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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  May 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thunderstorms especially west of washington. mainly around the i-81 corridor. 71 balmy degrees. 10:00 a.m., upper 70s and plenty of sunshine. and we're noticing the muggy nest today. by noon, a temperature around 84. and as far as the allergy report is concerned, trees and grasses coming in at high. weeds and mold spurs low. not only is the weather having a low impact on folks getting out of town, but there really aren't any problems on the roads. >> no problems on the roads. i wish i could tell that you this in about 12 hours. it will be different with folks trying to get out of town. taking a look at route 1, 29, 95, bw parkway here, everything looking good. so no big worries. still have that construction inner loop after connecticut kind of hanging around for us. taking a look at 395 and flying in to the district, you are on time there at 14 minutes. don't have any worries. we'll take a live
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coming up thin a couple minutes. a live look at reagan national as folks get ready to head out of town. >> but the big question on many folks' minds are the tsa lines. derrick ward is live there morning with a look at how things are going so far. >> reporter: good morning. early morning here at reagan national, take a look at the lines. they are a little longer than usual. we don't see the long lines that we maybe see at other airports, but of course lately we've had issues with staffing at tsa. now, what we are expecting is a higher than normal number of travelers this holiday season and this comes at the same time that the tsa is having staffing issues. they have a cap on full-time employees and they're losing the folks that are there because of the pay rate and at worse people have been missing their delights. some airlines have stepped in to
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gap. that will remain to be seen as we get into this. expected to be a higher than normal travel season. coming up, we'll talk to some folks about the wait and what they're doing to get around it. we're live at reagan national. derrick ward, news 4. closer gas prices mean more people will be on the roads all weekend long. aaa estimates nearly 34 million travelers will drive to their destination, that's about 89% of all travelers. megan mcgrath is tracking the be best and worst times to hit the road and we'll check in with her about ten minutes. a massive project is new complete. for the last year, the park service has been installing support beams to reinforce the arlington memorial original deck. and despite repair, it still needs $250 million overhaul work in order to keep it from closing. three injured two seriously in a stabbing at a d.c. jail. it happened l
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d.c. central tee tension facility in southeast. we're working to find out whether the victims are jailed staff or inmates. that jail was put on lockdown during the incident. a man faces a hearing this morning in the stabbing death of a pregnant woman in takoma park. the 36-year-old was a montgomery county school bus driver. and investigators charged the suspect with murder. to say that we're disheartened, disappointed is an understatement. >> one year later, a slain d.c. reporter's family is still looking for answers. charnice mill tton was killed b stray bullet one year ago today. her murder remained unsolved. a long time community activist wanted to call attention to the more than 100 unsolved murders where he lives. >> it's basically
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morgue. and it hits people because they did not realize that there are that many unsolved homicides just east of the river. >> police say a group of atv and dirt bike riders was involved in a shoot-out and milton was used as a human shield. her family is planning a vigil tonight on the corner where she was shot last year. that's good hope and naylor roads in southeast. it begins at 7:40 p.m. the people responsible for maintains arlington national cemetery may go on strike. the groundskeepers say take they have been trying to reach a new contract for nearly eight months. their union has been working to negotiate with their employer davie tree expert company and green leaf services. the 45 groundskeepers are asking for hire wages and paid sick leave. today is the last day to register to vote for the democratic presidential primary in d.c. registration can b d
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tuesday. if you forget to register, election officials say that the d.c. residents can register at a polling place on election day. you had our president saying he will not be the nominee of his party. oh, really? >> there could not be a starker difference than there is between me and now as of today the republican nominee donald trump. >> that was yesterday after donald trump clinched the gop nomination when he hit that required number of pledged delegates. now hillary clinton and trump are aiming at each other. tracie potts will have the latest on that coming up at 5:45. gesellscha-e-s-e-l-l-s-c-h-. >> that is correct. >> do you know what that means? >> yes. >> really?
