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tv   Today  NBC  May 30, 2016 7:00am-9:58am EDT

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good good morning. holiday washout. rain from georgia to maine as bonnie makes its slow march up the east coast. while in texas, historic flooding leads to at least six deaths and triggers more evacuations overnight. late edition? a meeting conservative suggests an impressive new candidate will soon enter the new race. heated response. while on the democratic side, bernie sanders dismisses new calls to step aside and says he's in it until the end. growing outrage. protests at the cincinnati zoo where a gorilla was shot and killed after a 3-year-old boy fell into the
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the zoo's director defending the lethal use of force. >> we made the right choice and a tough choice. >> what the boy's family is saying about the incident. and in perfect harmony. the number one hit in the country and they are ready to go to work on our plaza today, monday, may 30th, june 16th. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this memorial day monday morning. i'm tamron hall. >> and i'm carson daly. matt and savannah have the day off. >> servicemen and women are
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to hear harmony. not rain, hail or snow is going to stop the harmonizers. we're excited to have them on the plaza. meanwhile, weather is our top story. cookouts across a large portion of the court, nbc's janet shamlian is dealing with tropical storm bonnie. >> reporter: it's become a spoiler not because of her intensity but because she's moved so slow. the rains flooded an interstate and there was bumper-to-bumper traffic for 22 miles. because of rip currents on some beaches, beach goers were allowed into the water only up to their knees. it's a memorial day washout for millions of americans. tropical depression bonnie making its way up the east coast on monday hitting the carolinas the
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and flooding. authorities final hly shut it dn after too many drivers tried to go through it. it flooded not only streets but homes. fewer rip currents has some vacationers afraid to go in the water. >> i'm very concerned about my kids being out there. i get nervous when they get further than their knees. >> reporter: rescuers are still searching for a 21-year-old man who went missing after swimming in rough water. in texas, another round of flashflash flooding. several communities had mandatory evacuations. among the deaths in texas, a national guardsman, darren mitchell, who posted this haunting image on facebook as floodwaters overcame his truck writing "all i wanted to do was
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and more than 2,000 inmates from several prisons moved to higher ground. astronaut kerry burke tweeting what the flooding looked like from the air. and the death toll in texas is up to six as some rivers are over their banks. back here in myrtle beach, it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day but there is still the concern up and down the coast here, north carolina, south carolina about the possible impact of those rip currents. tamron, carson, back to you. >> thank you, janet. dylan is in for al. what is going on? >> we're going to start with the tropical depression and these are remnants of bonnie. moisture is streaming in off the atlantic. we're going to see pockets of heavier rain this morning and then a cold front will slide this all to the
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this afternoon and then as you get into the daytime heating, we see pop-up showers and storms. rain and then more storms developing later on today as the cold front continues to move. on tuesday, this will push most of the rain down through the carolinas. again, spotty showers and storms and enough to produce another two to three inches of rain. in new york, we could see a few inches of rain but it's mainly already on the ground. cold front moving eastward combining with the warm humid air mass will trigger storms tod today across the northern plains. across north dakota and nebraska, we could see large hail as the biggest threat. >> ruining some barbecues today. donald trump is making controversial commts
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supporter of hillary clinton is calling on bernie sanders to end his white house run. kristen welker is in new york. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning to you. weather permitting, hillary clinton is expected to march in the annual memorial day parade right here where she has a home. senator sanders will be barn storming in california. donald trump is off the campaign trail but he spent time off the camera with veterans. >> look, memorial day is so important. it's our day and we have to be very proud of it and we are very proud of it. >> reporter: trump, who did not serve in the military, arguing he would be better for veterans than hillary clinton making this claim about undocumented immigrants. >> illegal immra
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much care, really, are taking much better care by this country taking care of than our veterans. >> reporter: but the reality, congress and many states have enacted laws aimed at restricting government services to those living in the country illegally. trump raising eyebrows by draw -- >> i thought what really amazes me, i thought this would be like dr. martin luther king where people would be lined up from here all the way to the washington monument. right? >> reporter: and this morning, could a third-party candidate be set to join the race? bill christol dropping this hint. trump firing back and calling him an embarrassing loser and saying that a third-party candidate would be a spoiler and this weekend trump went on a
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12-minute tirade about the judge. >> the judge, who happens to be mexican, which is fun -- >> the top surrogate senator dianne feinstein turned up the heat on bernie sanders. >> he ought to be able to read the sign post. and if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> reporter: on "meet the press," sanders saying he's in the race to the end and when asked about party unity -- >> if secretary clinton is the nomin nominee, it is her job to reach out to millions of people. that is the candidate's job to do. >> reporter: sanders also didn't rule out running as secretary clinton's vp nominee but stressed he's focused on winning the nomination. as for donald trump, he has said he's going to release details
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veterans charities tomorrow. tamron, carson, back to you. >> kristen, thanks so much. let's bring in msnbc's steve kornacki. >> good morning. >> if i had a dollar for every time you and i talked about a third-party candidate and now bill crystal says he means business. >> it includes mitt romney, ben sass, tom coburn and they have all indicated that the answer is no and the bigger problem is this. the ballot deadline has passed in texas. it's going to pass a few days after that in indiana. >> it someone gets in there, what does it do to trump's candidacy? >> if it's coming from the right and disgruntled republicans, that's why trump acted
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aggressively. and the libertarian party nominated their ticket. you have two former governors, gary johnson of new mexico, bill weld of massachusetts. there is a threat there to trump. >> speaking of something else trump may be worried about, a judge deciding that documents related to the document against trump university will be released. kristen reported on that tirade from trump. he's run as a businessman of great success. could this be a bad week? >> every new revelation, every knew statement, boy, never seems to stop him. however, this one, the trump university thing, i do think there's an aspect to the story that is more understandable to people. it's more relatable to people. what he's accused of here, it really looks like at least what he's accused of could be seen as a con john against ordinary people and i think it's more understandable than some of the other things democrats have gone afteom
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vulnerability. i think that's why you saw that pre-emptive strike that trump is launching into. >> asking bernie to step out, unify the party, it seems at this point doing lasting damage to hillary? >> i don't think we're at that point yet. eight years ago, memorial day weekend in the clinton/obama race, hillary clinton was saying i'm in until the convention. barack obama's people saying this is going to hurt the party long term. what ended up happening is they finished the primary season, she got out of the race. if bernie sanders does that in the next couple of weeks, it leads us where we were eight years ago. the question is, does he push farther? if he will to win california, that could embolden him and push him to the convention. >> steve kornacki, thank you. investigators in houston are trying to piece together what set off a deadly shooting rampage. gabe gutierrez has the latest.
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morning. this is a far cry from the terrifying scene that erupted on sunday. this gas station catching fire. bullets flying everywhere. somethi sending frightened residents for cover. >> reporter: investigators are trying to find out what led to a deadly shooting rampage. >> we don't know if he was out to target law enforcement, if he was going to shoot people randomly. i would say an attack on both is probably fair to say. >> reporter: the chaos broke out sunday morning. as a man with an ar-15 style gun -- >> all we could hear was the helicopters and rapid gunfire. >> reporter: stray bullets at this gas station and one man was killed getting his car
7:13 am
>> i seen a man hunched over with what looked to be a gunshot wound to his neck. >> reporter: police race to the scene, a helicopter and three squad cars. one deputy took several rounds in his bullet-proof vest. >> one of my classmates got shot in the leg. >> reporter: four others wounded before a s.w.a.t. team shot and killed the gunman. >> this is not the behavior we expect to see on memorial day weekend in any community in the united states but it's what we've had here. >> reporter: police are now questioning one of the other wounded men as a possible second suspect. right now, it's unclear what role he played in the shooting. both of the deputies have been treated and leased from the hospital. tamron and carson, so far no word on any motive. back to you. >> sad scene there in houston. gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. rain is not the only concern.
