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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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count before 2012, your password won't work anymore. it they're taking action after they saw some users account information getting posted online. the data was stolen in a breach about four years ago. they say they are also checking out suspicious activity and talking with law enforcement. we all want to save money when we go shopping, right? more and more of us are turning to store brands. in fact some store brands are now crowding name brand products off the shelf at the grocery store. at many, as much as one fifth of the products are store brand. they can be up to 20% less expensive than the name brand. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. another beautiful warm day. spring is finally here,
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>> we will take as many of them as we can get. >> we suffered through the first 24 days with the month of may with clouds and raindrops. it was nice to get the sunshine back, although it was a little warm out there yesterday. 86 was our high yesterday. we'll probably be two or three degrees warmer than that yesterday. so like the song says, it's getting hot out there. more and more humidity is starting to come in, as well p we're keeping an eye on the monday/tuesday time frame for possibly tropical development. right now showers in southern west virginia. could be a few showers in the shenandoah during the course of the morning or later on this afternoon, but i think right here inside the beltway, we're likely to stay dry. so the next 24 hours, 60 now, 83 at 7:00 tonight and nice dry start tomorrow, as well. a look at the weekend coming up. now it's traffic time. good morning. just a reminder on metro, still expected to last through tomorrow. orange, blue, silver lines
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restrictions there in the direction of new carrollton and largo through friday. it was supposed to wrap up last week, they extended it through this week. so hoping that wraps up for us tomorrow. westbound # at belmont, still have that crash. inbound key bridge, one lane getting by. outbound has reopened. they were doing some paving on the right side. inner loop at colesville road, still have that construction with the left lane getting by that work zone. beltway at st. barnabas as promised, no problems there. back to you. it's 5:02 now. brand new developments this morning. we've learned a man died in a shooting at a new york city concert. we brought you this as breaking news shortly after it happened. ti the rapper was supposed to perform at union square. there was an argument inside apparently. that's when somebody started shooting. a 33-year-old man was killed. three other people were also shot, at least one is in
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has been arrested. happening today, d.c. council member mary cheh will spell out some of the changes she wants to see at a dangerous intersection, 14th and columbia road in northwest. derrick ward is live at that intersection this morning. so d, what exactly are we supposed to hear? were the rear at t . >> reporter: we're expecting mary cheh to come out here at this intersection and talk about improvements. now, there are five intersections on this actual list and that is based on things like crash data and something called the composite crash index used by the department of transportation. she will be touring these intersections along with people from the d.c. department of transportation and public works to see about things like changing the light signal raesh i don't or the timing of the lights, even the high intensity crosswalks with the three lights on them that people can activate to
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is th this is a major north/south thoroughfare that takes you down to connecticut avenue. so you can see that there are lots of reasons to travel here. and with the growth and development in this area, a lot more pedestrians and there you have that recipe for danger. so later on, we will know the details here and what will be done about it later. live in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. justice today for a baby boy more than a decked a after his death. a montgomery county judge found the 3 month old's father guilty back in march. he says the father killed the son so that he could cash in on a $750,000 life insurance policy. the original sentence was appealed, but even with a new trial, the judge found that baby shane died from injuries after being shaken. a man found guilty 6 crashing his for0
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pair of emt workers. authorities say he lost control of his truck and ran into an ambulance and crashed on the shoulder of the road hitting a separate crash scene and two emts who were there to help. both rescue workers have since received awards for their service. happening today, the tsa and those long security lines at the our country's airports will once again be center stage on capitol hill. a house subcommittee will hear from airport and airline representatives to get their perspectives on this issue. on wednesday, head of the tsa testified about his agency's plans to get the problem under control. and on "today," peter neffenger will speak exclusively with matt lauer. it's his first interview following his testimony yesterday on capitol hill. m
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trump rally a day after violence that hurt police officers outside of a trump event in albuquerque. nine people face charges after this latest incident. the clashes began yesterday afternoon outside of a rally in anaheim. they weren't as bad as the ones in new mexico on tuesday night. no officers were hurt. a former trump delegate may answer to child porn charges today in a prince george's county courtroom. caleb bailey was indicted early this month on charges of possessing and making child pornography and having unregistered machine guns and explosives. charles county deputies started tracking bail will he back in february when they say he tried to ship illegal explosives. gop leadership in the county has replaced bailey as a delegate. today we'll get an update on the zika virus from the director of the cdc. dr. frieden will discuss the latest research on the virus at the national press club in downtown d.c. zika is spread primarily through mosquitos. the main concern right now is with pregnant women because
