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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is personal to me. >> prince georges county school ceo kevin maxwell announced today that he's eager to implement the nearly 60 recommendations named by a task force looking at how to improve student safety. >> as i read the report is that people didn't want to know what they were doing. it's a way to improve it. >> the task force led by prince georges community college president charlene dukes was commissioned by dr. maxwell following the arrest of a former school aid during volunteer deonte carraway. carraway is facing federal charges for videotaping more than a dozen students on and off school property. >> the task force believes that these recommendations are just a starting point. >> some of the changes to be implemented includes the ceo reporting safety improvements publicly every year. there will be a new office of monitoring, accountability and compliance created that reports to the ceo. there will also be the creation
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and has not received sexual abuse prevention training. >> children and parents need to know everything is being done to support them. >> classes geared at preventing child abuse for k through 12. training to improve volunteers, vendors and contractors as well. there is a new mandate that all employees report suspected child abuse to the department of social services, something that was not required before. >> our job isn't to protect each other. our job is to protect the children in our charge. >> the board will be meeting throughout the summer to get the changes immremed as soon as pol. today was important because this was the first time we had the opportunity to hear what the task force was working on and what they found. their meetings were closed to the public and it was countered to in a letter to the attorney general's office and one person
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to these meetings. no word yet on what the attorney general found and that request. reporting live from upper marlboro. i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. >> what did the task force say about carraway and the charges against him? >> reporter: nothing. in pack, deonte carraway's name was not mentioned throughout the task force and they did not discuss or use sexual abuse when talking about what happened to these students. it was very curious. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we'll look at why they did not mention carraway's name specifically. >> tracee wilkins. thank you. police in arlington plan to step up patrols during school dismissals after several reports of a suspicious man near children. in three of the cases the kids reported seeing a man in a dark-colored pickup truck. in two of the cases the man tried to get them into his vehicle. another child reported seeing a man in a newer model sedan and said she'd seen that same vehicle a couple of times with the man appearing to wait for h.
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i'm tisha thompson at the live desk. we just learned of a robbery in tinnily town. it is the fourth robbery in a mile radius in the last month. today's attack happened on wisconsin avenue in northwest and police are looking for who they describe as four to five teens who could be responsible. now, about a month ago a student was stabbed just about a block away, walking to wilson high school and then two days later a student was attacked outside georgetown day high school and just last week, another teen was abducted and sexually assaulted in friendship heights. police have not given us the age or told us whether or not the victim was hurt in today's attack. erica? >> all right. tisha, thank you so very much. arlington police looking for a man involved in a dangerous dine and dash. they say a restaurant worker chased a customer to his car when the customer left without
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in front of the vehicle to keep him from leaving, but they say the customer hit the worker and then ran over his legs and kept going. this happened late last friday night along columbia pike just off gleeb road. from columbia pike, we know how frustrating it can be getting stuck behind someone trying to make a left turn. what if left hand turns went away to keep the traffic flowing. that is one idea considered for the tysons corner area. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live with details on that. adam? >> that's right, jim. this is a change that could affect tens of thousands of drivers here along busy route 123 in the tysons area. don't like left turns? yes, simply eliminate them and if you can imagine that idea is quite a bit polarizing here. road design isn't the flashiest topic until it affects y
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there are opinions about eliminating a number of left-hand turns along route 123. >> yeah. that will jack some stuff up. i'm not in favor of that. >> you need to make a left sometimes? >> you have to make a left. >> it could help because then you wouldn't have people waiting for the left hand turns. >> reporter: route 123 in this area would become a so-called super street. what exactly is that? >> how does it work? >> the super street? >> got a lot of u-turns and things. you're not allowed to make left turns. >> here is a rough sketch of other super streets from the federal highway administration. there are a lot of rules, but ultimately it's expected to help keep traffic flowing. stewart schwartz isn't sold on the super street. >> it's about movement of cars, not necessarily about pedestrians and it could make it less safe for p/eed pedestrians give them a much longer crossing time further discouraging both sides of the road. >> reporter: fairfax county ne
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happening in tysons, more jobs and housing, 123 can't stay in its current form. the county department of transportation tells news 4 we think this concept is necessary in order for route 123 to function at a reasonable level. we don't have an option other than this so for right now, more study, but it appears it's just a matter of time before this road changes. >> reporter: back here now live as the traffic makes its way on to route 123. another obstacle facing this whole idea, erica. this road, 123 goes right into tyson's mall. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you so very much. as metro prepares to launch safe track. the transit area will alert you to the program and at some transfer points like metro center and lafont plaza, workers are handing out flyers and it will include more single
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closing for periods of time. there will also be no late night weekend rail service. we go now to doug kammerer keeping an eye to the skies and kind of gray. more than anything it just feels soupy out there maybe? >> soupy. and you saw those clouds, erica. those were cumulous congested clouds. i knew it was on the tip of your tongue out there. that's what we're dealing with, though. that's the kind of atmosphere you have. you have the cumulous clouds because we have some moisture and we have nice, warm temperatures and 85 degrees and 87, philly and 74 at the beaches in ocean city and a very nice day there, too and it's been beautiful today and very typical of what we would see during the portions of summer and above average today. one area of storminess and we say storminess and one area of showers and we're watching the boundary make it's way south.
