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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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developing right now at 11:00, panic at the georgetown waterfront on the holiday weekend. police arrest a gunman after an officer hears gunshots. more gun fire. this time outside of the anacostia metro station. e
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we are live with the surgery for a shooter. we will bring you the sight and sounds from the memorial day concert. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> first tonight, that developing story at the georgetown waterfront. a suspect arrested after apparently firing several shots on k street. an officer on patrol said he heard the shots go off and saw a man running down the street. nearby witnesses told the officer he had a gun. police caught him. no one was injured and the investigation continues tonight. more violence on memorial day weekend outside of the anacostia metro station. somebody shot a teenager at the entrance to the station. we know a person was taken in to custody near the scene. as
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not clear if the person was connected to the shooting. >> violence at the anacostia metro station in southeast washington this memorial day weekend. a teenager girl told the station manager she had been shot in the leg. she was taken to the hospital. she's expected to survive. police took someone in to custody right around the corner from the station. metro said no arrest has been made. they are working to see if the person detained had anything to do with the shooting. it happened at the station. they searched for evidence. security cameras near the shooting scene. the station has a second entrance that stayed open and trains continued to operate. the shooting rattled passengers and many use the station to get to work every day. >> it happens all the time. all of
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it bothers me because i never know if one day i will get shot. >> i can't believe the changes going on with our youth today. it is really shocking. what do we do? anybody have any answers? let me know. i'd like to know what can we do? >> police wrapped up their investigation here at the anacostia metro station. you can see the entrance where it happened has reopened to passengers. again, the teenager expected to be okay. metro saying no arrest has been made at this time. we are live in southeast, darcy spencer, news 4. ♪ paying tribute to the fallen and those who have given so much for our country. crowds 2k3w59erring on the national mall for tonight's national memorial day concert on the mall. it aired live
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actors gary sinise was a host of the event this year. a star-studded lineup of performers sang tributes to the men and women in uniform, their families at home and those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. looking live at the national mall. tomorrow it will host one of the biggest memorial day parades in the country. at 5r8 arlington cemetery they will place flags on the graves. for a guide open the nbc washington app. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> still tracking areas of heavy and heavier rain east of 95. the latest rite now. heavy rain in the baltimore area. you can see the metro area is starting to dry out. some showers in frederick county and the 81 corridor. overnight some scattered showers.
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flash flood warning continues for parts of st. mary's and calvert's county until 12:30. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., cloudy skies, near 70 degrees. 8 a.m. starting to track areas of rain east of 95. temperature at 10:00 a.m. of 73. coming um, i will be showing you future weather taking you through the day hour by hour so you know what to expect on memorial day. >> thank you. the video is chilling. a little boy that fell in to the gore ril lal cage at the cincinnati zoo and coming face to face with harambe this 400-pound gorilla. the family is thankful he is safe and at home doing fine.
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issue a warning the video is disturbing to watch. >> mommy's right here. >> cell phone video captured the frightening scene at the cincinnati zoo when a 3-year-old boy whose mother was tending to other children fell in the gorilla exhibit and grabbed by a 400 pound silver back. witnesses were horrified. >> people were yelling, you know, there's a boy in the water, there's a boy in the water. >> reporter: the video shows the 17-year-old primate appeared to protect the boy at times but witnesses saw the animal drag and throw the child. the director of the zoo said the child wasn't under attack but was in danger. >> all sorts of things can happen in a situation like that. he certainly was at risk. >> reporter: more than 10 minutes after the boy fell in to the enclosure the zoo's dangerous animal response team l
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>> they made a tough and right choice because they saved the boy's life. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital with what police say were nonlife-threatening injuries. a statement released by the family said he is now home and doing fine. in is the family says they are thankful the boy is safe and thank zoo staff for their quick action, noting that staff is grieving the loss of the gorilla. it took more than seven hours to fix a propane tank leak in montgomery county today. the leak started saturday night outside of a home in potomac. the underground propain tank weighed 1,000 pounds. crews had to wait until the gas burned off before they could remove it. a motorcyclist participating in rolling thunder was killed this afternoon after losing control of his bike and crashing on i-66. virginia state trooper thes say a group of bikers came upon that
