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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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memorial day. >> how the president and people all around the country are honoring those who fought and died to protect our way of life. we start off with a developing story from the white house where they've just given the all clear and lifted an hour's long lockdown. started around noon today after an object was thrown onto the lawn near lafayette square. >> we don't know what that object was, but secret service agents cleared the lawn and moved all pedestrians off nearby pennsylvania avenue. firefighters with the city's hazmat unit arrived to help investigate. the all clear was given around 3:30 this afternoon. a gruesome discovery at a prince george's county apartment building. >> somebody found a body in the laundry room of the building. tracee wilkins is live with the story. tracee? >> reporter: we've been here all day long.
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focusing their efforts. at the bottom of those steps there, that's the entryway to the laundry room. it can be accessed from the outside of the apartment building. because of that, prince george's county police have concentrated their time on the inside of that laundry room. also all around the stairwell and the parking lot that faces it. let me show you what it looked like earlier today. around 9:00 a.m., they got a call for a body discovered in the laundry room in the basement of this apartment complex. sources close to this investigation tell me it was the body of a woman that was discovered here and she had been badly beaten. police george's police are working hard to figure out who did this and why. >> when they responded, they discovered an adult who was suffering trauma. when they
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pronounced dead on the scene. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at 5:00, people who believe they know the possible victim in this case are here heon the scene as prince george's county police count to hunt down leads. on this memorial day, president obama is honoring the nearly 7,000 killed. >> 20 of those deaths happened in just the last year. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. he called for americans to honor the fallen by caring for those they leave behind. his words brought ashley wheeler to tears. she is the widow of a navy s.e.a.l. who was
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rescuing hostages last october. world war ii vets were on hand to help lay wreaths at the memorial. students read personal tributes to the vets. students are part of a program designed to honor americans who fought in france. right now, thousands are gathered for the national memorial day parade and the national mall. >> this features everything from revolutionary war reenactors to present-day service members. they're now parading down constitution avenue, which is closed to traffic. meagan fitzgerald is along the parade route now. what's the scene like there behind you? >> reporter: there are people all along these roads here. as you can see behind me, we are told by organizers there are some 200,000 people who are lining constitution avenue here. people from all over the country and across the world as well wanting to be part of the larges
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you're looking at veterans from desert storm. they are just one of the groups that are going to be celebrated here and recognized. it is the 25th anniversary since operation desert storm. what made this particular parade even more special is that hundreds of gulf war veterans are reuniting at the parade, making it the largest reunion event since 1991. we want to show you some of the video that we shot earlier this afternoon. military history as far back as the american revolution was represented. marching bands are remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice as well. there was a moment of silence held. everyone has a different reason for being out here. some are very personal, but everyone we spoke with say they wanted to pay their respects to the men and women who died for our country. >> we love our country and we love this city. we wanted to kind of come out and celebrate and commemorate our
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and the people who still serve our country now. >> i'm a granddaughter of a vet. i have a lot of clients who serve in the military all over, so it definitely means something special. >> reporter: yeah, coming up at 5:00, you'll hear the story of a world war ii veteran who stormed the beaches of normandy years ago and saved countless lives. a very compelling story coming up at 5:00. back to you. the memorial day holiday means limited service on metro. track work is also slowing down the ride. trains are operating on a sunday schedule today and will close at midnight. buses are moving passengers who use the vienna, dunning-
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west falls church stations. let's get to doug cokammere for the forecast. >> it's been a really tough forecast out there. so much moisture, tropical moisture, in the atmosphere. you can feel it when you walk outside. we have seen the rain all day towards the eastern shore and cambridge and salisbury and ocean city, down towards southern maryland. now starting to siee some showes pop up in and around the metro region. just out of the south and east. look inside the metro. just over the last hour or so, we have seen these showers developing right around tysons corner right along 66. now a wet road 66 is. also along the beltway into the kettering area. we have got a cold front back to the west that will also try to trigger a couple of showers as we make our way through
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it is going to be a fairly off and on as far as the rain is concerned. 79 in d.c. only 68 in ocean city. 80 back towards the west. we'll talk about our rain chances in just a minute. animal rights activists are holding a vigil at the cincinnati zoo as zoo leaders continue to defend the decision to kill one of their gorillas. harambe was killed after a 3-year-old boy fell into the enclosure. >> we've heard from thousands of people around the world, colleagues all the way to jane goodall, with both sympathy, with support, for