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>> it means people working together for a common goal. pretty good for a spelling bee that ended in a tie between two friends. one of the boys is the youngest ever champion at only 11 years old and the other is a 13-year-old. his older brother won the title two years ago. congratulations to them. a feat much larger than you or i could ever accomplish. >> $45,000 for each of them cash and prizes and scholarship and all that jazz. good for them. how do you spell fun this memorial day weekend? some might sayf-u-n. >> i see what you did there. >> we could see some rain, though. a closer look at that when we check back in with amelia draper. and a lot of you are getting ready to hit the road for the weekend, but now may not be the best time to leave. why you might want to change your travel plans. i'mol
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southeast texas. take a look at this video just into the live desk. we've learned two people are missing in the floodwaters near austin. but look at that storm there. a rescue helicopter joining the search for the two missing in an area known as flash flood alley. what we're hearing about downed trees and other reports of damage. more rain expected today. we'll stay on top of these s velopmentthroughout the
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coming up on 5:1100 this friday morning. well into the 70s for some of us already at this early hour. >> amelia draper is standing by with your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> if you're getting out of town and heading to the beaches, water temperature currently at 64 degrees. tomorrow nearly perfect with plenty of sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. shower or thundershower possible later in the day on sunday. otherwise a mix of
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sun. a high of 74. memorial day, far from perfect at the beaches. we'll have plenty of clouds and some showers looking likely. temps only around 71 degrees. now, rainfall intensity on monday, we're talking about light rainfall. i'll have more on that coming up in ten minutes. melissa, quiet on the roads this morning. >> very quiet right now. going to be very different here of course later in the day as folks are hitting the road for this holiday weekend. 66 at germantown road, live picture showing eastbound westbound, everything moving just fine here this morning. prince george's county, still nice and green. don't have any pig problems. do have a slowdown, seeing some yellow just inside the beltway southbound 210. don't have a report of any problems. could just be a disabled vehicle. inner loop after connecticut avenue, still have the two left lanes getting by that work zone. and taking a look at 95 from quantico to the beltway, it will take you 18 minutes. so on time there. no big worries along 95.
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the 1s. i'll see you at 5:21. >> reporter: i'm megan mcgrath live at the bay bridge where things at this earl hour are looking great. take a look for yourself. you can see the headlights coming toward us, that is the eastbound traffic headed over the bridge and traffic is running at speed. i crossed over a little while ago, went straight through the toll. didn't have to wait at all. i was the only car in the line and just cruised on through. of course we are expecting things to get much, much more hectic here later on this morning. many people headed to the beaches for this long holiday weekend. now according to a new traffic study, the traffic patterns are shifting a little bit from what we have traditionally seen. normally friday is the big get out of town day, but this time around, that study saying a lot of people actually left on thursday to try to beat the traffic. never the less, we are expecting things to be very, very busy here at the bridge especially l
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big question here, what is the best time to leave, what is the woors time to leave. take a look. the experts say if you'll be heading across the bridge, best time is sometime before 11:00 this morning. the worst time to travel today is between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. because keep in mind a lot of folks take a half day today, they get this a little bit of work and then they leave a little bit early. and so we start to see that rush hour building in the early afternoon. so factor that this. now, gas prices are low this year, so a lot of people hitting the roads. finally we've gotten a break in the weather. it will be a beautiful weekend. so not only will you have the folks headed to the beach who have reservations and the like, we'll see a lot of day trippers going over for the day because the weather is so nice. that is going to add to the traffic. so just keep the patterns in mind. if you can leave early, that's your best bet. later on this morning, t w
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the other bridge span. right now they're just in the traditional traffic mode with the two headed east. but no problems yet. back to you. if you plan to use metro this holiday weekend, pack some patience. all of the lines will be affected by repair work and there will be no orange line service. silver line service will replace those orange trains, also vienna, dunn loring and west falls church stations will be closed. but riders can take shuttle buses between those stations. a former fairfax county fire investigation get a tore is suing firefighters on harassment allegations. this is the latest accusation of a hostile work environment for female firefighters. patricia tom sell lowe worked with the department and says it all started when she became a firefighter in 1996.sell lowe w with the department and says it all started when she became a firefighter in 1996. and the harass the continued for years even at a conference.
