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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 28, 2016 6:00am-6:29am EDT

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right now on "news4 today" we are in for a gorgeous day, but, yeah, rain is coming. tom's tracking the best times to light the grill, and when storms could impact your plans for memorial day weekend. and from the skies to the roads, the rush is on for millions traveling today. the big issues facing anyone trying to get out of town. then tragedy on the hudson. the mission the pilot was on moments before his plane crashed in the water. we're going to have much more on that developing story. it is 6:00. we want to say, good morning to you. take a look outside. this is going to be your day to get outside and really enjoy it. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm david culver. i know after weeks of rain, we're ready for a
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timing is everything as you prepare for those cookouts. we know it's the weekend for it. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking when showers might dampen your plans. what are we thinking? >> certainly summerlike the last few days. here we go again. off to another sultry summer sunrise. live view fra the tower camera. sun climbing up in a mostly clear sky. you can see that watermelon-colored sunrise overway on this saturday morning. temperatures around the region hovering in the 60s. nearby suburbs 70s. around the chesapeake bay near 70. soaring to near 90 degrees this afternoon. look at our chances for the memorial day weekend for rain. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, tom. check in with you then. thanks. add 6:01, right now cleanup under way after severe thunderstorms damaged and created danger spots, really in southeastern texas. the national w
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brian. look right there. uprooted trees, damaged more than 150 homes and just outside of austin, as helicopter crews pulled folks from high floodwaters after they were trapped in their cars. we know at least two people have died. three reported missing in those floods. a story that is developing this morning. dramatic pictures out of new york city where rescuers tried to save a 56-year-old pilot who crashed his plane into the hudson. police now identified him at williams gordon of key west, florida. his body recovered by divers after the vintage world war ii era plane he was flying wend nose-down into the water friday night. witnesses were watching the plane flying moments right before the crash. >> said to them, look, a plane is landing. and all of a sudden it -- it hit the water and in seconds, it went down. >> we thought it was like a glider, and it just went -- i saw the nose go right
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>> the p-47 thunderbolt was scheduled to perform at a long island air show this weekend. investigators still need to term by the plane crashed. as we told you, it's memorial day weekend, far more than just an extra day off. it's about remembering those who lost their lives serving in the military and tributes are planned in the district. road closures in place in just a few hours for thunder alley. they con virgined on the national malls a the vietnam mem more paying tribute to those service member whose lost their lives. >> and that wall down there, said billions of times, a wall of healing, and that's what we come down here to do. to hold on to each other and support each other and make sure that we're still on the process of healing. >> starting today, 22nd street between c street and constitution avenue in northwest will be closed. starting at 9:00 this morning until about, all memorial da
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9:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. again, lasting through monday. all for thunder alley. expect heavy motorcycle traffic in that area as well. also happening today, the united house of prayer holding an annual memorial day parade. all road closures associated with this one. starts at sixth andment streets in northwest. road closures begin in less than an hour around 7:00 this morning. should wrap up around 2:00. plan for detours and plan for extra time to get around these area. time, 6:04. a huge memorial day flag display in gaithersburg called the flags for our heroes event. you can see the display of 750 large american flags on the lawn at bore park, next to gaithersburg high school. each flag will be sponsored by a person or organization to honor someone who is in the sponsor's hero -- who is the sponsor's hero. for the third year in a row you can also partici
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memorial day. yellow ribbons and fallen warrior cards suspended from the rafters of the women in military service for america memorial. that's located at the gates of arlington cemetery. the memorial opens at 8:00 this morning. visit until 5:00 p.m. all weekend long. >> angie, tell folks, if they're still looking for something to do this holiday weekend why you should have the nbc washington app. breaking down the best events by the day. search memorial day weekend. in other news, a man is expected to be okay after he was stabbed while on a metro bus last night. metro transit police saying a woman stabbed a man on a bus in silver spring. saying she did it after he spit and punched her. this happened around 8:40 last night. police say that the woman did get away. it's not known if they knew each other or not. and we are still learning more details about another disturbing crime that started at a metro station in montgomery county. court documents accuse 25-year-old doni
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robbing a teenage boy at the bethesda net troh station and forces him to get on train and sexually assaulting him inside the chevy chase building on nond. metro riders say more should be done to alert people. >> how do we not hear about these things when they happen? how did we not hear about the rape we learned about earlier this week until six weeks after it happened? >> metro says the teen did not report the assault right away which is why there was a delay getting the information out. well, you will want to take advantage of metro tonight if you plan to hit the town. tonight is the last night for late-night service. it ends at 3:00 this morning, or sunday morning, i should say. starting on june 3rd metro service shuts down at midnight seven day as week. all part of a system's upcoming safe track maintenance plan starting next weekend. more chaos outside another donald trump rally as the presumptive gop nominee tries to win support in
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san diego police say about a dozen people arrested after protestors and trump supporters started to throw trash and shout at each other. it happened after supporters left the downtown convention sender around 4:00 friday afternoon. police in riot gear had to keep the two sides apart. don't expect bernie sanders to debate donald trump unless he becomes the official presidential nominee. trump says it would be inappropriate to debate a second-place finisher. sanders campaign says it is still interested in going head-to-head with the gop candidate. his campaign says it's received two television offers to air a debate. you can hear more from bernie sanders when he's on with chuck todd tomorrow on "meet the press." it's going to be, of course, at 10:30. also former california governor arnold schwarzenegger weigh ing on the election as candidates try to wrap up votes there. a question, a challenge. can you spot a fake d.
