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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out-the-door forecast. >> good morning, aaron and eun. what a great day it will be to be outside. hopefully you can get out to enjoy it. the second sunny day in a row turning more humid tomorrow on into friday. and we're keeping an yeye on th monday timeframe. it may be the first tropical system of the year. we'll watch that carelyfulfully you. 88 downtown on the national mall. it's warm and sunny. dinner and amovie, temperatures are falling back to the mid-70s between 8:00 and 10:00. i'll let you know how the weather is going to impact your commute right now with melissa mollet. good morning. southbound 295 right here before benning road you can see we just have -- you can see a one-and-a-half mile backup. very slow. minnieville road at olddg
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that just popped up. braddock road west of 123, remember that is near george mason. we have a crash reported there just a short time ago. and taking a look here at the beltway, the beltway is looking good. southbound georgia avenue at eastern avenue, we have the debris still report in the center of the roadway. we'll have travel times in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. 6:01 and today d.c.'s quest for statehood could hit a big road block in congress. the house will vote on a bill to take away the district's ability to spend local tax dollars without congressional approval. erika gonzalez is live at freedom plaza with strong words coming from the white house with today's vote. erika? >> reporter: senior advisers say this is fundament to a well-functioning democracy and would recommend the president veto the republican bill. so this is part of a statement released yesterday. the administration is disappointed that the congress has failed to provide elected
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the most basic authority to spend local tax collections without congressional approval. an authority held by local officials across the nation, end quote. the house will vote on this bill today, which is supported by speaker ryan. that would repeal a 2012 act that gave the district the ability to spend the local tax dollars without congressional approval. now this is in effect a steppingstone toward making d.c. the 51st state. but first things first, will the district will able to spend the local tax dollars as they choose? the vote will have to go to the senate, but the house is taking up the vote today. i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. thank you. 6:02 and we are working to find out what happened in the motorcycle crash that happened in germantown. montgomery county police are investigating early this morning. the crash happened around 1:30 a.m. this is shakespeare boulevard near 355. it looks like the road was closed but that is allar
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and a 16-year-old hit by a car earlier this month has died. prince george's county police say 16-year-old girl has died from her injuries after being hit three weeks ago in a crosswalk near 23rd avenue. police say the teen did not have the walk signal at the time of the crash. the driver was not hurt and has not been charged. state police have not released the names of the victims in yesterday's plane crash in orange county, virginia. the single-engine plane went down around 4:30 yesterday in rhoadesville south of culpeper. two people on board were killed. federal investigators are now looking to find out what caused the plane to go down. in the day ahead, more than 200 people are expected to protest the suspension of a dozen local high school students. these student athletes from culpeper county high school have been suspended for a year over locker room mi
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details about the allegations but parents say the punishment is excessive. the group plans to gather outside the school administration on radio lane in culpeper from noon until 7:00. i'm angie goff here at the live desk where we continue to follow the president's travels through asia. we just got new vid crow ineo i newsroom of president obama chasing the dignitary getting ready to board air force one. this is earlier this morning as he left vietnam, ho chi minh city where he got a warm welcome. a lot of people lined the street to watch his motorcade before he arrived to the airport. he is on his way now to japan and added to his schedule this morning was a meeting with prime minister, with the prime minister there in the country. he's expected to give remarks after that meeting and possibly take questions. news4 will continue to keep you updated as soon as he arrives, which should be within the hour. back to you.
