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tv   Today  NBC  June 6, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a, in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome, everybody. >> looking at you in the monitor, right here. i love that top. i love that top. >> that's fun. >> it looks awesome. >> a darling little company called sky's the limit. and they have charming things but they're not expensive. >> i wore it
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we get the thing from joanne. wear that on the show. >> that's what she said. >> we have a terrific show. we have the kind move by taylor swift. and why richard simmons, he was hospitalized. we're going to learn more about that in today's buzz. what if we told you can look thinner by dinner. we'll show you how to style yourself so you can look slim. you put an outfit on and think this is the magic outfit. >> if you're a man of "scrubs" or "clueless," you know donald faizon. he is going to put us to the test. and we're going to tell you why a sex less marriage is not always a bad thing for couples. and what you can do if you're not happy in that situation.
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>> it's called divorce. i'm just teasing. i am going on today. i had a hoda weekend. i don't know how you do it. >> let's talk about it. >> last thursday. >> yes. >> we did a couple of shows. and then, i went to a beautiful organization that's new to me, called eagle's wing, led by a wonderful man named bishop robert stern. and held his banquet at the museum of jewish heritage. it's what they do. they work for peace among arabs, among christians, among jews, muslims. everybody with the common goal of finding peace and what we have in common. then, hoda and i the next night, went up to the celebrity forum at middlesex community college, in lowell, massachusetts. >> we loved it. >> we just took pictures with everyone. d
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totally unscripted. they had my stuff. it could have gone on forever for me. you, by the the way, are a standup comedienne material. hoda was on fire. she was amazing. thanks for coming up to see us, everybody. we came up. they came to us. >> how about the people were wild. there were that many wild people in lowell, massachusetts. we met every one of them. and then, i was recovering from that. and yesterday, i was honored to be the honorary grand marshal of the parade in fifth avenue. that's gentleman is the general counsel for israel here. he's a beautiful man. i went off to chelsea piers last night. >> and another award. >> this is a beautiful award, by the way. >> this is the builder of israel award.
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it. >> wow. >> you get awards that you don't deserve, it's one thing. when you get an award for just doing what comes so naturally to you, it seems like so much -- so much more than you can possibly ever deserve. i love doing the work i do. >> telling people about the land and all of the people that live in the holy land and how much god loves them. that's what i was doing when you were celebrating a third anniversary. >> i was in princeton. great people at this cancer survivors event in new jersey. so nice. people have the princeton health care system. great people. friendly. awesome. it was a heartfelt night. >> so many people do so much good without the world ever knowing what they're doing. >> you're right. i show up, sitting in the audience. why don't more people know about what they're doing? >> and you're telling them. >> and then, joel and i had our third anniversary. >> seems like yesterday.
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>> i love your hair. >> joel cooked steak and scallops. we had everything on the grill. and we had cocktails. first, i took mint and lots and lots -- >> did you muddle? >> i muddled it. then, i put some vodka. and i took diet ginger ale, and a little sugar. >> i can't believe it's three years. you know what he got me for our anniversary present? fishing poles. >> they got a weekend place. where you're going to be this summer. >> you just fish off the pier. >> and blake was there. >> yeah. >> what did you get him? >> i got him a card. and all my love. he's come to not expect much. there's news that obviously came at the end of last w
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he was 74 years old. he had been -- he had parkinson's for more than 30 years. >> 32 years. >> people who knew him best realized the end was near. and it was so funny. there's so many people when you think of muhammad ali, you think about the people he touched, right here. matt lauer, always called muhammad ali his hero. it's so interesting, when you think of how are they doing? there will be a public funeral in louisville. and matt and bryant gumbel will be there to speak. >> and billy crystal. >> a huge loss it is. >> and way too young. and after suffering most of his life. >> the french open was also -- >> a big surprise. >> yes. >> serena was -- serena got beaten. >> such a bummer.
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in the finals or the semifinals? >> and novak djokovic, he clinched a career grand slam. andy murray started coming back. there was a point you thought he might come back. in the end, it was djokovic. he laid down. he made a heart with his racket. he laid down. he brings out all of the ball boy and the ball girls. >> that's so gracious. >> he has them wave to the crowd. >> does he do that every match? >> i don't see him do it every match. he brought up all of the ball girls. one look at the audience. >> that's so great. >> it was a tender moment. he was the first since rod laver to win four major championships in a row. >> that's crazy. miss usa. it happened last night. a brand-new miss usa.
