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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  May 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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first though let's get straight to tom kierein in for chuck and your hour by hour forecast. could we see some rain today? >> slight chance later this afternoon, but right now a clear sky over washington. way off in the distance looking 30 miles to the west, there are low clouds and a little bit of fog there that is way out in the panhandle of west virginia and the shenandoah valley. and hour by hour out-the-door forecast about to walk the dog this morning, you won't have any rain tone counter, but quite a bit of cloudiness, a little sunshine in and out between now and 7:00. and then becoming mostly sunny by 10:00, a bit less humid. we'll hover near 70 for another hour or two. and by noon near 80 with strong late may sun. next weather and traffic on the 1s, we have the commuter forecast, the travel impact. now let's check on the commute with jack taylor. >> good morning. trying to move up on 210 northbound this morning, sounds like we have activity
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down vehicle may be in the roadway. also issues metrorail orange line, early morning issues, residual delays to new carrollton from that earlier train malfunction. also montgomery county, southbound georgia avenue inside the beltway down near seminary lays, right side of the roadway is tied up with an incident causing a little bit of a delay. today a prince george's county school task force will reveal the results of a long awaited report about preventing abuse at school. >> the task force was formed after a scandal at a glenarden elementary school. molette green is live outside the school with more on the procedures that could change. >> reporter: the exact details expected in the coming hours, this safety task force of top educator and child safety experts charged with looking at every single aspect of school policy to see what went wrong here at judge sylvania
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elementary will where deonte carraway worked as an aide and volunteer. we could see changes away background checks and new rules about reporting abuse and who can volunteer in schools. horrible allegations of sex abuse involving as many as 19 children just rocked this county. some of the abuse reportedly happened on school grounds between children as young as nine up to 13 years of age. the 22-year-old admitted creating videos of these children. he has pleaded no tnot guilty t numerous charges of sexually exploiting children. back to you. also in prince george's county, a murder trial unlike almost any other. jermaine hales is accused of shooting melvin tate back in 2010. that shooting paralyzed tate who died of his injuries a little less than two years later. prosecutors argue he was able to ii
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death by deliberately blinking at a picture of hale. if the judge allows the identification into evidence, it will be the first time that's happened in a case like this in maryland. today the trial against aen man accused in a violent home invasion and attack ticontinues. prosecutors say a taser was used in the three hour attack back in 2014. defense attorneys hope to prove andrew schmuhl was just carrying out his wife's orders and he was too medicated to be held accountable. a man's death could become a homicide investigation in the day ahead. montgomery county police say it appears he fell from a balcony in rockville. they found his body next to a complex on old georgetown road around 5:30 last night. investigators say no witnesses have come forward to say whether this was an accident or an intentional act. now to
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our cameras captured a life saving moment right in the middle of the street. this is about 5:00 yesterday evening. a map had a medical emergency right at 11th and rhode island avenue northwest. a fellow driver pulled the man from his car when he found him unconscious. before paramedics arrived, d.c. police officers started performing cpr. that man eventually started breathing again and was able to stand up on his own. >> it was fairly dramatic on your footage, it is something the fire department sees many times every day 365 days a year. >> the man was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. we have an update at the live desk here on the threat of the zika virus. the world health organization just issuing this, a message to couples trying to have a baby. they're saying to wait eight week before trying instead of six weeks. the virus is mostly spread throug
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evidence shows that the sexual transmission of the virus is more common than originally thought. new this morning, the death toll just went up from that widespread flooding in texas. emergency officials now say eight people have died including two women and a teenage boy. at this time yesterday, that number was six. it is not raining right now, but rivers are swelling and causing new flood warnings in the state this morning. another 5 inches of rain are expected in texas this week. washington, d.c. residents now have a chance to weigh in on decision 2016. early voting for the city's democratic primary starts just a couple hours. you can open the nbc washington app to see which site is convenient for you. it runs through june 11 and the primary is set for june 14. cleveland will present its security plan today ahead of the
