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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  May 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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party at sky zone. i'm meagan fitzgerald, coming up we hear from his mother who says the theft was all caught on camera. first at 4:00, changes coming to prince georges county schools in the high-profile sex assault case. >> they recommended new reporting requirements and curriculum changes. this all comes after former school aid deontei carraway was accused of victimizing more than a dozen students. tracee wilkins live in upper marlboro where a meeting just wrapped up. tracee, what do you know? >> reporter: we have been anticipating what this task force found. their meetings were private and we had no access to what information was coming into that task force and what they were working on. now we know what the task force's recommendations are for the prince georges county school system. as you said this is all following the arrest
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carraway, the former aid turned volume tear who was facing federal charges for sexually assaulting and videotaping more than a dozen students who he had access to on school property and off school property. today the prince georges county school board held a press conference where charlene dukes who was chair of this task force of prince georges community college and also the chair of the prince georges county school board and kevin maxwell, ceo of the prince georges county school system explained what the task force found. here is what maxwell had to say about the overall recommendations made. >> it's not necessarily not having procedures, it's implementation. it's not not having policies necessarily, but are they being implemented appropriately? it's not necessarily that you don't have some curriculum and where we can improve in all of these areas is true, but is the curriculum being taught the way it's supposed to? you know, there's a big difference between place
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attempts to make the schools are an even safer place than they are. >> he does not feel like the prince georges county school system has a systematic rob lemm when it comes to dealing with student safety. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, what recommendations he said they needed to implement right away and what the school board is willing to do to see that is done. reporting live in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. donald trump still on the defensive this afternoon and the latest tweet the presumptive republican nominee touts his contributions to veterans groups which came after he blasted reporters for scrutinizing exactly how much money he raised and who got those funds and why it took so long to release the information. >> on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves. they are calling me and furious because i sent people checks of a lot of
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held earlier this year raised $5.6 million for veterans and his campaign previously refused to disclose which charities received the money. a new nbc news survey monkey weekly election tracking poll shows trump two points behind democratic front-runner hillary clinton. clinton is getting 47% of the vote compared to trump's 45%. that's within the margin of error, plus or minus two percentage points. in the democratic primary clinton's lead over senator bernie sanders is at 11%. erica? >> the city of cleveland says it's red for the upcoming gop convention and the security challenges that it may pose. city officials say you will see a lot of recording of police interactions and community engagement, but you won't see are many officers carrying military-style weapons or protective gear. >> anybody that wants to come into the city, let theiro
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we're here to assist them, but anybody that goes sideways and is not following the law, there's going to be consequences. >> some of donald trump's rallies have drawn intense protests and violence in some cases. cleveland police said they'll also be wearing body cameras. that convention starts july 18th. >> back close to home first at 4:00 today a 19-year-old man is recovering from serious injuries during a swimming accident. he lost hold of a rope swing and landed in shallow water. the teen was swimming in goose creek in ashburn's belmont neighborhood. julie carey went to the area to find out just what happened. >> team arjs have been coming to this spot along goose creek for three summers now and residents who live nearby have been warning something bad is going to happen. yesterday on this rope swing it did. a 19-year-old man let go of this rope swing
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hit the creek bottom. friends ran to nearby homes to call 911 and get help. the teen was eventually airlifted to innova fairfax hospital. residents who live in the cul-de-sac closest to the rope swing say they frequently call the sheriff's department to complain, worried about the danger. >> the kids are having a great time, but we all know it's a matter of time before something bad happens and unfortunately yesterday it did. >> ahead at 5:00, you'll hear from the loudoun fire department about the very difficult rescue to get that teenager out of the water and up this steep bank and then off to the hospital. metro's getting the word out it wants to remind you about the big changes in service starting this weekend. this massive, one-year maintenance plan known as safe track kicks off this saturday and the next phase will affect service on the orange and silver lines in northern virginia for 13 straight days, trains will be single and tracking around the clock between the boston and east falls church stations and after that, workers
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another stretch of track. you can search safe track on the nbc washington app for details on how this could impact you. >> first at 4:00, this afternoon, stealing joy from a 10-year-old boy. opening presents is one of the best parts of any kid's birthday party, right? a little boy in montgomery party had that taken away from him, but when someone walked away with all of his presents. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has his story. >> reporter: a montgomery county woman said she held her son's 10-year-old birthday party here on may 7th. over two dozen kids showed up and all of them with gifts and by the time the party ended, that's when she realized those presents were stolen. >> asiatu said this is the last big birthday party her son was going to have for a while so they decided to go all out. 25 kids showed up to the sky zone in gaithersburg and the bill was close to $500. >> it was very sad initially and then he said, well, maybe they need the gifts.