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officers hurt and at least one arrest after violence outside of a donald trump campaign event. take a look at some of the violence here. this is in albuquerque, new mexico, last night. police there say protesters lit fires and smashed a door and even threw rocks and bottles at officers after that trump rally let out last night. the albuquerque police chief is praising his officers this morning saying they used an incredible amount of restraint. the trump campaign senior advisers pleaded that the protesters were, quote, thugs and punks. this week d.c. bouncers are learning how to protect you from terror attacks. last year the terror attacks in paris put a new spotlight on so-called soft targets including restaurants and night clubs. the 12-hour class teaches bouncers to spot fake i.d.s from china that can be very convincing and a security threat. and be suspicious of the time theyow
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>> if someone comes into a nightclub or restaurant after 10:00, 12:00, 11:00, you can suspicion when somebody comes in with a backpack or holding a suitcase. >> security teams are instructed to communicate with other bars and nightclubs when they see someone suspicious. the opening of a long-awaited prince george's county regional hospital has been pushed back another three years. state regulators say the campus near the largo metro station is too big and too expensive. regulators say project leaders must reduce the number of beds, shave off square footage and bring down the price by more than $100 million. that teaching hospital was supposed to open next year but won't open until at least 2020. happening today the head of the tsa heads to capitol hill where he'll likely face tough questions. the tsa administrator peter neffenger will testify just after th
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reassigned. and this comes before the start of the summer travel season as the tsa takes steps to ease the long lines at airports. we are keeping you safe this summer as the nice weather has you thinking about the backyard barbecues. the do's and don'ts you need to know before firing up the grill. and full details on the problem on 395 coming up. plus, new restrictions for students in one northern virginia s
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good morning. just taking a stroll here on the lush green lawn here on the storm team 4 weather deck on this gorgeous tuesday morning. i got me the nbc washington app. what more can you ask for under a blue sky in fresh and cool
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temperatures are rather cool in the 50s. you will be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. this afternoon, bright sunshine. not too humid with afternoon highs reaching the mid-80s. we've got trouble this morning with the morning commute on the roads. what is going on, melissa? trouble this morning. several different problems. we have breaking news right now, two of the issues here we can tell you about before we talk about travel times. first of all, 295 south there at benning road, a two-mile backup at this point. choppers are over the shot, we keep going in and out there, but we want to remind you of that. and we have the problem inbound 14th street bridge. very, very slow because of the crash blocking the roadway there. 270 south germantown to the spur, on time at 11 minutes. top of the beltway, you're on time as well. taking a look at 66 and 95, we are slowing a bit quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to 103.5 wtop when you hop in the ca
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active shooter situation in arizona. we just got and update of new video coming into the newsroom of a very active scene earlier as you take a look from chopper 4. we just learned that this suspect in this case is in custody. this after police say he shot at a police car. they think he shot at another car driving by as well. the driver in that car was grazed by a bullet. at last check, is expected to be okay. the name of the suspect has not been released. i'm angie goff live at the desk. back to you. your time is 6:12 right now. a montgomery county man is missing and police are asking for your help. take a look, cannard walker is 64 years old and functions at the level of a 10-year-old. he was last seen at the kensington nursing center where he lives. police say walker has multiple medical conditions that need to be monitored. if you see him, call montgomery county police. and baltimore's police commissioner said the trials unfolding in the death of freddie gray are
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systemic problems within the department. gray died last april of injuries he sustain in the back of a police van. police commissioner kevin davis says testimony in officer edward nero's trial last week showed officers are both inadequately trained and routinely ignore the rules designed to keep people safe. officers will soon undergo new training to make sure they read and understand the rules. two men involved in a violent crime spree in springfield are behind bars this morning. police arrested 24-year-old william franklin and 26-year-old jesminer stephy. federal agents caught stephy 200 miles away trying to board a flight in newark, new jersey. franklin was arrested at his home in waldorf. new rules for spotslvania county schools. students will be required to
