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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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metrotransity police and how they're now going to report violent crimes and that change coming after an outcry about a suspected rape last month along the red line. that pretty much wasn't known until yesterday and that was a major change that happened just this afternoon. now as far as this morning, yeah. water problems here at the medical center station and that has been an ongoing issue here and a lot of water seeping down on to the tracks after all that rain, creating a big mess. >> crammed, crowded trains up and down the red line as metro hit with another round of arcing insulators. the look on riders' faces enough to tell you this was a terrible morning commute. >> we watched the metropolitan area transit authority. >> capitol hill where congressional leaders were grilling metro leaders about the disrepair in the system. illinois congressman dan lipinski said he regularly rides the red
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>> i said i'm getting on my bike to ride the 17 miles down to capitol hill because i don't know when i'm going to get in. i think metro in so many ways is, unfortunately, an embarrassment of our nation's capitol. >> reporter: this morning's issues messed up the morning commute. metro gm paul wiedefeld said it was all related to water issues. >> as you know there was a lot of rain in the last two or three weeks and that not only brings moisture and sediment and then clings to the insulators and collects dust and the brakes and that keeps that cycle going. >> reporter: we've documented the water problems in this section of track even though maintenance crews are putting an extra focus the red line right now. metro says maintenance teams haven't had a chance to make meaningful repairs at the medical center and this morning that turned into one brutal commute. at the height of this morning's commute and the problems, some reported delays of well over an
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suspected rain case, we'll ask the general manager exactly when he found out about the rape case, back to you. >> adam tuss live in bethesda. we'll check back at 6:00. thanks. metro repairs are under way. the county has just two weeks to prepare for the impact of single tracking that it's announced on the orange and silver lines and then months of more work after that. the county wants you to think about ride sharing and telework. it will also set up supplemental bus and other services. board chairman bulova warns that the month ahead will not be easy. i'm impressed that the office of transportation has put together as many plans as they have within a very short period of time. >> the county supports metro's safety moves and it's ready to help you get through it. for specific details about added service
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safe track in the nbc washington app. right now an 18-year-old is facing charges for the death of a fellow high school student in fairfax county. police tell us david ebb ee eee evers. he went to centreville high school along with 17-year-old alexia ing from springer. springer was discovered dead in her home last march. she overdosed on morphine, oxycodone and ethanol. police are calling it a huge development in a jewelry heist turned shopping center shootout. two suspects behind bars tonight. northern virginia reporter david culver is live in sprins field's brookfield plaza to explain just how police tracked them down. david? >> reporter: jim, i've been speaking with several shoppers here today and they feel much more at ease and not one, but two suspects are in jail. this is a case
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this jewelry store and a shootout in this shopping center. it ended up in new jersey yesterday with one of the suspects about to board a flight. >> a relieved smile on his face after days of uneasiness. he says today he's feeling grateful. so very grateful. >> i thank the fairfax county police and i have faith in them. they did ray very good job. >> friday's robbery and subsequent shootout in front of his store left him in stock and without 80% of his jewelry inventory. >> he could have killed me and he also shot on a guy who was a bystander or this or that. >> the police chief announced the arrest this morning. >> through our investigative efforts with the detectives, we were able to piece together where they were and who they were. >> the two suspects both from waldorf, maryland. 24-year-old william timothy franklin and jezmind
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>> the fact he was at the airport suggests trying to leave. >> trying to flee through an airplane. >> the chief is confident a passing driver who was hit by the suspect's gun fire will survive. internal affairs will review the actions of the cop who confronted the gunman in what was a busy shopping center. >> to the officer -- >> this officer is a hero. >> the both suspects now awaiting extradition to fairfax county. >> they shot at a police officer. they injured a community member. this is huge. we've taken two violent individuals off the street and we are about to bring them to justice. >> at 6:00, why more arrests could still be in the works. in springfield virginia, david culver, news 4. his officers will stay up-to-date on new and updated policies through a new app or new apps. the city's police commissioner says the police will find the policies in apps and could be
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that announcement comes after the judge found one of the officers charged in the freddie gray case not guilty. the new apps launched in july. the adrenaline is rushing and it's a fight or flight scenario and you think your loved one is being held hostage and you are absolutely hand strung. >> the news 4 i team told you about a type of scam sweeping the region. first, it was montgomery county and then prince william county and the archdiocese of washington and george mason university. more evidence tonight that it's spreading across our region. >> fairfax county schools tells us it is happening to parents in their district. someone calls to tell them that their child has been kidnapped. the caller then asks parents to pay ransom via wire transfer in each case and the child turned out to be safe at school. if you get
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police. >> terry mcauliffe says he is certain he's never accepted any illegal campaign donation. that in the wake of news that there is a federal investigation under way. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was with the governor today and asked him what's going on. >> reporter: a crowd of local and national media surrounded governor mcauliffe as he arrived at the event of the probation and parole office in alexandria. he stepped up to the question were any of his donations to the campaign illegal? >> what's your level of confidence that you have not taken illegal campaign money? >> 100%. >> reporter: according to on media reports, it includes campaign donation from this man, wealthy chinese businessman. he sits on the nyu board of trustees. a permanent legal resident of this country, wong has also contributed large amounts to harvard university. mcauliffe says he's not sure he's even met wong.