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her name is deshauna barber. steve harvey said don't say the word colombia. she joined the military at 17 years old. >> wow. >> she's currently a logistics commander for the 988th quarter master detachment. >> her parents served. and it's something that runs through our veins. patriotism. amanda was watching. that's who she was pulling for. and she goes on to miss universe, with our blessings and love. matt damon gave the commencement speech at m.i.t. and you wonder what he's going to do at that kind of thing. he decided to reveal how he came up with the idea for the movie "good will hunting." and ben affleck came up. take a look. >> first, you're going to fail sometimes. and that's a good thing.
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for all of the amazing things that i have been able to share and the auditions that ben and i would go on as actors. we would get on a bus. we would wait our turn. cry our hearts out for a scene and be told, okay, thanks. meaning, game over. we used to call it being okay thanks. but as the great philosopher, benjamin affleck said, judge me but how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are. you have to sound like a total fool. not having an answer isn't embarrassing. it's an opportunity. don't be afraid to ask questions. >> they won their first oscars for that. >> that's crazy. >> good for them. and this weekend, they won the guys of the decade award. they're having a great week at the spike tv guys choice award. >> nice. all right.
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jill cartman, the star of "odd mom out" will be here. and we ask you to tell the story of when you were the odd mom out. >> if you haven't seen the show, you have to watch it. it is funny and ridiculous. we want you to go to our website. we want to give a shoutout -- we have a posse in the back. >> my friend, andy medina, who is a huge part of our family. and one of his best friends from colorado boyhood. that's the family. >> the two lovely ladies are our auction winners. hang around for our favorite things a little later in the show. and from breakups to wedding shakeups, there's no shortage of celebrity dish in today's buzz. right after this.
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if you are hungry for hollywood gossip, you've come to the right place. we're about to dish up today's buzz. >> and here with the celebrity scoop you could ever want, is amy wilkinson. >> hi, guys. >> busy weekend for you. so, demi lovato and wilmer valderrama, they broke up? >> they broke up after nearly six years dating. they released a joint statement saying it was a difficult decision to make. but that they decided they were better off as friends. >> okay. >> any idea of why they suddenly came to that? >> no. it seems like they were going to
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they talked about marriage in the past. >> i thought they were engaged. >> they've been on and off for many years. i'm not sure what happened there. but demi was spotted out saturday night at a usc event looking happy. >> usually they break up before the statement comes out. >> maybe she's just over it now. >> maybe they both are. we wish them the best. >> we to. taylor swift did surprise action at someone's wedding. >> i love this story. it's so darling. taylor swift crashed a new jersey couple's wedding to perform "blank space." the groom's sister reached out to taylor swift a few months ago. their mother had died. his sister worked it out that taylor could come and perform at his wedding. >> she just -- is that her playing right there on the piano? >> was she in the neighborhood? >> yeah. she just came for the wedding. i mean, she had some time, now that her and calvin harris aren't dating anymore. >> and by the way,
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that someone reached out, they were able to ultimately get to taylor swift. >> how would you find taylor swift? >> facebook. >> all of the social medias. >> you can do it. richard simmons. we hear some things that are scary. >> tmz reported on friday he had been admitted to the hospital for bizarre conduct. he was released saturday. and he released a statement that said he was dehydrated. part of the statement was drink plenty of liquids this summer. it sounds like he's recuperating. >> thanks to everyone who has reached out with love and concern after hearing i was in the hospital. i was dehydrated, and now, i feel great. drink plenty of liquids. >> i got dehydrated and was in the hospital for 11 hours. >> you don't realize how much you need to drink water. >> and pe
10:17 am
>> at the beginning of the year, there was concern that he was missing. but he did call into i think a show. and say he was fine. so, it's been a bit of a bizarre year for him. but hopefully he's on the upswing now. >> a weird story on twitter. jack black. he was trending at one point. someone tweeted that he had passed away. >> yeah. his band's twitter account, tenacious d. was hacked and they posted something about how the 46-year-old had died. they posted he is alive and well. and there's a few music-related twitter accounts over the weekend. >> was -- zuckerberg, right? mark zuckerberg. >> not a great weekend for twitter. >> yeah. change your password, exactly. >> thank y
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you can call 'em big, bold, and brazen. real cheese people know better than to call them mild. new sargento snack bites, big flavor in a little bite. yeah. >> it is time to surprise our fan of the week. drumroll, please. >> what are we going to do? >> we're going to spin the globe. se