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in florida and the other in southern california where a two-mile stretch of beach is closed. steve, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning to you. it's the unofficial start to summer. the beach behind me should be packed. it's going to be shut down for at least another 24 hours after the possible shark attack and that's hours after a confirmed bite all the way across the country. fear on a florida beach. a boy just 13 years old bitten by a shark. his father kneeling by his side as lifeguards treat the wound on his right leg. a woman cradle the boy in her arms as he cries in pain. this is the devastation left behind. blood left on neptune beach. police say the shark was between 5 and 6 feet long. it's not the only shark scare thismo
7:15 am
>> i don't even know what happened. >> the kids had to get out the water. >> reporter: in newport beach, california, a woman had large bites on her torso and shoulder. she was taken to a local hospital. two miles of corona beach evacuated and shut down for 24 hours as police search the waters for the shark behind the bite. >> obviously if there's an aggressive behavior, we need to take action. >> reporter: last year, there were 59 shark attacks. one of them fatal. more than half of them happened in florida. a grim reminder for the millions of americans at the beach on this holiday. and just another reminder that shark attacks still considered extremely rare. just to give you some context, you're still a lot more likely to be struck by lightning yet they still happen.
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>> thank you. iraqi ground forces launched a massive operation overnight to retake the city of fallujah from isis. it's the latest in the attempted to dislodge the militants who have controlled fallujah for more than two years now. it's unclear how long it will take to liberate the city into here at home, a computer glitch led to long delays at check-in at the airport. it started with british airways. a server wasn't acting properly so the airline had to check-in travelers manually. at one point, more than 1,000 passengers were waiting in line. but early this morning, the glitch was fixed and the system is up and running again. and it was a dramatic and improbable finish at the indy 500. alexander rossi became the first rookie in 15 years to win the historic race. it's how he won that has everybody
7:17 am
while everybody else pulled over to fuel up, rossi drove on, cruising passed the checker flags on fumes. he did run out of gas a few moments later and needed to be towed in. he said it was an unlikely win. "i have no idea how we pulled that off." what an exciting finish there. all right. let's get more on the holiday forecast. a mixed bag of things. >> yes. we have to watch out for stronger storms today. not all that widespread, especially across the northern plains and keeping an eye to the sky. in the northeast, most of the heavy rain happen this is morning and then we see more pop-up showers. along the gulf coast, the sun will be shining. west coast, temperatures mainly in the mid-to upper 07s. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds.
7:18 am
good morning. some breaks in the clouds and radar showing no showers from the mountains to the bay. showers at the atlantic beaches this morning. they are tracking off to the north and east. might get a few sprinkles later this morning and a chance of a passing shower this afternoon. about a 50%, 60% chance of that. have an umbrella handy. sunshine with high of 80 degrees. then tomorrow, partly cloudy. mid-80s. small chance of a passing shower on wednesday, thursday and friday. could get storms next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up next, the up roar of aoo
7:19 am
a 3-year-old entered the enclosure. zoo officials defend their actions. and blaming the sender. the new ruling that could open the door for you to be sued if you text a driver and they get into an accident. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning, everybody. it is 7:26 on this memorial day. i'm angie goff. >> first, a man is dead in a shooting in northeast d.c. police say he was shot on 24th street shortly after 2:00 this morning. the victim's name not being released. we're working to find out more from d.c. police. prince william county police are investigating a homicide. a man was shot to death in woodbridge. it happened just before 2:30 this morning. the victim is a 23-year-old. no word yet on any suspects. it's a holiday schedule for metro today. riders will pay off peak fares
7:27 am
shuttle buses will replace trains and there are no orange/lime trains today. we'll get a look at your forecast, next.
7:28 am
good morning. we're starting off mostly cloudy and a few shafts of sun slight coming through. no rain anywhere from the mountains to the bay. at the beaches, they are getting showers from delaware down to virginia beach. those are going to be tracking well to our east. and a few scattered sprinkles that are trying to come into the valley but they are dissipating now. sunshine in and out and temperatures near 80 degrees and a good chance of afternoon showers and maybe even thunder and lightning. that's going to be east of the
7:29 am
partly cloudy tomorrow and in the 80s. small chance of showers on wednesday, thursday and friday. storms maybe next weekend. back to you. >> thank you, tom. another news update in 25 minutes.
7:30 am
we're back at and we're back. it's 7:30 now. this is arlington national cemetery on this day, may 30th, 2016. >> and inside studio 1a, let's look at the headlines. tropical storm bonnie made landfall as a tropical depression near charleston. the system stretched all the way to the northeast and in texas, heavy rain and major flooding blamed there in the deaths of at least six people. donald trump was in d.c. addressing a large crowd at the annual rolling thunder motorcycle rally. he's labeling bill kristol a, quote, embarrassed
7:31 am
kristol tweeted that an independent impressive candidate will soon join the race. a 13-year-old is recovering after a shark attack on the beach. the victim is shown receiving treatment. another attack was in southern california which has led officials to close a two-mile stretch of the beach there. a story that has a lot of people talking, the controversial decision by the cincinnati zoo to kill a gorilla to save a 3-year-old who slipped into the exhibit. blake mccoy has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this morning in cincinnati, zookeepers are defending their decision to kill the animal while there are growing calls for the parents to face neglect charges. the boy was injured but is okay. we want to warn you, some may find this video hard to watch. cell phone video capturing the horrifying moment a 3-year-old boy coming f
7:32 am
400-pound gorilla after paufall into the enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. you hear his mother's desperate calls. visitors watched the gorilla pick the boy up and drag him through the water. >> you heard a splash and people were yelling, there's a boy in the water, there's a boy in the water. >> reporter: witness kim o'connor said the boy had been talking about wanting to go in the water. she says his mother was watching several other children when the boy slipped through the railing and passed wires to enter the enclosure. ten agonizing minutes go by before zookeepers make the decision to kill the animal. >> it seemed by our dangerous animal response team to be a life-threatening situation. and so the choice was made to put down or shoot harambe. >> reporter: they say a tranquilizerou
7:33 am
too long. on social media, people blame the child's mother. one writing, "while i'm very sorry that a child was hurt, i'm angry that parental neglect caused the death of this animal". >> we have to be his voice. >> i feel like they did this animal wrong and i feel like the mother should be held account be. >> reporter: the family issued a statement saying, "we are so thankful to the lord that our child is safe. he's home and doing just fine. we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla." . the incident comes a week after zoo keeper shot and killed two lions after they mauled a lion, took off their clothes and began taunting the animal. in sincincinnati, the gorilla
7:34 am
harambe had just celebrated his 17th birthday. gorillas like harambe can live up to 50 years old in the wild and captivity. this morning, there's a petition circulating online to hold the parents responsible, charge them with neglect. so far, the petition has 85,000 signatures but so far police have not indicated any plans to charge those parents. carson and tamron? >> blake mccoy, thanks for that. a lot of questions about how that 3-year-old could have possibly gotten into the exhibit in the first place. >> in over 30 years, this has never happened. but one of the things about how the animal was taken down, an expert said we visualize a tranquilizer that falls over and in fact an animal that size would have gone enraged and likely would have injured -- >> the wilchild? >> exactly. let's turn to the presidential race and history that will be made no matter who wins in november. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: america wilmo
7:35 am
first woman president accompanied by a first gentleman who himself is a former president or the first political outsider, a businessman and reality tv star with a former model and entrepreneur as his first lady. even as an historic number of voters are unhappy about either choice. >> in the history of polling, we have never seen two candidates this unpopular. >> reporter: just 34% of registered voters have a positive opinion of hillary clinton, according to our new fbc/"wall street journal" poll and donald trump is even worse with only 29% viewing him favorably. >> the fascinating thing with donald trump, we've never seen a candidate with this high a negative and he's the only person, since bill clinton, who rides to the nomination with more negative than a positive. >> reporter: when he swept into office eight years ago, barack obama was wildly popular. nowte
7:36 am
very different choices. >> whoever is elected president will be a very big first. either if trump is elected, the first president without any government experience at all in history or if hillary clinton is elected, obviously the first woman. >> reporter: a clinton win would also be the third consecutive white house victory for democrats. that hasn't happened since fdr and harry truman. >> that is not going to happen at least as history is concerned. many people voted for george h.w. bush expecting a lot of the reagan people and policies to continue. in many ways that did not happen. >> we'll have these little interrupts. >> reporter: meanwhile, a trump victory will be unprecedented. running as a washington outsider, trump dominated in the primaries compared with the reagan revolution. >> there you can see the new first family of the united states. >> reporter: ronald reagan won the white house and had already served as two
7:37 am
governor of california. voters say they don't want trump or clinton. while this has been the year of historic firsts, there is no sign that's going to happen. for "today," andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. let's get a check of the weather now. it's what is on everyone's mind. >> memorial day weekend. everyone wants to know what the weather is. we'll see pop-up showers and storms redevelop later on this afternoon. that's associated with bonnie, now a tropical depression. we'll see temperatures cool off, too, thanks to more cloud cover. le's take a look at the highs today. cleveland, 83. charleston, 80 because of the cloud cover. new york city, 81 degrees which it already feels like it's in the 80s right now. very warm and humid. we'll stay in the 80s through boston and d.c. and indianapolis on tuesday. memphis, 87 tomorrow.
