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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 29, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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congratulations to vergevy parade. celebrating with perez on the podium but hamilton is the man. tocome on nop sebasden. that's a very good point, david. >> i mean, what great day too. for fernando alonso. a little bit lucky but he still came fifth and button came ninth. >> and all the boats letting their horns wail in celebration of what has been a very nemerable grand prix, the the kektder mels, then that's in the fall. and you
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until one teem has dominated this event four years in succession and alonso does get that fifth place. >> nothing you could say could make that any better. >> and while we were listening to that radio, nico proves it's always over you answer. tol strangish. tom 25 for a win. the championship lead has been reduced to 24 and that was a distraught voice of daniel ricciardo telling his team, save it.
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feel any better. we want to remind you that a special edition of "meet the press" is next for most eastern stations. for more coverage from here in monaco, including the interviews, switch over to nbcsn for f 1 extra presented by jaguars.
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now, and here comes the thunder. the bikes roar into d.c., bringing a huge traffic impact if you are trying to get around. gunfire breaks out in the district. what investigators are thousand revealing about a deadly double shooting. xloo and the battle for california, the warning one candidate is now putting out ahead of a key primary. and this morning, we did get off to a cloudy but warm start. but things are about to change. good morning, i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. hope you enjoyed the racing. and if you're breaking out the grill, you might want to do it for lunch and not dinner. tom kierein is tracking when the showers will be back in our area. >> it's been a beautiful day two of the memorial day weekend. around our region now, we have that sunshine, temperatures now well into the 70s. a little more humid today. a little bit of a breeze flapping the flag from our capitol hill camera overlooking union station. and as we look at temperatures, they're no
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national now at 76. around the bay, mid and upper 70s. this is tropical depression bon any spreading rain into the carolinas, some of the rain into southern virginia. this will eventually arrive later this afternoon. i have the hour by hour timing coming up this half hour. we are following the breaking news out of northeast. one man dead, another seriously hurt in a double shooting that happened earlier this morning. this is video we took of the scene in the 200 block of 55th street around 1:30. police closed off this area for the investigation, it was closed down for hours. investigators have not released the victim's name or any information about a suspect. well, memorial day tributes are under way throughout our entire region right now. hundreds are getting ready for the rolling thunder ride for freedom, you can see all the bikes lined up. thunder alley also continue its today and that means scenes like this one and road closures around national mall are to be expected. >>
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today's events and derrick ward is there speaking with them. what is going on, derrick? >> reporter: well, you can see what is going on down here, we're at 23rd and constitution, a lot ofshower allthunder alley just across the street. there will be a rally and oir eve other events that happen. thousands are at the pentagon. you can take a look, this is the 29th annual rolling thunder proceed petest ride. it's always been and is still a protest ride about issues surrounding veterans. not the least of which are those missing in action. we were over at the thunder alley earlier this morning, we ran into a gentleman here who again embodies what this is all about help his father missing in action. he was a vet rachbt conflict
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korea. take it a listen. >> my father was reported missing in action in korea in 1950. and he covered my father's case in this book. and my father is still missing in action. he was captured and taken to north korea. and he's still there. so hopefully i'll be able to put this in mr. trump's hands today. >> reporter: you heard him talking about mr. trump, that is one of the interesting things about this, donald trump supposed to be down here speaking today. we have seen one sign that said bikers for trump. we haven't seen a lot of that. and that is one of the rare things about this. they try not to make it too political because again this a protest ride and the cause transcends party. you see the people in the middle of 23rd and constitution, tim chambers stands salute until the whole procession goes by. and today something