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to the north of hartwood there. most of us, 99% of us will be dry. nice and warm the next couple of days and a bit unsettled as we head toward the weekend and we'll talk about that and watching the all-important weekend and one day has a much better chance of rain than the other and i'll see you back in a minute. >> thank you. it's a rite of passage and one of the biggest days in a young person's life and tomorrow, graduation at a local high school will be overshadowed by a controversy over who is allowed to attend. news 4's chris gordon is live in bethesda to explain for us. chris? we learned about this controversy from the local list served. we talked to some people here at bethesda chevy chase high school and we can tell you this community is divided tonight over recent events leading to tomorrow's graduation. seniors lined up outside bcc high school today for graduation
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who were banned from participating in the ceremony by principal dr. donna jones for allegedly being drunk at the prom in violation of the school's policy against alcohol at school events. >> everybody was operating under that impression. we feel the pt appeals that that was a huge deterrent at our prom this year and it worked. >> reporter: but last week the principal's decision to exclude the six students from the bcc graduation ceremony was overturned by interim school superintendent larry bowers who wrote to parents saying the board of education policy is clear that as a matter of general practice, the exclusion from commencement ceremonies will not be included in local school policies regarding disciplinary standards and procedures. >> our community is outraged because we don't know how to proceed next year, worrying, what are we going to say as a deterrent for this be
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the decision to allow the six students to receive their diplomas at graduation. >> you did all of the work up to senior year. one mess up shouldn't affect all of that. >> i think it's really important for people, especially young people to understand consequences. >> i understand that principal jones' intentions were to keep people safe, but at the same time i kind of felt like singling out these six kids was a little harsh considering there were a lot of people who weren't caught. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, whether this con ro versy is going to affect tomorrow's graduation. that's the latest, erica, back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you very much. the fight over california getting tighter and hillary clinton has new ammo and bernie sanders is digging his heels into the battle that could give him new leverage at the democratic national convention. police shot a man accused
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stealing crab legs. now we know that off-duty cop may have perceived a real danger. plans to close this community shelter mere in fairfax county sparking
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democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and burdeny sanders are campaigning hard in california with the primary just a week away, both candidates are focused squarely on the golden state. on the republican side of things donald trump is trying to put questions about a fund-raiser he held for vets behind him. >> this is my check for $1 million. >> reporter: donald trump on the defensive today answering questions about a fund-raiser he held for veterans earlier this year. until today the campaign hadn't disclosed who received the money or how much was raised. >> i raised close to $6 million. it will probably be over that amount when it's all said and done, but as of this moment it's $5.6 million. >> reporter: trump read a list of more than 40 charities that he says have already cashed checks and then blasted the press for raising questions. >> but i didn't want to have credit for it. now, actually, though, what i got was worse than credit. >> i think donald trump believes that veterans
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veterans blasted trump. >> he would not have donated that money if we did not stand up and hold him accountable and if the press did not investigate to see whether he actually lived up to his promises. >> reporter: also today, democratic candidate hillary clinton pushing back against trump unveiling her campaign proposal on veterans and their families in a news release. hours later, she picked up a key endorsement in california with popular governor jerry brown, calling her, quote, the only path forward to stop trump. clinton left new jersey today to spend the next five days in the golden state. california ons go to the polls next tuesday and clinton is hoping for a decisive victory and an end to her race with bernie sanders. he spent the day talking to doctors and nurses in northern california. >> bernie! bernie! >> reporter: sanders hasn't left the state since last week and some polls show a tight race between he and clinton in california. the ongoing contest between clinton and
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hurting the former secretary of state in the polls. the latest weekly nbc survey monkey poll shows that clinton leading trump by just two points which makes the race virtual tie considering the margin of error. some experts say clinton's lead would go up if sanders were to drop out of the race. >> we're used to seeing political signs lining roads with folks in texas apparently really don't like donald trump. changing construction signs over the weekend to read trump is a shape-shifting lizard. another read bernie for president. the signs are back to normal now and transportation officials in dallas are not laughing. >> any sort of tampering with that sort of stuff is a third-degree felony. it's not something you can do remotely or with a cell phone or anything like that. you have to be there and get in there and power it up and get in there and break the password. >> reporter: transportation officials are reviewing security measures and they say the hacked