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vetted the businessman and found his contribution was legal. >> all i can do is rely on two law firms who did the vetting on this check. i can only rely, i personally didn't get the check. i rely on the people who did the vetting for it. they said he had a green card from 2007. so a contribution came in and they have unequivocally said that he was entitled to write a check. >> a top virginia republican said word that the federal investigation took him by surprise. he says coming in the wake of the probe that led to a federal conviction for former governor bob mcdonald, this latest inquiry, more bad news. >> it's sad for virginia that we have a governor, which makes it all the more likely and it is not a politically motivated investigation and something very concerning. governor mcauliffe stresses he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. >> as you know, governor mcauliffe, one of the biggest supporters of
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presidential front-runner hillary clinton and a look into whether his investigation into his campaign donations could hurt her campaign in battleground, virginia. >> reporting live, i'm julie carey, news 4. >> in the race for the white house the attacks are getting nastier and they are getting more personal between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> trump is going after hillary and bill clinton with instagram posts targeting the former president's alleged sex scandals and calling the former first couple, quote, dirty players. clinton is blasting trump for comments he made about the housing market appearing to suggest it would benefit him and others who could buy property. and even as clinton gears up for a possible general election showdown, she still has a primary to finish out. news 4's chris lawrence has more from the newsroom on that. >> hillary clinton and burdeny sanders are campaigning today in california and both of them are holding rallies tonight. let's take a quick look
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hillary clinton is within 84 delegates of becoming the democrats presumptive nominee. her best chance of clinching the nomination comes two weeks from today when voters cast their ballots in california and five other states. the largest share will come out of california with 475 pledge delegates available. sanders was speaking to a big crowd in anaheim today and told supporters if he wins the golden state it could propel him to the nomination. sanders also said trump would be, quote, toast if he has to face him in the general. clinton is also making a big push on the west coast with appearances throughout southern california. the front-runner is going after donald trump, reiterating comments she made online that criticized what he said about the housing market ten years ago. she told a crowd in los angeles more has to be done to support family, and during her stop in l.a. clinton did sit down with ellen degeneres.