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decision. people that know gorillas well, people who research them in the wild, people who work with them in captivity know exactly what decision we made and why. >> now the boy is recovering at home. a petition on is calling for his parents to be held responsible for that gorilla's death. it is more than 170,000 signatures at this point. >> it's been such a conversation starter on social media. we want to know what you think. did the cincinnati zoo make the right decision to shoot the gorilla? it is our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. you can call or text the number on your screen. you can also vote on the nbc washington facebook page. everything changed for a local state trooper after a scary crash while he was on duty. how he fought for his life and why he has so much to be thankful for this memorial day. admit it. on a hot day you don't really appreciate the air-conditioning until it goes and quits on
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consumer reporter susan hogan found the this you can dong
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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wednesday, that's the day tens of thousands of verizon employees are going back to work. the workers reached a tentative agreement with the company. they've been on strike all month over outsourcing and retirement benefits. this new agreement includes more than 1,000 new jobs along with a big bump in raises. union members still have to vote on the deal. a maryland state trooper seriously hurt in this crash last december along i-95 is back on the job. he says it's a shock that he survived at all. trooper tristan philip
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at his desk and soon wants to get back out on the road. >> reporter: at the state police barracks near jessop, a miracle in maryland story. new year's eve, a state trooper was conducting a traffic stop. another driver didn't see the cruiser and slam into it at full speed. you can see the damage to the car and the trooper inside. he has now returned to the job. >> i remember hearing the squealing sound of the brakes. at that time, i glanced up at my rearview mirror and that was it. i just remember seeing white. whether that was from the air bag, everything was just white. >> reporter: this is far from the first such incident in maryland this year. you won't believe how often troopers are being hit while doing their jobs on the side of the road. in jessop, sco
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news4. they keep coming back again and again. why one local town's annual memorial day parade is so very special. and first at 4. the new honor for
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the delaware national guard unveiled new signs naming its headquarters after beau biden today. the vice president's late son died a year ago of brain cancer at the age of 46. he served as delaware attorney general. vice president joe biden spoke at that ceremony. >> future guardsmen and women who walk through the doors of this center and into a world that will serve and protect, as they do, the biden family prayer is they'll see beau's name and look to his example on how to live life, a life of purpose, service, and inspiration. >> you've got to imagine that being a very tough speech for the vice president to give. beau biden enlisted in 2003 and deployed to iraq
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people are making it a point to honor those who served and lost their lives. >> news4 derrick ward talked to several veterans who make the trip to rockville's memorial day parade every year. >> paying homage to my fellow comrades who paid the ultimate price in defense of our nation. this is like -- you cannot honor them anymore, better than something like this. >> reporter: he is a veteran of world war ii. >> i'm still here. still kicking. >> reporter: he'll be among those laying a wreath in honor of fallen comrades. he is also fimindful of those w made it back that still suffer the scars of war that he can identify with. >> they come back on their own. the hospital said no more duty for you. you're going home. the war was going on
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>> reporter: here in the town's square they gathered. a prelude to the parade which kicked off blocks away and wounwound its way through the center of town. there are the cook outs and gatherings. >> i'm a musician. i've played taps at memorial day services. i always try to make my way to an event where that happens. >> it is always important to me because my dad is a vietnam war veteran. the vietnam war vets when they were in the war were not much appreciated. >> reporter: events like this make us mindful of how important and expensive is, cost paid in blood and lives lost, for us to remain free. >> makes you think how lucky we are to have people who
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country. >> absolutely. i think secretary ash said it best this afternoon. he was saying safety and security is kind of like air. you don't notice that it's there until it's gone. that's when you really realize how important it is and how much you miss it. >> and to everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we say thank you to you and your families. let's turn our attention to the weather at 4:19. we have a bit of an unsettled weather pattern. doug, when are we going to be able to break out the grill again? >> today and the next couple of days, but also be ready to put the grill down and walk inside because we have some shower activity. that shower activity continues around our region. the parade tonight, no problem at all. 79 degrees. 82 degrees that current heat index under mostly cloudy skies across our region. temperature-wise, we're warmer to the west. 82 winchester. 84 back towards the frederick area,