7:38 am
begin to fall. up through the dakotas, we'll lied slack down into the 70s. minneapolis hit 60s by wednesday. 70s through tulsa and in dallas, temperatures from near 90 to 80 degrees. on the west coast, we're warm up through the pacific northwest. 90 degrees by tuesday in portland. sacramento, 103 by tuesday. we'll likely break records out west and across the southwest, too. that's a look at the weather across the country. here's a peak out your window. >> it's mild this memorial day. the atlantic features are getting showers associated with bonnie. those are tracking off to the north and east. a few sprinkles here in southern virginia. they make their way in the shenandoah valley. most areas stay dry but east of 95 there's a likelihood of showers and thunder. otherwise, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. back to work and school on tuesday, mid-8 0s. small chancf
7:39 am
thursday friday and saturday. >> that's your latest forecast. ahead on "trending," a new push to make three-day weekends. >> yes. >> the rule rather than the exception. and by the way, have you ever texted someone you know was behind the wheel of a car? why you better hope they don't get into an accident. we'll explain all of this right after this. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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♪ starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. back now at 7:43 with a new reason to think twice before you send someone a text if you know they are driving. >> nbc's joe fryer is here to explain it all. >> a civil lawsuit is raising a lot of questions about who could be responsible for an accident. a man was killed by someone who was texting and driving and now his family isn't just suing the driver but those who were allegedly sending texts to her. >> reporter: when it comes to technology, courts are now driving over new legal ground.
7:44 am
text message be held responsible for an auto wreck even if they are not in the car? >> the larger question here, just like with alcohol, is how society wants to deal with behavior that might be okay in one place but becomes dangerous on the roads. the case centers on a retired fire chief and navy veteran killed in 2013 leaving behind his wife mary lou. >> it's lonely. it's just the little things. >> reporter: his motorcycle was struck by a car driven by someone who was texting. >> he was a great husband, a great father, a good grandfather. the best. >> reporter: in criminal court, the driver who hit him, laura garlogo pleaded guilty but in civil court, the family is trying to send a message of their own suing not just the driver but two others claiming
7:45 am
time. >> this isn't about my dad dying. this is about making his legacy to save lives. >> reporter: for now, a pennsylvania judge has decided the suit can proceed. he points to a new jersey case where the court found the sender of a text message can p potentially be liable if the accident is caused by texting but only if they knew the recipient would view the text while driving. >> it's a very high bar. they have to know. >> reporter: it's quite possible the two men may not have known that laura was operating a motor vehicle at the time of the texting. in court documents, one man argues there's no proof that he knew she was driving and even if we assumed he should have known, he did not encourage her to read the message. >> they are very well aware that at the end of the
7:46 am
may turn out that maybe the sender of the text didn't necessarily know. >> reporter: the defendants in this case declined to comment but both are asking the judge to dismiss the claims against them. as for the previous case, the one in new jersey, the courts ruled in favor of the defendant saying in that situation, the person who sent the text to the driver could not be held liable for the accident. so the bar is very high. >> yeah. they are potentially liable but also you have to prove that somebody was texting somebody knowing full well that they were driving, which can be tough. >> you can sue for anything. that doesn't mean that you're going to win. >> interesting. keep an eye on that one. joe, thanks so much. coming up, the star who kotbe jo caught beyonce by surprise. is it a hot dog, a sandwich? a heated debate that has
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back back now at 7:50, what's the conversation starter at your cookout today potentially? >> dylan moved over to the orange room with this great debate. >> because i had to tackle this conversation. the folks at webster dictionary went real bold on twitter this memorial day weekend and reignited a long-standing debate. they posted this. have a great memorial day weekend. the hot dog
7:51 am
how could they? they even went on to include two or more slices of bread or a roll having a filling in between or one slice of bread covered with food. so naturally, this is not sitting well with people online. eric writes, "merriam webster, you've gone too far" and "i've trusted you." and "without the bread it is still a hot dog." genius response there. we decided to get to the bottom of this. we took a survey and asked is a hot dog a sandwich? 77% of our followers said, no, it's not a sandwich. 23% said yes. we have some hot dogs over here. the other debate is what is better on a hot dog, mustard or ketchup? >> mustard. >> i like both on top and then you flip it. >> flip it? >> i've never had one with
7:52 am
>> i call a meatball sub a sandwich so i'm split on this one. all right. just ahead, this is interesting, the new dna test for your pooch. why it could potentially save your pet's life. plus, a holiday treat. our concert stage. the harmonizers. we're back after your local news and
7:53 am
7:54 am
weather. your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, everyone. the national memorial day parade gets under way this afternoon. it could tie up traffic. take a look at the roads closed because of the event. well, tom is back with a look at your memorial day forecast. stay with us.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
good morning. most of our region is dry on this memorial day morning. a little bit of sunshine breaking out but a lot of clouds as well. storm team 4 radar notwi
7:59 am
any rain anywhere except for a few sprinkles. showers there as well as at the atlantic beaches. a good chance of afternoon thunder or maybe lightning east of the i-95 corridor. up near 80 degrees. then tomorrow, after we clear out late tonight, partly cloudy. afternoon highs, mid-80s. low 80s on wednesday. mid-70s on thursday. both of those days, a small chance of an afternoon thundershower. next weekend, into the 80s. maybe an afternoon storm. molette? >> now back to the "today" show after this break.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". it's 8:00 on today. coming up, millennial milestone. >> can i count on your vote? >> of course, you can. >> the 25-year-old looking to become the youngest congresswoman man ever. >> i'm a challenger. i'm ruffling a lot of feathers. plus, doggie dna test. >> you want to be able to prevent illness wherever possible. >> what this one kit can reveal about your pet and why vets are saying it could be a life saver. ♪ >> and you don't want to have to go to work today. we have this plaza working with one of the hottest groups in
8:01 am
music. it's monday, may 30th, 2016. >> we love you, harmony! ♪ i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it >> we love you harmony! ♪ baby i'm worth it >> and welcome back. matt and savannah have the morning off. carson is here and dylan is here. men and women in uniform are
8:02 am
here. what's up, guys? >> arguably tlargs no hotter group on the planet other than fifth harmony. let's go back to sheinelle. good morning. tropical depression bonnie has wreaked havoc. homes were flooded in georgia and in texas it led to mandatory evacuations. with just over a week until their crucial california primaries, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are on opposite ends of the country. clinton staying home in new york to attend a parade and sanders is hoping to pull off an upset and donald trump spoke at the rolling thunder, a motorcycle