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tomorrow at 3:00 before news 4 at 4:00. >> new video just into the newsroom. our first look at the chase on the beltway with the lawyer accused in the brutal kidnapping and attempted murder of a couple in northern virginia. how could this hurt his defense of involuntary intoxication. >> tires taken, a cadillac on blocks at this home in potomac. what's going on here? i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news 4. and i'm consumer reporter susan hogan. imagine driving a brand new car and it stalls repeatedly? it happened to a virginia couple and when the dealer couldn't find a problem they called nbc 4 responds and next we get answers and more. we had not seen 80 at all this month until today. the 80s are back and they're here to stay. the complete forecast
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now nbc 4 responds. a virginia couple says their brand new jeep kept stalling and so did their efforts to get any recourse. so that's when they call
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get help and accelerate a solution. >> imagine this, you're driving your brand new car through a major intersection and suddenly it shuts off and horns are honking and the car won't start. a fairfax couple said it happened to them. not once, not twice, but multiple times. >> georgia and joyce decided it was time to treat themselves. >> right before we retire we're going to go all out and get a brand new car. they brought a 2015 cherokee limited and they drove a gas-saving feature known as ess in which the engine shuts itself off as it stops and starts up as you continue to drive. while driving the intersection, the car according to george stalled. >> the lights flashed and everything locked up. >> you must have been in a panic. to say the least. this wasn't a one-time occurrence. >>
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again. >> and again. >> the jeep completely died. everything stopped. when george took the car in, service records show that particular issue even happened to one of the technicians in the service lane. the dealership replaced a fuel pod, but the car according to george continued to have problems. >> as you can imagine my frustration. the dealership could not duplicate the stalling issue and therefore offered no recourse initially and that's when they contacted nbc responds. we contaced fiat chrysler automobiles and assured us it would continue to look further. days later patelos said things started happening. >> we started getting calls from the dealership and now chrysler headquarters. >> we decided to dig deeper and that's when we found similar complaints on although the complaints are
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seriously its commitment to safety and continuously tracks the performance of their vehicles. as far as the patel on's jeep, so now you have finally, you're getting heard. >> yes. >> you're getting heard, not us. i think the media was getting heard and because of what you do, we began getting heard. >> despite exhaustive testing it agreed to provide the patelos with another vehicle. just last week the patelos turned in their car and drove off with this. a brand-new 2016 jeep cherokee without having to shell out a dime. >> i actually broke down in tears at work. we will eternally be grateful. >> the company said it could not rule out unfamiliarity with the ess technology with the start/stop technology with the possibility for the issues the patelos were having and the highway safety administration tells us it was not investigating any stalling
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issues with the 2015 jeep. and if you have a consumer problem, give us a call online and tell us all about it and call 844-nbc-dc44. >> you are making new lifelong friends every day. >> they're praying for me so i'll take it any way we can. >> they're happy campers. >> luxury cars and their parts are becoming more valuable and they're also becoming more enticing for potential thieves and news 4's pat collins caught up with a woman who had her vehicle targeted in her own driveway and he joins us live from greenbelt and it's 518. do you know where your wheels are? are you sure? >> we're very hurt. my husband works very hard for his family and he works hard and
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we have something nice and to have it just taken away from you. >> this is the smith home in potom potomac. this is the driveway of the home. normally, this is where they park their cadillac escalade. it's not here today. it's not like someone stole it, but it's almost just as bad. >> you see, in the dark of night someone or a group of someones came in and stole all four, count them four wheels off the cadillac escalade. they were kind enough to leave them resting on cinder blocks and when gianti came out and saw it. >> it was heart wrenching like something out of a movie. >> so what about the lug locks, pat? these wheel steelers, carefully broke out this window without triggering the alarm, they got inside and got the lug lock key
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nascar fast. >> they were professional and they knew exactly what they were doing. >> police say there have been 35 wheel theft incidents in montgomery county since march 1st. david quackenbush is with capital cadillacs collision center. he has this advice on keeping your wheels. >> i would recommend if you can, i know some people can't keep the vehicle inside and that's probably the safest thing, having a good alarm system on the vehicle, an after-market put on the vehicle with motion detectors, that sort of thing and then wheel locks on the wheels might slow them down. >> so let's talk money. escalade wheels $800. escalade tires $300, collateral damage from a theft like this, the sky could be the limit on that. jim, back to you. >> wow! pretty pricey stuff there. pat collin