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classroom during school hours. and the staff will check restrooms and halls more frequently. the threat yesterday was unfounded but they are working to determine who was behind it. the governor of virginia could be in for a tough interview on wtop's "and the governor." here's the latest. >> reporter: governor mcauliffe said he's never accepted any illegal campaign donations and faced a crowd of reporters at two stops in northern virginia. the fbi and justice department are looking into whether his 2013 campaign for governor accepted illegal contribution. >> i rely on the people who did the vetting for it. they said he had a green card from 2007. so the contribution came in and they have unequivocally said he was entitled to write a check. >> reporter: according to media reports, this is due to a wealthy chinese businessman. a permanent legal resident, wong
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trustees. mcauliffe said he's not even sure he's met wong. questions are also raised about whether this investigation into the governor's campaign donations could hurt hiss close friend hillary clinton in her bid for the presidency. he says he doesn't think so but republicans disagree. in fairfax county, i'm julie carey. this morning lawmakers on capitol hill will fight the zika virus by examining the science behind it. epidemiologists will testify before the house science committee. they will talk about how the virus spreads through the body. and 6:15 is your time right now. we have a better now of where the first family may live in d.c. once they leave the white house. >> the national journal sources that the presidential family picked a home in the sheridan neighborhood in northwest. news4's tom sherwood went house hunting yesterday to find out if the home
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household. neighbors say it's a nice home. >> it's very come comfy inside. >> the house leases for $9500 a month. that's a big ticket price. >> yeah. the president is worth about $12 million, something like that i read? they can afford it. all right. 6:16 is the time right now. >> breaking news right now, we are shut down inbound 14th street bridge. take a look at this. sounds like a three-car crash right now. do not go this way if you can possibly avoid it this morning. i know it is very hard for a lot of folks headed into the district if you can perhaps delay, you are going to be sitting in major traffic. so again, right now we are shut down inbound 14th street bridge. if that vehicl
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truck could get out of the way and let traffic by, it would really help things right now. it's not something they can do. chopper 4 still over this problem on southbound d.c. 295 before benning road. they had the earlier problem off to the right side of the roadway. right now we have a two-mile backup. two major problems. they will be pushing this out on the nbc washington app. make sure you have it if you have not downloaded it yet. good morning, melissa. what a great looking sky. hardly a cloud to be found. the sun came up at 5:48 this morning. loving the early sunrises. sun's up before 6:00 a.m. between now and all the way up until the third week of august. so a long time to go here with the long days. 100% sunshine today. going to be well above average today. downtown temperatures could be as much as 87 or 88 degrees today. most of the outlying suburbs in the low 80s. not much of a humidity issue, simply delightful for today. not too bad tomorrow either, but e
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timeframe. more humid and temperatures equally as warm. maybe a degree or two warmer means our chances for afternoon thunderstorms are going up for friday afternoon, in particular. right now it's only 60 in rockville. 54 in college park. 62 in annapolis. planning out your day, there's the view over downtown early this morning. here's another plane load of folks going um from reagan international airport. got to love it. temperatures will be 59 degrees by 11:00. a perfect day for baseball. a 1:00 first pitch. so game time temperatures today for the nats and mets in the low 80s. put your sunblock on. the strong may sunshine will get you. 30-plus on the spf recommended for today. tomorrow's rain chance at 30%. here's future weather on friday. by friday at 5:00, a little better chance for some hit-and-miss thunderstorms
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friday's rain chances are up to 40% now. not a washout but still something we're keeping an eye on. planning on going down to the beach this weekend? saturday and sunday, nothing to worry about. beach temperatures, rehoboth to ocean city will be in the mid-70s on the sand. low 80s away from the water. and monday is probably the only day we'll watch out for negative impacts whetherwise on your holiday weekend. here's your seven-day forecast, 88 today. 87 tomorrow with only a slight chance for a shower tomorrow. a little better chance on friday. a little warmer as well. that might be the warmest day of the bunch at 89 degrees. saturday and sunday dry. just a smidgen cooler. still a little bit on the humid side. then memorial day on up monday, partly to mostly cloudy. a risk of showers. we are watching a tropical system that may be trying to organize along the carolina coast in the sunday night to monday timeframe. if it does take on a name, unlikely at this point, it will take on the name bonnie. that's a check of the seven-day forecast. back to the news, good morning.
