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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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child pornography along a neighborhood street in kensington. baker is charged with producing child porn and sexually exploiting a child to do so. maryland state records say this same home was officially registered by a day care operation by his family. baker's wife name is on the registration. steve baker listed on the documentation as a family member involved. agents tracked by baker by connecting a child online porn share site with an ip address connected with this sign shop, action signs. baker works there and the user name the fbi tracked on that suspected child porn sharing site was sign man. the man we could see inside the store today didn't answer the door when we knocked. the fbi records say in recent
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agent went to the business to question baker about the case. she asked baker if he knew why she was there. he said, i have child porn on my computer. i've been waiting for someone to come. quote, i'm actually downloading a file right now. do you want to see? maryland records show the day care center at baker's home was registered to operate from 2008 to 2012 with up to six children allowed at a time. yet from baker's defense attorney, court filings say baker taped one girl and shared those images, but didn't specify how many children in the images they uncovered. why are the feds doing about it later tonight. it's been nearly a week since a fairfax county teacher's assistant was murdered. police are hoping a sketch could provide new clues in this case. a woman who matcheshi
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may know something about a murder in a fairfax county apartment complex. officers found tarreece sampson dead in the parking lot of the apartments last week. the victim's girlfriend says she thinks he was shot after he witnessed someone breaking into cars. call it a crime of opportunity. a delivery driver accused of stealing from one of his stops, but the victim is just 8 years old and he has a serious medical condition. pat collins is live in kensington with details. pat, this is hard to believe. >> reporter: unbelievable, chris. this guy is a delivery man. he was just supposed to bring some flowers to this house in kensington, but police say he took some things as well, some cash, a credit card, and a very important ipad. this looks like a flower delivery, but it really turned
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most unusual kind. you might call it a very sad easter surprise. >> here we are. >> reporter: one of the items stolen, an ipad used by an 8-year-old. he has cerebral palsy. that ipad an important part of his life. >> he loves music and movies. the ipad is what he watches everything on. taking away the happiest thing in the world to him was the saddiesa saddest thing for us. >> reporter: kelly's dad sends her a big arrangement for yellow flowers with some teddy bears for the grandkids. nobody was home when it all went down. the flower delivery man shows up, checking things out front and back with those flowers in his hands. police say he got into the house and took kelly's credit card, h,
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and then they say he went on a buying spree at department stores in lake forest mall. it took sometime before kelly realized something was missing. >> i thought i had cash, but i didn't see cash in my wallet last night. my debit card wasn't there and i couldn't find the ipad. >> reporter: anthony reeves was charged. how did they catch this guy? get the picture? more about that coming up at 6:00. chris, back to you. thank you very much, pat. an emotional plea from charnice milton's father today. caught in a shootout involving atv riders. tomorrow marks one year since her death and police still don't have any suspects. mark segraves is live in southeast where her father and police are asking for the public's help.
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supposed to be the center of hope and revitalization for this community. walmart was going to come here. a jobs center had opened across the street. police and community workers were working together to make this neighborhood safer. in the past year, walmart has pulled out and two innocent women have been gunned down in separate incidences right in this block. now once again this community is trying to heal. >> it is like an open wound that just doesn't seem to heal. all that we want is really justice. >> reporter: standing where his daughter was murdered, ken mcclinton is frustrated. like the police, he knows there are people in the community who know killed his daughter, but they just won't come forward. >> we know we live in a community where individuals for long periods of time have gotten used to getting away with murder. they have intimidated people intoi
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>> reporter: the chief said it hasn't been enough to find milton's killer. >> we need people to continue to come forward. the bits and pieces that people are giving us, we just need a little more. >> reporter: they still haven't made an arrest in the murder of ivy smith, who like charnice milton, was an innocent bystander when shots rang out. >> we choose not to get involved because it is not my baby who died. that has to come to an end too. >> reporter: now today community activists approached d.c. police chief and asked her why there are no crime cameras at this intersection that sees so much crime. they're going to have a meeting with the police commander later this afternoon. now charnice milton and ivy smith's murder are far from the only unsolved homicides east of the river.