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that's where the rain has been all day today. you can see that rain mostly east of i-95. but even around the beltway here, we are seeing some shower activity in through fairfax county. these are all moving down toward the east. another area right down towards bowie and kettering right along route 3 and route 301. we're going to see some of these showers. they'll continue to move off slowly towards the east. want to show you what's happening. notice we did see some clearing back towards the west, but now starting to see the clouds move back up to the north from the south. we have a lot of players here. one the cold front with some shower activity associated with it. then look at the moisture coming off the atlantic ocean thanks to bonnie. it was a tropical storm at one point. now just remnants. the moisture still funneling right out of the atlantic. that is going toon
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way. tonight, a couple of things working. one, that front. notice the shower activity around here. then tomorrow starting off with some cloudiness and some areas of fog. tomorrow afternoon maybe some showers. most areas will be dry. if you're around i-95, including the district, areas south and east, we have a chance of at least some showers during the day tomorrow. again, most areas dry. 70 degrees tomorrow morning. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., nice and warm at the bus stop. nice and warm in the afternoon. it will be warm and rather humid tomorrow. next couple of days, it is going to stay unsettled. only a 30% chance mostly south tomorrow. 86. 82 on wednesday. 84 on thursday. a better chance of rain on friday. that coming with thunderstorms. any time this time of year we're not talking about
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just thunderstorms during the afternoon. the extended forecast including the weekend, we've got it for you coming up in a minute. it is as simple as signing up and your kids get a fun activity every month. meet the mom from our area that started this huge new business from her home and how she is giving back. the last thing you want is for your ac to quit
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may is asian pacific american heritage month and it has special meaning for a virginia woman whose mom and dad emigrated from china 40 years ago. >> her parents modest upbringed inspired her to give back one box at a time. >> reporter: when she couldn't find easy ways for young girls to give back, she created one. >> we literally have boxes and boxes everywhere. >> reporter: in her home, the vienna mom started little loving hands, a monthly subscription service with a twist. a box of kid crafts for a cause. >> we include all the materials and instructions for a child to create a craft. then it is sent back to the organization in need and handed out to those in need. >> reporter: every project comes with a card that emphasizes who thei
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one project was making snowman hand warmers for sick children. claudia lewis says teaming up was a win-win. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to raise visibility for the charity and bring a smile to a child's face. >> reporter: the whole experience is hands on. >> good job. >> reporter: teaching children empathy and compassion. and for business moms, it is also convenient. >> the fact this shows up in your mailbox regularly without even thinking about it is very, very nice and helpful. >> reporter: karen and her daughter finish a tote that will be filled with canned food for seniors. projects change based on a charity's need and are geared towards children ages 3 to 9. >> it goes right back out the door. there's no clutter, but they know it is going out for something good. >> since little loving hands
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already shipped more than 1,000 boxes everywhere from alaska to hawaii. it is an opportunity for kids to get hands-on experience in what service means. three decades of military service here at home and overseas. now his family is dealing with an unexpected loss this memorial day. how they're honoring his memory. plus, storm team 4 keeping an eye on all of that green stuff behind us this memorial day. >> when and where we could see some rain
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now at 4:30, a developing situation at the white house. secret service just lifted a lockdown after somebody threw an object over the fence along pennsylvania avenue. the delaware national guards headquarters is now named for beau biden. the reserve center made it official in a special memorial day ceremony with the vice president and dr. jill biden in attendance. beau biden died one year ago today of brain cancer. he was 46. d.c.'s memorial day parade is winding down, but streets will be closed for at least another 30 minutes. we have a complete list of them on the nbc washington app. and live right now at 4:30, traffic is building asop
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return home from memorial day's weekend festivities. a live picture of the chesapeake bay bridge. things seem to be moving pretty well at this particular point in time. keep an eye on traffic on twitter for major backups today. travel experts say you might want to stay put if you haven't already left. the best times to travel after 10:00 tonight. this is not what you want to hear as we're approaching summer. shark concerns on both coasts this holiday weekend. a shark bit a 13-year-old on neptune beach in florida yesterday. the attack happened while he was standing in just two feet of water. that's what makes this story so sk crazy. the shark was about five to six feet long. the boy suffered severe gashes to his calf and his shin. this is the third shark bite this month in that area. at newport beach in california another apparent shark attack, but some say
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could have been possibly been a sea lion. the attack happened yesterday afternoon. life guards found the woman in distress in the water and she has large bites on her upper torso and shoulder that they are examining. the focus is on presidential politics and the 1% of americans who serve and sacrifice in the u.s. military. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill. hey, steve. >> reporter: adam, thanks. both political parties are divided on this final memorial day with barack obama as commander and chief. at the tomb of the unknowns -- >> present. >> reporter: president obama laid a wreath and said we owe a debt to the thousands of lie nearby in arlington cemetery and to those who they served and fought with. >> they gave everything to get their battle buddies home. we have to make sure that our veterans get everything they earned