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virus is known to cause birth defects. also today, there will be a town hall meeting to answer your zika questions, it will be at the dennis avenue health center at 6:30. and information meeting at the takoma park police department at the same time. two of our best spellers will test their skills today at the scripps national spelling bee finals. >> acalcul-c-a-l-c-u-l-i-aa-c-a. >> that is correct. >> never heard it my life. wouldn't know where to begin. that was jimmy chen jr., a fifth grader from bethesda. and another finalist is an eighth grader. they will take on the competition this morning at 10:00 at national harbor. of course we wish them much luck in an area that we would just fail
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>> we've done the local spelling bee. and to watch these kids, i mean it is intense just to see their faces and they're going through letters in their heads. god bless them. >> yeah, it was incredible. and as a matter of fact this year's first and second place winners were last year's second and third. so they each moved up a seat. so congratulations to them. just in this morning, airport intruders. the new report that says somebody gets past security once every ten days. a closer look at that and where our area airports stack up. if you are getting ready to hit the road for memorial day weekend, grab some extra change. where you'll have to pay more in order to use the express lanes. a live look outside as we start to see the first rays of sun come over
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5:11 your time on this thursday morning. want to get you ready to head
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4 "weather center" with a look at current temperatures. >> good morning. 62 right now for our friends and neighbors in rockville, 63 reston town center, 58 out in sterling, virginia. so the ride into work this morning, temperatures near 60. plenty of sunshine and a toasty warm one today. afternoon highs up close to 88 or 89. traveling locally no problems. regionally quite either along i-95 here all the way to new england. nationally may have slowdowns at chicago, st. louis or orlando. and if you're already at the beach mentally, good news at the coastline. saturday and sunday are looking great. the whole "7-day forecast" coming up in ten minutes. take a look at this key bridge, we have cleared up here. so that earlier road work is now out of the way. don't have any other worries there on the key bridge. everything rolling along just fine. westbound 7 at belmont ridge road, the westbound lanes are blocked right now. eastbound lanes are open to get around the crash here this morning.
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you around that one. inbound 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you 8 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. a look at 95 in maryland coming up. new this morning, we're learning there is an airport security breach once every ten days. a new report details the surprising gaps in perimeter security at our nation's airports. >> the majority of these incidents happen at airports that handle three quarters of passengers. megan mcgrath is live at reagan national with where our area airports land on this list. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a lot of attention has been focused on securing airplanes as well as monitoring what people bring into terminals and what people put in their checked luggage. but what about airport grounds like what you seech
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tarmac area. what about the outer perimeters. according to an investigation by the associated press, intruders breach airport fences and outer perimeters about once every ten days. san francisco international airport has the worst record with 41 breaches. but there have been incidents at all three area airports here in the washington, d.c. area. take a look at the numbers here. dulles international, eight incidents. reagan international, two incidents. bwi marshall, one incident. a.p. looked at data collected over the last ten years and there is no indication that any of these incidents actually involve terrorism and al of the people involved were caught. however, certainly some disturbing statistics just released here. eight breaches in our area. certainly something that they will be continuing to look at, those outer perimeter areas. back to you in the studio. right now police are still looking for the man who robbed an area mother at gunpoint with her baby still
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about 5:00 tuesday afternoon in the 1700 block of 4th street in northwest washington. we're told the woman was unloading her car when a man approached her, shoved a gun in her face and demanded her diaper bag. he took off in a waiting van. this morning a man behind bars charged with trying to shoot police officers. miss tried to arrest jonathan hemming on drug charges last week. he resisted and pointed a homemade happened gun at officers and hemming was tased. police later found two other guns. hemming facing several charges including attempted murder of a police officer. and happening today, montgomery county school officials will decide whether nearly 1300 school buses will get cameras. back in 2014, several county buses had cameras on board to catch drivers who illegally pass stopped school buses. the money generated by the $125 fine would pay for the $15.4 million needed to install th
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metro's board chairman is firing back after virginia governor terry mcauliffe threatened to withhold money from the rail agency. mcauliffe signed an executive directive yesterday which promises to withhold metro's funding if safety protocols don't meet the state standards. but chair than jack evans says there could be consequences for the governor's directive. >> keep in mind if a jurisdiction chooses to withhold money, metro is by law then mandated to withhold bus service in that squjurisdiction or not a capital project. >> maryland and d.c. also announced plans for a new metro safety oversight commission and it would have the power to shut down rail service and fine metro if safety protocols are not met. 5:16 your time and we are fast approaching the unofficial start of summer. and millions of people will be hitting the roads today. aaa
