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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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southwest d.c. into virginia near ohio drive. >> d.c. firefighters used boats and response on land and are now just hitting the hot spots. all rail traffic has been stopped. metro is offering to accept vre tickets and passes. we'll have updates on the nbc washington app for you. now to a disturbing situation that all started on a metro platform. >> a teenage boy forced to get on a train and then later sexually assaulted in a shopping center. this all started monday and continued into the district. >> we're at d.c. superior court right now where the suspect was expected to be arraigned. >> reporter: well, he was expected here in d.c. superior court, but it did not happen. just a few minutes ago, the judge called his name, but then we found out he was not here.
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we are still working to find out why. dominic simons is charged with robbing, kidnapping, and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy. it happened monday at 3:00 in the afternoon. the teen says simon struck up a conversation with him at the bethesda metro station and borrowed his phone, but then wouldn't give the teenager his phone back. when the teen chased after this guy to get his phone, that's when the suspect allegedly told him he had a gun and threatened to shoot him if he didn't do what he told him to do. he forced that teen to board a metro train and then get off the friendship heights administration. then he forced the teenager to go to the chevy chase pavilion bathroom where he was sexually assaulted. we spoke to riders today who were very concerned about safety on metro. >> it is very scary. it's sad that we're on public transportation and there's all
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i would say they need to bump up police, but if they don't have police officers to bump up, then it is kind of hard. we just have to be very vigilant and watch where we're going and who we're around. it's sad though. it's really sad. >> reporter: it certainly is. now the teen did not initially report the sexual assault. coming up at 5:00, i'll tell you how police found out about this. back to you. new at 4, alexandria police are looking for a suspect in a bank robbery this afternoon that put four schools on lockdown. it happened at the sun trust bank on vernon avenue. the suspect implied he had a gun and then ran off. the four schools all went on lockdown during the police search. a canine officer with arlington assisted in the search. prince william county police need your help to find a missing
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woman. alison elizabeth mott was last seen walking away from her home on the 12th of may. police say the 30-year-old also goes by the name jules rodriguez. if you've seen her or if you know where she is, you should contact police. a woodbridge man is facing charges tonight that connect him to isis. he was arrested during a sting operation back in january after he used his cab to drive a man to the airport for a trip to syria to join the terror group. at first prosecutors thought al has hasan's role was limited. they today indicted him on terrorism charges. he faces 48 years in prison if convicted. noisy, but peaceful protest outside a donald trump rally this afternoon. that was in fresno, california.
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protesters held signs that said dump trump and keep hate out of the state. police had a visible presence outside the arena. within the hour, the presumptive republican presidential nominee will be in san diego for a rally there. yet trump hit the magic number of delegates to clinch the republican nomination. he still has to formally accept the nomination which he'll do in jew july at the convention in cleveland. hillary clinton held a campaign event in oakland. her democratic rival bernie sanders is stumping this afternoon at the los angeles maritime museum. california holds its primary june 7th. crucial testimony today in a trial of an ashburn ceo accused of killing his wife then making it look like a suicide. that testimony comes from the couple's 8-year-old son. julie carey was in the courtroom to witness the dramatic moments. >> reporter: because of his age, za
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testify via closed circuit tv. he sat in a separate courtroom. his father is accused of killing his estranged wife michelle. the mother of five children was found dead the morning of march 20th, 2014. her body hanging in a basement shower. she and her husband had been in the midst of a bitter divorce and he was barred from her home. on the witness stand, little zach told the prosecutor he saw his father during the night before he woke up the next morning to find his mom missing. he says he was initially sleeping in his mom's bed until she told him to move. he then went to sleep with his older brother, but left his special blanket behind. zach testified he saw his dad bring the blanket into his brother's room during the night. but then during cross-examination, a potentially pivotal moment when zach contradicted his earlier testimony. when i join you at 5:00, what he
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after torrential rains hit eastern texas. nearly a foot and a half of rain fell in the southeastern part of the state. it caused major flooding in places like brenham, which is northwest of houston. that was yesterday. the water flipped over cars and washed out roads. high winds knocked down trees in other parts of the city. so far the storms are responsible for two deaths. time to check in with storm team 4 and the weekend forecast that everyone wants to see. >> everybody wants to know about this weekend forecast. we have just a few changes on storm team 4. it is nice out in right now, but we are seeing a few showers and thunderstorms pop up around the region, mainly west of the d.c. area along i-81. there's a lot of traffic coming all the way 70 to 66 going out toward western maryland. a few showers. if you're traveling into west vira,