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the new cards forcing officers and bar owners to take a new look. and revealing whether mom or dad is likely to get burned, and who craves compliments more? an
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my gosh. did you see that there? a very close call for an officer. this is out of new jersey. trying to move a fallen branch from the middle of the road when that tree comes tumbling down on friday. the officer started running and then the tree branch nearly knocked him down a little bit. the tree weighs about 2 tons. police say he did break his wrist, lots of scratches but is okay. took a tumble there. >> scary. well, here is something that you don't hear of every day. it looks like the petersburg national battlefield was looted. the national park service
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that several excavations were found at the civil war battlefield last week. officials believe that the thieves were probably looking for relics. the incident is under investigation. so the weather is perfect today to heat up the grill in time for national hamburger day. did you know this? >> no. always a good day to eat a hamburger. >> turns out americans love their burger. just showed me a picture what you had last night. eating about three hamburgers every week, average american. when it comes to grilling them, 59% of grilling enthusiasts burn themselves. men more likely to get scarred than women and no mat here is manning the grill, looks like men and women both want some praise for their skills. >> hmm. >> that looks good, though. >> yeah. well, bring on the 80s and sunshine. one of the nicest day all month long. tom is tracking how you can plan around showers this memorial day weekend. >> angie, talk about perfect
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hit the pool. we'll tell you about the places opening up for the first time today. even the kids, grab your suits and take a jump i. >> cannno
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>> announcer: and now, your storm team 4 forecast. good morning. this saturday morning is starting off mild and muggy. just a gentle breeze blowing through the region. sun up now and a mostly clear
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sky. what to wear today? you'll need sunglasses, sun block. comfortable sleeveless throughout the afternoon with shorts and your sandals. dress for a hot summer day coming up. now, we do have a chance of showers moving in for the end of sunday and perhaps part of memorial day. we'll look at those chances and a look at next week, too, coming in a few minutes. >> two, one -- >> the mayor's cannonball tradition is back with a big splash, you can tell. the d.c. mayor kicking off the distribute pool season friday. all this weekend outdoor city pools will be open from noon until 6:00 at night and starting june 18th, open six day as week. looking for a place to cool off? well, we have an interactive map of the d.c. pools near you. open the nbc washington app and search d.c. pools. a lot of splash parks opening up as well. >> a cool mayoral tradition there. >> sure is. montgomery county's outdoor public schoolso
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season. take a dip starting at noon today. staying open until 6:00 p.m. and the newly renovated western county in poolesville also open. angie, arlington county police cracking down on fake i.d.s. the new ones of such high quality police have to step in to help bar owners determine what's real and what's not. news 4 jackie bensen shows how officers are starting to make progress. >> reporter: the staff here have seen a lot of i.d.s over the year, but recently they noticed something new. an influx of extremely high-quality fake i.d.s. >> the last six months it's been getting real big, and we've been seeing people, a lot younger, and then a lot of out of state licenses. >> reporter: arlington county police staff special night light details in the area on weekends. they let technical support when bar or restaurant by
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efforts can't tell if an i.d. is fake. >> we get called over by security staff, we will run them. it they don't come back to a date taye base, a good indicator it's not a good i.d. >> reporter: young people caught with fake i.d.s are often unaware of the very serious consequences. >> what we like to say is, it comes with adult consequences. so you can be arrested for identity theft, arrested for fake i.d., and it has other consequences as well, whether they're, you know, colleges find out, the schools they're attending, it affects their ability to get hired. >> jackie bensen with that report there, and police here in arlington say 25 of those high-quality fake i.d.s mostly contain south carolina and north carolina addresses, and those were all confiscated last weekend. 6:17. one of the worst robbery scandals to rock the navy. three current and former navy officers charged in connection with a scheme to provide classified ship schedule
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exchange for prostitutes, lavish trips and other gifts from a malaysian defense contractor. the contractor overbilled the navy by more than $34 million. three of the navy officers involved are from virginia. a federal appeals court says d.c. can temporarily continue to enforce its strict gun law. this comes after a lower court ruled part of the city's law tos unconstitutional. the district's law requires folks to show a "good reason to fear injury if they want a conceal carry permit." the court will hear further arguments before making a final decision. and little leaguers getting all-star treatment. national the manager dusty baker and players from the team visit six little league sites this afternoon. the young players will get a chance to ask questions, get all graphs and snap a few pictures. you know what time it is. time for the boys of summer to begin. >> you know what? it's starting to feel like it, too. i don't know if you went to the