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poseyville, indiana. that's where kara fisher watches us. she is with us via skype. we hope she can hear us. >> so happy to see you. >> we're happy to see you. >> what are the two little ones names? >> paisley. this is mila. >> we're going to tell everybody why you're chosen. kara is a loving stay-at-home mom with two kids. they love to watch our show. >> kara's family includes her husband of six years, scott. and her favorite segment is bobby's buzz. she likes to treat herself to one of bobby's recommendations. >> we'll put your fandom to the test with a trivia question. you have 15 seconds to answer and one guess. are you ready to play? >> back in january, hoda released a new book about following your passions and
10:23 am
what is the name of hoda's latest book? is it -- >> "a." >> yes. all right. >> guess what? you have won a fabulous vacation. you and a guest -- >> your husband. >> going to head to ft. lauderdale, florida. you're going to spend four glorious days, three spectacular might nights at the ft. lauderdale marriott harbor. >> and you're going to get a gift card for a shopping sproal the galleria. and two cards for greater ft. lauderdale activities. round-trip airfare is included. who are you going to take? >> so nice. >> you going to take your husband? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> your mom did good,
10:24 am
>> yeah. >> i don't think they can hear too much. i can't hear them. have fun, all right. send us a postcard. have a big date night planned, everybody? we'll have you looking fitter by dinner. no diet or exercise required. this is what i want to do when i want to look thinner. >> i want that top. >> you can have it. and donald faison scrubbed up. and favorite things. >> coming up a little bit later. >> later. that they can't help but touch. discover their secret with product of the year winning amopé pedi perfect extra coarse electronic foot file with diamond crystals. it removes even heavy callouses revealing soft, beautiful feet. and now try the new amopé pedi perfect wet & dry rechargeable foot file. it works on both wet or dry skin. feel it yourself! amopé, love every step.
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nobody knows. this guy's got the beat. uh-huh. everybody's got it.
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it's funday monday and if you overindulged a little bit this weekend and your clothes aren't fitting just right, we'll help you out. >> you'll look thinner by dinner. >> here are fashion tricks that will help you looking long and lean is style expert jenai milan lucic yanni, she's the co-author of "get it" a beauty, style and wellness guide for getting your it together. >> you guys are on the cover. >> is this a real thing? if you if i can exact right outfit you can look thinner? >> it's just about little tricks and modifications you can make to something that you might like to give a slimmer appearance instantly. >> so printss are a thing and you would automatically think smaller prints would be better, i would imagine, than bigger? >> we
10:31 am
season but sometimes a large print, as you can see on jen, is really just really doing nothing for her shape. so we want to get her a print -- >> like a knew knew. >> right. so flowy tops are so in but by choosing this print that's more a vertical print going downwards, it's much more flattering. obviously leggings are an all-season stayable. these are from yummy. i love them because they have built in shaping and all over compression so they're instantly slimming her. >> can we show a side by side for a second? >> and showing that little skin at the ankle, too, helps create a thinner appearance. and then i gave her some wedges because as we know we love wedges, they give us a little boost. these are from crocs, superaffordable for under 60 bucks, a hint of print and giving her that boost making her look thinner. >> that's great. thanks, jen. >> so let's talk about accessorizing. sometimes you think -- and we have
10:32 am
and that's her before picture. she's got no jewelry on there. >> well, sometimes, believe it or not bigger is better and you can change your shape, give the illusion of thinness with the right accessories. this great dress, she looks super hot in but i added this printed bag from reed that's emphasizing and drawing attention to the narrow part of her body and just by giving her earrings, even drawing the eye up really just helps her outfit pop and make her look thinner. >> the side by side, kianna, nice. >> you know she likes it. >> she's working it. >> swimsuit season is upon us. >> yes, yes. >> and that makes most of us cringe. >> a lot of women feel comfortable in a tank keenny or one piece because of modesty but maybe it's not necessarily doing something for their shape. >> this is jennifer. i love cutouts as a visual fashion trick. this is fm
10:33 am
it's under $35 and it's really flattering her figure with the cutouts, the color blocking. it's whittling her waist, drawing the eye inward. >> she's so skinny. >> and i gave her another boost on the bottom. these from r from vionic designed to correct your posture. so we have to have flip-flops on the beach but we don't want to look so flat. >> really cute. >> that is awesome. is there another -- >> we have another jen. >> tell us about her before picture. >> rompers are, like, a major trend this year this is jennifer lopez for kohl's. she's very athletic. it's nipping her at the waist. >> what did you do? >> i wanted to make her legs look lr.