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good job. >> reporter: the woman who wants to be president marched in a memorial day parade in new york. hillary clinton has to worry about winning the close primary contest in california against bernie sanders. then uniting their party. >> secretary clinton, would you rule out senator sanders as your vp pick? >> reporter: sanders is not ruling it out, but insists if he wins california next week he can still get the presidential nomination. >> if we come out of the democratic convention with the nomination, donald trump is toast. >> reporter: trump in d.c. yesterday with rolling thunder bikers is warning his backers some trump opponents are talking about a third-party run like a conservative like mitt romney. that could ensure a win by sanders or by
4:34 pm
possible loss in california a week from tomorrow that she's worried about her image. she's worried about her momentum. so worried she's going back there for five straight days of campaigning. back to you. >> live on capitol hill for us. 33 years of military service, two long deployments. tonight, many in the army community mourning the loss of colonel gene montague. he died competing in an iron man competition last week. crews pulled his body unresponsive from the water. his family now organizing funeral services for this week. >> i'm just going to remember his laughter, his jokes. he could be the only one that would make me laugh until my tears came down. >> david culver will share more about the colonel's life and the legacy he now
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depending on your location will depend on the whether that you saw today. whether it was a nice and sunny memorial day or a little on the rainy side. if you were east of the 95, that's where a lot of that rain lined up. especially eastern shore and northern neck. temperatures also really dependent on how much sunshine you got today. northern shenandoah valley low to mid 80s. 79 right now in washington. all in all, not that bad. if you're still planning on grilling tonight, you still have some time left. a few storms along i-81. just keep an eye on the sky. this is the big picture we're looking at. you can see a few showers starting to pop up, especially around the beltway and through prince george's county into bowie. that weak front is going to come through. could trigger a few showers and thunderstorms. the main thing we've been talking about is the moisr
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bonnie. we're going to time out some more rain chances because that thing is not going anywhere. we'll talk about that coming up next. no matter what the weather brings, you can stay one step ahead with the nbc washington app. track storm team 4 radar in the palm of your hand and get alerts when rough weather moves into your area. drone video shows the devastation in parts of texas ravaged by floodwaters over the weekend. floodwaters have claimed at least six lives across the state. local authorities say the area may not have seen the worst of the flooding just yet. forecasts show there could be more rain on the way by later this week. we're still working to find out more about a deadly shooting in northeast early this morning. police tell us the victim is a man by the name of tyrone bradley of southeast d.c. he was found shot to death on 24th street. that's not far from benning road just after about 2:00 this morning. no word if police have a
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or a suspect. first at 4, we'll show you how it is bringing veterans together for a new mission. before you fire up the grill, you need to see this. >> most definitely. why doctors are sounding the alarm about what could be on your grill on potentially in your stomach because of how you
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good news if you still need to catch a fligh
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checkpoints are not the nightmare waits we have seen in recent weeks. more than 2 million have already traveled today. most have seen waits under 30 minutes through the holiday weekend. the agency says 95% of passengers waited less than 15 minutes. that is good news. incredible video of a car barrelling into a store in upstate new york practically sending one man flying there. you can see three people scramble away from this. after the car pushes into the two eagles smoke shop outside of buffalo. a 20-year-old was behind the wheel, lost control during a turn before slam noming into th store. she was charged with dwi. d.c. residents who want to vote in the state's democratic primary next month can begin to do so tomorrow. early voting starts tomorrow. eight other early voting centers will open across the
4:41 pm
saturday. voting ends on june 11th. the democratic primary will take place on june 14th. you can find a list of the early voting sites on the nbc washington app just by searching early voting. memorial day is typically the beginning of the summer grilling season. are you inviting us over? >> sheure. >> but doctors are warning grillers about health hazards. >> a bristle that falls off the wire brush and then plants itself right on the grill can be a problem. it may pop up right when you plop that burger or chicken on the grill. this can cause complications down the road. one little bristle could get lodged into various areas of the body whether it is in the throat, the tonsil region, in the neck region. >> that's scary. it can be lodged further down in the stomach or
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we have posted a video on how to avoid dangerous bristles in your food. just search grill cleaning. the last thing you want is a busted air conditioner. susan hogan is looking no ways to prevent your ac from melting down. the video is shocking and it is what everybody is talking about on this memorial day weekend. did a zoo do the right thing by killing a gorilla after a little boy fell into the water?
