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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sunny for a nice change. warmest days in a long time around here and warmest stretch of weather likely since last summer. keeping an eye on the tropics, hurricane season starts june 1. this morning cloudy and damp outside, but it will turn into a great day. big time improvements today. most areas will be up near 80 degrees this afternoon. we're in the upper 50s now with a mostly cloudy sky, but again, looking better and better and better with time during the course of the day today. trouble in silver spring on the beltway, let's go to melissa with the latest. >> brand new problem on the beltway. chopper 4 is over it. inner loop at new hampshire, the right shoulder is the only thing now blocked. a little slow lieu that area as folks are looking to the right, but it's out of the roadway. as we widen out just a little bit, you can see rest of the
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good. looks weird to see a problem on the inner loop this time of day. river road still shut down at partnership road. all lanes blocked because of that pole being down. that is a crash from overnight, but still going to see some delays through that area. red line single tracking between grosvenor and friendship heights because of a track problem at medical center. we'll take a look at travel times coming up. 6:01. federal lawmakers plan to give metro the funding it's been asking for. today the u.s. house appropriations committee will formally propose $150 million for the agency. last year the same committee recommended slashing funding this half. metro's general manager paul wiedefeld will have to explain on the hill today how the agency will use that money to fix save i problems. personal safety on metro also a big question today as we learn that an armed and violent attack on a moving train. this happened about a month ago gee and metro made no public announcement
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john prentice hicks. this is not the first time he's been accused of a sex crime on metro. molette green at the glenmont metro saying where the attack came to an end. >> reporter: good morning. metro police used some high definition surveillance video at this particular station to help i.d. this guy. this is the end of the east end of the red line where the attack came to an end as you said. want you to take a look at the mug shot, 39-year-old john hicks, he is locked up not getting out of jail. he's there without bond this morning. the big concern for people using the system this morning is why are they just finding out about this attack that happened a month ago. and it's the second one take this particular man is accused of on a metro train. >> i can count on one happened the times that i've seen a police officer
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so either they need to hire more police officers or they just need to rotate them so that they're on the trains more. >> reporter: now, the sex assault reported just one day after metro dealt with a can deadly stabbing that happened at the deanwood station. now, in the hours ahead, we'll be reaching out to the general manager and metro transit safety about their response to all of this. in the next hour, what one woman says she will to differently to protect her open person aboutwn. back to you. it's 6:03. developing now, two people are dead and police in prince william county are trying to figure out what happened. officers found the victims last night inside an apartment on inju jurgensen drive. a family member
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appear to be ran tomorrow. today a 17-year-old facing two murder charges will appear in court. today's hearing involves the deadly shooting of arthur baldwin jr. maurice bellamy and another man are charged with police death during a robbery last december. at the time he was charged, bellamy was already in custody for allegedly killing 15-year-old davonte washington at the deep wood manwood metro . right now president obama is wheeled down in ho chi minh city. you can see him exiting air force one. this city formerly known as saigon. after this, he will be heading to a co-working state and give remarks about the opportunities for the people this vietnam now that in addition to the big news he made by announcing the big arms deal, this is something that lot of people are talking about. this photo
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and drinking the local beer. the final bill, $6. back to you. it is 6:05. developing this morning in just a few hours, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is likely to face questions from reporters in alexandria about an investigation into a 2013 campaign. the fbi is looking into whether governor mcauliffe's 2013 campaign accepted illegal campaign contributions. mcauliffe is a one time board member of the clinton global initiative. records show more than 100 donors contributed to both the foundation and his campaign. federal officials say investigators are looking at those overlaps and specifically a chinese politician. an attorney says, quote, cop industry abuses to the campaign from mr. wang were completely lawful. the governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it. two of virginia's top republicans are asking the state's