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had a couple of firefighters come to my room 2:00, 3:00 in the morning and stabtsz lyconst harassing me about sex. >> she filed a discrimination lawsuit two years ago, because judge dismissed it. recently the department is under fire for another firefighter who took her own life and lewd comments were found about her on line. the man who crashed into two emts last year will spend the next year and a half in prison, about six months more than the sentencing guidelines. he was driving drunk when he lost control of her truck on the beltway and ran into the medics seriously injuring them. the guidelines called for probation to one year in prison. the judge also cited his history of two prior alcohol related owed fences. a maryland man will spend the next 350 years in prison
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prosecutors say he killed the baby to collect a $750,000 life insurance policy. a montgomery county judge sentenced him to life with all but 50 years suspended. police need your help finding a missing one. alice elizabeth mo ittt was las seen walking away from her home. she also goes by the name jewels rodriguez. if you've seen her, call police. happening today, break out your swimsuits. ha mayor muriel bowser will kick off the pool season at the oxen run pool in southeast. all of the district's pools and spray parks officially open tomorrow. memorial day weekend facilities are run from noon to 6:00 and then during the summer they will open at 11:00 a.m. which is two hours earlier than they did last year. this weekend kick off the unofficial start to summer meaning most swimming poolsre
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enjoy all of the fun in the sun, experts watch the you to pay close attention to your little ones. while drownings among kids and teens have slightly declined in the past feud yew years, still 350 drown every year. toddlers up to 4 years old most at arriving. risk. they're mobile, curious, fast, but they haven't properly how to assess risk. experts also suggest learning cpr. and if you have a backyard pool, install a fence with a lock around it. >> such an important skill to be able to learn to start early for kids. and still they say studies show the number one reason people don't learn how to swim is fear. >> i remember my swimming lessons early at the morning at ymca. not a fun time. but i'm glad that i took them. coming up on 1 after the ho
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swimming weather at least in the pool. i don't know about the ocean. >> yeah, a little chilly at the ocean. temps in the low to mid-60s, water temperatures that is. currently outside we're in the 60s and 70s. 71 in the district. 68 in this annapolis. mainly clear skies. here is future weather. 7:00 a.m., we're dry. hazy sunshine. hazy, hot and humid today. noon still dry. nice travel weather. as we head into the later afternoon and evening hours, thunderstorms are possible. notice this cell around the baltimore area. more activity back over the mountains around the i-81 corridor. 6:00, still tracking some very isolated showers mainly around the baltimore metro area. most of us will be dry today. and then more activity over the mountains. otherwise a mix of clouds and sun 10:00 tonight. we return to mainly dry conditions for everybody. your memorial day forecast is going to be impacted by what
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bonnie. so you can see it right here, saturday evening, it will bring us increasing clouds on sunday. some showers likely sunday night on into monday and it's also going to bring cooler temps at the beaches. right now it looks like the best timing for showers on monday will be during the first half of the day, but most of the weekend is looking great. 87 tomorrow, mostly sunny. 85 on sunday, partly to mostly cloudy skies. chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm. i think we will see rain overnight, maybe heavier rain east of 95. monday, 50% chance that you're dealing with some showers. maybe a thundershower. 77. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, keeping it dry, highs in the mid-80s melissa, disabled vehicle. >> this is 95 south near 32, a truck stopped in the middle of the roadway. so right now, we are dealing with that. does not seem to be slowing things too much. they are trying to get it out of way. beltway at goodluck road, ry
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fine. i put this one up so everybody has good luck today as they head out of town. 66 looking quite good into town and out of town. you can see 95 to 5 northbound looking fine. southbound seeing a bit of a delay through quantico. no report of a problem so we'll check into this one. big look at the beltway, beltway looking quite good. still have the road work reported inner loop after connecticut, that should be getting out of the way here pretty soon. no slow downs top of the beltway. a bombshell rocking the nation's largest baptist college. how kenneth starr is involved in a sex assault scandal at baylor university. and a prince george's county student struck with cancer heads back to school.