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[ listing names ] somber ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial as people gathered to honor those who died in service. the day took on a special meaning as eight names were added to the wall. photos of the fallen were put on display by their names. >> that is part of an ongoing project by staff at the memorial. they're hoping to gather photos of every servicemen whose name appears on the wall. well, it wasn't too bad out there if you were west of i-95. now, if you were east of i-95, that's where we had a few more rain
4:46 pm
beaches. not looked too shabby. we do have the clouds. we had a little of haze out there today. we've got clouds moving in because we've got some showers popping up around the region. just really around the beltway. nothing entering inside the beltway at this point. the memorial day parade downtown looking good. it is a tale of two cities. i-95 pretty much the dividing line, especially east of i-95. we're talking about northern neck and the eastern shore. that's where the stream of moisture coming up from what was tropical storm bonnie is moving through. that's the area that really saw a lot of the rain today. we do have some rain to the west. that is where a few thunderstorms are popping up. increased rain chances on thursday as a cold front that moves through. that is going to be the cold front that is responsible for finally kicking bonnie out to see. we had a little bit more sunshine through today. rain and storms as we continue
4:47 pm
we are going to see a little patchy fog out there. this is what i was talking about. let me stand on this side so you can see. east of i-95, even through northern neck, southern maryland, st. mary's county getting a lot of rain and going off to the eastern shore. this is that moisture coming up from what was tropical storm bonnie. we also have a few showers popping up around the beltway. we have a few sprinkles down there right now. prince george's county, they're seeing some rain. here is a frontal system now. it is a weak front. you're getting some sunshine out in the shenandoah valley. that could increase the chances for showers and thunderstorms. here is what was bonnie. again, it is just pulling that moisture right up east of i-95. when you wake up tomorrow morning, most everybody could be going dry except to the ea
4:48 pm
it's going to be damp, but at least we'll be dry. then as we continue into the afternoon we'll have a chance for some isolated showers again east of i-95. west we'll have some more sunshine. timing it out for you again. you can see a few showers popping up around d.c. here comes that rain. that will continue. maybe heavy at times. we keep a few showers overnight. at least for the early part of the overnight. most of us dry tomorrow again with the exception of along i-95 and points to the east. most of us dry tomorrow as we top out in the mid 80s. that seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. as temperatures heat up, the last thing that you want this summer is your air-conditioning to just go out. >> yeah. so which ones last the longest? consumer reporter susan hogan has what you need to know to stay cool. >> reporter: temperatures reaching 80, 90 degrees. don't sweat it if you have air-conditioning. it could be a huge expense if something were to go wrong b
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to make sure these are working all summer long. when the hot weather sets in, people get desperate. >> there's nothing worse than turning your air conditioner on and then find, oh, no, my ac is not working. >> reporter: the key to having your air conditioner there when you need it is getting the right system and taking care of it. for conventional systems popular in our area, american standard is more reliable than other brands. consumer reports estimates about 30% are likely to break within five years. >> a lot of things can effect how well a system works. how it is installed, the quality of the duct work, the size and layout of the house. choosing a more dependable brand can boost your chances of getting a system that lasts. >> reporter: the responsibility is on you too. even the most reliable
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you down if you don't maintain it. check and clean filters monthly. clear debris and leaves from around the condenser coils. check for blockages in the drainpipe. look over insulation around the ducts. it can help and prevent as much as 40% energy loss. once a year, bring in a licensed professional to check things like refrigerant and mechanical components. if your air-conditioning system does break down, make sure to get three estimates. make sure whoever you do hire is certified and licensed to do the job. all right. new fallout today over the decision by the cincinnati zoo to kill a critically endangered gorilla. >> that's because a young boy made his way into the gorilla's enclosure on saturday and the zoo says killing the gorilla was the only option to save the boy's life. there is a growing push for the boy's mother to
4:51 pm
video is difficult to watch. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the horror as it unfolds at the cincinnati zoo. a small boy inside an enclosure for a full ten minutes, at times seemingly protected. at other times dragged and tossed around like a rag doll by a 400-pound gorilla before zoo officials made the difficult decision to put the gorilla down. >> that child's life was in danger. >> reporter: today a handful of mourners gathered for a memorial to the 17-year-old gorilla harambe. >> i'm here to make sure people remember that harambe lived his life in captivity and he died through no fault of his own. >> reporter: more than 150,000 have signed an online petition al
