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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 31, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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coming up on "early today," it is a story that has everyone talking as outrage grows following gorilla harambe's killing at the cincinnati zoo to save a to do letter. mother nature continues with more storms on the way and eight lives losted the past few days. a prominent republican promises to reveal a new tenant take to on the gop front-runner. a nasty case of road rage in florida goes terriblily wrong and paying a speeding ticket about 22,000 pennies. the splash brothers take game seven and win over the thunder. it is a story americans cannot stop talking about and cincinnati's zoo
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endae endangered silverback gorilla. they have no plans to file charges against the parents of that boy despite the outcry they be held responsible for the gorilla's death. >> reporter: outrage over an incident at the cincinnati zoo when a 3-year-old boy fell into the gorile riilla enclosure on . the boy's mothers cried out to him. at one point, the 420-pound male silver back named harambe grabbed the boy's ankle and dragged him through the water. zoo officials opened fire, killing the gorilla and rescuing the boy. zookeepers defended their decision. >> naturally, we did not take the shooting of harambe lightly. but that child's life was in danger. >> reporter: on social media, a fire storm. people
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they urge the mother be charged with negligence. the mother defended herself on simp saying the follow. >> it was just being a gorilla. unfortunately, it paid the ultimate price for something that was not its fault. >> reporter: zoo officials say a tranquilizer would have taken too long and agitated the gorilla more. they are now reviewing how the child was able to get into the enclosure. this file video shows a steel railing with wires below. that railing is followed by four feet of vegetation before a 15-foot drop into a moat where the child fell. harambe heard splashing and jumped in also. a small vigil outside of the zoo where organizers saying
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game. >> in the middle of all this fighting the victim is being forgotten. >> reporter: inside the zoo flowers surround a gorilla statue as the exhibit remains closed. >> the zoo insists the enclosure is safe and they haven't had a breach in 30-year history and it's set to open next weekend. >> eight people died and one missing after weather in the grate plains. a church crew was cleaning up a texas town. a tree branches were reported falling on him and killed him. the brassas river near houston is expected to crest later today and a record high more than 53 feet. the heavy flooding was washed out bridges and destroyed homes and more rain is in the forecast the rest of the week. bill karins will join us in a few minutes for much more o
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steven hawking says that while we may have handle on the inner workings on the university understand donald trump's rise is something entirely different. in fact, he says he is baffled by it all telling good morning britain, quote, i can't. he is a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. hawking has made no secret. joking about his intelligence. hillary clinton spent memorial day with her husband marching in a parade of her adopted hometown of chappaqua. a brief security scare after animal rights protesters jumped over a barricade for bernie sanders at an open rally. it was dealt with by the secret service. the clinton camp announced a major change in her campaign schedule. she will return to the golden state on early which is earlier than
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heed 46 to 44. the institute previous poll had clinton leading sanders 48% to 41%. clinton could pull off a win there it may be by a small margin and not what she wants by trying to unite her party. the specter of a third-party continues to dog donald trump on the trail. nbc's halllie jackson has those details. >> reporter: with his competitors parading on memorial day, donald trump's marching toward the general election and looking at a possible new challenger at conservative writer bill kristol hinted at an independent candidate with a strong team and real chance. trump calling, kristol, a dummy and can't allow lightweight to set up a spoiler he tweeted even after months of flirting with his own independent bid. >> i don't want to do the independent thing but i do keep it and it is leverage. >> reporter:
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news nothing is emmeant. others in search for a an alternative says something could be known this week. whispers of mitt romney but unlikely he'll run and same for ben rice of nebraska. others names are condoleezza rise and house speaker paul ryan and susana martinez the new new mexico governor who skipped trump's rally last week and prompting a war of worlds with the presumptive nominee. none are interested what could be the ultimate long shot candidatesy. >> trump has high negatives and some who won't be voting for either of them. >> reporter: a new spoiler? gary johnson the former new mexico governor who received 1% in 2012, trying to be taken more seriously this cycle. >> according t a
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press norc poll the device of primary season has fueled pessimism across the country. 12% of republican polls say they believe the gop is responsible to ordinary voters compared to 25% of democrats who feel the same. among all americans? 8% say they have confidence in the gop. compared to 15% who say they have confidence in the democratic party. and that number drops even more if you can believe it. only 4% of americans say they have confidence when it comes to congress. now to what some are calling one of the best nba playoff series in history. gonted sta game seven golden state and oklahoma city city. thunder was in in charge early and warriors come back in the second half. curry in the second half showed why he is the nba meredith vieira.