10:34 am
nude heels and you can choose a pointy toe version, a peep toe. it doesn't have to be exact to your skin tone but just a more kind of nude appearance but she's still got the sandal type look. >> and i love the pulled back hair. it's sleeker. >> it's all about accentuating your assets and highlighting those thinner parts of your figure. >> those were awesome. thank you, ladies. we know how to look thinner now but do we have what it takes to be winners? donald faison hopes a fun game of winsanity and we'll play along.
10:35 am
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newest game show host donald faison? [ cheers and applause ] his fans know him best from his nine seasons on the mitt medical comedy "scrubs" where he played zach braff's best friend, the hilarious dr. christopher turk. >> now he's the host of the game show network's newest series called "winsanity" where contestants compete to organize fun facts in numerical order. so donald, we're going to play -- >> we're going to totally play. >> how do we play? >> i'm going to give you -- we'll start off round one with three numerical facts, place them in order from low toast highest. we'll start right now. >> okay, wait, the average -- >> that's 500 -- >> the average number of calories in a bottom of chardonnay. >> that will be the lowest. and wedding is highest. >> wait! >> yes. >> don't you think? >> pizza slices is highest? >> no, no, hoda, no! >> look, i want this to go to the next round, i'm going to bring this down here
10:40 am
going go -- >> thank you. think it through. >> let's look at it. the average number of calories in a bottle of saturday nay is 600. >> not mine, not mine. >> the number of pizza slices the average american eats in a lifetime is 6,000. >> oh, is that all? >> now the number of weddings each year in the u.s.? >> maybe 40,000. >> i'd say two million. holy cow. a lot of people getting married! [ cheers and applause ] >> now what? >> so now i'm going to give you two more facts. and you have to place them -- >> we'll get our audience to help them. >> you have to place them within the facts you've already stacked. i'll the this here. >> hold on, let our audience help. >> the number of national parks in the united states. >> lower! >> do you think it's lower than the average number of calories? >> yes. >> i'll move this up like this. >> are you
10:41 am
>> move it! >> it's lowest, hoda. >> so the number of lights on the 2015 rockefeller center -- >> number two! >> move it up. >> boom and boom. >> are we right? >> let's find out right now. so you said the number of national parks in the united states was less than the average number of calories in a bottle of chardonnay. >> do it, donald faison. >> we'll find out right now. 58. it's 58. you guys were right. so the number of lights on the 2015 rockefeller center christmas tree. what did you think it was? >> i think i remember it was 13,000. >> 17,000 l.e.d.s. >> gotcha, here we go. boom. >> you don't have to be you just have to be in the ballpark. >> wait, there's? >> here's the final one. let's put it up here. >> the number of times the average p
10:42 am
>> that's hard. >> i think it goes -- i think it's in between here. >> what does the audience say? >> they say between lights and pizza. i say between pizza and chardonnay. >> well, you're playing the game, they're just here to help you out so if that's where you want to put it -- >> kat wants it here. >> i say 30,000 times a day. >> audience, do you agree? no? yes? that doesn't really help. >> reveal it. what do we have? boom. . [ applause ] >> very good. >> you blink 8,000 times? >> that's the facts correctly and for that, you get two "w" balloons. you guys are winners! "winsanity" every thursday night starting june 9 on game show network. oh, there we go. every thursday
10:43 am
episodes, june 9. >> what about advice for a sexless marriage? >> for a sexless marriage? >> that's our next segment. >> holy cow, you just put me on the topic. >> we'll be back right after this. >> that just threw me off. which one's yours? the one in white. wow! introducing new all powercore pacs oxi. never before has liquid and powder come together in one advanced pac for an astonishing level of clean. and keeps clothes up to 3 shades whiter. new all powercore pacs. give us your worst, we'll give it our all. latches onto youry finger so hard, it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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if intimacy, your sex and marriage have become a thing of the past, you've come to the right place. >> we talk to two contributors to "prevention" magazine who talk about sexless marriages. >> hi, guys. seems every four or five month wes all get together and talk about the same problem. what's going on? >> what is a sexless marriage? is it zero sex at all? >> well, 20% of marriages are sexless. experts tend to say that's -- when you're having sex less than ten times a year. i actually think it's a matter of perceptions but because you know we're all busy and, you
10:49 am