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nothing looks severe at this point. temperatures are going to be the mid 80s right now. i know it says morning planner, but it is afternoon. it'll continue through the evening with temperatures falling into the 80s. it is a little on the humid side out there. storms around i-81. it is hazy. it is hot. it is warm. we'll cool down right in time for memorial day. we have that coming up. we are just getting started here on news4. beating the heat during the holiday weekend could be dangerous. the life-saving information you need to have to protect your family. bus driver busted caught watching tv behind the wheel as he steered a bus full of people
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this is the last day to register to vote for the democratic presidential primary here in the district. registration can be done online. if you forget, election officials say d.c. residents can register at polling places on election day. early voting, by the way, starts next tuesday. the men and women who care for the grounds at arlington cemetery say they will not strike this weekend out of respect for our fallen heros. the grounds
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have been trying to reach a new contract for nearly eight months now. their union has been working to negotiate with their employer. the 45 groundskeepers say they'll resume contract negotiations after the holiday weekend. lots of people head to the beach on memorial day holiday weekend. but emergency room volume is usually high this weekend. most people come in with injuries from car accidents often caused by drunk driving. many pools often open this weekend. the young children also come in because of water-related injuries. getting to your vacation faster and on time. a process that could get you around those long airport security lines. we'll show you how it works and how to do it at our local airports. i'm chief meteorologist doug kammerer. it is backyard weather time. we are watching the traffic for what could happen on memri
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day. we'll talk about that in a minute. right now in ocean city these guys have got the rig somebody's mom just spent a lot ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah.
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i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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and update now on our breaking news this hour. fire on a railroad bridge causing some big problems. >> shomari stone just arrived on the scene. shomari, what's the scene like right now? >> reporter: well, it appears that things are back on track. take a look right up here across the potomac river bridge. you can see a csx freight train now going across it, but that was quite different at 1:30. d.c. firefighters responded to a fire on the tracks. they had fire boats and there were actually firefighters on the bridge as well. several railroad ties, those are the wood planks on the tracks, for some reason they caught on fire. csx officials don't know why,
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csx freight train, amtrak trains, and virginia railroad express trains were also backed up. literally five minutes ago, the tracks have reopened. the firefighters are here. they are wrapping up. they're going to put those hoses away and get out of here and open up the roadway. i'm now joined by vito. he is with d.c. fire rescue. >> we don't know the cause. we know we had several spot fires. we had to do a coordinated land and water attack in order to extinguish those firefighters. >> reporter: for the passengers who were delayed, they're still trying to figure out exactly what happened. how long is it going to take for you to determine what caused this fire? >> that's going to be up to csx. our fire investigators are not involved in this investigation. >> reporter: i want to thank you for joining us. that is vito with d.c. fire re
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the potomac river bridge. live here, i'm shomari stone. news4. we know many of you and your friends are rushing to sign up for tsa pre-check hoping to avoid the long lines we've seen at security. >> trwe show you how it works. >> reporter: to avoid long airport security lines, tsa says 15,000 people a day with signing up for the fast lane. there are hundreds of places to apply for pre-check expedited clearance at airports, even shopping centers. george applied at dulles airport. >> hopefully makes going through the security checkpoints easier. >> reporter: fill out the application at then go to an enrollment center. bring your birth certificate or a passport and get fingerprinted for a background check. only u.s. citizens or permanent residents qualify. >> this will be $85.
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>> reporter: it covers five years of zipping through security. shoots, jackets, belts, and outerwear are allowed to stay on. >> it is going to go much quicker. >> reporter: it is similar to custom and border protections global entry program for international travelers. millions who signed up for that can also use the pre-check lane. just show your passport, smile for the camera, place your fingers on the clasglass. if all matches, a piece of paper allows you to take a speedy exit. >> we'll see if it helps. >> reporter: it's almost summer. airports are getting busy and security lines are getting long. nbc news. we want to check on the weather, especially at the beach right now. >> that's right. the airports are busy and so is the beach right now. doug is in ocean city.