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bride will pull in about an hour and then they will do a quick ceremony and get married. so a lot of special events, the least of which here at rolling thunder. derrick ward, news 4. >> thalg that will be unto gettable. thank you and volunteers will be putting roses on the headstones at arlington national cemetery. it's organized by the memorial day flower foundation. they will dedicate the graves of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country. there will also be special wreath laying happening this morning for john f. kennedy's birthday. and tonight you can kick off the holiday with the annual national memorial day concert. ♪ >> very familiar sound there, last night was the dress rehearsal for the event. ga s
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back as co-hosts. also appearances from colin powell, arerenee fleming and be boys. well, yet another incident that brought metrorail service to a halt and it happened over the weekend, this time yesterday a brake fire shut down service at the arlington cemetery station for hours. rirsd had to board shuttle buss to get to the next stop. the fire was quickly put out, but delays lasted a while and certainly shook up some riders. >> we were walking back from the kennedy site and saw a fire truck come through and definitely looked like it was a lot of commotion. >> this all happened just one week before met troer's safetrack program gets under way. the massive maintenance improvement plan will disrupt commutes for months. >> new this morning, investigatorsi investigator work to determine cause of a fire in prince george's county on queens chapel
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over 70 firefighters responded and quickly were able to get it under control. the good news is no one was hurt. senator bernie sanders is sending a warning to hillary clinton. pick a strong progressive as a runner mate or risk losing his supporters. that warning as sanders is running hard to upset clinton in the california primary. but he's also not dismissing talk of being clinton's vice president himself. >> what happens the day after, it appears that i'm not going to become the nominee, that is subject for further discussion. >> it is subject to further discussion. >> well, the whole process is subject to further discussion. >> yes, it is. the latest poll in california shows that the race is in a dead heat. and meanwhile you can hear more from bernie sanders about his warning to hillary clinton when he talk it is to chuck todd this morning on "meet the press" at 10:30 right here after news 4 today. and chuck will also
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arnold schwarzenegger. he will weigh in the on the california primary which again is just over a week away. let's take a live look outside. look at that blue skies, a little bit of clouds. maybe the sunglasses right now, but you might need the umbrella later on. tom is tracking when showers will be in your neighborod. and take a look, these cars left under war as floodwaters reach hundreds of homes and businesses in other parts of the country. a child falls into a gorilla pit. howoo z
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fire officials in montgomery county have spent more than seven showers work to ing to fi r propane tank leak. you're looking at videos from the hazmat crew performing what they are calling a flare off operation. the entire area is closed off as they continue to work on fixing the leak. new video is showing a 4-year-old boy caught in a moat with a dwor ril gorilla. he fell in after he climbed through a public barrier at the exhibit at the cincinnati zoo yesterday. my goodness. officials say that he was with the gorilla for about 15 minutes. a special response team eventually shot and killed that gorilla because they didn't know what was going to happen. the boy was taken
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and is expected to recover. wow. that is scary. 14 minutes after the 10:00 hour. taking a live look, the sun is out. nice blue sky. but you will have to enjoy while it lasts. tom is tracking whether rain will impact your plans to eat outside tonight and what you can expect if you have to drive to work tomorrow. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades.
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it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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the time 10:17. right now tropical depression bonnie is bringing heavy rain to the coast of south carolina. it made landfall just east of charleston around 8:30 this morning. up to 8 inches of rain already have fallen in parts of the state. and parts of texas getting hit with severe weather. take a look at some of the images. flooding and torrential rains moving through the area over the last several days. authorities will resume the search today for two people who did disappeared. four people have died. and evacuation is in place in several cities due to the rising rivers. in the race for the white house, all the attention is turning toward california. >> and joining us now to break it all down, chuck todd. bernie sanders has a warning for hillary clinton. but do you think somewhere in the back of his mind he's p
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potential vp pick? >> it does seen as if that's where he wants to use leverage. it's like was there any one sound bite you could pull and say ah-hca he is ready to drop out. no. but toolitality, you can hear t he knows where this is headed and he did seem to make and re-establish a warning that she needs to pick a progressive, that if the running mate comes from he said wall street, but he's really saying the sort are o centrist wing of the party, he won't be happy about that. >> and he didn't rule out that you would mind being vice president? >> yes, i think he wants -- i think he believes that he does have some influence with progressives. look, if it was sherrod brown -- this was his way of saying sherrod brown