know, you can still be attracted to your partner, you can still be interested in your partner -- >> and still very much in love. >> but not necessarily having sex. on the other hand, you could be lying next to somebody and feel a million miles apart and feel very desperate. so to me that's when it's sexless. >> it's age as well. >> well, it could be a stage-of-life issue but there's a difference between not having a lot of physical explicit sex acts versus a lot of other intimate touching, sensuality going on in a relationship. >> what do you do when one member of the couple wants to have more sex and the other is just done with it? what do you do in that situation? >> the first issue is really that we don't talk about it. we think we're mind readers. so we wait until a problem has festered for a really long time before we discuss it and then it's an explosion. >> i think in this culture we have this idea that desire should be spontaneous and sex should always just
10:50 am
>> should be natural. >> and i think that that's very much of a hollywood pressure. i think often if you take the time to be with your partner, to connect, to put your body through the motions to get aroused, arousal, we talk about this in the article, really comes before desire. we think of desire as the beginning of sex, it's actually sometimes a little more like the early middlesex. >> what does that mean? [ laughter ] >> so it's the pre-game? >> very important. putting your body through the motions and letting your mind follow. >> putting yourself in an environment where it could happen. >> a very sexy context. >> and pre-gaming is important no matter what. we have to turn on our minds as well as our body and if we feel disconnected in all other aspects of our life with our partners, the sex piece will be challenging. >> i think you also mentioned it's something about don't be combative, you won't get what you want that way. say something like "you look so cute to me right now" instead of "we haven't had sex in six
10:51 am
problem as a sexy solution. tell your partner, instead of saying "we never had sex" say "i had this sexy daydream about you, i don't know where my unconscious is going." you fill in the blanks because the language of sex is arousing and sexy. >> how do you know if it's a dry spell like, wow we're just out of sync or whether you have a real issue? >> i think sometimes you have to look at your partnership and think about do i really like the person who i'm laying next to? because that's obviously a much bigger issue but there are times you just feel disconnected like two ships passing in the night and you can't get on the same page versus i don't feel something between someone anymore. >> is there a difference between having sex and making love? >> well, i think you can just go through the motions and get caught in a routine. i think there's a certain ben pitt to that but i think there is sex that is
10:52 am
emotionally connecting. >> did he say yes? [ laughter ] >> yes, i did. >> well, there are all different kinds of sex and they serve a purpose and at some point in our partnership, relationship, ideally you experience all those types. >> you're right. >> okay then. thank you both very, very much. we appreciate it. >> you'll want to hang around for what, hoda? >> our favorite things are coming up. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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final for our favorite things, this is a dvd of one of cassidy's movies just now out on dvd called "caged no more". >> look how good she looks on the front. >> regarding the scourge in our nation of human trafficking. and unfortunately it's happening all over the world at record, record numbers. >> you can get it on dvd. >> kevin sorbo is in it,
10:56 am
devine, good cast. >> mine is an app. you know there's a million apps to track your steps. this one is called pacer, it's a little shoe and you tap on it. these the steps i did whatever day it was but they give you the steps, the calories burned and how much time. and it tracks your weight and it's so easy to read. >> even i can see that. i like big font. and i cannot lie. [ laughter ] >> it's called pacers, it's free. >> all righty. oka okay. um -- >> there's a little girl we found who doesn't believe in the number four. look and see how she argues about it. >> one two three five. >> no, one, two, three, four, five. >> no, one, two, three, five. >> no, it's one, two, three, four, five. >> it's one, two, three, five. >> ilia, it's
10:57 am
four. >> no, mommy. that's one, two, three, five! >> i'm not going to keep going back and forth with you, it's one, two, three, four, five. >> five. >> yes! >> how precious is she? >> oh, my gosh! >> i agree with her. there's no four. tomorrow find out why the guys from "flipping boston" will have you floored? >> and
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now crowds are easing after a busy morning as metro's safetrack pramg faces its first weekday commute. i'm barbara harrison with the major problem spots and adjustments you made to get to work today. >> and i'm eun yang. we're watching the case in the trial in boston of the death of freddie gray. >> i'm meteorologist chuck bell sun is shining and temperatures warming quickly around here. meanwhile all interests on the gulf of mexico as tropical storm colin gets ready to make landfall late tonight. >> news 4 midday starts now.


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