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hundreds of thousands of felons from voting in november. they say the governor's executive order restoring voting rights of convicts who served their sentences is an undons tugs al abuse power and a political move to help testimonies win the white house in november. last month more than 200,000 felons who served their time. nearly 4,000 had signed up to vote. new this morning, a major recall. toyota is recalling more than $1.5 million cars because of those faulty takata air bags. they can explode in a crash instead of inflate. and they have been blamed for several death. shear a quick look at the all the models. lexus, corolla, 4 runner. we'll put up an article on the app today. sub b
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a major milestone. construction is starting on the new clinical building and parking ga a ramg. it includes operating rooms, patient rooms and specialty care spaz. the first phase expected to be complete next year. you might see some high flying stunts over the national mall today. it's all part of the canadian armed forces. the snowbirds air demonstration team will make two passes by the mall around noon. the tliover comes as canada prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary. and after the demonstration, snow birds are heading to the smithsonian near dulles. so many things to see. just gorgeous. cool. >> not as good as our guys, but they're good to see. >> that's right. they may be the hot car to drive, but how are muscle cars at protecting you in a crash? the
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and all the rain we're see is causing problems for youth sports. and no rain as you look live from our
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don't overt your eyes. these clouds are moving out and the sun is coming back in a big way. so this morning temperatures in the upper 50s but you will need sunglasses later on today. sunshine and warm for the ride home. temperatures up near 80 degrees. traveling today, locally no worries other than maybe some sunshine delays. if you're headed up toward new york city or boston, the rain we dea w
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in those pair cities. nationally, flight delays dallas/ft. worth, kansas city or chicago the weekend weather coming up. here is melissa mollett with trouble on 495 about tolooks li. >> inner loop at new hampshire avenue, still a crash causing slowdowns. the crash is on the right shoulder. new problem here in arlington south courthouse road near columbia pike, hearing from arlington police they are dealing with a crash in that area with response on the way. red line single tracking between grove they are and friendship heights, a track problem there at medical center. as far as travel time, 270 looking good, 95, top of the beltway also looking quite good here this morning. 66, 95 in virginia, you're on time. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. just in, more details on the gee egyptian
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more on the egyptair investigation and why it possibly may have crashed. the source saying that the human remains retrieved have been analyzed at the crash site and right now it points to an explosion happening on board. the source mentioning that out of the 80 body parts that they have been able to look at, that there isn't a whole body part and they gave the example of a armor head. u.s. intelligence says there is no evidence that this is linked to terrorism. still conflicts reports on whether the plane swerved before crashing. and they're still looking for the black boxes. 6:13. begin trouble may be to blame for at least one of the two new plane crashes in hawaii. witnesses say a small plane carrying a five skydiver team exploded on the way to the dive. all five people on board died. one island over,
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spotted the tail of the plane in the water and swam out to help the man and woman hanging on to the plane's wings. a good samaritan with a jet ski took everyone safely back to shore. powerful testimony in the trial of andrew schmuhl. he and his wife are accused of terrorizing a couple in 2014. on monday one of the victims testified. leo fisher said he saw schmuhl soot his wife and thought she was dead. he also testified that schmuhl cut his throat and stabbed him will several times. andrew schmuhl's lawyers admitted that he attacked the couple but say that he was taking too many medications and that made him unaware of with a he was doing. alecia schmuhl had recently been fired from fisher's law firm. fwloot t fwloot. the attorney for freddie gray's family believes justice was done. the july ruled officer nero was not guilty for failing to see the belt gray inside the van. he said nero could have reason pli expected the officer driving
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the judge also found him not guilty of assault. family attorney commended the judge for sticking to the facts. >> not bending to the tremendous pressure in the black community to find these officers guilty. that pressure is inappropriate because guilt or innocence should be determined based solely on the evidence presented. >> caesar goodson is the next officer to go on trial and the only officer charged with murder, second degree in this case. he trove the police transport van where prosecutors say freddie gray was critically hurt. goodson's trial starts june 6. the u.s. secret service is testing new fencing for the white house. e-mails detailed plans to raise the white house fence by 5 feet making it 11 feet tall. the hope is to prevent fence jumping incidents. some of the equipment was tested last month in quantico.