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maybe we should just let them have it. it's not about the gifts. it's just the fact that somebody would steal from a 10-year-old. >> reporter: a sky zone manager tells us that they're cooperating with the police investigation, but say they're not responsible for stolen items. police say this is an active and ongoing investigation, but charges could soon come. coming up at 5:00, hear from coughman and the advice she has for parents. feeding the meters is about to hit your wallet harder. how much you can expect to pay in a very short amount of time. video is stunning. an aggressive driver steers his car right on to a man's motorcycle. check it out. what led to all of this right here first at 4:00. >> most of us on the dry side right now tracking one lone shower just out of the south just north of fredericksburg, moving down to the south and we'll talk about the chance for showers the next couple of days and nice, warm weather, but a bitunsettle d
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in florida that was caught on video. this happened last night after a memorial day bike ride for veterans near tampa. so this car suddenly turns right -- look right there over a motorcycle. the man and woman that were on
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hurt, but the driver is charged with aggravated battery and leaving the scene of an accident. one witness told police just before the crash the people on the bike had been yelling at the driver because he had cut in front of them. >> wow. imagine having a flight delayed, not once, not twice, but three times. that happened for passengers aboard an allegiant airlines. allegiant, sorry, folks. it was misspelled in there. airline flight from florida to north carolina yesterday. the plane first returned to the gate when the passenger had a medical issue and then electrical problems forced them to turn around once it was in the air and boarding was stopped when a piece of emergency equipment had to be inspected and the flight finally made off more than ten hours of delays. get ready to pay more for parking in the district. meter rates are going up tomorrow. it will now cost you
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hour to park in premium demand zones like georgetown and adams morgan. those parking in normal zones will be hit the hardest. the rates there are jumping from 75 cents an hour to $2.30. aaa atlanta estimates the increase along with last year's increase on parking violations finds will bring in an additional $12 to $18 million a year. >> with mooerted parking about to get more expensive in d.c., we want to know will this change your hants? it's our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. you can call or text the number on your screen. you can also vote over on the nbc washington facebook page. commuting is already tough around here, but imagine arriving at your destination, but you can't get there. where planners could keep you from making a left hand turn. on aler
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first at 4:00s, there are now 591 known casesa, cross the nation as of last thursday. 18 of them are in virginia. in maryland, there are 17 people reportedly with the virus. there are four cases in d.c. the cdc says all of the cases involve people infected while traveling abr
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could change the summer when mosquitos that spread the virus are expected to increase in number. first 4:00 traffic alert in the tysons corner in vienna area. plans are in the works to realign old courthouse road and right now that's a heavily traveled section of winding road. in addition to road improvements, the ro ject includes new pedestrian and bike paths. details of the plans will be discussed at a meeting tonight. your input is welcome and it begins at 7:00 at wolftrap elementary school. well, not far away in the heart of tysons, there is a new idea to improve one of the busiest roads in our area. route 123. >> you know this is right when you get stuck behind a car trying to make that left hand turn. what if left turns went away all together? adaum tuss has a look at the super street concept. >> reporter: we are constantly in terms of better design when it comes to our roads, right? so what about elin
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road? that's an idea being considered on busy route 123 and the whole idea would be to take away the potential conflict point of those cars making a left hand turn. of course, as you might imagine this is quite a polarizing issue. >> it will jack some stuff up. i'm not in favor of that. >> you need to make a left sometimes? >> you have to make a left. >> coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we'll talk to growth experts who say they're not completely sold on this whole super street idea here for 123, plus, why would it make sense to do that. in tysons, adam tuss, news 4. a weather warning from the white house. president obama is urging everyone to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. he id fema has made strides in being ready to help when hurricanes and other disasters hit including the launch of a new app. he also said the own us is on everybody to obey
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orders and have an emergency kit ready. >> some public complacency is slipping in. it only takes one. it just takes one big disaster that -- for us to really see some severe impacts. >> storm team four predicts only a slightly above average hurricane this year with most storms in our region staying well out to sea. well, doug kammerer is still tracking remnants of bonnie today and boy, did it get sticky out there or what today, doug? >> a little bit on the warm and humid sideac ssro the region. you know that, guys. the temperatures are close to 80 degrees and it will be a very warm night and a very warm couple of days and let's take a look and show you what's happening. you notice i said warm and not hot. we'll stay in the 80s and we don't have 90s as of yet and out there right now and a nice bug out here.