8:03 am
veterans. he told them he would serve veterans better than hillary clinton would. quick action that may have protected a stranger from a possible date rape attempt. gabby schwartz has more. >> from the moment of say it, i got body jitters of like, this isn't right. >> reporter: it happened just feet away from their table. monica and her two girlfriends were eating dinner at figure, a swanky santa monica restaurant. >> i saw him put something in her drink. >> reporter: when the woman got up and went to the ladies' room, the man went for her drink. >> he's holding something in his hand. i saw him kind of flip it like this and something drop into the drink. >> reporter: stunned, sonia followed the woman to warn her. >> she said, oh, my god. he's one of my
8:04 am
>> reporter: the friends also alerted the restaurant's manager. >> management called security, security watched the footage and security called the santa monica police. >> reporter: 24-year-old michael shue was arrested with assault and drugging with an attempt to commit rape now in jail on $1 million bail. the women are hailed as heroes. the story has gone viral now shared over 100,000 times with heartfelt comments, thank you for not minding your own business. it's an awkward situation and so easy to turn a blind eye, you gals totally changed someone's life for the better. >> it became this little community of people, my gosh, thank you so much and that happened to me or to my sister or that happened to my roommate. >> reporter: now these women are responding with a message of their own. >> speak up, everybody. you don't know what your actions might do. nbc news was unable to reach the suspect or
8:05 am
police say he'll be arraigned on tuesday and they are running chemical tests to determine what was put into the woman's drink. a security camera recorded the chaos when a car crashed into a smoke shop in upstate new york. the 20-year-old driver was impaired and missed a curve in the road. several other employees and customers were in the store but they were not hurt. a viral video surprise has people wondering if this was an embarrassing moment or a prank. a lecture was under way at the university of washington. suddenly, a student who may have been grabbing a nap, see that, rolls onto the floor from behind the screen. the professor waiting as the student grabs his backpack and walkings out of class. >> that is not real. >> where was he? >> he was sitting behind the -- my thing is, when the screen went down, maybe it was that way in class. >> no, you're not buying
8:06 am
>> carson's not buying it. up next, we hit the campaign trail with a 25-year-old who is set to become the youngest woman ever elected to congress. plus, commitment rings. why your partner will never cheat and watch your tv shows with you. and fifth harmony in concert live. huge crowds. first, these messages. designins for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. back now a back now at 8:09, a millennial is shaking things up this year. >> morgan bradford has her story. good morning. >>
8:10 am
she barely made the cutoff, just tu turning 25. she is tweeting her way to the ballot booth saying she was fed up with having older male politicians who weren't like her speak for her. so three months ago she thought, why not her? >> and now here we are. >> welcome. >> 25-year-old erin schrode could become the youngest congresswoman ever. >> i'm a challenger. >> after starting her own environmental nonprofit and consulting for apple and the u.s. state department, she says she's tired of being ignored on issues that matter to her. so she announced her candidacy online. >> paid leave, equal pay, access to health. >> reporter: the video has gone viral. facebook, twitter, instagram
8:11 am
youtube, how has social media really propelled your campaign? >> it's enabled us to take this very local action. >> reporter: so how does a 25-year-old with little campaign money and just weeks before the primary run for office? >> are you ready? >> reporter: we spent the day with her to find out. >> hello. >> reporter: hi, there. i'm erin schrode. she uses technology to bridge the gap to deal with older voters. >> can i count on your vote? >> of course you can. >> reporter: is age an issue for you? >> are you older than 21. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and while you're doing this, you're doing things like the facebook live and snapchatting? >> to show people what it lully looks like, boots on the ground. we're pounding the pavement. >> and we have your whole time on the ground. >> reporter: she's out in her community every day. not just targeting
8:12 am
for votes but also their parents. >> we need your voice. >> reporter: proving she's qualified. >> i'm not here talking about policy, talking about the issues instead of sitting in a room dialing for dollars because for me this matters more. my name is erin schrode. >> reporter: and on june 7th, she hopes it works. the california primaries are next tuesday. erin has to come in first or second place to qualify in november and according to some analysts, guys, her chances are looking pretty good. >> good for her. >> dthat is good for her. thank you, morgan. so it's time for trending? >> let's get to it. today is memorial day. and for most, that means a three-day weekend. three-day weekends are obvious and why we should shorten the
8:13 am
planning short vacations can preserve employee well-being. >> i agree. >> working long hours is actually very dangerous to our health. one study found the more hours you put into work increase the risk of having a stroke and heart disease. you should be working less, people and for the kids out there, a four-day school week actually makes kids better learners. children who participated scored higher on tests. this is according to a study written by children, i'm assuming? no. >> i have the day off. what's the point of having a four-day workweek? >> so what's the downside to this? because you've read all of the good stuff. is there a downside? >> the report didn't have a downside. >> i don't think there are many downsides. >> thursday feels like friday and off we
8:14 am
>> there you go. binge watching has become a plague. more than 28 million people have committed netflix infidelity. watching an episode without your partner. now there is a solution that could end this problem. i introduce to you commitment rings. the rings are registered and a couple chooses which shows they can only watch together. is this a real story? >> this is hilarious. >> using communication technology. if one person isn't present, the show won't start. this isn't real. come on. >> i can see a market for it. same goes for movies, too. there are certain things you kind of want to watch together. >> because then you have a conversation like oh, you watch while you're asleep. >> and forget this. >> this is the 2016 ball and chain. >> brian will say, i'm really rr
8:15 am
whatever show. i watched it. >> he wouldn't be able to do this with the ring. >> the system won't work. i don't know if it's real. i'm going to call suspicion. >> we'll move on. out to boston we go. a war of words has begun. a family-owned liquor store known for posting funny pictures has ignited a battle with mcdonald's across the street. it started with "2 egg muffin is $5 all day." and he posted a sign, "how about 3 for $5." the liquor store said i always wanted an arch enemy. >> that's fun. >> yeah. >> we need to hire those writers.
8:16 am
pretty good. all right. now to the latest on a lawsuit justin bieber is facing and beyonce has a very special friend in this crowd and dylan has pop start. >> let's talk about the update to the lawsuit between singer and songwriter skriller. he accused the duo of notes identical to ones used in bieber's "sorry." here's the lyric in question. ♪ >> they are similar. skrillex has released a video showing everyone exactly how he created that same sound.
