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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'm young, handsome, fast, pretty and can't possibly be beaten. >> the greatest is gone. muhammad ali, the champ who rocked the boxing world. >> -- butterfly and sting like a bee. ah! rumble, young man, rumble. >> and olympic gold medalist and fighter beyond the ring. >> but in war, the intention is to kill, kill, kill and continue killing innocent people. >> a legacy unmatched in history, unparalleled in passion. >> the world remembers the heavyweight champion. and at 6:00 on this saturday morning, a somber start to many of
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we welcome you into "news4 today." boxing sport muhammad ali, his passing. >> a great one gone. another one. first turning our attention to thunderstorms coming our way. tracking how to get ready for this. lauren? >> guys, good morning. yes, indeed. showers and thunderstorms dealing with into the afternoon and through the day also tomorrow. now, knock on the storm radar now except fog. goodness, it is foggy out there. low visibility, driving around, our city camera live now. visibility down to about 7 miles. you can see very are low visibility around the shenandoah valley and flood watches already set up for this afternoon into this evening. temperature now a soupy 70, continuing to rise to the low 80s with some sun and watching the
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exactly the timing on these storms to plan out your saturday even better coming up. >> check in with you then, lauren. thanks. reaction coming in from all over about the death of boxing legend muhammadal ali who died the the age of 74. his family planning a funeral service in his hometown of kentucky. boldly proclaimed he was the greatest boxer of all-time and most agreed. sheeri sharing the legacy muhammad ali left behind. >> reporter: muhammad ale hi ha flay for words. born cassius clay in 1942 in louisville, kentucky kept an outstanding amateur career winning a gold
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olympics. turning pro, his cocky style turned him into a national figure but defeating sonny liston in 1947 was the surprise. he shocked the world again in '67 by joining the nation of islam and changing his name to muhammad ali. the news was very controversial, and a newfound religion was used to avoid going to vietnam. >> my intention to box to win a clean fight. but in war, the intention is to kill, kill, kim, kill, and continue killing innocent people. >> reporter: stripped of his title and did not fight again until after the supreme court overturned his case. ali's comeback included a series of worldwide events with champion joe frazier and george foreman making ali the first to win the heavyweight crown three times. but ali's true greatness may
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bringing courage and character during his long bout with parkinson's disease, lighting the torch in the olympics brought renewed interest's muhammad ali to the status of one of the greatest athletes of all time. bruce hall, nbc news. muhammad ali battled barkinson's disease more than three decades, symptoms worsening over time. signs may include tremors, rigid muscles slow movements and changes in writing and speech. the disease on its own is not fatal, but complications from advanced parkinson's can lead to death. 1 million people in the u.s. suffer from the disease, and there is no cure. 6:04 your time on this saturday morning. it's finally here. today the first phase of metro's city track program gets underway. we've told you several weeks, that's that major maintenance overhaul where crews will use the extra
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inspect work on the track. i want to show you a look what some of you riders can expect. 13 straight days of single tracking on the orange and silver lines. that's between boylston and east falls church station and notice reduced service on the orange and silver lines and there will be a severe impact west of po s boylston. with safe track underway, the end of late-night metro service. many of you have to make extra plans, extra time, really, and work around this before heading out of town the entire year will be the case. shutting down late-night service will have a pretty serious impact. >> get out o go potentially 10: 11:00, won't
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home. >> majority of folks tell us they're happy work is being done to improve safety. there is another option for metro riders as the track practice gets underway. starting today a discount with capital bike share. rates reduced to $2 for trips under 30 minutes. so this instead of the normal $8 daily pass fee. also, morning chorale service expanded in farragut square starting monday. montgomery county is also taking steps to try to reduce the impact of safe track. the i-team was told extra buses on the road and service between metro stations shut down during the repairs. the county may also retime traffic lights and make changes to street parking. we have set up a special metro safe track section on
6:07 am and the nbc washington app. see all closures and when stations are impacted. just search safe track. now to a developing story. this out of prince george's county. neighbors forced outside as crews put out an apartment fire in hyattsville overnight. the blaze happened in the 8100 block of 15th avenue. we're working to find out how many units were damaged and how many of those folks affected. no word yet on if anyone was hurt. this is a bizarre death investigation underway in northeast. 2:15 this is morning d.c. police tweet add victim had been stabbed fatally in the 500 block of eastern avenue, but officers now say the victim could have been injured in "some other way." we're going to keep working this to firm up details and give an update soon as we know more. smoke for miles, and nasa's fire. the danger as a train cashes off the rails and a mystery as
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investigators keep together the wreckage. a new controversy in the race for the white house. comments drawing criticism from both parties as the battle grows for key ground in decision 2016.