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they hope to triple its police force. it's also ordered extra equipment including steel barriers in anticipation of demonstrations. the convention runs july 18 through 21. today we may get a better idea about plans to bring new transportation options to arlington county. officials are trying to decide how to improve transit after plans to build a street car was scrapped. the board will hold a public work session tonight to talk about future options. 40,000 verizon workers will return to work tomorrow. the union tentatively agreed to a new contract. the new contract adds about 1,000 new call center jobs and pay will go up 11% over the next four years. employees will vote on the deal after returning to work. that one hits bryce. >> this morning the
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are hoping for good news from their mvp. the diagnosis was just a bruise here, but look at how bryce harper doubled over after he was head by that pitch. he was taken out of the game after it happened. we didn't know his status for tonight and tonight's game just yet. it's at 7:05 tonight. 88 miles per hour coming at him. we're off to a cloudy humid start this morning. you can almost feel the haze as you look at this live picture from the district. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know whether those clouds will produce any rain for your drive to work. imagine leaving your pet with a boarder when a real family member has an emergency only to learn it died while you were gone. what a maryland woman says someone is to blame. and she thought he was her best friend until she found out what he tried to do to her. the woman crediting several others for
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drugged. this developing out of spring field, virginia. fairfax county police are investigating several robberies, this is at a motel 6 is that on springfield boulevard. police saying that all they were robbed by three men who had a gun and also a hammer. nobody was hurt and we ♪ stand by me
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6:11. today president obama is going over all the ways the country is preparing for hurricane season. tomorrow marks the official start of the atlantic hurricane season. fema will brief the president on the hurricane forecast along with the new tools agencies are using and funding for the agency.
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yo travel impact forecast getting back to work and school on this tuesday morning. no travel problems weather-wise around the immediate metro area, but off to our west, shenandoah valley and in the mountains, watch out for dense morning fog. and then area wide, there is a chance of an isolated storm later this afternoon, caution for that, so you may encounter that when you head back home. but the evening right now is looking dry. dense fog advisory shenandoah valley, the mountains and just east of the blue ridge. and our storm chances over the next four days, that is coming up at 6:21. we have some fire activity, this may pose a problem along seminary road between 395 and the incident at center drive. so be careful. also if you're a rail rider using the orange line, we had earlier delays. activity new new carrollton so delays from t
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on 270 southbound, volume now picking up. we have some slowdowns trying to roll out of frederick headed southbound. here is your live shot near 109. once beyond the truck scales, your pace greatly improves. when i came, they gave me two leashes and said we lost the third one. they found the third one after i was sitting in the play yard, the leash. not the dog. >> a maryland woman is demanding answers after she discovered this that the dog she left with a boarding company is dead. a family emergency forced kayla roman to board all three dogs at axiom pet resort earlier this month. but when she returned, they said they lost the third one called hugo. it wasn't up it will she took another dog to the vet that she found out someone spotted the
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description on the side of the road. and then they found the remains. >> everyone is at a loss for words. everyone. it destroyed everyone. >> efforts to reach the owners of axiom pet resort have been unsuccessful. the dog's death is under investigation by animal control. new details this morning about the suspect in a did deadly officer-involved shooting. his father spoke to our affiliate in houston. >> he had a mental breakdown. we believe this is ptsd thing. >> he believes his son became disillusioned with the government after being honorably discharged from the military. police in houston say xwar garz killed one and hurt seven others before officers shot and killed him.