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introduce you to a man who has made a display as a tribute to those murders and keep the memories alive of all the people who have died in these neighborhoods. a twist in the case of a prince william county teenager who once faced felony charges for sexting his girlfriend. he was 17 years old. he was charged with distributing child pornography in a sexting case. police took photographs of his genitals and sought a court order to take more pictures of him while aroused. charges were drops. they violated his 4th and 14th amendment rights. i'm pat lawson. news just into the live
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a massive emergency repair project on the arlington memorial bridge is now complete. the national parks service says curb lanes on both sides of the bridge will now reopen. for the past year, the parks service has been installing support beams to reinforce the bridge deck and reduce vibration. the bridge still needs a $250 million overhaul in order to keep the bridge from closing by 2021. 68,000 vehicles cross the memorial bridge every day. if you are one of the 38 million people hitting the road this memorial day weekend, you're going to be happy to fill up with the lowest gas prices in more than a decade. aaa is projecting some 38 million people will travel 50 miles or more this holiday weekend. that's about 700,000 more than traveled last year. a majority of those travelers plan to go by car. >> it is highly likely they're going to be blasting the ac the en
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>> i was waiting. i was here ready to go, guys. you mentioned the ac. >> he's going to the beach. >> join the crowd. >> my mind is already down in ocean city. going to be a great day. really great couple days. memorial day weekend looking good. we are warm. 88 degrees is the current temperature at national airport. 88 down towards richmond. 92 towards virginia beach. if you're at the beach today, nice 74. that's perfect down there along the water. radar picking up a couple of showers back towards the winchester area. they may track across parts of our area, but most of us stay dry tonight. your headlines tonight more 80s. we're not just talking 80s. we're going to feel like the 90s tomorrow. tracking the weekend and memorial day rain. the latest on what could be a little bit of a stormy monday. we'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. you're going to have to plan
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get around this weekend using metro. work will be done on every single line. but the biggest impact will be no service on part of the orange line in northern virginia. the vienna and west falls church stations all will be closed. shuttle buses will be the replacements for those stations. this is chris gordon. a man hung from the side of the bay bridge this morning. ahead, we'll hear from two people who came to his aid and probably saved his life. metro's major maintenance plan called safetrack starts in just about a week. have you thought about it? and
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a former delegate for donald trump was charged in a case that involved child pornography and an unregistered gun has been ordered to be released from jail, but that release won't happen right away. meagan fitzgerald is outside the federal courthouse in greenbelt. it sounds as if the judge struggled with this decision. >> reporter: chris, he did. that's after federal prosecutors revealed even more
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the case after federal agents raided the home of 30-year-old caleb bailey. the judge said he wasn't concerned so much about bailey being a flight risk. what he worried about was the danger to the community. federal prosecutors told the judge that investigators found several unlicensed machine guns inside bailey's home along with explosives and projectiles. the government also said bailey admitted to selling those weapons to friends and family as well as licensed gun dealerships. there was surveillance cameras that were all around his home and in his bathroom that captured minors stepping out of the shower and using the restroom. they argued there was no intent to produce child pornography. the prosecution said there's a lot of information, a lot of evidence, they're still combing through, including several hard
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through. the courtroom was filled with friends and family members of caleb bailey, as well as members of the charles county republican central committee. you'll hear from one of the members and a close family friend as to his take on what happened inside that courtroom. back to you. >> a disturbing case. thank you, meagan. there was a big news flash that donald trump had won the nomination. and -- [ applause ] and i said, what happened. i thought i had to wait a couple more weeks. just is a great honor. this was a little bit sooner. we were supposed to be watching hillary clinton and guess what. we're watching hillary clinton. that's the way it worked. >> that was donald trump after hearing that he has clinched the number of delegates to become the gop's presidentia
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nbc news updated its count after getting confirmation from unbound delegates in three states that they would be voting for trump. he now has 1238 delegates. that's one more than the magic number of 1237. trump will not formally accept the party's nod until the convention floor in july. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is closing in on her magic number. 2383 is the magic number for her. the delegate tracker has her 80 short of that number now. bernie sanders has 1539. wendy? >> thanks, pat. president obama says the world is paying attention to what's going on in the presidential race. he spoke at the g7 summit in japan today telling reporters it is fair to say that world leaders are surprised that trump is the presumptive republican nominee. >> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're
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reason. he does a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. >> at his news conference this afternoon, trump upon hearing those remarks said it's a good thing that the world leaders are rattled. over on the democratic side, they recanvassed the results in kentucky and confirmed that hillary clinton won that primary. bernie sanders camp requested the recanvas after finishing 12,000 votes behind clinton in that primary. the review happened today and confirmed the original count. both candidates continue to make their pitches to voters out west. clinton held rallies in las vegas and northern california today. sanders had a rally in california's central coast.