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hey, doug. >> reporter: i'll tell you, ladies, a beautiful, beautiful day down here. i have some people saying hi to me. hello, ladies. i'd say i hi to you to, but these ladies said hello. i always have too much fun, guys. coming down here every year for memorial day weekend really just a fantastic time. take a look at the boardwalk. already a lot of people out and about today. we're in ocean city. earlier today we were talking to the mayor. the mayor has been the mayor since 1990. 26 years being the mayor. he says they have a little something different for you than ocean city. >> rehoboth is different from ocean city. we're more in the middle. we have a good mix of businesses here. lots of
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i think that's what's probably we have been known for more than anything. we have an amusement park fun land. we have some night life, but we don't go overboard with it. >> reporter: i love rehoboth. we drove through bethany earlier. it is going to be quite nice. let's take a look at the forecast right now. we're dealing with sunshine all across the area with the exception of those places back towards the beach. 86 degrees. but look at that heat index. 90 degrees right now. take a look at the numbers around the region. we're at 86 d.c. 88 in dulles. frederick and leesburg hitting that 90-degree mark. fredericksburg hitting 90 degrees. thunderstorms are mostly back to the west. very similar to yesterday. you can see those close to the winchest winchester area back along the
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i do not expect them to come east of the blue ridge. take a look at the satellite picture. not much going on in our region. here's what's happening as we take the wider view here. a few storms back towards the mountains, but back to the south a big storm system out west. really the storm we're going to be watching is actually in the atlantic down towards the bahamas. that could become a tropical storm or a depression later today. if it is named, it will be tropical storm bonnie and that will move our way for the weekend. let's take a look at the weekend forecast down towards the beaches where the current temperature is right about the water temperature, 67 here. we lowered that number on saturday down to 78. 74 on sunday. showers likely on monday. rain likely for memorial day back home. that is the four-day forecast showing you what we're going to be dealing with t
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high temperatures into the 80s tomorrow. coming up a little bit later on, we'll talk much more about what you can expect this holiday weekend in just a few. in a minute, french fries calling my name. >> got to bring some back. >> they'll be cold. >> thank you. >> thanks, doug. shot down. just a few hours from now, metro will start pulling trains off the tracks in one part of our area. which stations will be closed over the long holiday weekend. trouble in the water. it can happen in the blink of an eye.
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the memorial holiday weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer. now is a good time to think about safety before heading to the pool or the beach. >> erica edwards has more on keeping kids safe while they're splashing out there in the sunshine. >> reporter: jumping into a pool might be number one on kids' list of things to do this weekend. sadly drowning is the number one cause of accidental deaths in young children. >> unfortunately, i read daily death reports. >> reporter: elliott kay is chairman of the consumer products safety commission. his agency reports drownings amon
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declined. 350 drown each year. toddlers are most at risk. >> they're mobile. they're curious. they are fast, but they still haven't learned properly how to assess risk and how to take care of themselves. >> reporter: formal swim classes are a good start. teaching kids what to do if they get in trouble in the water. but even swim instructors say lessons are not enough. >> no one is ever drown proof. that's why supervision is critical. >> reporter: constant vigilance is key with life guards and parents. experts recommend floating this idea to other moms and dads at the pool. take turns as the designated kid watcher. one person focusing attention completely on young swimmers without distractions from magazines, smartphones, or other adults. erica edwards, nbc news. first at 4, it's happening again. >> that's right.