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take a look at this right here. smoke could be seen for miles after a train towing cars full of oil derailed and sparked what you see there. a massive blaze. this happened friday afternoon about 70 miles east of portland. total of 11 cars derailed as that car was making its way to washington state. fortunately no one hurt and no buildings damped, but the derailment still under investigation. turning to the race for the white house. now donald trump is facing more criticism this morning. this time by singling out and african-american man at a campaign rally in california. so trump was talking about a previous rally, where he says an african-american suppoer
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but here you'll hear, trump suddenly points out a black man in the crowd. listen to what he says. >> we had a case where we had an african-american guy, who was a fan of mine, a great fan. great guy! . in fact i want to find out what's going on with him. look at my african-american over here. look at him. >> there you go. meanwhile, hillary clinton is hoping to lock up the democratic nomination on tuesday with a win in california. she's just 70 delegates away. be sure to catch "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 8:00. moderator chuck todd speaking with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and get you caught up in the twists and turns in the presidential race. dry this morning. enjoy it while it lasts. lauren tracking severe thunderstorms, getting you ready for tomorrow's weather alert day. you know, right now devastating floods are
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out texas. homes and cars under water as thousands clean up from this dister. it'sas morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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♪ stand by me well, i've got to tell you a humid day out there. and it's going to be a warm day once again. this is about our average temperature, in the low 80s. that's where we top ot today. pretty
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day today, but dodging showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. some with which could pack a punch. letting you know, time it out in a few minutes. stick around. >> thanks, lauren. right now the army is confirms the bodies of four fort hood soldiers missing in massive flooding in texas have been found. the soldiers were swept away in a creek during a training exercise. five other soldiers killed and three more injured. at least six other people have died in the floods out there. >> president obama cutting sentences for 42 drug offenders. the president's latest round of clemency means he commuted 348 total sentences since taking office. an increase as he approaches the end of his presidency. now, the latest 42 who are going to have sentences shortened were serving life sentences. most of those now set to be released on october 1
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guilty of conspiring to join isis could face life in prison. a jury found them guilty friday. all three accused of plotting to travel to syria to join isis. the state's top federal prosecutor says she's convictions should be a wake-up call on the need to stop terror recruiting. police in bethesda looking for a person who considered what is a special bike honoring a veteran killed while riding his bicycle. the ghost bike, on massachusetts avenue, timothy holden his and killed last august, and it serves as a memorial for holden. police say the all-white bicycle was stolen sometime between may 26 rnlg and may 30th and got a lot of folks upset. >> more tragic that it happened memorial day. the first memorial day that tim wasn't with us. his ghost bike disappeared. >> if you have any informati
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about the bike, you're asked to call crime solvers of montgomery county. we're learning more about the ucla murder/suicide. gunman mainak sarkar, two on his hit list, two guns, tactical gear and a lot of ammo. he killed mr. klug but apparently didn't go after the second instructor. an engineer and a colleague heard two shots in klug's office. they were able to hold that office door closed so the gunman couldn't get out. sarkar likely ended the rampage early because he believed he was about to be caught. a search under way in fairfax county. police looking for a man who exposed himself to a 6-year-old boy. this happened as a playground in the mount vernon area of the county. the boy's mom says it happened wednesday night around 6:45 at the apartment complex on tower drive near south kings highway. police n