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along with the distraction, they also take away the needed safety message. the city of cleveland is outlining its plans for security for the upcoming republican party convention several trump rallies have drawn intense, and they've taken note of that. there will be more police officers on bicycles, horses, motorcycles and they'll all be wearing body cameras. police say there will also be a special video upity to help document any incidents. >> a plan to relocate a homeless shelter in fairfax county is not sitting well with some neighbors. they believe the move even if temporary would do more harm than good. the facility is headed to a site along shackleford terrace right behind a senior center. today neighbors shared their concerns with david culver. >> the sounds of change already echoing on the neighboring land. the proposal to
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it served the homeless here since 1987. in its place just off columbia pike would be 375 apartment units and they acknowledge the homeless need somewhere to go. >> people who are homeless deserve to have decent housing, even if it is a shelter. >> supervisor penny gross supports a plan to move the shelter to this plot of land. it's between two subdivisions behind a senior center. >> it is designed to be temporary and it does not fulfill what you really want to do with a permanent location which is provide transitional housing. >> but the proposed move, not going over well with neighbors. >> is there any negotiating here and is there a willingness to let anything be built on this? >> no, and i say that very honestly. this is a very overbuilt parcel of land. >> debbie frazier has lived here since 2010. she's now president of her neighborhood association. she questions a temporary move that takes
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community's open space. >> if they think six years down the road there will be another parcel of land, they've got to be kidding themselves. >> they simply don't want the homeless in their back yard. that's not true at all. we think the homeless population need a home. i would only move the shelter once and so far we haven't found the permanent site. >> when the permanent center is found, what will become of the temporary shelter? a murder witness who blinked to identify his shooter is now under way in prince georges county. jermaine hails is accused of shooting a man, leaving that victim paralyzed from the neck down. melvin pate identified hails by blinking at a police photo lineup. he died in 2012 and the case has gone through a series of hearings and appeals. maryland's court of appeals say
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be admissible in court. >> you may be astonished to hear how many mistakes are made in medical billing. they finder rors of 75% of medicare claims. olivia sterns has been looking into this. she talked with a new mom who was billed for two different deliveries for one baby. >> that was around $11,000. >> $11,000? >> yes. >> the anesthesia. >> it was for both the vaginal delivery and the cesarean. >> but you only had one delivery. >> right. i only had one baby. >> tonight on "nightly news" at 7:00, olivia sterns where you can turn when you have a medical billing mistake. a gorilla had to be put down at the zoo. why some folks want the federal government to get involved after a child fell into the animal's enclosu enclosure. >> and if you haven't heard by now, it's about to get more expensive for you to park in some parts of d.c.
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going to cost you a bit more to go out. coming up on news 4, it was 30 years ago today in this very parking lot. i'm mark
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. throwing out there
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yeah, a little bit of that. it is a little bit on the warm side. not quite hot, but temperatures in the mid-80s and you can see the haze out there right now. yeah, a little bit on the humid side, too. current temperatures sitting at 84 under some sunshine and look at the heat index at 86. so it does feel on the hot and humid side today. 88 in leesburg. that's hot. 88 manassas and 88 in warrenton and those are the hot areas and 82 in clinton and 72 toward annapolis and a nice day along the water on the chesapeake. the one factor that we've seen recently tick up has been the pollen and the allergy report. trees are on the moderate side and grasses and mold and pollen are very, very high. i'm sure you're hitting the pills extra hard as far as the allergies go. as far as rain is concerned we're not seeing anything now except to the south and around fredericksburg we're seeing showers in stafford county and they were in quantico over an hour ago and they're just slowly drifting down to the south
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let's zoom on and show you exactly where this is. if you live in this area you may be seeing showers. hartwood, might clip on your area as you make your way in over the next half hour. satellite and radar showing not much across our area and a few clouds to the north and you notice down to the south and notice the spin in the atmosphere and that was tropical storm bonnie. bonnie just sitting down here and it was expected to be out of the north and out of the region over the next couple of days and helping to pump in some of that moisture off the atlantic ocean. we are going to get an easterly flow here so watch how she's showers try to develop tomorrow and not much tomorrow morning and no problems and then they move in from the east and maybe a couple of isolated showers. i'm really not putting them in the forecast and most of the day will be dry. you will not need the umbrella much at all tomorrow and don't be surprised by an isolated shower and same deal at 6:00. here's one and another one. not much in the way of rain. bus stop forecast.