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coming up at 6:20, those who serve in the military face tremendous pressures. but a new study is trying to draw attention to a big problem military spouses are struggling with every day. i just didn't give up. breaking the mold, how this teen landed herself a co
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new evidence this morning of a problem the pentagon has been fighting for years. the study finds that 42% of military spouses are unemployed compared to 25% of spouses nationwide. in addition, the study finds military spouses with a bachelor's degree earned 40% less than their civilian counterparts. researches say military spouses have the disadvantages of frequent moves and erratic schedules making it harder to keep a job, if. and a reminder of what memorial weekend is really about. people in stafford work to honor those who died serving our country. since 2010 plans for an armed services memorial have been in the works. now organizers say they have a
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make. they will share the news tomorrow morning on facebook and in an armed services memorial kickoff breakfast at the stafford airport. those are the blue angels right there taking the skies. and as always, it's an awesome sight. look at that. they are going to be in the air above annapolis today for an air show. you are looking at yesterday's practice. the naval academy flyover is this friday. always an incredible sight. well, another thing we think about memorial day, getting together with family and firing up the grill. it is the unofficial start of summer, after all. there are a lot of things to keep in mind to make sure you and your family are safe. first, don't grill near your house or indoors like inside a garage. you can't put the grill on the balcony, either. in fact, it's illegal to grill within 30 feet of the apartment or on a balcony in prince george's county. it seems pretty obvious, but never use gasoline to ignite your grill. and this is an easy
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make, too. don't leave food out for too long. >> food also needs to be chilled. your condiments, people have the general perception you're cooking outside and the food can be out all day. it cannot. two hours is a general rule under 90 degrees. hotter than 90 degrees, make sure your food stays chilled. >> of course, you have to make sure your food is cooked enough so you don't get sick. a food thermometer can help you make sure you get to the right temperature. with all the different meats you may be grilling, and the best way to prevent a fire. stay near the grill. keep a bucket or se nearby in case there is an issue. >> don't forget about it. you go inside and start the vegetables, you forget about that stuff. your time is 6:25. >> reporter: i'm kristin wright at 495 in northern virginia. many of you are getting ready to hit the road for the memorial day weekend. when should you leave and when should you note
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it's equipment used by police departments across the country. but we'll show you why one local fire department is ready to equip its firefighters with body armor. and breaking news on the roads, inbound th14th stret bridgee
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breaking news inbound 14th street bridge. you never see this. take a look, look up here this morning, we are talking inbound 14th street bridge being shut down right now. a major, major problem for folks. so again, let's take a look at my computer system here this morning. you can see on my computer system, another shot of this problem. so inbound 14th street bridge shut down there. you can see all of the apparatus across the middle of the roadway. and folks just out of their cars waiting for this to be over. chopper 4 here, 50 approaching 295, 295 inbound there at benning road, that crash has moved out of the w
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a four mile backup. red line trains have a power outage at bethesda. they have started shuttle service from grover. big look at the beltway. overall, no major problems here on the beltway. just a normal shutdown up top. 66 inbound and 95 northbound are looking very normal as well. your slow spot there northbound is through woodbridge. chuck bell, you have a prettier forecast than i do this morning. people are going to love the weather compared to traffic. there's the view outside this morning. sunshine and a mostly clear sky. going to be a fine day for all the outdoor activities. second day in a row of warm and dry weather. this will be the longest stretch of 80-degree weather since last september. and starting to feel a little more like summer. add some humidity in there, a better chance for scattered thunderstorms in the forecast for thursday and friday. getting into the memorial day weekend, especially monday into tuesday, those look like there will
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around the area. might have a tropical system looking out for us. we're keeping a close eye on that for the tail end of the weekend. for now, no problems. 59 in leesburg. 59 in winchester. 62 in falls church. the next 24 hours here comes summer. 7:00 a.m., delightful, 59. 7:00 tonight, sunny and warm as you do dinner and a movie out on the town. your favorite sidewalk cafe is in order. tomorrow, mild and a start near 65 degrees. tom has your recess forecast. >> i'm still thinking it will be an "a." thank you. and the rush to leave for memorial day may start sooner than you think. a new study found that more people leave on thursday instead of friday. but tomorrow may not be the best day to beat the traffic. kristin wright is live here at 495 right now. kristin, when is the best time to leave? >> reporter: yeah, well, there's