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have you seen the signs? they're all over the place and good reason for strangers to stop and take notice. >> also, it's a bold call for help for survivors of sex assaults who serve our country every day. my treatment by the military is a profound betrayal. i don't understand how the army could fail to hold my ♪ stand by me
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. the best day of the month, at reeft the first time we've hit 80 this month and we've had one or two other sunny day and nothing like today. high temperatures today in the low to mid-80s. right now 83 degrees and the current number at the airport and winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. the first time we've hit 80 in may, that is saying something here. our average today is 77 and we should hit 80 frequently. down toward quantico. nice and mild everywhere and nice and warm everywhere. no rain. we are going to dry out just a little bit and i can finally mow my lawn and i was talking to my neighbors and that lawn will be mowed tomorrow. trust me. sunshine across the region and it's still spinning look up he
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colder around 50s and still dealing with the rain and we are on the back side of that storm and that means nothing, but sunshine for the next few days and the warm temperatures, too. 83 in d.c. and 85 in virginia beach and you're thinking of heading down toward the beaches and 78 there. new york only 70 as it is much closer to the storm as it moves on out. the bus stop forecast, a great start. the warmest morning we've seen in quite some time. 85 degrees tomorrow afternoon with abundant sunshine and we'll see a high tomorrow of 86 in the city and 85 leesburg and 83 back toward i-81 and 87 in fredericksburg and nice everywhere tomorrow and plenty of sun, beautiful weather. low humidity tomorrow and we won't be dealing with much of that at all and the impact will be on the low side and about as low as you can go. can you go any lower than low and just a beautiful afternoon. 86 on your wednesdayan
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mentioned low humidity on friday. we'll be seeing the heat index and the first time wooe talking about that, too. and maybe 92 and 9 for the heat index on friday and as for as the storm goes. 30% chance and most of this well back toward the mountains, and starting off the holiday weekend on a very good note. 87 on saturday and tom kierein at 5:45, however, talking about what could be a potential tropical system moving up just in time for memorial day. muchmore on that forecast coming up in a bit. >> thank you, doug. >> security lines have been a nightmare at our nation's airport. >> they go on and on, and it seems like someone else is paying for it other than travelers. we have live reports on the shake-up as the tsa from nbc's tom costelo. i'm darcy spencer in prince georges county. we are used to seeing police officers wearing these
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theic vests and another department is considering buying them and having their folks wear them. i'll tell you who and why coming up on news 4. i'm tom sherwood in the district. we all know about 10 downing street in london where the prime minister lives. well, could this house, 10 colorado circle be whe theer jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing?
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everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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just in to the live desk the attorney general says the federal government will seek the death penalty against the charleston church shooter. dylann roof is accused of killing nine people last june as they attended bible study at emanuel ame church. his motive appears to be race related. loretta lynch released a statement saying the nature of the crime and the resulting harm compelled her decision. roof is facing the death pen at ney south carolina. that trial is scheduled to start in january. jim? >> chris lawrence. chris, thank you. the firefighters may wear ballistic vests like what police wear to keep them safe. >> it's in response to the shooting death of a firefighter last month. as darcy spencer reports there are details to work out before the vests are deployed. firefighters rush into burning buildings every day, but more and more they're coming d
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very people they're trying to help. two prince georges county firefighters were shot. one of them died after they forced their way into a home to help a man they believed was in medical did i stress. now the fire chief is looking into having his firefighters wear bafltic vests just like police officers. >> do they feel safer doing their job with that vest on and number two, will it provide them that protection if in the event something should happen again? >> the chief tried on a shirt-type vest wearing up to four pounds as he looks to equipping 2400 career firefighters with this added layer of protection. the vest costs between $400 and $500 a piece. you can begin to see firefighters wearing them between now and october. there are still lots of things to work out. would firefighters have to wear the vest while they're on duty or simply out on a call? would it bema
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firefighters choose if they want to wear them? >> the fire departments from across the country have already begun to use them. the chief says he'll look into what's working and get comments from within the department before moving forward. >> you have it to our membership and volunteer to career and purchasing and issuing ballistic vests. darcy spencer, news 4. a developing story tonight more than a decade after he was first accused of sexual misconduct. bill cosby will stand trial. a pennsylvania judge says there is enough evidence to proceed with a criminal trial setting the stage for a legal battle over the prosecution's evidence involving andrea constand. rosemary connors has the rest of the story. >> reporter: we got a preview of the arguments expected later this year at cosby's criminal trial. the defense portrayed the relationship with andrea