8:17 am
take a look. ♪ >> take it down four. one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ more than just your body >> take this. pitch it up. ♪ >> that's why i can't sing along. manipulation. srillex created the voice pitched up. >> exactly. we show how he manipulated that. bieber has not commented about the lawsuit. >> up next, special recognition for a select few in hollywood on sunday. pope francis awarded medals to george clooney, richard gere and
8:18 am
the foundation works towards social integration and a cultural of peace. beyonce is not one to be easily distracted during a performance. however, there was a special friend in the crowd in chicago. this weekend, that made her stop singing and smile during her performance of "survivor," she sang to members of the audience and who did she spot, none other than her former cast mate jennifer hudson. she took this video of her mouthing "i love you." they started dreamgirls back in 2006. >> you always wonder if celebrities can see you. >> right. >> i always think they are looking right at me, but -- >> i love you, too. meanwhile, thanks, dylan. >> thank you very much. you're working overtime today? >> yes. we'll switch over to weather because it's memorial day and everyone wants to know what
8:19 am
and we have a lot of rain to talk about. storms, too, stretching down through austin. nothing too severe but the rain is just reinforcing the flooding that we've seen across most of texas and we are still seeing the rivers above flood stage. any additional rain will make matters worse. we've got a cold front that will move eastward. most of the storms are up through the dakotas. on tuesday, it shifts farther into the southern plains and then we'll see another round of storms through oklahoma and texas by the middle and end of the week. but this is our zeone to watch out for. they will not be widespread but we could see isolated thunderstorms that produce large hail and damaging winds. those are our biggest threats. we can't rule out a tornado. on tuesday, we're not looking at widespread severe storms but we have isolated stronger storms from wisconsin stretching down into southwestern texas and lightning will be the major concern with that one. something we'll keep an eye on tomorrow
8:20 am
now here's a peak out your window. mostly cloudy now and sunlight coming through. temperatures are up to 70 degrees. on the eastern shore and at the atlantic beaches, a chance of afternoon showers and mainly east of the i-95 corridor. temperatures reaching near 80 degrees. overnight tonight, showers and thundershowers ending by mid-evening. partly cloudy tomorrow, mid-80s. might get an afternoon shower on wednesday and thursday and into the weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? thank you very much. now guys getting their day when it comes to a break through in science. >> olivia sterns has this story. olivia? >> good morning. you probably heard about at-home dna tests for humans. the goal is to help you better manage their risk of disease and plus you can finally figure out what breed your pup
8:21 am
from fitness trackers to gps devices, technology is going to the dogs and now there is even a dna testing kit for your pooch. >> so why would i want to get this test done? is this to figure out if your dog is a little lab or poodle or health? >> it's about health. we want to help you know your dog better and prevent illness whenever possible and prepare for anything. >> reporter: brian and his brother adam are scientists from cornell university turned end entrepreneurs. this is one of several doggie dna tests that look for predispositioned drugs to allergies. for rebecca who lost her dog, the technology couldn't have come enough. >> her life meant a lot to me. she was like a family member and my best friend at the time and she died too young. >> reporter: she died
8:22 am
common canine medication. she had a gene mutation that made her deathly allergic to the drug. >> if we had had this genetic testing, we would have been more careful for her. >> reporter: when rebecca heard about embark, she signed up her new shepherd immediately. today, she's awaiting the results. >> are you worried about what you might find out? >> no, because i feel like the more i know about what she may or may not have, the better chance i have to make sure that she's not exposed to something that could hurt her. >> reporter: here's how it works. a kit arrives in the mail, you simply swab the inside of your dog's mouth, no blood, send it back that sample of jewel. a few weeks later they send the results of more than 160 tests. the cost is $199. before you make any health decisions, though, always consult your veterinarian first. >> it's important to share
8:23 am
documented in her chart. it could save your animal's life. >> reporter: he wanted to present the news. >> it is good that we're able to let you know now when she's young and you'll know that and your veterinarian can know. >> now i know how to take care of her and keep her safe. >> reporter: peace of mind for rebecca and maybe a new leash on life for lissy bell. the test can give you insight on your dogs behavior or grooming needs and might be able to save on vet bills because having this info could help you take preventive steps. again, talk to your vet about the results before you do anything or make any changes. >> it seems like for just under $200, that might be worth doing. >> of course. >> i may do that. >> she
8:24 am
we might as well. >> olivia, thank you so much. coming up, fifth harmony live on our concert stage. first, your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. the time right now is 8:26 on this memorial day. i'm angie goff. several memorial day events are getting ready to begin right now. this morning at 9:00 a.m., in half an hour, veterans will gather at the national world war ii memorial to remember the 400,000 service members lost. at 11:00, president obama will participate in the presidential armed forces wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. and the national mall will host the annual memorial day parade. a check of the forecast is coming up next. stay with us.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
good morning. mostly cloudy the rest of the morning. temtu
8:29 am
hitting 80 during the afternoon. sun in and out. a chance of a shower or thundershower, mainly i-95 and east. "today" resumes right after this.
8:30 am
♪ like no one is watching t ♪ it is 8:30 now on this monday morning, the 30th of may, 2016, and a huge holiday crowd is here in the plaza getting ready for fifth harmony to hit our concert stage. >> they are not very far from us. they have the number one song on the billboard pop chart. we are so excited to have them on the plaza. and check it out, you guys, if you're here in the plaza or maybe you're watching from home, snap a photo and share it with
8:31 am
us and use the #5htoday. >> can i use your camera? >> yes. >> snap something. >> ready? one, two -- >> use the hashtag. it's been trending around the u.s. dylan, you've got the forecast? >> it's beautiful out here, isn't it? >> it is. we're going to see most of the rain with improvements and then more storms. in the middle of the week, down through oklahoma and texas we see stronger storms producing more heavy rain lasting through the end of the week where we could see issues with the flooding and it's a little unsettled through the mid-atlantic. as for temperatures early this week, it's going to be above average. temperatures will be cooling off and back through texas and into the southern plains.
8:32 am
west, though. expect records by the end of the week. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peak out your window. good morning. we have sunshine breaking off and cloudiness as well. temperatures are now beginning to climb into the low 70s hitting the 80s by the afternoon. cloudiness and sun in and out. there's a good chance of along the i-95 corridor and east of there during the latter part of the afternoon and early evening. tomorrow, sunshine returns and highs in the mid-80s and partly crowd d cloudy. a chance of showers on wednesday, thursday and friday as well as the weekend. >> don't forget, we are searching for "today's" funniest dad. this is your chance to submit your best original joke about fatherhood. they are due tomorrow. get on that. carson? >> dylan, thanks so much. fifth harmony is seconds away fr
8:33 am
plaza. but first, what makes them the hottest pop group in the group. ♪ give it to me i'm worth it >> they are the ladies of fifth harmony. strangers sml they were put together by simon cowell on the x factor in 2012. ♪ now they are a force to be reckoned with with loyal fans, they have 4 million followers on instagram and close to 10 million on facebook and twitter combined and just recently they performed at the white house. their last album "reflection" generated songs like "boss" and "sledgehammer." now they are popping the charts with "work from home". >> over a
8:34 am
home" is their biggest and catchiest. >> they have rocked the "today" show plaza for three summers and today they are back better than ever. >> all right. we're not going to keep you waiting any longer. please welcome fifth harmony. >> new york, do you know this song? ♪ i want worried about nothing ♪ i ain't wearing nada ♪ i'm sitting pretty, impatient but i know you got to ♪ ♪ i'm
8:35 am
picture ♪ ♪ i'm getting you fired ♪ i know you're always on the night shift ♪ ♪ i don't need no explanation because ♪ ♪ you've got to work, work, work ♪ ♪ work, work, work ♪ you've got to work, work, work ♪ ♪ let my body do the work, work, work ♪ ♪ i'll kbif you a promotion ♪ i'll make you feel like a vacation turn the bed into an oce
8:36 am
♪ you're always on the night shift but i can't stand these nights alone ♪ ♪ i don't need no explanation because baby you don't got to work, work, work ♪ ♪ you have to work, work, work ♪ and my body gotta do the work, work, work ♪ ♪ girl got to work for me to the ground and pick it up ♪ ♪ work like a timesheet ♪ everybody knows let it
8:37 am
♪ she going to go and tyke that put it over and come on ♪ ♪ you've got to work, work, work ♪ ♪ everybody got to work, work, work ♪ ♪ >> put your hands up ♪ ♪ work, work, work ♪ work from home >> make some
8:38 am
>> that is fifth harmony, ladies and gentlemen. a big thanks. and our concert is just getting started. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ baby, i'm worth it >> announcer: the citi >> announcer: the citi concert series is proudly presented to you by citi". >> welcome back. we're lucky to have fifth harmony here on other citi concert stage. >> and they just released their seventh album 7/27. dinah and camilla, good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> let me get this right, new album, it's number one in over 50
8:41 am
>> yes! it's insane. >> it's unbelievable. we really feel so blessed because we have worked so hard in these past four years. we've put so much blood, sweat and tears and for us to be experiencing all of the successes, honestly, it's incredible. thank you for everybody who has supported us. >> 7/27 is the reference to you ladies formed four years ago, think about how much has happened in those four years. >> yeah. of course. >> how have you evolved? >> of course, we're here at the "today" show. thank you guys so much. it's been such a journey and for you guys to be riding along with us on this journey, it's been such an experience. we dedicate this album to them. all of our hard work and all of the tears that we've had, we dedicate this to all of our harmonizers. >> "work from home" is number one.
8:42 am
group has made that honor. >> to be able to say that, that's just crazy. like, we love destiny's child and i think the last girl was destiny's child to actually achieve that. it's crazy because like ally said, we have worked our butts off these last four years and our harmonizers have been here the whole way through. >> you have a tour this summer? >> yes, we are going to south america on june 22nd and back to the united states july 27th. we'll be going around. you can get tickets at >> how about more music? >> please. >> are you ready? >> fifth arm harmony. >> what's up, new york? make some noise.