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sunshine to start off our day and could be some areas of fog and that's something we'll watch for. in the afternoon, no fog. high temperature of 85 degrees and temperatures above average expect average high is close to 85, and 87 in d.c. and 83 back towards martinsburg, plenty of sunshine area wide and as i mentioned, most of us will remain on the dry side and there is a better chance on thursday of of a shou and are a little bit more of an easterly flow. friday, high temperature of 81 with a better chance of showers and thunderstorms and we do think we'll see thunderstorms in the area on friday and that's something we'll be watching on saturday. right now it looks like the best day and temperatures around 86 degrees and looking pretty good on saturday and the rest of the weekend, we have a good chance of storms on sunday and lauryn rickets will have more coming up in just a bit. it was supposed to be a birthday celebration. >> but it turned into a crime investigation. who rips off a kid on his tenth birthday?
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plus a violent case of road rage. ahead, we'll show you the driver caught driving over a motorcycle in traffic. i'm julie carey in ashburn around goose creek. it's a spot residents have been complaining about for years because kid comes down and take the rope swing to fly into the water.
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith.
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stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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now at 5:30, the investigation into the death of that gorilla at the zoor is not over. how the feds might be getting involved now. >> d.c. parking prices going up. learn how much more it will cost you to hang out in the city. >> the transmission of the zika virus, more common than first thought. the new evidence for women tonight. welcome back. what seemed like summer fun turned into a terrifying accident for some loudoun county teenagers. a 19-year-old is recovering tonight from serious injuries suffered when he fell from a rope swing into shallow creek waters. >> northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talked to neighbors in the ash montt bell neighborhood near the scene of the accident and they say they've been warning people that this was bound to happen eventually, right, julie? >> reporter: well, neighbors in this belmont glenn subdivision say they've called the er
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the teenagers to play on the water and play on the rope swing. yesterday the teenagers came running to them screaming for help. this is what's left of the rope swing that young people have used for many summers to take a plunge into goose creek some 30 feet below. after what happened early monday evening, a neighbor chopped it off. that's because a 19-year-old man let go at the wrong time and slammed into shallow waters. listen to some of the dispatch traffic. >> they jumped into a shallow area and struck his head. >> we're going to pre-alert the helicopter. >> reporter: for loudoun county fire and rescue crews it was a challenging scene. they had to use this special basket to get the victim up the steep embankment. >> they set up a rigging system to place the patient on the backboard and bring them up the hill. >> neighbors
5:32 pm
creek watched as emergency vehicles waited toward the cul-de-sac. >> amy johnson said she and other neighbors had been warning of the danger posed by teens trespassing to the creek since she moved in two years ago. they frequently called the sheriff's office seeking mp. >> it's a matter of time before something bad happens and unfortunately, yesterday it did. >> just look at this photo taken by another neighbor monday before the accident. teens actually took over the cul-de-sac to sunbathe. johnson and her neighbors hope this incident will spur the subdivision builder to action to discourage swimming in this treacherous spot along goose creek. some teenagers who had not yet heard of the accident back at goose creek again today. their reaction to what happened here yesterday. reporting live from loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news 4. i'm tisha thompson with breaking news at the live desk. a virginia transgender student's fight to use the boy's bathroom is now likely heado
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supreme court. gavin grimm challenged the gloucester county school board when the board barred transgender students from using the bathroom that matched the gender identity. the fourth circuit board of appeals said it violated federal law with the rule. the school board appealed the ruling. moments ago, the full fourth circuit declined to review the ruling. so what that means is the next step for the school board would be to take the case to the supreme court. erica? >> tisha thompson at the live desk for us. thank you so very much. police have identified a woman found dead in an apartment building's laundry room. we first brought this story to you yesterday. they found the body of ashley solano in a complex along 18th avenue in adelphi yesterday. solano had been badly beaten. the laundry room for that building is accessed from the outside. so far no arrests and