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description of the suspect. scary moment for an elite team of special forces in colorado. on their 13,000-foot mountain trek, look at this. how high up they were. some of the soldiers began suffering from altitude sickness and actually needed to be rescued, but before help could get there, they had to do what they could to help themselves. they had to actually get to the top before park rangers could safely land a chopper to airlift everybody down. everybody is okay. >> impressive right there. the first for the olympic games. a group of refugee athletes will become a team and compete under the olympic flag. the team includes a swimmer who swam across the mediterranean sea to reach safety in europe. ten athletes expected to compete on the refugee team. the summer games begin in just 62 days. a lot of excitement for that. and the u.s. cno
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>> also trying to protect themselves from thing zika virus. kind of unfortunate reality, the situation there. so members of the team, they train in maryland. and they're actually leaving today for competition in spain and france. news 4's chris gordon caught up with them at the whitewater training course in dickerson. >> reporter: they're getting ready for rio and they're not letting the zika virus stop them. >> we're an outdoor sport, meaning whitewater slaloms. we're not familiar with things like mosquitoes. so we're taking the same precautions. bringing the bug spray, the long sleeves. >> i don't intend to pull out. i think rio 2016 is trying to do everything in their power to make the olympics a safe environment for the athletes as well as the spectators. >> reporter: if you're like me, you probably didn't even know that there was a whitewater course here at the dickerson
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preparation for the '92 olympics in barcelona, where the team won a gold and a bronze, and since has enjoyed great success. >> well, it's really unusual. it's warm water course. like a giant jacuzzi. great for winter training. >> reporter: for this woman, the course is almost in her backyard from darnstown and just qualified for the olympics for the very first time. >> once i started really dreaming big i started thinking about qualifying for the games kind of and now that i have, it's just been incredible, an incredible feeling. >> chris gordon reporting there. now, the athletes will not be competing in contaminated water in rio, because they have a facility there with chlorinated water. a lot cleaner for those folks out there, and i imagine, lauren ricketts, at the desk here -- >>
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not used to this set. thank you. good to see you. >> looking at some of the water, the rapids will be intense given the rain we expect? >> a lot of rain. especially west of town. that's even today, tomorrow. we have unsettled weather continuing through this weekend, and severe weather as we get into tomorrow. we could have severe weather and we're talking about not only heavy downpours, also the threat of heavy or strong winds coming through and even a little hail. let's go ahead and get to you it so we can get you through your weekend. it's hard to see the weekend. your saturday morning, with all of this fog out there. visibility down. especially just to the west along i-81. man, that's our camera view. you get that feel -- can't really see because visibilities are so low. look at this throughout the area. it is going to take a while for this fog to lift and the low clouds to lift. once it does, we could get a little sunshine, and that will happen during the mid-day, but that's not always
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that always ups instability. temperature, 70 degrees. top out in the low 80s today. by this afternoon, 2:00 or 3:00, watching storms rolling in from the west to the east. southwest to the north and east. temperatures 0 ut there, it is soupy. not only do we have humidity. we have temperatures right around 70 degrees. now, our satellite storm team 4 radar, looking good right now. nothing showing up, but then you head off to the west. this is that frontal system that's going to come through tomorrow. now, what's going on today is a warm front will lift up through north of the area, turning into showers and thunderstorms. this is what we're watching for tomorrow. when you wake up this morning, foggy, muggy, low clouds. temperatures low 70s. time out the storms after 2:00 or 3:00, you have to watch some of the showers and thunderstorms develop. keep them in throughout the overnight and through the day tomorrow. again, here come the heavy showers and thunderstorms. severe weather possible. could get a break early tomorrow mirngd 8:30 before more rain comesn
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eventually passing through by tomorrow night nap will pack a punch. damaging wind. this is storm team 4 weather alert day. the rest of your seven-day forecast including next week, which looks a lot better than this weekend. all coming up. guys? >> good news to look forward to. >> thank you, lauren. 6:23, time on this saturday. teenage drivers rammed off the road. incredible story. a dangerous case of road rage that nearly cost them their lives.
