parents left her alone for a few hours. no charges have been filed. today the nation's number one expert on infectious diseasesl
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stop the spread of zika virus. dr. fauci has said competing bills in congress don't allocate enough money. fauci also says mosquitos in the u.s. could begin to water and transmit tc carry and transmit the disease in the next month. a couple knows it's only a matter of time that they will need life saving help, so they are putting up signs like thoo all over town. pamela is hoping to find a kidney donor on her own before her kidney disease progresses. her husband says he will be with her through her personal crusade. >> i love my wife. i really want to see her healthy. her energy levels are low right now. she's always tired. and i hate to see her like that. >> the united network for organ sharing says pamela's situation is far from unusual. pamela is among 122,000 people waiting for organ
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100,000 including pamela need a kidney. she says she started out with 100 signs and thousand only has ten signs left to put up. no one has called yet, but she won't give up hope. >> it's debilitating to have to go through the treatments year after year. in and what can you do but wait and hope something happens. 5:27 right now. i'm angie goff at the he live desk where we just got new video in from vietnam. take a look. there is president obama exiting air force one. he just landed in ho chi minh city, the city formerly known as saigon. he is meeting with some dignita dignitaries, and his plans include visiting beautiful landmarks and also giving remarks about business and what
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5:30 your time now on this tuesday morning. chuck bell is in the "weather center" and we're finally making the shift from spring to summer. >> absolutely right. after the crazy cloudy rain me start to the month of may, things are about ready to get a whole the lot more like summer just in time for the memorial day weekend, the unofficial beginning of summer. rain coming to an end quickly this morning. most of us won't see a drop from this period forward. let the warming begin.
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first time in nearly a month. it will really start to feel like summer around here the next couple of days. warmer weather, a little touch of humidity and as we get toward memorial day itself, could be worried about about a little tropical trouble. so we'll be watching that very closely. a check of the school day forecast coming up. breaking news though in first 4 traffic. this is actually good news here. southbound 17 near 95, we had all those lanes blocked because of the crash investigation. everything has now reopened there. so you are not blocked any longer southbound 17. northbound was never slowed down. but again all lanes are now open. taking a look at 66, no problems from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. going to take you 9 minutes as it should. that situation on river road from earlier, we are still shut down there. back in ten minutes with travel times. we continue to follow developments in the
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crash. we literally just got this in from egyptian forensic officials. they say that after analyzing some human remains, that there is an indication that there was some type of explosion on board that brought that plane down. but still u.s. intelligence saying that there is no hard evidence yet to link this to any type of terrorism act. egypt also maintaining that the plane never maneuvered, never made the original swerves that were reported earlier. but friess officials who are also part of the investigation say that -- maintaining that that did happen. right now we know that the search area as expanded. still looking for those black boxes. i'm angie goff at the live desk. do you know how metro trains just shoot out of the station? take a look what is happening here outside mcpherson square. the train leaves and then
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slow roll, goes in to that tunnel there. and then almost comes to a complete stop and just slowly rolls along as it goes through this section of track. these are the speed restrictions that are in lays right now. >> just so much maintenance that has to be done. i'm not sure how they will ever catch up and i'm not sure that they have the money. >> reporter: a lot of the pains felt this week will be similar to the upcoming huge safe track maintenance plan. met troer's gm paul wiedefeld talking about the need to get all the maintenance up to the right level. >> the key is what f. we do this, we cannot slip back to where we were. we have on continue to do this. >> reporter: metro hoping to turn a corner, but for right now, a slow process. adam tuss, news 4. your commute is going to get tougher when metro's safe track oig plan gets under way next week end. this morning fairfax county will announce backup plans to help riders. fairfax connector buses will be part of that plan.