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prices will mean an extra 700,000 people traveling for the holiday. it's expected to be the second highest memorial day travel volume on record. and close to 90% of people plan to drive to their destinations. if you plan to use the i-95 express lanes to save time for your holiday trip, travel experts suggest leaving before noon today or after 6:00 p.m. friday. also starting today through monday, road reversal times have changed. so pay attention to the pricing and advisory signs. for more information, search memorial day travel on the nbc washington app. the true mens of memorial day will be vifzabsible at arlin national cemetery. the stars and stripes will be placed starting at 1:00 this afternoon in honor are of all the fallen military heros. the annual tradition has happened since 1948. >> a powerful thing to see.
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cookouts and swimming and all that stuff. but it's for our military members, they got out there every year. incredibly important to them and to the rest of us to see it. 5:18 our time. we want to talk about what we can expect weather-wise today. 67 degrees outside our studios already. >> faeling like summer time already. what should you expect for today if you're planning on trip on down maybe out to reagan national airport, no troubles e. our first run at 90 degrees is coming our way today and tomorrow. i'm forecasting 89 today and tomorrow. no more than a hit or miss shower chance today or tomorrow, but humidity is on the up and up over the next couple of days. is first thing this morning, there are light rain showers across southern west virginia, they're coming up p southern end of the shenandoah valley now. so even though we're all dry for now, there could be a couple of morni
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by 9:00 a.m., south of luray down towards charleston, just a couple sprinkles. and then it settles down into the early afternoon. and with the heating of the day, might be al to bubble up a few more thundershowers along to the west of the blue ridge. should be dry in the metro area and southern maryland and points down toward the bay. rain and thundershower chance it is for both today and tomorrow. generally 30% or less across most of the metro area. but a little better chance out across the higher terrain. so just keep in mind and sometimes these showers bull up out here over the shenandoah and then trip into the metro. so not a totally dry forecast, but mostly dry. so rain chances today, best chance in the shenandoah valley for the isolated showers. and for tomorrow, just a little better chance. up to about 40 administers. still no washout in sight. "7-day forecast" is a toasty warm one. 89 today and tomorrow. 87 should be completely dry on saturday. sunday also a little chance for a shower coming in, but
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today, tomorrow and sunday, noes are not washout level raindrops. monday and tuesday, a little better chance for showers thenen. brand new numbers you'll want to hear if you're sending your children off to college. the substance abuse and mental health services administration says every day more than a million students are drinking. here are the numbers for full-time college students. 18 to 22 years old. the report says 1.2 million of them drank alcohol on an average day. that includes 2,000 who are drinking for the first time. also more than 70000 students use marijuana on an average day. again, according to that seam report. they face charges in connections to freddie gray's death. now two of the six baltimore police officers are fighting back. the lawsuit they just filed against the state of maryland. a lot of you going to be hitting the area water ways this holiday weekend and we're working to keep you safe if you're going by boat. what you need to know before setting sail. and a health
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your furry family members. what vets want you to be on t lookoheut
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going right for the people's houses. >> a tornado is to blame if damaging at least 20 homes in kansas. it blew through the area west of topeka. the national weather service called it catastrophic and says it's part of the same storm system that has been battering the plains for the last two days. two officers have filed a lawsuit against baltimore's state's attorney for defamation and invasion of privacy. alisha white and william porter filed the suit, both are facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in the 25-year-old's death last april. the officers claim about mosby and others said statements. they say it was to stop the riots and not for the purpose
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prosecuting crimes. plenty of people will flock to the water, but dupe how to stay safe while boat something the u.s. coast guard recommends tips including having a designated boat operator if people on board will be drinking. preparing for bad weather and making sure your boat is equipped with safety gear as well as putting life vests -- putting on a life vest in case of an emergency. >> make sure you have your vest and you're wearing it. >> first responders say it's important to make ske sure thate vests are coast guard-approved. ticks can call paralysis in our four legged friends. they say it's rare, but should you know how to check your dogs for those nasty little bugs. >> i'm going to kind of do this all the way back and forth motion, an
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that is just starting to attach will be less -- maybe half of my little fingernail. >> vets tell us the problem is potentially deadly, but if you notice the signs and get rid of ticks, dogs can recover relatively quickly. today is red nose day. that telethon raises money to help lift children out of poverty. craig ferguson's is this years ago's host. this fund raiser debuted last year and raised $23 million. the trial continues today for the attorney accused of torturing a virginia couple. what we expect to happen in court in just a matter of hours. and we told you where the first family was expected to move after the president's term is over. now we're getting a look at a different house, the real thing we think. we'll show you around next. and another live look outside. that is pretty. we're already in the 60s this morning. and ch
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toward that 90 degree mark. more on that in the four things u need to know at 5:31yo.