8:43 am
♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ i'm worth it baby give it to me i'm worth it ♪ i'm worth it ♪ bring it back like she left something ♪ ♪ in the club with the lights off ♪ ♪ with it with it, with it ♪ stop playing now you know i'm ♪ ♪ with it with it with it ♪ just game me you, just give me you ♪ ♪ and guaranteed i can back it up ♪ ♪ i think i'm going to call your bluff. hurry up i'm walking
8:44 am
♪ show me what you've got ♪ uh-huh give me what you've got make it worth my while ♪ ♪ tell me i'm worth it ♪ baby i'm worth it. ♪ bake bee i'm worth it ♪ uh-huh i'm worth it ♪ give me give me i'm worth it ♪ it's all on you, it's all on you ♪ ♪ it's all on you and what you want to do ♪ ♪ guaranteed i can back it up i can call your bluff ♪ ♪ i love your syl
8:45 am
me what you've got because i don't want to waste my time ♪ ♪ uh-huh in the spotlight like i love your style ♪ ♪ uh-huh show me what you've got now make it worth my while ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it uh-huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it hey ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ uh-huh i'm worth it ♪ gimmie i'm worth it ♪ bring it back like she left something ♪ bring it back like she left something ♪ ♪ with it with it with it ♪ uh-huh see me in the spotlight i love your style ♪ ♪ uh-huh show me what you got
8:46 am
time ♪ ♪ uh-huh see me in the spotlight oh i love your style ♪ ♪ uh-huh show me what you got now come and make it worth my while ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it uh-huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ gimme i'm worth it ♪ give it to me i'm worth it you know what i mean ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ gimme i'm worth it [cheers and applause ] >> that is fifth harmony. thank you so much. we are back in just a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it
8:47 am
8:48 am
>> announcer: the ti >> announcer: the citi concert
8:49 am
brought to you by citi. >> they are not done yet. back to perform "all in my head," ladies and gentlemen, fifth harmony! ♪ i'm doing great ♪ i'm trying to impress you ♪ show me different and i love your groove ♪ ♪ because it's meant to be baby ♪ ♪ i'm the one for you so just flex with me baby♪
8:50 am
that they don't blind us ♪ ♪ so tongue and cheek when we're laying on roses ♪ ♪ but you're touching my skin and it's leaving me hopeless ♪ ♪ i want to feel you on feel you under my body ♪ ♪ ♪ curtains like waves closing in all around us ♪ ♪ dimming the lights just so that they don't blind us ♪ ♪ so tongue and cheek when we're laying on roses ♪ ♪ but you're touching my skin and it's
8:51 am
♪ i want to feel you un, feel you under my body ♪ ♪ i want to feel you feel you under ♪ ♪ get you out of my head ♪ under me ♪ i want to feel you and you know it ♪ ♪ take a hundred thousand and blow it, another hundred though and i love her ♪ ♪ come flex with zoo till it's over ♪ ♪ i want to feel you un, feel you under my body ♪ ♪ i want to feel
8:52 am
body ♪ ♪ flex time to impress ♪ come and climb in my bed ♪ don't be shy ♪ i want you under my bed ♪ i want you in my head ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause ] >> all of our concert series are at we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty.
8:54 am
and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. ♪ baby, i'm worth it what was a success. we're here with fifth how about this band behind me? >> 7:27, on tour all
8:55 am
long. ♪
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56 on this monday, may 30th. i'm molette green. folks are gearing up for the national memorial day parade in d.c. several roads all around the national mall will be closed for most of the day. take a look, everything in red is what you need to avoid if you're in your
8:57 am
17th street. a check of the holiday forecast coming up next.
8:58 am
good morning. mostly cloudy and temperatures around 70 degrees. su
8:59 am
the only rain on the storm team 4 radar is at the an lan particular beaches. there's a chance of a thundershower mainly along the 95 and east of the i-95 corridor. tomorrow, back to work and school. 60s in the mornings and afternoon highs, mid-80s. a small chance of showers on wednesday all the way into the weekend. warmer on saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, tom. get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it's girl power. fifth harmony takes center stage for our summer concert series. john cena tags in again as co-host and makes his triumphant return to the ring. plus, we have your sides covered for your memorial day cookout. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. we welcome you today on this welcome back to "today" on this memorial day. i'm tamron
9:01 am
look who is in the building. >> in the building. i can't think of a better place to be than outside the building. >> so i want to know your secret. everything in here is very moist and it's humid. >> i do log rolls every morning. >> and that dries out everything? who picked this song today? this is fifth harmony. they are still hanging out. >> an amazing concert. >> it's not over. >> i know. and they are -- people always ask what are people like behind the scenes? they stop and hug and take selfies for the men and women in uniform out there. they are the
9:02 am
going. they were absolute gems behind the scene. >> they are enjoying the ride. >> do you know this song? >> i do. ♪ >> you have so much going on. >> it's a monday. it's a monday. >> you always have a million things going on. how do you find time for us? >> you have something big coming up? >> yes. today i'm here with you ladies and that's enormous. >> and then -- >> and then after this, i'm going to fly to green bay, wisconsin, for my triumphant return at 8:00. >> you're healed. we know that. >> i'm doing good. i can't wear a blazer like this and expect to get a scuffle. >> but we're your friends, tamron, dylan, what kind of scoop can you give us tonight? >> the same scoop i'll give you for every monday night raw, you
9:03 am
it's going to be action, energy, personi personified. sometimes the welcome is good and sometimes it's not so good. i can't wait to see what happens. >> how about we play this monday memory moment and look at the iconic entrances from mr. cena's past. >> this should be great. ♪ >> unbelievable. ♪ >> you're just so cool. >> the cool thing about
9:04 am
ellen degeneres was kind enough to give me a set of cargo shorts and she put her face on the side and i told her i would wear them on raw. i'm going to wear these tonight on raw. >> that's an inside scoop. >> yes. >> i'm 39. i have been wrestling for wwe for almost 15 years. my edge is now round but i'll go out there with tons of gumption and dazzle ellen's shorts. >> i like that monday night's raw is going to pay tribute to our military. they are using clips from president reagan's 1984 memorial day service. >> unreal. ♪ >> in america's cities and towns today, flags will be placed on graves and cemeteries. public ic
9:05 am
the valor of those whose memory we honor. i have no illusions about what little i can add now. >> silent testimony of those who gave their lives. >> willingly for their country. >> you can find the full clip on >> thank you for putting it on your website. it truly puts today and what today is all about in perspective. >> yes, it does. >> monday night live "raw" airs on usa network at 8:00 and 7:00 central. john is in the house. >> i'll be there. >> we're continuing the debate at the start of this morning. >> is it a sandwich or merriam webster who fueled the fire when they tweeted a link to their
9:06 am
it's a sandwich and saying it's a definition of two or more slices of bread covered with food. and where do you stand? >> we go to the professional eaters, hot dog eating contest. and the hot dog isn't a sandwich because they eat the hot dog and then the bread. professional eating solves my problem. >> taking the hot dog out of the bun. >> right there. >> hamburger wouldn't be a sandwich either? >> is
9:07 am
>> what's a taco? >> that is a delicacy. >> what? >> at certain restaurants. >> what do you take on your dog? >> you know, i kind of like it done up with the basics. i like a good, spice tea mustard. >> that's the good stuff. >> more than just a condiment, both of you go in a straight line. you don't squiggle it. >> i need rel lirn, too. >> i need sauerkraut, too. >> whatever the day -- >> dylan -- >> i'm going to handle the weather because everybody is
9:08 am
grilling out today. on the east coast, there is a tropical depression and the remnants what for a short period of time was tropical storm bonnie. we have the moisture streaming up into the coast of north carolina to virginia to delaware and into southern new jersey. it's still raining. it's starting to clear out a bit. we could squeeze out some sunshine. keep in mind, the more sunshine we see today, the better chance it's going to combine with the cold front. we'll see the rain this morning, a break and then more storms are likely this afternoon. now here's a peak out your window. >> well, not that bad of a morning out there. as we continue into the afternoon, there could be a few sprinkles. few showers and isolated thunderstorms mainly i-95 and to the east. temperatures are stuck in the lower 80s. all in all, not too bad as the humidity drops off. slight chance of rain as we head through wednesday and thursday. temperatures a little cooler for the end of the work
9:09 am
unfortunately we carry the chance for thunderstorms all the way into next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. up next, mentalist oz gets inside our heads again. look who is with him. some of the great men and women who defend our country. thank you for your service. we're back after this. >> stay tuned. don't change it. >> don't change it! this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill for relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection that usually leads to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells.