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trial against andrew schmuhl. he and his wife are accused of terror rising a mclean couple inside their home in 2014. on monday one of the victims testified. leo feisher said he saw schmuhl shoot his wife and thought she was dead. he also testified that schmuhl cut his throat and stabbed him several times. andrew schmuhl's lawyers admit that he attacked countrier because say he was taking too many medications around the time and that made him unaware of what he have doing. schmuhl's wife hads areally been fired from fish are's law firm. no incidents in baltimore following the acquittal of one of the officers charged in the arrest and death of freddie gray. judge williams rule that had officer nero was not guilty for failing to see the belt gray inside a police van last year. judge williams said nero could reasonably expect the officer driving the van to be responsible for securing gray. gray died from a broken meck while being transported. despite the not guilty verdict, an
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said he was satisfied with the decision. >> he did an amazing job not only of connectly applying the law and the evidence, but of explaining in detail. >> near he romanocaruso could still face disciplinary action from baltimore police. officials are asking for continued patience from the community as the legal process moves forward. officer goodson is the next officer facing trial. he drove the transport van. his trial begins june 6. two more officers head to trial this july and the final two in the fall. a former fairfax county police spokesman admitted to posting child porning on gra oo online. bud walker said he posted the pictures under a phony name. he face as maximum of 50 year this is jail and fine when sentenced in august. it could take up to a year to complete a workplace review of fairfax county fire and rescue. the review
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mittendorff's suicide. wtop reports an outside consultant may be hired to look at how the did tent handles sexual and racial harassment complaints. anonymous posts were made online about mittendorff before her death, but it's unknown whether employees were behind those posts. two students attacked outside hair schools in the same d.c. neighborhood, all within a week of each other. both incidents happened in northwest d.c. in the second police district. the most recent attack happened last month near georgetown day school. surveillance video shows three suspects beating and kiging the victim to the ground. they also robbed the student. d.c. council men called it disturbs. >> students should not have to worry that they cannot work from their school to their home or wherever they're going and not be subject to an attack. >> now, police don't believe the attacks are related. georgetown day school says it has held an assembly
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support neighborhood safety training and has modified the patrols of its security officers. it's 5:37. internal e-mails obtained by the news 4 e team shis iteam show t testing of the new white house fence. some of the equipment was tested last month in quantico. the secret service must get the approval from two agencies before beginning construction. there is no question washington is home to some of the best museums in the country and this week you can revisit a favorite or find a new one. it's museum week d.c. nearly 20 have unique programs and exhibits this week. you can check out all the events and specials happening on our nbc washington app, just search museum week. and take a look inside the future suites planned for the mgm national harbor casino. it shows floor
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windows and floor plans up to 3,000 square feet. designers drew inspiration from forest and water elements found in maryland. the resort is set to open at the end of the year. despite the cool damp conditions out there right now, the kids will be begging you to be wearing shorts once they hear how warm it will be. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has a closer look at the school day forecast at 5:41. and a warning for parents with kids in a certain school district. the phone call you could get that will give you chills and police say it's a scam. the gap between bernie sanders and hillary clinton could get bigger or smaller depending on todayed's pri etod will washington state. breakdown on some of
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fairfax county schools are the latest to warn you about a growing phone scam. someone is calling parents and telling their child as been kidnapped and asks for ransom. in each case the child turned out to be safe at school. if you get a call like this one, call fairfax county police. we told but a similar scam in prince william county last week and it's not just schools. news 4 exposes a new trend of so-called virtual kidnapping in an iteam investigation. watch the full report on the nbc washington app.