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curry set an nba record with 32 threes in the series! golden state face cleveland in a rematch of last year's finals. game one is on thursday. also new details about how mexico soccer star allen valedo managed to break free from a kidnapping ordeal. the 25-year-old was taken by gunmen late saturday. the kidnapping happened in a mexican town near the texas border which is plagued by drug cartels. we are learned he escaped his kidnapper by punching one guard and snatching his phone and calling for help and he beat the kidnapper while on the phone until they found out his location. one of four kidnappers has been arrested. three tornadoes were reported in northeastern colorado on monday. this cell phone video captured one of them touching down near a farm in the town of pete. officials say a barn
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poles were knocked down causing widespread outages and fortunately no injuries were reported. a look at your tuesday weather, look who is back. bill karins from the holiday weekend. another busy week for you ahead. >> the rain in texas. if we have any bad flooding or anything. two years ago, texas was in that horrible drought. now it won't stop raining. as far as yesterday went, we didn't see too many areas that were completely rained out but in the mid-atlantic less than ideal. this area was soaked. this was all from left spoiinni off the coast of north carolina. cape cod clipped early today. numerous areas of showers and thundershowers from minneapolis to iowa and continue this morning. the bigger picture does show we are okay in the southeast and get scattered storms in areas of florida. as far as the rainfall the next three days. one area up in
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moisture from the tropical storm will plague us in north. areas of texas we deal with the most rain the next three days. possibility of another 2 to 4 inches at most. not enough we have flood watches but the potential for isolated flash flooding the next couple of days. the warmth is on today and probably one of the warmest days of the week for the east. that is a look at the national forecast and now a look at your day ahead. today denver in the 60s and scattered storm or two around. for much of the next three to four days, chance of scattered storms in texas. so it looks like some of that heat that we had that was really hot, we will not see that pattern in the east for a while. >> it will be lovely. >> it will. meet the three women who managed to stop an alleged date rape at just the right time. one arrest following a nasty case of road rage during a memorial day ride. you're watching "early today." what do you got? y"
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welcome back, everybody. major offensive against isis continues today. they launched an operation yesterday to storm fallujah. the city is one of the last isis strongholds in iraq. about 50,000 civilians remain inside that city and are at risk of being turned into human shield. now to philadelphia. over 100 firefighters battled a massive blaze at an american legion post on memorial day. the four alarm fire took nearly three hours to contain. while everyone inside the veterans organization was safely exactly, community members mourn the loss of memorabilia inside and some of which dated back to world war i. a car toppling a motorcycle with two people on it. so f
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and police say one person has been arrested rb a man in texas found a yoounique way to pay of his 200 speeding ticket with pennies. he says it was his way of protesting the fine he got for driving 9 miles over the speed limit. he is pretty mad, wouldn't you say? it took the office about three hours to count all of his coins. and he actually overpaid. he is now owed $7.81. i wonder if they will return that in pennieses. a story millions are talking about across the world. three women out for a night of fun in california when they spotted a man they believed was up to no good. rather sit idly by, they took action. >> reporter: it's a hero's story grabbing headlines all over the world. germany, australia, indiana. all talking about three
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in santa monica, california, who say they stopped a woman from being drugged. friends were sitting a few feet away from a couple they looked like were on a date. >> i said we need to get that drink off of the table. >> reporter: when she went to the restaurant, they went to her in the restroom. >> i said that guy you're with just put something in your drink. she said, oh, my god. he is one of my best friends. >> reporter: the women told restaurant staff who began to stall to prevent michael shu from getting away. shu arrested for assault and drugging with attempt to commit rape. his bond $1 million. attempts to reach him or his lawyers have been unsuccessful. police still waiting for the results of chemical testing on the drink. >> all we knew is we had to say something. >> reporter: after their arrest, many in the restaurant thanked the friends. the friends hoping their story will inspire others to have
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demystifying an important sell by and use by date on foods. we will tell you what is being done to protect you by wasting less food. now to sports. the pittsburgh penguins hosting the san jose sharks. late in the third period game tied at 2 all. pittsburgh fans gave the hometown fans exactly what they came for. >> another one drilled toward the front that was blocked off by jones. the battle in the front. score! >> that proved to be the difference. the penguins take game one with a 3-2 win. game two is wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on nbc. talk about a gentleman. during his round on saturday at the colonial, pga player tony fenau hit a drive that struck melissa butler in the head and she was blooded and required stitches. instead of signing a ball for her, he showed up at her door with flowers and a box of chocolates and get