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85. not too much of a heat index and it's warm on the humid side under partly to mostly sunny skies. 82, quantico and 88 degrees in manassas and leesburg. there is definitely heat out there across our region and it will continue as we move on through. the hours i report and hanley, this is all on you, my friend. trees on the moderate side and grasses and mold are on the high side. a lot of pollen and allergies continue to be reporteded. we had seen one shower in fairfax county that's drifted down to the south and for most of us, no rain. the only area of rain is to the north of fredericksburg around i-95 and another little shower into charles county and these are saggy to the south and they'll develop and nothing strong at all and just a quick couple of raindrops on your windshield and that's about it. satellite and radar together actually showing this and coming together right here. look at this little batch of rain and a little shower
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you mentioned bonnie. it's now moved back over the water and kwu can still see a very defined circulation and it will continue to move up to the north and eventually out to sea and what it helps for us to do is clear out during the day tomorrow, too, but we will still see an isolated shower chance tomorrow. what to expect tonight and no problems. tomorrow morning starting off on a very good note, i think. we'll see it in the way of louds and mostly sunny skies at this point and watch what happens around 2:00. and starting to see scattered showers developing and most of us will be dry just like today and we can't rule out an isolated shower and same thing going for 6:00 tomorrow night. tomorrow's forecast, 72 early in the morning and a very warm start and a very warm afternoon. temperatures around 85 degrees between 3:00 and 4:00. do you need the umbrella? probably not. you may need it on thursday and an isolated chance of a shower and 81 on friday with a 50% chance of showers and
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expect you to leave the umbrella for portions of the afternoon and on saturday looking at a nice day and high temperatures of 86 degrees and but, still a 50/50 weekend and saturday's nice. you know what that means for sunday and we'll talk much more about that. it's not all that bad, but just the chance of rain. >> always a bright side. >> kids health in more danger than many of us thought. first at 4:00 today, the health threat that some doctors now say we've been underestimating. the shooting of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo, only the beginning. new this afternoon why police rhanging thei
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this is scott macfarlane at the live desk. we are following breaking news in annapolis where human remains were found. chopper 4 is live over the scene of industrial drive. police have tape off the parking lot there and seem to be searching in the woods nearby. the medical examiner is on the way to the scene, we are told. we'll have more on this as the information comes in on our nbc washington app. jim? >> thank you, scott. if you're worried about your kids getting a concussion, new information shows it happens more often than we thought. >> nbc's erica edwards explains why the official number might actually be too low. >> good! >> reporter: in 2009
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quarter million children and teenagers sought treatment of for a traumatic brain injury sustained in sports or another recreation and that number is based on visits to the emergency departments. now a new study suggests that figure may greatly underestimate the true number of youth concussions. >> primary care pediatricians are the first stop for many kids with concussion. >> reporter: dr. christy arbogast at the children's hospital of philadelphia examined their hospital system's records for more than 8,000 children diagnosed with a concussion. the majority did not go to the e.r. first, heading instead to their primary care doctor. >> i think these results will help shift how we count concussions in this country. the main physical symptoms of a concussion include headache, blurred vision, nausea and dizziness. other signs may be more subtle. >> your child might be a little bit more confused or fe
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headed some, people say. they might have problems remembering sings that you've told them. experts remind parents, trust your gut, if you think your child's head injury is serious, seek immediate medical attention. erica edwards, nbc news. first at 4:00, it's the video that has everybody weighing in. now someone else is getting in on the conversation involving the shooting of a gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure. we'll tell you how police are stepping in. stopping change, the community that's outraged over a homeless shelr that'ste
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now at 4:30, prince georges public schools are promising change in the case of a high-profile sex assault case. a newly created task force is recommending new requirements to report possible cases. former school aide deonte carraway was arrested and accused of abusing more than a dozen students. a 19-year-old man is recovering after slipping off a tree swing. rescuers had to fly him to innova fairfax last night. neighbors say they have been worried about an increase in people swimming there over the past few summers. metro isge