5:33 pm
they continued to talk and meet after the alleged assault. the defense said they exchanged gifts. she gave him bath salts on one occasion. constand even allegedly asked cosby for tickets to his show. revealing that at some point before the alleged assault, cosby tried to make a move on constand touching her breast and she rebuffed him and told him to stop. this is the motivation for giving her pills and wine on the night in question because she would be incapable of saying no. she told police that she was paralyzed, couldn't speak and before she knew it cosby had his hands up her shirt, down her pants and placed her hands on him. >> the point of this was that it was intoxicating to her and that she was unable to consent. that's the crime, that's the charges that were bound over and we
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in court. >> there was no crime committed here and no evidence of a crime here and the inconsistence they plagued this from the beginning continue to plague it now. this case should end immediately. it's possible thousands of people on the u.s. mainland may have contracted the zika virus while traveling abroad. that word today from top u.s. health officials. say most people aren't aware they've been infected. >> if they come back from a region and they have a pregnant wife, clearly you should be if you've been infected or highly suspected of being infected, use a condom for the duration of the pregnancy. >> experts say you should keep using repellent for several weeks even after you get back from the country impacted by zika. the idea cutting down on the rick of a mosquito biting you and infecting someone else. it's a sign we should all
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a local military wife needs your help and she's doing whatever she can to get your atte
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as those long tsa security lines grow at airports around the country, so do the lines to help people avoid the wait. the tsa is encouraging you to enroll in the pre-check program. news 4 found out that if they go to register in person you
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you can also make an appointment to do that. some travelers we spoke with today said it wasn't a quick process, but that it was easy. >> i made the appointment probably three weeks ago, but i mean, for me it was fine. our travel isn't for some time. >> we'll have more on what you need to do and where you need to go and what you can expect if you sign up for the tsa pre-check program on news 4 at 6:00 tonight. >> when you do fly, how long before taking a domestic flight do you like to get to the airport? that's the flash survey question today. so far most of you say one to two hours. that should be enough. traveling this memorial day weekend and thinking about getting ahead of the crowds. if you are planning to leave on thursday you may want to reconsider that. traffic analysts with the transportation planning board say traffic is consistently worse on thursday than on friday. the research suggests the best time to leave is very late thurs
5:39 pm
morning. it is one of the most talked about stories on the nbc washington app. >> where is the first family moving after they leave the white house? we'll have a look at the neighborhood and even the house that could become their new d.c. home. it was day three of testimony in the trial against andrew schmuhl, the man who is facing charges of torturing a mclane attorney and his wife leaving them inside their home to die. coming up, you'll see the video that jors sawur
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. >> new video just into the newsroom gives us our look at the chase of a married couple. lawyers accused of kidnapping another couple in their northern virginia home. andrew schmuhl says he was involuntarily intoxicated during the attack. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is at the fairfax county courthouse with more on what the jurors heard today. meagan? >> the jurors started out with jurors hearing from fairfax county police officers who were there the night that andrew schmuhl and his wife alecia were arrested. it's the dash cam video that shows the picture of what happened moments after that crime. in court today the jury saw this video and heard from one of the offs
5:43 pm
alecia schmuhl's car on the beltway. it was just 30 minutes after fairfax county police were called to this mclane home where leo fisher and his wife were found stabbed, tortured and left to die inside. the officer testified that alecia was driving and andrew was in the passenger seat. the officer said, quote, i could see both passenger and driver talking to one another. it looked like they were arguing. i could see the passenger discarding his clothing. minutes later, police say alecia pulled the car over in a parking lot on the 7000 block of commerce street and the couple was arrested. prosecutors asked one of the arresting officers, quote, when you see him at this point what was he wearing? the officer said, quote, only an adult diaper. the jury was shown this video of andrew schmuhl being placed in the back of the police car moments after he was arrested. officers testified that alecia schmuhl seemed coherent while
5:44 pm
consciousness and didn't seem alert to taking a handful of prescription pills. moments later police told the jury that andrew schmuhl was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. now alecia schmuhl will be tried separately. her husband's defense is saying that it was alecia who was the one that convinced her husband to commit the crime while he was heavily medicated on prescription pills. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what homicide detectives told jurors that they recovered from the crime scene. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. president obama and his family are in the final months of living in the white house. when they move out in january, high level speculation about where is currently focussed on the sheridan neighborhood. that's where tom sherwood took