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upon stopped traffic near the rosslyn tunnel. the victim was not able to brake in time. he was wearing his helmet but died at the hospital. investigators have not yet identified the victim. it took 70 firefighters to put out a restaurant fire at a strip mall in prince georges county. the fire started on cheens chapel road. d.c. firefighters were called in to help prince georges county. investigator say the flames did $750,000 worth of damage. it's not clear how the fire started. new tonight, one d.c. police officer suffering minor injuries after a hit and run and chase across the city today. police say the suspect hit two d.c. police cruisers at 45 around 5:00. police chased the suspect, finally arrested him in the third street tunnel. no one else was injured. police releasedhe
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man killed this morning in a double shooting. they say william arthur wells, jr. was shot on blaine street in southeast. a second man also shot is recovering in the hospital. they have not said what may have sparked that shooting and no arrests in this case either. this memorial day weekend, thousands of bikers are riding in tribute to our veterans and remembering those missing this action. the rolling thunder ride began at the pentagon going over the memorial bridge in to the district. derek wafrd has the sights and sounds from today's ride. >> reporter: the sound of their bike, the rolling thunder, now the sound of this annual demonstration bringing attention to prisoners of war, those missing in action. >> it started with the eisenhower administration and been every administration since. it has been policy they don't want the families
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>> reporter: his father never cameome from the korean war. he said he seen proof his father was a p.o.w. >> i found film in the archives of my father as a prisoner. >> reporter: among the fixtures of the gathering, tim chambers. he holds a salute for all of the passing bikers. >> people care about each other. >> reporter: this year there is something different about his demeanor. he is nervous. >> i'm going to get married here in a few minutes. >> before the bikers came, tim would meet his bride in the middle of 23rd street with a few thousand of their closest friends and what was by necessity a brief ceremony. >> very brief. i need to get back to the pentagon and get on my harley. >> i pronounce you husband and wife. >> and they sat down to the task at hand one of honor and rep remembrance of those that served and didn't come back. the true meaning of memorial day.
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a political turn when donald trump took the stage to speak to bikers. trump turned the event in to a campaign rally. he railed against hillary clinton saying he would fix the v.a. better than her. you can look at his speech on the nbc washington app. just search "trump". on "meet the press" this morning bernie sanders said he has a better chance than hillary clinton to beat donald trump in november. chuck todd asked sanders if he would be willing to be clinton's running mate but sanders did not give a straight answer. the democrats are gearing up for the june 6th, california primary. cameras catch two people lighting a firecracker at a local home. the explosion so loud neighbors heard it a block away. the boy was swimming in two feet of water when he came under attack. a student headed home on the bus captured
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new at 11:00, a florida teen is recovering after a shark bit him on the leg. this is video of emergency crews treating him on neptune beach. the 13-year-old was swimming in just two feet of water when a five to six-foot shark attacked. this boy is expected to be okay. six people died this memorial day weekend, swept away during heavy flooding in texas. many people forced to evacuate their homes and more rain is still in the forecast. nbc's has the latest on the dire situation in parts of texas. >> reporter: in parts of texas, this memorial day weekend is under water. near austin, authorities have found a body in a retention pond not far from where two people were swept away by flash flood watering. one man and his son were trying to evacuate an rv park and swept off the highway by floodwaters. >> you see the result
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happened. >> reporter: the roof of the local newspaper could not with stand the downpour and collapsed. some roads were covered by eight feet of water. a local bar owner said water came crashing in to his business and he tried to save what he could do. >> tried to pick up the computers and save everything i could. put it on the bar but the bar had already risen that high. >> the area may not have seen the worst of the flooding yet. >> we don't know how long this event will last or how long it will be other than we know it will be a significant event. >> reporter: forecasters say there could be more rain on the way later this week, nbc news. d.c. police a say an officer was forced to shoot a man after a man pulled the gun on the 0 officer. it happened on h street in northeast. the police got a call for a shoplifting suspect at that address. they say an off-duty officer saw
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police say the suspected shoplifter pulled out a gun and the officer opened fire. the man is in the hospital with injuries. police say they recovered his weapon at the scene. hundreds of volunteers spending this memorial day weekend on hallowed ground of arlington national cemetery. they placed roses on every one of the 280,000 head stones there. the memorial day flowers foundation organizes this event. one volunteer brought her whole family with her this year. >> my husband is in the military. i'm a teacher myself. i made sure this mere yaoer my kids came out out to learn what the true meaning of memorial day is. >> volunteers placed 130,000 roses on the head stones. scary video from prince georges county of people setting off a firework in front of somebody's home. you can see the people running away in the video and then the
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m-80 firework explodes. it happened yesterday at a home in riverdale. the homeowner posted the video on you tube. we stopped by today and you can see the siding on the home melted an the door charred by smoke. the homeowner did not want to be identified. >> wid kids were laughing. was it a prank? we don't know what was going on. >> i live a block away. it woke us all up. i talked to several neighbors and they say the same thing, 2:00 in the morning heard an explosion. >> no one was injured. a fire marshal is now investigating. we will have some scattered rain overnight tonight. the heaviest rain is out of the area, at least overnight. tomorrow is a tricky forecast. high likelihood you will be dealing with some rain or thunderstorms but nailing down the exact timing remains