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back at 6:25. look at this video here. a case of severe road rage. it was a terrifying moment for a couple in oklahoma when a truck slammed into their car, across the highway. the pickup truck tailing the 18-year-old driver and his girlfriend before pushing them aside. the now viral video shows their car just missing another and then ramming into the guardrail so hard the air bags exploded. the driver and girlfriend were hurt, but expected to be okay. police still looking for the driver of that pickup truck. now to a follow-up about the accused gunman behind a security scare at the white house. according to court documents, jesse oliveri said he came to shoot people and was charged yesterday. an agent shot olivieri two
6:27 am
ago after he allegedly approached a white house checkpoint holding a gun. investigators say it may have been an attempt of suicide by cops. he faces 20 years in prison if convicted. if you're up and thinking about heading out this morning, two things you want with you. a raincoat and umbrella. storm team 4 tracking how thunderstorms are going to have a big impact on your weekend plans. a sexual assault on metro. the new attack bringing rider safety to light and how the victim was able to get away. we are continuing to follow breaking news from overnight. legendary boxer muhammad ali has died,
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it is 6:30 on this saturday morning. we want to bring you up to speed on this morning's top stories -- legendary boxer muhammad ali passed away at 74. he died friday at a phoenix hospital where he was being treated for a respiratory complication. metros track program is underway. expect 13 days of single tracking on the orange and silver lines between bowlsston and east falls church. trains only run every 16 minutes on those lines between june 16th and metro closes aft
6:31 am
throughout the program. and around 2:15 this morning, d.c. police tweeted out that a victim had been fatally stabbed in the 500 block of eastern avenue. officers now say the victim could have been injured "in some other way." all right. 6:31, your time now on this saturday. all right. you can hardly see what we're looking at there. there's the jefferson memorial. it is muggy out any other well, but be prepared. thunderstorms making their way in. good morning on this saturday. i'm david culver. >> and i'm kristin wright. keep umbrellas handy. all weekend, you'll need them. and lauren ricketts is timing the weather. >> hi, guys. put it away monday. may need to break it out tuesday. just a small umbrella. only isolated showers and thunderstorms. scattered, widespread developing this afternoon continuing overnight and through much of
6:32 am
the dew point, measure of moisture in the air. in the mid to upper 60s, humidity is a precedent. seeing that fog. temperature's at 70 degrees right now. sticky and cloudy through much of the day. we may get a little peek of sunshine as we continue through the midday. temperatures in the low 80s. expect rain and thunderstorms out there, about 2:00. we'll time those out and let you know exactly what to expect in terms of severeness coming up. >> lauren, check in with you in a few minutes. we do, though, want to get back to the breaking news. the world mourning the death of muhammad ali. the legendary boxer dying friday at the age of 74. he spent the last few days of his life at a phoenix area hospital where he was treated for respiratory complications. muhammad ali, known as the greatest, due to his remarkable boxing career. >> he won a gold medal at the 1960 olympics in rome and went on to become a three-time world heavyweight boxing champion. coas
6:33 am
clark has a look back. >> reporter: cassius clay first appeared on the boxing scene in the early '60s, won a gold medal and became heavyweight champion of the world. then he changed his name to muhammad ali and joined the nation of islam. when he was drafted into the army, he refused to go, because of his religious beliefs and he was against the vietnam war. so he became arguably the most controversial figure in america. he was stripped of his title had his boxing license revoked. he was arrested, but the supreme court overturned his conviction. a few years later, he made a comeback in the ring. where did he go to escape all the attention and concentrate on training? a town near reading and allentown in pennsylvania. then in 1971, ali lost for the first time to philly's own joe frazier, it was dubbed the fight of the century. ali won the heavyweight title for a third time i