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approval from two agencies before beginning construction. stopping the spread of the zika virus will be top of mind on capitol hill today. the nation's top expert on infectious diseases will lay out his strategy. dr. take yfauci has said compet bills in congress don't allocate enough money to combat the disease. fauci also says mosquitos here in the u.s. could begin to carry and transmit the disease in the next month. today's heating comes as a group of senators raises concerns about the safety of american athletes at the summer olympics in rio. 11 senators sent a letter to the u.s. olympic committee yesterday asking what steps it's taking to protect athletes against the virus. in news for your health, more americans are kicking their smoking habits faster than ever before. the rate of smoking amonged a
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adulted dropped to 15% last year. a new government report out says smoking rate only drops one point or less per year. centers for disease control is not sure why the drop was so large. a new study into infant sleep may help new parents get a little extra sleep. research shows that letting infants cry themselves to sleep may not give them emotional or behavioral problems as once believed. it found that they would fall asleep on average 13 minutes sooner and it did not change stress levels results. always hard do. i was a wimp when they were barry babies. not so much now, but when they were baby, i was worried something was wrong with them. >> i don't stay long enough. crying baby, i'm out. we're seeing a big impact this rain is having on our area. >> spring sports are way behind schedule. soccer and baseball fields are all soaked. one
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practices washed out. canceled practices, a lot of game. practices they just lose out on on, games they're trying to reschedule and at this point it's all the way to like mid to he saend of june. >> maryland soccer plex had to cancel 240 game thas it can't make up. rockville youth sports leagues are about three week behind schedule. and just lost time, lost money. from not enough time or spaces to make up all the games for all the sports. like the airlines, too. weather is beyond their control. >> chuck bell, though, it's i don't understand your control, too. >> but we'll give you full credit for this good weather. >> yeah, i've been taking the blame for the rain over the the last honesty, so i can take at least a little credit for all the sunshine coming our way. our cloudy rainy, cool pattern that has been stuck with us here for about a month is now officially turning the corner. today is the transition day. nice looking morning outside.
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sky for now and a lot of lingering dampness, but here comes the sun, everybody. most areas today will be back up near 80 degrees for the first time in literally a month. it was april 26 the last time we touched 80 degrees. so the rain out of here for now. still maybe a couple sprinkles across northeastern maryland, but the bulk is off to the coastline and it's rain free. just in the hospital of may, we've had over 5 inches of rain. as hard as it may be to believe, since march 1st, we still have behind in spring rainfall by the tune of about an inch. we're about average for the year, but because march and april were so warm and dry, it's-ly been a dry spring though it has been a soggy may. outside now, 48 this martinsburg, that's the cool spot. 52 manassas, 57 now in washington. there is the spine. came up at 5:489.
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and high temperatures today, in it 80s we will go. 85 with full sunshine tomorrow. and then thursday a chance of an afternoon shower or thundershower. no big washout. friday looks warm and dry. so does saturday. up fear 90. still keeping a much closer eye on the second half of the weekend. inner loop at new hampshire, it got out of the way pretty quickly. outer loop just a little slow, that is totally normal here for this time of day. so nothing to really worry about there. in arlington, south courthouse near columbia pike, a multicar ca crash there. chop other the way to river road still shut down at partnership. all lanes blocked because of a pole down. as we widen out a bit, the beltway overall looking pretty good. all of the many routes in and out of town are rolling along quite
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up. it is just after 6:20. and you can see the security lines are starting to grow at reagan national airport. the shakeup made at tsa as tralers brace for a rough summer. but first hoping for a sign. steps a virginia woman is taking to try to nd an organ toe nor. fi
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a brand new report how safe muscle cars are. none qualified for the top safety rating. the organization ranked tree cars, the camaro, mustang and challenger. a car needs to get a good rating in all possible categories. camaro needed a front crash prevention system. the challenger had the