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begin may 30th. congress still needs to address zika funding, opioids, the flint water crisis, and judge merrick garland's nomination to the supreme court. democratic leaders say those issues should be addressed before anyone leaves washington. a father is chasing charges in connection to an embezzlement investigation at a school in loudoun county. he was the president of the pta at creighton's corner elementary school. he was indicted last week following an investigation into unauthorized charges in the pta's bank account. he is accused of embezzling $13,000. officials say the money was taken sometime between september of last year and february of this year. we have a developing story right now. a woman who was running a local day care has been indicted for murder in the death of an infant girl. prosecutors in prince george's county have charged
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manning with first-degree child abuse as well. last december, 9-month-old savannah wright died of blunt force trauma. they were on a collision course off the coast of north carolina. what we have learned about the military fighter jets based in virginia that collided in midair. d.c.'s most dangerous tersections. in
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and let's take a look. chopper 4 live over the bay bridge right now. taking a look at the western portion of the bridge as it crosses over the chesapeake. you can see sandy point state park right now. one of my favorite bridges in the world right there except for the one time my car broke down on the very top of the bridge. yep, right in the middle. tell you that story later if you have time. temperatures into the 80s, even close to 90. we're 88 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour. well above average. 90 leesburg. over towards the eastern shore, 90
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a very hot day across our region. today is hottest day of the year. tomorrow will feel even warmer as we see more humidity. a couple of storms out there. we were talking about the chance for showers and storms west of the district. they're around winchester and martinsburg. could you see a lightning bolt? maybe one or two rumbles of thunder, but that's about it. light to moderate rain out there. maybe a brief downpour. satellite and radar showing the cloud cover trying to move across our region. more clouds back to the west. back to the west, much different story. we have a severe weather outbreak ongoing back towards portions of kansas, nebraska, plains of iowa, and missouri. that storm not coming our way. what may be coming our way is down toward the tropical atlantic. this is a tropical system that does have the chance for developing and moving right towards the coast. now, it's expected to
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onshore around the carolinas. what does that mean for us? not a whole lot directly, but indirectly we will see some tropical moisture out there. we'll talk much more about that as we move towards the weekend. for us tonight, just a couple of scattered showers around. not expecting much this evening. tomorrow we'll wake up to some nice numbers, plenty of sunshine, and a chance of showers back to the west. we have about a 20% chance of storms, but that will be well to the west of the area. bus stop forecast, 67. tomorrow afternoon, 89 degrees. nice and warm across our region tomorrow. how about that beach forecast? if you're heading down toward the beaches, i'll be in ocean city tomorrow. weather looking great tomorrow. perfect on saturday. plenty of sunshine. shower possible on sunday as that area of low pressure approaches the coast. we'll see more cloud cover and a good chance for shower activity on monday and a little bit cooler. upper 60s to low
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heading towards the beaches. i would not cancel any plans. also expecting showers inside the inland areas too. temperatures only in the 70s on monday, but near 90 tomorrow. sunday looking good. just a slight chance of a shower. all in all, it is looking pretty good. we have been telling you for weeks about metro's plan to fix the ailing tracking system. plus, there is a heartbreaking rescue. how one man's attempt to take his life at the bay bridge turned into a lesson on compassion during an emergency. did y'all see the water bottle challenge this morning? check it out. we're going to talk to the kid who nailed it down just like that. >> she did it. believe me. >> yeah, i did. >> two minutes ago in the break, she nailed it. >> and then that happens.