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today whether he will serve time in prison. bates was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of eric paris. the incident made headlines across the country when it was captured on video. jurors recommended the maximum four years this prison. we're one puig awweek away e california primaries. we've learned hillary clinton is changing her schedule to be in california for five straight days ahead of next week's primary. senator bernie sanders will campaign in san francisco today after a bit of a scare at his rally in oakland. secret service agents surrounded senator sanders, they were will al to get the animal rights protesters out of that rally. now new questions for the gop presidential nominee. some veterans groups say donald trump never turned over the donations he says he raised last fall. >> we raised a
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vets. >> trump will hold a news conference later this morning to name the veterans groups who he says got that money. thursday is a special day in our area, especially for our nonprofit organizations. it's called do more 24. a day long fundraising drive for charities take that the united way puts on. the nonprofits need money, but you don't have to toe natudonat order to help. >> volunteering is another important aspect of do more 24 specifically, but the work that we do together with the united way. >> and you can find out about volunteering, donating and all about do more 24 on nbc 4 is a proud partner in this initiative. >> 600 organizations represented in this effort. so i know the first time i tried to donate a couple years ago, a little overwhelmed looking at the list. go in early and see who you want to donate to. a lot of organizns
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our forecast. >> tom kierein is in this morning. 70 degrees, nice warm start for us. >> yeah, and it's rather humid, too. we still have some of the lingering tropical humidity from tropical depression bonnie but it's now pulling out to he sea and as a result the sky clearing out. there is prince george's county, the sky clearing a bet here locally, but we do have some clouds just west of reston, you can see a little bit of fog in the air there. and then way off on the horizon, that's the panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley that's where the clouds are lower and there is more fog there. but pavement is all dry. temperatures are near 60, low 60s where they have the fog around the valley and mchts. around the bay, upper 60s near 70 right in washington, nearby suburbs.
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mountains to the atlantic beaches. bonnie now pulling away. we'll notice humidity will be dropping. we'll be in the low 80s this afternoon. around 6 :00, possibility of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. just a small chance. and then tomorrow four day forecast, we'll be in the upper 60s in the morning under a mostly clear sky. a few clouds building in the afternoon. highs again in the mid-80s. and then below average temperatures on thursday with more clouds and a chance of an isolated storm in the afternoon, but a greater chance of storms coming in on friday afternoon and evening. highs then right around 80 degrees. your four things to know for this tuesday morning, that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s. that's in about ten minutes. he's accused of
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his girl frnd. but it's what police say he did next that is truly shocking. what an accused killer posted on social media. and it's a story that will have you paying extra close attention to the next time you're at a restaurant or bar. meet the three women being hailed heros for stopping what could have ended in date rape.
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if you've ever had your flight delayed once, be thankful it wasn't delayed three could be secretary could you difference times. that happened monday for passengers on a flight from florida to north carolina. the plane first returned to the gate when a passenger had a medical issue. and then electrical problems forced to turn around once it was in the air. and larts boater boarding was sn a piece of emergency equipment had be inspected. a man posted a picture of his girlfriend's body on
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facebook. he's in jail on $600,000 bond for murder. a group of friend mis-california solmis california saw what looked like an attempted poll assault and now he's 4i7d bars charged with assault and drugging with attempt to commit rape. three friends were eating in a restaurant when they say he put something in a woman's drink. when the man left for the bathroom, they alerted the woman. >> i just said that guy you're with put something in yodrink a she said oh, my god, he's one of my best friend. security watched the footage and called the police. in police a >> police are still w5i9ing for chemical testing on the dripping to return. new questions after a senate investigation found systemic failures of a facility in wisconsin. they say the group's
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flaw was its squigs not decisio release the report and that put veterans in danger. the athletic director at baylor university has resigned in the middle of a sex assault scandal. ehe ian mccall is the third to e since news broke of the misemergenmi mishandling of sex assault allegations involving the football team. the head football coach was fired last week and the school's president was reappointed within the university. 6:24 now. we have some continues on how to make sure that you aren'te infested with bedbugs. check the mattress before you you bring your executive case into the room. a recent survey revealed more than half of people is correctly