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9:12 am
it is no joke, menlist o mentalist has amazed audiences all over the world, including us, and now he's with our military men and women to play his incredible magic of the mind. >> absolutely. >> okay. here we go.
9:13 am
here for their service and remember the reason we are here today, why we are celebrating. everybody is having pool parties and barbecue but it's because of the sacrifice and as such, we have colors that everybody loves. red, white and blue. john, these colors, i know you love them, i love them. you're a patriot. i want you to think of the crazy color, a few different colors. close your eyes. colors that are going to shock me. >> yes. >> don't pick one color yet. >> okay. >> lock those in your mind. >> they are locked. >> tamron, dylan, everybody grab a balloon. >> i will defer. >> what a gentleman. >> we're going to walk over to our servicemen and women and you're going to throw them out into the masses. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> get
9:14 am
get it. >> wave the balloons. who has the white balloon? >> the one in the back. >> the gentleman with the red balloon, put that under your arm, hat under the other arm and it makes your biceps look good. looking sharp. you're going to give me a two-handed wave. good technique. a little beauty pageant wave in there. you're going to make a number with your hand. i'm the mentalist. maybe you'll do this. like 3 and 2, that's 32. if you're going to do the number 11, you know what i'm saying, any number you want, go. go with that hand first. make a number. hold that up so we can see. 2 and -- is that 22? >> yes, it is. >> de ja vu. everyone say 22. >> 22! >> who has the white balloon? give me a wave. where are you from? >> i'm from virginia. >>
9:15 am
[ cheers ] >> we have military rivalry. you hear that? virginia, tell us anywhere in the world you'd spin the globe, you could go anywhere, where would you love to go? tell us a country you've never been to that you'd love to go. >> brazil. >> brazil? >> yes. >> olympics. bring me with you, man. i'm in. has anyone abouten been to brazil? how was it. >> great. >> and what is your name? >> jesse. >> jesse, did you see fifth harmony, they were awesome. that was amazing. tell us a name of a band or singer you are rocking out to. name any band or singer you'd love to see their concert other than fifth
9:16 am
>> five fingered death punch. >> wait, john, close your eyes. it just hit me. close your eyes. colors, crazy colors, you've got it. i can see your eyes going back and forth. two different colors. you haven't chosen one yet. grab me something to write on. choose at this moment one of those crazy colors. did i tell you any color? >> no. >> you didn't even know. >> weird, outlandish colors. >> don't say. think of the first letter of it. don't say it. think of the last letter. open your eyes. the last letter of that color, is it an "r"? >> you -- >> hold on, hold on. john, close your eyes, john cema. i must say, it really brings out this man's eyes. what color is in your mind at this very moment? >> lavender. >> shut the front
9:17 am
>> grab the blue balloon. >> thank you. >> tamron, notice you're going to see right away that there's something in there. there's a prediction. shake it. there's a piece of paper in that balloon. the red and white one. shake it up. there's nothing in there. i'm going to bring you right over here. john, come on over. we need to get that prediction out. we have a magic balloon opener. >> that will work. >> watch yourself. >> yep. >> and after the fear of public speaking, popping a balloon in someone's hand is the next craziest fear. take this bag. >> and do what? >> it's a vegetable bag. turn it inside out. is it empty? anything in there? >> nothing. >> we need to get this out. let's cinch this. john, come in front of me.
9:18 am
don't stab me or anybody else. do your darnedest. there's a piece of paper. inside, resume cover stock. only the finest for the "today" show. read for everybody what i wrote and shoved in that balloon? nice and slow. take it away. >> let's give a big virginia round of applause for our helpers. virginia round of applause. i'm thinking of flying to brazil and we're going to have some fun and planning to attend a justin bieber concert. >> wait. justin bieber concert? >> no. no. >> you know that i know the truth. >> uh-oh. in fact, we've got 22 front row tickets which is going to be amazing. 22. and the justin bieber show was sold out. not to worry, we instead got tickets for five
9:19 am
punch. >> no! >> bring it in here. give me a hug. >> have you ever heard of five finger death punch? >> of course. >> it was all at random. so virginia, 22, five finger death punch. >> and brazil. >> and secretly loves justin bieber. >> it's okay. >> you are amazing. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. equally amazing is celebrity fish bowl. >> yes. >> we're going to have to recoup and get together because we have celebrity fish bowl coming up. >> yes. john is going to dip in the fish bowl coming up. plus, we get ready for girl power. fifth harmony is here. one of their hit songs after this. ♪ 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
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uding lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. what's your body of proof? it is time for that hugely okay. it's time for a hugely popular game. celebrity fishbowl. >> all three of us will take turns dipping into the bowl to choose a card and entering a variety of questions. john? >> you have seconds. >> did you ever get in trouble for growing up? did i ever get in trouble growing up? if so, for what? >> many things. i spent the age of 2 to 14 in
9:24 am
distinguished. >> okay. don't put it back in the bowl. >> but not specific? >> no. >> okay. my turn. who was your child celebrity crush? >> zac efron does not count. >> i would say michael j. fox. >> okay. what song always gives you goose bumps? >> "crazy," patsy cline. >> keep going? >> yeah. >> to the bottom of the fishbowl, how do i kill time on a flight? usually by reading something or playing a strategy-based application. >> what does that mean? >> like chess but not chess. on a mobile device. >> that's weird. >> yeah, it is. i'm a weird guy. i do weird stuff. >> would you rather be invisible or b
9:25 am
>> i like invisible. >> really? >> i like mind reading. >> you can't see me all the time. it's not as cool as that. >> all right. if you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be? oh, that's a good one. something with eating. i don't know. someone who makes cupcakes. >> we'll be back. it's time for a spaghet-together! only at olive garden. enjoy a new deep dish spaghetti pie topped with chicken alfredo a new spaghetti infused with flavor. or, create your own with your choice of 5 homemade sauces. starting at $12.99 with unlimited salad and breadsticks. why not give them a twirl? let's make spaghetti fun again.
9:26 am
good morning, everybody. it is monday, may 30th, memorial day. i'm angie goff. right now folks are gearing up for the national memorial day parade in d.c. it starts at 2:00 this afternoon and several roads, as you can tell from the map here, all around the national mall will be closed for most of the day. take a look. everything in red here is what you need to avoid if you're in your car. the parade itself is running along constitutional avenue between 7 and 17th streets. we'll get a check of your forecast next. stay with us.
9:27 am
we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products.