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didn't want to be trapped, so went in and got him out. >> a guide and cave director rescued 19 trapped clemson university students from a central kentucky cave. yesterday a sudden torrential downpour caused water to rise inside that cave. there was only one way in and one way out. they were able to lead the students through neck deep water to safety. the country's biggest baptist college is facing a massive scandal. baylor university has demoted its president and removed its football coach. an internal investigation revealed a fundamental failure by the university in how it handled sexual assault accusations against football players. >> as long as you can win and not get caught, this is ook. and cultures and fans support that message. >> demoted university president kenneth starr became
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name in the 90s a investigating formerrd bill clinton's relationship with monica lewinsky. three, two, one, zero, liftoff. >> let's try it again. you're looking at a spacex rocket launch from earlier this month. today spacex is trying to launch the another satellite into space. they originally planned that launch for last night, but called it off out of an abundance of caution. the company says it found a tiny glitch in an engine. also today, they're attempting to inflate a room on the international space station. nasa first tried this yesterday. didn't work out. the expandible crew activity module is basically a smaller version of the future moon bases and colonies to mars. nasa says there are just a few kinks to figure out. she has a rare form of brain cancer and another surgery coming up, but chloe williams has had a
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network. usually at this time of year first graders are just thinking about summer vacation. but right now this group of students is getting ready to honor chloe williams. she's a first grader at a creative and performing arts academy in suitland. and even after multiple brain and speeinal surgery, today shes going back to school. to celebrate the school is holding courageous chloe day with a pep rally, dance tribute and even a imagimarching band. >> and you can so so we can pray with you. >> it's a tremendous support system that she has there and the love that the children and the teachers show her. >> chloe will arrive on a prince george's county fire truck with lights and sirens and everything else that goes along with with it and it all starts in a few hours from now and i'm sure it will be a beautiful and very moving scene to see her come back to school.
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already standing outside cheering for her and make her feel welcome. >> welcome back, chloe. if you are planning to grill out this memorial day weekend, i am for the first time, lord help us, you may want to keep a hotline for help on speed dial. >> just in case. longhorn steakhouse is bringing back its annual grill us hotline. certified grill masters will be available by phone sunday 11:00 and to 5:00 p.m. you can also get your questions answered through longhorn's facebook and twitter pages. and also now via text now through september 5th. >> you can find all the information on the nbc washington app. we are off to another warm start this morning. look at that 70 degrees already when you step out the door this morning. you might notice something
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humidity. but will it stick around for the holiday weekend? amelia draper has the answer at 5:31. and it's something that is going to impact a lot of you. metro's safetrack program and the countdown is on. what you need to know b
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i'm molette green at the live desk. president obama just ended his remarks calling for a
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reduction of nuclear weapons during his historic visit to hero hiroshima. >> the war grew out of the same based instinct for domination, for con guest that has caused conflict among the simplest. an old pattern amplified by new capabilities and without new constraints. >> about 45 minutes ago, we showed you the president at a somber and quiet wreath laying ceremony at the site where the u.s. dropped its first and i topic bomb. he and japan's leader seide by side there. bomb is the first u.s. commander in chief to visit the site. that's the latest from the live desk. good morning. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 5:31 our time. want to check 4h
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about the forecast. >> hot and humid today. high temperatures near 90 degrees. we'll stay hot and humid in fact right on into sunday with some isolated late day thunderstorm chances through sunday. tropical moisture impacts the area on monday and we'll stay humid and mainly dry next week tuesday, wednesday, thursday. keeping it it dry. so your weather outlook for this weekend if you plan on doing some yard work, i would recommend doing so on saturday or sunday. showers looking likely for memorial day on monday. just what we want do, right? yard work. parades, showers possible. a little cool on monday, but aside from that, looking good. >> i'm just look forward to a little bit of sunshine. it's been so nice these past couple of days. >> yeah, you stepped outside yesterday and you could feel the heat. feels like d.c. again. >> feels good. love that humidity, right? orange, blue, silver lines, speed restrictions here in place now in the direction of new carrollton and largo until closing today. remember this is the situation ad