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at the live desk, we're watching president obama take questions from reports at the g7 economic summit in japan. you can see the president at the podium there. all of this follows a work session with world leaders as they address the
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one of the questions coming from a reporter in the audience about terrorism around the world. tomorrow the president makes history as the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb during world war 2. back to you. coming up on 5:31 now. time to get a check of your four things to know this morning. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. which you can u chuck using the word hot. >> last summer, we had 52 days last year 90 or higher. today may be day number one of 90 degree days this year. we'll be close. feeling more and more summerlike for today and tolmorrow. i'm forecasting 89, but that's with that a whisper of 90. still indications that we could be dealing with tropical moisture in thear
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next week. most of the rain chances are still back it our south and west. could see some rain in the shenandoah valley, but in the metro area, look at those temperature, up, up and away. mid to upper 80s around the area for today. and there is your forecasted highs in your hometown. 87 leesburg, 89 down in good old reagan national which is usually one of our warm spots. >> and still have a problem westbound 7 headed in to leesburg at bell monmont ridge . eastbound lanes are open this morning. orange, blue, silver line still have the speed restrictions in play in new carrollton and largo directions until friday. so reminder there. big look at the beltway overall looking quite good in northwest. k-street at 14th, we have the traffic signals. no police on the scene quite yet. travel times in ten minutes. today in fairfax county, it testimony is expected to continue in the bizarre case ai
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attack on at lure and his wife. the attack came after schmuhl's wife was fired in november of 2014. yesterday in court, a crime scene detective showed jurors found evidence found in the getaway car that included a taser, handgun, knife, an automatic timer device, as well. schmuhl's attorney is arguing that his client was eye on prescription pills and didn't know what was going on. her death stunned the community. tomorrow marks one year since d.c. reporter charnice himilton was shot and killed as she waited for a bus in southeast. police still don't have anyone in custody in her death, only grain knee surveillance video that shows more than a deny people riding dirt bikes. investigators believe those riders were involved in a shoot-out that led to milton's death. we did an interview with her family and they shared new photos of charnice. you can read more in our nbc washington app.