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project out. starting saturday, safe track will address major issues. the first phase will affect the orange and silver lines in northern virginia. ♪ so you tell me if a 4-year-old child can get through the physical barrier, is that a safe barrier? >> that comment today from an animal rights activist who is calling for the maximum federal penalty against the cincinnati zoo for having inadequate enclosures as he puts it. as you know by now, a gorilla was shot and killed over the weekend when a child managed to get into that exhibit. today a prosecutor's office says police have opened an investigation into this incident. the polls are now open for d.c. voters to cast their ballots before the june 14th primary. 1 judiciary square is the first location it allow early voting. today through june 11th, polls will be
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8:30 in the morning through 7:00 in the evening and several other early voting centers will open across the district on saturday. we put a full list on the nbc washington app and just search early voting. >> now to donald trump and veterans. he called reporters together today to detail how he distributed nearly $6 million from the fund-raiser he held in iowa back in january. trump also took the opportunity to blast the media for asking some tough questions. steve handelsman tracking the story from capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: blast is right. hi, erica. donald trump had two message e number one, don't believe negative news reports about him and number two, do believe him. [ applause ] donald trump boasted no one could have raised what he did for veterans. >> $5,600,000 total and we're going to have some more coming. >> reporter: in january in iowa, instead of debating, trump held an event for veterans.
4:32 pm
20 groups got. >> green beret foundation, $350,000. this is my check for $1 million. >> reporter: trump got live coverage, but he's angry. media have been asking why vets groups were waiting for funds. >> instead of being, like, thank you very much, mr. trump or trump did a good job, everyone was saying who got it? who got it? who got it? and you make me look very bad. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. >> trump needs to stop. he's using veterans as props. >> he would not have donated that money if we did not stand up and hold him accountable and if the press did not investigate to see whether he actually lived up to his promises. >> reporter: inside were supportive vets. >> donald trump is doing this from the heart. >> reporter: in santa cruz, bernie sanders campaigned hard to win the california primary. the state's popular
4:33 pm
governor jerry brown endorsed hillary clinton who still looks on track to lock her nomination and take on a combative trump. >> do you think i'll change? i'm not changing. >> he and the democrats will have to unite their fractured parties. trump called it healing after what he called the rough primaries that for hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still rough. i'm steve. >> president obama welcoming coach jay wright and the villanova mens basketball team to the white house. those are live pictures for you for winning this year's ncaa championship. if you recall, they beat north carolina for the stunning three-point buzzer beater from chris jenkins from upper marlboro and went to gonzaga high school. president obama is not only a big basketball fan and he fills out his own bracket picks during the tournamen this year he picked kansas to
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in the wheel house. they all look good together. those players clean up nice. we'll have more at 5:00 and hear from them coming up, too. today the d.c. council approved a plan to close the d.c. general homeless shelter and opened up smaller family shelters throughout the district. this vote comes after council members and mayor muriel bowser battled over where those smaller shelters will be built. bowser's original plan called for private developers on private land, but the council's new plan places all of the shelters on city-owned land. today bowser issued a statement praising the council for his action and she's also looking forward to working together to completing the new plans. a plan to relocate a homeless shelter in fairfax county is sparking controversy. it would be moved along to a site along shackleford terrace, right behind a senior center and some neighbors are not happy about that. our northern virginia bureau reporter david
4:35 pm
on that story. for nearly 30 years the bentley crossroads community center is operating on this spot. the county in fairfax now plans to close this location and move it from here to another spot. that second location, right here. just a few miles away, really, but it's this open space in the lincolnia area and that's where the temporary shelter will be built and it will last four to five years according to the county. it neighbors a couple of homes on this side as well as the back side and a senior center owneded by fairfax county, but folks who live in this area are not liking this proposal ahead on news 4 at 5:00, you'll meet two of them and you'll meet from the county supervisor who says this is the best solution. in alexandria section of fairfax county, i'm david culver, news 4. well, not a bad-looking day out there. we do have a few clouds in place, and just a lonely, isolated shower is just south of