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thought it was going to be wrapped up last friday and it hung around this week, as well. 95 southbound near 32, still a report of the truck stopped in the roadway. not seeing any slowdowns there, so that is good. 66 no problem, 95 southbound still slow as you're heading southbound through quantico. no word on what exactly is happening. could just be a disabled vehicle. travel times in ten minutes. i hope you're thinking ahead because next week you will need to make alternate plans to get around the district because next saturday metro's massive safetrack plan gets under way. the first phase will start on the orange and silver lines and it is 13 straight days of round the clock single tracking between ballston and east falls church and trains will only run every 18 minutes. some riders say they will just avoid the trains all together. >> when safetrack starts, will you just totally look for an alternate option? >> most likely. >> first one ll
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it will be the first one for us, first for the customers. so it will be bumpy. i won't be surprised if it is bumpy. >> so there will be some extra metrobus service during the work and uber says it is expanding car pool options to accommodate more riders. new video shown in the andrew schmuhl trial gets jurors a look at what led up to a violent home invasion attack in mclean. surveillance video taken just days before the attack, you can see schmuhl's wife in a herndon gun store buying a taser. the clerk told jurors she came back to buy more taser cartridges. defense attorneys hope to show andrew was just carrying out his wife's orders and that he was so heavily medicated, he can't be held responsible. the jury returns to court on tuesday. fairfax county police are looking for a person of interest in a murder investigation. police believe this woman in in the sketch you see here may know something about the murder of a fairfax county teachers
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sampson was found dead in a parking lot at apartments last week. the victim's girlfriend believes he was shot after witnessing a car break-in. back in 2014, trey simms was 17 and he was charged for distributing child porning on aggressive for sexing his girl trend. police took pictures of his genitals and sought a court order to take more pictures. charges were eventually dropped and simms is now suing the prosecutor who handled the case and estate of an officer who are sr.ed him saying they violated his right against unreasonable search and seizure. a flower delivery turned into a robbery when the driver decided to let himself into a woman's house. anthony leavreeves is facing sel charges. this is him in this video trying to deliver the flowers. instead of dropping off the flowers, he cased the house and then went in and took
5:36 am
he even stopped and spoke with a neighbor who caught him on camera. >> handed me the flowers and i said do you want me to sign for help? no, that's all right. >> were you suspicious? >> right then and there, i said there's something wrong somewhere. p. >> police believe reeves may have used his position as a delivery driver to commit more crimes and they're looking for victims. happening today, we'll get a closer look at potential hurricanes this season. noaa will issue its initial outlook for the 2016 atlantic hurricane season today. experts will also highlight upgrades and new tools for better hurricane tracking. the atlantic hurricane season officially begins on june 1st. the video went viral when she danced with president obama and the first lady at the white house. now grand mama virginia has anor special appearance to show off. you see virginia
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the mound at the nationals park. she got her own jersey, her own number of course 107. >> first time at an mlb game. >> pretty huge. a great moment for her. look at her. truly enjoying that. take a look outside with us if you will. a lot of you are headed out of ton for t town. if you're staying here, you could see some rain. amelia draper is back with a look at that. shocking video just in of that shooting at a new york concert that we first told you about yesterday. what police have to say about the plan accused of firing off those shots. and an incredible rescue story. what one of the men who stopped a suicide attempt on the
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5:40. a man was killed at a t.i. concert and this morning we have video from inside that venue. is this an update to a developing story we told you about yesterday. the nypd says that man with the gun here is wrapper troy ave and that he's the one who started the shooting. he and two other people were hurt here. another man, his friend, ronald mcphatter was killed. ave is in the hospital and is expected to face charges. coming up on
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should be a beautiful weekend to be with your loved ones, to honor those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. we hope that you take some time to remember that this weekend. >> let's see what weather we can expect if we're heading out anywhere really. amelia segal is in with that. >> here is travel weather for this afternoon into the evening hours. 2:00, you can see some thunderstorms and showers over the mountains if you're heading to the coast, dry there, sea isle at 82 degrees. we'll have hazy sunshine, a mix of clouds and sun and a few isolated showers here in the metro area. but 7:00 ocean city at 70 degrees, roanoke at a warm 81. made melissa, very quiet this morning. >> and we like it behaving itself. orange, blue, silver line, speed restrictions there in the direction of new carrollton and
5:42 am
95 south at 32, truck reported stopped in the roadway. 270 south from germantown to the spur, on time. top of the beltway 95 to 270, on time. 66 inbound and 95 north quantico to the beltway, looking good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. it is a startling diagnosis. a so-called super bug, why health officials are so worried. and a daring
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what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know and what you don't know what if it's built with better ingredients given super powers and even a secret base to test those powers. since benjamin moore reinvented paint, it makes you wonder is it still paint? find benjamin moore paint, only at one of our authorized retailers near you.