6:34 am
and let everyone know his political beliefs. bigger than boxing, larger than life. his most famous last public appearance was the olympics of 1996. he lit the torch, and one of his best quotes -- ishs don't count the days, make the days count. he has done that. >> he most certainly has. that was john clark reporting. as news spread about ali's death, fans young and old visited his star on the hollywood walk of fame. had to be real late last night. >> yes. >> out in california, it's a little earlier. ali's star is different from the other stars on the walk of fame. his is mounted on the wall of the theater because the boxer requested that no one be able to walk on his name. ali's star as unveiled in 2002. >> people of his hometown playing tribute to the late champion the life and legacy. earlier this
6:35 am
fan came to the muhammad center to remember ali. look at him right there. more folks are expected to pay tribute to ali at that center over the next several days. his funeral is expected to be held in louisville. his family could announce more details as early as today. 6:35 now. developing now, the stafford county sheriff's office told us the name of a 21-year-old man -- excuse me -- pulled from the rappahannock river saying it was emilio salasco cedillo. witnesses say he had been in the water with friends when he drowned. and metro transit police looking for three men who allegedly assaulted a woman on the yellow line. it happened around 9:30 thursday night. i want to show you a look at the three men the woman says approached her and asked her to perform a sexual act. when she refused, they allegedly
6:36 am
body through her clothes before taking off. you recognize the men? please, contact metro transit police. police say a man has confessed to killing a woman who was found dead in an industrial park in maryland. christopher shod charged with murder arrested thursday, two days after 24-year-old holly smith was found in a wooded area in east new market on industrial drive. an autopsy showed she was stabbed. police are still trying to figure out whether the two knew each other. neighbors tell me it looked like something out of a movie, and this morning we know that police are still keeping guard at a leesburg home after an early morning raid on friday. it all started around 5:00 in the morning, both the fbi and atf were on-scene to take several people into custody. we still don't know why the raid happened in the first place. police say they're not releasing any details, because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. the family of
6:37 am
woman who died in police custody is suing fairfax county for $15 million. natasha mckenna died in february after being stunned several times by a taser. the county jail. the jail guards were trying to transfer her to another facility. police say she was fighting officers who were trying to move her. there's the video here. those guards were cleared of any criminal charges. no comment so far from the sheriff's office about the family's lawsuit. >> and in fairfax, a fairfax student facing child pornography charges. police say 20-year-old use add cell phone to film another student in a bathroom stall thursday during school hours. that student confronted the suspect and then told administrators. a school resource officer investigated and he was arrested, released and bond friday morning. parents learned about the incident from the school district on friday morning. police in gaithersburg are trying to figure if
6:38 am
placement of a sign on a city sidewalk led to the death of a teenager riding his bike. 16-year-old santos toro died thursday on frederick after n a. he struck a commercial sign fell on to the street and was then hit by a car. the city attorney says if a business is found to be responsible for placing that sign on the sidewalk, it could face a $1,000 fine. want to pass along this traffic alert that you should know about for the weekend. maryland state highway administration has closed two lanes on the outer loop from georgia avenue to connecticut avenue. they're conducting emergency repairs to the bridge that goes over jones mill road and stony brook drive. officials say that road is in very poor condition. we hear that it should be back open no later than 5:00 monday morning. a parent could be the key to solving a murder.
6:39 am
to solving the case, a bird. and in paris, floods put the city under water as officials warned the cleanup could take weeks. it's 6:39.