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d.c. otherwise, it was just a warm and humid day, and we've got some clouds out there from the tower camera and again, a good-looking evening. all right, evening planner if you want to plan the temperature right now. 84 degrees and we'll slip into the lower 80s by the time we get to 7:00 and we'll fall into the 07s and there's an isolated chance of a shower out there and most of us will stay dry. there's that shower right there coming into charles county and then also just around aquia harbor and the dunn frees area and those will continue to sink to the south and most are staying dry. you don't have a dry seven day and we'll have that coming up in just a few minutes. remember when rain and storms are moving in, you can stay one step ahead of things and check out radar any time and see when rough weather is moving into your neighborhood. a new distinction for the district. we'll tell you what's coming to the nation's capital that o
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three u.s. cities have. chain reaction nightmare. these pictures have been lighting up social media all day. so how could anyone survive a crash like this? ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> mayor rahm emanuel says the violence in chicago over the memorial day weekend is unacceptable. 63 -- 63 people were shot, six people were killeded. today emanuel called for tougher gun laws and stiffer sentences for repeat gun o funders. >> i want to make sure that if you go look at what happened there's a high level of correlation of gang on gang violence and people with records of violence who are still on the streets. >> according to the chicago tribune, there have been more than 1400 shooting victims in the city so far this year. it's an incredible story of perseverance told on national television. a d.c. man is now a u.s. military interpreter, but he's talking about what it was like to move to america after years of hiding from the taliban.
4:41 pm
>> when i came to the u.s. i had two pants and two t-shirts and a sneaker. the first night i slept in america it was the best night's sleep after almost three years. >> reporter: nakib says it was videos of "ellen's" show on his computer that gave him hope as he and his family hid from extremists. on today's show he thanked her in person and ellen in turn gave him a big-screen tv and dvd of every single "ellen" show. you can watch "ellen" at 3:00 on nbc 4 followed by news 4 at 4:00. feeling like doing good? consider participating in the united way's do more 24 on june 2nd, united way is helping hundreds of non-profits raise money. nbc 4 is a proud partner, too. we're all hoping to raise money to help local organizations dedicated to helping our community. >> this is a way of giving them increased reach on t
4:42 pm
to showcase the work that they do in our community. >> there's information on how to donate to do more 24 on june 2nd on transforming the washington convention center. the big event just days away that will bring thousands to the area and it's sure to be a colorful crowd. but first, high waters, pouring rain and the worst may not be over yet. we're taking you
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there is a short break in the rain over southeast texas, but more is expected over the next several days. >> all of this in an area that's already submerged in deadly floodwaters. nbc's jay gray is in an area southwest of houston in one of the communities that is now dealing with serious flooding. jay? >> reporter: hi there, erica. as you talk about, there are parts of texas under water. it stretches for miles. you hear the hum. we're going give you some perspective from this drone. you can see this neighborhood under water. cars and homes suffer, and already nine people have died as a result of flooding and officials fear that number and the water could continue to climb. >> reporter: from the air, the water seems to stretch forever. on the ground, for many it's wh
4:46 pm
>> it's scary. we've never expected anything like this to happen in our community. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations are under way after several days of heavy rain across southeast texas. horses looking for shelter on flooded farms. neighborhoods on the verge of being washed away. cars and homes under water, some struggling to find higher ground with many working to save whatever they can. >> i took my dogs before i took anything else. >> the water in ditsy lee franklin's home is gone, but it was up over the mantle. >> it is what it is and i'm really thankful that we're both okay. >> in neighborhoods where street signs look more like buoys, water rescues and the search for survivors continues. including this area near austin where teams have been working for four straight days now. >> on the night of the flood we received a 911 call and that caller said they saw a person holding on to a pole. they got swept away i
4:47 pm
area. an area like so many across the region, fighting to stay above the rising floodwaters. forecasters warn more rain could be on the way and some of the hardest-hit areas for the next several days. that's the latest here live in rosenberg, texas. i'm jay. erica, back to you. >> what a perspective that live drone. that's a first in washington. >> thank you, jay. >> quite a shot. is anything like that coming our way. >> lauren rickets, standing by. definitely unsettled, right? >> unsettled, but nothing like texas. all of that floodwater, my goodness and they'll have multiple amounts of rain through thursday and an upper level low through northern mexico and pulling in the gulf moisture and you get the heavy rain from san antonio into dallas and it gets absorbed once it gets into the gulf of mexico. us here, we're just sei