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crime. >> d.c. police tell us a man trying to shoplift crab legs was holding a handgun replica. an off-duty police officer shot the man at the giant here on h street in northeast, d.c. sunday. the officer was working security for the store when he says he noticed the man trying to hide the crab legs. that officer says he confronted the man who pulled out what looked like a real gun. that's when the officer opened fire. the man is now in the hospital in critical condition. it was 30 years ago today, the heavy metal band judas priest played a sold-out show in the capitol center in landover. two aspiring filmmakers took their cameras to the parking lot to capture that scene. heavy metal parking lot is a cult classic rock documentary and the university of maryland has opened an exhibit that tells the story. news 4's mark segraves spoke with some of the stars of that film. mark? >> reporter: good evening, erica. it's a shopping center today,
5:35 pm
center was the largest entertainment venue in the region half way between baltimore and d.c., and if you were looking for a good time this parking lot was usually the place to be. >> it was a snapshot in time. reston. >> may, berry usa. >> 1986 when fashion was different. jeff and john heinz decided to take a video camera out to the capitol center before a heavy metal convert. >> the fans, music and rock 'n' roll is something they relate to and you know that experience. >> 30 years later, the movie is considered a classic among rock documentaries, in large part because of the characters in the parking lot that day like zebra man who uttered one of the most quoted lines of the movie. >> madonna can go to hell as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: some of tta
5:36 pm
for the first time since the concert to celebrate the opening of the heavy metal parking lot exhibit at the university of maryland. meet the girl in the leopard skin dress then and now. >> i was getting phone calls for years and years. i saw you on vh-1 on heavy metal parking lot. >> reporter: another star of the film, the girl in the white dress. >> we bang our heads and we didn't care and we loved it and it was fun. nowadays, kids can't do anything. >> reporter: the exhibit is a trip back in time as well as how a low-budget film can become a cult classic and it includes the actual tapes as well as a piece of the actual parking lot. as for how the stars feel about their performances 30 years later? >> i was having a blast and it kills me because i look at it now and i say, oh, god, what are people thinking. oh, my god! my kid's going to see this! >> the exhibit runs at the university of maryland until may of next year. if you're interested, we have all of the ior
5:37 pm
just search heavy metal. erica, i know you were loving those hairdos back then. >> i can only imagine a few bottles of aquanet were used in the making of that film. mark segraves, thank you so very much. >> there was a whole lot of wrong in that. okay. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, someone should pay for the tragedy at the cincinnati zoo. that's according to animal rights activists. find out who they want to pay up after the death of the gorilla.
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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a maryland woman is demanding answers after she returned from a trip only to find one of her dogs dead. kayla roman boarded all three of her dogs and when she returned an employee said they couldn't find one of her dogs hugo. they found his remains after someone spotted the body of a dog that matched his description. efforts to find the pet resort have been unsuccessful. prince georges county animal control is now investigating. more backlash tonight from that incident at the cincinnati zoo. an animal rights activist wants federal officials to fine the zoo. this weekend a 3-year-old fell into that exhibit, you'll recall. the gorilla was shot and killed to ensure th
5:41 pm
today a national animal protection group called stop animal exploitation now filed a complaint and the zoo violated a federal law for not making the gorilla habitat safe. >> in this situation, that violation led directly to the death of harambe. >> the group is calling for a $10,000 fine. erica? the world health organization has revised its recommendations for zika or couples or women hoping to get pregnant. couples hoping to travel to zkak regions are asked to wait eight weeks and if the male partner shows any symptoms they should practice abstinence or safe sex for six months to make sure the virus has cleared the body. someone stole presents from a continue-year-old. it happened at sky
5:42 pm
the boy's mom said it was caught on camera. coming up, the advice she's sending to parents. and historic flooding in texas, not only dangerous, but deadly ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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i'm tisha thompson. just in to the live desk, we have a report from metrotransity police who they say they've arrested a teen who they believe robbed someone on the tr
5:45 pm
robbery and assault. police say he attacked someone on the green line train at the metro station last monday. jim, back to you. >> tisha, thank you. a new development we told you involving the theft of birthday presents from a 10-year-old during his party at the sky zone in montgomery county. within the last hour, sky zone tells us the stolen gifts were given back. as news 4's meagan fitzgerald reports, his mother intends on pressing charges once police identify the suspect. >> oh, for like weeks, was there a countdown. >> like most kids 10-year-old jalil was anxious for his birth day party. his mom said he invited 30 friends and 25 showed up with a gift in hand. >> he joked with his friend, this is heavy. there are a lot of