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for improvement. seuss ap husan hogan will have the ratings later today. doe virginia dominion is cutting rates because of fuel rises. the cheaper rates are expected to last until september. 6:25. spring field woman says she's not counting on chance, but she is hoping for a sign. pamela allison needs a kidney and is hoping to find a donor on her own before her kidney disease progresses. that is why she and her husband are putting up signs like this one all over town. >> i just came down the road and saw the different signs that people put up from tutoring to like vote for so-and-so for senator and i was like, well, it has to work for some people, so why not give this a try. >> pamela's situation is not unusual. the united
6:26 am
sharing says 122,000 people are waiting for organ donors. like pamela, 100,000 of them need a kidney. pamela tells us that no one has contacted her yet, but she's not giving up hope. >> and there is a need to feel like you're a part the process to make something happen. so good to her. criticism for a new proposal that aims to raise money for the national park service. why opponents say it would cheapen your experience. plus a look at the problem on river road. we're still shut down. details coming up. >> reporter: i'm kristin wright at reagan national airport. the tsa has just replaced its head of security. what this change could mean for thse long lines at the aoir
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i'm angie goff at the live desk with this just in. a political poll and it is not looking good for either of t
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presidential frontrunners. at least if we're talking a popularity contest here. real quick, want to go to the head to head match-up first. really nothing has changed since last week. clinton maintaining a sliver of a lead with four points, 47% for 43% over donald trump. that is pretty much a dead heat. now if we go to what a majority of americans think, a lot say they it not like hillary clinton and donald trump, nearly 6 in in 10 americans, that is nearly 58% saying they like hillary clinton while we have 63% expressing the same type of opinion for donald trump. this is the nbc new survey monkey tracking poll done weekly with a margin of error of 1%. i'm angie goff at the live desk. back to you. good morning. we are coming up on 6:31 on a tuesday morning. here are the 4 things you need to know. most important, rain coming to an end. yay for that. number
6:31 am
begin. real feel of summer, temperatures may be near 90 before the week is through. and tropical storm season starts june 1. temperatures are in the upper 50s around the metro, already 61 in leesburg, but a cooler 49 in martinsburg. so here is the next 24 hours. here comes summer, cloudy in the 50s now, how about temperatures near 80 with sunshine for today. and a nice beautiful start coming up for tomorrow morning. only real concern for the holiday weekend, hurricane season starts june 1 and we may have tropical issues on memorial day. but there is a lot way between now and then. >> fingers crossed. chopper 4 river road at partnership, take a look, that is the car that went off the roadway here late last night pulling down a pole and some wires. so they are still trying to reopen river road shut down there at partnership. southbound gw parkway before the roosevelt bridge, crash on the left side of the roadway there. new hampshire avenue at
6:32 am
chaney, brand new crash reported in that area. southbound bw parkway at 202, an accident there. and 95 north at prince william parkway. there is a big shakeup at the tsa this morning. the head of security is replaced and reassigned to new duties. this move comes as long lines have gripped the nation's airports. kristin wright is live at the reagan national. so what are people saying about this move? >> reporter: they're saying that maybe it will be a good thing. yes, the tsa's head of security is out. the move is part of a series of changes to hopefully address the problem of the long lines. it's so bad that passengers are missing flights because they're stuck in line. travelers are getting stranded in unreasonably long lines to get through security. we're talking two, three showers. in chicago, 450 american
6:33 am
flights out of o'hare on sunday because of the lines. the tsa says they will hire more officers to hopefully alleviate some of these lines. we talk the to soed to some peo. >> some suggestions are pretty good like stop charging for checked bags. if everybody could -- i know this is impossible, but come within they're just within an hour and a half of their flight, the lines would disappear. >> reporter: so the line at the this check point at reagan national this morning isn't bad at all, but it really depends on where you go and when p. and remember we have the busy summer travel season pop us now. so #i hate the wait is gaining momentum on social media. >>
6:34 am