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huge, huge rush to get out of here. and you know what? you have a 15-hour window it turns out. so consider yourself warned. the best time, according to the study for memorial weekend, it's a national study that says the best time to leave is thursday after 8:00 p.m. or friday before 11:00 a.m. this study this morning says that overall thursday is worse than friday for memorial day weekend traveling. aaa today is having the annual memorial day/summer travel press conference that we all go to over by the bay bridge. we'll let you know what they say there. eun and aaron, the worst times are friday between 2:00 and 6:00. back to you. >> we have been warned. kristin wright, thank you. coming up on 6:33, today jurors will hear more testimony in the course of
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schmuhl. in the police cruiser schmuhl told officers he had take up several prescription pills that led to the attack. a centreville high school student turned himself into police following a drug-related death of a classmate. fairfax county police charged 18-year-old david evers with making and selling drugs and imitation controlled substances. alexia springer was found dead in her home in march from an apparent drug overdose which was ruled accidental. and a rockville woman may have been abusing animals while pretending to use her home as a rescue shelter. a judge found katherine chong guilty of dozens of counts of and mall cruelty yesterday. cho chong neglected the 66 d
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found inside her home. at least one of the dogs found was so sick that investigators said they had to euthanize it. and just into the live desk, we just got word that a strong earthquake has struck parts of greece. now this is on the southern island of crete. early reports say this was a 5.5 magnitude quake. so far no injuries or damage reported. that's the latest from the live desk, back to you. thank you. 6:34 now. fairfax city council residents weigh in on the police department's grant to buy body cameras and implement the program. now it's developing a policy on how and when the camera can be used. a public outreach meeting will be held tonight at 7:00, if. 6:34 and prince george's county firefighters could be getting extra protection. this comes after last month's shooting of two firefighters. news4's darcy spencer has the details. >> reporter: the fire chief here in prince george's county is considering
6:35 am
those are just like the vests that police officers wear. this is all in response to the shootings of two firefighters last month. they were on a welfare check call at a home in temple hills. they believed they were told that the homeowner was in medical distress. when they forced their way in, they were shot. one of the firefighters died. the homeowner later today police he believed they were intruders. now the fire chief wants to make sure that firefighters feel safe in prince george's county. >> we have had several requests to see if this will make our personnel safer. >> reporter: the vests that the chief tried on weigh between 3 to 4 pounds and they cost $400 to $500 a piece. so this is a significant investment. the chief expects to make a decision sometime this year. in prince george's county, darcy
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breaking the mold, that is what a d.c. high school senior is doing just by going to school. when she first came here she could not speak english. now she's in the academy playing sports. >> some people have children and stuff like that, working in the market, selling oranges and stuff like that. and i am here doing all this stuff. so all i can do is represent. >> in the fall ashley will study mechanical engineering at the florida a&m college. f
6:37 am
future. congratulations, ashley. right now people are picking up the pieces across several states and severe storms triggered a number of powerful tornadoes. and an investigation underway in virginia after a small plane goes down killing two people. plan . breaking news right now on the roads, a three-car crash has shut down inbound 14th street bridge. full detals coming up.i
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breaking news, a three-car crash had us shut down here for quite a while. right now we have the right side getting by, hard to see, but this is a fire truck on the scene blocking the left lane. this is a four-mile backup. allow a lot of extra time or avoid it altogether if you can. red line bypassing bethesda right now with a power outage. shuttle service happening this morning. 270 looking quite good. top of the beltway, slow here on 95 over
6:41 am
not totally abnormal but slower than we normally see at 6:40 in the morning. 66 inbound a little slow as well. and 95 north quantico to the beltway has hit the brakes, too. we'll take you 40 minutes quantico to the beltway instead of 23. listen to wtop 130.5 f.m. when you hop in the car, especially about the problem on 295. and more tornadoes touching down in the midwest. this storm system is moving over kansas and missouri this morning. you're looking at dodge city. that is where storms left two people in critical condition yesterday. the tornadoes also took out trees and power lines and wrecked one home. not only that, they had reports of baseball sized hail, too. a very dangerous storm out there. no severe weather here, though. just blue skies around here. >> and storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. looking so nice out there, to
6:42 am
you can see the sunlight streams through with cheerful bird song. but it's not cheerful on the 14th street bridge. this is a live look from the weather camera showing the backups melissa was talking about. at the bus stop, we'll be cool enough for a light jacket in the 50s to lower 60s. by recess time, it will be near 80 degrees. warm and dry, not very humid, afternoon highs in the mid-80s with bright sunshine. political rhetoric fueling this fight between protesters and police outside a donald trump rally. and a show of support, the punishment for a group of virginia college athletes that has a group of protesters calling for change. and the problem causing a major backup on the 14th street bridge coming into the district.