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now as 5:45, the holiday travel season rush is on. >> and whether you are headed to the airport or heading the highways, be prepared to wait. we have complete team coverage for you this morning and let's start things off with amelia draper. >> it will be hot and humid for the memorial day week end. temperatures already in the 70s in some spots plus rain is in the forecast. i'll have the latest timing coming up. and right now a reminder on m
5:46 am
speed restrictions still in play here this morning. in the direction of new carrollton and largo until the end of the day. still southbound here 95 near 32, report of that truck stopped in the roadway. >> reporter: and i'm derrick ward at reagan national airport. this is the tsa security check point line. not as bad as it's been. i can tell you airport traffic was about midday levels early this morning. we know to leave early for flights but lately even it hasn't been enough to avoid lines at the check point. earlier this week, there was testimony on capitol hill why the head of the tsa talked about the staffing issues that have led to these problems. all this against the background of more people traveling because of increased economy. so people are coming up and doing more traveling while there are fewer people to help screen. so what are travelers seeing
5:47 am
>> we can about a half hour earlier. >> it's been great so far. >> now, there is some good news. there are new tsa screeners in the pipeline. but they are still 5,000 fewer than they had five years ago about that we're live at reagan national, derrick ward, news 4. in northern california, a 15-year-old girl is missing and her suspected kidnapper is dead. the suspect was killed in a shootout with police on thursday after a high speed chase. 15-year-old pearl was last seen being dragged across a freeway on wednesday. investigators believe she was held at gunpoint as she walked to a school bus stop. >> we know that she is outstanding and until we find out that she's okay, everybody at this hour is all focused on locate the 15-year-old. >> police say the suspect and the victim
5:48 am
but they emphasize she was taken unwillingly. >> the man accused of stabbing a pregnant woman to death in take takoma park face as hearing thothis morning. police have not said how the suspect knew the victim. closing arguments are set for today in in a trial of stormer actor michael jace. he's charged in the killing of his wife, april. jace who played a police officer on the fx series the shield turned himself into police and has been behind bars ever since. his attorneys say his state of mind on the day of the killing will be a key element in the defense. a swarm of bees attacked and killed a man on a hiking trail outside of phoenix after stinking him more than 1,000 times. the entrance to the park has been closed. authorities say the 23-year-old louisiana man was hiking with a womanhe
5:49 am
appeared. the woman was able to escape the swarm but park officials found the man covered in bees. he later died at the hospital. the mother of a so-called affluenza teen has been indicted by a grand jury. tonya couch is charged with hindering apprehension for helping her son ethan flee to mexico while on probation. ethan avoided jail in a drunk driving crash that killed four i'm. when a sipsychologist testifiede suffered from affluenza. couch was also indicted for money laundering. the so-called super bug that doctors have been worried about has arrived here in the u.s. seven months ago, it was discovered in pigs and then spread to several countries. and now a pennsylvania woman who has not traveled outside the u.s. has tested positive. >> we need to do a very comprehensive job protecting antibiotic so is that we have
5:50 am
can have them and our children can have them. >> doctors say it antibiotic resistant bacteria becomes more common, infections will be extremely difficult to street. the people in flint, mitch are being told to flush their pipes. everyone who lives there is supposed to run cold water for ten minute as day. that should get out some of the lead particles. but it might not get rid of everything. some have turned to buildi ed e water instead. donald trump has now clinched the gop nomination for president. tracie potts joining us with a look ahead. >> reporter: he has the numbers. he's agreed to debate bernie sanders. but at what cost. now donald trump is saying he wants a donation of at the least $10 million to charity like women's health groups before he will debate bernie sanders. no word yet if the networks or nipples is biting on that, although there is some buzz about online sites already being set up to start those
5:51 am
so what bernie sanders had pushed for here may or may not happen and it would certainly be a first. meantime donald trump is talking about energy, giving a policy speech on that. and also about his game plan for the fall saying that there are 15 battleground states he wants to focus on. >> tracie, what is hillary clinton doing to try to unify democrats in a race that will thousand have her pitted against donald trump? >> reporter: well, she says in an interview that the race is pretty much locked up in terms of the nomination. bernie sanders didn't take very well to that at all telling jimmy kimmel last night it was a bit arrogant of her especially considering the fact that she's now facing a fresh round of questions about her e-mails. the inspector general's report that says she broke the rules not turning them all over before she left the state department. hillary clinton telling nbc that, yes, she does realize people are concerned about that, but that she feels that voters will eventually
5:52 am
picture of what she has to offer. amelia drape ar standing by with weather and traffic on the 1s. should be nice the first couple days. >> here is a live look outside. beautiful morning. you can already see the haze out there. feeling like summer for the unofficial start to summer this weekend. temps today warm to away round degrees. mainly dry conditions today, tomorrow and sunday. some showers are in the forecast on memorial day from tropical moisture. likely tropical storm or tropical depression bonnie will be bringing us showers sunday night into monday. currently 60s and 70s. 71 in washington. 70 degrees in hunting up to and aga town. yesterday was the hottest day so far this year with a high of 88 and a high today at 89. 7:00
5:53 am
lunchtime mid-80s. humid. and isolated shower and thunderstorms later today especially west of washington. if you're back around the i-81 corridor, you should anticipate some rain. elsewhere only about 20% to 30% chance that you're dealing with some rain. if you're getting out of town heading to the beaches, water temperature on the cool side, low to mid-60s. but tomorrow nearly perfect, plenty of sunshine, 78. a little bit more cloud cover on sunday with a late day shower possible. 74. memorial day at the beaches, plenty of clouds and some showers looking likely unfortunately with highs around 70. weather outlook here this weekend, yard work tomorrow or sunday, parades again showers. cool on monday. high tomorrow 87, sunday 85. and a chance of a late day shower or thunderstorm. showers on mem or yam darial, b will not be a washout. takes tricky forecast sunday night into monday. so stay tuned for updates and down lead the nbc washington app.