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nats game, finally baseball weather and enjoy it. >> and balls are flying out of nats park. weather gets hotter, more home runs. hopefully more of that. this evening taking on the cardinals. great baseball weather. between now and then it's going to be great beach and pool weather as we get into the afternoon hours. you'll be comfortable at the beaches and pools with temperatures climbing all the way up to near 90 degrees. looking outside now, the first light of morning now spreading off across much of the region. calm waters of the potomac river. there's capitol hill in the distance, and we'll have bright sunshine through the day today. just a few high clouds drifting in. now, it's comfortably cool right now. in the 60s just about everywhere, but this is a tropical depression here off the carolina coast gaini ining a li more strength. likely remaining a depression of rest of the day. sunday may briefly become tropical storm bonny before gettal up near the south carolina coast. a
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no rain on storm team 4 radar. exercise forecast for this day, well, by noontime, 1:00, low to mid-80s all the way up near 90, though, by 4:00. by 6:00 p.m. back down into the upper 80s. mid-80s by 8:00 p.m. here's the beach forecast, heading to the beaches today. great day at the atlantic beaches. temperatures up around 80 degrees with lots of sunshine. wear the sun block. then sunday, increasing clouds. afternoon storms likely. highs mid-70s pap chance of showers, also might get a little sun in and out on monday, memorial day. temperatures, though, cooler. in just the low 70s. storm team 4 four-day forecast inland away from the waters up near 80 degrees. tomorrow increasing clouds and, yes, some showers and thunderstorms looking likely here tomorrow, late afternoon into the evening hours. then some lingering showers monday morning through mid-day, timing. actually may get a little sun in the parch highs reaching upper 70s. then tuesday, back to work and school, into the mid-80
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partly cloudy. sunshine for wednesday and thursday. highs mid-80s. another chance of storms coming in next friday with highs right around 80. that's the way it looks. >> tom, thank you. 6:21. time now. justice with compassion. how a local court is helping struggling veteranget their s li
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>> announcer: you're watching
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different way. all right. what the judge says about overseeing fairfax county's new veterans treatment docket, a new program helping veterans get their life back on track. it can be emotional, deeply personal. as we saw this past week, incredibly rewarding. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: if it wasn't for the bench and seal you wouldn't think this -- >> i wanted to get it. >> reporter: part of an official court proceedings. >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: steechk daniphen d shaking hands, feeling loved. >> enjoying every minute of it. >> reporter: in the part, stephen's legal troubles never had him smiling in the courtroom. >> i've been in and out of the court system. >> reporter: offense, non-violent but still illegal. >> dwis, drunk in public. >> reporter: yet years of army and national guard service made him eligible for fairfax county's new veterans treatment document. >> everything happens for a reon
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the docket program. >> reporter: a strict 12 to 18 months involving military-like discipline. hearings every two weeks with the same judge, and in stephens case, it's judge michael lidner, who every hearing make as point to call these veterans turned defendants his heroes. >> when i say they're my heroes they're my heroes, because they've not only served country with valor and courage and on the field of battle, but even harder, they came home, had problems, and fought battles here. >> reporter: helping stephen accept it all, this guy. >> that's my mentor. >> i don't give him orders or anything like that. i just encourage him. >> reporter: his military service repaid with loving justice. >> this is my second chance in life. >> reporter: and now lasting friendships. >> i'm not going away. it is really a courtroom experience like i have never seen before. during the hearings the judge not only
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heroes, as you heard there, then he and the entire courtroom including the deputies proceed to clap after each one updates the court on their progress. >> really something. >> david, thanks. the technique saved people from choking, but just this week the man who invented it finally used it for the first time. dr. henry heimlich now 96 saved a woman at his retirement community who was choking on a piece of hamburger. >> i felt wonderful about it. >> god put me in that seat right next to you, dr. heimlich, so you could save my life. >> reporter: heimlich introduced the technique back in 1974. 6:26 your time right now. hello, sunshine! >> well, hello. >> no. talking sunshine outside. >> oh. yeah. >> and hello 80s. tom updating his forecast with one of best days we've had all month and how you
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around some coming rain showers. a traffic alert passed along to you if you take metro. major changes in effect this weekend and how to avoid a 20-minute wait for your train. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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and we're back at 6:30. if you're breaking out the barbecue, maybe doing grilling. >> get your grill on. >> picking the right day for it,
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this saturday, memorial day weekend. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. a lot of people are headed to the beach. guess what? you'll probably have a lot of company. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us how soon we'll have to watch out for the rain, though. >> yeah. that may be not until sunday, perhaps late in the afternoon into the evening hours. and then on memorial day, too, a chance of showers around. i'll break that down for you coming up this half hour. right now, though, off to a pleasant start on this saturday morning. great weather for a morning run. we'll stay in the 70s for morning hours. by 1:00, mid-80s. then climbing into the upper 80s between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. hovering upper 80s. actually around 4:00 may be briefly around 90 degrees. but turning a little less humid as we get into the afternoon hours. then this evening, if you're going to the game, nats park, should be a great night for baseball starting off kind of warm, though, in the 80s. dropping back down into the


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