5:46 pm
in there. >> a tall shelf right near with the kid's name on it. while the kids were playing she says cameras inside captured someone stealing a bag full of his gifts. >> they told me there was nothing they could do. >> asiatu called the police and issued a report. >> it says, quote, what happened at our park was extremely unfortunate and we are doing everything in our power to work with the police to find the perpetrator. >> she says she struggled to break the news to her son. and then he was very sad initially and then he said, well, maybe they need the gifts. maybe we should just let them have it. >> reporter: she wants parents to be aware of their belongings so hopefully they can avoid a situation like hers. >> you cannot trust everyone. reporting in montt good morningry county, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> president obama may not have hadla
5:47 pm
he welcomed the national champs to the white house in open arms. >> it was a homecoming for the hero. carol maloney here with more of the story. >> chris jenkins is his name and he hit the championship winning three-pointer in one of the most thrilling title games ever. jenkins and gonzaga college high school grad foot steps from where he grew up. he was welcomed by the president of the united states. >> chris jenkins, a.k.a., big smooth. [ applause ] >> pretty cool when the president knows your nickname. jenkins all smiles as his villanova team was honored at the white house today by president obama. jenkins not the only local kid on the team. silver springs' josh hart was also part of the championship squad. he went to the same school as the obama girls and today is a special most for the two
5:48 pm
kids. >> this is some day you always see every year. you dream about it, but just to kind of go through it, and kind of at a loss for words. you know, it's a rare feeling to be able to do this with my brothers and my family and it's just a great experience. >> growing up here, we watched it before on tv and to actually do this and be a part of this team to win the national championship and meet the president, it's been cool. it's been great to be a part of. >> good news for villanova fans and for college basketball. boeing jefr both jenkins and heart returning. >> what a day, doing us all proud. carol, thanks. >> the federal government is red for hurricanes season and he's urging you to be ready, as well and today the president said americans should not be complacent just because past hurricanes didn't do much damage in their neighborhoods. >> a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not
5:49 pm
been stagnant a little bit with respect to a number of people and the percentage of people who respond to an earning evacuation order. the president plugged the app which provides safety tips for per than 20 kinds of hazards and it helps you put together evacuation plan for natural disasters. >>. nbc news now confirms a 10-year-old boy is the person killed. the boy fell into the brassas river and swept away by the powerful floodwaters. closer to austin, crews are searching for another person, also swept away by floodwaters in a car four days ago. others lean cleaning up the damage say they are still in shock. > it's
5:50 pm
this to happen in our community. >> this is not what these folks want to hear, but parts of texas are still brace ariing for even rain over the next several days. >> boy, have they had it rough. >> they'll have multiple rounds and another six inches or so before thursday, and i mean, it's all confined to texas because an upper level low bringing in the gulf moisture and it will flow down to see and get absorbed by a cold front so that is not going to travel up into the mid atlantic and we do have rain on the seven day. not a lot today and just isolated chances of showers out there and we have a few to the south of us and one is on the radar right now. another great day on wednesday. tomorrow will be a spitting image of today and we do have some more rain, thursday and friday and then again on sunday. so saturday, looking good. looking like the pick of the week, so if you do have plans, saturday is the day to go. so other than that, we will hve
5:51 pm
temperatures right now in the mid to upper 80s. that is a little on the warm side right there. 84 with the temperature in washington. 88 in manassas. 87 in leesburg and then, look, we have one little shower right down there just north of fredericksburg coming out of stafford county at this time and we have a few popping out of maryland and these are sprinkles and not looking like much in the way of rain and no rain to get this pollen out of here and you snead a little bit today? yeah. trees are at a moderate level and grass and mold in the high category. so if you're walking the dog and you have theal largy you might want to take that medication. temperatures are slipping into the temperatures during the overnight and it will probably stay on the dry side unless you're south, but i don't even think that warrants an umbrella and fog by early tomorrow morning. the temperatures will be right around 70 degrees and patchy fog tomorrow morning and slightly humid and i don't think it will be as
5:52 pm