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these are live pictures of the chesapeake bay bridge we're about to show you. traffic is moving along pretty well at this point right now. >> it was a much different case earlier today. a distraught man climbed to the edge of the bridge and triggered a dramatic, daring rescue. it shut down the eastbound lanes at the start of the morning rush. we're hearing from some of the people who came to his aid. chris gordon is live at the bridge. this was just amazing. >> reporter: chris and wendy, it happened early this morning at the very highest point of the bay bridge when a man suddenly stopped his car and got out. chopper 4 flew beside the bay bridge as the drama unfolded this morning. a man had climbed over the railing on the eastbound span. lieutenant kevin brenner was on his way to work. he saw
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at the railing trying to help. they talked with the man for more than 45 minutes until help arrived. >> i happened to have a portable radio with me. i was able to radio into our dispatch center that we needed additional units for a gentleman who was threatening suicide. >> we definitely established a rapport with him. it was very touch and go for a while there. it was very scary this morning. >> reporter: did you ever fear you were going to lose contact and that he would go off the bridge? >> absolutely. there were many times when the way he was sitting he was facing outwards. at that point, i heard lieutenant asking him to straddle the pylon. >> reporter: the rescue squad used rope and rigging to lower a rescuer down to the man below. the rescuer gave him a big hug and they were both pulled to safety. >> that hug really actually -- you see it in the picture. it was
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didn't know each other. it was something. >> reporte >> it's great when you can help somebody and know it had a positive outcome. >> reporter: we have more information on suicide prevention. simply go to our nbc washington app and search changie ining mi. now coming up at 6:00, we'll hear how jason hayes, who stopped to help the man on the bridge, says this incident may change his life too. wendy, that's the latest from the bay bridge. back to you. >> i'm glad it ended well. we are following a developing story. it's near the outer banks where two military fighter jets based in virginia beach collided. the crash was about 25 miles off the coast of cape hatteris. a commerci f
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helicopter plucked all four airmen out of the ocean and brought them to a hospital in norfolk. >> it was a textbook rescue in a matter of speaking. we're really grateful. this kind of shows the inner service cooperation between the navy and the coast guard. >> the nay vy says a safety revw is under way. d.c. officials are trying to improve some of the most dangerous intersections in the district. the top five include busy intersections in pet worth, columbia heights, and adams morgan along with two busy travel arteries in southeast and northeast. district officials gathered at 14 and columbia, which has the highest number of bicycle-rel e bicycle-relatbicycle-relat bicycle-related crashes. one possible issue could be a gap in designated bike lanes. >> there's a little bit of congestion here in the
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movements too. that is what is contributing to some of the crashes. >> officials plan to visit all five of those dangerous intersections by next week before figuring out a man to make them safer. metro's massive maintenance plan is coming and you have a week to come up with an alternative travel plan if you use metro. the first part of the plan starts next saturday on a busy part of the orange and silver lines. adam tuss is live outside the boston station to tell you what to expect. >> reporter: this is going to be highly disruptive. how about 13 straight days of single tracking between boston and east falls church? if you commute anywhere along the corridor, you need to start thinking about how this is going to impact you. it is almost time. a year of massi
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shutdowns to fix metro right around the corner, and judging by some riders, there's plenty of planning that needs to be done. do you know about safetrack? >> no, what's that. >> you've never heard of safetrack? >> what's that? >> reporter: beginning next saturday, there will be 13 straight days of single tracking around the clock between east falls church and boston. intense repairs will be made along this section of track. trains will only run every 18 minutes and that's expected to lead to very crammed, crowded conditions with long waits. >> we would not be doing this unless we had to and that's where we are. >> reporter: metro gm says extra metro bus service will be added at routes along this area. delays will be extensive. >> the first one will be the most difficult. the first one for us and the first one for customers. it will be bumpy. i wouldn't
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bum bumpy. >> reporter: fairfax county will have express buses. vre being recommended as an option. uber says it will expand its uber pool options. >> more people in few cars, which should help with congestion on the road. >> reporter: many said they'd rather take their chances with another form of transportation rather than ride with metro during safetrack. we have a full list of your transportation options in our nbc washington app. just search safetrack options. what about surge pricing on uber? i'll tell you the plan for that, wendy. >> thank you, adam. every year someone steals the show at the spelling bee. this year is no exception. now we found a new star is already emerging as t
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imagine a job where the requirements are you be a single,
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don't unscrew it. just pull it down. reach up. no. >> on top. there you go. >> right there. there you go. okay. >> okay. without a word, that little boy is melting hearts at the scripps national spelling bee down in national harbor. at 6 years old, he is the youngest speller in the history of the competition. >> he got through the first round, but he misspelled his second word in the next round. >>
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>> it is spelled b-a-c-t-e-r-i-o-l-y-t-i-c. >> thank you. >> he is so cute. we all learned that it is spelled differently. he's going to try again next year. he's certainly got a lot of years to practice. how well can you spell? you can test your prowess on our nbc washington app, spell quiz. >> since the advent of spell-check, mine has gone steadily downhill. a teenager in north carolina says he just wanted to be in his school's talent show. >> but his only talent was flipping a bottle. take a look.