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warren, but somebody in that wing of the party. >> and you will talk to the terminator, governator. >> what is fascinating and you'll see in the interview, he is just -- he's not ready to talk trump. me it clear he's not ready to talk trump no matter how many time, but he's not ready to criticize him either. schwarzenegger accepts the idea that he's an outsider, but he almost wants to keep that outsider role so that his i think opinion matters in the end. and it seems that that is what he's trying to preserve. >> is he going to the convention? >> he would not commit going to the convention either. so we'll see. don't forget arnold is replacing trump as the host of "celebrity apprentice." who know what is that means there, too. maybe you don't want to be an tig niz him. the politics
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some ? >> the plot thickens. >> now i want to see what he says. >> you should be always interesting. i have sanders talking enwhich i am lad today and schwarzenegger saying california. i didn't realize how much i missed it. >> and we're live on facebook and carrie says her whmom loves chuck todd. >> who doesn't. >> you can see "meet the press" -- >> 8 1/2 minutes. come on, wrap it up. >> we're alerting the affiliates. >> now we have no time for weather. >> of course we have all the time in the world. >> no rain tonight. >> what do we need to do with the grill? >> get it fired up early. early evening, showers coming in. big concert on the mall 8:00 tonight, could get wet. here is hour by hour timing on rain arriving as we get into the evening hours. by 5:00, we'll have the areas in green a few showers
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arriving until after that. this is around 6:00 p.m., it starts to get closer to us. and then the showers move on through around 8:00, 9:00 right into the metro area. but mainly east of the 95 corridor. then after midnight tonight, we may see a few more showers scattered around northern virginia, maryland, the district. 6:00 a.m., still moderate showers around, but it does look like they will be lighter than it's been looking the last couple of days. by 9:00 on memorial day in the morning, it will begin to taper off and head off to the east and crossing the bay by noontime and heading out, so we'll be drying out in the afternoon. right now we're in the mid to upper 70s with the sunshine, clouds closing in during the afternoon. hour by hour forecast will be in the low 80s by 4:00 with the showers just in the south. showers likely by 8:00 p.m. in the mid-70s. beach forecast cooler at the beaches today, tomorrow and as we get into tuesday, as well. showers likely especially on memorial day. then aft t
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maybe a tumor showers friday and saturday. and that's the way itshowers fr saturday. and that's the way it looks. thousands of bikers are ready to ride. this is a live pic. they will all be around the area today. we'll tell you about the traffic tpact that
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there is a real special event this weekend to 600 children who have
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to war. it's called play field in the park and there was plenty of food and activities. some members of the redskins were on there saturday. nbc 4 was also there. i was able to help and amelia draper helped all the science. i learn some had stuff, too. it's a wonderful event. now time for four things you need to know. one man is dead, another seriously hurt in a double shooting this morning. it happened on 55th street in northeast around 1:30. still no word on any suspects. a live look now from the rolling thunder ride for freedom. it's all starts at the pentagon. presumptive donald trump set to speak at thunder alley. and tonight at 8:00, the annual national memorial day concert can be seen on pbs.
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will once again serve as hosts. >> and cities and towns in texas being forced to evacuate due to massive flooding. four people have died, two are missing. >> rain chances are on the up and up. >> coming in here not until probably this evening, but concert on the mall may be interrupted by showers coming through. nats game should stay dry during the afternoon. maybe a few morning showers memorial day morning. drying out tomorrow afternoon. >> all right. well, meet the pretss oig
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this sunday, a rough week for both likely nominee. for hillary clinton, it was that report, contradicting her statements, old and new, about her e-mail. >> well, it was allowed, and the rules have been clarified since i left. >> for donald trump, it was an unprovoked attack on a popular republican latina governor. susana martinez for new mexico. >> she's not doing the job. hey! maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico! >> this morning, my interview with the only candidate still viewed favorably by the voters, bernie sanders. would you take the call if hillary clinton asked you to be her running mate? plus we have seen the polls be tight. but how tight will


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