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tell us the news 4 iteam that there has been progress in stopping sexual assaults in the military. the agency also says it didn't mislead congress when it comes to the number of assault survivors coming forward. this is it in response to a purchase by senator gillibrand. she says new numbers show a decline in the number survivors reporting a crime, but data shows reports have tripled to horn 6,000 last year. today mary cheh will host a community meeting on homelessness. today mary che community meeting on homelessness. a shelter is was supposed to be on wisconsin avenue but is being relocated to idaho avenue northwest. mayor muriel bowser wants to replace d.c. general with temporary family shelters scattered throughout the city. the community meeting begins at 7:00 tonight at 2nd district poe
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if you want to give in-about put about the future pr purple line, you can head to the civic building tonight. transit officials will hold a heat to go talk about plans for the line along wayne avenue. >> the house of representatives dealt a big blow to d.c.'s attempt at self government. lawmakers nullified a law that allowed the district to spend local tax dollars without congressional approval. house members said the district overstepped its legal authority and the constitution by trying to exclude congrefrom the budge process. advisers have recommended he veto the bill. later this morning, there will be a hearing on mayor bowser's plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. activists will urge the council and the mayor to expand the plan to include tipped workers, as well. the mayor's proposal is the third time in recent months that renlgs lags has been proposed or enacted to raise the minimum wage. some scary moments i
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air and on the ground when a bird strike took out one of the engines on an american airlines plane. it made an emergency landing and one country heal heard the loud bang over their home, their thoughts immediately turned to the worst case scenario. >> just goes right overhead just like that one right there. and it was just making this crazy noise off in the distance. and i thought, man, that sucker is going down. >> bird strikes have become a major issue in recent years. american airlines says there were no injuries reported in that incident. and an update this morning on where president obama plans to live. politico and several other outlets say the obamas plan to move into this mansion in northwest in the kalorama neighborhood. the real estate home visit provided us with a look inside. politico says the house is owned by joe lockhart, president bill clinton's press secretary. it also says the house has nine bedrooms, 8 1/2 baths and
5:36 am
it sold for $5.3 million. not too shabby. >> not at all. >> i'd like to live there. all right. we're only a few days away from memorial day. but the city of gaithersburg is already looking towards the fourth of july. >> you may have seen and heard city officials testing things yesterday. the city tested a new location for its patriotic show. volunteers stationed themselves at different spots to make sure that they could seat fikocould fireworks two miles away. >> we've stationed people at 21 areas just to make sure that they before they wput it out to the public. >> we'll let you know when gaithersburg finalizes their plans. we told you about another nift proce night of protests, but will have any impact on the race? a closer look at that
5:37 am
hillary clinton's move forward after reports about her e-mail sev server. and congress takes action, the changes women could soon see on capitol hill. just when you thought it was beautiful and safe to put the umbrella away, think again. why you might want to pack one for the kids for a littleater tod lay
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what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you.
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we will be more excited to have them so close than to be scared. i think it is a privilege. >> that's one way to put it. >> this is what one complain he will couple said when they saw wild lions just a few feet away will couple said when they saw wild lions just a few feet away. this couple was at a wildlife park when two lyons walked up to the tent and started licking the outside for moisture. the couple took several photos but said other than that, they stayed very, very still. apparently this is the norm that they put you right in the wildlife reserves and there are armed guards just in case anything gets crazy. but if they don't move and they can't smell you -- >>w
5:41 am
restful time away? i can't imagine. and they took pictures on top of that. i would be -- oh, no. 5:41 our time. weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell will kick things off. >> you know what that lion was thinking, right? something smells like bacon in here. i stole that from tony in audio. sorry. outside this morning, what a good looking school day it will be. only problem is you're going to have to sit in the classroom and imagine what it will be doing. highs today in the upper 80s. t-shirts and shorts are in order. a look at the weekend coming up. brand new problem in urbana avenue -- urbana area avenue. it's my friday i guess. i don't know what is going on. at
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taking a look at travel times, brand new crash there in urbana. so eastbound right now fairfax county parkway to the beltway on 66, you're on time. 95 north quantico to the beltway also looking good. in maryland, 270 south rolling along just fine. and then top of the beltway 95 no problems. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. what would you do if an armed robber burst into the store and demanded all your money? we'll tell you how one 7-year-old tried to save the day. congress takes action after a news 4 iteam investigation, the changes that women could see on capitol hill. and what is in a name. not much when you're trying to save money. why more and more peopleare
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[000:42:44;00] good morning. waking up on a thursday.