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6:41 am
the navy's top admiral says the u.s. is hitting islamic targets from the mediterranean sea. a new direction of attack against militants in iraq and syria. the "uss truman" has been in the gulf, in recent days resumed air operations eventually returning to its station in norfolk and replaced in the gulf by the carrier "uss dwight d. eisenhower." this is different. could a bird hold the key to a murder mystery? the family of a michigan man seems to think so. poli
6:42 am
then turned the gun on herself. now a parrot is re-enacting what seems to maybe be an argument that may have led to the crime. >> all of a sudden this, this came out of the parrots' mouth. >> [ inaudible ]. >> state police identified the wife, the suspect -- in a murder, attempted suicide. suggesting she shot him five times before turning the gun on herself. >> if that holds up in court, we'll see. 6:42 your time now. an ohio prosecutor announces next week whether he will pursue charges against a 3-year-old boy who fell into that gorilla xzib exhibit. the district attorney is reviewing the mom's actions. legal experts said that the prosecution against the mother seem unlikely. meanwhile, the zoo says it will reopen the gorilla exhibit on es
6:43 am
railing in place. the boy's fall led to zoo workers shooting and killing the 17-year-old gorilla. while you may have to keep the grill inside this weekend, lauren is tracking when thunderstorms will be in your neighborhood. all right. we are continuing to follow the death of boxing great muhammad ali. the piece of his history that will be showcased in our area for generations to ♪ it's time to get out and explore. look beyond the expected. hidden among the trees. there's a special place. where getting away...
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>> announcer: and now here's storm team 4 forecast. while we have nothing on the storm team 4 radar now but you are waking up to some clouds and fog and as well low clouds will stay with us through pretty much the remainder of the morning. this afternoon dealing with showers and thunderstorms, and pretty much dealing with showers and thunderstorms not only this afternoon but also overnight and through the day tomorrow. some of those could pack a punch. we'll let you know exactly what to expect and when the nice weather is finally coming, in just a few minutes. >> thanks, lauren. parents landmarks shut down as the river's bend hit its highest level in decades. floodwaters from the wettest may in a century on the paris streets yesterday. the worst flooding hit just south of the capital. firefighters took to boats to rescue stranded people. officials warned floodwaters
6:47 am
recede. more charges this morning against ex-pharmaceutical executive martin xrelskrelly. he and his attorney accused of seeming to defraud potential investors of his former drug company. they sold stock to several employees to conceal his ownership of it. new no trespassing signs put up in a division, in response to an incident earlier this week when a 19-year-old fell into the shallow water of a popular point. he went into the water, suffered serious injures, we'll told. neighbors had been warning, though, about the danger of sump an incident for several years and hoped this would lead to changes. the teenagers had been trespassing to
6:48 am
and discussion to add cameras to prevent further trespassing in that area. and muhammad ali. >> a boxer known for having a lot to say. as news 4's barbara harrison shows us, this next story comes from something his gloves literally said. >> reporter: in 1964, 22-year-old boxer cassius clay had left his home in louisville, kentucky, to train at the fifth street gym in miami for his big fight against the reigning king of the ring sonny liston. when the smithsonian museum of african-american history and culture opens one of the featured exhibitions will be the story of cassius clay. muhammad ali and his celebrated career. >> he has several pieces of material from the street where he had trained when he was cassius clay. >> reporter: inside one of the giant pres
6:49 am
thousands of items being readied for the exhibition, collections chief shows off apprised piece from the prize fighter. >> this is practice you gloves from cassius clay. it is signed and he has always been a competent person. >> i'm young, i'm handsome, i'm fast, i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat! >> reporter: cassius clay was young, handsome and in those days, he was known as the louisville lip, for what was seen as his cocky, some would call, arrogant, confidence. it said, from cassius clay. january 1964. next heavyweight champion of the world. he felt pretty confident. >> he was confident. >> he's claiming what was to come. >> reporter: what he wrote on that glove proved to be prophetic. a month later against all the oddsmakers, cassius clay defeated sonny liston to become the heavyweight champion of the world.