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breaking news, the three-car crash has
6:46 am
causing a huge backup on the 14th street bridge. avoid that area if you can. comfortable outside in the 50s to low 60s. how many days in a row can we be in the 80s? the seven-day forecast coming up in five minutes. looking forward to it, chuck, thank you. the fight for d.c.'s fiscal independence goes to a vote today on capitol hill repealing the law that takes away the district's ability to send local tax dollars without congressional approval. erika gonzalez has more from freedom plaza with what this could mean. >> reporter: well, a few things have to happen, a vote in the house and then a vote in the senate. while the obama administration says they would recommend the president veto the bill, if it's attached to a spending bill that may not happen. so here's a piece of the statement the obama administration released yesterday saying, in part, subjecting the district to the
6:47 am
lengthy and uncertain congressional appropriations process for use of local tax opposes both operational and financial burdens on the government. the republican bill that the house will vote on today is supported by house speaker paul ryan. and as mentioned would repeal the 2012 act that gave the district the ability to spend local tax dollars without congressional approval. so while this could be a steppingstone for d.c. state today, first things first. i'm erika gonzalez. a tragic loss in hyattsville this morning. a 16-year-old has died from her injuries after being hit walking through a crosswalk earlier this morning in chillum. the teen didn't have the walk signal at the time of the crash. the driver has not been charged. and state police have not yet released the names of the victims in yesterday's plane crash in orange
6:48 am
virginia. the single-engine plane went down around 4:30 yesterday in rhoadesville south of culpeper. two people on board were killed. federal investigators are now looking to find what caused the plane to go down. in the day ahead, more than 200 people are expected to protest a dozen local high school students. the student athletes have been suspended for a year over locker room misconduct. the school won't release details about the allegations but parents think the punishment is excessive. the group plans to gather outside the school administration building on radio lane in culpeper from noon to 7:00. and this just in, we have live pictures for you out of japan where president obama just landed. this is at the international airport in japan. the president arrives ahead of the g7 summit. we know that once he gets off this plane he will then hold a ba
6:49 am
minister of japan. and from there he's expected to give some remarks, possibly take some questions. this follows his three-day visit to vietnam. it's part of a week-long trip through asia. we'll continue to monitor the situation and break in as he gets off the plane. back to you. police push back protesters outside of a donald trump campaign rally. this morning the albuquerque police chief is praising his officers. and take a look at the scene here, the police chief says the officers used an incredible amount of restraint against the protesters who threw bottles and rocks at lines of police last night. several officers were hurt and one person was arrest in the violence. the trump campaign senior adviser tweeted that the demonstrators were thugs and punks. and this week bouncers here in d.c. are learning to protect you from terror attacks. last year the attacks in paris
6:50 am
soft targets, restaurants and nightclubs, for example. this is a t12-hour class to teah bouncers how uh to spot fake i.d.s from china that are suspicious and to watch what time someone shows up to a club. >> if someone shows up to a club or a nightclub after a certain time, 10:00, 12:00, 11:00, it's suspicious any time somebody comes in with a backpack or holding a suitcase. >> a security team is obstructed to communicate with other bars and nightclubs when they see suspicious people. the opening of a long-awaited prince george's regional hospital has been pushed back three years. state regulators say the campus near largo's metro station is too big and too expensive. regulators say project leaders must reduce the number of beds, shave off square footage and bring down the price by more than $100 million. the teaching hospital is supposed to open next year but won't open
6:51 am