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like. and incredible story of perseverance later today on ellen and now a d.c. resident shares what it was like to hide from the taliban. >> when i came to the u.s., i had two pants and two t-shirts and a sneaker. first night i slept in america, it was the best night's sleep after almost three years. >> he says it was a video of ellen that gave him hope as he hid with his family. you can see the special gift she'll give to him this afternoon right here on nbc 4. and you'll hear more about again what it was like for him to be hiding from the taliban in that time. five years he was a u.s. military entinterpreter. we're off to a warm start, but the heat isn't the only thing that we'll have to contend with. tom kierein back with a look at our storm chances this
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afternoon. >> reporter: i'm kristin wright in northwest washington. parking meters are going up, up, up. coming up, we'll tell you by how much and what group is outraged abt it.ou
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to a developing story out of afghanistan where police are looking for dozens of people kidnapped. this after the taliban stopped buses carrying hundreds of people an shot and killed 16 on the spot. up to 30 others were abducted and this happened in the northern part of the country. now back to you. good morning. four things to know as you head back to work and school after the holiday weekend, there is some fog west of the metro area about 30, 40 miles west, some patchy dense fog. watch out for that. and there is a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm when you're heading back home later today. and then warmer than average temperatures will be in place later today as well as into tomorrow. and we do have some storm chances coming in later in the week. right now we do have dense fog advisory in effect these counties in
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this is in effect until 8:00. your bus stop forecast, that is coming up in about ten minutes. jack taylor lehere now with the commute. >> toughest spot the is on the rails. we had early issues on the orange line, it's back to normal service. blue line residual delays to largo. and yellow, residual delays. 210 northbound blocking the left lane that caused an early delay. back to you. new this morning, you will be paying more to park in the district and one group that advocates for motorists says that it will create huge revenues for the city. kristin wright is live this morning to explain how. >> reporter: yeah, this meter here on k-street and 21st is $2
6:31 am
will be $2.30 an hour. so aaa is outraged by this and here is why. this morning aaa is telling us that by their calculations, the district will make $12 million to $14 million a year more in additional revenue from the increased parking meter reallies plus higher parking meter fines that were put into place last year. so here is the deal. we're going from 75 cents an hour in normal demand areas of the district, that's like residential areas for example, to $2.30. so that's more than three times as much. in premium demand parts of the city like downtown for example, we're going from $2 to $2.30. and again, that's where we are here at k-street, $2 today, $2.30 tomorrow. so ddot is telling us that they will make andditional $2 million a
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just the parking meter increase alone. and again, guys, this starts tomorrow. so thank goodness we don't need change for parking meters because we'd have to use a whole lot. back to you. >> chrkristin, thank you. new details on a d.c. homicide. the breaking story we told you about at this time yesterday. a man was shot and killed on 24th street feeft. tyrone bradley was 40 years old. d.c. police haven't said anything about a suspect in the shooting. they are offering a $25,000 reward for an arrest and conviction in this case. things are back to normal at the white house this morning. it was briefly placed on lockdown monday after somebody threw a metal object over the north fence. d.c.'s hazmat team was called out and discovered a container with papers inside. secret service agents arrested person who threw it. a witness saw a woman placed in handcuf handcuffs.
6:33 am
house at the time of that lockdown. director of the cincinnati zoo says the gorilla exhibit remains safe for visitors. this comes a day after a boy climbed into the exhibit and then fell coming face-to-face with a 420-pound gorilla who dragged him through a moat. the boy is okay. a review is under way to determine potential improvements to the exhibit, but some have criticized the zoo for its decision to shoot and kill the gorilla. jack hanna says they made the right decision. >> we have assuhave human life, life. no one knows that more than our staff. they're like our families. i can't see how that guy, girl, whatever that a did this, how -- high heart goes out to them today. it really does. >> and a now deleted facebook post monday the mother of the
6:34 am
calling for charges against her. authorities say that will not happen. it is 6:34. today prince george's county will give felons a second chance with a new program called back on track. the plan aims to reduce the rate at which people relapse into criminal behavior. the first four participants will be sentenced to community service and job training instead of jail time. the program will only apply to first time low level felony drug dealers between the ages of 18 to 26. here's one way to score a visit to the white house and meeting the president. win the ncaa tournament. villanova men's basketball team did just that and they're in town today. the team won the big dance on a dramatic buzzer beat er. president obama will be at the white house to take pictures with the team today. right now the storms have stopped in
6:35 am
to an end. courtney gilmore is live in parker county, texas. what you can tell us about what is happening there? >> reporter: well, i'm standing right where a command center was set up to look for a 10-year-old boy that slipped into the brazos river. but the water is too high for the search. you can see how fast it is moving here. yesterday it was about at 9 feet above the level, now it's at 15 feet. it's not expected to crest until hate e later today at 24 feet. this area has been inundated and rainfall. with the brazos river authority did open a gate which has caused the river to swell.