and we're showing you a rare look at the training and equipment that keeps passengers safe at the airport. this is tsif, the transportation system integration facility inside reagan national airport. and it focuses on training employees and developing high tech equipment all to keep passengers safe. >> our threat is constantly changing, so our equipment has to keep up with the threat as well as stay a little bit ahead of it. >> there are new slimmer body scanners and a collection of all kinds of travel bags on the market. the tsa says pre-packed security bins and life like mannequins help train its agents to better about pick up on threats. you can see adam's full report on our nbc washington app. in the day ahead, bill cosby appearing in a pennsylvania courtroom for a key hearing in his criminal sex assault case. it will determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to send the 78-year-old enter taper to trial. cosby is
6:35 am
h molesting in 2004. he says it was consensual. cosby faces up to ten years if convicted. betwetwo students attacked n a week of each other, both happened in northwest in the second police district. this most recent attack happened last month near georgetown day school. surveillance video shows three suspects beating and kicking the victim to the ground. police didn't being ton't think are related. day school has held an assembly focused on training and has modified patrol patrols. >> more money for the parks but the way it's coming is controversial. tom sherwood tells us what could happen and talked to supporters and critics. >> reporter: the national park service is celebrating 100 years. but everyone knows the national arc service needs more
6:36 am
from creeks to grand canyons, the budget is strained to cover more than 400 national parks and 300 million visitors every year. it's now deciding on a new policy to display it is create credit for park operations or repairs. >> we're getting comments about that, but there has been a lot of hysterical headlines really. >> reporter: but critics say the concern is real. that discreet corporate logo credit would glow glow corporations could influence how parks are both seen and managed. >> this isn't about philanthropy, it's about marketing. >> reporter: a rewrite of park service policies has been batted around for more than a decade. the park service hopes to have its new plan in place by year's end. tom sherwood, news 4. today the nation's top spellers will begin competing at the national scripps national
6:37 am
spelling bee. nearly 300 students will take written tests today before they head to the stage tomorrow. and one of this year's spelling beacon tes tants has an extra challenge ahead of him. neal maze was born deaf and now lives with cochlear implants. he's been memorizing thousands of words. when he competed in his home competition, the announcer actually wore are a transmitter around the neck to help him hear a little better. the implants are great, but sometimes hard to block out other noise. >> way to go. >> yeah, his mom wanted to make sure that he was able to do things that other kids were able to do and to compete and have fun like everybody else. >> we wish neal the best and all the competitors. we're making it harder to get the best price. the change you will notice the next time you buy something on amazon. >> a live look at national harbor. we're seeing something we n'
6:38 am
chuck bell preparing your kids for the school day at 6:41. >> but first, new criticism for the nfl over player safety. what a new congressional report is accusing the league of.
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6:41 am
the nfl is denying a congressional report claiming it tried to cover up a concussion study. a new jersey congressman says the nfl agreed to fund a $30 million study on football and brain disease, and then backed out. the report claims the nfl wanted the that is al institutes of health to take away funding from a researcher the league feared was biased. the sun has risen for the day, chuck, just waiting for to get to work. >> absolutely. it's already starting to warm things up a little bit and, map, will it be a beautiful day outside today. here is the view from our tower camera looking westbound out towards tysons corner. look at all that blue sky out there
6:42 am
soak it in, everybody. last of the rain drops are off southern maryland. a few more shower this is northeastern maryland, but they won't be bothering us. school day forecast, partly to mostly cloudy at times. temperatures near 60 at the bus stop. reset gcess gets a "b" because e puddles. you can leave the umbrella at home, we are back to t-shirts and shorts weather and that will last the rest of the week. wait until you see the 7 day just ten minutes from now. >> reporter: what one passenger says she will do to protect herself after news broke about a sex assault on a moving metro train. i'm hknow let group, that story next. and another virginia governor finds himself the focus of a federal investigation. why the fbi is looking in to donations made to governor terry mcauliffe. more than a million more cars added to the takata air bag recall. we'll show which you will holgds are now on the list. plus a rare air show over the national
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and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. your safety on metro is in the spotlight after an attempted rape aboard a moving train. what we're learning about the attack and what riders are telling us. >> it's one of the stories we're working on to get you up to the minute the minute you're up.