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time for a check of weather and traffic on the 1s. we can finally stick to some good news in the forecast. >> chuck bell, tell us more. >> it's all good news from this point forward. last of the raindrops running downing a cross parts of southern st. mary's. not interested this sem back ane soon. kids can leave the umbrella at home. recess gets a "b" because still a lot of puddles on the playground. but we'll have highs up to 80. and sun dresses back in fashion and the umbrellas can be put away for a little while. back to shorts and t-shirts weather into the holiday weekend, too. 7 day forecast in ten minutes. bringing news no longer in first 4 traffic. >> it could come back, but inner loop here at new hampshire avenue, do have a crash here top of the beltway. looks like it's actually on the right side. we have lanes did getting by so we're not seeing any slowdown here right now. if it
5:43 am
95 north at 123, crash there on the shoulder here this morning. red line single tracking between grosvenor and friendship heights because of an earlier problem at medical center. 270 looks good top of the beltway. 66 and 95 okay, as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. you know what goes into getting through security as a passenger, but what is it like on the other side? a behind the scenes look at the tsa including the intense training employees go through. and what is in a name? a lot if you want to see it at a national park. ho the park service wpl
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it's cloudy and damp. now temperatures mid upper to 50s. but wait until you see the "7-day forecast," just five minutes away and it's
5:47 am
sunshine. right now inner loop at new hampshire, a crash. top of the beltway seeing a tiny slowdown and sipping bell tracking on the red line between grosvenor and friendship heights. 5:47. developing this morning, the tsa head of security is being replaced. this comes as the agency has been dealing with long lines at several airports. kristin wright is live at reagan national with more on all this. all right yea >> reporter: we have talked to a few people this morning that have been seeing those long lines. not so bad here this morning at reagan national, but everybody hearing also now in a the head of security for the ts amount has been replaced. at major airport hubs like chicago, people are waiting hours to get through security check points. three hours in some cases and they're missing their flights. the tsa says it's making
5:48 am
the top is one of them. coming after a congressional hearing focused on tsa mismanagement, understaffing and pay. >> just hoping things get better so the standing in line -- >> you go to a major -- go to orlando, you're waiting two, three hours. so it's a problem but safety first. so have to get through the lines as best as possible. >> reporter: the tsa has also now established an incident command center that will track daily screening operations and be able to shift officers and other resources around depending on the need. so if you've got anywhere to go as always come early, but especially now with all this going on, come as early as you
5:49 am
>> kristin wright live for us, thank you. wanted to give you an idea of what it takes to keep airports around the country safe and efficient. this morning we're going behind the scenes at tsif, the transportation systems integration facility. this is inside reagan national and focuses on training employees and testing high tech equipment. machines can better scan food and beverages, also slimmer tech safety body scammers. >> we can actually see that there is something on me and that's where i would have a targeted patdown instead of a full patdown. >> now, thish to those scanners, that facility holds a collection of all kinds of travel bags on the market. the tsa says pre-packed security bins and life like mannequins help train the agents to better pick up on threats. you can see adam tuss's full report in our nbc washington app. 5:49 now. in the day ahead, bill cosby will hear in a pennsylvania dourt for a key hearing in
5:50 am
criminal sex assault case. the hearing will determine whether there is enough received to send to trial. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee in 2004. he says they engaged in consensual sex. cosby faces up to ten years in convicted. opening statements are expected today in the trial of michael jace, the actor known for his role in the fx series the shield. he's accused of killing his wife two years ago. jace has pled not guilty and his attorneys say that his state of mind on the day of the killing will be a key element in his defense. time is running out for drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman to stop his extradition to the u.s. mexico's attorney general says guzman has less than one month. he will face federal drug trafficking, money lawn tering and murder charges in california and texas. mexico agreed to the move after it received
5:51 am
penalty. guzman was the head of the sinaloa drug cartel and escaped from a high security prison. the national park service is celebrating 100 year, but everyone knows the national park service needs hormone. from kreeg creeks to grand canyons, the budget is trained to cover more than 400 national parks and 300 million visitors every year. it's now deciding on a new policy to can display discreet credit to corporate and nonprofit donors giving for park operations or repairs. >> we're getting comments about that, but there has been a lot of hysterical headlines really. >> reporter: critics say the concern is real, that discreet corporate logo credit would glow and corporations could influence how parks are both seen and managed. >> this isn't about
5:52 am