6:36 am
how fast the river is moving here in paerk county. the river is not expected to crest until at 24 feet, but in houston, it's not expected to crest until wednesday at 53 feet. and so the threat of flooding is still expected throughout the week. back to you. >> courtney gilmore live for us in texas. thank you. it is 6:36 now. police trooper is back on the job after a serious crash on new year's eve. maryland state trooper tristin phillips was helping an elderly couple when another driver slammed in to his cruiser at more than 70 miles per hour. after months of physical therapy, he's returned to office duty at the barracks. >> i glanced up at my rearview mirror and that was it. i just remember seeing white. >> a news 4
6:37 am
troopers or their vehicles have been hit on the side of the road seven times already this year. a shocking accident caught on camera, what was behind a car running over two motorcyclists and why at least one person is behind bars. and months after a child porn scandal rocked prince george's county, ssible reposu
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take a look at this, two bikers in florida are okay this morning after they were run over by a car. this was caught on video. florida highway patrol says one person has been arrested here, but their name and the charges have not been released. as the national park service kicks off its centennial summer, it is expecting record crowds. the agency is considering daily caps how on ha
6:41 am
through the park. yellowstone has seen a 60% increase in the first few weeks of the 2016 season. they're asking visitors to consider entering the park in the morning or late afternoon to avoid larger crowds. arches and canyon lands are looking at a timed entry system and daily cap on vehicles. the air is soft and yielding on this tuesday morning. wa waiting at the bus stop and metro, humidity will be hanging around. a little patchy fog north and west of the metro area. temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. there is some ground fog in southern maryland, too. and by 9:00, we'll be in the mid-70s. most of the fog will be gone and we'll have sunshine breaking out. a look at our storm chances over the next acceseven days is comip around 6:51. now jack taylor, how is traffic? we had some activity on old
6:42 am
smoke town road and minnieville road. police direction around the crash that was at oak ridge drive. prince george's county along 450, reported crash near glendale boulevard. also on the rails blue and yellow lines, we had train malfunction out of king street. blue line residual delays to largo, yellow to mt. vernon square because of this issue. back into you. a critical report coming in a matter of hours to determine what went wrong and how to prevent child sex abuse in the schoolhouse. that story coming up. >> reporter: and i'm kristin wright. parking hemeter rates are going
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new poll numbers just in, and pretty much american voters here are split when given a choice between hillary clinton and donald trump. this essentially remains unchanged from last week. will hillary clinton with the lead there by four points at 47%. also looking at who is supporting who, clinton does better with women and minorities. trump is getting more support
6:46 am
now, this poll does have a margin of error of plus and minus 1%. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. today we could learn which school policies will change as prince george's county schools work to protect students from sexual predators. >> the task force will reveal its recommendations today. molette green is in glenarden now with more. >> reporter: this task force is looking at every single detail of school policy and the head of schools wanted a thorough review. we expect to get the details later today. they are looking at what went wrong that allowed child sex abuse to report what happened here where deonte carraway worked as an aide and then volunteered. where did the breakdown happen, what savity measures are how needed after these abuses
6:47 am
involved some 19 children, some on school grounds. the 22-year-old has pleaded not guilty to numerous charges of sexually exploiting children, that task force report expected to come at 2:00 this afternoon. that is the latest live from glenarden. back to you. 6:47 now. a murder trial could make history today in prince george's county. jermaine hales is accused of shooting melvin pat chlt. he died from his injuries nearly two years later. prosecutors argue pate could identify his shooter before his death by deliberately blipging at a picture of hale. if the judge allows the identification into evidence, it will be a first in maryland. and today the virginia trial of andrew schmuhl continues. the last thing the jury saw before the holiday was video of schmuhl's wife in a herndon gun store buying a taser that was used in the three hour attack on the couple. defense