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developing right now at 4:30, vre and amtrak are getting back up to speed after a fire on the railroad bridge of the potomac today. d.c. fire worked from the ground and the water to put the blaze out. doesn't appear anyone is hurt. we also don't know yet how the fire started, but trains have since restarted their runs. more breaking news now. this time on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for the democratic nomination while donald tr j
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news. brian moore is live on capitol hill with breaking details on the debate trump wanted to have with bernie sanders. >> barbara, unfortunately that much-awaited highly anticipated smackdown ain't going to happen. donald trump just announced he is not going to do it. trump said the democratic primary process is fixed in favor of hillary clinton and he's not going to debate the second person, that he's the republican party's nominee and he'll wait for a winner. one would assume it is a major consideration here. he said the networks were being a little stingy. he said it was going to be a huge payday for somebody and he wanted to see the money go to charity. he said women's charities, but that's not going to happen. what's interesting is this all came up out of nowhere over the last couple of days. it was really a sort of big build up out of nowhere. bernie sanders says he was willto
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him it was a win for trump. it was an absolute win. could have been a disaster for hillary clinton, but right now that race is tightening in california. bernie is not going to get that coveted spot on the stage with donald trump unless he wins it the hard way. president obama made history today becoming the first sitting american president to visit her hiroshima. >> the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the japanese city some 70 years ago. it eventually led to the end of world war ii. during his speech, the president expressed sympathy for the victims, especially the children. but he did not apologize for the decision to drop the bomb. >> mere words cannot give voice to such suffering. but we have a s
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responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again. >> afterward the president met with atomic bomb survivors. he shook their hands and gave them a hug. one man was moved to tears. developing news on the growing takata air bag recall. today we learned millions more vehicles are being recalled here in the u.s. the national highway traffic safety administration says eight automakers have chosen to recall 12 million more vehicles. it is part of a massive expansion of earlier this month. high heat and humidity can cause the air bags to explode and shoot dangerous shrapnel at drivers. 11 people have died. it is the largest recall in u.s. history. what a warm day out there. we asked for it and we got
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i it does look like we're going to continue to see a warmup into the weekend and then a cooldown right for memorial day. we made 90. this is the first 90-degree day we've had yet this year. we're still in spring. 88 in manassas. 91 in leesburg. leesburg has been at 91 for quite sometime. we have that humidity out there. we're fielding thunderstorms mainly west of i-81 as advertised. we're seeing those thunderstorms form on the storm team 4 radar. some of them are heavy. nothing severe out there. it is just looking like we'll have those thunderstorms out that way. be cautious out there. national forecast. they're playing the cards tonight. it is going to be humid. partly cloudy as we head into the evening, but looking good and dry. the weekend not looking so dry. that seven-day forecast with doug and i coming up. we're just a few days away from
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season. we now know what to expect this year. federal weather experts expect a near normal year. we can expect 10 to 16 tropical storms in the atlantic. 4 to 8 of those will become hurricanes. between 1 and 4 will be category 3 or higher. that means winds greater than 111 miles an hour, but officials are most excited about a new satellite to be launched later this year in the fall that will help them track the storms. >> our improved tracking forecast will give fema and local emergency managers better information and more timely information to guide them as they preposition resources or determine who to evacuate. >> the new satellite scans the earth five times faster than current ones and produces clearer images more often. the national oceanic and
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atmospheric administration will officially deploy drones during the 2016 hurricane season. the coyote will attach to the bottom of the hurricane hunter plane. federal forecasters thinks the drones will be able to provide more accurate information than some of the sensors used now. lawmakers in florida applauded the advancement on capitol hill this week. >> the little drone flies around in the hurricane for hours. it can get into the fiercest winds of the hurricane eye wall and loiter. therefore we get a lot more information about where the hurricane is going. >> noaa says the drone can provide a more detailed storm profile. this weekend as we have said and as we're excited to see the unofficial start of summer and lots of folks are heading to the neighborhood pools, including d.c
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this is a live look at the austin run pool where city leaders are kicking off pool and splash park season opening in the district tomorrow. it's quite a crowd gathered there. this is at oxen run park in southeast washington. we're there gathering details about this opening. it looks like the mayor is wearing -- it appeared to be a bathing suit. i'm not sure. >> i don't think it's a bathing suit. she looked terrific. looks like she's ready to splash right in that pool. >> we all remember d.c.'s former mayor anthony williams took the cannonball leap into the pool when he opened the season during his time in office. we're looking to see whether mayor bowser will take the same splash. a lot of kids there. a lot of excitement. they can't wait to get into the water. we'll take you back there live in just a little bit on news4. meanwhi
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constantly. you might even be using it right now, but there is new evidence that could link your smartphone to cancer. why this is so controversial. distracted and dangerous driving and it's caught on camera. what's happening to the bus driver whose tv watching habits were h a
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an unusual development. a giant u.s. government study meant to help to decide whether cell phones cause cancer is coming back with some confusing results. the national institutes of health conducted the study. about 2% of male rats exposed to heavy cell phone radiation developed humors in their hearts and brains but female rats did not. in another twist, rats not exposed to the radiation at all died at a higher rate than those that were. a review board says it found flaws with this new
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another video of virginia is making us smile. she is the one who danced. the grandma, remember her, the one who danced with the president? >> well, this time grandma showed off her moves at nats park. [ applause ] >> she was honored on the field before the game last night. she got to meet nats manager dusty baker. she even got her own jersey and her number is 107. by the way, this was her first major league baseball game. the pregame ceremony was part of black heritage day at nats park.