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nailed it down. >> mike drop. >> he says he's been flipping bottles for a few years now, but he wouldn't say he's a pro. cell phone video of his talent show performance hit the internet. it goes viral as these things do. >> it doesn't make sense. i still can't process it. >> i think being cute helps, you know? he's a bit attractive there. it's very difficult. we had a big thing in the newsroom today. you can only do it when no one is looking at you and when you're not being videotaped. >> that's true. >> it really isn't easy. >> in our break, about 10, 15 minutes ago, wendy did it. she landed it perfectly. >> i have a witness. >> yes, i saw it with my own eyes. there's a new call for action to stop the spread of the zika virus. today, the director of the centers for disease control came
5:42 pm
u.s. has to act more quickly to protect the public, especially pregnant women who are at risk for having babies with birth defects. dr. tom frieden said speed is critical because a day, a week, a month can make all the difference. it's been three months since the obama administration requested nearly $2 billion for zika. now congress is considering how much of that to approve. prosecutors are turning to forensic experts to connect the dots between evidence seized after a near deadly home invasion and the man accused in the attack. coming up, i'll tell you which weapon they can put in his hand. today was the warmest day so far this year with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. what kind of temps you can expect as we head on into the
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we've seen the video of the arrest of those two attorneys who are now charged in
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they allegedly attacked a mclean lawyer and his wife. andrew schmuhl at the time when he was arrested dressed only in a diaper. jurors are seeing video of the moments that led up to the attack. julie carey is live to talk about what that video is showing us. >> reporter: that video played for jurors today was taken from a store security camera. it shows the suspect's wife alicia schmuhl buying a taser at a herndon gun store. november 7th, 2014, just two days before a near deadly attack, andrew schmuhl's wife alicia is captured on video at a gun store buying a taser. the clerk told jurors she later returned to buy more taser cartridges. it was this taser later recovered in the schmuhl's getaway
5:47 pm
was used to launch the attack against leo fisher and his wife sue duncan. schmuhl is accused of stabbing both victims and shutting duncan in the head. prosecutors believe the schmuhls plotted the attack to seek revenge after leo fisher fired alicia schmuhl. attorneys for andrew schmuhl say he was just carrying out his wife's orders. the defense attorney underscored that it was alicia buying the weapon. asked the defense attorney, did you see my client? he wasn't there that day. no, replied the clerk. did you see her talk on the phone to her boss or partner? negative, said the clerk. the forensic report shows there were no fingerprints on the taser and the one on the gun not use f
5:48 pm
knife, the print on it a match with andrew schmuhl's right thumb. now one other revelation today. we've known about alicia schmuhl's connection to the victim's law firm. today andrew schmuhl's resume was introduced into evidence because he once applied to work at that law firm. back to you now in the studio. we're following a developing story tonight. baylor university in texas is making some big changes in the wake of a sex abuse allegation against some of its football players. the school has now suspended head football coach art briles with the intent to terminate his employment. two former baylor football players have been convicted of rape and the school is under fire for failing to respond to six reports of sexual assault in the last seven years, all of which occurred under briles' watch. baylor is also demoting president ken star, the same man who investigated the m
5:49 pm
a veteran maryland gymnast coach who worked with young children is charged with possessing tens of thousands of images and videos of child pornography. investigators say his obsession was so bad that he even wrote stories about having sex with children. we see how police made the arrest. >> i've been in law enforcement for 21 years, and this is absolutely the most disturbing and sick thing i've ever come across. >> reporter: wednesday baltimore county police arrested this man, paul bollinger of windsor mill. the corporal says it gets worse. >> he has a sexual attraction to children. he even writes stories about having sex with children. >> reporter: investigators found those stories inside the home on gladstone road. neighbors heard the coti
5:50 pm
it was like 5:00 in the morning. i just heard screaming. it was just a scary, scary thing to have to hear. >> reporter: marks are left on the door after police served a search and seizure warrant and recovered a computer and other devices. >> we just have so many pictures that we have to look at. over 30,000. it's going to be a lot more than that. maybe almost double. we don't know yet. >> reporter: we talked with another neighbor who describes b bollinger as quiet, but nice. it is still very early in the investigation, and at this point they have not identified any children as kids from the area. closer to home, there are two ways for d.c. workers to get to that $15 minimum wage by the year 2020. council members discussed both of them at a hearing today. mayor muriel bowser has introduced some legislation. there is a proposed referendum that hasn't y
5:51 pm
for the november ballot. the big difference is over tipped workers. bowser's bill would increase the minimum wage for those tipped workers while the proposal would pay everyone the same by the year 2025. how's it going to look? when we say rain, what do we mean? >> not a lot of rain. unfortunately, the best chance of rain does come on monday. >> memorial day. >> it's a tricky forecast, though, so you want to stay tuned for updates. right now on memorial day rain looks to favor the morning and midday hours. that could change. today the warmest day so far this year. hot and humid again tomorrow. maybe some scattered late day thunderstorms as well, but most if not all of your friday looking dry. mainly dry saturday and sunday. still noticing the mugginess though. again, right now some showers, not storms, are in the forecast for memorial day. cooler temps as well.