4:48 pm
isolated showers and that's about it coming south of alexandria near whorton and quantico. you can see just a few isolated showers and that's the way it will be as they continue to sink south and another frontal boundary. wednesday will be almost a spitting image of today. we do have more rain for the end of the workweek and have a pretty strong frontal system come through on friday and again on sunday. so saturday, looking like the pick of the weekend if you have to have one. temperatures out there, it is warm and humid and we're in the mid-80s and we have fallen into the 60s tonight outside the beltway and inside the beltway, temperatures will fall under 70 degrees and we'll have a little fog that will settle into the area, similar to this morning and we have some patchy fog especially around the shenandoah valley. as far as your commuter forecast goes and we're looking at patchy fog tomorrow morning and it is going to be slightly humid and dew points and measured moistu
4:49 pm
mid to upper 60s so just a touch less humidity, but still, you'll want to put that hairspray on because that hair will go frizzy. we have isolated showers with temperatures in the low to mid-80s. we're looking at highs tomorrow in the mid-80s. so it will be another warm day and you did top out in the 80s today and we'll be in the 80s and we'll have another isolated chance of a shower and most likely you are going stay dry tomorrow and then as we good into thursday and friday and some better chances of rain, but as i said, saturday looking like the pick of the weekend and temperatures will be in the mid-80s and it will be a great saturday and we have a frontal system that will scoot through the area and rains will be heavy at times and we could have a few thunderstorms, as well and just giving you a plan ahead because you always look for the weekend, even though it is only tuesday and wednesday looking good, very similar to today and temperatures drop over thursday because we'll have more cloud cover and then as we get into
4:50 pm
the low 80s and showers and thunderstorms possible and saturday looking sdmies beautiful. again, some showers and thunderstorms and we'll get some sunshine for the beginning of next week. guys? >> first at 4:00, fresh criticism over plans to renovate one of the oldest and most acclaimed schools in the district. the cost to build a new duke ellington school for the arts has more than doubled from $71 million to more than $178 million. that's according to a city auditor who says the renovation program has had little discipline to date. news 4's scott macfarlane broke the story earlier today on twitter and demolition on the georgetown location has already begun. the ellington school includes singer denise graves and comedian dave chappelle among notable alumni. we expect to hear some time next month about the condition of drinking water in alexandria schools. officials took samples of the water today from all city schoolsr
4:51 pm
the school system says it's not aware of any problems, but in light of the issues in flint decided to test water just to be sure. >> all right. we all know d.c. is more than just monuments and politics, right? it's also a really great restaurant town and now the rest of the world will know that, too. the prestigious michelin guide has added the nation's capital to its list of cities it's reviewed. it's only the fourth american city to be part of the guide, joining san francisco, new york and chicago. michelin says washington is a natural choice because of its diverse international community is reflected in its dining scene. >> secondly, people in washington, d.c., love to go out. the dining options are enormous, varied and constantly evolving. washington has truly become an exciting dining destination. d.c. mayor, muriel bowser was on hand for today's announcement and said the city
4:52 pm
released in october. that's how we roll here. don't be surprised if you see superheroes around town and the washington convention center will be packed with people attending awesome con. it celebrates pop culture, comic book, tv shows like x-men, captain america and the upcoming ninja turtles. awesome con started four years ago with 7,000 attendees. this year, 50,000 people are expected to attend. the event's founder told us today what to expect. >> we've got some amazing celebrities coming out from peter capaldi who is the doctor on dr. who. >> the original batman and robin, adam west and the burt ward. >> the new star trek. >> he does a great job, and there are so many people from every different walk of life. something for everyone. >> aweso
4:53 pm
friday and side. stories you will only see here on news 4. 30 years our area rocked out to one of its infamous concerts. so infamous it's now become a piece of pop culture history. we'll take you inside a new exhibit that looks back at a legendary night. banned from graduation. the controversy rocking a local high school. what has parents fighting for their kids to get their diploma. the shocking video of a tractor trailer dangling over the side of an overpass. now for the first time the man inside tells us what he did to survive.