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roads, rails, airports, they're all pretty busy this weekend. we'll tell you what you need to know before you head out of town. and if you're staying in town, you're not exactly out of the woods. the major work on
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well, right now you're in front of your tv maybe at home. if you are, it's probably a good place. this is a live look at the holiday getaway traffic on the bay bridge. kind of heavy there. right now, we're in the heart of the worst time to leave because that traffic is expected to get a lot heavier. traffic experts say things will start to get better after about 6:00 tonight. we've warned that you more people will be traveling this holiday weekend. >> lower gas prices put more people on the roads and
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air. >> it's definitely nice on the wallet. >> reporter: especially nice when gas prices hit an 11-year low just in time for the summer travel season. >> when you look at 89% of holiday travelers making the decision to travel by road, we can definitely say americans are getting back on the road. >> reporter: but even the great american road trip requires some strategy. >> we try to miss the peak driving times in the morning and the evening as best as we can. >> reporter: also a good plan at airports. this morning's rush at chicago o'hare was worse than the day before thanksgiving. >> we were definitely concerned. we heard about the lines and we wanted to make sure we anticipated these delays. >> reporter: the tsa has managed to improve wait times that have brought passengers to a standstill during the last few weeks. >> the average peak across the system is well below 30 minutes. most airports are actually doing pretty well. >> reporter: passengers can definitely tell a difference. >> easy
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>> they're stepping it up. and everybody seems to be in a pretty friendly mood. nobody is irate. i'm willing to go through it. >> reporter: whether you're going by airway or highway this holiday weekend, you'll still need extra patience. nbc news, chicago. well, you can take your chances in traffic trying to get somewhere, or you can just go to your neighborhood pool. we'll take you back to southeast in just a few minute where is the mayor is there. we understand she may be about to make a splash. >> we think she's going to jump in and officially launch the pool and splash pond. >> splash park. >> melissa is out there right now, i think. no, melissa is going to tell us about travel. >> a look at the rails this weekend. on the orange line, no trains there. silver line service will be running west and east
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carrollton. we have some stations closed there. you can take shuttle buses between those stations if that will help you. on the red lines, delays every 6 to 18 minutes. delays on the silver/blue lines every 20 minutes. open 7:00 a.m. to midnight for memorial day. have a safe, happy holiday. the holiday weekend is officially here and everyone wants to know if the weather is going to cooperate. >> right now, live team coverage from storm team 4. doug is in ocean city at the moment. let's start though with lauryn in the storm center. >> reporte >> it's feeling like summer right now. doug will attest to that as he is up at the beaches in ocean city. looking good for today
4:50 pm
tomorrow, but we have a lot of changes as we get into the weekend. still around average, but remember we're still in spring. temperatures out there right now are 86 degrees. we're going to continue in the mid to lower 80s as we go into the evening and late night. we have some showers out there right now. nothing in the immediate d.c. area. i'm watching a little bit of showers trying to really initialize in montgomery county going up towards howard county. we are looking at some rain just west of i-81. nothing severe, but most of that activity going to stay west of i-81. we do have those heavy showers down through dallas, eastern texas, going into louisiana. an area of low pressure could be our next tropical system. in fact, it would be bonnie if that is going to be our next tropical system. that is going to be around us for the weekend. cooler and definitely cloudy. showers likely sunday and into
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looking good out there right now. we have doug kammerer and doug has your seven-day forecast. doug? >> reporter: down here with the storm team 4x4. we drove this from d.c. a little bit earlier. temperatures here 65 degrees. you mention that tropical system. that's something we're really going to be watching later on this weekend. tomorrow is fine. sunday should be fine here at the beaches. memorial day it does look like we're going to see some rain both here and over towards d.c. that's something we're going to be talking about over the next couple of days as well. you guys are from annapolis? >> yes. >> reporter: there's a storm team 4x4 right there. they know backyard weather. they're here. this is their backyard. we have superman here. we have one of the minions. we have all kinds of good stuff. this is the best. i love coming down here memorial day weekend. love coming down to ocean city. what's his