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and her family knew he cared. butler is finau's favorite fan now. this is just fantastic. a woman came to the cleveland indians game saying her chemotherapy starts tomorrow and all she wanted was a hug and homer from mike napoli. he crushed one to left that day and did little to help the team but did a lot for that one lucky lady. best of luck to her. snoop dogg is fumie ining m about the remaking of roots. you're watching erled. watching. of course you go all out for date night... ♪ ...even if you're just staying in. ♪
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om. talk to your doctor about tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. now to entertainment news. dan aykroyd is coming to the defense of a new ghost-busters movie amid backlash over the dominant female cast. he is now giving it the highest of praise, a third sequel. he said the following onbook. facebook. facebook. >> the trailer got trashed, you know? people didn't like it at all. >> but that makes you want to see. "roots" has gone
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remake. it premiered last night on the history series. snoop dogg took to instagram yesterday to call for a boycott of the show. >> i don't understand america. they just want to keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago. guess what. we are taking the same abuse. >> he added that the focus should be on the successes of the african-american community instead. kate hudson and her mom and amy shumchumer had a fun-filledy at sea. is john snow starting a new men's hair trend? according to "usa today," the game of thrones character is inspiring some men to get perms! we will see if bill karins gets a perm because of all of this. you might look good in a perm. all right. this is "early today." ght. this is "early today." oh, lo. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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. new action in the wake of a sexual abuse case. protesters rush the stage at a presidential rally. how security is turning front and center in decision 2016. he probably would have been dead within minutes if untreated. >> thir theirer hair row civil saved his life.
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good morning, tom kierein is tracking your forecast. >> we're starting out all clear, but we still have some of the tropical humidity hanging in the air. and result, we're getting fog that is starting to develop panhandle of west virginia. shenandoah valley, fog likely to be developing and just east of the blue ridge, watch out for patchy dense fog there. let's check in on the commute now with jack. >> we had all the overnight construction crews off for the holiday, so very quiet beltway. all travel lanes are open. nothing wrong out of frederick. headed south on 270 through urbana, should find everything open at this point. staying in virginia, rolling north on i-95 coming up from fredericksburg through stafford, you should find everything open. nothing in your way
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back into you. today we'll learn how prince george's county schools will protect your students from sexual predators. a task force plans to release its findings regarding the deonte carraway case, the former volunteer accused of taking pictures of young children performing sex acts on him and each other at the school. carraway faces more than a dozen federal and state charges for abusing up to 19 students. today's report will include changes to policies regarding how much access school volunteers have to students. also today a murder trial up like any other. jury selection will begin in the case against engineer main hales, accused of shooting melvin tate in 2010. the shooting paralyzed tate who died of his injuries less than two years later. prosecutors argued tate was able to identifyhoeho
4:29 am
his death by deliberately blipgiblipg i blinking at a picture. if the judge allowed the testimony in, it will be the first time it's ever happened in maryland. south korea responds to north korea's latest missile launch saying it failed again. is this video of a previous launch this year. a government source saying that the missile this time away exploded on the launch pad. if this is true, this would be the fourth time the north has failed at launching a new missile that could possibly reach u.s. bases in asia and the pacific. i'm angie goff here at the live desk. back to you. 4:29 is your time. early voting begins today for washington's democratic primaries. residents can mark their ballots starting at 8:30 this morning in the second ward. early voting ends june 11. presidentia
4:30 am
campaigning across the country today. senator bernie sanders will stay in california after a bit of a scare at a rally in oakland. a group of animal rights protesters ride to rush the stage. secret service agents surrounded senator sanders and were able to get the protesters out of that rally. at this point, no charges have been filed. cleveland will present its security plan this morning, they hope to trim its police force to as many as 5,000 officers and will have more barriers. the convention is july 18 through 21. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> and we're starting off this morning, it's kind of humid out there. your 4 things to know as we say good-bye to may, it was a wet mth


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