5:54 am
interest problems with metro? brand new delays on the red line. just tweeted about this from first 4 traffic as well. so delays to shady grove because of a malfunction at medical center. and orange, blue, silver lines, speed restrictions if play through the end of the day in the end of new carol top akarca largo. 95 south at 32, still have report of a truck stopped in the roadway. not seeing any actual slowdowns there on 95. big look at the beltway, overall inner loop and outer loop everything okay right now. we're nice and green. going to be very different of course here about 12 hours from now as folks are headed out of town. 66 at the virginia visitors center, camera look a little funny, but everything rolling along okay. if you're a parent to a young child, you'll want to hear about a recall of these backpack carriers. the problem are faulty
5:55 am
that can pull the carrier off the shoulder. and your baby could fall over. the backpacks are made by osprey. they come in blue, green and black. if you have one of these, call osprey for a replacement or refund. i'm landon dowdy. you may have been paying more to fill up your car or truck in recent weeks, but if you're heading on you on the road for the memorial day weekend, you'll see the lowest gas prices in 11 years for the holiday. prices at the pump are 45 cents lower than a year ago, national average at 3$2.31. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. not even fear of heights could stop a daring rescue on the bay bridge thursday morning. two people are being praised for putting their lives on the line to save a man as
5:56 am
fr dangled on the bridge. despite he's afraid of heights, he was there right by his side. >> as soon as i locked eyes with the gentleman, i knew that i had to push that aside and that i would be there for him. >> both hayes and lieu ttenant kevin brenner talked to the man about 45 minutes until help arrived. the minimum wage could soon go up to 15d. hair bowser signed an order to form a, wog group to look at the potential impact. the group of business leaders and law makers will have six months to come up with recommendations for the mayor and the d.c. council. democrats this congress are calling on complains to cancel the memorial day restoves take care of business before congress still needs to address the zika funding, opioids, the flint water crisis and judge merrick garland's nomination to the supreme court.
5:57 am
will be headed to the beach this long holiday weekend. what is the best and worst time to leave? i'll have that coming up in a live report. torrential rain and lightning that just won't stop. texas under the gun for severe weather. president obama's historic story coming up. plus the prince george's county school that is pulling out all the stops to support a young girl battling cancer.
5:58 am
5:59 am
hitting the road for the holiday weekend. what you know to a vvoid gettin stuck in traffic. and history made while you were sleeping as president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. to visit hiroshima. but first amelia draper is here where your out-the-door forec t forecast. today the weather having a low impact on your day. it's hot, humid and there will be isolated late day showers and thunderstorms that i think for most of us we stay
6:00 am
we're at a balmy 70 degrees. 8:00, in the low 70s. by 10:00 a.m., temperatures soar to near 80 with plenty of sunshine. by noon, we're humid and a temp around 84. you can see the haze outside as we take a look out there with our city camera. coming up, i'll let you know what you can expect into the long weekend. melissa, pretty quiet in traffic this morning. >> quiet on the roads right now. we're looking quite good right now. take a look at some problems on metro. red line delays to shady grove, fa malfunction at medical center. and orange, blue and silver lines speed restrictions until closing today. big look at the beltway overall beltway looking good. 66, the virginia visitor center, they turn this had camera around for us. you can see a little bit of volume headed


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