6:48 am
his wife's order and was too medicated to be held accountable. a man's death could become a homicide investigation in the day ahead. montgomery county police say it appeared he fell from a balcony in rockville. they found his body next to a complex on old georgetown road around 5:30 last night. investigators say no witnesses have come forward to say whether this was an accident or intentional act. now to a story you'll see only on news 4. our cameras captured a life saving moment in the middle of the street. yesterday evening a man had a medical emergency at 11th street northwest near rhode island avenue. a fellow driver pull that had man out of the car when they found him unconscious. before paramedics got there, police officers started performing cpr. the man eventually started breathing and was able to stand up on his own. >> it was fairly dramatic on your footage. it is something that fire department sees many times every day 365
6:49 am
>> the man was rushed to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. eight people are dead and more rain is on the way in texas. it is not raining at this hour, but rivers are still swelling and they could reach record levels ash the houston area. in that same area, search crew of crews are looking for a boy who is missing right now. another boy is among the eight people now confirmed dead in those storms. d.c. is getting its chance to weigh in on decision 2016. early voting for the city's democratic primary starts at 6:30 this morning. you can open the nbc washington app to see which voting site is most convenient for you. early voting runs through union 11th and d.c.'s democratic primary is set for june 14th. today cleveland will present its security plan ahead of the summer's republican national convention. the city hopes to trimle its police force and it also ordered have a equipment including steel barriers in anticipation of
6:50 am
demonstrations. the convention runs july 18 through 21. it is now 5:50. today we get a better idea about plans to bring new transportation options to arlington county. officials there are trying to decide how to improve rans it after plans to build a street car along columbia pike was scrapped in 2014. the board will hold a public work session tonight to talk about the future options. 40,000 verizon workers are getting ready to rueturn to wor tomorrow. the union tentatively agreed to a contract with the company after the strike. the new contract adds about 1,000 new call center jobs and pay would go up 11% over the next four years. employees will vote on the deal after returning to work. that one hits bryce. >> they say it's a bruise, just a bruise. we'll see how bryce harper is
6:51 am
playing today. a fast ball hit the mvp right above his knee last night. you pretty much can hear it. he left the game after this happened. again the diagnosis just a bruise at this point. tonight's game set for 7:05. 88-mile-per-hour catch. >> i've been hit just playing catch and by ankle completely swelled up. so i can only imagine. >> you're no bryce harper. >> it wasn't an 888-mile-per-hor pitch and it was still swollen. >> are your arms tired from twirling the baton at the parade? >> how did you know? i got a good workout. you should see my back flip. >> aaron was the drum major. live tower camera showing breaks in the cloud cover on this tuesday morning. but you can see there is still some of the tropical humidity hanging in the air thank to the remnants of bonnie which is now exiting the eastern shore and we
6:52 am
all these counties in gray, dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 this morning. so watch out for that dense fog there here about another hour or so. use your low beams and slow down even after now the sky gets bright. make sure you have your headlights on. visibility in miles here down to zero around front royal and luray, but winchester getting a little better. martinsburg at zero, but no visibility problems locally. no rain anywhere on the storm team 4 radar. we're all dry. temperatures are near 70 right in the metro area pdand around e bay and off to the west, low 60s to near 60. your hour by hour forecast for this tuesday, by 10:00, most of the fog will be gone. we'll be in the mid-70s and partly cloudy. and that strong late may sun will be cooking us, we'll be in the low 80s by 2:00. mid-80s by 3:00 to 4:00. by
6:53 am