and breaking news right now, take a look inbound 14th street bridge. we have just reopened all of the lanes there. we still have a nine-mile backup. take a look at 295 right now, 395 right now which is very slow headed inbound. this is a three-car crash that shut down the 14th street individual for some time. the red line trains no longer bypassing bethesda. that's great news. otherwise, no major problems now. we are slow top of the beltway 66 at 95, a tad slower than normal. in prince george's county, all the rides are looking good. 95 is slow top of the beltway. 270 at montrose road northbound and southbound are looking quite good here this morning. and then taking a look at chopper over the top of the beltway, you can see those delays that we are seeing there up top of the beltway a little slower than normal. erika gonzalez is out there on
6:52 am
problem on 395. erika, what are you see right now? >> reporter: melissa, from your vantage point you're seeing the nine-mile backup here on what is inbound 395. that crash that you mentioned at the 14th street bridge, we were just there and left the district and saw nobody was coming in, which is very unusual for this time of the day. because everybody has been out here. it's been a virtual parking lot on 395 headed into the district. that nine-backup you were just mentioning, apparently the lanes have reopened. but if you can avoid this stretch of roadway, you are advised to do so. back to you. good morning, everybody. it's going to be another nice day today. we have the beautiful sundog in the sky from yesterday. this is the -- looked like a comet with a tail on it. but a good-looking sky out there. today also. a beauty
6:53 am
100% sunshine. toasty warm. and you made 83 yesterday. you'll make 84, 85, 86 this afternoon. not too much of fog out there but culpeper could have foggy spots. otherwise, heading out we are looking to sweat. we'll see the mid-80s this afternoon. not much of a rain threat today. only a slight chance tomorrow. just a little amount of moisture comes our way. temperatures in the middle part of the country are generating severe weather there. we'll have the next best chance for weather and the weekend coming up on friday. what a great afternoon. perfect for baseball. nats and mets at 1:05 today. we'll carry you through sunshine on your wednesday. tomorrow, a slight chance, about a 30% chance for a few showers, mainly out in thso
6:54 am
valley. then on friday night, a better chance for thunderstorms around the area. friday's rain chance is 40%. already thinking about the beaches for your holiday weekend? perfect weather for saturday and sunday. beachside temperatures only in the mid-70s. if you're sticking around here, the seven-day forecast considerably warmer than that. away from the ocean, the ocean water is only 65. here's the seven-day, all 80s all the time until sunday. then a better chance for rain monday and tuesday. the head of the tsa is likely to get a grilling on capitol hill today. peter neffenger will appear before congress today as the tsa looks to ease the long lines at the airport. and many of you will hit the roadways as you leave for your
6:55 am
now with more. >> reporter: you know what? get ready. friday is the best day. the lead is this memorial day weekend. this is according to a new study we have been talking about by the national accountle transportation board. they look at traffic in the d.c. area, memorial day weekend. over the past five years, every time consistently, everytime, thursday would work to travel. then with travel 50% longer. if they are looking into the
6:56 am
to do that. thank you, kristin. a fireworks test to get ready for independent day at 8:30 at summit hall farm. a new study is figuring out the best places to watch them as well. and apple is working on a big speaker for your home. you can see what the iphone maker is also looking to create for android users. and breaking news this morning, a nine-mile backup inbound 395 because of an earlier problem on the 14th street bridge. we had a completely shut down
6:57 am
wait until this gets out of the way well after rush hour. i would advice that if you can avoid it, even better. nothing but sunshine today. high of 88 downtown. low 80s in the suburbs. a mihit and miss chance for rai. friday and saturday look amazing in the mountains or at the beaches. that's the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day.
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight, protests turn violent at a trump rally in new mexico. demonstrators knocking down barriers and throwing rocks. police responding with pepper spray and smoke grenades. disruptions inside, as well. >> get him out. get him out. come on, go home to mommy. >> as washington state's primary puts trump within striking distance of making his nomination official. trail of destruction. >> pieces of house. oh, no. >> tornadoes tear through the heartland, injuring at least two people while on the east coast. after a long-time spring,


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