9:28 am
for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. good morning, everybody. i'm meteorologist lauren rickets. along i-95 and east of imt-95, expect rain. i expect rain around the dmv as well. closer and hugging i-95 and areas to tea
9:29 am
now but we should be right around 80 for few day. angie? >> thanks. keep an eye on the forecast and news with our nbc washington app.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. the cincinnati zoo is open today after a terrifying incident over the weekend that left a little boy with only minor injuries when he fell into the gorilla exhibit. cell phone video captured horrifying moments that the boy fell sten feet into a mote. they thought the boy's life was in danger. activities are on hold for millions of americans as they endure a stormy memorial day. tropical storm bonnie is moving up the coast. bonnie shut down a stretch of interstate 95 and kept beach goers out of the rough surf. round
9:31 am
led to six deaths and mandatory evacuations. three of hollywood stars seemed star-struck when they met with pope francis. cooney and his wife amal spoke with the pope about europe's migrant crisis. "important values can be transmitted by celebrities". "x-men apocalypse" made its debut bringing in $65 million. "the angry birds" fell to third. and jeff corliss successfully performed a stunt at the great wall of china. he dropped from a helicopter at 6,000 feet, flew through the air
9:32 am
target. dylan, how do we top that? >> i can't and certainly will never try. >> we're going to start off with a couple of spotty showers and thunderstorms and down into the northern plains, too. watching the remnants of bonnie. as we get to the middle of the week, storminess will build back in across texas and oklahoma, the same area that has been hard hit. same goes towards the end of the week as well and in the northeast it's unsettled by the time we get to thursday and friday. temperaturewise, below average temperatures. that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a peak out your weather. >> we're not breaking any records. temperatures are right around
9:33 am
normal. tropical storm bonnie is sitting off the southern south carolina coast. most of that rain will stay east of i-95 but we could see sprinkles as we continue into the day. if you're headed down to the memorial day parade, take that umbrella with you. tomorrow, we have slight chances of rain both on wednesday and again on thursday afternoon. >> and that's your latest forecast. john and tamron? >> thank you. ever since competing on the "x-factor," these ladies have been working it. >> and now they are out with their new album called "7/27". >> let's welcome fifth harmony. ally, dinah, camila and
9:34 am
it's been great, though. the fans enjoyed it and we enjoyed it, too. >> i have to say we actually shared a workplace. you ladies performed "america the beautiful" at at&t stadium. i didn't get a chance to say thank you. i wanted to say thank you. what was it like to perform in front of 100,000 people? >> that was one of the best experiences we've ever had. we've never performed in front of that many people. that was our largest crowd. it was amazing for us and to open up the show, it was awesome. >> it's wwe's biggest event, especially on memorial day. >> i have to say, meeting you is -- >> yeah, so cool. >> have i mentioned that they are fantastic liars. >> no. >> you guys are fans of john. john's a fan. did you guys know that john will b
9:35 am
>> did you know that tamron is going on a campaign? >> we've got to get john to -- >> but i saw you can do your own deal. >> let's see what you have. >> okay. come on, john. >> we'll help you. >> it's just a two step. >> that's good. we're going to add some music. >> and then this leg. a little bit of that. that's it. that's all i have. >> okay. here we go. >> you can do an invisible hair flip. >> yeah! >> ladies, we want him to do
9:36 am
well. >> you show me what to do. >> hold on, wait a second. you guys not only do gather and pray before shows but you booty pop. >> yes. >> what is that? >> you bend your knees. put your hands on your knees and pop, pop. >> so now what? >> now just move. >> move up and down. >> yeah! >> my booty is very limited. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> thank you so much. that's so sweet. >> happy birthday. >> good luck with the album. best of luck
9:37 am
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9:41 am
this morng this morning on "today," we're kicking off the summer vacation with ideas of what to serve your family and guests. we have you covered southern-style. we are doing double-duty with the chefs of root and bone. >> thank you for having us again. so excited to be here. >> we are starting off with corn three ways.
9:42 am
ingredients over here. >> yes. we're doing corn grilled with a cornbread butter. >> everybody has different techniques for boiling corn. you're going with the skin on it -- >> all the way. we're going to boil it for about five minutes. once you pull it out, we're going to pull the husks back. >> just like that? >> yes. and then we have this really cool trick. we take a leave and make a handle out of it. >> ooh. >> it looks so cool and it's rustic. >> isn't that cool? >> yes. very cool. so where do we go from here? >> another way to do the corn, make cornbread. we have milk steeping here. we're going to turn this corn around and get it nice and
9:43 am
gooey. it will get soggy. >> i have all of the cornbread and the milk. and i'm going to come in with cold butter. i'm going to turn this on really quick and blend it until it's nice and smooth. >> okay. >> and then when it comes out, it's going to look like this. beautiful and silky and luxurious. >> amazing. >> is that a topping for the corn? >> yes. and then i'm going to give it a little brush with olive oil. >> okay. >> so the corn is already cooked at this point? >> exactly. so it's done and we're going to get a little char on there, season it with salt and pepper. >> i love that sizzle. >> all right. now we've got the corn over here. >> the magic of tv, the corn is already ready on this amazing ll
9:44 am
>> you cut the corn in pieces to make it more manageable? >> yes. we'll leave this guy like a handle and then we take this gooey cornbread butter. >> we like to keep it natural. >> it has a nice little crunch. you can use microwave popcorn? >> yes, you can. >> that's beautiful. >> so i love grilled row main lettuce. >> yes. you would never think about grilling romaine. put it on the grill for about 45 seconds. >> we're running out of time. >> are you guysen
9:45 am
>> it's amazing. >> janine, thank you so much. for more ideas, head to up next, more songs from fifth harmony. what do you got? restrained driver in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, amber assumed all ranch dressings were made equal.rror. assume nothing. hidden valley ranch has artificial flavors. kraft ranch has no artificial flavors. no synthetic colors. no wonder it tastes so good.
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9:49 am
"7/27." here they are, playing one of here is fifth harmony singing boss lady. fake it away. ♪ ♪ you talking to a lady i want a kanye ♪ ♪ so that's a no-no ♪ this convoy beat like aye ♪ i already know to say hey ♪ you say that you a baller ♪ but that ain't how i w
9:50 am
working for the money ♪ ♪ cause that what my mama taught me ♪ ♪ i want your compliment ♪ boy i think you know who run this house ♪ ♪ you say that you a baller and i see you trying to holla ♪ ♪ but that abt how i was brought up next working for the money ♪ ♪ cause that's what my mama taught me ♪ ♪ michelle obama shut yo mouth ♪ michelle obama shut yo
9:51 am
♪ i pledge allegiance to my independent girls in here ♪ ♪ oh baby so if you with us come on let me hear you say ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah yeah ♪ new york city, how you feeling this morning ♪ ♪ here we go, get up and dance with us ♪ ♪ i see you ♪ you say that you a baller ♪ but that ain't how i was brought up next working for the money ♪ ♪ michelle obama shut yo mouth ♪ michelle
9:52 am
♪ michelle obama purse so heavy getting oprah dollars ♪ ♪ michelle obama purse so heavy ♪ >> that is fifth harmony. thank you. we're back in a moment on nbc. ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
we'd like to we'd like to thank john, booty popping cena. don't forget, john is back in the ring tonight! what have you got? >> like i told dylan, think of something that you could draw. did i tell you anything about what you would draw? >> can you see in your mind? turn back to back. this is so fun. i love it. whatever is in
9:55 am
>> quick pictionary. >> right at the end is there a detail that you just added? >> i did. >> i feel like there was. turn and face everybody. what did you draw? >> the mentalist. >> fascinating! >> thank you, military families, for your service. >> i don't understand. >> i got very lucky. very lucky. >> that was great. >> thank you. >> booty call. >> no! >> you don't have to. we have it on tape, john.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:57 on this monday, may 30th. i'm molette green. on this memorial day, here is a live look right now at veterans gather at the national world war ii memorial to remember the 400,000 service members lost. at 11:00, president obama will participate in the presidential armed forces full honor wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown.
9:58 am
he'll join defense secretary ash carter for the memorial day observance. and the national mall will host the annual memorial day parade. it's set for 2:00 this afternoon. lauren, how is the weather? parade weather? >> it could be worse. we're not going to have soaking rain but we could have a chance for rain. it's streaming in from tropical storm bonnie and it's moving to the north and east. we may get clipped with a shower as we continue into the afternoon. go ahead and bring that umbrella with you. temperatures will top out right around 80 degrees. >> thank you so much, lauren. we'll see you back here for "news4 midday" at 11:00.
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