4:52 pm
calling the situation an unfortunate accident. the family released a written statement saying we are so thankful to the lord that our child is safe. he is home and doing just fine. we extend our heartfelt thanks for the quick action by the cincinnati zoo staff. we know that this was a very difficult decision for them and that they are grieving the loss of their gorilla. the gorilla exhibit remains closed. zoo officials expect it to reopen next weekend. jay gray, nbc news. i'm mark segraves outside the national zoo here in washington where zoo goers were talking about the gorilla from cincinnati who was killed saturday after a 4-year-old boy went through a barrier and then fell into the moat. dramatic video shows the gorilla thrashing the young boy in the water. ultimately, zoo officials shot and killed that gorilla. today while most of the people we talked to didn't want to cast judgment on the mother or the zoo
4:53 pm
they're keeping a closer eye on their kids while they're here. >> well, we asked you earlier in the show to weigh in on our nbc washington flash survey. do you think the cincinnati zoo made the right decision to shoot the gorilla? you can see the no is winning. you can keep voting and sounding off on the nbc washington facebook page. we are working on stories in our newsroom right now that you'll only see here in the next 30 minutes. it is already a parent's worst nightmare when they lose a child. imagine the grief with a surprise tax bill. backed up in delays and it is only getting worse. i'll take you inside the long lines before you even get to a busy local airport and tell you what it could take to fix it. it is a place to pay tribute to those who served our country and never came home, but somebody had other plans. we're going to show you the unbeliebl
4:54 pm
to the veterans memorial as well as how the community decided to take things back into their ow
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
developing right now, police in houston are trying to figure out what caused a man to randomly start shooting at people. one of the bullets killed a man waiting to get his car washed at a nearby gas station. police cruisers were riddled with bullets and a police
4:57 pm
chopper took fire yesterday. s.w.a.t. officers eventually shot and killed the suspect. eight others were wounded, including two officers. an act of vandalism at a memorial for those missing in action in vietnam. graffiti covered more than 2,000 names on that wall. it inspired veterans to come together to clean it up. >> i was reading about it this morning on my phone. it was a shame. it upset me. >> reporter: so many so that she packed up her kids and started driving. >> my mom showed me the picture on her phone this morning. i took one look at it and i'm like, oh wow. >> it is really disrespectful. >> this is terribly wrong. >> reporter: a marine also came to help. he started organizing the dozens of folks who also came
4:58 pm
clean off the. -- the graffiti that covered nearly 1/3 of the memorial. >> i was so hurt by what i saw on the news this morning i knew this was my job for this memorial day. >> reporter: he is a purple heart vietnam vet who was here at the wall dedication here in 1992. it pays homage to vietnam vets that never came home. >> it is a shame, but those names they might be erased from here, but they're not erased from our hearts. >> so far police don't have any suspects. news4 at 5:00 starts right now with doreen and erica. what's left of tropical storm bonnie still hanging around and
4:59 pm
an explosive team called to the white house after somebody tossed a container over the fence. this memorial day the sounds, slights, and salutes from our nation's capital. in the last couple of hours, some folks were overcome by the heat at the memorial day parade in downtown washington. that parade happens right along constitution avenue down by the museum. the parade was slightly delayed due to those medical emergencies. we're seeing some showers popping up around town. >> doug is tracking it all for us. what's going to happen next? >> we're still tracking a couple of showers and even a couple of thunderstorms out there too. it's been a very rainy day east of i-95. still seeing some more shower activity developing around the metro region and more back to the west. take a look at what has just started to occur here with a cold front making its way here too. we are going to see some
5:00 pm
showers. take a look at where the rain is now. down around fredericksburg and st. mary's county. calvert county same deal. let's zoom in towards d.c. you can see some of the showers around the kettering region and clinton and andrew's air force base here. this one continues to move off towards the east very slowly. heads around upper marlboro. there is another line up to the west. again, most of us remaining dry tonight, but can't rule out a couple of showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. that is pretty much the case over the next couple of days. we'll break it down for you coming up in just a minute. a security scare at the white house now over. the white house was locked down after somebody threw a container over the fence. this happened on the north lawn just before 1:00 this afternoon. a d.c. hazmat team had to move in to investigate. turns out the container was just filled with some papers inside. one p


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