batted down for more than a decade. the park service hopes to have the new plan in place by year's he said. tom sherwood, news 4. 5:52. to the campaign trail now. tracy spots is live on capitol hill with what we should expect in the day ahead. >> reporter: expect hillary clinton taking a close look at the numbers in our poll. let's start with donald trump who is catching up with her within three percentage points statistically, a dead heat if that general election were held between the two of them today. this poll also shows that while women favor clinton, men favor trump and 61% say they're worried about his experience. meantime the democrats, hillary clinton is favored by more than half of voters when it comes to foreign policy. but she's looking ahead and looking behind, too, but bernie sanders hasn't given up here and we saw that last night when he rallied in california reacting to the fact that she's decided not to
5:53 am
california premie area comes up will just a few weeks. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. let's turn to chuck bell now and the forecast. >> are you ready to do the sunshine dance? >> let's do it. >> you first. >> we'll follow your lead. >> not me. two things i don't did on tv. sing and dance. that's not going to help. outside this morning, a lot of clouds out there early on, but you can already see an improving weather picture out there. sun is lrd up in our eastern sky this morning and what you should expect for today, clouds and a bit of a damp start this morning. it rained just after midnight last night for money, so still a lot of puddles around, but here comes the sun, everybody. the warmest day in nearly a month. our first 80 likely today since april 26. outside for now, there you can see the reason for all my optimism. last of the raindrops now moving across southern st. mary's and away they go. by 10:30 this morning, allry
5:54 am
clearing skies and increasing amounts of sunshine all the way through the afternoon. there goes the time ticking by there, 5:45, 6:00 today, nothing on radar. that will be nice. so as you plan out your day, sun came up about five minutes ago at 5:49. love piece eathese early sunris. we'll be in the low 70s by 11:00 a.m. and high temperatures this afternoon, upper 70s to low 80s. so a great day to be outside today. perfect night for baseball. 80 at 5:00 when you start your trek down to the stadium. at the ballpark tonight, mets, nationals, 76 at first pitch. and check out the "7-day forecast." even melissa mollett is smiling now. temperatures in the 80s. full sunshine and dry the next couple days. maybe an afternoon thundershower on thursday. my only concern in the forecast is the sunday/monday time frame. keeping an eye on the fropices. could be our first tropical system of the year to concern o
5:55 am
long way from now. in i'm hard to please, so for me to be smiling is a major thing. inner loop at new hampshire, take a look at this showdown. we're sending chopper 4 to this problem. we'll have live pictures of that in a little bit. red line sip gel tracking between grosvenor and friendship heights because of the earlier track problem at medical center. river road shut down at partnership because of the pole down. 66 at 50, no problems. a live look there chopper coming up. the high cost of finding love, a woman's search for love cost her thousands of dollars and when it didn't work out, she called consumer reporter susan hogan for help. she signed up for a dating service willing to invest a lot of money, but the same day she paid for the service, she told us she had buyer and he remorse and tried to cancel. she says when she called the company, it would not let her out of her contract. a contract that cost her $7,000. >> there is no
5:56 am
that if you have not started service on me that i cannot cancel my contract. >> nbc 4 responds discovered cease not loop. susan spoke with other local women who shared similar story of broken hearts and busted budgets. watch the whole story on, search "s in 4 responds." good morning. i'm pllandon dowdy. lyft will let people book rides up to 24 hours in advance. the test will start in san francisco and then will roll out to customers there and other cities over the summer. it will have an extra cost, but you must book at least 30 minutes ahead of time. with your morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. it's close vacation time. if you're one of the people going for a long drive this memorial day weekends you may want to consider turning on the air conditioning. that's right, it's actually better for savias
5:57 am
rolling down the windows because when the windows are open, the wind drags on your car and makes the engine work harder. a woman is assault order a a moving train. bringing up the issue of your personal safety on metro. and they're among our favorite sports cars but we'll show you which muscle car does the best job of protecting you in a crash. plus a rare air show over the national mall. the flying display you can catch in the hours ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
your safety on metro is in the spotlight after an attempted rape aboard a moving train. what we're learning about the attack. more than a million more cars added to the takata air bag recall overnight. we'll show you which models are now on the list. florida plus a rare show over the national mall. in a matter of hours the aerial display you'll be able to catch. but first chuck bell has your out-the-door forecast. love the sunshine. >> that's the aerial show, everybody. you can look up and actually see the sun for a change later on this afternoon. still a lot of puddles and wet sidewalks from overnight rain showers, but weather headlines, look up
6:00 am
sunny for a nice change. warmest days in a long time around here and warmest stretch of weather likely since last summer. keeping an eye on the tropics, hurricane season starts june 1. this morning cloudy and damp outside, but it will turn into a great day. big time improvements today. most areas will be up near 80 degrees this afternoon. we're in the upper 50s now with a mostly cloudy sky, but again, looking better and better and better with time during the course of the day today. trouble in silver spring on the beltway, let's go to melissa with the latest. >> brand new problem on the beltway. chopper 4 is over it. inner loop at new hampshire, the right shoulder is the only thing now blocked. a little slow lieu that area as folks are looking to the right, but it's out of the roadway. as we widen out just a little bit, you can see rest of the


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