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a school bus crashed into this house in north carolina. check it out. the crash injured the bus driver and 14 students. it's still unclear what caused the bus driver to lose control of that bus, but the bus went down an embankment, striking a car along the way. no one was inside the house at the time. a developing story right now. a big head's up if you have overseas travel plans for the summer. the u.s. state department just issued a new travel warning for europe. over the potential for terror attacks. the alert says major sporting event, tourist sites, restaurants and shopping centers are all possible targets.
4:57 pm
catholic churches, world youth day in poland and the european soccer championship in france. tonight we're hearing from the tractor trailer driver who survived an accident in new york city. >> he talks about the moments when his life literally hung in the balance. nbc's ray villeda has our report. >> reporter: laughing with seven stitches and neck pain, but alive. pablo lopez was driving this empty tractor trailer from connecticut to new jersey this memorial day when a car hit his front wheel and that caused him to lose control and he ended up hitting another car and slammed through a guardrail and he was dangling over the overpass. >> reporter: lopez tells me in spanish that he held on. my seat belt, i take it off quickly because the raining diesel on my person expect
4:58 pm
yeah. that's it. >> you landed on your feet. >> his clothes were in a bag as he walked out of st. barnebus hospital. he tells me the whole time he tried to remain calm. >> reporter: why were you not scared? >> i don't know. all time. all time keep normal. >> the crash shut down the expressways for much of the day. crews eventually were able to lift the mangled cab of the truck back on to the roadway. >> how are you feeling right now? >> nice. nice. i feel nice. >> you feel lucky? >> yes. my god. my god is big with me. >> that driver says he's only had one other accident in his 18 years of operating tractor trailers. the crash caused so much damage that repairs lasted well into today. right now at 5:00, a suspicious man near school kids. how one local school district is now changing the dismissal
4:59 pm
all out there. he reveals the money trail for veteran fund-raisers. why not all of the vets are happy about this. backlash and confusion. the unexpected outcome when high school students were caught drinking at the prom. it's an unthinkable crime. children sexually abused inside an elementary school. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm erica gonzalez. >> a former school aide in prince georges county is accused of doing just that. today school leaders announced a new set of recommendations to make sure your children are safe while at school. prince georges county bureau chief, tracee wilkins with a look at what's going on change. tracee? >> reporter: shortly after the arrest of that school aide, school ceo kevin maxwell in a prince georges county announced a task force that was charged with the responsible the of figuring out how to make schools more safe for students and today we found out what they decided.
5:00 pm
>> this is personal to me. >> prince georges county school ceo kevin maxwell announced today that he's eager to implement the nearly 60 recommendations named by a task force looking at how to improve student safety. >> as i read the report is that people didn't want to know what they were doing. it's a way to improve it. >> the task force led by prince georges community college president charlene dukes was commissioned by dr. maxwell following the arrest of a former school aid during volunteer deonte carraway. carraway is facing federal charges for videotaping more than a dozen students on and off school property. >> the task force believes that these recommendations are just a starting point. >> some of the changes to be implemented includes the ceo reporting safety improvements publicly every year. there will be a new office of monitoring, accountability and compliance created that reports to the ceo. there will also be the creation


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