5:52 pm
4 radar. tracking some isolated activity mainly west of i-81 north of winchester. you can see some brighter colors here on the radar. that's some heavier rain and maybe a few thundershowers. you're evening planner. right now we're at 88 degrees. 7:00, we'll be around 84, 85. 9:00 p.m., dry, low 80s. 11:00, balmy. 77 degrees at that point. waking up tomorrow to mild temperatures. the weather having a low impact on your day. it's hot. it's humid once again. some isolated thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. 70 degrees at 7:00 a.m. humid. by lunchtime, low to mid 80s across the area. near 90 for highs tomorrow. we'll hit our high temperature between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. 8:00, a temperature around 81 degrees. if you're getting out of town
5:53 pm
you can expect at 2:00. notice some scattered thunderstorms and showers well west of the area. 73 and ocean city. for the most part, travel weather looking good. by 7:00, sea isle up in new jersey at 74 degrees. hatteras at 73. looking good for yard work, parades, heading to the pool. showers possible and a little bit cool on monday. a high on monday of 77 degrees. tuesday, a high of 80. best chance of rain on monday. mid to upper 80s for saturday and sunday, guys. you had to be cute and skinny to land that job. but becoming a flight attendant has changed. we take a trip back in time in the air and space museum and
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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hi there. we're at laguardia airport right
5:57 pm
across the country. we have covered and shown you the outrage over that. tonight, we're about to show you on "nightly news" some solutions about how to beat the lines, the programs you can join right now. one of them right on the spot so you and your family can get through and not miss your flight. we're going to show you free apps that you can download right now on your phone. this is one of them. it's called my flight. it tells you the wait times of the country's busiest airports in realtime, so that way you can plan accordingly and get to the airport. tonight, how to beat the lines on "nightly news." if you had any doubt that the golden era of flying it is over, that should dispel it. thousands of you are going to the go to the airport this weekend. >> there was a time when flying was elegant and classy and the flight attendants used to say -- well, they didn't, but there was a book about them called "coffee, tea, or
5:58 pm
sexist days. tom sherwood takes a look at an exhibit at the air and space museum. >> reporter: since the beginning of modern commercial airlines, flight attendants, called stewardesses until in the 1970s, were hired as eye candy. >> they were objectified. >> reporter: now international president of the association of flight attendants that represents 50,000 attendants. in the past, there were very specific qualifications. >> you couldn't be married. you couldn't have children. you couldn't way too much. >> reporter: the air and space exhibit represents 70 years of fighting for changes. >> it doesn't matter who you love or what gender you are or where you're from or what you sound like, what your body shape is. when i see that museum, i see that as a lot of pride in where we've come from.
5:59 pm
after 9/11, they have anti-terrorism training too. the union now wants seat restraints for passengers under 2. >> the lead flight attendant has -- sorry. >> reporter: nelson told of a crash where babies died because mothers were told to put them down on the floor. >> there was no safe place for that baby to be other than a child restraint seat like we have in the car. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. now at 6:00, captured on home video. the crucial clue that led to a suspected thief as police search for more potential victims. donald trump has clinched the republican nomination while issuing yet a new attack on his democratic rivals. plus, a look at the alternatives for metro riders. first at 6:00, hisam
6:00 pm
their home in montgomery county, but now a man from kensington has been charged with producing child porn and possessing thousands of explicit images of young children. >> scott macfarlane broke the story. he joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the fbi says the montgomery county man admitted downloading child porn. they say he is expected of doing so as early as 2011. though the fbi doesn't make any reference to a day care, but we found he operated a home day care until 2012. this yellow house in kensington is where steve baker's wife registered to operate a day care for four years. baker had computer equipment in his home where he kept some of the 50,000 images and videos of child pornography he possessed. it was this undercover fbige


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