6:50 am
he then punched his way through famous fights with joe frazier, and george foreman, entertaining with his pummeling jabs, prancing footwork and a personality filled with poetic wit, like this famous, float by a butterfly, sting like the bee. >> i love it, love him. >> reporter: his controversial conversion to islam changing his name to muhammad and refusal to fight in vietnam on religious grounds shut down his career for a few years. temporarily taking away his titles. he was down, but not out, and in standing firm for his principles on racial justice and religious freedom, he won the respect of many. he made a comeback in the ring, regaining his lost titles, and he remains today the only man who has three times been crowned heavyweight champion of the world. this, by the world boxing association. muhammad ali proudly earned h
6:51 am
america's greatest athletes. earning the praise of presidents and people around the world. while books tell his story, the museum hopes to do more. >> people will get excited seeing artifacts directly and indirectly associated with him as a person and the context and experience that he had. >> reporter: a small glove that tells a very big story. >> a very cool story right there. i have a friend of mine that works the smithsonian. a few months back he took me behind the scenes and pulled out a drawer, it was muhammad ali's robe. >> that's awesome. >> that will be part of this. >> i'm not sure part of this exhibit or another exhibit in 2018, but nonetheless, they have it there. neat to see what's coming out. >> amazing. good museum day, because it's just -- so humid outside. my goodness.
6:52 am
>> sticky, cloudy. we've got rain in the forecast. not only this afternoon, but also through the overnight and then through much of tomorrow, unfortunately. but next week looks fantastic. go ahead and get to the news at the seven day. unsettled weekend ahead and boy is it hot and humid. next week looks pretty much summing everything up again. i want to let you know that the week of monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday of next week, i mean, it's going to be southern california-type weather around here. not today, though. difficult d.c. weather. waking up to temperatures right around 70 degrees with fog in place. stickiness will stick around all day. we could get a little sunshine here and there, but we've got some rain on the way. we've got a warm front hanging across the area. that's going to lift to the north through today bringing us rain. this is the frontal system back off to the midwest through for tomorrow and bring us some heavy rain. what you're looking at for today. temperatures in the low 80s. amp 2:00o 3:00, watching the western suburbs to watch for
6:53 am
this evening, showers and thunderstorms around. the chances only increase around the d.c. area as we continue into the evening. 3:45, start to pop up. again, heavy downpours. a lot of moisture in the air. expecting heavy downpours, continuing to see in the shenandoah valley rain moving through, could get a break tomorrow morning and more strong storms coming through on your sunday afternoon. and that will continue through much of the day, before we start to get a little bit of a break by sunday evening, and then again monday looking spectacular. we're looking at heavy rain for tomorrow. high winds and also some hail. look at your four-day forecast, weather alert day for tomorrow, stormy, pop it out to the seven day. only isolated of a shower or storm tuesday. looking good the rest of next week. guys? >> southern california. i like that. bring it! oh, bring it. thanks, lauren. right now, the comics and the costumes. sow a unique art form i coming
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it's called awesome com under way now. event celebrating superheroes, comic books, movies, television shows like x-men, the upcoming ninja turtles movie. started four years ago. at that time about
6:57 am
going. this year, 50,000 people expected to attend runs through sunday held at the washington convention center. >> i still have yet to go to one of these comes. comic-con comic-cons. >> never gone. big one's in san diego. cool. much more ahead on "news4 today." >> includes an hour-by-hour look at your forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist lauren richetts. and breaking news on boxer muhammad ali, the legendary athlete leaves behind and ♪ ♪
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frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. i'm young, handsome, fast, pretty and can't possibly be beaten. >> the greatest is gone. muhammad ali, the champ who rocked the boxing world. >> -- butterfly and sting like a bee. ah! rumble, young man, rumble. >> an olympic gold medalist and fighter beyond the ring. >> but in war, the intention is to kill, kill, kill, kim and continue killing innocent people. >> a legacy unmatched in history, unparalleled in passion. >> the world remembers the heavyweight champion. and it is a somber start as we welcome you to "news4 today" on this saturday. the news


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