5:45 pm
look today. >> reporter: the white house, lafayette square every day filled with all those tourists, where to go for a change of pace when moving this january? >> maybe the quiet, upscale streets off of sheridan and connecticut and massachusetts avenues. the national journal this week quoting sources said the obamas have zeroed in on sheridan colorama and named no specific house. this one on colorama circle might do, but the driveway is small. real estate agents point to maybe this house, 10 colorama circle. privacy and off street, hidden away parking. the lease, $9500 a month, agents say it went off the market last week. when we called and asked about the house, the phone went dead. >> the number you are calling is temporarily unavailable. please try later. >> maybe that doesn't mean anything, but neighbors would welcome the obamas. sally burke
5:46 pm
preservationist in this neighborhood 36 years. >> well, since i live here, i think, it's a good choice. there are 30 kids on our street. it's become a very neighborhoody place to live. >> reporter: the heavily wooded area above rock creek park filled with embassies already-ly patrolled. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> right now president obama's in the middle of a three-day visit to vietnam. today he took his push for closer ties with the country directly to the vietnamese people. the president met face to face with local entrepreneurs and activists in ho chi minh city. he asked about the ideas and what challenges they face. >> the conversation took place at an office complex that rents workstations in rooms for start-up entrepreneurs. the president told the audience that their success will not only help them thrive, it would benefit the world. back here
5:47 pm
a strong support part district is coming from the obama administration right now. the administration just released a statement saying the president would veto any effort by congress to take away d.c.'s control of its own budget. the house recently passed a bill which would repeal the act that gave the district the ability to spend local tax dollars without getting congressional approval. that bill still has to make it through the senate. state advocates have been saying more people live in the district than the states of vermont and wyoming and residents in the district pay more taxes than people in 20 other states. but again, just moments ago the obama administration saying the president will veto that measure if it comes to his desk. that's the live desk. i'm chris lawrence. turning to the weather. it's only tuesday, tom, but all eyes are on the weekend already. >> and everyone is in a weekend mood. >> after today we are. >> took a walk with co-workers outside during
5:48 pm
they had to call security to get us back in. >> lasso you back in. >> oh, what a wonderful day. we were soaking it up after these dreary, dismal days we've had with the drippy days of the weekend long gone. there is the capitol cam. i'm calling these cotton ball clouds floating in a blue sky over the capital and just absolutely a gorgeous spring day and that system that was plaguing us over the weekend is over new england right now and it has pulled away from us and storm team 4 radar and we don't have rain in the vicinity and temperatures are right in the comfort zone and low humidity and we're in the low 80s and reagan is at 83 and the down side is the trees are producing pollen again, now that it's dried out a bit and more pollen and it's mostly oak and pine tree pollen and the mold spores, as well. they have ump idea up. play ball, the nationals and
5:49 pm
mets unlike last night, no rain delay and first pitch at 7:05 and it will be gornl us in the upper 70s under a clear sky and under a clear sky. a great night for baseball. storm team 4, four-day forecast as we get into tomorrow afternoon. we'll be in the mid-80s. another gorgeous day with low humidity and on thursday, getting more humid on thursday and afternoon highs climbing into the upper 80s and we might get an isolated thunder showers on thursday afternoon and then on friday, as well, but hotter and even more humid. it will feel like july on friday and it will be near 90 degrees and sweltering humidity and perhaps an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. as we get into the memorial day weekend, all eyes on that. gorgeous day and beaches and pools, saturday and sun shine into the upper 80s and on sunday in the mid-80
5:50 pm
the beaches it will be cooler because the water temperatures at the beaches is right now in the mid-60s. saturday afternoon it will be up near 80 degrees near sunshine and a bit of an easterly wind and a coastal storm system may be bringing some rain to the beaches that may only be in the mid-60s there than is inland and temperatures should be in the mid-70s and sunshine in and out on memorial day itself. that's how it looks. >> tom, thank you. >> we have some breaking news into the news 4. we just heard of a deadly plane crash from virginia. they are responding to a crash on the linder lane in unionville killing two people onboard. chopper 4 adding to the scene right now and we'll bring you more information as it comes into news 4 and here on our nbc washington app. pat? air force wife needs kidney. you may have seen the sign in your neighborhood or
5:51 pm