you will feel it, it's just not going to be as humid and a little less sticky. we'll put it in that category and temperatures will move back to the 80s with isolated shower chances in the afternoon. here we go. mid-80s and most of those showers will stay around d.c. and most likely to the south and we'll watch for them tomorrow and highs tomorrow, mid-80s for most of us under partly cloudy skies and the rain chance this week and we'll have better rain chance as we get into thursday and bet or friday and then on sunday. sunday looks like we could have some heavy rain and that's why i said saturday. pick up the weekend and a great saturday. partly cloudy skies and humidity comes back on sunday and rain heavy at times and even some thunderstorms expected as well. so this is what we're looking like. mid-80s from tomorrow and low 80s on thursday with cloud cover. friday looks on the rainy side and we'll continue to watch that and saturday night before more rain returns on sunday and cooler to start next week and all in all, notat
5:53 pm
>> if you like the chesapeake blue crabs an effort to increase the crab pop lalgz appears to be working. maryland and virginia have both limited the number of female crabs that could be harvested since '08. now virginia says it may relax those restrictions because the numbers are on the rise. the crab population, by the way is -- make changes later this year. some gainesville students got a lesson that wasn't in the books. bears have been seen at pace west school and tyler elementary and school his to move their outdoor plans inside just to be on the safe side. a bear tried to paw its way into the car in the tyler parking lot. both police and animal control were on the scene today just in case they were needed. it's going up. parking prices in the district could soon cost you more, but we also found out where that extra money is going, and we've been asking all afternoon if the
5:54 pm
higher meter fees will change any of your habits. the answer still to come. forced to be facebook friends? all new at 6:00, the controversial demand from a landlord that's
5:55 pm
stronger is blasting without risking her bones.
5:56 pm
to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. scary video from florida tonight. it shows the moment a car completely runs over a motorcycle. it knocks the two bikers to the ground. this happened yesterday. the man who did it
5:57 pm
slew of charges. the bikers who happen to be veterans were not seriously injured, fortunately. in the district, you'll have to get ready to pay a bit more to park. >> that's right. parking meter fees are changing as part of an effort to generate more money for d.c.'s share and metro's operating budget. >> molette green tells us what you can expect starting tomorrow. >> reporter: if you park in d.c., get ready to dig for more change. it's about to cost you even more to feed the meter. >> it's ridiculous. way too expensive, but you have to catch metro and it's terrible that way, so -- >> it's pretty ridiculous. there's already limited parking that you want to take what you can get and you don't want it to cost a leg and an arm. not fun, definitely. >> reporter: starting june 1st, parking meter rates go up 30 cents an hour across the city. this rate increase comes months after ticket
5:58 pm
folks looking to park in residential areas will feel it even harder in the wallet. >> here's the breakdown on hourly parking for premium demand zones which are the busiest areas like georgetown or adams morgan from $2 an hour to $2.30. residential areas or normal demand zones from 75 cents up to $2.30 an hour now and a 30-cent increase in commercial loading zones. all of this adds up to millions more in revenue for the district. >> the city made almost $90 million in ticket fees last year and will probably go up to that amount by 12 million and an extra $3 million or so parking meter rates. this is a big bonanza for the city. >> certainly not what mackenzie baker wants to hear just to feed this meter in georgetown. >> that's awful. they make so much money from this stuff, but where is it
5:59 pm
some 15,000 meters in time for this increase and something else you need to know, when you park in one of those so-called premium zones at a meter, you're going to have to pay for a lot longer, the enforcement period extends until 10:00 p.m. in foggy bottom, molette green, news 4. >> it ain't cheap living or playing in d.c.. >> we've been asking all afternoon if the higher meter fees will change any of your habits. >> so far it appears, 43%, said i'll avoid the meters. good luck with that. first at 6:00 tonight, a move from donald trump that dates back to the start of the presidential primaries. >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> that was donald trump back in ua
6:00 pm
debate before the iowa caucuses because of his feud with fox news moderator megyn kelly. he held a fund raiser for veterans on that night. >> reporter: four months later he's providing the first detailed account of how much money was raised and where it t went, but it did not come without a fight. >> reporter: fight is right. remarkable is right. trump fought with reporters and some of them fought back and it wasn't a pretty sight at the trump tower. the republican presumed nominee's message was, don't believe the media. believe me. [ applause ] >> donald trump boasted no one could have made what he did for veterans. >> reporter: in january in iowa, instead of debating, trump held an event for veterans. today he details what more than 20 groups got.


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