4:52 pm
buddy? how are you doing? did you go in the water? it's cold. he said it's cold. the water temperature is still in the 60s. let's take a look at that seven-day forecast because again we are talking about that rain chance as we move on towards the weekend. sunday a chance for rain. monday definitely a chance for rain. monday a high temperature in the 70s. so enjoy your saturday and sunday. next week looks great too. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, highs in the 80s. it is monday where i do think we have a better chance of rain. again some of that rain on monday could be a little heavy. [ booing ] but we're in ocean city now, so we're good. we have ice cream. everybody's got ice cream here except for me. thanks a lot >> somebody get doug some ice cream. >> make him happy. >> he's been looking enviously at everybody for the last hour or so. >>
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a bus passenger says he was scared for his life. the unbelievable video of a driver caught watching tv on his phone while the bus was flying down the road. what happened when his boss gotse a
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the video of it is stunning. a local man was on a bus that just left d.c. when he noticed his driver was watching tv on his phone behind the wheel. well, that man said he couldn't believe what he was seeing and said he didn't feel safe. >> so he reached out to our news partners at wtop. erika gonzalez. >> reporter: this is video, cell phone video, of what appears to be a commercial bus driver driving a group of people from d.c. to new york, and it appears as though he is watching tv as he is driving this commer
4:57 pm
bus. i'm joined now by the reporter that broke this story this morning. thanks so very much for joining us. how did you get your hands on this video? >> reporter: well we heard from the passenger who was sitting in the front passenger's seat. he was driving from bethesda up toward new york city for a business trip. and he realized that the driver was watching his smartphone while they were up on i-95. he took out his smartphone and started videotaping it. the driver is clearly shifting his eyes down and to his left. the passenger sent us the video and several pictures and let us know that this was going on. he was on the bus at the time while we were hearing about what was happening. >> this has to have been so scary for that individual. did they say something to the bus driver? did they confront him? >>
4:58 pm
was very scared. he said he wasn't able to read or do any work. he did not confront the bus driver. he said that he was afraid to do that. he thought the driver might get angry. >> so which bus line was this? >> reporter: he booked his trip on what's called a tripper bus, which goes from bethesda up to new york city. it's run by gunther charters. this morning the owner of the bus company told me he called his driver, told him he was terminated, and the driver said okay. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us with that exclusive story. thanks again. as millions of drivers head out for the long holiday weekend, we are already seeing our first tragedy on our local roa
4:59 pm
a teenager is threatened, lured away, and sexually assaulted. thank you for joining us on this busy friday. i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm chris lawrence in for jim handly. we start with the second sexual assault on a metro rider in the past week. >> the victim in this case is a teenaged boy. police say his attacker forced him to get on a red line train and then sexually assaulted him inside a popular shopping center in friendship heights. darcy spencer is outside the courthouse where the suspect missed a hearing for a medical situation. >> reporter: that's right. he was expected to appear here in d.c. superior court. i was in the courtroom this afternoon when his name was called by the judge, but then we were told he's not in lockup. he's in the hospital. we're still trying to find out why. we just got ahold of some new court documents that shed light on how this teen got away from his
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the 16-year-old boy tells police he was walking into the bethesda metro station when dot-cmnick simons approached him to use his cell phone. allegedly, he ordered the teen to get back on metro and wouldn't give him his phone back. the suspect then told the teen to go to a bathroom stall at the chevy chase pavilion across from the friendship heights metro station. documents say simons final let the teen go when he threatened to scream. police say they interviewed simons and he admitted to taking and giving back the boy's phone. he admitted to saying he had a gun, but didn't. the teen did not report the sex assault, but the next day police got an anonymous tip from one of his friends. when asked by police, he gave a


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