the signs have been placed all over the area. they represent the best chance for a springfield woman who is battling kidney disease. news 4's molette green brings us her story. >> reporter: it's not your typical sign on the side of the road at this springfield intersection or here along shady grove road. >> need kidney, please help pamela. >> i would hope that people are driving by -- >> thank you. sorry. >> this is pamela allison's personal crusade to find the kidney donor on her own before her kidney disease progresses. >> i just came down the road, and i saw the different signs that people put up from tutoring to, like, vote for so and so for senator, and i had this thought in my head, and i thought it has to work for some people, so why not give this a try? >> she started
5:52 pm
springfield home with 100 signs hoping her family would stick. >> they've stuck it all over the dmv, pennsylvania and georgia hoping to get that call. a friend step up, but not to be a match. >> this may be unusual, but a campaign like this is not unusual. we hear about them all the time and it's sad in the sense that it really speaks to the need that's out there. >> pamela is among 122,000 people waiting for organ donors. 100,000 like her need a kidney. >> i love my wife. i really want to see her healthy. her energy levels are low right now. she's always tired, and i hate to see her like that, and i hope that we can find her a donor. she has ten signs left and so far no one has called. when it happe
5:53 pm
emotional. it's somebody that could save my life. >> in springfield, virginia, molette green, news 4. if you would like to help someone who is in need of a transplant, we have a link to life-saving information from the national kidney foundation. it's in our nbc washington app, open it up and search kidney. >> sex assaults has been a problem they've been pushing for months now. a gulf war survivor shares her story. and a former worker from a controversial charity says she was told to panhandle and donate the money. fi
5:54 pm
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in paul we trust. the new t-shirts now available on cafe press aimed at showing support for paul wiedefeld. the gm needs to know washington stands with him as he tries to fix the rail system. proceeds go to so others might eat and the uso of metropolitan washington. our transportation reporter adam tuss was on capitol hill for a meeting where metro took more tough questions today. he'll have a live report in minutes at the top of the hour. three out of four service members don't trust the military enough to report an assault. that's the stunning
5:57 pm
pass a law that would remove military commanders from the investigation of sexual assault. tisha thompson and the news 4 i-team has been investigating the problem of rape in the military. tisha explains why the senators say yet time has come for congress to get involved. >> reporter: samantha jackson was knocked unconscious by an army officer serving in ft. belvoir in virginia. >> all of the reform, i thought thing hs had changed. i was wrong. >> reporter: jackson says the army never punished her attacker even after he pled guilty after a videotape surfaced showing the assault. >> i launched a petition urging the president to support efforts to fix the broken military justice system before he leaves office which now has over 100 thousand signatures. the military continues to say we got this, we got this. well, it's not shown in the data. it's
5:58 pm
testimony. it's not shown in seeing justice being done. >> reporter: over the last year the news 4 i-team introduced you to high-ranking women inside the military who say their careers were destroyed after they came forward with sexual assault allegationses. we found the national guard issued one dishonorable discharge for rape based on a survey we sent to every guard unit in the nation. kristen gillibrand say the numbers willing to report a crime committed against them. >> there is nothing republican or democratic about a rape. there is nothing partisan one way or the other about sexual assault. >> reporter: in response, senators from both parties are co-sponsoring gillibrand's justice improvement act which would take away a commander's ability to decide what happens to a suspect and give over control to independent military prosecutors. >> nobody should be forced to go to their boss to rep
5:59 pm
you should go to the proper authorities. >> reporter: senator gillibrand says she has at least 50 votes in favor of a bill, but needs at least ten meore to get through o the senate and we are still waiting to get a statement. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team. >> much are under fire in the wake of a suspected rape on the red line. the general manager was on capitol hill answering questions about safety and reliability, but just as tp was getting under way, service on the red line was unraveling. >> there were major delays and crowded platforms and riders frustrated about the future of our troubled transit system. adam tuss has tonight's top story. adam? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. let's first talk about the delays from that standpoint right now. maintenance crews have moved along the red line and the commute tonight seems to be holding up through this portion of the red line.
6:00 pm
about the reporting of violent crimes on metro. metro now says that they will do that the day that a violent crime happens as long as it doesn't hinter an investigation. that is a big change. the question has been asked constantly for the last 24 hours. how could metro not have reported a suspected rape on the red line for weeks? >> when did you know about it? >> pretty much, i think that day. >> reporter: that day. you knew about the rape that day and it wasn't released at least in a crime statistic fashion for a couple of weeks later. >> i'm not sure when it was released and we put in stats on this system. >> reporter: after facing many questions about what was and wasn't reported, metrotransity police tweeted that they'll now notify the public of violent crimes the same day as long as that notification does not hinder the investigation. meanwhile, as far as


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