6:46 am
forecast. >> there is more and more sunshine coming your way as the day goes along. in the upper 50s now. we'll be flirting with 80 degrees by later on this afternoon. your complete "7-day forecast" and a look at the holiday weekend coming right up. some good news for metro. federal lawmakers plan on give the agency the funding it has been asking for. today the house appropriations committee will formally propose $150 million for the agency. last year it recommended cutting that funding in half. metro's gm paul wiedefeld will also be on the hill today to explain how the agency will use the money to fix safety issues. >> metro riders are upset this morning after finding out about an armed and violent attack on a moving train. it happened more than a month ago and metro made no public announcement. the suspect is this ma
6:47 am
this is not the first time he's been accused of a sexual crime on metro. let's check in with molette green at glenmont metro with more reaction. >> reporter: good morning. passengers this morning are talking about their personal safety on the rails. we're talking about an incident that started on the red line and ended it up up here at this station where court documents are saying high definition surveillance video from the station helped i.d. the suspect. here is the image, the mug shot of the 39-year-old suspect about, john hicks. in jail without bond. the big concern for people is that they are just finding out about this attack that happened a month ago and it's the second one he's accused of on a metro train. so passengers telling me this morning they're considering other ways to protect themselves. >> i tend to nod off on t
6:48 am
i'm not going to do that. and just be more alert. i don't know if it's allowed, but i might have to get myself pepper spray so i'm prepared for that. >> reporter: the sex assault reported just one day after in the troh dealt with a deadly stabbing at the deanwood station. in the hours ahead today, we will try to find out from the general manager of metro and of course metro transit police about their response, their public communication about this incident. that is the latest live from the glenmont station, molette green, news 4. slow roll of metro will continue. it is impacting tens of thousands of riders along the blue, orange and silver lines. repairs to the section of track near mcpherson square are forcing inbound trains to go more slowly than normal. the idea is to minimize the risk of a fire. developing now, would people are
6:49 am
figure out what happened. officers found the victims last night inside an apartment on jurgensen drive. not far from quantico creek. a family member first alerted police when he couldn't get in touch with one of the victims. police say the deaths do not appear to be random. today a 17-year-old facing two murder charges will appear in court. today's hearing involves a deadly shooting of officer duty secret service officer arthur baldwin jr. maurice bellamy and another man are charged with his death during a robbery. at the time, bellamy was already in custody for alledgedly killing devonavonte washington the teen wodeanwood metro stati. it is wheels down in ho chi minh for president obama. here is a look at the video as he exits air force one. within this past hour and a half, he's been able to visit an historic landmark and he's now at a co-working space whe
6:50 am
opportunities for the vietnam people. this comes after earlier marks this morning investigating the importance of human rights in the country. he will continue to stay in vee either them throughout the day and then his trip through asia continues with the next stop being in japan. aaron, back to you. 6:50. developing this morning, in just a few hours, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is likely to face questions about an investigation into his 2013 campaign. the fbi is looking in to whether manage call liv the campaign accepted illegal donations. federal officials say investigators are looking at overlaps and specifically contributions from wang, a chinese politician. an attorney says, quote, contributions to the campaign from mr. wang were completely
6:51 am
lawful. the governor will certainly corporate with the government if he is contacted about it. two of virginia's top republicans are asking the state's highest court to block hundreds of thousands of felons from voting in november. they say the governor's executive order restoring voting rights of convicts is unconstitutional abuse of power and that it's a political move to help democrats win the white house this november. keep your eye open for some high flying stunts over the national mall today. it's all part of the canadian armed forces, the snow birds air demonstration team will make on two passes around noon. after the flyover, they're heading to the smithsonian near dulles. tomorrow visitors can get an upclose look at the jets. always cool. and you're like not as good as our guys. >> well, we have the blue angels and some they do great work. >> they reallydo
6:52 am