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mostly clear skies and it will be a warm one day. how warm and for how much longer. the "7-day forecast" just minutes away. westbound 7 at belmont ridge road, still have the crash. follow police direction around that one this morning. and 80 at fenker board road at park mills, still have that crash, as well. sounds like possibly an overturned vehicle. 14 before the hour. developing right now in new york, a man a dead and three people are recovering after a shooting at a cancer. this happened in union square in manhattan. tracie strahan is live outside the venue for us this morning. what you can tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you the crime scene detectives from the nypd are still going out at irving plaza where they are looking for any evidence about the shooting that happened here. the marquee however still illuminated for hip hot artist
5:47 am
ti, he was said to be the headliner but the shots rang out stage. you can see a scramble via social media. the video that has made the rounds of the after math of shoots around 10:15 last night. it was a packed house to see the concert, but police tell us that it happened in a third floor vip room and interrupted the performance of the warm-up act. police confirmed to us that four people were are shot. at this hour a 34-year-old man is fighting for his life in critical condition. the other two injuries said to be minor and they are set to recover. but still a lot of people are questioning security as a result of this. the nypd tells us medal detec r detectors were in play last night and that bags were searched, but at least one concert goer told us that was not the case. a lot of people wondering how a gun got this to the venue. so far the nypd haven't released any description of the suspect they're looking for. back to you.
5:48 am
i'm dri you might say i'm at a cross roads. i'm at 14th and columbia northwest. this intersection is deemed one of the five most dangerous in the city. council member mary cheh compiled a list based on accident data and traffic volume and this intersection made the list this year and we spoke to a gentleman who drives through here for work and he can certainly at test to that. let's take a listen. >> reporter: right now eats not busy. i'm a truck driver. around 8:00, it's bad. >> reporter: and she will also bring people from ddot and department of public works to see what they can to about the changes to make them a bit safer. we'll have more coming ultimate later. derrick ward,ultimate later. derrick ward, news 4. . trends and family in massachusetts will begin say going by to the police officer who was shot and killed during a
5:49 am
traffic stop earlier this this awake for officer ronald tarantino is set for later today. the funeral will be tomorrow. the suspect was later shot and killed by police after an 18 hour manhunt. it looks like drew peterson's prison party won't happen. see cred he had planned an alcohol celebration after a death. the recordings were played in court yesterday. peterson is accused of plotting the state's attorney this retaliation for his 2012 conviction in kathleen savio's death. he's pleaded not guilty. check out this amazing rescue. more than 500 migrants were fighting to stay afloat after their boat overturned. the italian navy jumped to the rescue and you can see naval officers throwing life jackets to the refugees. crews did recover 7 bodies from the water.
5:50 am
they were on a crowded boat three, two, one, zero. liftoff. >> right now they are wrapping up the final preparations for a rocket launch. spacex is sending a satellite into space today. that launch is scheduled to 5:40 this evening -- i believe this is video of a previous launch. if tonight's launch is delayed for any reason, it should happen tomorrow instead. 40 years ago here at the air and space museum, then president gerald ford opening the museum that since has become the most visited in the united states. its mission tells a stunning story of flight. >> the wright brothers flew in 1903, 60 years later, we were walking on the moon. >> reporter: general john daily
5:51 am
has directed the years. he's overseen major overhauls and planning a big party july 1st to celebrate the 40th anniversary. the iconic museum even will get a facelift to replace its aging and cracking continue stennesse stone work, but it's still the inside that counts. tom sherwood, news 4. a new, 4 iteam investigation leads to division action. a u.s. senator is calling for better accommodations for young womans on u.s. capitol grounds including more baby changing tables and lactation stations. in a letter to the senate, democrat bob casey wrote, quote, i respectfully urge you to take steps to improve the facilities available for parents working in or visiting the capitol complex. he cited tuesday's iteam report that the capitol complex has less than a third of the lactation station required in federal buildings and less than half the family buildings also
5:52 am
required. eleanor holmes norton called the findings unacceptable. >> it doesn't surprise me that the congress lags behind. it always does. and what we have to do is just shine a bright light on it. >> congress exempted itself from federal buildings rules and does it need to follow them? the transgender bathroom debate is headed to the courtroom. texas and ten other states have announced a lawsuit against the obama administration. those states are fighting a federal mandate that would allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identities. if public schools don't follow the directives, they could lose federal funding. to decision 2016 now. and a major announcement that could come today from a top republican. tracie potts live on the hill for us with more. >> reporter: there has been buzz about this, nothing confirmed whether paul ryan will endorse donald trump as the party's nominee. they met and we've confirmed that they had a phone call yesterday that a source tells
5:53 am
nbc was conversation. ryan has his weekly briefing today and will certainly be peppered with questions about whether or not he will throw the weight of his support behind donald trump as he leads that convention for the republicans this summer where trump it appears almost assuredly be the nominee for the party. >> we learned yesterday about a new investigation or an investigation into e-mails from the state department, hillary clinton in particular. is this going to affect her candidacy? >> reporter: she says it won't. and in the univision interview she's responding saying it's the same old stuff and she doesn't think it will affecter. it's the inspector general's report that found that she violated the federal records act by not turning over all her e-mails before she left office. she says she's now turned over everything she has. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. waking up on this thursday morning, already nice and warm out there. and it will get even warmer, right, chuck 124.