isolated thunderstorm coming through. a small chance. about a 30% chance again, that's like around 5:00 p.m., maybe to 8:00 p.m., an isolated brief storm coming through. and then tomorrow, partly cloudy, 60s in the morning and a little less humid, highs in the mid-80s. still above the average of 80. and then mid-70s on thursday. small chance of a storm, greater chance on friday afternoon and evening. over the weekend, next chance of any storms look to be on sunday. jack taylor checking on the morning commute. we have a fender-bender in the hov lanes up toward the 14th street bridge. a live look at the main lanes of the 14th street bridge there you're fine. sorry about the quality of the picture there. but the hov bridge unfortunately a fender-bender blocking the right lane. eastbound braddock they'near 12 accident there. authorities on scene. and blue and yellow lines return to normal service from an earlier malfunction. 270 south out of frederick
6:54 am
apparently everything is in the median so not a huge delay for now. we'll keep you posted. > >> reporter: i'm kristin wright in the district. aaa did a survey of d.c. residents and fought out that the parking situation is so bad in the district that 54% of people they talked to said they choose to dine out and shop in maryland and virginia. so there is a new parking meter rate increase and it starts tomorrow. things are about to get worse. $2.30 seems to be the magic number. parking meters in the district are going up from 75 cents an hour to $2.30 in normal demand areas. those are residential areas. premium demand, that's downtown, $2 to $2.30. same increase for commercial loading zones. so new parking meter rates start tomorrow at every single meter
6:55 am
back to you. looking live at reagan national airport, travelers tell us they're increasingly concerned about the wait before they even get the into the airport. transportation reporter adam tuss explains what could happen next. >> reporter: does it ever deal like there is anytime where it isn't a hassle getting to the airport specifically here at and i reagan national. things have gotten so crowded not just with tsa lines or dropping off your bags, but the actual traffic within the airport. of course our traffic getting to the airport is tough, but then you get here and you have to go around the airport loop and a lot of times now that can be a tough ride because so many people are coming here to reagan national airport and the airport is simply just busting with travelers. some people that we talked to say that they're giving themselves plenty extra time when they come here to dca. >> it has been crazy in the last month, month and a half. >> reporter: the airport authority says that they're fully aw
6:56 am
here at reagan national and they would like to see a lot of the passenger traffic shifted to dulles international so that it would lessen p the burden here. they are looking for traffic alternatives to try to make it easier for all of us. adam tuss, news 4. 6:56. here is four things to know before you head out. a man is expected to be okay after d.c. police officer saved his life during a medical emergency. our cameras captured the life saving moment in the middle of the street. eight people have died in widespread flooding in texas. rivers are swelling right now causing new flood warnings in that state and there is even more rain on the way. jury selection begins today in a unique murder trial in prince george's county pap shooting paralyzed the victim whom prosecutors say identified the suspect by blinking. the victim later died. and today a task force with prince george's county schools will release its findings regardi t
6:57 am
case. the report will include changes regarding how much access school volunteers have to students. and we have a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm today as well as on thursday. but a greater chance friday and then again on sunday. and summer like temperatures. >> all right, that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning. heading wes good morning. heading west in a hurry. hillary clinton cancelling an event in new jersey to get to california a day earlier than planned. a clear reaction to sanders gaining ground there. and our new national poll just out this morning with more bad news for the democratic frontrunner. flooding emerges. the death toll in texas climbs to at least nine people. rivers rising to historic levels. entire neighborhoods evacuated. there's more rain on the way today. fighting back. the mother of the little boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo depends her actions. she tells critics don't be too


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