"weather center" keeping an eye on the forecast for us. >> look at this, a bright shining object in the sky. we get to keep it for the rest of the day as the weather pattern is finally turning the corner toward summertime. plenty of clouds in our so you were skies this morning, but on the whole it's an improving weather picture for us. warn and sunny, temperatures back near 80 degrees. above average for the first time in forever. right now it's 57 in washington, 54 manassas, 52 in winchester. temperatures will rise quickly with more and more sunshine. we should be in the low 70s by 11:00 or noon. by the afternoon, upper 70s to away around 80. more and more sunshine. so if you're headed down to the ballpark, nationals an mets first pitch at 7:05, it will be sunny and warm near
6:53 am
beautiful evening for baseball coming up. tomorrow, i can't even remember the last time i had four suns on the panels for the tomorrow forecast. highs tomorrow mid-80s around here. starting to feel like summer and that of course means that it's just about time for hurricane season. it starts on june 1. i bring this up because if you start hearing about alex, that's the first name on the list. that concern is because of the sunday/monday time frame for memorial day. not a guarantee yet. we're watching it carefully. but there could be the first named system of the year off the care carry coastline by sunday/monday. in the meantime, just sunny and warm. maybe a hint of summer humidity. >> sounds good. just want to see the sun. anything remotely yellow to me is great. new hampshire avenue northbound at briggs chaney road, we still have northbound lanes blocked. southbound bw parkway at 202, crash reported there. prince george's county, overall looking pretty good.
6:54 am
inbound branch avenue on 5 there, 29 miles per hour. slow spots on 56, manassas there, 95 is woodbridge. so pretty normal there. southbound gw parkway before the roosevelt bridge, crash on the left side. 270 at falls, looking pretty good overall. river road still shut down at partnership because of that role. red lynn siine single tracking e of a problem at medical center. here at the live desk with breaking news, going through twitter and he seeing that bwi marshall saying that the faa tower there at the airport is evacuating because of a fire alarm. it says operations are delayed pending resolution. as of right now, we've been making calls. we don't have any word of any flights being delayed, but always a good idea to check with your airline. it is a big shakeup at the tsa with the goal of easing those long lines we've been seeing at airports across the cry
6:55 am
summer travel season. kristin wright is live at reagan national this morning. what steps is the agency taking? >> reporter: well, when you fly, do you expect to wait of course, but not hours upon hours and then miss your flight because of it. but that's happening. not so bad at ray gap national this morning. tsa hopes removing kelly hoggan from his position as head of security will fix it. with the agency since 2013, hoggan is being resigned and replaced. so this move is part of a series of changes including hiring of more tsa officers and the creation of a national incident command center at tsa headquarters in virginia. so as i mentioned, not bad here at reagan national this morning, but some waiting as many as three hours at some of the major hubs in our country right now. back to you. >> kristin
6:56 am
6:55. another new recall involving deadly takata air bags. toyota is recalling lexus, corolla, matrix, 4 runner models. more than 1.5 million cars in total. cars have the takata air bags that can explode in your car crashes. it's been blamed for several deaths. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. amazon has quietly dropped its price match guarantee oefn everything sxecexcept tvs. tech crunch reports the change took effect earlier this mocht, b month. with your c nbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. here are 4 things to know before you head out. muscle cars, none coming back as a top savefety pick in the late
6:57 am
institute for highway safety says they all fell short. and a forensics official says it's possible there was an explosion on the egyptplane. and dr. fauci says mosquitos in the u.s. could carry and trace mitt t transit zika virus in the next month. and thank youor waking f
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight. major shakeup. the tsa's head of security is out. a new national command center created. hundreds of screeners added to help alleviate the long lines. will it be enough? taking shots. donald trump defends his new attack ad focused on bill clinton's past, while hillary clinton slams trump's business records. >> how can anybody lose money running a casino, really? >> and bernie sanders warns the democratic convention will be messy. >> that's what democracy is about. >> our one-on-one straight ahead. dangerous storms. tornadoes in oklahoma, large hail causing drivers in texas to seek shelter.


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