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difficult thanks to tropical depression bonnie. tomorrow the weather having a moderate impact on your day. it's memorial day. a possibility of rain and storms at times throughout the day making it difficult to plan. have the rain gear handy. it will be humid with limited sunshine. a mixed bag in the forecast. right now i'm tracking rain, especially around the 81 corridor. then then baltimore metro area to the dover area. future weather, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, notice how we are mainly dry and mostly cloudy. as we work our way to the mid-morning hours, rain develops east of 95 on the eastern shore. pockets of heavier rain. by noon tracking scattered showers and as we head to the afternoon and evening hours, scattered showers with some thunderstorms, as well. once we move toward 10:00 p.m. and midnight tomorrow, we will start to dry out. 7 a.m., i
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some widely scattered hit and miss showers. otherwise cloudy skies and 68 degrees. by lunchtime in the mid-70s. tracking rain, potentially steady rain east of washington. 3:00 in the afternoon, some scattered showers and thunderstorms. some peaks of sunshine, as well. it will feel muggy. high of 78 degrees. the official high 83 at the airport. 8:0075 degrees and scattered showers and thunderstorms around at that point. in the d.c. area and a to the west not looking like a washout. if you are heading to the delmarva beach, a rainy day there with temperatures in the 60s. 68 washington. 66 frederick . 68 in manassas. here's what you can expect at the bus stop. temperature around 67. mild dry
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warm with a temperature of 77 and by dismissal 83 degrees is the high for the day with a chance of a late-day shower or thunderstorm that could impact after school activities. wednesday mostly sunny and 84. what i love about wednesday lower humidity. next weekend is looking nice. lower humidity in the forecast, partly sunny skies and will highs in the low 80s. >> you had me at lower humidity. thank you, ma'am. coming up in sports how jayson werth's day off turn
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thmplts is the xfinity sports desk. your home for the most live sports. quite the day to be at the ballpark. >> seriously a perfect day for the nats. >> really was. there's a sign at the clubhouse that
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you for the first time. if they were they got a show. the nationals needed today. i would go so far as saying they desperately needed it but a good shot in the arm for a team that was sitting one game below 500 for the month of may. strasburg hasn't lost a start since early september last year. this was another good day at the office. strasburg strikes out four, scatters six hits over six innings giving up one run. the nats offense came through, too. bottom of the seventh, nats up two. jayson werth on to pinch hit with the bases loaded 678 five grand slams in his career and there's number six. the bearded one with the second ever pinch hit grand slam in nats history. nats win 10-2. nats start a series in philly tomorrow. reaction on sports final after the news. taylor cummings and maryland
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unc. terps down two. the senior final game. slicing through the d and scores. maryland within a goal. 7-6. the tar heels would not back down. the a13-7 the final. they hand maryland the first loss of the season. >> i couldn't be more thankful to have been a part of this. i'm just happy. >> up with of the most decorated lacrosse players of all time ends her career with a loss. we will hear from taylor cummings on what went wrong in the national title game today. as for the maryland men they have a title match with unc tomorrow after dramatic overtime
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saturday's semi finals. to to the track, 350,000 people on hand at indianapolis motor speedway, 100th running of the endi 500. pick it up, one pablo montoya won last year. he se slamming in to the outside wall and brings out the second caution. the car comes to rest on the infield. montoya not hurt but that will end his request for the third win at indy. final lap,er ail sander rossi trying to stretch the last ounce of fuel in to a first place finish and he does it. he becomes the ninth rookie to win the 2k3wr5i9est speck tapg ta -- greatest spectacle of
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the kennedy center is kicking off a year-long celebration of its name sake, president john f. kennedy. the 35th president of the u.s. would have been 99 years old today. the kennedy center is planning events right until his 100th birthday next may. kennedy's grandson and other celebrities including buzz aldrin were hand for a special musical celebration. >> there are a lot of different ways we can celebrate john f. kennedy and his passion and belief that art and
11:32 pm
beings and in our society. >> today's events ended with the unveiling of 99 illuminated glass bowls. very cool. outside of the entrance to the arts complex. all right. grab the umbrellas for tomorrow. >> scattered showers and storms at times. not an all-day washout. high of 78 degrees. >> carol is next with sports final. we will see you guys tomorrow. very early. >> good stuff.
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hey, everyone. welcome in to sports final. i'm carol maloney. once in a while someone amazing comes along and here i am. that's what the nationals jayson werth was saying today with his bat. it also applies to steven strasburg what he was doing on the mound. so many good story lines for the nats as they were trying to split the series with the cardinals. ♪ remember kids, there's heros and legends and this game may have had both. two on in the second, he strikes out eric


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