5:54 am
>> beautiful sunrise in progress. sun came up officially about five minutes ago. early sunrises. calling out cars, calling out cars, this is the communication tower for d.c. police on georgia avenue. beautiful looking way to get your thursday started. even a view from our city camera, different perspective over the potomac and towards capitol hill. nice day to be outside today. what should you expect? our first real serious run at 90 degrees for the year. hit and miss shower and thunderstorm chances will gradually be increasing a little bit between today and tomorrow as the humidity starts to climb a bit, as well. today's rain chance manically focused along i-81. a few showers out there already in the southern parts of the shenandoah valley down towards the new river valley and roanoke valley. for the metro washington area, we're all dry for now. future weather carries that little hint of a rain chance through the shenandoah early this morning. and then everyone is dry through late morning into the early parts of the afternoon and by
5:55 am
4:00, 5:00 today, there some hit and miss thundershowers again primarily out west of the blue ridge. rain chances in town are below 30%. temperature-wise, 50s and 60s now. we'll quickly move into the mid and upper 80s for most neighborhoods today. about 87 your high this gaithersburg. could be as much as 90 tomorrow in manassas. today and tomorrow in d.c. right around 89. going out to the baseball game, cardinals in town, on your way to the ball pack, 88 degrees. game time temperatures will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. here is your "7-day forecast." pushing 90 both today and tomorrow. slightly better chance for an isolated shower tomorrow, but no big deal. saturday dry, sunday mostly dry. best chance for rain monday night on into tuesday of next week. she here is melissa now. we just good tgot off the phone with police. 80 finger board road, at park mills, they are saying the crash is getting out of the roadway
5:56 am
and should not be belonging things too much. 6 66 east of ter 50, a crash. beltway at central avenue, no problems. 5:56. and check out that little boy. brave kid takes on an armed robbery suspect throwing punches before the suspect forces hip and his parents to the floor here. another look for you at that video. montgomery county police telling us two men carrying guns robbed a gamestop in silver spring friday night after they pushed his parents and the boy to the floor, they got away with cash from the register. the young man's parents tell it us their son is upset now and he hasn't put down the stuffed afternoon mal t animal the store manager gave him since that night. they want these two locked up. >> more than anything, we need
5:57 am
to make sure that we can go back and tell him soon these guys have been arrested and they will pay for what they did. >> so here is another look at the he suspects. montgomery county police are asking for the community's help to get them behind bars. >> reporter: intruders breaching outer security per recommend he ters at our area airports. how often does it happen, a live report coming up. going right for the houses. >> here we go again. another dangerous wave of tornadoes across the midwest. hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. why did she do this? >> a teach every under investigation this morning. did she go too far in disciplining a child for talking. fourth of july is still more than a month away. why is one local community breaking out the fireworks. still in the hunt. which local kids still have the chance to be the nation's top spell.
5:58 am
5:59 am
er keeping unwanted people off airport property. new information overnight about security breaches at the airports in our region. i think that was somebody's house. >> we're getting our first look at the devastation on the ground after another wave of severe
6:00 am
weather strikes t forecast with chuck bell. beautiful day outside. there goes the sun up in our eastern horizon here early this morning. your weather headlines, either getting hot in here. may get to 90 for the first time. a little more humid tomorrow. we're still keeping an eye on the tropics for any potential developments in the monday/tuesday time frame. so keeping an eye on that for you. first thing this morning, though, a couple 50s on the map. 63 now at reagan national. rain chances pretty low. 30% or less for the d.c. metro into southern maryland. a little better chance out towards the shenandoah valley. so the next 24 hours look this way, a beautiful start this morning, a great evening outside. no more than an isolated rain chance early this morning. we'll be dry by tomorrow morning. want to show you a brand new problem that just popped up.


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